Black Teen Drug Dealer Killed That Little Texas Girl

By Phillip Marlowe

Remember that case a couple of months ago of that cute little Bedford, Texas, girl Kaytlynn Cargill, who went missing while walking her dog and her body was found in a landfill a couple of days later? I suspected immediately a black was responsible. I even downloaded all her pictures, fully expecting as much. The cops didn’t let on one bit, acting like her death was simply some sort of natural event. In a way, that was right — in today’s murderous jungle that was once America.

Jordin Roache is the stinking ape busted for killing the girl. Note the stupid afro pick up in his nappy hair, as he takes a bathroom selfie.

It was indeed a dirty black ape who killed her. The media is not naming him nor showing his photo (they have a ready excuse since he’s only 16). I bet his name really sounds black, too. The little bastard bashed the little girl’s head in with a hammer and dumped her dead body out in the apartment complex’s trash dumpster probably the night she went missing.

When they finally nailed the punk, he told the police she was there to buy pot. Others have said she was really there to collect $300 her killer owed her (never get involved with drugs around blacks). It’s still just your typical Negro excuse, like it somehow justifies what he did. Just watch the A&E show “The First 48” and you’ll see blacks come up with all kinds of convoluted, idiotic crap to explain away their criminal behavior. Cops hear laughable, retarded black explanations out on the street every minute.

It really doesn’t matter what the foolish young girl was doing. He got her alone somehow while momma was out “nightclubbing” or trying to score some crack. But because of Jewish media brainwashing, White children (or adults for that matter) are oblivious to blacks as a real world danger to life and limb. He may have tried to rape her. When she started crying over what he was doing, the primate grabbed up a hammer and smashed it repeatedly into her skull to shut her up.

People tell me “oh, INCOG MAN, what are you freaking out about, wasting your precious time about these crimes on your site? Chill out dude!” Well, I’ve personally had it with these animals. On the “DAY OF THE ROPE,” each of us White soldiers are going to have to take a name of a fellow murdered White as a personal battlefield avatar when we stick it to the brutal bastards.

Notice how the national media said nothing on the story. When they have any kind of reason to believe a White perp was responsible, they report it constantly on the national airwaves, like those two girls murdered on a hiking trail in Indiana. ABC “Nightly World News” ran the story for several days so they could show you a shot of some obviously White guy suspect. But the minute they find out a black is a “person of interest” then bingo, the story disappears down the rabbit hole.

They’ve been up to this BS for decades, actually.

I’ve had cops tell me reporters ask them over the phone “is it a black or a white suspect?” But they never put the race down in the final copy if it’s a black, which is practically all of the time. How do you like them apples, White people?


Nor did the national media report on the five White guys a black randomly ambushed and killed out in Kansas City because the shooter was going to “kill all White people.” The black simply went up to Whites walking a dog on a local trail and shot them square in the back of the head. They didn’t have a chance in hell. The last one was on a city street in broad daylight. Only clever police forensics and the fact he was already in the system solved the crime. Blacks kill Whites all the time these days.

The cops even had the nerve to blubber “we don’t know if the killings were racially driven.” Right. The line was dutifully reported by local media so stupid White liberals can go on about their day. Only us Whites can be immediately declared “racist.”

Just imagine the uproar in the media if a White guy did that to blacks?

Or how about the two White mothers working in a little neighborhood bank down in Conway, NC? The black robber pulled out what appears to be a large caliber long barreled revolver (like in Dirty Harry) and shot the first one point blank across the counter. Surveillance cameras show him jumping up over the counter to go back to a desk where another White woman was hiding — now certainly insane with fear. The black just blasted her multiple times to death right then and there. He cared nothing at all about the “Whitey byatchs.”

A bereaved relative later tearfully told a reporter “they were wives and mothers.”

I say these filthy black demons need to be hung by the neck until dead. Even publicly to dissuade other Negroes that we’re not going to take this criminal black behavior forever.

We need to start HANGING these worthless black apes, by the neck — UNTIL DEAD.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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47 Responses to Black Teen Drug Dealer Killed That Little Texas Girl

  1. Whitepride says:

    Yep these brutal apes will get their comeuppance in HELL! N. I cannot stand the niggers!

  2. American born says:

    This is regular is the darker side.

  3. American born says:

    I pounded ground in Harlem. Nice people. Bronx has even more fun.

  4. American born says:

    More nigger vids on the way. Been working with a guy from Detroit.

