Jew Freaks Now Crawling Out of the Woodwork

Look at this Jew wacko! You may not realize it, but such types take great pride in being queer and fooling straights and Christians — who they openly hate and freely trash in the mainstream Jewish media with absolutely ZERO repercussions. Say one word and they sic the PC police down on you for being the big “HATER.”

By Phillip Marlowe

In today’s topsy-turvy America, one now often comes across on the Internet the most insane Jew freaks imaginable. Say anything and idiot liberals out there are trained to scream bloody murder. They have turned this PC crap into a freak fest free-for-all!

The above Jew was born a male (which I doubt was ever really much of a man), and has recently “transgendered” into some sort of weird pseudo woman. I came across “IT’s” Twitter site and took a few minutes to scroll through “IT’s” publicly available photo collection “IT” uploaded. Totally bizarre. Not only is “IT” transgender, “IT” also calls ITself a “lesbian,” too. So, did “IT” retain his penis? Maybe “IT” is really still a male, cleverly getting laid while camouflaged as a female lezbo, with no need for any artificial strap-ons taking up precious space in an over-priced designer purse?

I’m so confused my head is ready to explode!

In a tweet (below continued) the Jew freak also has the nerve to call ITself a “fellow White person,” imploring us to donate our hard-earned dough to the NAACP to help out all the poor, ever-so-oppressed blacks so they can trash the White race even more. You know us Whites still have to feel guilt for slavery and racism forever, don’t you? Jews (fags or not) always call themselves “fellow White people” when pushing leftist crap. That’s common Jewspeak to make it look like the writer “is one of us.” BS! This is part of the big multicultural brainwashing all your Jews are running on Whites as they turn our lands to crap — filled with non-White Third Worlders and total sleaze everywhere you look.

I’ve had quite enough of sick Jew leftys!

These Jew perverts are indeed out there. And not only do they expect you to go along with their bizarre sexual peccadilloes and flaming faggotry, they expect to tell all the rest of us regular people what to do and how to think all the time. If they can brainwash our children to join the pink team, so much the better.

Lefty lunatics and Jews are all for the following:

  • Globalism and borderless nations.
  • Global warming “cultism” to enable more globalist control of our lands.
  • Radical Feminism to demonize White males.
  • Illegal Aliens and unlimited non-White immigration into White countries.
  • Never-ending black militancy and black worship.
  • Blacks are always oppressed and victimized by racist Whites.
  • Black-on-White murders rarely happens, or if does, it’s not racist because only Whites can be racist.
  • Abortion and “recreational” sex for everyone — even kiddies.
  • Hillary Clinton never did anything wrong, nor colluded with foreign entities.
  • They hate Trump, the Alt-Right and “populism” which is code for any of us Whites who have had quite enough of the lefty bull crap forced down our throats and are now doing everything we can within the system to stop it.

And of course:

  • Faggotry, sodomy and transgenderism.
  • Giving confused little children powerful, expensive hormonal drugs to delay puberty so they can decide later on if they want to surgically change genders — and never ever being able to have children. They don’t say anything about that, do they?
  • Making all of us straights have to witness their vile behavior in the streets and in the media because they get off on displaying “queerness.”

Haven’t you figured out these sick Jew bastards will not stop until our lands look just like Sodom and Gomorrah? And our children are turned into childless perverts?

These freaks are so confusing they actually have to make up charts and graphics in the attempt to explain matters. Take a look at this ridiculously convoluted gender artwork I found on “IT’s” twitter site, in the montage below:

The “genderbread person” implies cuteness instead of filth. To these wackos, being a simple hetero man or woman is so boring! They all have to be different in some kind of way — like being Buddhist instead of a mere Christian. This is the crazy mental illnesses Jew media has created in White countries.

These Jews are total nutcases. What’s worse is that us regular folk have to keep it zipped or they could get you in real trouble with your employer or even the Federal Government. They actually have the multibillion dollar media conglomerates and various tax-exempt operations like the SPLC and ADL expressly tasked to intimidate and slander decent White people who dare speak out.

You see how they lied their stinking asses off over Charlottesville, didn’t you? It’s just like some twisted Jew Maoist cultural revolution — with us regular White Europeans the intended target.

