America’s Two-legged Civilization Wrecking Balls

Smiling Negroes, wearing the usual way over-priced basketball shoes they love so much, clean out a CVS pharmacy during the 2015 Baltimore Looter Fest sparked by Freddie Gray — a two-bit drug-dealer who died from banging himself around inside a paddie wagon to make a police brutality claim — which he pulled off once already (his final effort did earn his family a cool 6.4 mil). Looks like the above nappy-go-lucky Negroes got themselves a nice haul of toilet paper and cookies right before they “burned that bitch down!”

By Phillip Marlowe

Haven’t you White liberals had the least inkling yet the black race are not really worth all the guilt and hand-wringing? God, what don’t you get in this Internet age? Blacks are always looting, rioting, committing arson, torturing animals, raping little old ladies and children, murdering themselves and us White people. That’s in addition to robbing this country blind with Affirmative Action, social welfare programs and various other race gimmees “our” government hands them on a silver platter.

It’s all been a huge colossal waste.

Sure, call me a racist. Sorry to say, you’ve been brainwashed by the media all your life and don’t realize it. Turn on the TV and you can spot the now incessant PC “niggerizing” of America in minutes. Even the stupidest TV commercial now has to have a smiling black or at least a mulatto kid jammed in there somewhere. About the only place they don’t have them are the criminals in burglar alarm spots, when practically all B&E perps in real life are black. Ridiculous.

You’ve heard their stupid “black lives matter” BS, haven’t you? What a lousy joke. This is from a violent race who kills each other in the streets over chicken bones, sometimes even literally. I read a story not long ago about this 90 year-old black woman in Baltimore berating a homeboy for throwing his chicken bones all over the place as he was strolling down the street happily feasting. So homeboy pulls out his handy stolen pistol and “puts a cap” in the old black lady and another nearby black man for “dissing” his Kingly Negro highness! These apes are clearly out of control.

Or how about the Madison, Wisconsin story of the two black armed robbers, who went into a restaurant after hours to rob the safe. Some guys happened to be there doing remodeling work, so they held them at gunpoint while they took the time to bust the safe open. One of them was a 56 year-old White guy and was so scared of the guns pointed at him he started noticeably suffering chest pains (indeed, there’s a good chance black robbers will simply shoot you dead). But the uncaring black thieves kept his co-workers from calling EMTs for help and he soon died of a heart attack.

Negroids don’t care one GD bit! Folks: blacks basically suck. Big time. This is an ugly, ugly, uncaring race. Noooo doubt about it.

We actually pay these promiscuous apes to breed like crazy, like the above single welfare mother with 15 chilluns and probably the same number of baby daddies. We even give them free cellphones so they can pass on tips about how to best scam the system increasing the nation’s debt. They don’t care.

Notice when you get cut-off driving on the highway, or someone doesn’t let you get in a lane or make a quick turn, and when you finally get up next to them down the road, nine times out of ten it’s a black. Sheboons, especially, are uncourteous drivers. Believe me: They saw you were White, so they happily got themselves a quick bit of race payback to make their lousy day. Happens all the time.

Just check them out next time you go shopping — at a grocery store or anywhere. Most of them are fat, ugly as hell, treat any White or Asian store help like dirt. You can barely understand their devolving jibber-jabber ebonics. Look at them and imagine in your head some kind of bizarre jungle primate species, wearing human clothes. Try not to laugh, because these wild animals may well just stab you right then and there!

Groids really are just like wrecking balls to civilizations — America or wherever they live.

It’s little wonder no civilizations ever arose in sub-Saharan Africa. The place still sucks royally today. Utter corruption, poverty, disease and starvation is rampant no matter how much of our tax dollars and money from kid’s piggy banks we send them during “Live-Aid” rock concerts and idiot liberal globalism efforts. This stupid crap over Africa has been going on since forever.

It’s like money down a rat hole with these 70 IQ level “people.” And we still have to send in White medical experts and legions of White do-gooders all the time to corral horrible diseases like Ebola before it gets to America to infect our own worthless black populations. Africa and Haiti have long been festering disease cauldrons, since the over-populated apes will sleep with and eat just about anything disgusting.

And how about those crackhead Negroes down in Apelanta, Georgia, who set fire to state construction materials stored under a bridge on I-85 recently? The fire caused the highway to collapse at rush hour, sticking commuters in traffic for hours and making their daily work drive hell for months. It will end up costing the taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars, not to mention all the lost time for poor drivers in the area or those just passing through. I don’t even think it’s fixed yet.

These civilization-destroying black hijinks happen all the time wherever these ugly primates live. Pay attention to the local news and notice the names of perps and locations. It’s always the filthy, lousy groids responsible!

An ugly young sheboon seems to have money enough for hair straightener, idiotic color job and fashionable new urban-cool threads as she hurls rocks at po-leece mens during the 2015 Baltimore Looting Fest. Monkey face also has a smartphone at the ready to brag online to pals about her brave fight “against the man.” Yeah, like these poor blacks really have it so bad in America. It’s ridiculous!

