Charlottesville: Us Whites are Totally Getting Screwed

Pro-White speaker (I believe his name is Richard Spencer) being forced away from the lawful public gathering (as a judge ruled earlier) by Virginia State Police in full-on black riot gear. He never had a chance to address us openly. I couldn’t have been more than fifty feet away from this scene and saw him arriving with his bros a little earlier.

By Phillip Marlowe

First off: I wasn’t at the location when the car crashed into those people. Didn’t see it. I believe I passed the place only minutes before and was probably on the road at the time. The last thing I saw as I was leaving, were the police lined up off in the distance marching down the street in my direction. I think they forced the leftys into a crowd that spilled up into a side street where they were hit. I heard them repeatedly chanting “F*CK the police, blah blah something, F*CK the police!”

Sadly ironic for the cops to run out us “evil White supremacists” and “Nazis” who have always been law and order kind of people; then have dirty lefty punks and militant blacks give them hell. I know the lefty media would act all sarcastic about me saying “law and order people” but it’s absolutely true. I witnessed the pro-White demonstrators there doing everything they could to make it a peaceful event. But if someone physically attacks you, what are YOU going to do? Just take it up the keister and smile?

I think the poor guy (he was only 20) who crashed his car into those people was scared completely out of his wits.* The leftys were totally insane — a malevolent, thuggish mob — contrary to how the lefty media wants you to think. It was a truly frightening scene to behold, whomever you are. I was there.

I saw all kinds of violent leftys and blacks (who you could see were loving every minute of it) attacking us pro-Whites, or even merely history buffs, with pepper spray, mace, smoke bombs, flares, throwing sticks and things of which I have no idea. I had them wildly screaming in my face as I walked down the middle of the main street all alone (Market street), with my head held high and my half Confederate/half Virginia State flag partially unfurled at march angle before me. But none of the little bastards had any real guts.

One squat little lezbo did spit in my face when she had a bunch of fellow ANTIFA psychos around to protect her. She fully deserved a swift punch to the kisser but I calmly and proudly kept walking on. One day the ugly bitch will remember my face and what she did to a fellow White.

This other short little punk with a “Black Lives Matter” shirt and a scraggly dirty beard said something to me as I walked by. Turning to face him, I asked “what do you want to do about it?” He nervously blurted out something like “want to fight?” while jerking his scrawny arms around like he was such a tough guy. I stood there for a moment waiting to see if he would make his move. He motioned to me to follow him off to the side, to an alleyway where I could see numerous of his bros congregated. I just walked off, while checking my six. I didn’t want to get jumped by overwhelming numbers with no help from cops (they were too busy running us pro-Whites off) or anyone else.

If the little coward wasn’t going to do something right then and there in the middle of the street in front of the cameras by his little a-hole self, then forget it. I knew I could have easily cleaned the punk’s clock.

Let’s get this straight: The lefty ANTIFAS were the ones who totally instigated the violence. No doubt about it. I was right there in front of the statue of the great Robert E. Lee from 9 in the morning on. I saw the leftys attacking us in large groups from the street (where they roamed at will), throwing all kinds of crap — sometimes real crap from what I’ve been told. I got hit square by a pepsi or coke bottle that exploded in my face and drained down all over my shirt and sunglasses hanging around my neck.

The pro-Whites were indeed peaceful and controlled — at least until the lefty’s assaulted our police fenced-off area. The media narrative is totally a big fat lie.

The State police did absolutely NOTHING to stop the leftys.† They retreated to the rear and just stood there twiddling their thumbs. Then they ran US out. And forcing us in the direction of the violent leftys no less. I couldn’t believe this. I screamed “TRAITORS!” to their faces while they marched towards us in lockstep, pepper spraying at us as they went along. And we did nothing to them at all! I never meant the word “TRAITORS” more in my entire life. The word angrily welled up inside me like a sword from heaven.

They should be completely ashamed and from what I could see, almost all of them were fellow Whites.

I’m hugely proud of my White heritage. I had an ancestor who died in Robert E. Lee’s brave ragtag Army of Northern Virginia. None of my ancestors had any slaves (they were quakers and poor country people). No way was I going to sit idly by as they attacked this man. Lee was one of the finest men this country has ever produced. Without a doubt. A Virginian, too. For them to take down his statue is a slap to the face of ALL Whites.

Right now the traitorous lefty media is attacking us pro-Whites who demonstrated as the evil ones responsible. Barely a word on how the leftys and ANTIFA people (undoubtedly financed by George Soros front groups) acted. It’s hugely obvious what the real (((status quo))) wants this country to think.

