NFL Ratings Plunge Due to Disrespectful Negroes

Hundreds of Negro football players disrespected America by refusing to stand for the national anthem Sunday.

By Lee Rogers

The ratings for Sunday’s Negro Felon League games came out today and as expected they were not good. It turns out that many White Americans don’t want to spend their time watching a game played by disrespectful niggers who refuse to stand for the national anthem.

The Hill:

Sunday night’s nationally televised game between the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders on NBC was the lowest-rated Week 3 game since 2006, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Overall, the Redskins 27-10 victory was down 9 percent compared to last week’s matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons, and 11 percent when compared to last year’s Week 3 Sunday night game on NBC.

The afternoon games also didn’t fare well, with Fox’s national game between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles down 16 percent from the featured game in Week 3 last season on the network.

CBS’s national game at 4:25 p.m. ET, an overtime thriller featuring the Green Bay Packers comeback over the Cincinnati Bengals, was down just 1 percent when compared with 2016’s Week 3.

The Jew media is in damage control. They’re claiming that the league’s ratings were mixed and that it is too soon to tell if this national anthem business has had any impact.

Nice try kikes, but your days of using breads and circuses as a patriotic distraction are now over. You’ve just kiked yourselves by letting these football apes disrespect the national anthem. Nobody is going to look at the NFL the same way again. Even Rush Limbaugh has said that the NFL is dead.

The President noted that there was a “tremendous backlash” against the NFL over these stupid protests.

The league is not going to admit that they got this wrong though. It is pretty much a guarantee that the rampant niggerism the league is plagued with will continue. After all, niggerism is officially sanctioned by the league itself. This is just going to turn more White Americans away from watching these pointless spectacles.

I mean, do you really want to spend your time watching a game where a nigger pretends to pee like a dog after he scores a touchdown?

It’s time for White Americans to rise up against this insanity. Instead of watching these monkeys chase after a ball every Sunday, do something productive with your time. Go to the gym, go on a bike ride, go on a hike, read a book, post Daily Stormer fliers in your local neighborhood or bang some chicks. These are all more productive activities than sitting on a couch drinking beer and watching a bunch of millionaire niggers who hate you and your family.

INCOG NOTE: I stopped watching NFL on a regular basis years ago. Sure, I might watch the Super Bowl to keep tabs on what the stinking GD Jews in advertising are doing with anti-White commercials (making White guys look stupid all the time), but that’s about it. I watch NASCAR. Go to just one race in person and you, too, will love it!

Can you hear us now?

Angry Americans are cancelling their Sunday NFL packages with DirecTV and some are receiving refunds after citing anthem protests for their reason.

DirecTV Offers Refunds After Customer Service Bombarded With Cancellation Demands Over Anthem Protests

Do NOT Watch Negro Felon League Football. Tell your friends, too. — INCOG MAN


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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33 Responses to NFL Ratings Plunge Due to Disrespectful Negroes

  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    The Wise Old Man must have passed on. He hasn’t posted a new video in a few years now. People use to post his videos here. Joe Cortina hasn’t posted an new article since 2015. I wonder what is going on with him?

  2. James says:

    They are worthless animals, and I am glad they pulled this shit. This is the kind of thing that wakes White people up to what we are dealing with. There is no amount of handouts or tolerance that will make this failure of a race happy. These bipeds will fail wherever they are and drag humans down with them if we continue to pretend that they are human.

    There is not a single person I know that was not disgusted by this. I hope they continue this and even pull this at the Olympics. I wish I was able to boycott the NFL. It I have not watched that nigger infested shit ever in my life, save for a Super Bowl or two with my local team only because I was with company.

