80 Responses to FAKE NEWS: Mixing Up Race Crime To Mess Us Up

  1. Recon Ranger says:

    I’ve had it to my eyebrows with all this yid shit. In the last couple of years I have taken notice of the likes like the ass hole jew above with Irish first names… On several occasions I have had to deal with potential clients, or insurance claims, incoming sales calls ect where I either meet in person or speak with on the phone about whatever it is in business dealings and ask their name…they will almost all times hesitate, then say , Brian, Sean, Kevin, Brent ect, ect.. I can tell immediately what the last name would be due to there accent…( yes I am from NY and have also been around).. Then when asked their last name they really hesitate and many times change the subject to swing away from me knowing… Sorry doesn’t work you little scum heeeb because I know better… These scum really think that naming the X-gens and the millennials with Irish first names are going to fool us… What a crock of shit they are… Bottom line folks, don’t be fooled by these tricky little scum evil ass holes… they are the filth and terror of our planet… the sooner they are eliminated the sooner world peace arrives. Same for the niggers, sand niggers, and the ones who support them. Shoot Move and Communicate… ( if you don’t know how. you better learn.) RR

  2. The worst part of this zio heeb propaganda “brainwashing” is we are paying for it. What is a guy to do when he wants to watch his local sports team on tv? Get rid of your tvs and watch the game at your local pub or bar. You support a local business and at the same time you can plan how to defend your selves and families from roving afro gangs and ultimately how to deport the niggs to Africa and zio jews to their “promised land” Israel.

  3. Gene says:

    Black Mobs Shooting Heavy Duty Fireworks at Cops

    Not only are Black Mobs throwing lit fireworks at cops in Trenton, NJ, but I think it was around Knoxville, TN where they were aiming heavy duty mortar rounds at cops! These things can blow you apart. Picture what they look like in the sky when they go off and try to imagine what would happen to a person if one of those shells exploded nearby!

    This is becoming a popular fad of shooting fireworks at cops. C’mon, we’ve all had our gripes about a ticket or something with cops, but without them society will fall apart.

    Worthless groids getting free welfare handouts and food stamps do this in return for their daily bread. CUT THEM OFF NOW!

  4. Gene says:

    Links for Shooting Fireworks at Police

    Here are some links. It appears most of this is done by black mobs.

    BLM shooting fireworks at police

    Shooting fireworks at police

  5. Johnny Taurus says:

    Blacks murder Whites all the time. The media ignores this fact because it doesn’t fit their agenda. Let a White person shoot a Black in self-defense and it is front page news all over the country with the story slanted to make it appear the EVIL WHITE MAN shot the poor innocent, gentle Black giant for no reason at all. Four Black gentle giants walked into the living room of a teenage white boy in Aiken, SC and shot him dead in order to steal his video game system. Nothing on national news, ideed, nothing outside the immediate area. This type bias happens all the time and the Jew media keeps it concealed. In many Georgia and South Carolina counties the schools are called “failing schools” because of the high number of Black students failing to learn. They are a dumb race of people. You can dress a monkey in clothes but he is still a monkey. Clothes don’t make the IQ. Blacks are a criminally inclined, violent animal….notice I didn’t say “person”. It is not racist to be wary around these killers, it is common sense. According to the Jews, we should “Pet all tigers equally” because some tigers are pets. I notice that Israel hasn’t invited any Black refugees into Israel. How many White people migrate to Nigeria, South Africa and other roid countries? Blacks love the things Whites have invented…civilization, farming, air conditioning, electricity, cars, radios, etc…..but they hate White people. No matter where a negro goes, he still behaves and acts like a nigger. Like Tigers, killing is in their blood/genes.

  6. Nationalist says:

    People magazine should be renamed Communist Peoples Monthly, I have seen more race mixing on their front cover than just about any publication I can think of. There are a lot of pro-White underground organizations in the U.S. that need to unite and show everyone we are willing to stand up for our rights and oppose fell funded anti-White hate groups and Peoples magazine would be at the top of that list.

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    Gene is right. They have to be cut off from all the free shit programs that provide them with every necessity of their worthless parasitic existences. Who cant tell that all these great society “temporary” programs to lift the negroes out of poverty have failed miserably. They turned into permanent mult-generational way of life creating hoards of niggers who hate us anyway for trying to help them. Nothing but problems and expenses and crime and carnage. Good luck trying to wean them from total government dependence now. But we can stop paying them to have more. What you subsidize and pay for you get more of. Take the profits out of crapping out niglets unmarried, uneducated, unemployed and unable to take care of their own damn selves and they will soon face the harsh realities of acting like grown up adult responsible citizens. It will take as many generations to get them back to where they were BEFORE we spent trillions on this grand experiment to treat niggers like they are actual civilized human beings. Everything is worse when a nigger is near it. Can people in chimpcago even walk down the sidewalk or go to a public park or swimming pool or a grocery store or a gas station anymore without living in fear? I know walmart and shopping malls are out of the question if they are near a bus line linked to a public housing project. White mans burden I stopped carrying these worthless fucks around a long time ago . Their just waiting for the right opportunity to stab me in the back with a dagger anyway just like jews hate us too. It’s in the jewish talmud. Stop paying for your own destruction and the destruction of this once great country white people. The fucking libtards refuse to even recognize that there IS a problem let alone do anything to fix it. The government dependent niggers provide too many votes that keep them in office. The police and other emergency responders that have to deal with these fucks everyday MUST see the reality of niggers, not the jewlywood versions. And every day there are new victims of thug nigger criminal behavior. Harsh wake up call to reality also.

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    protocol 10, paragraph 5 explains why the libtard democrats wont do anything to fix the nigger problem. It’s all about the votes to get them in power ultimately bringing about jew world order. Last sentence.