The Globalist Jews are the ones trashing America and our White countries in Europe. For decades, they’ve been working quietly to destroy our race in our own lands. It’s really been a racial “PSYOPS” against Gentile Whites so they can eventually control our lands for their long-running racial ambitions of controlling the planet — since they are “the Chosen Ones.”

All of this “White genocide” business is very, very real. Jewry has been in a guerilla war against White people from the start.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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42 Responses to Jew Freaks Now Crawling Out of the Woodwork

  1. Red Pill says:

    Jew Freaks Now Crawling Out of the Woodwork
    like the cockroaches they are.
    any time filth accumulates they are johnny on the spot.
    one would be wise to avoid social deviancy.

    (how to keep jew poo off you and avoid negative judgment)
    Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. (Ecclesiastes 12:13&14)

    i don’t know about the rest of you, but i would rather the whole world hated me
    before i would deny Christ (disobey his commandants).

  2. All white men have had enough of sick jew lefty freaks. It’s obvious they don’t care to make peace with us though as their war against us is being ramped up into top gear. Some weak minded whites have been absorbed into their “cultural revolution” fearing being attacked by some lefty jew entity like the “ADL” or our “J.O.G.”or “Antifa”(code for anti white countries). These jew creep entities can be put down which is long overdue.
    Trump seems to be falling into line with the new world order plan (Rothschild central bank in every country). I am happy he called out those black power niggers though. If they won’t respect the flag and anthem they can leave. We can only pray that the weak see the light and turn away from “joo poo”.

  3. Erik Snohdin says:

    It’s obvious NO ONE is gonna do what needs to be done because there’s too many shekels at stake, right ? So fellas, we are allllllllllll alone. We know what needs to be done, but no one is gonna do it for us. We can come to this place and verbally expose kike scum all day, but our ranting is not the same as taking ACTION. The only thing the kikes understand is DEATH. Everything else pales. Everything else is ENTERTAINMENT. We really have no way to work together, do we ? Talking together is just talk. What we need is MAGNUM FORCE and APOCALPYSE NOW.

  4. Johnny Draco says:

    @ Erik Snohdin says:
    September 24, 2017 at 6:25 am

    “UNITY” by RON McVan
    If one were to assess the consciousness level of the Aryan race today it would be not all that different from the virtual sleepwalking state of the rest of the world. Aryans have become critically oblivious to the life threatening dangers that they face as a species on the one hand, and equally apathetic to the treasure trove of potentialities that they posses as
    a unified people on the other. It was through the practice of tribal unity that the ancient Aryans attained the peerless heights of greatness and power that produced those epic golden ages of historic renown, and only through unity, can we ever hope to dig our way out of the sinking miasmic doom of our current rudderless existence. Unity is the very essence of the strength that we now so sadly lack.
    The elusive euphoria that most everyone seeks is attained through a process of pure being, pure consciousness, and pure bliss. We refer to the source of this bliss as God. Every race has its own ethnic pantheons of divinities which serve as spiritual guides who’s purpose is to not only direct our way back to the source but also to encourage, inspire and strengthen our spirit to accomplish such a perilous journey or quest. The God and Goddess archetypes represent the various “modes” of this one reality’s working; behind each and every one of us. Through all of this we find the underlying indivisible eternal unity that was the seed of our race essence since the origin of our beginning. There is a vitalism that comes from unity. Vitalism is what impels both individual growth and self-realization and the general upward evolution of the folk group and or race, it is a mystic union of soul, body and mind. When people work in unity as one for a common goal there is no limit to what this combined vitalism can accomplish. Vitalism generates the “will to be”, as well as the bravery and daring within us which is the stuff that true greatness and that of which heroes are made. Heroic vitalism is the awesomely powerful driving force that can unlock the full potential of the Aryan soul.
    Through the study of Teutonic Wotanism comes the knowledge and essential overview of who we truly are as an indigenous people back
    to our earliest roots. With the progressive restoration of an ancestral ethnic consciousness rekindling within the race-soul of the individual, it then becomes possible to restore the vital dynamics of the entire race. In order to establish the equilibrium of our lives, it is necessary to rediscover the equilibrium of our Race souls, our true center of gravity, that which was passed down to us through the blood as a hereditary disposition of our forefathers and preserved in the many mythologies and pagan origins of our race. “Artgemeinschaft” is a Teutonic word that best describes this form of progressive tribal paganism. Roughly translated it means ‘community of the species’, a concept that denotes the spiritual adjustment of a people to their own indigenous religion. Our ancestors have demonstrated to us time and time again that they possessed artgemeinschaft along with the raw force and ingenuity that knew no bounds and were capable of constructing the greatest wonders of the world from which today’s world still views in awe.
    Trust, loyalty and unity are the cornerstones of strength and power, be it race, nation, corporation or club. Remove just one of those three and the whole foundation crumbles. The Empire of Rome demonstrates to us the prime example. Rome conquered the entire world but the instant it betrayed its own people the entire empire began to crumble into inevitable and permanent ruin. The decline of Rome is the exact scenario that America is experiencing this very moment in history by giving up its unity as a race, and it too is doomed to its own self inflicted annihilation on all three counts. The trust is gone, the loyalty is gone and the unity is so far gone that the government at this juncture has no clue at all as to what or who this country really represents. Let this diseased corrupt polyglot nation fall as it will but “Our Race” must never accept extinction as an option. Even an insect has more sense and possesses the power and intelligence to endure as a distinct species.