  3. Nationalist says:

    You are right James, 100% right as a matter of fact and all Whites should think this way but we have a problem and it is called degenerate liberalism. Most of our people are brainwashed which is putting us on the path to destruction. Progress my ass, liberalism is the work of the devil and if more Whites do not come to realize this it will doom the entire planet. There is a place for all races on this planet but not all mixed together in one nation – an idea that simply will not work. As far as football goes it is just one more violent form of entertainment that we would be better off without which is why Jews like promoting it. Also let’s not forget about all of the race mixed marriages between Negro sports stars and attractive White women hell bent on becoming rich and I do mean hell bent just like Nicole Brown Simpson was. We need a spiritual movement that will lead Whites back to a moral way of living and a boycott of the Negro Felon League would be a good place to start.

  4. Luna says:

    It’s simply disgusting that those “looksatmuh” feetzball niggers are making millions of dollars throwing a ball around. Disrespectful ungrateful violent species of sub-ape, should all be shipped back to the Congo where they could be around their own species. I’m sick of seeing niggers every time I turn on the tv.

  5. Whitepride says:

    I was never a fan of those blasted niggers!! Hope the Nigger Felon League goes bankrupt!! Go to hell niggers!

  6. Barney says:

    I don’t understand how anyone can be surprised by this latest display of TNB. Monkeys don’t understand the concept of respect. Why would they? They don’t even respect other monkeys. All they understand is feed and breed, feed and breed. With little or no understanding of past and present, of cause and effect, they probably don’t even understand why niglets keep arriving.

    “You bees gettin fat”, then a niglet appears. “Where dat come from?”

    People keep trying to project Human attributes onto wild animals, but it doesn’t work like that with these monkeys. Despite walking more or less upright and eeking and ooking in an approximation of Human speech, the nigger is the least Human-like of the wild apes.

    Monkeys living wild in the jungles don’t ask for what they want. Why would they? It’s just a wild animal version of “gibs me dat” accompanied by typical monkey noises. There’s no respect, no “can I have that?”. They just take it, and they’ll attack any other monkey that gets there first.

    The experiment has gone on long enough. Chimps are not Human and never will be. They’re a different species, and they don’t belong in Human society. They’re not capable of understanding our ways. That’s why they destroy everything. Look at Detroit. Look at Chimpcago. Look at any chimp ghetto. It’s a jungle animal trying to live as Nature intended and failing to cope as an imitation Human. They’re not Human. They’re monkeys, and the sooner we overthrow the devil jew and send the monkeys back to the jungle, the better for all concerned, the monkeys as well as we Humans.

  7. Barney says:

    IncogMan – off-topic, but I’ve just tested a couple of your links, Radical Press and Songs for White Folk, and they’ve both gone. I realise it’s a full-time job running a site like this, but perhaps you could find something else to link to while we still have “our” part of the internet.

    Harold Covington perhaps? Northern Truth Seeker? Take our world back? Daily Stormer? Morgoth’s Review? Just a few suggestions.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Barney: OK I see that. I wonder if Radical Press got censored? He’s in Canada and was constantly in trouble with the Jew thought police.

  8. Barney says:

    Here’s something else we need to get rid of, except that this one has done us all a favour by doing the job itself.

    (in case that link breaks, Click Here).

    Gary Burke, a creature so repulsive it makes normal people want to throw up, pretends to be a “woman” named Zoe O’Brien, then hangs itself during “a sex act”.

    That’s one less freak polluting our world and stealing my air. Pity the don’t all do the same. The world would be a much better place without them.

    Correction – the world will be a better place once we’re rid of the devil jew and the perverts it creates.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Barney: I read that article about that sick f*ck tranny hanging itself. I had a cop friend who found the bloated, rotting corpse of one of these types. That’s when I first read some stuff about these freaks. Totally sick wackos.

  9. Red Pill says:

    “NFL Ratings Plunge Due to Disrespectful Negroes”

    i confess, i watched one football game in my life.
    i think it was the cotton bowl in 1967.
    the game went into triple overtime.
    so i haven’t given a shit for “ball” games in 50 years.
    i quit false religion and group participation.
    my life belongs to me, without “hive” mentality.
    some folks say i am crazy, but i know i am “free”.
    free from “group” insanity.*

    (* exception made for INCOGMAN blog)

  10. Red Pill says:

    the world will never be a better place.
    it’s been a shit hole from the beginning.
    to bad they had to destroy the “EARTH” to bring on the world.
    the earth is Gods creation.
    Satan brought on the world.

    two different forces are in contradiction with each other.
    gee, i wounder who will win the battle ?
    i read in a “book” the world would be destroyed.
    can’t happen soon enough for me.
    light over darkness, truth over deceit .
    it’s your soul they wish to defect.
    God bless mother earth.