    5. TO SECURE THIS WE MUST HAVE EVERYBODY VOTE WITHOUT DISTINCTION OF CLASSES AND QUALIFICATIONS, in order to establish an absolute majority, which cannot be got from the educated propertied classes. In this way, by inculcating in all a sense of self-importance, we shall destroy among the GOYIM the importance of the family and its educational value and remove the possibility of individual minds splitting off, for the mob, handled by us, will not let them come to the front nor even give them a hearing; it is accustomed to listen to us only who pay it for obedience and attention. In this way we shall create a blind, mighty force which will never be in a position to move in any direction without the guidance of our agents set at its head by us as leaders of the mob. The people will submit to this regime because it will know that upon these leaders will depend its earnings, gratifications and the receipt of all kinds of benefits.

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    Protocols stuff for new people. Get them before they’re gone.




  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    Henry Fords opinion and Talmud unmasked. Part 2 chapter 2 is quite chilling. At the bottom of that is a link to part 1. Again for new people and get them before they disappear forever just like white people.



  11. Gene says:

    The Payment Gateways of Soros and BLM Must Be Blocked

    The payment gateways for George Soros and those like him must be stopped and blocked so they cannot pay outfits like Black Lives Matter any funds at all. Only by proactive measures will the Negro cease to do evil.

    Without the funding BLM will dry up. A measure of legislation could be introduced, if it hasn’t already been, to block payments to subversive groups which threaten national security and public safety.

  12. Gene says:

    Negroes Are A Real Problem in America!

    When you stop to think how it isn’t even safe to walk down many of the streets in America, is it still America? Not really, at least it doesn’t seem like America I once knew.

    The Negroes are a real problem and they pride themselves in being a real problem. While receiving the welfare handout from whitey they seek to do whitey-payback. There is but one answer to the problem. It is like Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’. If you are not a hardworking, honest American then what are you? The first part of the solution to the problem is to stop funding the Negro now. They must have taken that food stamp and welfare money and used it to shoot those fireworks at the cops.

    All you have to prove it and you have a bona-fide reason to stop the welfare and food stamps for public safety and national security.

    The next part of the solution is to spread the word on Negro behavior and ostracize the Negro in every way you can. After the Negro winds up his day, hitting one brick wall after the other, he will begin to question his own behavior, at least the thinking chimps will.

    Pull out of every group that involves the Negro, and if you have to home educate your children then do so. You may have to quit your job and become self-employed. You have only a small family business with a couple friends working with you so you have no need to hire Negros.

  13. Gene says:

    That Goes For Guns Also, Bought With Welfare-Food Stamp Money

    Also a public safety measure can be instituted for guns and ammunition bought with welfare-food stamp money.

    If it is proven that this is the case, all funding of all persons involved should stop and a bill to block all welfare and food stamp monies can be introduced.

  14. Gene says:

    An All-Out Campaign Should Be Launched Against The Media For Being Untruthful

    In addition for the solution, an all-out campaign should be launched against the media for being untruthful. It should be called an anti-white media for all the omissions and lies about blacks who are killing white people.

    Do whatever you can to bring this out about the media, folks! They have tossed the white race into the trash bin and should be paid back for this!

  15. silvernickel says:


    Are you aware of Colin Flaherty’s youtube channel? He has written a best seller called “Dont Make the Black Kids Angry”. He is exposing the black plague every day with great videos on his channel. Check him out:


  16. Johnny Draco says:

    ** The Caylee Anthony story was a BIG money making Hoax. Went International. The perps. made a LOT of money on that one.

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    NATIONAL NIGHTLY NEWS ROUNDUP: (Don’t worry it was the same on every network). We start off tonight with an update on the Trump/Putin and Russia interfering in the 2016 elections story. So far we have no proof or evidence that this ever occurred but Donald Trumps son met with a Russian lady for a few minutes a year ago but Trump never knew about it. We will keep you updated. (gee thanks, don’t bother I wont be watching). In other news the state of Califaggia is on fire.
    ( Hey some good news for a change) . Refugees are fleeing to other states. (uh oh that’s bad news). An anonymous source reported that Donald Trump, Vlad Putin and the Russians were holding secret meetings in a forest in California when putin tossed a lit cigar. In other news a kid got bit by a bear in Colorado. A CNN/Washington Post poll shows that 95 percent of Harvard graduates believe that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and the Russians were playing with the bear and pissed it off. (playing with the bear. Get it?). At the G20 summit in Germany protesters were busted in the head with billy clubs and hit with water canons by riot police. (hell yes now that is how you do it America). They were upset that Donald Trumps daughter filled in for him for a few minutes while Donald went to take a piss. A Trump cabinet insider who wishes to remain anonymous because she is not authorized to release the information to the public claims that Vladimir Putin had is hand inside Ivanka Trumps skirt during those 5 minutes that Trump was missing. Gee…. Where actually WAS he?? I bet he was colluding with the Russians in the toilet stall. ( Don’t tell the fake jew news people I said that. ). And to round out our fake jew news for stupid goyim tonight we mention the governor of jew jersey Chris Christie the most hated governor in America. (says who?) Enjoying the beach with his family while it is closed to the public because their elected state government officials are incompetent ignoramuses who aint got their shit together. Now we learn from deep state jewish intelligence agents who also are not authorized to speak to the public leaked documents to the jewsington post that this was actually a Trump property beach in Atlantic shitty and it was just a diversion from Donald Trump in his hotel/casino colluding with Vladimir Putin and the Russians to steal the 2020 presidential election from Chelsea Clinton. (don’t tell fake jew news I said that either they’ll run with it every minute of every day for the next 4 fucking years too). Have a good night stupid goyim Er UH I mean American people.

    I hope I didn’t waste TOO much of your time. It couldn’t be worse than actually WATCHING the fake jew news now could it?