Then they attacked Trump for trying to sound somewhat fair simply by saying there was violence among all parties. The hypocrite left-wing media can’t even accept that. What David Duke (who they always preface “former KKK grand wizard and holocaust denier”) said in his tweet about us White Americans putting him in office is absolutely true. The media even says that. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria just the other night pronounced Trump’s win over Hillary was due to UNEDUCATED Whites.

Us “ignorant” Whites are now the evil terrorists. That’s exactly what the lefty media wants you to think. They are clearly in a “PSYOPS” war against our race. I didn’t see any pro-White demonstrators torching any campus buildings, local businesses and cars like blacks and leftys do at the drop of a hat. Think about that city of Charlottesville and that fat-faced, PC lefty governor and Hillary supporter, Terry McAuliffe!

The media pounced on Trump’s statement and Duke’s tweet like it somehow proved evil collusion once again. They hate Trump. It’s long been extremely obvious.

On the long drive home, I ruminated on the matter. Sure, I was depressed at first. Us pro-Whites peacefully went out to demonstrate against the removal of the Lee statue numbered around a couple thousand or so, from what I could see. The leftys on the streets were maybe the same, spread out along a wider area (surrounding us in the streets). Does that mean it’s really equal? No, for every radical lefty like that, there’s 20 pro-White conservatives silently out there. At least. But because of “PC,” only much less than a single one are willing to make the effort to speak out and openly demonstrate in defense of our race.

At least for the time being.

*I think the cops created the situation where the young guy crashed his car into the crowd by forcing the leftys back down Market street, congregating them into a crowd that quickly spread down the side streets. The hilly area is very confusing with narrow streets branching off and you don’t really know the best way out (I managed, but literally had to walk the lefty gauntlet back to my car).

He probably turned down the side street trying to find some way back out to the interstate and panicked when he saw the crazed leftys. There may even have been a group of them approaching his car from another side street and he floored it without looking (it was downhill — easy to misjudge distances). He might also have been violently assaulted earlier before getting back to his car. They will hang this poor guy as evil incarnate, while any black victims will get a nice ghetto lottery payout from the state. You watch.

†While watching and cellphone videoing a couple of Whites writhing in pain (getting helped by friends) from pepper spray from the state police, I saw a platoon-sized contingent of militarized SWAT police dressed up in head-to-toe multicam camo, helmets, body armor and automatic weapons right off a side street on the north side of the monument. These were definitely cops or maybe even soldiers, but NOT any pro-White groups (state police were standing around among them). In fact, they were only a couple of pro-White demonstrators that I saw packing any heat. For the record: I didn’t have so much as a little pen knife on me.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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86 Responses to Charlottesville: Us Whites are Totally Getting Screwed

  1. Morris Deeds says:

    @ Louis, ICM

    Louis from Montreal says:
    August 14, 2017 at 9:44 am

    Hello INCOGMAN, from an old visitor to this site. I just have one thing to say regarding the demo and the media vilification afterward. If you show up in Klan gear and waving swastika flags, you are only giving the msm ammo to vilify you. The demo was about the preservation of southern heritage and history, and putting a stop to erasing the memory of your heroes.

    Yes, BINGO! exactly he’s playing right into their Jew Propaganda trap:yes that
    one paragraph says 1,000,000 words, you are there to protest the
    removal of Southern Pride relics such as the Confederate Flag, bring
    and original 1776 flag North had slavery then yet that’s NOT BANNED!

    Hand out out Robert E Lee biography, a cousin to the father of our country
    George Washington, Arlington Cemetery sits on his old Virginian property,
    he served valiantly in the Union Army in the Mexican American War, 1840s,
    where a young West Point grad first met him, named Ulysses S Grant.

    Lee, although a Southerner, was against slavery, and later against war itself.

    What happen to the Jew PC: where everyone has a right for forgiveness,
    what kind of a country will make Lee, a villain, and has martyrdom for
    a crazed Negro, Nat Turner, whom slaughtered innocent children and
    a Master, he himself called “generous and kind to him and the other slaves?”

    How does fighting for Southern heritage turn into a Klan rally, and why
    not tell these assholes: at least 4 Democrat Presidents were actually Klan
    members: Truman, Woodrow Wilson (northerner) I believe McKinley
    too, I forget the other one???????

    REMOVED if Lee’s statue goes!

    Use your fuckin head!