Blacks love saying “yo be-tripping man,” which is their cute little slang term for getting attention in public by acting up. Just the other day I saw a skinny sheboon crazily driving around a store parking lot with her mouth wide open, tongue stuck way out as she wildly bounced around in the driver’s seat like some drugged-up lab monkey, while primitive jungle rap about cop killing (I think) blared out from her open car windows. Her fat female black friend in the passenger seat was slapping away at her happy shanks in Negroid bliss. These animals get off seeing White people noticing their idiot ape antics.

Just the other day in Texas, 65 year-old Skip Pepe was beaten nearly dead by a 15 year-old so-called rapper who labeled himself “Tay-K 47.” The little punk escaped house arrest by cutting his ankle monitor off and is suspected of at least one murder.

I see this kind of moronic black behavior on a daily basis. They certainly don’t fear a thing these days. Like spoiled children, it will only get worse as they get away with more.

You might be telling yourself “oh, so what, hater boy.” But listen up: The traitorous federal government will transfer $385,000 dollars of your hard-earned wealth and income to a single black individual over the course of your lifetime. That was what was discovered in the 2014 federal budget. Married? Then it’s $768,000 dollars net cost to you and your wife — even more when you factor in your children.

Basically, this worthless race is sucking us Whites dry and running America right into the gutter. No wonder so many of us Whites are now sick and tired of these yapping, spoiled bastards!

Just before Christmas 2012, a brutal black home invader dragged frightened Adiele (6) and Marley Crutchfield (4) out from under their beds and stabbed them both to death after murdering their beloved White stepfather. The poor mother had to discover the bloody bodies.

The black brats demand as a “right,” free, taxpayer-paid “ObamaCare” government sponsored health insurance. But that’s pretty much a financial impossibility with all these apes running amok, beating, shooting and stabbing each other in the streets; while the rest go doctor’s offices for every little sniffle (talk to medical people about how ridiculous it is with blacks). Most Whites merely tough out the small stuff.

And health care people always have to cater carefully with blacks — or risk getting accused of racism for any perceived slight and having to pay out a big “ghetto lottery” if they miss anything when it comes to these precious prima donnas.

Of course, the media won’t tell you any of that since they’ve been too busy protecting these worthless apes from day-one. One truthful word about the real behavior of blacks, careers and livelihoods are ruined.

And they brutally murder us Whites all the time. You may not have seen my pages on White victims of this race, but please, take just a few moments to scroll down through my photo montages and read a few brief description of how they died at the hands of blacks. It won’t take you but a minute or two and then you can come back here by clicking the back arrow.

This kind of horror could easily happen to you or one of your loved ones wherever these brutal, murderous apes live in close proximity to us decent, law-abiding White people. Happens all the time.

Once you come to the honest realization just how much the US media works to protect the criminal black race and keep us Whites in the dark, you will be pissed. The black race clearly does NOT deserve White people’s good graces and sense of fair play one bit.

Blacks are truly monstrous and evil. Worthless as hell, too. Noooo doubt about it. We hereby revoke their stupid race card!

And remember:


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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50 Responses to America’s Two-legged Civilization Wrecking Balls

  1. anon says:

    Had a nigger in the fast lane trying to slow me down in my 1970 SS El Camino with a 396.
    It was 2 lane each way with a steel guard rail in between. I got over in right lane to go around this nigger and of course it speeds up but I knew I almost had it no matter what with the big tires and air shocks all the way up but that buck tried to close the gap.
    It turns out that when a nigger in whatever he was driving meets up with the ass end of a Camino IT EATS GUARD RAIL FOR AT LEAST 20 FEET. That nigger was sideways blocking both lanes and eating guard rail in my rearview mirror as I hauled ass away.
    hehe I do know what you mean about sheboons exactly. They are nasty.

  2. INCOG MAN says:

    Yep, just driving down the road makes me hate these filthy apes.

    Sounds like you got a sweet ride.

  3. Gilbert Huntly says:

    I wouldn’t risk putting a scratch on that El Camino for all the niggers in Baltimore!
    Moreover, if a white man hits some black, worthless she-boon, the bitch suddenly is worth a million dollars, and you’ll receive a bill from the law firm of Jew, Jew, Jew, and Jew. Carry a good ol’ single barrel 12 ga. shotgun, with #4 buckshot. No ballistic signature, and plenty of splatter! 🙂

  4. Nationalist says:

    I was in my local Rite Aid store recently in a mostly White area and a Negro was in the storing hauling off a large amount of merchandise. Same store has Black models pictured all over the store to help sell products. Any company that tries to help Blacks deserves to be ripped off by them which is exactly what I saw happen. I just can’t believe the stupidity of White liberals, I just can’t. Imagine how wonderful our nation would be with only White people living in it.

  5. Gene says:

    Over 100 Shot in Chimcago Over the July 4th Weekend, 15 Dead

    This was only the recent count. The total may be higher as more bodies are discovered in Rahm Emmanuel’s and Obama’s banana republic – Chimpcago. The rate they thin out each other is very promising indeed.