    “To arouse the soul of a race to life is to recognize its highest
    value and under its direction to assign their organic place to
    all other values in the state, art and religion.”
    ………………..Alfred Rosenberg

    The cohesion and unity of a people will never come about without an awaking or we might even go as far as to say a quickening of our Aryan consciousness. The rapid decline of the world leaves no time to sit about and wait for a constructive change to happen at random. If there ever was a time for action it is right now! There can never be unity if we do not first understand who we are as a people, where we came from, why we are who we are and most especially important, where we are going. We fool ourselves when we unthinkingly assume that economic growth will
    indefinitely continue, material well-being will increase in scope and quality,
    and science and technology will solve all our problems. Right now at this
    very moment we are witnessing the utter death of such ideas. There was a time when the western world viewed communism as the worst of all evils when in truth, capitalism was exceedingly worse than communism as it
    still continues to rape and pillage the earth of its natural resources,
    contaminating and consuming every vital resource in its path like one giant
    teeth gnashing destructive golem. Communism and capitalism were in reality a twin-headed monster created to manipulate the masses by the Power Elite. Communism could never have existed without capitalism there to support it from the outset. The whole concept was a ruse and the people as always were duped into spilling precious blood for it, all for naught, only to generate more wealth for the Power Elite. The Power Elite are the limp wristed cowards and murderers who keep their names hidden and let their political puppets and media prostitutes do their bidding. It is no accident that we are living in a sick degenerate society. The manipulators of the world can only operate in such conditions and work around the clock to keep it that way. Back in the 19th century the Grand Commander of the Masonic Lodge, Albert Pike, stated the Power Elites secret agenda quite clearly when he said: “We shall unleash the Nihilist and Atheist. And we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror, will show clearly to the nations, the effect of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.” Now over one hundred years later the world as anyone can clearly see is the Power Elite dream fulfilled. Take a close look at the freemasonic universal emblem and you will see the Latin words that express their ideal; “ORDO ABCHAO” (all order out of chaos). The ruling world powers know that keeping the masses in fear and chaos and endlessly distracted is their greatest lever of control.
    The fear and loathing of the Power Elite is a unified race nation who cannot be manipulated. Again, it must be emphasized that the only real power that a people can possess, the only power that money cannot buy, is unity. The critics and cynics will all be quick to inform you that unity is a joke in the Aryan movement, that there can be no such thing, that it is an elusive dream. But know this, without race unity we are living dead, and your entire species and all that your race preserving ancestors lived fought and died for are doomed to very near and certain extinction. The real joke aside from the existing Aryan cowardice is the belief that you are free. Stop paying your unjust taxes, take actions or speak your mind about things that are not government or Power Elite approved and find out how free you really are. We tell each other how sick society has become but it is the Aryans who are at fault. It was not all that long ago that we held the reigns of this nation, Europe and the world but we made a conscious choice to let it go because we let ourselves become weak, stupid and un-unified and
    let the Aryan American Dream of our founding fathers fall into the dirt. We completely ignored that very vital credo of the builders of this once great nation that, united we stand, divided we fall. The beginning of the end came about when we let loose of our essential and vital Aryan unity.
    Mexicans protest immigration laws and fill the streets to make the
    voice of their race heard, that’s unity! Negroes march on Washington over a million strong to make their voice heard as a race, that’s unity! Jews protest worldwide every time anyone even breathes a word about
    anti-Semitism, that’s unity! A puny third-world nation like Viet Nam kicks
    the butt of the American world superpower, that’s unity! The Arabs in
    Iraq have America with all of its so called power and state of the art war technology wringing their hands in fear and blubbering “What do we do now?” as they lose the futile war of an elected incompetent leader to a rabble band of Iraqi terrorists, that’s unity! Aryans get murdered, raped, robbed, publicly scorned and humiliated everyday of the year by non-Aryans and not the slightest modicum of a response from the Aryan people, that’s pathetic!
    Unity = Power! Without it you are nothing!
    In case that did not sink in,
    Unity = Power! Without it you are nothing!
    Aryan activists who do not understand the vital importance of unity have no purpose whatsoever in the fight for our survival. We haven’t
    a hope in Hades without it. It is through unity alone that we develop the folk-spirit and ethnic dynamism that further creates the dual action of growth and confluence greatly needed to impress and strengthen our people with the phenomenon of power-in-motion. Aryan folk communities are not some utopian goal for the distant future. It is an attainable reality here and now, provided we summon the unity and race awareness to build it. As we work to revive our indigenous spiritual strengths and begin once again to think with our blood, our desire to seize control of our lives, and destiny, will manifest accordingly. Through these means we can and will remain strong with renewed spirit and ethnic pride, but most important of all, “unity”! Through unity, and only through unity, can we ever hope to survive as a race!