  2. Gene says:

    Domestic Terrorism in Charlottesville? I’d Say Blacks Murdering Whites is Domestic Terrorism…Government Does Nothing About It.

    They even arrested blacks for the killing of an entire white family in rural America. There was so much secrecy they put a gag order on it. You want to talk about DOMESTIC TERRORISM? THAT’S DOMESTIC TERRORISM WHEN THE GOVERNMENT IS SO AFRAID TO ADMIT THE TRUTH TO THE PUBLIC THEY HIDE IT!

    The pussified government rattles the sabers for war talk, but when it comes right down to it they are a bunch of whiners afraid to straighten things out domestically because it will be a big backlash they simply don’t want to deal with. It’s easier for them to sit back and call pro-whites terrorists and side with the line.


  3. Red Pill says:

    Americans won’t take it anymore

    The real goal of the intolerant Left is the outright extermination of conservative White culture (and elimination of the First Amendment)

    Riot police open up with flashbang grenades and pepper spray on antifascist protesters who hit them with SILLY STRING as thousands gather in cities across America in solidarity with victims of Charlottesville’s ‘Unite the Right’ rally

  4. Gene says:

    The Police Apparently Did Nothing To Stop The Leftists From Attacking People

    When they’re sworn to protect and serve they’re supposed to do just that. They apparently did little to nothing to protect people from being attacked by the real agitators, the leftists.

    Consequently, the out of control crowd, got on this guy and he plowed into them rather than getting dragged from his car and beaten to death.

    The government jurisdictions have billions of dollars hidden in CAFR funds. They could have turned loose with some of it to properly protect everyone and have a peaceful demonstration. Did they do that? No, they’re too busy keeping your change and providing marginal supervision. The police are to blame. They should have hired extra people for this event but are too tightwad to do so.


  5. Red Pill says:

    come on you liberal snowflake assholes, push it over the line.
    go right ahead and sign your death warrant
    and watch out for small towns that never ever bought in to the leftest ideology
    of community destroying jew and jewsish inspired satanic filth.
    God bless the God fearing people of faith in the quest against darkness (ignorance).

    Maxine Waters’ Tweet Storm on Trump and Charlottesville: ‘It’s Now the White Supremacists’ House’

    Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) blamed President Donald Trump for the deadly clash between white supremacist protesters and “anti-fascist” counter-protesters over the planned removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday.

  6. Gene says:

    Oh Brother, What Has Donald Trump Got To Do With It, Maxine?

    You can be sure that anything and everything will be blamed on Trump. What in the hell has Donald Trump got to do with this thing in Charlottesville, Maxine, you stupid bitch? You’re a dumb nigger like the rest of the dumb niggers! Leave it to a dumb, stupid, nigger to drag Trump into it.

    The demonstrations so quickly against Trump over this makes it look premiditated. They want to blame Trump for everything.

  7. Red Pill says:

    in real life (except in UK),
    left of center will result in a head on collision.
    look ahead to avoid the collision.
    stay on the RIGHT side of the highway of life.
    let the left have the “borrow ditch”.
    they are out of control.

  8. Gene says:

    The Big Cities Are Liable To Explode With Violence Now

    The aftermath of this event is the big cities are liable to explode with violence now. It remains to be seen if people will settle down or if the frustration of all these people who are denied their free speech will continue on.

    The media are to blame…in almost all of the MSM they are calling the right terrorists.

    Like I said, do you want to talk real terrorism? Let loose some of those articles about entire slain white families HERE IN AMERICA, NOT JUST IN S. AFRICA, slain by blacks. They are too chicken shit and afraid to do that.

  9. Gene says:

    The Cover These Murdering Apes Receive Is Reprehensible!

    That entire white family that was murdered….I’ll have to look it up and post it here. The MSM simple covered it up like they do a lot a black on white murder, for fear of the backlash. A poor white family murdered by a gang of blacks. If you don’t stop all this and put an end to the cover these maniacs receive for their murders, it will come around to you and your door!

    The MSM is simply a bunch of trash that I have to endure. They give these bastards cover for their many murders….murders of whites. It is reprehensible for them to do that. It should make front page news when this happens, but the jew press censors it.

  10. Morris Deeds says:

    Merck CEO resigns from Trump council after Charlottesville response

    Thomson Reuters
    Thomson Reuters
    Aug 14th 2017 9:51AM

    “Aug 14 (Reuters) – Merck & Co Inc Chief Executive Kenneth Frazier resigned from U.S. President Donald Trump’s American Manufacturing Council on Monday, saying he was taking a stand against intolerance and extremism.