    Pitiful. Blacks— niggers are the most violent race on earth. Remember that when you go out next time to the store or gas station.

  6. Gene says:

    Over 100 Shot in Chimpcago Over the July 4th Weekend, 15 Dead

    This was only the recent count. The total may be higher as more bodies are discovered in Rahm Emmanuel’s and Obama’s banana republic – Chimpcago. The rate they thin out each other is very promising indeed.

    Pitiful. Blacks— niggers are the most violent race on earth. Remember that when you go out next time to the store or gas station.

  7. Whitepride says:

    Can’t stand the effin apes!

  8. Ray says:

    Not that I plan on watching any of Hymiewood’s new ‘Planet Of The Apes’ garbage, including the one presently in theaters, which is a remake of ‘Battle for The Planet Of The Apes,’ they are obviously metaphors for the downfall of White Western civilization, which the jews themselves are engineering. The original 1968 film with Charlton Heston was great, but the sequels progressively got worse. No need to even watch the new ‘Apes’ series–we’re already experiencing it in real life.

  9. Gilbert Huntly says:

    I see enough of Planet Ape every time I see TV commercials – or get near Richmond or Washington! Especially annoying are those TV commercials which portray a pretty white mother with her nigger buck husband and their little quasi-niglets promoting some insurance company, or automobile.

  10. Dafydd says:

    White Genocide in South Africa

  11. Johnny Taurus says:

    Negroids are a tool of the Jew used to destroy Whites/Christians. They are barely above gorillas in intelligence. Almost 50% of all American negroidals are on public assistance. They cannot make it on their own. Whites were removed from power in Africa because the advanced farming practices of the Whites had caused a Black population explosion…..and the Jews wanted unfettered access to the natural resources without White boy intervention.
    Wherever the Negroid roams, death and destruction follow. Detroit…..Atlanta……Augusta…..New Orleans…..murder increases with the size of the Black population. Negroids were not even worth the food to feed them during slavery days. A worthless group of humanoids not quite human, mostly animal. Whites need to make their move and soon. Donald Trump is going to cut most federal funding of welfare programs and leave it to the states to take care of the ticks and parasites sucking blood…..and the states are broke!!! When the negroids cannot get food or shelter for free, then they will blame THE EVIL WHITE MAN and start their rampage of White extermination and murder. That is what they have had pounded into their thick skulls since birth. Prepare White man… is coming…..maybe by the end of this year!!!

  12. Steamed McQueen says:

    Regarding ape-firmative action: Anyone who owns or runs a business will tell you that the US government has – and has had for decades- programs in place that reward businesses with tax breaks and credits for hiring minorities, women, immigrants, or pretty much anyone EXCEPT a native-born white man.

    Even with these credits, few successful businesses take advantage of them. Why? Because hiring anyone out of the ‘protected classes’ will almost certainly result in that business failing. If they show up at all, they do a half-baked job. While employee theft is a problem across all races, among blacks it’s a given. They WILL steal from you because in their tiny minds, they are ‘owed’. They are untrainable for all but the most menial jobs and will make endless excuses for their lack of performance. At the slightest criticism they will pull out the race card.

    Even with the tax breaks (which are considerable) it’s simply not worth the grief to hire ‘groids.

  13. Gilbert Huntly says:

    I had a friend who bought 100 R model Mack dump trucks, then made one of his nigger drivers “president” of the leasing company, then bid on minority-favored federal contracts with a THIRTY PERCENT MARGIN ALLOWANCE. (He is STILL making $$ and doing well. Suckers!

  14. Morris Deeds says:

    **** Great ARTICLE one of their best ever, a must read***********

    New post on The Occidental Observer

    The Pyromaniacs’ Ball: The Grenfell Tower Disaster as a Metaphor for the West
    by Tobias Langdon

    I hate TV, so I usually hear the news rather than see it. This gives me a lot of chances to put my Evil White Racism to work on predictions. Mostly I’m right, occasionally I’m wrong. When I heard that a disgruntled ex-doctor had shot up a hospital in New York, I assumed that the doctor would be non-White.

    Disaster waiting to happen

    I was right. He turned out to be a Nigerian who had been sacked for sexual harassment. But I was wrong when I heard about more than a hundred people burning to death as they collected spilt fuel from a crashed tanker. I assumed that, as usual, it had happened in Africa and that, after a frantic few minutes of fuel-scooping, someone had decided to take a well-earned cigarette-break. No: it had happened in Pakistan.

    But I was right about the cigarette. The story was a characteristically Third-World horror: mass incineration resulting from casual, chaotic stupidity. The Grenfell Tower disaster in London, by contrast, might be called a characteristically First-World horror. It was mass incineration resulting from carefully organized stupidity. At vast expense and as an act of ecological piety, the tower had been wrapped in highly flammable cladding. A lot of brain-power and organization went into making Grenfell Tower into a disaster waiting-to-happen. In the end, all it took was an exploding freezer. The fire then grew too fast and climbed too high for the stale pale males of the London Fire Brigade to rescue dozens of trapped residents.

