What Does “White Nationalism” Really Mean?

By Phillip Marlowe

You have to understand the media is very clever in how to conflate one thing with another, so the regular person thinks the way they want. Someone once called me a “White nationalist” and I was a little taken aback, since I’ve never really been “anything” before. But after calmly and dispassionately reflecting on the title, I guess I was indeed a “White nationalist,” even though I’ve pretty much avoided joining anything my entire life. I’m just not the big “joiner” type. And it’s served me well many times in the past.

I remember back in college having this big philosophy and religion discussion with some odd people at the campus hangout area. One of them was this fairly hot little hippie chick, with whom I wouldn’t have minded a little male/female cosmic navel gazing, if you get my drift. They pretend acted like they dug my bountiful spiel mongering and wanted me to come out to a “special” spaghetti dinner at their house that coming Thursday. I politely declined, most likely because I already had a cute girlfriend and could eat for free in the college cafeteria, food fights or not.

That was good, because I soon found out this mind predatory gang were part of the “Moonies” cult — some wacked bunch who weirdly worshipped this chubby little South Korean guy wearing snappy white suits. If I had gone, maybe INCOG would now be living on a dirty little commune somewhere in Northern California or Oregon today. My hair would be in a pony tail and I’d be wearing tie-dyed Druid high priest outfits. Ohhoooom.

But what does “White nationalism or nationalist” really mean, once you get down to brass tacks? Sure, I sometimes go off on weird tangents before getting into the real meat and potatoes of the matter. You should know that by now.

Let’s break it down: “White” means Caucasian of European ancestry (us baddies). “Nationalist” means he or she is proud of the country into which he or she was born. A country with clearly defined borders and government supposedly dedicated to it’s own sovereignty and best interests of the citizen. Trump’s “drain the swamp” populist spiel has got the moneyed elites nervous — whores on both sides of the political fence and across the big water know this is not good.

Our particular country (America) has a long fabled history of White European brilliance in governing philosophy (the Founding Fathers). Inventiveness and organizational talent were and still are hallmarks of White Americans. Our armed forces have been the epitome of bravery and honor — fighting for America, which so many “White nationalists” gave our lives. Need I remind all the anti-White SOBs out there just what us Whites have done for this country and the world, for crying out loud?

Simply put, “White nationalist” really means a patriotic White American. There’s nothing “Nazi” or “Supremacist” about it, even though lefty know-it-alls and White-hating psychos will try to say so. We can also easily tell the globalist power structure wants the hoi polloi to be suspicious about “White nationalism.” They are clearly trying to get good Americans to associate the term with negativity, so their profitable business and racial agendas can continue unabated. In other words: Keep screwing us Whites over.

There’s all kinds of slick, well-financed brainwashing efforts out there targeting Whites to feel bad for simply being born White. Some are quite open about it, like the above “White privilege” media campaign in Minnesota, so local White people will accept more criminal Somali immigrants to knife them in the gut.

Except, of course, when they want to milk our patriotism to get all us evil White guys to don a uniform — rah, rah, rah — and go kill the ragheads. Have you noticed that? It’s total BS once you think it out. You should be pissed as hell at all the mental contortions these creeps are trying to pound into our skulls.

What they really, really want, is for us not to identify as being “White.” There’s tons of brainwashed liberals who actually say they believe the White race is nothing but a “social construct,” meaning there actually isn’t a White race — it’s all made up in our minds somewhere!

Maybe our “Oppressive Whiteness of Being” resides deep inside the hippocampus region of the brain? Perhaps a tiny little guy is down in there wearing a Prussian uniform festooned with medals and one of those spiked WWI helmets, pulling on little chrome levers and pushing pedals to make us wildly goose step around the front yard. Sieg Heil!

Oh sure, it’s always just fine for any of the blacks, Jews, Asians and Hispanics, to feel proud of their race, history and culture, but never any of us White people. Hell, even having the smallest of White organizations has everyone bat crap crazy about a resurgence of Nazis, etc. etc, ETC. You saw this idiocy in spades the last week over Charlottesville.

The whole thing is patently ridiculous. Charlottesville was clearly a giant lefty SET-UP. If the media was truly free, they would be asking some seriously inconvenient questions about the real culprits ordering the State police to stand down, exposing the “haters” to thuggish attacks. Hell, the media never used to make the least mention about ANTIFA violence, for crying out loud. Even FOX hardly ever said a thing.

Also, the word “Nationalist” is “problematic” — a word elitist liberal wonks love to say. It means we might have issues with sacred globalism — a real threat to the (((status quo))). America just cannot be allowed to devolve back into “Isolationism” (we never were) and act “Xenophobic” (OMG!) towards all those wonderful, upstanding non-White Third World crap countries — even if it means us getting screwed over. We simply have to let in all the flotsam and jetsam of the planet into our own country, no matter how dirty and filthy our cities start to look.

Have you ever been to a rest area/fast food restaurant on the New Jersey turnpike? Diversity really does suck. Try randomly taking one of the exits into a nearby city for a little Sunday stroll. Just make sure your life insurance is paid up!

Have you noticed how the media automatically acts like being a “White nationalist” is the same as evil Nazis? I saw this on FOX news just yesterday. FOX is every bit as diversity-pushing as the rest — just clever marketing demographics. “Diversity” is everywhere on FOX and they never report a word about all the black-on-White murders. Even Sean Hannity continuously blathers the required multicult line (over and over he tells us White supremacists, KKK, Nazis and David Duke are the evil ones). FOX is probably the worst of the networks for us White people as a race.

But of course, us Whites are not to think of ourselves as a race. That would be racist.

You need to notice how the brainwashers conflate one thing with another. It’s a trick to manipulate our “world view.” They very obviously don’t want us White people to act in a cohesive fashion in any real way — other than attacking any fellow Whites who really do.