  5. Marc C. Daniele says:

    I notice the comments here have gone way down lately. What, do the “pacifists” (infiltrators?) that usually comment here think they have done their job, ie: going off on anyone who thinks real actions should be taken, trying to shut them down?
    You know, like what happened to me in the past. Remember when even my Army Service was questioned, etc. when I called for people to get off their asses (computers, cell phones) and do something?
    Sound familiar to any of the hasbrats on “google plus”, “facebook”, etc.?

    So you know, this is not me going off on you personally. I like your work, just sick and tired of the inactions, and infiltrations!

  6. INCOG MAN says:

    Marc: There’s been seriously blocking of my site out there. In fact, if you can even see me without a proxy browser, you’re lucky. My hit numbers were going up big time until a couple months ago when it went down, in conjunction with massive DDOS attacks. People have said their service providers are blocking their own customers from getting to my site.

    That being said, I can’t always know who are hasbarats or not.

    You White people seeing my site had better realize these filthy Jews are getting real scared and trying to censor the truth from getting out.

    Look at the TV — nothing but “evil Nazis, KKK and White supremacist” talk. They’ve turned up the dial on the brainwashing.

  7. Karen says:

    Hopefully “turning up the dial” will have the opposite effect, hubris has brought the Jew down in the past, and someone once said “give the Jew enough rope and he’ll eventually hang himself.”

  8. What are your views on God etc? I find it dismaying when people comment on Jews, usually with good reasons, but then go on to pin their hopes on Jewish scribblings and Jewish accounts of Jews.

  9. I meant Jew Gods or God or G-d.

  10. Red Pill says:


    In the complex mythology of William Blake, Albion is the primeval man whose fall and division results in the Four Zoas: Urizen, Tharmas, Luvah/Orc and Urthona/Los. The name derives from the ancient and mythological name of Britain, Albion.

    In the mythical story of the founding of Britain, Albion was a Giant son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. He was a contemporary of Heracles, who killed him. Albion founded a country on the island and ruled there. Britain, then called Albion after its founder, was inhabited by his Giant descendants until about 1100 years before Julius Cæsar’s invasion of Britain, when Brutus of Troy came and defeated the small number of Giants that remained (as a group of the Giants had killed all the others).
    sounds like the sons of Albion were the descendants of the giants who were the descendants of The Nephilim, the product of the sons of god mingling with the daughters of Adam , the great Biblical giants, “the fallen ones,” the Rephaim,

    you can believe what you want, i will go with Jesus.