    Metaphor for the West: Grenfell Tower

    More below:

  15. Morris Deeds says:

    Some more extracted it’s lengthily but a terrific read:

    “I’d call Grenfell Tower a good metaphor for the Western world as a whole. At vast expense and with conspicuous piety, we are being wrapped in the highly flammable cladding of racial and religious diversity. You can see the chaos of the Third World meeting the careful organization of the First World off the coast of Libya. Criminal gangs push vibrant non-White migrants a short distance out to sea in unseaworthy and dangerously overladen small boats. The vibrant migrants are then picked up by powerful, seaworthy European ships and carried hundreds of miles to Italy, where they begin their new lives as they intend to continue being fed, clothed, housed and medically tended to at enormous expense by European Whites.

    Free trips on the Euro-Ferry

    Careful organization and huge sums of money are being poured into providing a free ferry-service for hundreds of thousands of low-IQ, low-trust non-Whites from violent and corrupt failed states. But the Euro-ferry from Libya to Italy is even more lunatic than it appears. As Steve Sailer points out, Africa’s low-IQ, hi-vibrancy population is booming. The African population boom is fuelled by Western medicine and Western aid. We finance not just the ferry, but the fertility that creates the flood. Meanwhile the Lügenlinke, or Lying Left, rail against “Fortress Europe” and wring their hands over drownings in the Mediterranean caused by their own policies.

    If Fortress Europe wasn’t running a free ferry-service across the Mediterranean, the migrants wouldn’t be setting out in the first place. But apparently the high technology of First-World Europe is helpless to stop the dinghies and inflatables of Third-World Africa. The Lying Left also pump out propaganda designed to conceal the true nature of the invasion. If you relied on the images used by the BBC and Guardian, you’d think that the migrants were pathetically vulnerable women and children. In fact, the vast majority are +healthy young men of prime crime-committing age. ”

    More below:

  16. Morris Deeds says:

    Middle East Bankers Behind Jacob Zuma’s White Hate Speech And Land Grabs

    By Katherine Frisk on July 6, 2017

    by Katherine Frisk:

    South Africans Protest Zuma-Gupta State Capture

    Who is behind Jacob Zuma’s Proposed Land “Expropriation Without Compensation? ” The same people who are behind Islamic State.

    The same people who have been behind the land grabs in Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Syria over the last six years and intend to extend their resource theft across the whole of North Africa, doing to Orthodox Christian Ethiopia what has been done to Christians by Islamic State Terrorists in recent years , are also aiming at the southern regions of Africa, namely South Africa, through their stooge Jacob Zuma, who in order to achieve their aims has gone on a massive “hate the whites,” rant and Mugabe clone land grab rhetoric.

    More below:

  17. American born says:


  18. Joe Btfsplk says:

    niggers are the most violent race on earth

    Add up the carnage of all the wars and Communist genocides, then divide by the number of jews.

  19. S O G says:

    niggers started out stupid and went down lower …
    livingstone said of the niggers in africa after a visit there thet the nigger would always be the burden of the white man …he said other shit to …such as dont make freins with these fuckin canabals with doctor jenkem shootin morons …
    slavery and canabalism and black voodoo shit has existed in the shit hole aka africa where modern transportaional elements have allowed savage turd world nigger tribalism to emerge like infected diarheea onn human kind ///
    there is 170 million cases of aids in africa and they still practice slavery for life or till eaten or killed on fellow primates there ….
    injusticefile has a complete list of lawsuits filed by shiftless groids against companies who payed out 10’s of millions company was told by the court they didnt have to pay but they paid anyway ,,,wtf …. theinjusticefile

  20. Red Pill says:

    from jimstone site

    DEAR AMERICA: HERE IS YOUR SCUM BAG FULL OF SCAMMERS AND LIARS AT CNN. QUESTION: WHY TF ARE THEY ALL JEWISH? That says a lot, when this is “TEAM HILLARY” and the mortal enemy of Trump. Jared Kushner, you can KMA, this PROVES IT:
    This will come in clear if you click it (so you can read the small print)

  21. Cindy says:

    So I saw these groids trying to intimidate the local Chinese food store owner. Pretty much demanding free drinks because ” dey gave em to my chillums last time”.
    Typical…you do something nice for them and they are more entitled than ever. Do not know the meaning of “grateful”… I can tell the Chinese people hate them too. At least Asians are hard workers and care about their kids.

  22. Karen says:

    It’s so simple…they don’t like it here, fine, I hear you, so go to Liberia or recolonize Africa and remake it in your image, the land of Kangz. Leave us alone. You hate us, fine, we don’t give fuck, in fact I would be willing to tith up $$$$ to send you far far far away.

  23. Morris Deeds says:

    Will the real Paul Joseph Watson please stand up?

