Shape-Shifting Jews Backstabbing The White Race

Man Captures Images of Jews Shape-Shifting in and Out of Their White Disguise

By Eric Striker @DAILY STORMER

Two years ago a (((“fellow white”))) named Ali Michael wrote an article talking about how it is wrong for white people to reproduce, and if they did have kids, to ensure the child is of another race so as not to propagate racism, privilege and oppression.

Later on it was found out that Ali Michael is a Jew, married to a Rabbi, and mother to multiple biological children. This was curiously omitted!

One Twitter user, Wagner Clemente Soto, has compiled countless everyday Jews pulling this charade on social media. This whole “I’m a white person, and I’m guilty! Please murder and disenfranchise people who look like me, Jamal and Paco!” theater is extremely common, almost scripted (always with “my fellow white people”). Then when some non-white takes them up on their offer, they say, “oh no you got it wrong, I’m not white, I’m Jewish.”

Whenever you see someone who is violently anti-white on the street or online, always press them on whether they’re Jewish.

If they aren’t just some kind of sexual deviant or unmarried fat woman, you’ll hit a hole-in-one. They’ll shrink in terror before your eyes: “DA GOYIM KNOW!” If you have a “black twitter” account, use that to ask, because they might be cagey about exposing themselves to the people they’re trying to kill.

It’s not hard to see how people across time periods and cultures have accused Jews of being involved in massive and nefarious conspiracies. Is there a group of people coordinating this from a nerve center, or are Jews just born and raised to hate? Probably a little bit of both, masquerading their Jewish hate councils as civil rights groups and universalist philanthropic endeavors.

Here is the Twitter user’s post, I will reproduce some of these here because it’s a matter of time before the ADL/SPLC cyber-NKVD takes them offline.







A cuckservative would argue that these Jews are actually just “white liberals,” and feeling “guilty” is just more common in the Jewish psyche.

But is that true? How would these people react if you called them out as Jews, and said the Jews are collectively guilty for countless crimes?

Well, that would be beyond the pale. Beyond reason. That would be HATE!

But against whites, the most targeted group for interracial crime (not always registered as hate crimes, because you can’t be racist against whites), these people add fuel to the fire, they stir the pot and rattle the monkey cages to tragic ends.

It’s time we draw these kikes out into open battle. They will do whatever they can in their power to avoid it because we’re numerically larger and they know they will lose. Always call a Jew by his given Rosenblatt, and not his legal “Jones.”

Just like Robert De Niro is an oil-drilling pansy who plays a bad ass in movies, Jews are a race filled with almost otherworldly genocidal bloodlust playing a “fellow white” overcome with guilt at a media center or university near you.

They try to meme whites out of existence, but what happens if you show a vampire his reflection?

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Alt-Right Leader. Likes flies, hates Jews and Negroes.
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23 Responses to Shape-Shifting Jews Backstabbing The White Race

  1. Jason says:

    These big mouth jews and the white liberals who parrot their every utterance are bat shit crazy!

  2. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    It is getting very difficult once again for me to reach incogman. Tor is not even working. Doing a search for incogman through Tor and clicking on links can sometimes get me here.

    Check this video out for a good laugh. This guy put together a good spoof on the crisis actors.

    Also, Carolyn Yeager is doing a good job of covering the Lakewood Jew Jewsey gang on her website,

  3. INCOG MAN says:

    Someone said in my last post I’m getting blocked in the “lucky country.” Not sure what that means.

  4. Red Pill says:

    i haven’t seen a black/negro in three weeks
    when i went shopping.
    no black/negro lives within 65 miles.
    no one is knowingly professing to being a jew.
    the world we talk about is unknown here.
    i would have to move to a septic city to feel your pain and anguish.
    any black or jew that comes thru here is a well behaved person.
    in fact any body that come thru here is well behaved.
    it’s not the kind of town that strangers with an attitude do well in.

    my question is why do people live around NIGGERS & KIKES ?
    it’s because they can’t see the forest for the trees.
    you could live free from all this, but you would rather be a complainer
    in the harshest way.
    never offering any thing but the hatred that fuels your rage.
    rage on you poor oppressed ones that cry, cry and then cry some more
    as though they them self are but poor Innocent victims.
    the first sign of a cripto jew is to blame some one else for their problems
    because “THEY LIVE” in a self induced psychosis like lefty liberals .

  5. Bob says:

    The Lucky Country my friend is what the (((media))) and our traitor Politicians call Australia. Yes lucky as it is so rich or was now we told we need more diversity as Australia built on immigration, bla bla . Now lucky country only lucky for rich Asians and refugees. Yes I still need a proxy server to access your website. Maybe someone thinks your site is just too bad for us Aussies to peruse. They have taken our guns, right to free speech, right to protest and now it seems the right to view Incogman.

  6. Daniel says:

    Canaanites disguised as jews REV ch3. Real jews don’t brag about it. And you NEVER hear from them !!

  7. Aitch. says:

    I knew de Niro was a shortarse. I didn’t know he was also a poofter. You live and learn.

  8. Recon Ranger says:

    Incog. You are the light in the dark. You are always correct and I hope the real white folk wake up. Fuck these GD Jews who try to censor us. Eliminate these bastards. Shoot Move and Communicate. RR.

  9. anon says:

    yep you are censored and blocked by DNS filters all over. Could not get her without TOR Browser. Open DNS blocked, Google DNS blocked, most proxy servers won’t work except ixquick. ATT blocking you bad. I had to do some snooping to figure it out. YOU ARE BEING MASSIVELY CENSORED BUT ALL THE OTHER SITES I GO TO STILL WORK.
    FUCK THESE KIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. anon says:


    Haven’t been able to get here for two weeks until I installed TOR browser and your page popped right up! IP addy blocked, DNS servers seem routinely blocked. I thought it was kike spies blocking me posting what they don’t like but it is a kike wide block on your site. FUCK THOSE FILTHY KIKES.