    “Go To Your Roots” is a phrase which has been gaining increased impetus and significance among the 21st century Euro-Heathen Tribes throughout the Western World. Whether one currently aspires to Norse Heathenism, Celtic, Druid, Slavic or the Olympian pantheon, the rapid decline of the West that we are witnessing all around us, brings with it a rekindled and unavoidable ‘Revelation of Thought’ among those who understand the vital importance of returning to their indigenous roots of being.


  11. Red Pill says:

    want to hear a joke????

    “Hillary Clinton told MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid that she believes German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the most important leader in the free world ”

    the first part is pure BS
    the second part that gets me is where is this ” free world “?.
    hint,…………………… not on this planet.

  12. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jew Senator Dianne Feinstein: Christians Can’t Be Federal Judges

  13. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Blockbuster: Russian Satellite Proof, America Is ISIS!

    ISIS positions north of Deir Ezzor manned by US Special Forces. Photos prove America is ISIS.

  14. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Incog – Yes, indeed, the brainwashing has been “turned up”! I’ve never seen so much bullshit misinformation on the “History” Channel as even a few years back. EVERYTHING is skewed to a jew-commie agenda. (However, I thankfully have no trouble accessing your site.) 🙂

  15. JimB says:

    You said above “There’s been seriously blocking of my site out there.”
    And I’ve been experiencing exactly that through my Feedly account. I can still access INCOG MAN through my browser, but I cannot get anything from you through an app called “Readiy Pro” which uses Feedly. This problem just started recently, maybe from last month or so. I used to get regular feeds, daily, through the app via Feedly. And whenever I sign in directly to Feedly and try to manually add your URL to my list, over & over I get “site cannot be reached” or some such crap EVEN THOUGH I CAN CONNECT TO YOUR SITE HERE THROUGH MY BROWSER JUST FINE!
    I do use a VPN (PIA), but I don’t see how that could be causing the Feedly non-connect, as I’ve been using this VPN for years with no issues and I have the VPN running also whenever I am connecting through my browser. Only thing I can figure is that Feedly has black-listed you or something. But I do have other hard-core pro-White and “antisemitic” YouTube channels, sites, blogs, etc. coming in just fine. Weirdly, though, even MUFON is not connecting via Feedly (not that I’m particularly a UFO nut, mind you, lol!) So maybe it’s just a glitch?

    Anyway, great article as always. And I agree with some of the commentators here about ACTION over talk, although I might temper that a little by reminding them that, in a very real sense, talk, too, IS action. It may not be the kind of action that they’re meaning, and it may not be the kind of action that we WILL be, one way or another, required to be engaged in at some point… but it most definitely is valuable action in and of itself. Repetitive talk (and propaganda) from OUR perspective is just as powerful for WAKING enough of the normies as our enemy’s constant use, historically and present-day propaganda they have used and continue to use in order to put the normies to sleep and corrupt them. Getting the word out there, and being REPETITIVE about it — and I don’t mean being repetitive in the sense of necessarily repeating the same stories, etc., but being repetitive in driving forward our central points THAT THE WHITE RACE IS BEING PURPOSEFULLY DESTROYED, MURDERED, BY THE JEWISH POWER-STRUCTURE is a vital form of action that we shouldn’t neglect. Like I said, the time WILL come (as long as things continue to spiral ever downward and press Joe Six-pack and Sally Soccer-mom ever against a firing-squad wall) for physical action, as surely as I’m typing these words, but even then we’ll still need to be cranking out our information and righteous propaganda as any peoples engaged in actual warfare must do, along with ACTUALLY putting our ENEMIES up against that aforementioned firing-squad wall.

    Love you, brother, and the same goes for the rest of you here. KEEP STRONG, REMAIN WATCHFUL, KEEP TALKING AND POSTING, SOUNDING THE ALARM, AND EXERCISE PATIENCE!

  16. Johnny Draco says:

    Our race will continue to drift, helpless and rudderless, so long as those of our own who lead us are blind, gutless and self serving. Boldness, directed by an overruling intelligence, is the brand of the heroic overman and should always remain the prevailing way of our kind. Within the essence of the Aryan folk lies the great power and potential of a new heroic age, a new creative and enlightened age. In a word, the simple acronym “O.R.I.O.N.” (Our Race Is Our Nation) says it all. Orion as a personage in mythology is known as the hunter and the giant slayer which is also intrinsic of the character of our race, for there is nothing that our people cannot surmount when we put our minds to it. Nothing!!


