Multicult Insanity Is Why We Have Terror BS

Commentary by Phillip Marlowe

This is supposedly the bomber, Salman Abedi. Note how the lefty media will call him “British” simply because he was born in Manchester. My White little tushie.

You certainly have already heard about the horrible Manchester, England, bombing of a concert attended by little girls that killed 22 and wounded 59 — done by another Mudslime freak suicide bomber. The concert was by Ariana Grande — a mixed race something “pop diva” promoted to educate our young girls how to be cheap sluts and mudsharks in our brave new world.

But you got to understand a few other things “they” never talk about in the mainstream media that has put us White people into this nightmare.

While it’s probably untrue Einstein once said: “The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result,” but he could have. Now Albert Einstein was a Jew, as you probably know (he’s like a God to Jewry). Yet what they always conveniently forget to mention is that Einstein did say Zionism is pretty much the same as Nazism. Einstein realized they were plenty of hard core Zionist Jews ready to bollix up our Mr. Nice Guy brains to support the Jews invading the Levant (what they used to call Israel); to recreate a supposedly ancient homeland they’ve obsessed over for thousands of years. Jews know the deal.

The Father of our country, George Washington, said in his farewell address that getting in bed with foreign interests invites retribution and serious dangers to our republic. He was alluding to the Brits versus the French, since this was the big brouhaha of the time, but the same logic applies to the business with the Jew Zionist psychos versus the dirty terrorist A-rabs. George Washington had no idea about what subversive idiocies were to eventually infect this nation. Of course, there were hardly any Jews in America then.

Basically, what the agents of all this BS in our lands wants you to think it’s a bad thing to be “isolationists.” These are the ones who want our lands opened up to foreigners to come live here. But they don’t really want any more big fat Greek or Italian weddings, only non-White Moslem Semites from the Arab world, Asians and blacks from Africa, including ridiculous places like criminal Somalia and Nigeria.

As if we need any more such freaks in our lands.

This globalism business is a well-funded MEME promoted to our young so our race goes along with the gradual, self-destruction of White people in our own lands. You think blacks really give a crap? Sure, they might act like it — just to get into the pants of some idiot White chick, more government freebies on a silver platter, or out of Black Africa if they were unfortunately born there. It’s all been a big Jew scam, people.

This is because the main goal is not some kind of “Global Village” BS, but the dilution of White demographics in our own lands so us Whites don’t have the political and social power to expose the real rats behind it. The long term goal is to gradually turn us Whites into a dumbed-down mud race before we can stop it. This effort is clearly visible across the political and media spectrum and enforced by “PC,” yet they act like it’s nothing but crazy conspiracy talk. Clever.

This is why the least sign of White awakening creates panic among these people. They fully realize if the “Narrative” falls apart, they might face all sorts of dangers.

I realize I’m just a hard charger type of White guy. Rah, rah, America and all that jazz. That’s certainly why I used to be a big Trump guy. Absolutely true. Trump, quite obviously, turned out to be a full-fledged Zionist Jew suck-up. A traitor like all the others.

And you might have told yourself “I want to be sympatico with the Jews, since they are always so sweet and innocent, “God’s Chosen Ones” and us White non-Jews treated them so terribly with pogroms and Der Fuehrer’s gas chambers. Guess what? That’s exactly how they like you to think. You see it pushed everywhere.

In fact, if you think about all the TV programming, you can pick out this line of reasoning quite clearly. Hell, you can’t turn on the TV for five minutes before you come across something buttressing up all this.

Yep, I’m talking about brainwashing. I say that a lot here. Most folks think that means some shadowy guys in lab coats, working us like lab rats using scary forms of science in the locked backrooms of the TV networks.

No, it’s people who look no different from you or I, but have an “agenda” to turn America into some weird, mentally and sexually mixed-up, immoral society where any of us Whites who dare to “fight back” are turned into pariahs and screamed at like we’re the evil baddies.

The media Jews have been sleazing us up for decades. It distracts us from them, plus earns their corporate media beaucoup dineros. Just stop and imagine all the personal heartaches these dirtbag creeps have caused in our lands with their ever-increasing filth!

Just think about the non-stop BS about Trump colluding with the Rooskies. It goes on and on and on, doesn’t it? Even FOX news reports on it all the time. It’s pounded in our skulls across the mediaverse. That’s how they shape History to support their long-running agenda. George Orwell had these commie creeps pegged.

