CNN Says Trump Won Because of Stupid White People

By Phillip Marlowe

Last night CNN ran this big show called “WHY TRUMP WON.” Hosted by Fareed Zakria, some kind of big-mouthed ugly mud creep from street-crapping Pakistan or India or GD Bangle-desh — who the hell knows or gives a rat’s ass? It was one of those overpopulated Turd World crap holes — and now he’s trashing us decent White European peoples who took him in and created the beautiful Western World that him and his idiot liberal pals now insist on turning into crap countries like where he escaped from?

According to the CNN, and his punky little foreigner ass, the whole reason why Trump won, was basically because of UNEDUCATED Whites. They love saying that, don’t they? This conjours up images among liberals of racist rural KKK people, running around saying “YUK, YUK, Jim Bob, we’s gonna run dem Neegras straight on outta heah!”

They sure love keeping us Whites at each other’s throats, don’t they? You’re not “cool” and intelligent if you don’t think liberal. That’s exactly what they are saying. If you’re White and conservative, you probably live in West Virginia and sleep with your sister in a trailer park. They freely imply that on TV all the time. You can tell they would love to just say it openly on liberal “round table” political news shows. It’s so obvious.

Yep, they can be racist about Whites any time they please, but if you say one damn thing about them, hell, watch out jack. And think: This is NATIONAL TV. Anyone can watch it. Even little kids. Hell, they said “SH*T” several times on-air. The only word kind of bleeped out was “F*CK” but you could easily know they said it because of this little trick where they put the bleep sound just inside the word a tad bit so you hear the start of the consonant. I know exactly the video sound editing technique. Dirty bastards think that’s cute.

Oh boy, do I want to frog march this little creep right out of his nice swanky office (you know the punk has one). “Frog march” means grabbing him from behind by a big handful of his expensive NYC tweed pantaloons and tighty whiteys, and lifting him up as you jump him forward. The technique has been perfected by bouncers in bars across the centuries. Shouldn’t be too hard with his skinny little butt. Throw him into the back of a Ma Deuce with others of his ilk, or just any convenient cab, and drive him out to the nearest airport for a plane ride back to his dirty little crap hole country.

Now you might be saying to yourself, this INCOG guy is an uneducated, low-IQ racist. I assure you, I’m not. Just the other day I had a conversation with an Ethiopian doctor and he acted all surprised I knew about Prestor John (Ethiopians believe Christianity was actually started in Ethiopia and migrated northwards) and the difference between Emperor Haile Selassie worship in Ethiopia versus Jamaica (pass de spleef, mon).

Sure, I’ve shucked and jived in a lot of places. Graduated from college, even. My IQ is high, maybe not genius level, but up there. I wouldn’t want to be a genius, since I’m way too crazy enough as it is.

Nate Silver was so flummoxed on election eve he lost his toupee on the air talking to ABC’s George Stephanopoulis. I quickly took this cell phone shot that soon went viral. Of course you won’t see the media showing it!

Zakaria didn’t say anything about race per se, other than saying UNEDUCATED Whites constantly. He touched on race when he went into some BS he called “the 4 C’s” as to why Hillary lost. The second “C” was “Culture” and he said Whites are scared of foreign cultures and all the social changes going on today like faggotry and black empowerment — so justified because of us White slavers, of course. I’m not scared — I’m just pissed at these arrogant hypocrites turning our country into a sleazy crap hole.

Then they brought on that homo Jewboy, Nate Silver, who they always act like he’s so, so brilliant and all when it comes to predicting elections by using polls and demographics. According to CNN’s Zakaria, Smarty Pants Jew really got it right, but was simply messed up a little by all the uneducated working (read: Blue collar) White democrats suddenly voting for Trump at the last minute in those states the precious elites assumed they had in the bag.

Sweet innocent little Hillary got screwed over! And to think, the dems have always been such big friends of the little guy. Ever since the days of FDR when working-class Whites went over to trounce the evil Fascist Hitlerites in Europe. These manipulative creeps really like tying it all in with the Holocaust, don’t they?