    By Jonas E. Alexis on July 6, 2017

    Can Paul Joseph Watson not see that perpetual wars in the Middle East fuel so-called “Islamic terror attacks”? What about Israeli terror attacks? Does he mean to tell us that he doesn’t know about the Lavon Affair and other Israeli terrorist acts? What about terrorist apologists in the United States? What about our own politicians, who are currently supporting ISIS in Syria?

    E. Michael Jones wrote way back in 2008 that “when I hear an American talk about the dangers of ‘Islamofascism,’ I think it’s an infallible sign that I am in the presence of either a propagandist, an intellectual coward or a useful idiot.”[1]

    More below:

  24. Morris Deeds says:

    The Khazarian Bankster Cult That Hijacked the World

    By Jonas E. Alexis on July 7, 2017
    Heinrich Heine: “No one does more to further the revolution than the Rothschilds themselves…and, though it may sound even more strange, these Rothschilds, the bankers of kings, these princely pursestring-holders, whose European-state system, nevertheless carry in their minds a consciousness of their revolutionary mission.”

    More below:

  25. anon says:




    That’s the company trademark, the noose. It’s all over the site but the place is kind of a mess now. Ya, we’re working on it. hehe

  26. anon says:

    Hey I do recall a federal code against displaying a noose because it scares niggers. Probably slipped in with the budget for welfare and free sailfones for all niggers. Some niggers were found to have two or three free sailfones, in a recent sailfone audit.

    Is this blog changing from jew atrocities to niggerfuxation topics now? Everyone knows that niggers are nasty, but jews are subhuman devils and just nasty fucking filthy scum that hates everything but itself. Of course the jew is behind all the niggerfuxation in the first place so it’s a vicious cycle.

    It’s a bad conflict to be caught in. What would happen if you bred a nigger with a jew? A nigger that steals from itself? bwahahaha! A nigger that lies to itself? bwahahaha! A self-hating nigger that lies and steals from itself? Help me out here…

  27. carnac123 says:

    Just imagine the paradise America would be without negroes. Thing about it.

  28. S O G says:

    differnece between a park bench and a nigger is the bench can support a family ..
    the reason the riot ran in ballymo was the nigger ididot mayor bitch who said in the immortalized statement let em burn it down ..leave em alone ..
    the reasonn they say its all the white governors fault is because he wants to bring these nigger terrorists to justice ..and he had nothing to do with the damage ..
    predomianstly dark city and popo force and nigger representatives and its all the white govs fault ..
    looking at newnation as i usually do i get more and more restless and enraged at niggers in ngeneral me anyone could be next on some dumb fuckin miscre4ant niggers random to do shit list ..
    isnt it time whites play the knockout game on niggers and randomly show them random acts of “love” …lol…
    the niggers are terrorizin new neighborhoods and still knockin people out and raping etc etc ..its open season on whites ..
    the heighth of niigger arrogance and hubris …attacking whites everywhere ..its open season on whites ….the question begs an answer ..when will we start payin the nigger back …….dont ask dont tell ..
    figure out a good way to beat the cameras folks …the cameras and the obscene surveillance culture in america isnt to stop crime cus it doesnt and niggers dont show up so well on cheap cameras the camerasa are there to stop you from defending your own and from anywhites from gaining solidarity ..
    remember the oklahoma murrah federal building ..
    the whole lark was to blame on cutouts representing the soilidarity and militias that had grown around the beset farming communities …
    too many fucking cameras and they dont solve the real issues they only spy on people ..
    i thonk colleges should have a day wothoput whiny ignorant lo iq rubber lipped morons //oh no they aqre just deeply tanned whites after all …lol..
    niggers are so stupid and ignorant it defies imagination ..
    nigger bike week in myrtle beach was a bang up shoot em up as usual ..
    the feds and cops will interfere with any and all white bike clubs but wont lift a finger to go after crazy nigger bikers ..
    kill or be killed …do unto others befoer they can and will do it to you ..
    63 innocent whites killed during rodney worthless king riot ….and countless hundreds injured ….
    hmmm geee is something up ….
    meant witch doctor -jenkem shooting groids ..
    the article in injusticefile is almost hard to find ill make a link of it later …
    jews protect the nigger with bs civil riots lawyers and speaking of riots the baltimore riot cost billions did it not and the mayor is legally responsible for that mess as the nat gaurd should have been allwed to shoot to kill rioters and vandals …hell shoot em all the fuckin apes ..

  29. Pingback: hideous negress – murderbymedia3

  30. Sen10L says:

    Yep, I call them, “moving violations”.

  31. Johnny Taurus says:

    Negros. They flee their own countries and sneak into White countries because they want to improve their standard of living because White countries are and always have been better than Black countries. Once settled in, the Blacks start complaining that THE EVIL WHITE MAN IS KEEPING THEM DOWN and is not doing enough for them. There is a reason White countries are better: White people are more intelligent. White people work. If Blacks are so great, then their countries would be as well developed and prosperous as White countries. The Jewnited States was once the greatest country in the world until unlimited non-White immigration and communist welfare took over politics. Israel became the capital of the Jewnited States and we spend over half the taxes collected fighting Israel’s wars of expansion and then taking care of the refugees created by those wars. Add to that the billions we give Israel is foreign aid. Europe has been destroyed by Black and Muslim immigration. It is the White mans fault…..the EVIL WHITE MAN needs to start fighting back….against immigration….against Black aggression…..against Jew domination…..before we become extinct.