Think about all the tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer money being wasted on this Russian nonsense. Basically, they are trying to gin up American anti-commie patriotism to find an excuse for why their lefty political favorite, Hillary, lost to Trump. Meanwhile, we have to listen to the never-ending TV crap while our country goes to hell in a handbasket.

Hell, Obama himself did a TV commercial for globalist liberal Emmanuel Macron in the French elections. Imagine Putin making a commercial for Trump back in 2016?

What we’re dealing with here is a form of hypocrite hysteria that has infected the body politic of our once formerly White countries, especially the US of A.

This is due to “PC” or political correctness. Everybody knows this is going on. It is a carefully crafted social engineering program running for decades and meant to silence with social fear us decent Christian White people.

You might be asking: “How are they getting away with all this, Mr. Smarty Pants Nazi?!” Well, for one thing, they got us at each other’s throats for saying the least thing. There’s no well-funded outfit protecting our race like the Jews and blacks have everywhere. If there was, you can bet they would be screaming “NAZI” just like you called me, or the more “nuanced” White SUPREMACIST.

I’m just here to tell you folks who come to my site what I think is going on. Call me crazy.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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65 Responses to Multicult Insanity Is Why We Have Terror BS

  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    The German army was not stupid. Niether were the Russians. But when on open radio channels the Russian officer calls back to higher headquarter jews we just captured a hundred Germans but they had a different word for Germans what should we do with them? The answer is liquidate them. We know what that means. So on the same radio frequency the same Russian gives back his report for today liquidated 100 german soldiers prisoners of war. This stuff is 75 years ago. Intelligence and loose lips sink ships stuff. But another thing way back when they had certain conventions like the hague and stuff about how you could treat prisoners of war and civilians in the war zone and stuff and guess which country never sighned on to it? The fucking commie Bolshevik jew Russians of course. So while the German soldiers and even the front line Russians treated enemy combatants like human beings and said I have empathy and compassion and highest discipline I was ordered to take this objective and it was either you or me the fucking follow up jew war profiteers and agent provocateurs. Even General Grant ordered the fucking jew war profiteers out of his theatre of operations quit following my army around. Lincoln rescinded the order maybe jew banks funded that fratricide also. Uh o the wife takes my headphones off and says there is a tornado warning 40 miles from here. Better sign off now wish us well if I never come back.

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    Wow so we survived this is not a drill. I’m sitting there with my head phones on listening to the Allman Brothers cd my wife rips off my headphones and says there is a tornado warning for cottage grove Tennessee and puryear too. I’m like those places are ten miles from here holy shit! You never hear about cottage grove or puryear so we go into full emergency mode to our safe place in our double wide mansion the only room in the mansion without a window is the second bathroom so I grab both dogs and toss them in there and we find the 3 cats and toss them in there and my wife goes in I keep the tv on as long as the satellite signal lasts but we do have some sense about us we have spare batteries and emergency radio and a thirty 8 with plenty of extra bullets and believe it or not that is where we keep our motorcycle helmets too. Just in case I am the only licsends driver but she still rides along sometimes so we both have helmets. Now would be a good time to strap it on. Not saying my helmet is larger because I have a bigger brain or anything but my head is a whole lot larger than yours is. She’s smart as a whip. Don’t tell her I said that. So the jews get kicked out of 109 countries because they are nation wreckers. And General Grant kicks the fucking jew war profiteers out of his theatre of operations quit following my army around. Until Uncle Aberaham rescinds the order. So can we at least get 109 and a half countries? Can I get a witness?? 109 and a half.

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    Dogs are good. Just another example my wife was gone visiting her mother in a place that rhymes with taxachussettes. I was laying in bed at night with my head phones on listening to music and my dog jumps up on me daddy wake up!!! So I take my headphones off and the emergency radio we have is going off severe storm warnings. Emergency warnings mean nothing to deaf people or people wearing headphones listening to led zeppelin.

  4. American born says:

    Was just banned from Brietbart. Fucking cowards over there.

  5. American born says:

    A lot of people in the know refer to people from Massachusetts as “Massholes”. Prot.

    Nice ring to it.

    Good to see SOG posting here again. I’ll be a regular too.

    Three Day weekend!

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