Plus, CNN kept repeating the business of Hillary winning the popular vote. Not a word about any illegals voting. Studies have shown several million illegals have indeed voted in national elections. Hell, in many states it’s easy to do. And that Trump was a big “racist” for reasonably questioning Obongo boy’s birth location. You can tell it’s liberal brainwashing because they always make sure to add “it’s discredited” in the same sentence.

When they do that, you know the issue scares them and they definitely don’t want any of us hoi polloi to believe it by accident.

But I’m not going into everything about the show: You can watch it yourself. The brainwashing is so obvious. They re-run their crap constantly, so enough of us might see it. Why do you think that big climate change-promoting movie “The Day After Tomorrow” can be seen on different channels rotating at different weeks? Or how about all the anti-Hitler and WWII documentaries they freely move around? Damn it, think it out!

I was looking at HBO’s schedule on the exact same night as Zakria’s CNN BS. They had “The Brothers Bloom” (Jews are clever and sexy scam artists but only of millionaires who deserve it), “The Big Lebowski” (foolish WASPs and crazed Neo Nazi White Germans), “The Royal Tennenbaums” (funky urbane Jews are so cute and lovable), “Loving” (race-mixing propaganda for Whites) and Bill Maher’s liberal talk show where they spend a full hour trash-talking Trump and White people.

Man, talk about total Jew brainwashing across the board!

You know, it’s kind of funny: You see Muslims like this Fareed character on TV right? So how come you never see any of these muzzie types ever say anything about Israel and the Palestinians? Hmmm, must be something keeping it zipped!

Yep, these dirty backstabbing hypocrites know what side their bread is buttered. You can take that to the bank. Or maybe not since they own that, too.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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28 Responses to CNN Says Trump Won Because of Stupid White People

  1. Red Pill says:

    Fareed Zakria, looks like he would bite off the dicks of young boys

    when i saw this video a year ago i gained an instant first impression
    dislike for this a hole

    Putin crushes CNN smartass Fareed Zakaria on Donald Trump and US elections
    Russia Insider
    1 year ago 5,962,801 views (6min.)

  2. Morris Deeds says:

    After the Coup, What Then?
    By Patrick J. Buchanan×245.jpg

    Tuesday – August 8, 2017

    That the Trump presidency is bedeviled is undeniable.

    Read More At:
    As President Donald Trump flew off for August at his Jersey club, there came word that Special Counsel Robert Mueller III had impaneled a grand jury and subpoenas were going out to Trump family and campaign associates.

    The jurors will be drawn from a pool of citizens in a city Hillary Clinton swept with 91 percent of the vote. Trump got 4 percent.

    Whatever indictments Mueller wants, Mueller gets.

    Thanks to a media that savages him ceaselessly, Trump is down to 33 percent approval in a Quinnipiac University poll and below 40 percent in most of the rest.

    Before Trump departed D.C., The Washington Post ran transcripts of his phone conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Australia.

    Even Obama administration veterans were stunned.

    So, it is time to ask: If this city brings Trump down, will the rest of America rejoice?

    What will be the reaction out there in fly-over country, that land where the “deplorables” dwell who produce the soldiers to fight our wars? Will they toast the “free press” that brought down the president they elected, and in whom they had placed so much hope?

    My guess: The reaction will be one of bitterness, cynicism, despair, a sense that the fix is in, that no matter what we do, they will not let us win. If Trump is brought down, American democracy will take a pasting. It will be seen as a fraud. And the backlash will poison our politics to where only an attack from abroad, like 9/11, will reunite us.

    Our media preen and posture as the defenders of democracy, devoted to truth, who provide us round-the-clock protection from tyranny. But half the nation already sees the media as a propaganda arm of a liberal establishment that the people have rejected time and again.

    Consider the Post’s publication of the transcripts of Trump’s calls with Mexico’s president and Australia’s prime minister.

    When reporter Greg Miller got these transcripts, his editors, knowing they would damage Trump, plastered them on Page 1.

  3. Morris Deeds says:

    Trump to investigate Mueller for 9/11-anthrax?