  32. Tim Adams says:

    I was stationed in RSOK years ago, the people there got fed up with black GIs and their behavior, so they refused to serve them or allow any of the bar girls to deal with them. The blacks rioted, and the locals put up signs in the village telling them to go back home pick cotton their animal asses weren’t welcome. Eventually some clubs were set aside for them and they stayed out of the rest. Asian culture is pragmatic, only the lowest class of people deal with blacks, and anyone who does is largely shunned by Asians and whites.

  33. Karen says:

    Here in Canada we don’t have a “nigger” problem except for a few areas in large cities. But the Chinese and other Asians are a major problem, a swarm of red ants invading, colonizing and driving out the original inhabitants. Most Jews are rubbing their hands in glee and planning to move to Israel if the invasion upsets their enclaves. We Whites have nowhere to go.

  34. Karen says:
    Out of the Horses mouth, or fittingly The Devils Asshole

  35. Morris Deeds says:

    Karen says:
    July 8, 2017 at 4:26 pm

    Here in Canada we don’t have a “nigger” problem except for a few areas in large cities. But the Chinese and other Asians are a major problem, a swarm of red ants invading, colonizing and driving out the original inhabitants. Most Jews are rubbing their hands in glee and planning to move to Israel if the invasion upsets their enclaves. We Whites have nowhere to go.

    I had heard the slant eyes are all over up there: from BC to Quebec, many
    Vietnamese, those fuckers will eat anything including your pet!

  36. Morris Deeds says:

    Israel Seizes Solar Panels Provided To A Palestinian Village By The Netherlands

    July 3rd, 2017 by Steve Hanley

    Last year, the government of the Netherlands donated about €500,000 to bring reliable electricity from solar panels to the southern Bethlehem region. Under ordinary circumstances, the Palestinian villages in the area are not connected to a reliable electrical grid and struggle to make do with about 3 hours a day of electricity supplies by diesel generators donated by various aid organizations after Israel dismantled a solar microgrid in 2009.

    @ Story below:

  37. Morris Deeds says:

    New post on The Occidental Observer:

    Culture and Nationhood in the World of Herodotus: An Evolutionary Analysis
    by Guillaume Durocher

    Herodotus (trans. Robin Waterfield), The Histories (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998)

    In defense of history, the Roman orator Cicero once said: “To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain forever a child.” In history, we can find the past trajectory of human events and insights into the nature of human existence in other circumstances, two powerful guides for the future. The first historian was Herodotus, a Greek who lived some 2,500 years ago. His massive Histories are an encyclopedic snapshot of that epoch, an enormous collection of the stories on all the nations of the known world which he gathered during his travels.

  38. Morris Deeds says:

    A Who’s who of Jew criminals Karen: meet The Lakewood 26 stealing Welfare, HUD
    food stamps, heat and AC assistance and they are millionaires to boot:

    Meet the 26 accused in Lakewood fraud probe: Who they are, what charges they face
    Updated July 08, 2017
    Posted July 08, 2017

    Story below:

  39. S O G says:

    during ww2 the niggers would abduct philipine women and rape them on the island ..the locals set up a honey trap once and offed the worthless niggers and the worthless corpses were dug up a few years ago …toss that shit in the sewer ..
    niggers behaviours in japan caused a nation al crisis and the japanese were going to kick the usa base out …recent ..
    ellis tills the little nigger adl poster monkey who sexually baTTERED a white woman who was minding her own business on a day in her store doing catch up work …he was with other groids and the store was closed due to some lawful closure every week …dont recall the title …so his baby daddy gets hung by rope in italy in 45 for raping and killing a italian woman ….
    a femail nigger tried to kill a freinf o mine on his motor cycle on an on ramp ..his throttle handle part of the handle bars was riding between the raILS OF gaurd rail and the nigger was ignoring his horn ….she would have killed him for aL THDE STUPID NIGGER CARED ..
    niggers are the most racist idiots on earth next to jews ans muslims ..
    have you seen the racial laws thay arr passing in israel ..
    light skinned blue green eyed ashkanazzis arent allowed to marry jews of darker persuasion because i think it is stems from the time of the racial genocide of sephardix by askanazzis still on record as the “ringworm scandal ” where they gave the sephs free camping trips and then said they had ringworm and so irradiated their heads with 70,000 times xrays ….killed scoers of em …anyway askkans hate sephs and the 40-50’s saw alot of animosity blah blah etc the kikes are claiming that the dark swarthy hairy middle eastern loking kike bitches cant get a man cus all the easter bloc caucasion jews bitches are marrying the who ???…they never say but5 i susspect this is just a way for the ruthjless frogface askannees to keep their already mixed non semite race from having the insult of the neanderthalic middle eastern mix sephardics from mixing ….lol…
    fuck all of em ..
    look up kiryat joel and similar cities that cause nothing but trouble for surrounding cites …kiryat is on the east coust of conus …and its jews only …no one els is allowed ..etc …just like the 200 nigger colleges only in america ..fine with me ..keep al thise stupid evil racist niggers in quarantine ..
    doesnt anyone get it ..none of todays “jews” are remotely rac ially decended from the original and crispy 12 tribe morons …are we swayed by stories that cant be proven ….the jews of today are so mixed it is rediculous and is why they have so many genetic diseases and its very hard to find donor organs for jews which is why they steal organs from pallistinians and africans …the blood line is closer to the jews heinz 57 blood lines ….
    everything about jews and from jews is all delusion and fantasy ,deception and satanic .
    the scribes and pharisees were cablistic and talmudic and not even real israelites in most cases ..they adhered to the oral traditions of the elders of babylon and now the adhere to other bizarre oral traditions …