  11. Red Pill says:

    the federal government subsidizes the NFL billions of dollars. the bastards are on welfare.

  12. Gilbert Huntly says:

    A friend started asking a few years back “Whose niggers are you rooting for in Sunday’s game?”. (I always tell him I don’t bother myself with thinking about it – much less spend my time watching it.)

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    Thank you for this thread. I’ve been waiting to put in my 2 cents worth. Do you see the jew media at it again trying to say the President is at fault for making divisive statements and tweets about the niggers disrespecting the flag and the national anthem? jew media is not going to change. Every national news program starts with the first ten minutes bashing our president. If they have nothing that makes sense they just make something up like the Russia bullshit and just keep repeating that over and over again louder and louder. Then there is the natural disaster story president not doing enough and then the white people bad story and finish with the great black heroism story. But anyway see how jews always spin stuff around backwards and blame others for what THEY are doing? Trump saying that people who disrespect our flag and national anthem should be fired is NOT the divisive thing. People (if you want to call them that) who REFUSE to stand or take off their hats or even come on to the field to show respect for our flag and NATIONAL anthem are the ones who are divisive. UNITY is 60 thousand people showing a whole 3 minutes of silence and standing in reflection and RESPECT for our flag and anthem and what it stands for and the sacrifices that some have made to secure that freedom of speech and expression. DIS-UNITY and DIVISIVNESS is the handful of disrespectful overpaid assholes that cannot even be bothered to do THAT for 3 minutes of their busy week. Fuck them and the 100 dollar ticket 40 dollar parking 7 dollar hotdog and ten dollar beers too. Fuck the beer and truck commercials too and tee shirts and hats and everything else overpriced made in Singapore official nfl logo. Hit them where it hurts and the jews take notice. In their revenue stream.
    Hopefully the goyim ARE waking up. It’s the nation-wrecking jews behind this divide the goyim among themselves create discord and disunity mistrust and hatred sow the seeds of civil war only black lives matter antifa and every other subversive group of agent provocateurs Marxist commie Bolshevik jews and their stupid ass pet niggers on soros jew types payrolls to do nothing but fuck shit up and cause problems in goy countries. I don’t even know what these niggers are bitching about anyway? What could they POSSIBLY be complaining about? They are there because they can run fast or jump high throw and catch a football or toss a ball through a hoop. Entertainers. You don’t want to entertain? Fine. I WILL read a true history non-fiction book or change the oil in my car instead. You aint no fucking mother Theresa’s. You aint rocket scientists either your on the field and got your free 4 year scholarship in basket weaving because your single baby-momma with 7 niglets and no baby daddies around until dinnertime with the ebt card and sleepy time/fuck time in the free or subsidized housing. So they grow up to be 6 feet 7 inches tall and 350 pounds and can play on the line. Say their momma raised them and 9 brothers and sisters all by herself. Yeah all by herself along with taxpayer funded welfare and food stamps and ebt cards and free Medicaid/obamacare and free or subsidized housing and free utilities including sailfones with unlimited talk and texting and videos. Other than all that free stuff from working taxpayers she raised you all by herself. Now that you are a millionaire instead of buying HER a mansion why don’t you pay the working taxpayers back a few million dollars we paid for your schooling and college too. Or they are 7 feet tall and can toss a basketball through a hoop. They graduate 4 years of college still with a first grade intelligence level because they are sub-human ungrateful niggers that cant appreciate the fact that being in America and an American citizen is the best thing that could have ever happened to them and their ancestors. Apes are still trying to do everything they can to come to America to fuck up the civilized human society we’re trying to maintain here like that nigger from sudan that shot up the church the other day. And need a jew agent to manage all the money the jew owners are going to pay them. Numerous gold chains and gold teeth and Humvees and entourages later they are broke with child support and back taxes due don’t cry to me about how unfair your life has been, has been. I’m starting to LIKE seeing all those empty seats and even whole sections empty in the stands. Too bad for all the down-and-outs they hire trying to make an honest dollar selling concessions though.

