Veterans: Think About This On Memorial Day

This is what the NWO globalist rats are doing to America, Veterans!

Don’t you think it’s now time to fight for the America of your Forefathers and not some stupid BS going on in a Foreign Land?

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31 Responses to Veterans: Think About This On Memorial Day

  1. Ray says:

    It’s tragic to see young and unfortunately ignorant White men still signing up for this crap and falling for the jew’s distortions of “patriotism” and “defending our freedoms” and the millions of brainless patriotards supporting the cannon fodder while they fight Shlomo’s wars. When they should be immediately attacking Washington DC and Tel Aviv and throwing all the kike-controlled politicians and warmongering scum generals in the Pentagon from helicopters, Pinochet-style. The armed forces are the only ones who have the tools to do it at this point. But they won’t do it, so they suck and are part of the problem, too. Zero respect from me and zero sympathy if they get their asses shot off for Big Kike.

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another stupid story but true my wife is a veteran of 22 years also. Age 63 now. She joined the air force early age and did a great proud job in finance been more places in this world than even I have and most people could ever think of. So she goes to the doctor every year and get this.. I should back up now she was only 5 feet tall and 110 pounds in her best prime days. And a female so you know she must of had to put up with some shit more than her own weight. No kidding that’s why I asked since when did the air force start recruiting midgets? The same day we started recruiting transfaggotts. You mean the day after I retired. Anyway she weighs 110 pounds and the doctor tells her to go on a diet. I am going to reverse engineer the whole universe and say to my wife that the doctor told you not to eat so much and get more exercise? Lady if you go on a diet the crows will be carrying you away pretty soon I WANT you to eat more. Forget the doctor and eat more pizzaz I want you to live longer and gain some weight quit starving yourself to death. Geez louize shes only 4 feet 9 by now and you tell her to go on a diet? That’s it your fired. I go visit my va doctor only when I cut another foot off.

  3. Red Pill says:

    with what i know now, and if i were able to go back in time to March 6, 1961
    I definitely would not have signed up to serve in the US Navy.

    I agree with what Ray says: May 28, 2017 at 5:26 am

  4. Andrew says:

    The new age movement and the communist movement both want to destroy the family. Children are being taught about queers and that its OK if a boy thinks hes a girl. For Gods sake get your kids out of public schools. Even the definition of a family has been re-written in school textbooks. The soap box is not going to fix this, and nether is the ballot box. The only thing that the communist understand is the cartridge box.

  5. Johnny Taurus says:

    The Jews are destroyers. They are also born liars. Israel/Jews did 9-11 to fool Jewmericans into fighting Israel’s enemies and neighbors at our expense, both money and lives. Israel is the capital of the Jewnited States. Israel uses Jewmerica like a common whore and when Israel is through forking us, we will be abandoned like an orphan in a war zone. The media is a weapon/tool being used against us. Most of what we see and read is lies designed to destroy us. We are being attacked from every direction. Our lives mean nothing to these vermin demons. I do not encourage any White person to join the military or fight for Jewmerica because it is all to put money into Israel’s pockets, destroy Israel’s enemies, or wipe out the White race. I keep waiting for Whites to awaken but they seem to be falling into a deeper sleep. Whites need to unite against this common enemy, indeed, the greatest enemy we have ever faced since the beginning of time. These demons/Jews are pure evil. Death is their right arm. To save ourselves we must move en masse to the old Southern States and take over the governments. We can then secede from the Jewnited States and start our own all White country. We can invite Whites from Europe where they are fast becoming a minority. The climate and natural resourses will allow us to grow food and prosper. WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE.

  6. Banjo_Billy says:

    It’s up to the People to take care of the Jews, the queers, the lying Media talking heads and treasonous politicians.

    But the biggest problem today are the Christians who believe the lying Jews but don’t believe what Jesus taught about the Jews.

    Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth About the Jews; the Jews are Devils — Real Ones!