  17. JimB says:

    Here’s a shot of the Feedly issue I mentioned:

  18. Karen says:

    @ Rerevisionist…Your question came after my comment, but that doesn’t mean you were addressing me specifically. My opinions mean very little. Incogman site, I suspect, frowns on the chatroom forum, but in case you were, and for what it’s worth, god has been anthropomorphised. The Jewish god is a particularly nasty piece of work and I’ve often wondered if the god they created in their image is a reflection of their inherent character or if this god has over the centuries warped their basic nature…chicken or the egg. We and the universe are simply, in my unschooled opinion, one big energy dance.

  19. Red Pill says:


    sudanese bodybuilder gunman bursts into Tennessee church and opens fire killing one woman and wounding six others before being taken down by hero armed usher

    Shooting happened at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ around 11am
    One woman is dead and seven others injured after Emanuel Kidega Samson, 25, opened fire
    Police confirmed married mother-of-two Melanie Smith, 39, of Smyrna, was killed
    Two victims were critically injured and four are in stable condition at Vanderbilt Medical Center
    Police say armed church usher Robert Engle, 22, confronted the shooter and stopped the rampage
    Engle is being treated at TriStar Skyline Medical center for injuries he sustained when suspect pistol-whipped him
    The last shooting victim is also being treated at TriStar Medical Center

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  20. Let us take a minute or two today to remember and thank a great American Hero named Douglas MacArthur. With all the jewspeak on tv nowadays it was a White man that saved us some 67 years ago from the communists (jews) of Kim’s NK army not some magic negro. We should thank him and the brave men of his X-force that captured Seoul after a brilliant landing at Inchon by U.S. marines, an 8th army unit and South Korea forces. The combined forces of Canada, Australia, Britain, United States, and South Korea pushed N. Korea back to the Chinese border.
    At such a perilous time in history we need to remember where our freedom was won not how we need to right imaginary wrongs of the past. Freedom is not free so we need to be steadfast in our fight.
    I just woke from a terrible nightmare of bombs going off like the northern lights in the sky. I hope that doesnt mean war. Once a war starts the reason why it started is quickly forgotten then victory is all that matters. If need be we need to pray for another great White hero like Douglas MacArthur to step forward to lead us to victory .

  21. Red Pill says:

    “If need be we need to pray for another great White hero like Douglas MacArthur to step forward to lead us to victory .”

    you don’t pray for a man to lead you, and you don’t know the very dark side of
    Douglas MacArthur as this was a “created” hero.
    he sorta reminds me of John McCain, another created hero for the public.

    i knew a few men that survived the Bataan Death March
    you would not have made this statement to them, the betrayed.

    Bataan Death March

    my father was on the detail that evacuated Douglas MacArthur
    whom left his men like a coward he was.

    created hero’s serve the deception.

  22. protocolsRtrue says:

    Personally, I don’t think we need to be scattered all over the world in the first place fucking with everybody. Especially when we don’t even secure our own borders let alone the 39th parallel. I watched an episode of “Live PD” from Mission Texas and the cop on routine patrol stops a line of kids and an 8 month pregnant lady walking down the road just crossed the river. Coming to have her American born citizen anchor baby on Medicaid. Who do they give the wic and ebt money too? Not the one day old baby of course, to the baby momma. Anyway, if your all over the world the other side of the world fucking with people in THIER back yards looking for war don’t be surprised when it happens and don’t be blaming them.

  23. JimB says:

    @protocolsRtrue, well you’re right, we don’t need to be… but it isn’t “we” anymore than our government is “we the people”, surely you know that? The people — the true we — aren’t calling the shots and haven’t been since ww2 or thereabouts. We are ruled over by JEWS who have an agenda far different than what we would ever want for ourselves, and THEY know exactly what THEY are doing by scattering our resources to the four winds and opening/flooding our borders.

  24. protocolsRtrue says:

    That’s why WE call it zog, the zionist occupied government. Believe me, if anybody knows that our is a whole separate entity running (ruining) the rest of this country on fake federalmeansjewish reserve debt and deficit notes and digits, it is me. The inside the beltway swamp and all it’s richest suburbs in America and all the federalmeansjewish employees and scumbag coward traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agent tough boys and girls in it are a whole separate entity completely shielded and unaware of what life is like in the rest of America. And they don’t care either. They have their great pay and benefits for their work simulation activities. protocol 1 paragraph 3. Hopefully the rest of the world realizes that too. That our is not the average regular American and neither is anything coming from the jewish media or jewlywood. It is just what I said, it’s the jews stupid! We cant even get our dumbed down Americans forget about the niggers to figure that out yet either.