  11. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    Virtual Private Network info. I may eventually go this route.

  12. Red Pill says:

    Daniel says:
    August 2, 2017 at 6:23 am

    Canaanites disguised as jews REV ch3. Real jews don’t brag about it. And you NEVER hear from them !!
    the original jews were descendants of the Canaanites and they were never the tribe of Judah until they infiltrated it and word Judah was changed to jew.
    and more ever yet they were never known as Israel, that title belonged to
    the 10 northern tribes of the Israelites..
    todays jews are not biblical descendants of the the Israelites, however they share heritage with the Hittites whom the “original ” jews did also.

    the blood line is from the true bastardization of the races.
    the seed of the fallen ones.

    any jew that claims heritage with the Israelite’s is a fake.

    these statement are supported by the bible,
    and it’s not the common every day knowledge.
    this is why Christianity must be totally and wholly destroyed.
    until he lives within you, you will never know him. (Jesus).

    if you were born a jew, hell’s fire will be the destination for your heartless souls.
    you were created for destruction and every thing a jew becomes involved in
    becomes contaminated and every person that becomes involved with the jews
    will receive of the same plague.

    not to mention the loss of your inheritance from God
    as the jews have falsely laid claim title to it….

  13. Barney says:

    Just a very quick one. My ISP (BT, formerly British Telecom) blocks IncogMan from time to time. I’m extremely busy for the next two or three weeks, so no time now to investigate further, but no real problems recently, except that the site is VERY slow to load.

    The last time direct (URL) access was blocked, so was TOR. I don’t know whether it still is.

    I tried direct IP access back then, and that wouldn’t work either. Perhaps I’ll try again when time permits, but that won’t be until mid August.

  14. VidereLicet says:

    Going on vacation, Barney? Where are you going? Bedrock? To go visit Fred? Going to meet up with Fred and then head off to Mexirock, or Hollyrock? Give our regards to Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, Dino, and Baby Puss for us. 🙂 Taking Betty and Wilma and Pebbles with you? Or are you and Fred and Bam Bam going on a stag vacation? Boys Only vacation. 🙂

  15. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Google “European people history” and click images.

    I just found this at Jim Stone’s site. You’ll find pictures of blacks dressed in European era clothes. No whites. The jews are trying to wipe out European history.

  16. anon says:

    All that buybull stuff will mess you up and neuter you. Hell, that’s one of their biggest tools for mindfucking people besides the TV. It’s a virus implanted in you that your immune system didn’t recognize. It’s called FunVax. Look it up. Seriously.

    The thing I noticed is that the jew infiltrated and overthrew ancient Egypt, then Rome, Byzantine empire stripped all jew criminal power for a while then a strange thing happened…a whole supposed country of kazaria coverted into jews!!! What are the odds?? Look at it like the jew infiltrated and overthrew the country like the long trail of other nations they wrecked, and NOT some bogus mass conversion. I don’t buy it.

    Now they are doing it to the usa and europe and well everywhere they have infiltrated the government, perverted the morals of the people by controlling the TV, government education centers, and the money. It’s the same fucking plan they have used many times before, now fully erased from the false history they promote. Haven’t you had enough? I know I have. Let’s put a stop to this. Let’s revive the ancient symbol of all humanity, the sacred Swastika and make our presence known.

  17. Erik Snohdin says:

    I’ll be a sonuva bitch. I thought my IT guy at work was blocking me from accessing your site, something they’ve never done before, and now I know it isn’t him. It’s the provider !
    I can’t reach you at all during the day, but I can at night on my home computer.

    Fucking rotten sons of bitches. Rat bastard motherfucking Jew scum !! How many shekels did that cost the Jews to pull that one off, Incog ? Or was it threats ?

    Dude, what this tells me is the same thing that all the libtard Zioscum Dumbocrap obstruction tells me ; that YOU are succeeding at what you do, just like Trump succeeds at his job and that’s why the hornet’s nest is all over him.

    Never say die, Bro. I’ll catch you at night then from now on, those pasty-assholed lowlife fateless slimebags !

    We need a REAL Holocaust against those pig-tailed psychotics !

  18. Barney says:

    VidereLicet – No, not going on holiday, but I do miss the old place, Fred & Wilma, Betty, even Pebbles and Bam Bam. I don’t miss having to get up in the middle of the night to get to the quarry on time though. 🙂

    It’s just all the preparations for a possible change of address some time during the next couple of months, cleaning, tidying, packing, deciding what to keep, what to dump, what to pass on to others. I’m not as fit as I used to be, so this time I’m having to have a friend come in to help me, which means I don’t get as much computer time as I’d like, and next week the computer itself will have to be shut down for a few days.

    Oy vey! The sufferink! The withdrawal symptoms! 🙁

    It will be worth it in the end though.

  19. Old Friend says:

    For weeks I haven’t been able to get Incogman .com or .net on straight-up internet service provided by Verizon. Only works if I go through PureVPN. That’s extreme.

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  21. Bob says:

    It has been about six weeks or more since I have been able to log on to Incogman. Just got through a few days ago for the first time. Previously, my browser just spun around until it timed out and I got a time-out notice stating the site was unavailable; maybe too busy or I need to check my internet connection. Now I see why. The jooz are doing a denial of service attack of some kind. If this happens again, I will switch to Chrome (I have Firefox now) which has a free built-in VPN service which may be able to bypass the jooz. If that doesn’t work, I will install the TOR browser. Fuck the filthy jooz.

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