    the black supremecy doctrine …..

  40. protocolsRtrue says:

    SOG that link about black privilege sure does make ones blood boil. Everything, absolutely everything in America costs more and is made more difficult due to niggers and their (mostly jewish) lawyers. Health care, medicine, insurance. You cant make it through a commercial break without seeing some lawyers come on shopping for lawsuits. Class actions, slip and fall artists, slam on your breaks in front of a big truck. Yes, no wonder it’s so hard to do business in America. That plus our own government tag-teaming against business with regulations and lawsuits from them also. Whole agencies that employ themselves by destroying American businesses, industries and jobs. Make the people suffer and be poor and dependent on government. Easier to control that way. jews recently tried to do it using their pet monkey Obama to destroy the coal industry and necessarily make the American peoples electric bills skyrocket. How stupid democrats had to be to vote for that lying mfer. But that’s stupid-ass niggers and libtards for you. Fucking windmills and solyndra solar panels ripoffs. Fuckers should be in jail. Fucking lois lerners jew whore bitches using the irs jews and give a stupid worthless welfare nigger a to go after conservatives and tea party groups then giggle about it plead the fifth and retire. Why don’t we still talk about THEM interfering with the elections at least we know that really DID happen and break the laws. The irs and many other agencies are nothing but the power to destroy and pick winners and losers and we know which people and businesses will be the winners and which will be the losers. Don’t touch the jews and minority sham businesses keep your selves busy fucking with white conservative owned businesses to drive the competition out of business into bankruptcy. Another truth about jews is that if they cant own it or profit from it they seek to destroy it. Americas greatest enemy is our own Racist supremacist deep state jews using their stupid-ass pet niggers to cash in bigtime and bring America down at the same time.

  41. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    I want to repost this from a jew rabbi in 1865 because of the fourth paragraph. ….By ceaselessly repeating certain ideas (lies), the press in the end makes (stupid people) consider them as truths….
    In 1865 a certain Jewish Rabbi named Rzeichorn delivered a speech at Prague. It is a very accurate summary of many aspects of the Protocols which would come to light several decades later. The following document was published eleven years later by Sir John Radcliff, who was assassinated shortly afterwards, giving testimony to the powers of the secret organisation of inner elite Jewry even then. It is also a stark eye-opener for anyone who harbours the impression that true orthodox Judaism is a religion, like others, based upon the pursuit of spiritual betterment, love and universal peace. Just like the Protocols, since this document was published, the plan described within it has provably come to pass: “Gold in the hands of experts will always be the most useful weapon for those that possess it and an object of envy for those who are without it.”

    “With gold one can buy the most upright consciences, with gold one can fix the value of every stock, the price of every merchandise, one can loan it to states that afterwards one holds at ones mercy.”

    “Already the principal banks, the stock exchanges throughout the world, the loans to all the governments are in our hands.”

    “The other great power is the press. By ceaselessly repeating certain ideas, the press in the end makes them considered as truths. The theatre renders similar services, everywhere theatre and press follow our directives. By an indefatigable campaign in favour of the Democratic form of government, we will divide the Gentiles amongst themselves in political parties, we shall thus destroy the unity of their nations, we will sow the seeds of discord. Powerless, they will have to accept the law of our bank, always united, always devoted to our cause.”

    “We will push the Christians into wars, by a judicious exploitation of their pride and stupidity. They will massacre each other and thus make more space where we can place our own people.”

    “The possession of land has always procured influence and power. In the name of social justice and equality, we will divide the great properties; we will give small fragments of these properties to the peasants who desire them with all their heart, but who will soon be indebted to us by the very exploitation of these properties. Our capital will enable us to become the real masters. In our turn we shall become the great owners of land, and this possession will assure our power.”

    “Let us use all our force to replace the circulation of gold by that of paper: our banks will absorb the gold, and we shall decide then what value the paper money will have, this will make us the masters of every man’s existence.”

    “We have amongst ourselves many fine orators capable of feigning enthusiasm and of convincing the masses! We will send them amongst the nations to announce the changes that will make the happiness and prosperity of mankind.”

