Lefty Jewess Starts Twitter Attack on Houston Church

By Phillip Marlowe

Lesley Abravanel, one creepy Jewess media lefty, accused on her Twitter feed TV preacher Joel Osteen of not opening the doors of his mega church for Houston flood refugees. She was immediately joined by various other anti-Christian/anti-White leftists. Funny thing, the church itself was already somewhat flooded, forcing the church to post shots in defense. Jews are always on the lookout to attack White conservative Christians.

I took a quick look at her online BS. Yep, she’s a big Jew creep, alright. She claims to speak Yiddish and is raising her brats Jewish (to give them a leg up down the road). Oh, and of course she’s in the media, too. She’s some kind of “society columnist” for Miami Herald. She covers stupid crap like the South Beach homo nightclub scene and assorted big celebrity whores like Madonna who visit Florida to get sloshed and sleep with any convenient basketball stars. The Yenta also insanely hates Trump. Her Twitter feed masthead says “World waits to see if America are [sic] stupid enough to elect a tangerine JIZZtrumpet as president.” What a nasty little “Nafka” (yiddish for slut)!

Jews hate Christians. I’m not any big fan of TV preachers, but I’m nowhere near these hateful lefty Jews. In fact, Jews love any story of Christians getting caught doing something bad. Why do you think the Catholic priest pedophile stories went on and on in the media for decades? But you never, ever hear them say a word about rabbi molesters, now do you? Total hypocrites.

They attack Christianity all the time. It’s a crying shame why so many Christian Zionists profess support for Israel with all the BS Jews do back here. Talk about a big understatement!

The Handmaid’s Tale: Anti-Christianity plus woman victimization at the hands of evil White males equals JEW WET DREAM. You’ll see this kind of lefty Jew brainwashing in movies all the time.

The Jew media simply had a field day over the story of Evangelists Jim and Tammy Bakker back in the 1980’s. It was all over the TV news and trash shows 24/7 (it was really crazy) after Jim had a cheap affair with some bimbo and Tammy cried her makeup all down her face on TV. It was like big important news for an entire year.

Man, the TV Jews just about crapped their pants with utter glee! Funny, how you never heard any stories about rabbi molesters and Jew scam artists, until the Internet.

Let me tell you another thing: Jews are simply scared to death of America becoming an “evil Christian theocracy.” Movies like “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “V for Vendetta” are big time horror movies for these immoral psychos. Plus, it dovetails nicely with radical feminist brainwashing that helps keep all us Whites at each other’s throats and not having stable families with children. Jews so love “two-fers.”

Satanic Hollywood Jew producers also love “script vehicles” depicting Christian preachers/priests/nuns/parishioners as freaky demons from hell; or “End Times” stories with the main characters having sex, or the antagonist devil guy getting realistically killed by the hero in a run-down slum Catholic church — right in front of the crucifix during the big movie climax. Perfect for CGI special effects, too!

Man, I can’t stand these Jew creeps. Is there anyway we can start rounding them up soon? I mean it. I’ve just about had it with these hypocrites.

BTW: I’m on GAB.ai now.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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22 Responses to Lefty Jewess Starts Twitter Attack on Houston Church

  1. Tom Paine says:

    Incog Man, you’re a lot more “connected” than most of us that visit here. Any chance you could find out what the prospects for Stormfront for getting back on line and if so, how soon? If Daily Stormer can pull it off, I’d think Stormfront could simply because they have some financial resources to fall back on. Thanks in advance.

  2. INCOG MAN says:

    I’m not at all “connected.” Ever since I realized the FBI, SPLC, ADL, etc. etc., traitorously embeds agents among us Whites to head off any of us goyim getting wise, I figured it was best to stay “incognito.” My talents are best served doing up this site — for now. You folks need to spread the word in whatever fashion.

  3. Hypocrites is the perfect word for those creeps incogman. Do you ever see movies of the inside or the outside for that matter of synagogues? I can’t recall one. Who knows what goes on inside them? I guess there’s more dumbed down Christians to target for their overpriced movies than jews. Christians need to stop giving their hard earned wages to Jewlywood.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Got that right, avenger.

      They NEVER have anything negative about the sacred Jews in Jew Hollywood. Hell, the only reason why they did anything on Bernie Madoff was because he ripped off so many of the Chosen.

  4. Littleberry says:

    This may be off topic, but your website has been “connection timed out” for me for a couple of weeks now – I thought your were gone for good. If you care to fill us in as to what happened to make you inaccessible, I’d sure like to read an entry about it.
    You are probably the most effective “pro-white” website on the ‘net.

    While you were offline, the Texas Gulf coast got clobbered by Harvey and thousands of homes and business don’t exit anymore – massive destruction, lives ruined. The city of Rockport (just north of Corpus Christi) is rubble. It will take years and billions to recover, if ever.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      No, the Jews are working to block me. They can only do it in certain ways. If you see my site, it’s the luck of the draw.

  5. Gingrich Hortenhiemer says:

    Jews were bad from the start of Abraham they need to be expelled from every nation on the planet

  6. Red Pill says:

    i lived in Rockport, Texas for 28 years.
    moved some years ago to a safe and secure area.
    my son and his wife weathered the storm.
    i believe this was a hit, using geoengineering/weather wars.
    there is plenty of evidence
    Texas took a big hit from the powers that be,
    and now the powers that be are going to make it all “good” again.
    wanta bet?????