  25. Morris Deeds says:

    Karen says:
    September 24, 2017 at 12:18 pm
    Hopefully “turning up the dial” will have the opposite effect, hubris has brought the Jew down in the past, and someone once said “give the Jew enough rope and he’ll eventually hang himself.”

    Was that Hitler Karen or did he say “The Jew is the only one that will saw off the
    branch he is sitting on” they can’t help themselves they’re born this way!

  26. Morris Deeds says:

    See JPG

    The New World Order Is Linked with World Zionism and Western Central Banking Cartel
    By Jonas E. Alexis on September 24, 2017

    I am convinced that my thoughts on the metaphysics of the New World Order system as an American in an adversarial relationship with the ideological totalitarianism of the Globalist/Zionist/New World Order elite running the American government, central banking cartel, media, and culture, completely intersect with those expressed by Alexander Zinoviev as a Russian 16 years ago, and those of the Supreme Leader of Iran in his Second Letter to Western Youth

    More below:

  27. Red Pill says:


    “WHITE PRIVILEGE”…- A Message to Young Black (and white) thugs
    (19.37) (check the comments)

  28. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    Another juden freak crawling out of the woodwork here?

    I’m calling jew or half jew. I can’t find verification for satanic bloodlines or his slime ball daddy either.

  29. Barney says:

    IncogMan – I hope you won’t mind me posting a message on here for Hoff. He’s been having a few problems, and it’s possible that some of the following could be helpful (I hope). I’ve posted it on the current thread at Hofflandia ( ), but he may not see it there.

    Hoff – A suggestion. Perhaps I’m talking rubbish. Perhaps you won’t even see this. Perhaps it will provide a solution to your present predicament. Only you can know.

    My understanding is that you’ve forgotten your password and can’t administer Hofflandia without it.

    I’ll start by admitting that my total experience of running a website consists of hand-coded HTML hosted on the “free” space made available by ISPs in the days of dial-up connections. This means my knowledge is now so outdated as to possibly be meaningless. I thought the following could be worth considering though.

    Would it be possible to create a new site, a sort of Hofflandia-2 ? There’s still the problem of linking to the new site from the existing one, but if you’re able to post a comment on your present site, perhaps that would do, and we (or you) could post that new link everywhere we go.

    I don’t know whether it would be possible to “capture a Googlebot” and achieve top listing that way, but it worked well for me. The code I used in the “head” part of the page was

    [meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow”]
    [meta name=”revisit-after” content=”7 days”]

    … remembering to substitute “angle brackets” where I’ve used square brackets. I don’t know whether this kind of thing would be possible in WordPress though.

    Copying the existing content to the new site would probably be too big a job, but you could copy the links from the top of the existing pages and then provide links back to threads on the present (“old”) site, perhaps down the side of your new Home page as a lot of people do.

    Not possible to have three sites on WordPress perhaps? Would it be possible to put one on Blogger?

    Another suggestion, assuming any of the above can be done, would be to also provide a link to your jewise site. You’ve got a lot of useful resources there that most people probably never see since Hofflandia was created. I’ll post a link here for anyone who needs it.

    As I’ve said above, I don’t know how much – if any – of this is possible, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d like to see Hofflandia fully functional again.

  30. Dafydd says:

    Frank Weltner Presents…
    This Scholarly Library of Facts about Domestic & Worldwide Zionist Criminality

  31. Red Pill says:

    if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck
    then it’s a satanic jew

    “Blake Liebel started his entertainment career working on Space Balls for Mel Brooks, where he learned to direct animation and tell jokes.”

    Blake Leibel: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

  32. Barney says:

    Back on topic. I went to fairyland (Brighton, probably the queerest town in England) at the weekend, and saw a pink ambulance! Everything about it was designed to give the impression that it was a real emergency ambulance, even down to the “999” in the URL, and it looks as if it still has the flashing blue lights and siren that are only “legal” on a real emergency vehicle.