    A gathering of hundreds of white nationalists in Virginia took a deadly turn on Saturday when a car plowed into a group of counter-protesters and killed at least one person.” Merck CEO

    Yet the Merck CEO and his fake ilk, doesn’t resign from dealing with Israel, whom
    practices segregated buses, housing, regions Palestinians are aloud to to travel
    to and from, marital segregation laws. Homosexual marriages are banned there
    also! Now once again, they’ve DISCOVERED tunnels to Egypt, where food
    and medicine has been smuggled in, they have shutdown them with bogus
    claims they are being armed through these tunnels? WE KNOW HOW JEWS
    LOVE TO STARVE OTHERS: Wrathcilds of England Irish Potato famine, I’m
    SURE they orchestrated it, along with the Red Communists staving Ukrainians
    in the Holodomor, other Arabs they starved while settling Palestine!

    These Demons incarnate will never change!

  11. Morris Deeds says:

    Hey David Duke, why don’t you tell us about this:
    “Trump wants to have no limit. Since he is an Israeli shill,”

    Donald Trump wants to invade the world, presumably for Israel and Saudi Arabia

    By Jonas E. Alexis on August 13, 2017

    “How can the United States, Britain, and France keep shipping Riyadh arms [to Saudi Arabia] when its pilots are dropping bombs on innocent civilians?”

    Which country has a history of invading other countries on false pretense?
    …by Jonas E. Alexis

    Trump wants to have no limit. Since he is an Israeli shill, he wants to destroy one country after another, and he thinks he has the nuclear and political power do whatever the Israelis tell him. The Israelis told him that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, and Trump had to say, “Yes, sir.”

    Trump bombed Syria for a few hours, but deep inside he knew that the Israelis were just using him because they never gave him a single evidence showing that Assad was really responsible for the chemical gas attack. Russia has always been on the right side of history by showing that Assad had nothing to do with the chemical attack


    Russia, as we have seen, has single-handedly thwarted the Syria invasion. The Israelis, warmongers and Neoconservatives in America were indeed really mad and sad because the world didn’t follow their wicked plan.

    Now the same warmongers and destroyers are moving Trump to North Korea and even Venezuela. Trump has recently said that he will bring “fire and fury” to North Korea. And now he is thinking about military actions against Venezuela. “The people are suffering and they are dying,” he said. “We have many options for Venezuela including a possible military option if necessary.”[1]

    More below:

  12. Red Pill says:


    REPORT: White Supremacist Leader in Charlottesville Jason Kessler Was Obama Supporter – Occupy Protester

    Joshua Caplan Aug 14th, 2017 10:19 am 274 Comments

    White supremacist and ‘Unite the Right’ leader, Jason Kessler, was once reportedly a supporter a former President Obama and the Occupy movement.

  13. Gene says:

    It Can Happen to You …Just in the Blink of an Eye! Violent Robbery and Thugs Everywhere

    Think it can’t happen to you? I thought so too when I visited San Francisco in 2005 and went to one of those sidewalk bistros, you know the kind with the outdoor tables. I thought …nawwwh can’t happen here, this place looks so friendly. As a matter of fact most all the people were indeed friendly, but it only takes one asshole to screw up a good scene.

    This guy was at a sidewalk cafe in Oakland and someone snatched his laptop and he gave chase, jumping onto the moving car which must have thrown him off and he was dragged. His injuries were so traumatic he later died.

    He is listed as a beautiful singer, Dave Deporis, who wrote and sang beautiful music. But, hey, the thugs out there don’t care a damn about that. They only want that free stuff…like hey, you don’t need that laptop with your music on it. They’ll hock it or put some child porn on it. Probably a black guy did this.

    Thugs are taking the beauty out of the world.

    Oakland Musician Killed After Getting Robbed, Dragged From Vehicle

  14. Holly says:

    Alex Jones is not to be believed.

  15. Gene says:

    And Here’s the YouTube On It

    Oakland Musician Killed After Getting Robbed, Dragged From Vehicle

  16. Gene says:

    Californicate Turned Into a Real P.O.S.

    I would not even go back to Californicate now. I wouldn’t even visit. It’s turned into such a real piece of shit that they apparently are more concerned over gang member’s rights than on the poor victims of crime. People getting murdered all over the state!