    By Kevin Barrett on August 6, 2017×357.jpg

    Watch this week’s False Flag Weekly.

    By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

    Will President Donald Trump blow the 9/11-anthrax case wide open – and turn the tables on his “Special Persecutor” Robert Mueller?

    Mueller has assembled a turbo-charged legal team to go after Trump. We learned this week that Mueller already has mobilized 16 of the nation’s most high-powered and well-connected legal pit bulls for his “get Trump” operation, with more pit bulls on the way.

    Can Trump fend off Mueller’s furious assault? Lawyers for Trump co-founder David Noble, who is in communication with people close to Trump, has urged the President to re-open the 9/11-anthrax case. This would put Mueller squarely in the cross-hairs of the most explosive investigation in human history.

    Robert Mueller was appointed FBI Director exactly one week before 9/11. He presided over the FBI cover-up of 9/11, which included:

    *Barring the NTSB from carrying out its legally-mandated duty of investigating the four alleged crash sites.

    *Confiscating videos of the Pentagon attack just minutes after the event.

    *Covering up the role of organized crime in creating the fake Florida “flight schools” – actually CIA drug import airstrips – where 9/11 patsy “hijackers” pretended to take flying lessons.

    *Covering up the biggest foreign espionage operation ever mounted in the United States – the Israeli pre-9/11 operation that included hundreds of “art students” swarming secure US military and law enforcement facilities and blanketing the future “9/11 hijackers.”

    *Failing to investigate then-Solicitor-General Ted Olson’s proven lies about allegedly receiving a call from his wife Barbara from “hijacked Flight 77.” (The FBI has certified that Olson lied – it officially states in court documents that the only attempted call from Barbara’s cell lasted “0 seconds” i.e. it failed to connect.)

    More below at URL:

  4. Morris Deeds says:

    Al Jazeera threatens legal action over Israeli censorship

    By GPD on August 7, 2017×361.jpg
    The New Arab
    Al Jazeera threatens legal action over Israeli censorship

    Pan-Arab news broadcaster Al Jazeera has threatened to pursue all legal channels in response to Israel’s announcement it would bar the Arabic and English networks in the country.

    The Doha-based news provider said it “deplores” Tel Aviv’s actions, after Israeli Communications Minister Ayoub Kara announced on Sunday that he would seek to close Al Jazeera offices, scamble its channels, and bar its reporters.

    “Al-Jazeera deplores this action from a state that is called the only democratic state in the Middle East and considers what it has done is dangerous,” said the official from the broadcaster who declined to be named.

    “[We] will follow up the subject through appropriate legal and judicial procedures… Al Jazeera is surprised by the announcement of the Israeli minister of communications in his justification that the decision is consistent with what has been done by Arab countries… namely Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt,” the official told AFP in Doha.

    Kara made the announcement at a press conference on Sunday, which Al Jazeera reporters were barred from attending.

    He alleged that the pan-Arab broadcaster was a “tool” for both the Islamic State group and Shia regional powerhouse Iran.

    Ayoub also alleged that Al Jazeera supports Tehran-backed Lebanese militia Hizballah and Gaza-based Palestinian movement Hamas.

    This echoes are similar to the contradictary allegations by Qatar’s rivals – including the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt – that Doha backs Sunni jihadi groups such as IS and Shia-majority Iran. No evidence has been presented to back their claims.

    All three countries and Bahrain have enforced a blockade on Qatar and issued a list of demands including the closure of Al Jazeera.

    Ayoub said that Saudi Arabia and Egypt “have concluded that Al Jazeera incites terrorism and religious extremism”.

    Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has also claimed Al Jazeera has recently incited violence among Palestinians over restrictions on visiting Jersualem holy site al-Aqsa Mosque.

    He called for a ban of Al Jazeera in Israel and today backed Ayoub’s decision.

    “On my instructions [Kara] took concrete steps to end Al Jazeera’s incitement” in Israel.

    Al Jazeera has denied claims of inciting violence over recent unrest in Jerusalem, saying their coverage has been both “professional and objective”.

    Al Jazeera is due to issue a formal statement in the next few hours.