    Mondays and Canadians.


  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    Absolutely true incogman. That bank robbery one really turns my stomach. Another angle jew media uses on cases they cannot ignore is this.. compare the media coverage of the guy who rammed his car into a crowd of white-hating racist negro’s and jew communists. And then you can pick any cold blooded robbery murder committed by a black and the first thing the jew media will do is start making excuses for the negro about his past mental problems and drug addictions and bad early childhood and stuff like that should make us feel sorry for the animal. Well tell me what nigger doesn’t have mental defects and past drug abuse and a bad early childhood? That’s what happens when they are raised in the public housing niggerhood by welfare/ebt card fed/ Medicaid/obamacare baby momma sheboon and baby daddy selling drugs. This shouldn’t be any surprises here cause and effect. The best thing I can say about the first 48 show is this. It usually ends up with 1 or 2 or more niggers dead and 3 or 4 niggers off to the cage for a long period of time. That’s the best I can say about that. And I’m still not liking having to pay for the niggers in the cage but at least the streets are safer for civilized law-abiding humans. Seeing these niggers gang banging thugs laugh and giggle when after they got into a shootout with their illegal guns one of their stray bullets killed a little kid playing in her yard or the old negro lady sitting in her lawn chair they just laugh it off and say shit happens. That show puts on display how little value these animals place on human lives and the most trivial stupid shit they will kill each other over.
    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!! North Korea tested what they claim is a hydrogen bomb last night capable of being put on top of a missile. Measured something on the richter scale 6 times more powerful than any of it’s earlier tests. Dangerous times people.
    The most used phrase the detectives on the show say if you watch it enough is this: Another senseless killing. Yep. That’s about right all I can do is just start giggling and repeating to myself another nigger dead, another nigger going to the cage. Another nigger dead, another nigger going to the cage. Just keep repeating that it has a calming effect. When they kill innocent white people like store clerks or taxi and pizza drivers and stuff it really makes my blood boil.

  6. American born says:

    Print, as you know, these niggers kill us whenever they have a chance.

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    My philosophical question of the day is this: What good is it for any advanced civilized human society nation to carry a whole class of millions of people that leave you with only 2 options?
    Option 1 is to pay tax money to give them free food, free housing, free medical care, free schools, free everything else including sailfones with free unlimited talk, texting and videos… Just so you can keep them under some semblance of nigger control so they don’t go on rampages raping robbing murdering and looting every fucking thing they can see and get their hands on.
    Or option 2: Or you would gladly pay to give them all the same free shit except the sailfones just to keep them in a cage where they belong to protect the safety and security of civilized human society? Now what kind of options are those? What good is a whole class of people that leave you with only those 2 options? Sure maybe there are a few that aren’t in the cage yet but… on second thought never mind all they do is fuck shit up and cause problems too. Just like their jew idols taught them to do. Be parasites that only live to fuck shit up and cause problems.

  8. American born says:

    They are unstable creatures.

  9. American born says:

    I used to write on my prison stories with the animals. He ne credit to them: they are obvious.


    Don’t get me started.

  10. American born says:


    Don’t twist my arm.

    Years back we had a buck in the place. Low security prison. When shot got “real” people would get “lugged” back to higher security. Medium for awhile until reclassed. That can take months. I finally got to low security area. Feral people were always in and out. Niggers were, well, everywhere.

    I avoided them, but got along with them. Mutual respect. As a gym rat I knew many. Killers, arsonists, robbers, you name it. The

  11. American born says:

    In this one place I was in gold chains were allowed. That meant a lot compared to where I was prior.

    I was in a decent area with guys about to get out. We had feral niggers. From the hard wall, it was shakey to have door that wasn’t locked at night. Yes. That bothers people .

    Amongst one of the bucks was a Puerto Rican. I got along with him. Another buck was a nigger. He wore a very nice gold chain. However, that wasn’t the problem.

    Where I was we had “freeze the count “

  12. American born says:

    Freeze the count was called over the loud speaker and the prison staff, like lemmings, obeyed and got aggressive.

    Normal stuff. Happened regularly with the week. They were confused and we openly laughed and mocked them.

    Anyhow, back to the chain wearing guy.

  13. American born says:

    A nigger whom I was okay with, and my buddies were okay with flippped out. We had a yard, we all knew each other and had a way of respect.