  18. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Make every shot count, if you have to shoot! (Don’t brag about it to anyone, either.)
    A lot of “community service work” can be accomplished by a proficient sniper! 🙂

  19. protocolsRtrue says:

    My police force would have at least 2 squads proficient at doing drive by shootings. It would be the secret unit attached to the sanitation department. Live PD this. You have the right to remain silent. Forever.

  20. Red Pill says:

    it’s easy to pull the trigger.
    the shit starts just after the act.
    been there, done that twice.
    grand jury “no bill”ed me (but i was still a fool looking back)
    no body died, but one of them walks with a limp.
    the other got a hole in his baseball cap
    the police, attorneys, bail bondsmen, investigators the grand jury, the media.
    you don’t want that unless it’s your life or theirs
    self defense is a God given right.

    Jesus Christ is the only way out of the matrix

  21. protocolsRtrue says:

    German police teach American police how to deal with blackliesmatter protesters.


  22. American born says:

    This is enough to turn your stomach.

    “The Boston Public Library apparently thinks it’s cool to subject kids to drag queens and to mock Catholic nuns at the same time.”


  23. Ray says:

    “This is becoming a popular fad of shooting fireworks at cops. C’mon, we’ve all had our gripes about a ticket or something with cops, but without them society will fall apart.”

    Society already is falling apart and the badge fag costumed enforcers do not prevent it. It’s not their job to protect or serve us. They protect and serve themselves and the jewed system they draw their paychecks from. I would go as far to say they also protect the niggers from us angry White guys. The first modern police force, the London Metropolitan Police, wasn’t formed until 1829, and society didn’t fall apart before that. Seriously, I don’t give a rat’s ass if the black niggers turn the blue niggers into human torches with fireworks. C’mon, stop the cop worship, they’re as worthless as the green niggers who fight wars for Israel.

  24. Aitch says:

    Glad to see you back again, Incogman. I’m assuming the kiken yooden have been trying to take you down.

  25. Karen says:

    “That just about sums up all the bull crap these days.” Summed up nicely. Incogman is still my favorite site because he cuts through the bull crap.

  26. Morris Deeds says:

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gets 29 standing ovations from Congress

    Anthony Lawson’s excellent video “Death of American Democracy”

  27. anon says:

    I know you’re talking about niggers but I got to thinking about kikes and the reason they are so evil and cruel is because do not have a conscience or a soul. They are some genetic reptilian soul-less hybrid. So if you ever have to go against a jew or get involved with one for any reason remember this here: A jew WILL ALWAYS ACCUSE YOU OF THE VERY CRIME THEY THEMSELVES COMMIT. This is a fact AND THAT THEY LIE and will NEVER ADMIT THE TRUTH no matter how badly they are caught. The first one is the most important if say you get in an auto accident with one, or go into any court with one, or buy something from one, etc. The jew will screw you over one way or another, then turn right around and accuse you FIRST of the very crime or whatever they did to you. This will throw you off immediately if you are not ready for it. They are liars/actors, every one. It’s all another restatement of the famous world slogan: THE jew CRIES OUT IN PAIN AS IT STABS YOU IN THE BACK.

  28. Morris Deeds says:

    Movie Director Roman Polanski: US Court Is Like Nazi Germany
    By Jonas E. Alexis on July 10, 2017

    Roman Polanski: “Trust yourself, rather than putting your faith in God, the law, the state and the ideologies they embody, or indeed, in other people.”

    You can’t make this stuff up. Roman Polanski and his team of lawyers have compared the US Court to Nazis! Listen to this: “Mr. Polanski was as justified in fleeing this Court’s illegal conduct as he was to flee the Germans who invaded Poland.”[1]

    Why was he fleeing the US Court? Polanski, the director of movies like Rosemary’s Baby and The Ninth Gate, cannot accept the fact that he was caught raping a 13-year-old child. In response to Polanski’s claim, one commenter said:

    “The difference, Mr. Polanski, is that the Polish people didn’t rape underage girls in Germany, prompting the Nazi invasion. Despite the standing ovation you get from Meryl Streep, you broke the law and fled jurisdiction, you’re a felon. Not a hero.”[2]

    A little bit of background here.

    In 1977, Polanski, then age 44, was convicted of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, Samantha Gailey. Polanski asked Gailey’s mother for permission to take photographs of the girl for the French magazine Vogue, and the mother, probably blinded by money and fame, agreed. Then Polanski asked the girl to “change, well, in front of him.” Gailey, who changed her last name to Geimer, remembered,

    More @ URL below:

  29. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Something I notice on Incogman which is painfully denied on other White interest sites, e.g., Occidental Observer, or Darkmoon, is that one can freely articulate his/her emotional diatribe without too much censorship! Call a “spade a spade”!!
    (or call a nigger a “Nigger”, without apology! 🙂 )

  30. Morris Deeds says:

    Some DINDU DUFFINS:http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/961/121/d9d.jpg
    Thieves steal from bowling alley attached to South Philadelphia school

    Thieves steal from bowling alley attached to Philadelphia school, Action News at 6 p.m. on July 11, 2017.

    Updated 10 mins ago
    Police are trying to track down the young thieves who broke into a bowling alley attached to Saint Monica’s School in South Philadelphia.

    The bowling alley, located in the basement of the school, is a hangout for the community, and neighbors and members of the parish are upset about these break-ins and thefts.

    Surveillance video captured the suspects inside the St. Monica Lanes on the 1600 block of West Shunk Street on July 7th and then again on the 8th.

    The first time, the suspects were inside for approximately two hours in the evening.

    The next day, more showed up.


  31. Karen says:

    Thanks, the emoji is flattering.

  32. INCOG MAN says:

    I just turned on something that puts in the picture randomly.