    “By gold and by flattery, we will win the proletariat, who will take on their shoulders the job of exterminating Christian capitalism. We will promise to the workers salaries that they have never even dared dream of, but we will also heighten the price of all necessities, so much so, that our profits will be even greater.”

    “In this manner we will prepare the revolutions that the Christians will conduct themselves and out of which we shall collect the fruits. By our jokes and by our attacks we will render their priests ridiculous and eventually odious, their religion as ridiculous, as odious as their priests. We shall become masters of their souls, because our pious attachment to our religion will prove to them the superiority of our souls.”

    “We have already established men of ours in all the key positions. Let us make every effort to furnish the goys with lawyers and doctors. Lawyers get to know about every interest. Doctors, once they cross the threshold of a house, become the confessors and directors of their patient’s conscience. But above all, let us get the control of the education, of the schools. By them we will spread the ideas that are useful for us, and we will mould the children’s brains as we wish. If one of us falls into the claws of justice by misfortune, let us all go to his aid, finding as many witnesses as may be needed to save him from his judges until the moment comes when it will be us who will be judges” (Rzeichorn, published by Sir John Radcliff in 1876).
    I’ve heard jews repeat the same lies over and over again louder and louder trying to make me believe that what they are lying about is true many times, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard them do quite as much as with this Putin/Russia meddling/ interfering with the 2016 elections stuff. Every jews report on every jew network same thing every day all day. Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election. The fucking jews and libtards still cannot come to grips that they invested a billion dollars into the clinton political machine and the bitch still lost to deplorable working white people. Last night abc world jews tonight first fucking sentence Trump met with putin today and discussed Russian meddling in the us elections… I quickly turned to nbc nightly jews just to see what they lead off with and caught this jew owned talking head mid sentence Russians interfering with the 2016 presidential elections. One jew owned talking head finishing off the others sentence. Didn’t waste my time on cbs just turned to live pd show. The same thing on this mornings meet the jews and their stupid ass pet niggers with a Marxist commie Bolshevik jew indoctrination center liberal arts and farts college degrees handed to them for being a niggers and completing 20% attendance so they are all uppity and shit think they are smart niggers and know something. Just puppeting whatever the jew says. If these fucks have some evidence or proof or anything please let us know don’t just keep saying the same shit over and over again. You’d think they would have come up with something by now. They’ve been saying it since last November. They are completely unwatchable and unbelievable. Fake news Trump’s got that right. When you spout out about the Russians interfered with the election please follow it up with something substantive would you? Don’t just keep repeating the same accusations without evidence or proof bullshit. At least when the irs jews went after conservative tea party groups to interfere with 2008 elections to get their pet nigger obama elected they could look at all the applications for tax exempt status and prove that the irs went after and denied the conservative movement fair treatment. Somebody tell me exactly what the Russians supposedly did to change the outcome of the election? Why not talk about aipac jews doling out cash to candidates and free trips to israil to put on a beanie and kiss the wailing wall? Or the jewlywood crowd $10,000 dollars per plate fund raisers or rantings on stage at the jewlywood awards shows? Isn’t that trying to influence the outcome of the elections? This Putin just has the jews panties all bunched up in knots they hate him over him frustrating the cia regime change installed sham jew government in Ukraine and for helping assad against the jews and israil firsters regime change plans in Syria. Putin may be a serious problem in the jew supremacists world order plans that’s my guess. Maybe the cia or nsa or mossad hacked Putins phones too and heard him ranting about fucking jews.

  42. Mr Booey says:

    What’s going on in Chicago this weekend? Shooting numbers are way down. I think 1 dead and 25 wounded. The nigs get lazy this weekend, go on an EBT funded vacation, or run out of ammo and haven’t made it to Walmart to pick some up?

  43. Karen says:

    Morris Deeds, being a militant animal advocate in the vein of Savitri Devi, I “detest all Asians”, although I’ve known a few decent Asians. Jewry is behind Asian (and Negro) immigration so I “detest all Jews,” although growing up my best friend , who I love, is Jewish. Aaah…..

  44. Johnny Draco says:

    Here a brood of illegal Africans marches through a tranquil town demanding 2000 euros/mo in welfare.

  45. Obie says:

    Niggers ruin everything.

  46. S O G says:

    niggers that have more than 1 nigglet on wailfayhr shold be cut off if they have any more nigger babies …forced sterilization was practiced on and still is on retards inn california so why noit niggers ..they are retards
    all invasioin trash should all be shot on site …

  47. john says:

    I must confess I be a racist, a Islamaphobe, a homophobe, a anti left wing aggressor, do not ever think you will scare me enough not to fight back, whether with hand, knives, or guns, whatever I will respond to any punk black or white that thinks it will intimidate me in any form. I knew for a long time all the above and known most of my life and can’t help but say its getting very bad and need more people to address and do something beside talk. Guys like the communist professor telling the antifa to arm them selves with guns, I think he should never been allowed to walk free but got off form the weatherground punks on a t e c h n a c a l ity which say to me lots of people contributed to this punk still walking and talking.

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