  7. Governor George C. Wallace says:

    Taking a vacation ? Don’t go to New Orleans! It would be like readers of this site and Dr. Duke’s going to Israel for a vacation. You need to show them that you have money and their actions come with consequences. It should not be hard for website’s like INCOG MAN, Stormfront, Dr. Duke’s etc., to put out the word.
    You can come to my beautiful state of Alabama, that just past a law protecting your heritage, on Confederate Monuments, memorial streets and memorial buildings that are over 40 years old.
    Governor, George C. Wallace

  8. Karen says:

    Your photo montage with captions, twelve in all, said more than most “alternative” sites say in six months, which is why I will always be faithful to the Incogman, Phillip Marlowe. A good man is hard to find.

  9. Alex says:

    This would be even better if iy pointed out that they suppress all crime by blacks, especially when Asians, Hispanics, etc. are the victims. Also, Mixing goes both ways and both races get diluted. Even The people who just move to White countries often lose their culture and this is rarely pointed out. Many Hispanics in the US can’t speak Spanish, can’t tell you who the Mexican president is, they act black, they would not fit in in Latin America, etc. Many Muslims in White countries lose their religion the same way Christians have, they drink and do drugs, they can’t speak Arabic, thet mix out, etc. They are displaced people. It goes BOTH ways and everyone loses.

  10. Dafydd says:

    Håll Fanan Högt – Nordic Resistance’s Horst Wessel Lied

    Raise your Flags – Golden Dawn’s Horst Wessel Lied

    Horst Wessel Lied Orchestra (Rare Instrumental)

    Wrth Feddwl am fy Nghymru – Dafydd Iwan (geiriau / lyrics)

  11. Karen says:

    Alex, it doesn’t go both ways. Whites created ALL of the comforts
    of the West that the Black and Brown people are invading, and I don’t blame them, however, THEY ARE NOT ENTITLED.

  12. American born says:

    Watching Nat Geo channel. Instead of honoring our history it is an all day Nazi bash fest.

    Bash the White men all the time, even our dead.

  13. American born says:

    So, Karen. Are you a guy?

    You have been trolling here for sometime.

  14. tsnamm says:

    Alex…I don’t give a shit about Muslims, Asians or Hispanics, their countries are not being liquidated; ours are. And since most niggers have an IQ of 70, they lose absolutely nothing race mixing, except some pigment. Whites on the other hand dilute their genetic gifts reproducing with violent idiots, dragging our entire race down.

  15. Marc C. Daniele says:

    Funny, when I said such things, as a Veteran, I was called an “infiltrator”, etc. here!

  16. Karen says:

    @American Born…”are you a guy?” As a woman I find your question insulting, insinuating that no woman is capable of rational thought and racial loyalty.

  17. Lori says:

    I just got back from a small town Memorial Day gathering with a talk from a vet. He stated that post Viet Nam had lost their freedom of speech rights, freedom of property rights and freedom of religion rights. I wonder about post society in major war torn areas. Cambodia was one of the societies I researched and I found that modern day Cambodia was utterly disgusting.

  18. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Final Judgment

    By Michael Collins Piper

    The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

    Today is the 100th birthday of President Kennedy. Like Piper points out in his book, Permindex is the key to understanding who killed President Kennedy.

  19. Red Pill says:


    remember this, where a 3 year old afflicted nigger kid crawled into the enclosed pit
    that housed Harambe the gorilla?
    where a magnificent majestic animal was put to death over it?

    The internet mourns one-year anniversary of Harambe’s death

    lets work together to ban black children.
    we need to spay and neuter-
    lets stop crime where it starts,
    castrate and cauterize ’em all.

  20. Karen says:

    First castrate the Jews.

  21. Karen says:

    Try to imagine a world without Jews manipulating and aggressively taking over our thoughts (media), lives (federal reserve) and potential ( ivy league universities). The world, black, brown, yellow and white would be a gentler and kinder place.

  22. Joe Btfsplk says:


    venues for Republicans, things have now taken a drastic turn.

    Hours ago, as supporters of illegal immigration massed to protest the policies being put into place by the new White House administration and the Texas State government, two Texas legislators nearly came to blows in the Capital.