    Always referred to me as 6 4. My height. I palled around with a PR in the gym. They were going at it outside. Minimum area, low,security.

    It got bad. I was still in the gym and heard the fight.


    We were locked down for days over that.

    I’m sworn to secrecy to this date. LOL

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    I was in the cage once also under false gun charges. Put under rendition and enhanced interrogation like I was some kind of homegrown domestic Timothy McVeigh type terrorist that they’ve been “tracking” and fucking with my life for the last 12 years. The whole thing left me pretty disturbed with ptsd and anger management issues and 10 times worse than I was when I went in there. But anyway you have to look at the issue from a pro verses con (no pun intended) standpoint. Should you keep the whole lot of them just because 20 percent of them have stepped up a million years in evolution and are actually fully functional civilized law abiding tax-paying citizens? Or should you ship the whole lot of them back to Apefrica along with the 20 percent of civilized human ones to take what they have learned from civilized white people back to teach the rest how to act like civilized human beings. The second option would be the best for humanity wouldn’t it?

  15. American born says:

    The guy in question was in for a bad crime. In Worcester Ma some guy went into a gym and killed a few people over what I don’t know and don’t want to,

  16. American born says:

    I had a cellmate from Jersey that stole cars for a living. A pro, never bragged about it. Vin numbers ect. Salvage cars from all over NYC.

    Very lucrative. He got nailed in MA and did a few years,

    His family used to visit in numbers. Very tight group. Knew a lot of people in the system.

    In the cell he told me his brother was a heroine addict and died. He told me his mother felt so sorry for him as he he was dying that she would sell jewelry to get he more smack so he wouldn’t suffer. It bothered my cellmate, a lot.

    Nothing nice, brother.

  17. American born says:

    His brother had the ninja. AIDS

  18. American born says:

    Nothing to brag about, really. Just shit.

    Been system free for almost 20 years. That I will brag about.

  19. American born says:

    The level of empathy I have for the enemy is beyond zero. The hate I carry around is heavy. Not a racial hate, although that is strong, just the destructive people that are about.


  20. protocolsRtrue says:

    My experience was something you could never forget either. Not a single minute of it. Like it was yesterday. The charges were false so they had to let me out after a few days held without bond and then given a 100,000 dollar bond. For a while I was contemplating how I should commit suicide. But I didn’t obviously. Stepped up my beer drinking a few notches and my don’t give a fuck anymore meter pegged out you’all pissed me off now then I stumbled on so I post stupid comments here as my hate management therapy. But enough about us.

  21. Notbojangles says:

    While watching the flood rescue work in Houston on TV, I noticed that “blacks don’t own boats”- but they sure needed white people’s boats to rescue them from their flooded ghettos. I was hoping some of those Cajun Navy guys had Rebel flags on their airboats- hey, get in or not, the flag stays.

  22. Erik Snohdin says:

    I was at an amusement park up here where I live last weekend. There’s a nice built-in water park enclave that is a real fun area to hang out. I especially love watching all the little kids having a blast, running around screaming and yelling with big smiles on their faces. This last time I went, there were probably about 150 people enjoying the place, but I kid you not, I was one of the ONLY white guys there. As I walked around in my own innocent way, I saw the eyes on me, mostly from the Aunt Jemimas, big bloated motherfucking black bitches with jew hypnotic hate for me in their eyes. What’s that expression ? “If looks could kill ?” I looked right back at them and said with my eyes “Go ahead, make my day.” I may be in my 60s now, but I’m still a bodybuilder and black belt and ready for any bullshit these apes wanna sling at me. I remember the vital areas of the human body and the kinds of blows I could deliver that would be instantly fatal if not, at the least, conflict-ending. Throat, eyes, nose, collar bones, solar plexus, gonads, knee caps, will instantly make someone think twice about continuing to brawl. Their looks spoke to me of the evil and insanity that they have allowed MSM to program into their febrile brains. The Jews definitely got the black race pegged as lower intelligence rabble and easily condition-able. I wished I’d had a megaphone so I could irritate them all with a speech that we are not each other’s enemies and that the Jews were our COMMON enemy, and if battle breaks out, we should all work together to decimate the Kike pricks and psychotics, but sorry, no megaphone, so I had to settle for that thought in my head and transfer it with my eyes. Blacks are definitely lower intelligence humans. They are primal and selfish beyond measure, no regard for life but their own, ready to kill without remorse, and this is something the kikes are counting on, that Zulu mentality.
    On a final note, and hopefully some Jew troll plants here are reading this, it endlessly entertains me to know the COWARDS that Jews really are. How easily frazzled they become with the slightest suggestion that their lives might be in danger. See, they are the creators of their own hell . . .
    Their fear of persecution is so huge that they create situations that will inevitably result IN their persecution. This is known as the “self-fulfilling prophecy,” and it is the major defect of the jewish race. They are so neurotic and paranoid about being called out for their evil deeds and inbred hatred of all non-Jew races, that they try to stave it off in advance, WAY in advance, by creating huge overindulgent scenarios that sensitize the world to their fears. But this is bound to backfire as truly intelligent WHITE people wake up to the agenda and work immediately to crush it and smash it to smithereens. The Jews are so arrogant that they think they cannot lose. This is their second weakness, that arrogance. It makes them so lofty that they wind up bragging about their successes before they even happen. In this way, they help to wake up the races they are attacking. I personally have reached a point after several years of studying, learning, and awakening whereby EVERYTHING the Jews are doing is completely transparent to me, and I have to say that these people really lack imagination and can be defeated, they can be caught off guard, they can be JEWED.