    The UAE and Egypt have also banned Al Jazeera.

    Recently revealed emails of the UAE ambassador to Washington Yousef al-Otaiba showed that he had been working with an Israeli-linked think tank.

    He had also reportedly helped arrange a secret meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan in New York.
    Related Posts:

  5. Southernstormer says:

    Appears the Nigger City Manager and Jew Mayor of Charlottesville, Va. are going to get a major wakeup call !

  6. Bob says:

    Thanks for continuing to get the message out. I live in the Australian Outback and people are ‘wising up’ even here. Of course driving for an hour to see a Doctor and it’s a shitskin who cant speak English helps. People are asking who is responsible. Well if I am on hand I will always be only too pleased to point out the culprits.

  7. Gene says:

    Killed for a Camera, and, Killed for a Few Bucks

    These two blacks apparently killed this 71 yr. old guy for his camera. Duh!!! According to the article the girl was the one who pulled the trigger. There out there, folks, just waitin for ya!

    Talk about real losers – picking on old people. Some of the prosecutors argued for 10 million in bail instead of 5 million, but they should have a no-bail set.

    In other news a 57 year old store owner was gunned down in an apparentl robbery. This guy looks Asian, so knowing how blacks hate Asians it was probably a black who did this, too.

    Yeah, there out there just roaming around looking for some vics! Move out of town and get yourself a good .22 rifle and learn to shoot it. Avoid going places a night.

    Remember, when you see a black person you could immediately lose your life or be attacked if you are white.

    Niggers, UGH!

  8. Whitepride says:

    Such senseless murders! Niggers are the worst race! Ugh is right Gene!

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    RIP. This made it into my libtarded small local jewspaper yesterday. Again, heavy reliance on the jew asspress of course. Note the word “allegedly” used. Because he had a website that was on the internet and available in Germany he was charged with Holocaust denial and inciting hatred for anti-Semitic activities? What??? Fucking jew nation wreckers/ history changers. Whoops, I better not say that. Truth telling is a crime under jewish law.
    Notorious neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel dies in Germany

    BERLIN (AssPress) — Ernst Zundel, a far-right activist who rose to notoriety over decades of public neo-Nazi activity in Canada and the U.S. before being deported back to his native Germany on Holocaust denial charges, has died. He was 78.

    Marina Lahmann, a spokeswoman for the community of Bad Wildbad in Baden-Wuerttemberg where Zundel lived, told The Associated Press on Monday that Zundel died over the weekend. She had no further information, saying the paperwork had not yet been processed.

    “We can only confirm at the moment that he died,” she said.

    Media in Canada quoted a statement from his wife, Ingrid Zundel, saying that he died of a heart attack at his home on Sunday. His wife, who lives in the United States, told CTV news she had spoken to her husband “just hours before he passed on and he was as optimistic and upbeat as ever.”

    Born in Germany in 1939, Zundel emigrated to Canada in 1958 — allegedly to avoid German military service — and lived in Toronto and Montreal until 2001.

    He achieved international notoriety for his neo-Nazi beliefs and writings, including “The Hitler We Loved and Why,” and operated Samisdat Publishers, a leading distributor of Nazi and Nazi-era propaganda. He also provided regular content for an eponymous far-right website.

    Canadian officials rejected his attempts to obtain citizenship in 1966 and 1994.

    After leaving Canada, he moved to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, where he had married fellow right-wing extremist Ingrid Rimland.

    But in 2003 he was deported back to Canada for alleged immigration violations. After he arrived in Toronto, he was arrested and held in detention until a judge ruled in 2005 that his activities posed a threat to national and international security and he was deported to Germany, where he was being sought for Holocaust denial.

    Denial of the Holocaust is illegal in Germany. Because Zundel’s Holocaust-denying website was available in Germany, he was considered to have been spreading his message to Germans.

    Zundel, who portrayed himself as a peaceful campaigner being denied the right to free speech, was convicted in Mannheim in 2007 of 14 counts of inciting hatred for engaging in years of anti-Semitic activities and sentenced to five years in prison.