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    Is there any other species that consistently bites the hands that feed them like niggers do? That displays such hatred and contempt and animosity for the very people who work hard and sacrifice to give them food and housing and medical care and everything else? My dogs don’t do it. My cats don’t do it. They show me appreciation and unconditional love. I know jews are worse though because they will take everything they can get with a smile on their faces but all the while subverting and sabotaging everything good you try to accomplish and waiting for the most opportune time when it can do the most damage to stick a dagger in your back and destroy you.

  15. INCOG MAN says:

    Looks like Arthur Topham’s Radical Press has been closed down by the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission.

  16. Red Pill says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    September 27, 2017 at 12:47 pm
    the day you go down, my finger will be on the trigger.
    there is a silent majority out there.
    they won’t be silent long.

  17. Barney says:

    IncogMan – This seems to be the latest on the Artur Topham/Radical Press situation. It’s dated March 13th 2017.

    From a quick skim, I didn’t see anything about how long he’s banned from the internet or what the “curfew” is about, but at least he wasn’t sent to nigger university

    The repulsive Richard Warman has a lot to answer for when we take control. Here’s a link to the slimy bastard’s website if anyone wants to see what evil looks like.

  18. INCOG MAN says:

    Barney: I found the updated link for Songs for Whites, but Radical Press is gone. Sad, they got him taken down. All his stuff was merely exposing Israel’s war crimes and nothing to do with race like I do all the time. Think about how rotten that is. He asked me to do a free ad here to get him donations.

  19. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Breaking: NFL To Be Stripped Of Federal Funding – Top Stories Today

  20. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Incog, –

    The finished 1966 study called “A Study in the Desirability and Feasibility of World Peace” has 48 pages, printed and published by Dial Press for two weeks before publication was shut-down by LBJ. Afterward, because so many copies had already “leaked”, it was referred to as a hoax. It isn’t. It is now called “The Iron Mountain Report”, of which, no doubt, many of you have heard. It was initiated in 1964, and was the result of a gathering/assignment of leading figures from academia, industry, business, medicine, and military at a Rockefeller retreat on the Hudson called “Iron Mountain”. Besides a consensus calling for the creation of “synthetic viruses” to be used to curb “undesirable” population, one section of the report suggested that spectator sports, viz., football, could/should be promoted to attract “the people’s” aggressions away from the political arena. The NFL was born! (It has worked well, for its purpose, because it has captured the attention away from the shenanigans of national elected officials!)

  21. tnoreader says:

    Never watched the Nigger Felon League, but now all the more reason to not watch ANY nigger sports and spread the news on their disrespect to the country.
    If they dont like it they can go to Africa and try the same shit, see how long they LIVE……

  22. Barney says:

    Oops! Posted this on the wrong thread, so here it is again.

    Thanks for fixing the RebWest link, IncogMan. I’ve exceeded my bandwidth allowance for this month, but I’ll check it out next week.

    Over here “our kind” of niggerball is what (I believe) you’d call soccer (so do we sometimes). I’ve never seen a live (professional) game, and I don’t believe I’ve ever endured it on tel-aviv-zion either, but it’s practically 100% non-White. Only last weekend, one of the devil’s own (named Hemed or something) apparently stamped on an opposing player, but his goal was allowed to stand.

    Most players are black and brown, with “good old traditional English names” including Bong, Krul, Maenpaa, Dunk, Shelotto, Kayal, Skalak and something that sounds like L’ooh-arr-L’ooh-arr.