    The white race is so far ahead of the Jews. We are just kinder. The Jews feel that if they can control everything that runs a civilization, then they can destroy that civilization ; banks, propaganda, porno, schools, the internet, etc., but again, the white race sees it all and we are going to rip these baboons apart. It’s going to be a bloodbath, because whites are afraid of no one, unlike the timid cowardly Jew, and so when we come for them, it will be easy, sooooooooooooooooooooooo easy, body parts EVERYWHERE, and then the Jews will be on their knees, the one thing that is inconceivable to a Jew, to KOW-TOW to anyone, even God, but these are not ancient times, and they WILL get on their knees and beg for their lives hoping the white man and his forgiving Christian heart will spare them.
    SORRY SCUM, NOT THIS TIME, or as Tom Hagan said to Tessio when asked “Tom, can you get me off the hook for old time’s sake,” and Tom answered “Can’t do it, Sally.” The JEWS ARE GOING TO LOSE EVERYTHING !!!! And I will quote King Leonidas from the 300, and this is a message to all whites . . .

  23. Arch Stanton says:

    Be checkin’ it incog! Your brilliant graphics are being adopted by others. Such usage is a tribute to your genius. Here is a web site focusing on the Jew’s horrendous mass murder of the past featuring your graphics; mass murder now attenuated by Jews through the use of their biological weapon called “Negro” You are undoubtedly leading the forefront of the fight against Jewish lies. All that remains is for Fox News to start using your graphics.

    While I know you have been attacked repeatedly in the past by the (((powers that be))), the fact that you were not first on the list to be shut down in the latest attack on the so-called “alt-right,” web sites, e.g. Daily Stormer and Countercurrents.

    This leaves me wondering about the true nature of these attacks, as you are somewhere to the right of softies like Genghis Khan and good ‘ol uncle Adolf and thus far more a threat to Jews then those other websites that at best, soft-scrub the Jew.

    After all, how many of these website graphically expose the murderous nature of the Negro tool while advising the only possible solution to their depredations upon western civilization?

    Hmmm, food for thought and I’m not even hungry.

  24. Gilbert Huntly says:

    I just saw a happy herd of little nigras riding to the river in the bed of their daddy’s pickup truck. They (negroes) seem to have a certain “joi de vivre” we whites don’t have. (We whites don’t even allow our children to ride in the beds of our pickups, any more, it seems. Too bad!)
    Uncle Remus notes this, too, and says we need to ‘loosen up’. I agree. Yet, what Incog Man says is true, and we need always be wary.
    Recently, a white boy shot some negroes in a church meeting in South Carolina, and the MSM broadcast the event for weeks! Although it was a deplorable act of murder, the network news sensationalized it to the extreme. It would have hardly been noted if the perp were black and the victims white. It is obvious that a “race war” is being intentionally fomented.

  25. Karen says:

    The grammar school I went to bordered on a black area and so it was about 10% to 15 % black. The black kids didn’t like me, and to this day I’ve no idea why as I didn’t give them a second though one way or the other. I was a loner. They picked on me so relentlessly that it got to where I was nervous about going to school, and my grades dropped. Anyhow, one day after school a gang of them chased me. As I was running home my dad drove by, screeched to a halt and the black kids scattered. My dad got me into the car and began lecturing me that “playing with negros is the reason your grades are falling.” True story.