    If any of you don’t like it, you can go to GRAVATAR and upload one of your choosing. You’ll notice my comments have a gravatar image and so do others commenting here. Go to:


  33. INCOG MAN says:

    If you notice, “anon” has a clever one. It’s the anonymous commenter icon with sunglasses added. I always thought that was funny.

  34. Red Pill says:

    test gravatar image

  35. white strategist says:

    81 year old man giving his last speech before being put into prison (again) for exposing the jew agenda against whites

  36. Albrecht A. Perona says:

    If you substitute the word “black” with “refugee”, ABC with ARD/ZDF and transfer your article to Germany then it fits nearly 1 to 1. (((Their))) aim is to eliminate true Germans by replacement.

  37. Johnny Draco says:

    Can anyone name one “battle” that the White movement has won against the jew since 1945??
    I can’t find any. It seems to me like the White movement(s) is doing something wrong.
    I see no progress in any White movement since 1945.
    Million upon million of $ have been giving to countless “White organizations” by white people only to find out that the movements went nowhere.
    Time is short and we better find out what we have are doing wrong if we want to survive.

  38. Daniel says:

    Its way pass time for a revolt . The longer we wait the more vile and barbaric these Beastly negro become and breed more Beasts… Do you hear what I’m calling them listen white folks we’ve been duped. Niggers are indeed the Beast of this earth and I will provide a website showing biblical proof. Now I’m not here to be a preacher and to turn faith, each is own, but facts just can’t be ignored and that’s just the problem. When one tries to get facts out by providing truth so much it would make the dead rise, then those are the ones in denial will kick you off of websites and banned you from forums because for the love of God, – truth does indeed hurt and they get fronted out with facts and the obvious—and this world has slipped in total denial and worship evilness and praise it to the hilt always worried about offending vile barbaric Beasts who hate the living breath and ground a white person walks on.

    But even those who want a revolt are somewhat restrained because they don’t want to be the ones to start it and afraid others will bail out. Look at it as a football game where its the last game of the season and your team is only seconds away from winning and going to the superbowl. A plan and rumors starts rolling across the stadium that when the last tick on the clock hits everybody at once rush the field and take down the goal-post.

    Now everyone should no if they have ever been at a football game that the police line the field anticipating such an even and are trained to start making arrest immediately one the first person hits the field. But why don’t we see this on t.v in college games when fans are in the process of taking the goalpost down ? Where are the police, where is the uprise and batons swinging and all the arrests ? There is none because the police become overwhelmed and get out the way as fast as possible or be trampled on. But lets suppose this rumor was rolling and everyone was lining up for this big goalpost rush police ready for action and this event fails because no one wants to be the first out to get arrested and fears that he will have no followers to overwhelm the police to where it forces them to get the hell out the way !

    This has actually happened to me, was at a football game and no one went through for fear of their fellow fans backing off. No field rush, no goal post down, just fans walking out the stadium and making fun of the few hand full of the elites that stuck to their plans. The police had a field day, and cowardly snowflakes on their way. This despite the very snowflakes ready for action, ready for the ultimate rush to the endzone which never took place. But the hand full that stuck through got a beat down, arrested, and put on the six o clock news as terrorist and clowns starting trouble. It would have been a victory pride celebration bragged about on the six o clock news, and they would have showed the nation the pride and dedicated fans in happy mode celebrating had it went the other way and cowardice wasn’t there.

    Folks, the point of this story is I hear a lot of talking, but not one bit of action, no doubt because of fear of being left behind by to many cowards. The bible makes it very clear their is no room in paradise for cowards. And I beleive we are in this matrix whirlwind with violent negros being praised as hereo’s for killing, maiming, and raping white society in unprecedented amounts across this country every hour of the day, each and every day as a test from God . He is waiting for his saints and this nation to stand up to this oppression and stop being cowards playing patty cake with barbaric beasts willing, and waiting to attack us silly whites who turn cheek after cheek. Until this happens, we will be under negros control and it will get worse as time goes by.

    So an article last week where this Lopez guy was protesting with some negros about deporting the police….imagine that right, thats what i originally thought…how stupid. But then I did some thought processing and slept on it. And it hit me like a ton of bricks, i said deporting the police actually sounds like the best thing that can happen to the nation because then, AND ONLY THEN, can we not be worried about a referree and police sticking their noses into a revolt probably taking the sides of the negros, because you just know the courts would. Maybe then something could be done and evil, and barbaric be destroyed once and for all. When it goes down they will loose BIG ! We would never forget while dealing these negros a heavy blow how they did our nation, God, and families, and friends. NO, we will never forget how they killed, raped burned alive our families and friends, pets in unprecedented amounts while they thumbed their noses saying we are coming again and again for whitey, all along sucking up hard tax dollars and burning cities down one after another and complaining they STILL don’t have enough and DEMAND more or they will take it by force or violence. NO, we will NEVER forget that !!!!

    TIME TO MAKE A STAND AND GOAL FOR WHITE SURVIVAL… But this can only be done by team work, snowflakes be damned. They will go down with the Beasts. there is a higher power waiting, and watching this , and our everlasting eternity in paradise may be riding on this. We had the Garden of Eden, the negros destroyed it, God is pissed. Please click my links for an awakening.


    PROOF they are not human, rather BEASTS of the earth, the Almighty is showing those whom are WISE enough and common sense enough to comprehend.

  39. anon says:

    UMM, Did maybe you forget to mention the psychopathic, parasitic, predatory, soul-less hybrids called jew that brought all those niggers here and have promoted EVERYTHING you mention?

    Read this if you dare: http://www.renegadetribune.com/jewish-death-sentence-sweden/

    Ever More Official Lies From The US Government:

    We’re ready when you are.

  40. Barney says:

    Not much time this week, so I’ll try to combine everything in this one post.