    (999 is the emergency number over here, equivalent to 911 in the US)

    The wording of the relevant law goes something like “… anything that looks or sounds like …“… a gong, bell, siren or alternating two-tone horn (and almost certainly flashing blue lights) …” is illegal on a non-emergency vehicle, and this law even applies to “retired” emergency vehicles in private ownership.

    Imagine having a medical emergency and asking these queers for help, only to find it’s not a real ambulance.

    Anyone else driving a vehicle that impersonates an emergency vehicle in any way would end up in the gulag, but queers can get away with anything.

    Once we clear the jew infestation that makes such things possible, any remaining (=non-jewish) queers can be dealt with similarly, and then we get rid of their pet monkeys.


  33. Red Pill says
    “you don’t pray for a man to lead you and you don’t know the dark side of Douglas MacArthur as this was a “created” hero.”
    He was created to serve a purpose you say. I wasn’t there nor did I know anyone that was. My father was in the army reserves and may have had to serve in Korea if the conflict continued. My point is I would rather live the way I did growing up in the 60s never being really hungry than in communist poverty. Barack Obama was a created politician to serve a purpose.
    If you don’t ask you won’t receive. If I needed a leader and I asked Jesus who should I ask to lead me I imagine he would say God. Without a leader a group of men are like a ruderless ship.

  34. Red Pill says:

    white avenger says:
    September 25, 2017 at 5:47 pm
    we already have a leaderless revolution
    it’s in our hearts and minds
    it resonates with our soul
    it’s in our DNA.
    God will raise his people again, (the true white man)
    when they turn there face to him.(thanks fucking jews for all the distractions).
    when false religion is destroyed, then and only then will we be victorious.
    i get my information from asking for it and receiving the answers
    from the holy spirit.
    i am as dumb as they get, this was told to me.
    i have no way to know on my own.
    and it goes with the “book”.

  35. Morris Deeds says:

    *******Incog Man, Fresh off the Presses:
    Deadly Tennessee church shooting: Sudanese immigrant arrested, FBI launches civil rights investigation********************************************************

    This Immigrant Black bastard pistol Whipped usher who tried to stop him
    many think, it was “hate related.”

    One woman was killed and seven other people were hurt after a suspect identified as a Sudanese immigrant opened fire at a Tennessee church Sunday, police said, as the FBI confirmed it’s launched a civil rights investigation into the shooting.

    The suspect, 25-year-old Emanuel Kidega Samson, immigrated from Sudan two decades ago, police said. He’s suspected of bringing at least two pistols and a mask to the predominantly white Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, southeast of Nashville, before opening fire.

  36. Barney says:

    Johnny Draco – I’m not disagreeing with you. If it can be done, it will be done, and we know MK-Ultra is real. (Not was. It still is.) Human cloning too has been going on since (I believe this is right) 1906.

    The tennis-playing Williams “sisters” were born male though, so reports of one of them being “pregnant” are about as truthful as if Michael Robinson (Obongo’s boyfriend, known as “Michele”) were to make similar claims.

    It’s long past time to end all this “tranny” nonsense and go back to calling a queer a queer.

  37. Johnny Draco says:

    And now for some European “royalty”.

  38. john says:

    let their be blood, sick of the gun grabbing jew bastard mf’s. Sick of the nigga babboons, sick of the white punks that suck up to both these low life races, useless for anything but evil and destruction. I am positive now that that cking FDR went to the wrong side in world war two or all the shit happening now would not be. WE would not be praising homos, we would not have a bunch of pussys on the policeforce worring about their time of when they get knocked up, and all of them planned just that way, the benefits. How many twits have been disarmed and beaten up and their guns taken from them since we started the pusiffication and niggerization of America, by the Jew Yikes Motzaball pedaphiles like this scumbag jew Weinstein, How How I wonder does the jew mf Soros get away with all he has done and he lives and innocent people die for nothing but go to a country concert, The country suck but is sucks less than the rest of the world. The Nigga football players should be charged with sedition, when are we going to step on thes evil foul fuckers, and that twat Michel Obama right out racist bitch says what ever she wants to say to the world and she gets away with it. White old men get sucker punched and the teenager get nothin, change the fucken law if you hurt someone no age barrier allowed. If you hurt you get hurt, the son of bitchen liberals are ruining everything and its the season of blood needed.

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