  26. Frank Fredenburg says:


    The political left have stepped up their attack on all things ‘white’.

    This time it’s SJW (Social Justice Warrior) hack Afua Hirsch after The Guardian published an article by her in which she demanded the toppling of Nelson’s Column. Emboldened by the explosion of leftist violence and hate in the US and the subsequent confiscation and destruction of Confederate era statues, Hirsch has seized the opportunity to demand too that British history should also be erased in the name of ‘diversity’.

    The woman in this article looks black but her name is Jewish. Either her father is a jew or she is married to one.

  27. Tru Desoto says:

    I don’t give a da*mn about black males, but……dial down the rhetoric!

    (don’t pull the “black mother” bull shit. Who raised these white girls? And black males are violent no matter what or who raises them.)

    • INCOG MAN says:

      It was only after dinner the girl took her new little puppy for a walk. The “nightclubbing” of the black mother line is just me guessing. Who knows? Can’t a White kid go out after dinner to a nearby park?

      Are you looking for reasons not to get pissed at these animals?

      • INCOG MAN says:

        All this BS is because our race has to live among these animals. This kind of thing is bound to happen. Thanks, Jews!

  28. Bob says:

    Reading these comments makes me realise I am not alone. Yes we have a nigger problem here in Australia now some fools though bringing in African refugees the humane thing to do. Now they are rampaging daily, raping, home invading, car jacking, smashing up stores and group rampages where a whole herd runs amok.

  29. Dafydd says:

    @ Frank Fredenburg

    Afua Hirsch is half Jewish and half Ghanaian; which explains her hostility to Admiral Horatio Nelson, and other White heroes.

  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    Let’s see. 17 minus 1 equals 16. My my my what our welfare system has created. I’m just offering one of my educated guesses based on the names. But, there’s always a sliver of bright side in every story. At least this baby factory will be shut down for a while. Unless the taxpayer funded jew lawyer successfully argues young age with the pressures of a young child maybe some pre-menstrual syndrome or that post partum (1 year later) syndrome and of course bad early childhood probably molested by every male family member drug abuse and of course the evil white racist Nazis supremacists fault. Maybe she saw a confederate monument and it upset her but I don’t think they can use that one in Ohio.
    COLUMBUS, Ohio — A teenage mother in Ohio is facing murder charges after her 1-year-old daughter died from multiple stab wounds.

    According to Columbus Police, officers were dispatched around 12:50 a.m. Sunday to the 800 block of South 22nd Street on the report of a baby in need of medical attention. When officers arrived, they found the victim, 1-year-old Lalanna Sharpe, not moving and suffering from several stab wounds.

    The child was transported to Nationwide Children’s Hospital , where she was pronounced dead at 1:28 a.m.

    In the course of their investigation, police determined that Lalanna’s mother, Lachelle Anderson, 17, was responsible for the child’s death. Anderson is in custody and facing murder charges, according to police.

  31. protocolsRtrue says:

    We were going to pay for her anyway so we may as well pay to keep her in the cage. And if I really wanted to be an asshole I would say we were going to pay for the baby every minute of it’s life also God forgive me for that rest in peace Lalanna sounds like your in a MUCH better place now.

  32. Great article again, Incogman..

    You are right about the blacks being so stupid and have fallen for the Jewish trap..

    It is the Jews, of course, behind all of this fighting between blacks and Caucasians, simply because the blacks are too stupid and most have such a low IQ that they have fallen victim to the falsehood that it is all the “white man’s fault” for their own difficulties.. Most are too ignorant to see that their difficulties are caused by their own actions and their inaction to actually go out and get an EDUCATION….

    The Jews are indeed using the blacks as their foot soldiers to try to wipe out their biggest adversaries, the Caucasians…. Once they are successful in wiping out the whites and have achieved their world dominance, then they will turn on the blacks and have them destroyed….

    It is too bad that the blacks have such a low IQ and are incapable of seeing that they are being used…. If they did and aligned themselves with the whites against the Jews, the Jewish pricks would be wiped out and we would indeed live in a much better world…

  33. Morris Deeds says:

    See JPG:
    Kevin MacDonald – Lessons from Charlottesville – ITEL Radio – 9.2.17

    Kevin MacDonald, Editor in Chief of The Occidental Observer, returned to Inside the Eye – Live on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017. Kevin appeared in hour number 3.