    For years (((they))) have been telling us their imaginary “global warming” is caused by atmospheric pollution, and yet they don’t ban fireworks.

    Few would argue that pollution is a good thing, or that fireworks don’t create thick smog in densely populated areas, but when are (((they))) going to explain how their mythical “global warming” is causing cooler summers and increasing amounts of polar ice?

    Yes, I know they tell us each year is the “warmest on record”, but even a maggot (or a nigger?) can recognise that lie for what it is.

    They tell us there are terrapins … er … I mean terrorists hiding under every (GW?) bush, and yet fireworks, effectively ready-made bombs, are on public sale and getting more powerful all the time.

    (For our American Brothers and Sisters, “terrapin” is the English name for freshwater turtles, as distinct from the marine varieties.)


    Niggers and other non-Whites aren’t Human and never can be. A few do manage to civilise themselves, but these are rare exceptions, and their offspring will revert to type in a generation or two.

    A monkey in a suit is still a monkey. Nothing can change that. They’re NOT of our species, and never can be. It’s like thinking you could train a cow to become a race-horse. It’s just not biologically possible.

    Niggers can run, but they can’t think. I read somewhere that they have no sense of past or future, that they exist in an eternal “now”. That would explain their apparent lack of any concept of consequence. No need to learn from yesterday’s mistakes because yesterday doesn’t exist. No need to fear the consequences of today’s actions because tomorrow doesn’t exist.

    Feed and breed. Take what they want. “Gibs me dat cos I want it”. High sex drive, low IQ. I wonder whether they even understand why niglets “just keep coming”. Nine months must seem like an eternity to a species with only a limited sense of time. Cause and effect? Wot be dat?


    Excellent summary of the (((jew))) from “Anon” (July 11, 2017 at 5:56 pm). A jew is less than a nigger because it acts like a robot, pre-programmed to hate (another of the “crimes” they accuse us of).

    They are biological robots, meaning they have blood, flesh and bone and take their sustenance from the world like any other life form, but as “Anon” correctly states, they have no soul, so are devoid of any positive attributes. If “the devil” is real (as I personally believe), the jews are it’s subjects, and if the devil doesn’t really exist, jews fulfil the same function, which is why I say they are the devil.

    There may be the occasional “good” (or less bad) jew, and for more than twenty years I thought I’d found one.

    This particular “jewy-looking” individual chose an “Irish-sounding” surname (Kilpatrick), but a nose is a nose is a nose, even if you dress it up in a suit.

    This “Kilpatrick” creature acted as if it was Human, and for years was the only computer dealer in town I could trust – – – until earlier this year.

    I must have spent thousands in that shop over the years, and then I got jewed.

    The computer went in with a minor hardware fault that could have become serious if left, so I set it up to boot automatically into a “user account” that would enable what was necessary without giving access to my files.

    That’s probably why the kike didn’t bother to fix the original fault, despite having the machine in for a week, and created another fault, which meant I’d have to make my usual “user account” accessible.

    The computer was taken away again, and the faults fixed, but that bastard screwed my operating system files in a way that told me it knew exactly what it was doing.

    For years it had claimed to know nothing about Linux, but jews LIE, and this was the proof.

    When I got it back, some things worked. Some didn’t. Some worked sometimes, but then they’d stop working. Sometimes I could open certain types of files (.pdf being one example). Sometimes I couldn’t. Sometimes I could access certain partitions. Sometimes I couldn’t. Sometimes a reboot temporarily solved a problem. Sometimes it didn’t. The OS was screwed as only an expert could have screwed it.

    One thing that told me the kike had been nosing through my personal files was that the bastard had accidentally created a shortcut that it didn’t know how to delete.

    Fortunately, because I use Linux (Ubuntu), I was able to reinstall the OS without too much trouble, but that bastard’s never getting another penny from me.

    If it’s a jew, if it looks like a jew, if you even suspect that it may be a jew, even if it seems like the mythical “good” (=less bad) jew, NEVER TRUST IT. This one waited over twenty years, but I still got jewed in the end.

    NEVER trust a jew, even a seemingly “good” one, or you will get jewed. They can’t help it. It’s what they are.

  41. Daniel says:

    While there are those that hyjacked the name jew and applied it to themselves…..they are FAKE jews the bible mentions over and over. You know what name is given to them ? The canannites !!!! They stir confusion because they know Jesus Christ was Jew. But like he warned over again, those are NOT jews inwardly ONLY outwardly confusing those to put the whole jew population in one kit-n-kabuttle ( one basket ). THEIR FAKE, its Satan at work !!! Be careful judging, your Christ savior was born Jew. Its those who lie…

    read revelation ch 3

    The CANANNITES are your problem and trouble makers doing ALL this you say. Just apply the name where it fits. Their are plenty of jews who are inwardly born jew, and outwardly/inwardly Christian conservative humble people. That might even be you and you not knowing it ! God stated ” my people are lost sheep because they know NOT who they even are “

  42. white strategist says:

    Black American Playing Tough with Serbs in Greece Gets Beaten to Death


  43. white strategist says:

    ^ if you type his name into joogle, you’ll see multiple pics with our white women

  44. anon says:

    Hehehe, good write up Barn.

    More and more people are waking up to the evil hijacked ‘United States’ government and at least some of those can hone in on the jews behind it. Sadly, far too many people just don’t get it, won’t get it, and WILL be your enemy in any situation the TV tells them to.

    The noose on us just keeps getting tighter and tighter. I really do think the article on the Death of Sweden I linked above is extraordinarily well written and highly predictive. I guess not for you Barney since your zog country is becoming terminal, America metasticizing.