  7. Red Pill says:

    speaking of hurricane Harvey
    it did more damage than a Nuclear weapon.
    we are under attack.
    this is the way of the beast
    instead of exchanging nukes, we exchange “natural disasters”.
    how do you fight this?


    Hosea 4:6
    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.


    the truth was laid out for us a long long time ago.
    negrows and kikes are just window dressing and a diversion.
    a real diversion indeed.
    get smart, see ya on the other side when it’s allover.
    nobody gets out of here alive.
    “who can make war against the beast?”

    it’s a spiritual battle first and foremost.
    to win the physical battle ,
    you must win the spiritual battle first.
    you will need all the help you can get.

    am i wrong MR INCOGMAN?

  8. Ray says:

    Surprised this jewess would attack such an Izzrahell-loving xtian zionist evanjellycull fundie huckster as Joel Osteen. Texas seems to be full of these smarmy creeps like Osteen, John Hagee, Pat Robertson and others.

  9. Matt says:


    I may not always comment on your site but I read it regularly. As I go here and there I find in many areas they don’t allow access to your site.

    I think for a time, the Jews allowed access to your site and others believing that they’re so smart they can defeat the truth. I think the Jews are coming to realization that the populace will revolt against them if they know the truth and hideous things they’ve done.

    As it says in Revelations 17, there’s great prostitute that commits prostitution with the kings of the earth, she has great wealth and sit over the people, languages and nations of this world.

    The Jew’s father is Satan, the god of this world. Eventually the falsehood of free speech under a satanic Jew controlled US government will be gone like smoke in the wind.

    My faith and hope is in Jesus Christ, God’s only son, the rock made not by human hands that will crush the serpent’s head, and bring true liberty and light to the world.

  10. silvernickel says:

    More jew shenanigans. Check out the mugs on these yidsters

    “Reagan Battalion has gone out of their way to attack President Trump and other Pro-Trump conservatives at every turn, in a since deleted tweet, they proclaimed “The choice is abundantly clear! You either stand with Donald Trump & the KKK, or with the #NeverTrump movement!” Sounds pretty similar to what far-left political activists and NeoCons keep saying, right?”


    Exactly Red Pill, a spiritual battle first. It’s in the jews demonic inspired DNA to hate Jesus and White European Christians as their foremost enemy.

  11. silvernickel says:

    Did any meteorologist predict a stalled apocalyptic hurricane from the long lasting unprecedented high pressure system to the north? The CNN jews news actually did on Friday before the landfall:


  12. silvernickel says:

    Analyzing Charlottesville’s Zapruder Film: the Ford Fischer LiveStream

  13. carnac123 says:

    I have never seen a Hurricane do all of the ‘dance moves’ Harvey did from ocean to land and back three times. While on land the storm went every direction in a small space to make sure it soaked every bit of SE Texas and SW Louisiana. At the risk of sounding nuts; I wonder who runs HAARP and if it was ON the last week or so? I guess you get into that frame of mind when you do not trust your government like I do not. I trust Trump but he is still fighting an embedded bunch of tyrants.

  14. Gilbert Huntly says:

    I see on the news this morning that the Black Lives Matter spokeswoman is DEMANDING mo’ stuff from white folks – including money and housing! Uncle Remus say he think she crazy! He say she tryn’ ter make like y’all OWES ’em sumpin!

  15. Aitch. says:

    Why do so many of them look like goats? Miscegenation, or what?

  16. Dafydd says:

    Dr. Duke Quotes Jewish Forward “Antifa Founded by Jewish Crime Bosses & ZioMilitia!”


  17. Erik Snohdin says:

    Do you know why all this Antifa shit is happening ? Because KIKE asslickers are scared shitless of us actually BECOMING Nazis and kicking their sorry, stinking carcasses out of this beautiful country. They KNOW the WRONGS and SINS they have committed here. They KNOW how EVIL a species they really are. Like a thief who secretly wants to be caught and jailed, the KIKES want someone to take them down and punish them for their evil deeds, but not so fast, not really, God forbid, and the chill of real paranoia and terror grabs their fucking spinal cords and rattles their rancid brainpans, and they start going insane with insecurity and fear. So what to do ? Stop something that hasn’t really even begun or even thought of by creating hyperbole and histrionics all around it at feverish pitch. These assholes are so fucking scared of us Whites. Can’t you see it ? Can’t you feel just HOW MUCH REAL POWER WE HAVE OVER THEM ?? Oh they’ve had their fun here wrecking our nation, but the time has come. The white beast has awoken because he has been grabbed by the shoulders and shaken so hard that there was no choice BUT to wake up. Their arrogance, pride, lunacy, and psychoses are their enemies, and we must read these signs and know our strengths. They are more fragile than ever before. We have turned over that wet filthy boulder and exposed the centipedes and roaches and bloodsucking spiders that were underneath, and now the heat of the sun is upon them. NOW is the time to call them out. NOW is the time to DEPORT THEM EN MASSE. NOW is the time to yell at the top of your lungs . . . . JUDEN RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAUS !!

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