    The discussion largely revolved around what was widely seen as a victory for hostile Jewish elite that is running the United States as they seek to shut down any and all rising nationalist sentiments in the United States. At the forefront of the discussion was the recent Unite the Right rally that was permitted and scheduled to run in the middle of August but which was brutally crushed by the city of Charlottesville and the state of Virginia when “Antifa” protesters who were, according to some independent Youtube videos, bused in.

    Even though the Charlottesville was a clear victory for Jewish power in America, the defeat presented valuable information at the operational depth and deception of the now political opposition. From complicit police forces who actively “stand down”, or worse, herd Nationalists into running a waiting gauntlet of Antifa paramilary units, to a clear recognition that this hostile Jewish elite is doing an end run around Constitutional protections on free speech through the use of abuse of monopolistic power of digital social media and financial platforms, the entrenched enemy of the United States has, and continues to unveil, its operational strategy and absolute contempt for political aspirations of nationalist Americans.

    An admonition: do not underestimate that literal contempt and loathing for Americans that is entrenched in the establishments institutional structures. The war against Western civilization will not be won with a single battle, and it will not be lost with a single event. Some defeats from over-reaching, but have the more important effect of drawing out your enemy.

    That was Charlottesville.

    Immigration, stalled POTUS Trump initiatives, dangers of even heavier handed actions by hostile Jewish media and technology companies all featured in this fast paced discussion.

    More below:

  34. Dafydd says:

    Watch as Assad Destroys US Reporter Michael Isikoff in Interview

  35. protocolsRtrue says:

    This story fits here also. I like the first 48 show because I like seeing these murderers get caught and go to the cage. I find it interesting how the detectives finally catch up to the killers. I wish it were true for all cases but it’s not unfortunately. They have a new show out called Lt. Joe Kenda, Homicide Hunter. I’ve been watching him now too he’s out of Colorado Springs investigated and helped solve almost 400 murders in his career. They gave him a show to tell about some of his most memorable cases. This is the show I just finished quite interesting I’ll recap it for you so you won’t have to watch it. There’s these 2 guys are long haul truck driver team. They’re delivering household goods to an apartment complex near Fort Carson. Amazing how many of his cases involve Fort Carson soldiers either as victims or witnesses or sadly sometime perpetrators. These truck drivers furniture delivery men are no spring chickens. In fact the murder victim is an Air Force Korean war veteran with a Silver Star because a plane went down and was in flames and he repeatedly went back into the burning plane to pull out the wounded who couldn’t get out and even those that were already dead. So they sometimes hire local college kids to help them load and unload the truck. On this particular night they finished unloading the truck and going to leave early next morning so one guy sleeps in the cab and the other in the trailer unlocked of course rolls up in some furniture wrapping blankets. No problem right? Sorry. Bad idea. Do you want to know why it was a bad idea? Yeah tell me why was it a bad idea PRT? Because there were some niggers that lived in that apartment complex too. Now normal civilized humans like you and me would see a tractor trailer moving van parked in the back of the complex and think nothing of it. But not niggers. What niggers see is an opportunity to steal something. So what the 4 niggers all with criminal records decide to do is rob the truck, and they didn’t even go over and check to see if it was already unlocked they already know what they are going to use to break into it. I’m not going to give away the whole story yet because it is what is so interesting about this case. The driver sleeping in the cab hears a commotion and wakes up gets out and finds his partner beaten to death in the trailer what a bloody mess. Lt. Kenda and his team and regular police officers are there trying to figure out what happened and who did it ( I’ll speed this up as much as possible). They find 43 bloody dollars and a box of Christmas lights on the ground, so whoever did it dropped their blood money upon departure. Usual stuff the apartment manager gives a few names of all the thug nigger criminals that live there something to start with otherwise nobody seen anything or knows anything. The kid that helped unload the truck added something but it led nowhere. The homicide hunters mindset is that if I know what the murder weapon was sometimes it helps especially if I develop a suspect that actually has one of those. He goes to the coroners office for info on what killed the guy in this case lacerated liver but blunt force trauma to the head would have been fatal also. They look at the head wounds and cant figure out what caused it other than it was man made because it has symetrical notches and grooves in it. It wasn’t a tree branch or a rock. Aint never seen anything like it before. So Lt. Kenda takes pictures of the guys broken skull and decides to take it to a local tool manufacturing company to ask it’s engineers to help him figure out what did this. They are eager to help he warns them first these are real photographs and then the first engineer pukes in the trash can after looking at it. They get together and say it’s the leg of a surveyors transit. Kenda says what? A surveyors transit? Probably not a murder weapon keep the photos think about it I’ll get back to you. So a few days later he gets back with them we have just a couple things we can think of. The leg of a surveyors transit or the bumper jack of a 1972 General Motors vehicle. Bingo now that one has possibilities. I should have mentioned some of these cases go back decades. So with some help from a recently caught burglar trying to cut a deal by turning snitch and a few other tips they got to the bottom of it. And one of the perps did indeed own a caddilac of course they backed it up to the back of the truck to use to haul away all the stolen goodies and they went to use the bumper jack to bash open the lock but instead it was unlocked and they found a man inside it who worked hard trying to make an honest living. Instead of taking the jack and running away the nigger decided to beat the half-asleep man to death with the bumper jack. And he dropped the mans 43 dollars on the ground also as he was leaving. Now that’s niggers for you.