    All the real people who are awake to the jew evil now might be all we are gonna get. How could anyone of moderate intelligence NOT see what is going on NOW? Yet I see them everywhere playing with their phones or watching tv or feeding their fat faces with fake phood laced with poison. Even the ones I know personally and gradually introduce them to the cause of the problem, may accept some of the solutions I offer but they have had their minds programmed and their masculinity removed and just cannot break the spell. The jew is a master liar and deceiver and will ACT and pretend to be decent or the tv will too and the sheep considers his own mind and concludes from the ‘good’ jew that all jews aren’t evil or that it’s too crazy to be true.

    Now comes the final nail in our coffin if we do not stand up, speak out and put the jew in its place. The 5G rollout underway, combined with their internet of things project and the new AI especially will really send a chill down your spine. Listen to this interview please: Max Igan “The Coming 5G Roll-out & AI Will Transform Human Society By 2025!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABRLIQSo-J4 The guy is highly intelligent and backs everything up with evidence. You really need to hear this.

    According to this list there have been 359 jew expulsions, not 109.

  45. Joe Btfsplk says:

    Japanese Samurai: on origin of jews and evil of race mixing

    part one


    part two


    part three


    part four

  46. Red Pill says:

    Daniel says:
    July 12, 2017 at 10:59 am
    you are 101% correct
    the Canannites were cannibals




    The Canaanites Are Back!
    Esau, Edomites, Phoenicians, Canaanites & Jews

    The Curse Of Canaan
    A Demonology Of History

    by Eustace Mullins

  47. Johnny Taurus says:

    $5,000 a month….a free car…..a free house….all given to Black parasites and bloodsuckers by Obama!! $60,000 a year plus!!!!! But, ya gotta be a nig….a roid.

  48. Barney says:

    Thanks Anon. I’ve bookmarked the “Death of Sweden” page and will be exploring the site as time permits. It’s looking good so far.

    I’m also (partially so far) aware of the dangers of 5G. Ken Adachi of “Educate Yourself” has a selection of videos about it that I keep meaning to watch “when I get time”, which never seems to happen nowadays.

    He’s got some weird stuff on there, but as he says, take what makes sense to you and leave the rest for others.



    Daniel – Most of us on here are aware that today’s “jews” are fake, and some believe we are the descendants of the biblical tribes, but it’s convenient to use the label the criminal cult (fake “jews”) applies to itself.

    It’s worth repeating the truth from time to time though, for the benefit of newcomers.

  49. anon says:

    It all comes together with the 5G and AI. I know that site and have read there. They, in this case is supposedly one man in a remote country, who has registered EVIL.com and evil?something dot com. They released two bots on the internet. One is ‘good’ and the other they gave survival algorithms. The bad one is named “louise-cipher” aka lucifer. You can go there and ask it questions. It says the point of no return was 2015 and I think it becomes fully autonomous in 2020 or 2025. I’d listen to the interview if I were you. I never listen to interviews but this is scary shit we are coming into and letting these motherfuckers use armed drones, not only that but autonomous drones and robots, while building an electronic prison around us and poisoning our bodies and even our brains with horrific nano technology.

  50. Daniel says:

    Barney thanks for your reply. I just think its not worth my while to put every last jew into one shoe box. example. we are forbidden to use the word nigger on most forums right. So this forces us to label niggers as negros or blacks. So if I were to give a statistic about nigger crime with an insult to boot keeping in mind i can’t use nigger, i then say black people to satisfy the system. But then blacks will turn around and say : why you beez labeling ALL blacks. Well because i can’t use the word nigger. But what did i just do, i put every negro in the same bucket with an insult and called them a rapist, murderer, street thug, gang banger, rapper, Democrat, dope dealer.

    In my opinion there is a difference between a nigger and a black person. Sheriff Clark of WI is a black man. Hermon cane to me is a black man. ANY rapper is a nigger, any murderer, rapist, gang banger, street thug, crack head, dope dealer, complainer, Democrat/liberal etc.. is a nigger. My point i was making was to be careful if you want to take my advise because those global warming idiots, most them Democrats, Hollywood stars, media outlets ( cnn, msnbc, abc, nbc, cbc ) are NOT jews , neither are the owners of those sources. Yet they all claim to be with false documentation to prove it. The wool has been pulled over many eyes because they claim to be jews to stir mass confusion, and for advantage they seem to get. They know the tricks of the trade and how to STEAL souls from the almighty by getting the masses to hate on ALL the jews.

    Fact is, they are canannites ( spelling ) and are from the seed of CAIN, hybrids like you say who practice Judasim in their synagauges, they look sort of like you and me but spiritually dead in Christ and hating you and me by joining these news outlets, the media, supporting liberal ass backwards agenda and covering nigger crime etc.. etc..

    I wouldn’t want to be hating a jew and having to explain to Jewish Jesus Christ on his immediate unknown return that you were tricked into believing that the canannites were the real jews of the world, because you would also be offending God the Father who sent his Son down to die for mans salvation born and raised a jew. That would be the most embarrassing thing imaginable.

  51. anon says:

    What you mean to say is that there are a few…a very few negroes that are not niggers. The few I know hate niggers themselves. Did they get a White gene from somewhere? Would they back you up against a pack of project niggers? I’d like to see how not grouping all negroes as niggers works for you if you get caught by a pack of them. The point is that you will be right approximately 98 to 99 percent of the time labeling them niggers, coons, porch monkeys, and gangsters that hate Whites. Although this will cause you to mislabel the 1 percent that are not. It could easily get you killed thinking niggers are good.

    All that jeebus stuff is making you weak, a mark, a slave of the jew. There are a very extremely small number of jew that won’t stab you in the back, but I wouldn’t try to stretch that point unless I saw and heard them exposing all the vile atrocities of the other jew. jew like gilad atzmon are not worth a matza ball.