We know the creeps really behind all of this are the NWO globalists. They never had a country until recently, and have always deeply resented that. They also fully believe they are the only ones good enough and smart enough to control planet Earth, plus have long convinced themselves they have a special mandate from God — even though most of them are pretty much greedy, Godless, atheist perverts.

Yep, the filthy Jews. They have been steadily working to gradually turn us Whites into a minority in our own lands for decades now. It really is that simple. This bunch has been stabbing us in the back, even after so many of us White nationalists died in WWII fighting der Fuehrer man. But they really don’t care a thing about any dead “goyim.” And contrary to how the media tries to portray it (they always find a Jew vet somewhere to put into war documentaries), few Jews ever really served on the front lines.

Nikita Kruschev, the bald-headed premier of the Soviet Union back during the Kennedy era, is said to have believed there was a top secret center in the Midwest controlling things in the USA. Plenty of others still believe a shadowy “ILLUMINATI” group is behind it all. Hell, I once even considered the possibility that an off-world alien race might be in cahoots with the government to gradually prep our species for something big.

No, there couldn’t possibly be any way for something like this to go down without the secret getting out. Only an embedded race/religion/whatever international group of self-absorbed trouble-makers and scam artists living among us and looking a lot like us could succeed. And we know these people are quite excellent at mass media and have always been great at manipulation behind the throne; plus go totally paranoid at the mere thought of us Whites acting together in unison — all because of the continuous brainwashing about gas chambers, Nazis, etc., etc., so America supports the lovely, ever-so-sweet and innocent Israel.

These wacked, devious NWO Globalist Jews have been milking the holocaust and victimhood “schtick” for politics and profit for decades, now.

Yep, it really is the Jews turning America into crap. Noooo doubt about it!

Even us old Hippies can be “White Nationalists.” Peace out!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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64 Responses to What Does “White Nationalism” Really Mean?

  1. S O G says:

    bailey ..cheers .
    thanks americanborn .
    and on obamas legacy we have a destroyed eco system in the gulf and 40 millions poisone4d by corexit ..and ewhen the 14 nations offered to come and boom off the shores and suck up the oil ,obama said no thanks ….see 1001 lies of obama at dan from squirrelhill blog ..
    obama had a litany of homosexual call boys into the white house including the controversial jhonny gosch who was abducted and raped and brsinwashed for the pixxa gate crew global et al ..one of hundreds …a sex slave …obama had him signed in for visits ..
    obama was also behind the murder assassination of the provost marshal officers at the navy yard in new york was it ….all investigators of the presidential domainand at the time obama was planning a nuclear false flag in south carolina …a nuke bunker buster ..we had other things like drone attacks on american citizens and i did comment on them a ways back …jimstone freelance has more particulars …
    that stupid cum guzzling nigger moron is still rattling his multi million dollar cage and putting his worthless 2 cents when he can ..
    look up how much a gentleman and an officer robert e lee was ..
    they took some asian guy named robt lee off a football announcing position for college ball ……fucking shit ….so how come albert pikes statue sits protected ..
    he was a slaver …65 % of the slaves and the farms were in the N-O-R-T-H– people ..
    white euro everyday peopel did not ever own any slaves and jefferson never had any fuckin piccininny nigger babies with niger slaves ….can you see this pillar of inteelligence and morality dippin it in a filthy nigger …
    shasrpton needs to have his cocksucking teetth knocked out …
    everyone is sick of this shit ..
    less than 2 % of colonialists had slaves ..and they were niggers and jews who owned them with a smattering of indians owning white and black slaves ..
    slaves were for sale and anyone could buy them ..
    400,000 niggers were brought here on jewish slave cargo ships ..
    aaron lopez based in bridgepert had 200 ships

  2. white strategist says:

    Auschwitz was not a death camp, it was a labor camp

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    Whoa! I’m going back over some of the comments I made after a few beers and I admit some of them are pretty bad. Please delete them Incogman if you wish. Otherwise it makes no matter to me. I’m working on that problem though since the beginning of this year. I’ll go a week or 2 at a time without a single beer but something triggers me and then when I drink beer I drink a LOT of beer. Until it’s gone. I’m Irish AMERICAN descent and darn proud of it. Tired of being called racist and white supremacist and nazi and stuff too you’d be much more likely to find one of my ancestors buried in a Union grave than a Southern one. You keep calling people something eventually they will become one. It’s like having a wife keep accusing you of cheating on her when your not. If your going to keep accusing me of it and punishing me for it than I may as well go ahead and commit the crime since your punishing me for it anyway. So it’s the beer talking when an alcoholic takes a drink then the drink takes a drink. My own federalmeansjewish.gov scumbag cowards traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agent tough boys and girls fucked me over pretty bad also too putting me on the homegrown domestic terrorist watch list and tracking me and fucking with my life for twelve years also that didn’t help matters any so you will hear me talk about them with total contempt every once in a while. Today is day seven without a drop and plan to keep that up until Thursday night when I will reward myself with a couple Sam Adams. Apologize for stupid comments bad spelling and typing just skip over them. You all keep up the good fight and try to wake up as many sheeple as possible. That’s all I’m trying to do also until the real battle begins if I’m still alive then.

  4. Whitepride says:

    I have no use for spics, Mexicans, Jews, and Muslims. I also do not like liberals! It is very hard to be a White Patriot here in Northern Calufornia. Last week a bus driver opened up a conversation with me by saying “There are all these groups – anti communist groups. When I told the idiot POS that I grew up in Manhattan and was a Trump supporte, the shithead said “You’re not part of the ZkKK are you.” Will not talk to that bastard again!! And if the spics cannot and will not speak English, then they should get the fuck out of America!!!!

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