  36. Karen says:
    A Harvard professor…and his fellow Jews in media take up the story line to where it trickles down to the ghetto rats and 3rd world invaders. Like Moses in the bull rushes, King David, Jewish oppression and the holohoax, these people myths have overtaken ours and will lead to our complete oppression or destruction and death.

  37. Fred says:

    Thanks Incog
    And I hope you enjoy the fruition of labor from some one that you personally inspired.

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  39. Gene says:

    I Just Ponied Up For Incog Man – How About A Fundraiser, Folks

    Put your money where your mouth is, that’s for sure. How about a little fundraiser for Incog Man, folks. I just ponied up a few bucks. How about the rest of you kick in a twenty or two!

    A little help for Incog Man might enable you to post and rant for some time.

    Thanks for all you do Incog Man. Your site is unique and ‘spot on’!.

  40. S O G says:

    go download every fuckin thing on americans4justice
    the injusticefile and imans nigger on white violence links he has from him ..
    it is getting hard to get here ..every dam bridge i used to use is kaput ..
    one thing we need to memorize verbatim ..
    niggers also lynched niggers in olden times in america …for committing rape of a trusted family member etc …or murder ..blacks would very often send a mob out to lynch a nigger …
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  41. S O G says:

    the holohoax is a jewish fairytale and part of jewish folklore as is their supposed ancestrey …more like incestry ..
    the ancient 12 tribes ..blah blah …im sick of even writitng it …why would a god give a mass of scum bag people the right to kill off the inhabitants of palestine when the semites were more miserable criminals than the caananites ….so the semite assholes stole the land from caananites waaaaaay back when and then some sort of weird cohesion group of certifiable pscopaths calling them selves “jews” stole the land and pretended to be the race of the first thieves ….ok i get it now …

  42. Karen says:

    I’d like to donate, (a small amount pilfered from the cookie jar) but only if by cash or money order to a P.O. address, and I don’t see that option.

  43. No says:

    Quietly and without fanfare, justice is being served.

  44. SnowyWhite1950 says:

    I hadnt even heard of the 5 white men killed by the black f. Scott. What a double standard. Racially motivated serial killer, using a gun but not worthy of press. You know what the press says when you ask why they didnt cover something ‘we dont cover small town community crime stories’ they make it sound as if they only go after the rare stories, “public interest” pieces. These black on white crimes are too common to cover. Even serial killings, less rare but they dont want to promote the ‘wrong’ message. Its in the publics best interest to see these stories, to see there is a section of the population that is disproportionately murdering others on all scales. In race and out. But the media doesnt want to equip the average american with the knowledge that would keep them safe, or rather give them a slight advantage. Instead they push the theory that its racist to profile. Hug a venomous snake bc not all will bite you, but be cautious and you are instantly the bad guy.

  45. M.F.H says:

    After learning of this, I don’t think hanging is the appropriate form of execution.
    We certainly don’t want to give these f***ers the possible “pleasure” that is evidently sometimes “received” from this form of execution. Source examples:



    I would make an exception and perhaps give a little more ‘sadistic’ ‘medieval’ form of execution, the way Semitic people might. Perhaps like being dropped onto an 8’x 8′ square frying pan filled with oil the way you cook your stovetop food surrounded by barbed wire so “IT” can’t escape. Just my rage for hearing all this news!

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