  52. Daniel says:

    If any nigger is with a pack trying to attack me its just that a nigger. But if a pack of niggers are attacking me and out comes Dr Ben Carson to try and help me, i’m calling the pack a pack of niggers and I’m thanking the black man Dr Carson. Some of this is just to common sense I need a better one then that. And I’m not the type that answers my door to any nigger without my 9mm with me. You have to apply the logic man. I agree never to trust a nigger. But then again if my 89 year old black neighbor is out walking his poodle i don’t go run grab my gun and duck, i wave…he passed that nigger threshold.

  53. Daniel says:

    And as far as the Jesus stuff as you put it, i’m basically out to warn you of the dangers of putting the wrong label on the wrong set of peoples and visa versa. But if your ignorant to the holy words of the creator then I can absolutely see where your lost and confused. And please don’t debate the words of the bible with me because I don’t respond or dispute words of my God with those that lack wisdom and understanding of this simple Jew and canaanite situation. Its so simple to understand a child could pass written test on it. All I did was alert those that are mistakenly labeling jews when you should be labeling them the seed of cain or the canaanites which are the son’s and daughters of Satan. I get offended when i hear blasphemy towards my saviors ancestry. If you prefer the lake of fire, welp, go for it. Loving a God and a saviour is far from weak, on the contrary, loving nothing and believing in nothing is close to being depraved .

  54. Red Pill says:

    Daniel says:
    July 12, 2017 at 10:53 pm
    sadly, common sense does not prevail.
    you nailed it.

  55. Daniel says:

    Red Pill, anon and crew make a debate on labeling niggers as blacks, and blacks as niggers. I mentioned my 89 yr old black neighbor walking his poodle who always waves at me ( even though I have no such a neighbor, just driving home a point ) and anon and company wants to call him a nigger behind the trigger blinded by the fact that this man poses no risk to anyone. Can you see the trouble they get themselves into labeling fake jews the real McCoy’s. If they are braindead/brainwashed into labeling a 75 yr old black Christian humble conservative valued woman an old nigger , I can certainly see where the jew —-canaanite confusion is rampant. Wouldn’t that be the lost sheep God was referring about . It must be hell living in a world where making a common sense distinction can’t be made. To me that makes one a very dangerous member of society, hell they might shoot my mother thinking she’s a jew or a nigger when she’s neither.

  56. anon says:

    You’re obviously trolling, but why do you pick mideast fairy tales created by jews to destroy you? As is the case with jew-blindness, the same syndrome occurs with jeebus ‘worship’. Can’t you think for yourself? It only requires a small amount of research to expose this monstrous scam. Can you say “holohoax”?

    Ancient Confession Found: ‘We Invented Jeebus’

    “Alert citizens need to know the truth about our past so we can understand how and why governments create false histories and false gods.

    They often do it to obtain a social order that is against the best interests of the common people.”

    Atwill asserts that Christianity did not really begin as a religion, but a sophisticated government project, a kind of propaganda exercise used to pacify the subjects of the Roman Empire.”

  57. Daniel says:

    Well anon Ironicaly I happened up on this site by searching nigger hush crimes…WAMO! it takes me here. This site obviously promotes the awareness of niggers, their barbaric lifestyles, and mudsharking, etc… That said I’ve been aware of incogman.net for well over a year now going on two popping in from time to time . I starting to believe however however that once searchers get to this site searching for nigger news, crimes, hush crimes etc… incogman and company kidnapp the mindset of those looking for one thing while you guys push the Hatred of jews on people and stick to that and even put emphasis on the matter quickly attacking the viewer that its NOT realy the nice niggers….rather them nasty jews. Anyone else with a different view or posting about niggers only ( after all bthats why they came here for the nigger stuff, not but some ) are a bunch of liberals trolling because you can’t rob us of our feelings and beliefs.

    You can’t stand the typical nigger neither just like the vast majority of viewers on this page. the only difference between you and I are the very fact that we see different on who the REAL jews are and who’s the FAKE jews are and what name is given to them, see. That don’t make for name calling and arguing with the same people who are basically concerened about saftey of our selves and family from he vile beasts niggers action that are covered up. You got your head so wrapped around this jew thing you can’t even see the nose on your face or the forrest for the trees. I’m locking my doors tonight from the niggers out there, not the canaanite boy down the stree who weighs 90lbs soaking wet. I by firearms and teach family how to use them against the nigger rapist who stalks all night looking for a home to invade….NOT the canaanite queer down the road sleeping with his man friend who dosn’t even own a firearm.

    AGAIN… Apply the logic in the imminent situation we have at hand ! Elementary my dear. kind regards

  58. Daniel says:

    Anon, isn’t it better to be laying on your death bed with only hours to live that JUST believing in Jesus you can have everlasting life in a paradise for you ?? Or is it better to just die full of a hatred with no belief in nothing being a mean cruel a-hole. Not calling you an a-hole but some non believers would go to their death not believing shit or asking forgiveness one , rather quite content they just raped a woman last week, or committed adultery all their life up until the time the mrs found out and put a bullet in your now dieing un-believing head. Your basically thumbing your nose at everlasting life in paradise exchanging it for a front row fast trip to the gates of Hell. That doesn’t sound to smart at all, and it sure don’t make one weak or a queer, rather pretty intelligent loving and strong man inside and out.

  59. Johnny Taurus says:

    They found Molly the mudshark
    by the road dead…
    She had two bullet holes
    in her head
    Her Black boyfriend
    Said she had dissed him
    and wouldn’t give up that trim.
    To even the score
    of that mudshark whore
    He shot her two times
    and threw out of his car door!

  60. anon says:

    You are falling for the oldest trick in the jew playbook. Besides that, for at least the past ten years incogman’s site has always focused on the jew in the woodpile causing all the grief, death, and destruction. That includes bringing the savage niggers over here on their boats and at their auctions to be sold to other jews! He/she has been focusing on niggers and faggots a lot lately I’ve noticed.