    Such a beautiful place dumped into a real P.O.S.! They let all the whole damned world in and look what happens. You can’t even walk the streets! Big bold sanctuary state and cities. Big deal the P.O.S.!

    I liked it so much and they let it go to shit!

  17. carnac123 says:

    I have said many times that white people have no rights in their own nation and Charlottesville shows that to be true. I am proud as hell of all of the white people that went to Charlottesville to stand for the constitution and white citizens. This was a crowd of people that have had enough of the left and the Federal government’s attack on whites. The ‘deep state’ (as they call the leftist shills in government) was ready for the march to defend Bobby lee. The newspapers and the television man-whores were lined up to slander the white reaction to government racism before the march began. Most of those people who marched on our side were neither Nazis nor KKK. Most were history buffs, Confederate sympathizer or their relatives fought for the Confederacy long ago when men had conviction,…and were members of all kinds of benign groups. When a person decided to fly the swastika flag the news trash zeroed their cameras on it over and over to fit their scenario that all of these people were racists and Hitlerites. Even today after the march is over all the news can talk about is these “racists groups” in Charlottesville. Of course they are going to say that. They want to quash any hint of a white rebellion immediately. The left and the government are really afraid that whites have finally arrived to the point where they will fight the communists and the blacks and the Jews and anyone who takes our rights away. ‘Black lives Matter can march and disrupt colleges and even restaurants; Anti-fa can fight in the streets constantly and negroes can block cities up for days and nothing happens to any of them. White nationalists protest in the street with permits and were attacked first and suddenly the world is ending. God bless those people who marched for white rights in Charlottesville. They are just the beginning. All of us (white people) will have our chance in the streets before this is over with and the next time(s) we will be more than ready to spread freedom and hurt. We must disregard anything the News agencies say about us. Think of what the British papers said about us at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. We need to make a long list of who and what to attack and stick with the plan. We must not telegraph our movements and just suddenly appear in great numbers. We must do what the commies do…..never let any leftist march go on without attacking in some form or fashion. IF WE do NOT cost this country, some states, or businesses MONEY (and lots of it),..THEY will NOT listen to us. Do you get it?

  18. Red Pill says:

    Gene says:
    August 14, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    Californicate Turned Into a Real P.O.S.
    I first saw California in 1944, a fourth generation in my family born there.
    our family name is in the California history books.
    but now they are trampled with trash.

    “I would not even go back to Californicate now. I wouldn’t even visit. It’s turned into such a real piece of shit that they apparently are more concerned over gang member’s rights than on the poor victims of crime. People getting murdered all over the state!”


  19. guiltfreewhite says:

    The latest issue of the inquirer gets into how Obama plans to take trump down, so that his “woman” can run for prez in 2020.I expect something to happen, That will see masses of goons taking to the streets.They are calling them rallies against “racism”It’s kicking into high gear now.

  20. Daniel says:

    More rallies please ! White conservatives will be led to the guillotines if we don’t make a stand ! WE untied from the beginning as white men 1n the 1700 when our freedoms /country where at risk . .Because we didn’t give up is why we are even here today. We have their attention, if we stand down we will be their puppets until our death. Our children/grandkids WILL look at us as TRUE heroes for saving their/our generation before the zionist/BLM movement to excute and exterminate white existence. those groups are NOT giving in…neither should we. RISE…….RISE…….RISE SINK OR SWIM !!

  21. The media would love to get their hands on a story where a WN loses it and attacks some left wing nut jobs, but I guess they will have to just keep waiting for it to happen:

  22. Pingback: Did Lefty Gov Set The Stage For Charlottesville Chaos? – RED WHITE AND BLUE

  23. Someone should remove statues of the shucking and jiving MLK negroe, The Rosa Parks Negress, and that Malcolm X, during the night.

  24. B-E Devil says:

    The whole bunch of ya’s have been infiltrated by satans spawn.

  25. Bob says:

    I am a proud holocaust™®© (aka the holohoax) denier. Why? Because it never happened. And to those of you who doubt that the joo wants to genocide the white race:

    “Any White who opposes the jewish destruction of their race is a supremacist.”
    —-Jew Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev

    The jew Ignatiev is the founder of a journal called Race Traitor which has as its motto “Treason to Whiteness is loyalty to humanity”. According to Ignatiev, the key to solving the social problems of our age is to genocide the white race.

  26. protocolsRtrue says:

    “Frontline” on the Public Bull Shit channel tonight is about Charlottsville and neo-nazis and evil white supremacists. Speaking of anti-white media propaganda.

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