    After serving his sentence, a crowd of some 20 supporters clapped and shouted “bravo” as he was released from prison in Mannheim in 2010.

    Outside the prison, he refused to comment on his beliefs about the Holocaust, saying only “it’s kind of a sad situation, there’s a lot to say” before adding “I’ll certainly be careful not to offend anyone and their draconian laws

  10. Karen says:

    Stupid White people? the British and American pilots who incinerated Japanese and German civilians were beyond stupid.

  11. Red Pill says:

    the usual suspook, er suspect.
    Man arrested for drugs after attempting a 1 million dollar deposit

    officers asked 33-year-old Dennis Strickland whether he had any more of the bills and that a baggie fell out when he emptied a pocket. The complaint says the baggie contained methamphetamine.
    (36 sec)

    sure, this happens on a regular basis, but 1 million dollar bills ?
    these brainless apes need a one way trip to the jungle.
    they never cease to entertain.

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    Talk about laughing at your stupid ass funny niggers that we pay for with our hard earned law abiding taxpayer money, . This Johnson guy says guam will tip over and fall in the ocean and the Admiral scratching his head I cant believe niggers this fucking stupid are elected into congress. From Georgia gerrymandered district. No wonder the jews pretend to like their stupid ass pet niggers so much.

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    Hank Johnson what a piece of stupid ass nigger work. Whoa almost as stupid as all the other niggers in congress or the obamas and erection holders and Loretta lynches. No wonder the jews pretend to like their stupid ass pet niggers so much. Tee he ha ha tee he moving to chimpcago or Memphis or detroilet or some Camden or Newark or some other advanced uncivilized nigger animal advanced nigger society. Gee thanks niggers for enlightening us white people with all of your intelligence points and minority set asides and assfirmitave actions and diversity hires and promote programs. What could we do without niggers? Feel safe and pay less taxes? Imagine a world without niggers? I play john lennons piano. Imagine a world without niggers and jews. Imagine if you could. Just peace. and harmony. and buses and trains that run on time. Imagine a world without niggers and jews. If you can. A perfect world not being fucked up and destroyed everyday by the jews and their stupid ass pet niggers. You may call me a dreamer. Maybe I am. This will take rifles and bullets, so arm yourself as much as you can. I love you PRT. I love you to sanity and wife and kids and humanity. Planet of the apes. Coming soon to a jewlywood theatre near you soon. Popcorn 8 bucks and soda 5. Ticket 15 bucks but the popcorn and soda are free we accept ebt cards here too just lie the local Chinese joint and fried chicken and burger joints.

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    Guam is a nice place. Beautiful paradise island . Only problem is that too many guamainians and chimpmorroros and philpino pinapple heads live there. Otherwise the place is gorgeous. Never below 60 degrees never above 100. I worked with a Mexican sergeant once who told me that mexico is a great place, Except that too many Mexicans live there. I told you I was an asshole. Guam and south Dakota were 2 of the three places they sent me to get rid of me. Saudi Arabian desert was my last chance. Fuck be hell they started a war.

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    So many fond memories of guam. Forget about the bad. I’m living on paradise island with my young and beautiful wife. I go to work and my boss is a slant eyed jap we nicknamed yoda because that is exactly what he looked like. After 15 years of my stepdad Jim and 2 years of Willy navy veterans talking about how the slant eyed japs sunk my ship here I am in Guam face to face with a slant eyed jap and he axes me if I can finish building wall today? I sure could if we had lumber and wood and nails but we certainly do have hammers. I got promoted to sergeant I give safety briefings every Friday. The usual stuff wear your safety glasses when using the machines don’t drink and drive stuff and don’t fuck the local women without condoms. Raise his hand another 18 year old airman sent to Guam axes me if it is true that I have a wife and have had sex with a woman? I say yes and women come with side affects. I Like what sergeant? I mean like bad side affects. I mean like the backpack you are carrying now just got heavyer side affects but they can help you balance your mind also. Then I snap out of it this is supposed to be a safety briefing wear your fucking safety glasses and don’t drink and drive.