    According to Republican legislative representative Matt Rinaldi, he was accosted by Democrat Poncho Nevarez.

    The argument stemmed from the fact that scores of protesters were waving signs in Austin, TX, with many identifying themselves as illegal immigrants. Rinaldi reportedly had enough of the disturbance and contacted ICE agents. When Rinaldi advised the House Floor that the agents had been contacted, Nevarez apparently lost total control of his faculties and began assaulting him, to the point that other legislators had to step in to break up the fight.

    Nevarez then directly threatened violence against Rinaldi because of his call to ICE. Reports claim that not only did Nevarez threaten Rinaldi’s life but indicated that he would wait for Rinaldi to leave the legislature and would get him on the way to his car.

    Rinaldi, who is a concealed handgun licensee, responded by saying that he would shoot in self defense if forced to and reportedly said that he would put a bullet in the head of Nevarez if confronted.

  23. Karen says:


  24. Red Pill says:


    Shah Salman gifts items to Trump worth $1.2 billion

    During his first visit to kingdom, US President Donald Trump received gifts from Saudi King Shah Salman with worth of $ 1.2 billion, reported Nawa-e-Waqt.

    According to details, the gifts given by Saudi King included a precious diamond, armband made of pure gold with King Salman’s photo imprinted on it and 25 kilogram heavy sword made of pure gold with different diamonds and stones on it.

    The sword is worth of $ 200 million.

    Furthermore, gold and diamond made watches, worth of $ 200 million, were also gifted to Trump and his family.

    A small replica of Statue of Liberty but made with gold, diamond and precious stones will also be sent to White House soon.

    Meanwhile, one of the major roads in Riyadh has also been named after Trump.

    A 125 meter long yacht, which is world’s tallest personal yacht as it has 80 rooms with 20 royal suits, will also be sent through US navy to America.

    No US President has received these kinds of gifts before by Saudi Kingdom.

  25. manoflove says:

    Karen, you are on point. A world without the Chosen rule would be a totally different and beautiful place for all people.

  26. manoflove says:

    Karen, you are on point. A world without the Chosen rule would be a totally different and beautiful place for all people. Karen, you understand the true evil behind the world’s problems today.

  27. protocolsRtrue says:

    TODAY in History:

    General Interest
    Civil War dead honored on Decoration Day

    By proclamation of General John A. Logan of the Grand Army of the Republic, the first major Memorial Day observance is held to honor those who died “in defense of their country during the late rebellion.” Known to some as “Decoration Day,” mourners honored the Civil War dead by decorating their graves with flowers. On the first Decoration Day, General James Garfield made a speech at Arlington National Cemetery, after which 5,000 participants helped to decorate the graves of the more than 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers buried in the cemetery.

    The 1868 celebration was inspired by local observances that had taken place in various locations in the three years since the end of the Civil War. In fact, several cities claim to be the birthplace of Memorial Day, including Columbus, Mississippi; Macon, Georgia; Richmond, Virginia; Boalsburg, Pennsylvania; and Carbondale, Illinois. In 1966, the federal government, under the direction of President Lyndon B. Johnson, declared Waterloo, New York, the official birthplace of Memorial Day. They chose Waterloo–which had first celebrated the day on May 5, 1866–because the town had made Memorial Day an annual, community-wide event, during which businesses closed and residents decorated the graves of soldiers with flowers and flags.

    By the late 19th century, many communities across the country had begun to celebrate Memorial Day, and after World War I, observers began to honor the dead of all of America’s wars. In 1971, Congress declared Memorial Day a national holiday to be celebrated the last Monday in May. Today, Memorial Day is celebrated at Arlington National Cemetery with a ceremony in which a small American flag is placed on each grave. It is customary for the president or vice president to give a speech honoring the contributions of the dead and to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. More than 5,000 people attend the ceremony annually. Several Southern states continue to set aside a special day for honoring the Confederate dead, which is usually called Confederate Memorial Day.

  28. putnamvt says:

    Ever notice that Army ads are the only place on jewish tv where normal white men are treated with respect?

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