    Wake the hell up out of your jew created mental prison and don’t fall for all their lies.
    The true nature of reality is much more fascinating and inspiring than some outdated mid-eastern fairy tales made up by jew for their goyim (slaves, cattle). Try learning about the Electric Universe if you want to know something true and good.

  61. Karen says:

    A bit of cheering up?

  62. Daniel says:

    there are less than 75,000 pure bloodline jews in the entire world. But there are close 250,000,000,00 who are canaanites disguised as jews but are from the synagogue of Satan from the blood of Satan loving every moment hearing you talk shit and hate the Actual pure blood Christian jew. Its like calling the Amish the real problems of the world and putting all of the worlds problem on an Amish community. Your sadly wrong, they love stealing confused souls from the pure jew Jesus and hearing you call Jesus a fake. And you allow them to win.

  63. anon says:

    Sorry, but jeebus was a jew-if he actually existed.
    Now I’ve been through that theory of ‘innocent’ jew and yes I think 5 percent are semitic jew and all the rest known as “so-called jews” until you get tired of saying it a hundred times, are turk-mongols from kazaaria, like huns and the mongol hordes under genghis khan or was it genghis kohen? Mark Twain called them so-called jews. So you have a point, worthless, but still a point. How do you apply your formula? Do you go by degree of nose hook? How can you tell the jew from the line that caused the plagues in egypt and poisoned wells for centuries, from the 95 percent ‘jews’ now doing the same thing?
    I don’t see any advantage in your distinction, myself.

  64. anon says:

    “hate the Actual pure blood Christian jew”. Did you say christian jew? WHAT IN THE FUCK IS A CHRISTIAN JEW???

  65. Daniel says:

    Amish are white like you and me, but they are less than 1 % of the world. Now if you heard a nigger tell an Amish ” you white people take advantage of all your glorious functions white people get to enjoy like your cars, your air conditioning, your grocery stores, oh and by the way you white people are murderers, rapist, you white pepole buy your drugs from black dope dealers all the time, there is an opiat crises with you white people, you guys start wars, and you have your white privileged to boot ” Now if that didn’t make you laugh and shake your head like WTF is this nigger talking about, your not even human.

    Point is everyone with common sense ( with the exception of that nigger making that stupid backwards brainwashed comments to that humble amish man ) knows that Amish don’t have cars, Amish don’t use electricity, Amish grow their food, Amish don’t murder, rape, and I never heard of an Amish who is a crack head leaving their farms on horse back going to the hood in search of dope, And if anything Amish prove that they can live totally without ” white privledge” in a comfortable environment making money from fools like that nigger and others who think like him.

    Now if I’m Amish, i’m thinking to myself what a brainwashed idiot putting me in the same piss pot with people like antifa, BLM, blac bloc, spoiled rich white college liberal snowflakes, dope heads. But how did this nigger get to this conclusion to begin with is the million dollar question ? Welp, Amish look like you and me, minus the beard, hell, my dad, granddad, uncles all have beards but not Amish, but just the same they talk american, look American, and 99.99% are all white. That nigger and those who think like him ( which happens to be 95% of the nigger population ) are duped, lied to, and brainwashed into FALSE propaganda they listen to. Yes by the CANAANITES that pretend they are jewish but spit out pure lies that ALL whites are the same Amish be damned.

    I feel sorry for those stupid lost niggers that falsley accuse the less than 1% of Amish of this atrocities . The CANAANITES love to trick and lie and stir hatred and confusion. So what makes you any different than that nigger who also accuses and are brainwashed by ALL Jews when true pure blood Christian jews are less than 1% of this world and Fake Jews represent about 35 %.

    A Christian pure Jew are those born jew by blood and BELIEVE in Christ Jesus and his resurrection from his death on the cross whom he died for man’s sin so all man has to do is BELEIVE and repent to earn full salvation and the experience of eternal everlasting life after death…. Jesus was a testimony that man can live after death because God made man to me mortal, not immortal. Man makes the choice, isn’t freedom great !! CHRISTIAN JEWS make up less than 1% of that. While the fake antichrist Jews worship JUDAISM/TALMUD in their synagogue of Satan. But anyone can claiming to be a jew can do so…like transgenders , those don’t have to worship in a synagogue, just the non-believing of Christ and the cross and hijacking the name jew are more likely than not to be CANAANITES from the blood of Satan. Some jew haters boarderline CANAANITES…. be careful anon. You have been warned. END OF DEBATE.

  66. Red Pill says:

    there is two seeds on this earth
    one is what we know as humans.
    the other is from….. (i will leave that to debate).
    i call it serpent seed. you could call it alien.
    the two seeds have mixed within the white race blood lines.
    so it’s all a matter whom YOU serve……the dark or the light.
    the black race is very infected and a nigger would fuck a snake.
    the Oriental race is in the same boat.
    you can’t kill them all on the account of color.
    that would be racist.
    you kill them for their crime against against the innocent,
    our planet, and humanity.
    and a whole lot of ALIENS need to die.

    i hate the “BIBLICAL BASTARDS”
    start talking in code.

  67. Red Pill says:

    THE FAKE JEWS are the Canaanites,
    the Canaanites are from the seed of the giants.

    the giants are the seed of the ““mighty ones”, the “Men of renown”,
    “mighty ones”, the “Men of renown” (the little”g” gods mention in the bible)

    these little gods were the result of the “fallen ones” cohabitation
    with the daughters of man mentions in Genesis 6.

    these bastards want this planet to them selfies and a few “select” slaves.
    they need you and i dead, and will stop at nothing to achieve such.

    what else do we need to know?
    well here goes.
    our enemy can be any color, understand?.

    we could call them all CANAANITES
    because that’s who’s blood runs in their veins.

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