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    I was trying to make another stupid comment about Guam when my computer locked up for no apparent reason. I was going to say that it is a beautiful place island paradise. It takes about 7 hours from san fag to Hawaii. About another 8 hours by air from Hawaii to guam. So when you get close the pilot will tell you as you approach there it is in the middle of the fucking ocean. Get used to it. I said in my earlier post it’s a wonderful place to visit but you wouldn’t want to have to live there. Kinda like Alcatraz with a better view of the ocean. Thank gosh I was married I feel bad for you younger guy virgins this place must really suck go fuck a coconut. My wife from south Dakota was an air force brat even she says where’s the walmart? No walmarts here the bx and px and whatever the navy has which I’m sure is even worse. Commissary? Yeah. Andrews air force base Anderson air force base I get them mixed up sometimes in my old brain. Andrews feeds the swamp Anderson keeps the slant eyed japs and Koreans and Chinese away.

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    My wife askes me should I bring home some fresh napa cabbage. I like I love kimchee. You tell this north Korean you better come to your senses. You threaten Guam? Guam can kick your fucking asses tomorrow if the order was givin. We got more marines and sailors and air force jet pilopts with nuclear bombs than you and even the fucking Chinese have. YOU WILL BE DEAD SCRATCHING YOUR HEAD GUAM KICKED MY ASSES AND DESTROYED ME. Don’t threaton guam man dude you are about to get your ass kicked really realy bad.

  18. S O G says:

    more jew spew ..jews are the problem ..the damage and suffering they have caused the world is INCALCULABLE . . . . . . . . . ..
    french revolutition
    slaughter of white french on haiti
    bolshevik rev
    mau ste toungue chink was considered foir premier cus he IS a chinese jew shit ..
    viet name
    british conflags with other mud cuntrees
    south african boer affair
    the fucking list is endless
    school shootings in america and europe
    the american depression
    the slaughter of innocents in turkey the armenians
    on and fucking on ..
    the russian comintern deal saw 80 million deaths of russians at the hands of jewish commies
    chernobil was no accidental fluke cus neither was fukcashima ..
    massive radiation exposure to the world ..
    lake karachai in russia one of the worst pollution s in the world ..
    the after murder of germans for spoert in germany post ww2
    the civil war and the colonial w3ars .
    drugs porn liquor …
    my fingers are tired …
    still no sign of hoff over at hofflandia
    that happens like nokikesblog..the guy just vaporised and stopped maintenance ..
    it is gettin g hareder and harder to proxy here ……on and on …

  19. protocolsRtrue says:

    I was just saying this north Korean says he is going to attack Guam that would be like me driving over to the main gate of fort Cambell and declaring war on the United States. Sure I may get my 15 minutes of shame on the mainstream njghtly jews but one of those army wives will run me over with her minivan if I get in her way.

  20. protocolsRtrue says:

    @SOG. I’ve been reading more about the Boers wars also they turned out to be some tough dutchmen and women too. 600,000 brits were sent thinking this would be a vacation trying to get rid of these people from their farms and homesteads. holy cow I mean cow this is a great big mess. It took some doing but I think the Brits eventually won. Walked away with two black eyes and a broken jaw and broken ribs and a few more broken arm and leg bones but they won. Won what? Look at south Africa now? A ship sinking fast just like detroilet and Memphis and every other place on earth ruled by jews and their stupid ass pet niggers.

  21. protocolsRtrue says:

    BREAKING JEWS!!! I just caught the end of the story but united jews are calling for a boycott of the roger waters concerts. Some of us know who he is pink Floyd animals dark side of the moon stuff. He must of had some words about the jewish occupation of palistine. I only caught the end of the story but if it makes the national jews it must be a gut they really hate. Remember. Telling the truth is an offront to thousands of years of jewish religion and traditions. Telling the truth in a jewish court of law is a punishable offense. Ask judge judy shiendling. I was going to ask incogman to put her ugly jew skank face up next to those other shape shifting jew bitches.

  22. Alababa Bumba says:

    Hate that worthless Communist News Network aka the Clinton News Network. Send that idiot and the rest of the muslime filth back to the fukthemistan they came from.

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