    Ooh Arr Ooh Arr? Sounds like “pirate talk” from some stupid kids’ programme. Why do the lowest breeds of nigger think they have to say everything twice? Do they think we didn’t hear them the first time?

    People sometimes agree with me when I say the “local” team should consist of local players, but still the masses (or them asses as Hoff might call them) queue up to hand their shekels over.

    What kind of an idiot pays good money to watch monkeys playing with a ball? I’d rather watch paint dry.

    At least the chimps at Monkey World don’t pretend to be Human, and it’s better value at twelve quid (£12 GBP) for a whole day (or £38 for a family of four). No idea what (((they))) charge to watch niggerball.

  23. S O G says:

    like it says
    its all coming apart for the jew niggerized footy teams and bullshit …
    jews dont caRE ..
    the reecruiters wont hire whites anymore ..

  24. Ray says:

    I don’t give a damn about the national anthem (the Russian national anthem sounds cooler anyway) or the damn bloody striped rag of the JewSA (it no longer represents White freedom and liberty, it represents jewish tyranny, oppression and war). However, if niggerball players do something like this to anger and wake up White lemmings to racial reality, it’s a win for Team White.

  25. Ray says:

    Something else wrong with the Nigger Felon League:

    ‘The Real Problem: The Militarization of the NFL’


    The fucking NFL is in serious doodoo as new article from the Daily Sheeple shows that the damn Negroids worked together last Sunday night to ruin it for white QB Derrick Carr and basically threw the game… Read link here:

    And there you have it… damn Negroids have fucked up the NFL and now have finally destroyed the entire league..

    I wonder what dumb ass Goodall will do about this one? For if that Jew controlled lackey does not take a stand, then the niggers have ruined the sport and permanently!

  27. john says:

    the niggers are spitting in anyone who served in the military, they are spitting on our ancestors, they are being allowed to take down statues in the name of niggery, and the cowards sit back and watch the football and they let the statues come down now how the fuck did Columbus get into this, you can tell these dumb fuck nigs and libers anything and they will believe it, turn off the cking televisions, burn your tickets , grab that crappy shirt and use it for a rag. Football players are like Sharpton he say if you live across from him and you got food and he don’t he gonna take it from you, sure he is a big sized man and could probably take things away from you unless, unless you have what is called an equalizer, and don’t let the jews and the cowardly politicians ever infringe on your right to arm yourself or you will have things taken off you from some 6 ft 4 nig who weighs 280 lbs, but with the equalizer he go to the ground with the worms, where he belongs. Remember never ever give in to gun control.

  28. Bob says:

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why any self respecting white man would waste their time and money watching nigger ball. That includes all forms of nigger ball; football, basketball, baseball etc. I have never had any interest in these judaized sports. You are just turning over shekels to niggers and jews. Think of all of the constructive things you could do with the wasted time: learn a language, study the stock market, exercise, enjoy nature, read a good book, cook a gourmet meal, work on a craft, take a local drive, etc etc etc. I recommend white men cut the jew cord and unsubscribe from cable if they subscribe. You may need internet service but not the TV component which is all jew propaganda such as ESPN,CNN, NBC, CBS, PBS, etc. Many of these fake news channels are available free anyway on JewTube if you have a streaming device. But cut the jew cord if you can and don’t give any more shekels to ESPN or any of the other jew propaganda outlets. Because so many people are cutting the cord, I have read that many of these jew medias are increasing the cost of broadband by itself. This is deplorable since the jew is trying to recover the lost income from cord cutting by overcharging for an internet connection. I don’t have an answer for this except shop around. DSL might be the best bet since they are not as affiliated with jew content as are cable companies. BUT DON’T TURN YOUR MIND TO MUSH WITH NIGGER BALL!!

  29. WhiteLightning says:

    Testing testing.

  30. WhiteLight says:

    Where I’m from; Vancouver, Canada, there’s so many GD asians, east indians, etc., on the busses and trains, that decent hard-working white folks can’t even get a seat after a long day of honest work!

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