Tubby SJW Heather Heyer Died of a Heart Attack

By Phillip Marlowe

Now normally I’m not one to give women a ration of crap. And I genuinely like women with a few curves. A few mind you. But the leftist media turned the tubby, practically obese Heather Heyer into a “Social Justice Warrior” (SJW) hero of the ages, for chrissakes. A ridiculous martyr figure created on the spot to make any of us pro-White activists and/or pro-Robert E. Lee protestors at Charlottesville look so evil. The PC narrative spinners love victims — made up or not. Hell, they acted like the two dead State police helicopter pilots, killed in a supposed accident after the event, was the fault of all us White “haters” on the ground. Totally insane.

This is NOT Heather Heyer in the blue top. Heather was dressed in all black and on the other side of the street. See videos below.

They purposefully let people imagine Heyer died a bloody, gruesome death at the hands of a “White supremacist” behind the wheel of that Dodge Challenger. They wanted the American people to think the poor girl was squashed like a bug.

But it has since come out she really had a heart attack and wasn’t even touched by the car itself (other leftys did land on her trying to jump out of the way). That’s bad and all, but this is a prime example how FAKE NEWS conveniently forgets to mention a few details to embellish the brainwashing. They do this all the time to fill White people with lefty crap. They know exactly the right buttons to push.

If you’re a critically thinking White person, you got to stop and think about all this lying liberal media BS. Sure, you’re a live and let live kind of guy or gal, not wanting to hurt anyone just because of the color of their skin. OK, I get that. But what if you had secret, very rich and powerful people off in the shadows someplace actively manipulating your feelings and of those around you? Don’t you get the clever trickery these media whores are up to?

I mean, the lefty PC bull crap is not really all that hidden. You can even spot it yourself if you pay attention to what they push constantly on TV. Watch CNN or HBO for 10 minutes. It’s not exactly tin foil hat conspiracy business.

The mom says she died of a heart attack in a NBC interview.

I actually know fairly well that part of the country where Heather Heyer is from. Let me tell you that had the woman died fighting in defense of the statue of Robert E. Lee or God forbid the White race, they would be saying she was inbred TRAILER TRASH quite openly on mainstream TV. For sure. They might chill on the fat descriptions, though, yet would still smirkingly show any recent fat photos so you note that to yourself. Get the hypocrite trickery out of the leftwing media?

Now the brainwashers long ago knew they had better deal with gun-toting rural Whites so they don’t present a problem for the “Agenda.” So they tailored all kinds of things to manipulate these people over the years. I’ve seen it all myself with my own two eyes. Specific, targeted social engineering of this demographic.

Not only is Danica Patrick a fairly competent driver (in the top third), but she’s also a good-looking White gal, too.

To this day they are still trying to find ways to “niggerize” NASCAR racing, yet have trouble finding any black driver worth a crap. NASCAR drivers are not only physically tough, but are situational aware, intelligent and have real backbone. Things Negroes have problems with.

But I will admit they are good at running excitedly back and forth with a B-ball.

You know why Danica Patrick is a reasonably successful driver? Because she’s a White gal, that’s why. But no one is going to dare say that because of all the self-elected PC police out there running amok. That’s how bad it is — us Whites aren’t allowed to take the least pride in our race before all the creeps start screaming bloody murder!

I’ve fly fished for Brookies all over that area where Heather’s parents live (Ruckersville, Virginia). And I’ve bought a few mason jars of moonshine in my time not that far away. I like the Plum over Rocket Rye, but then again I’m a “pussy flatlander”(not really — I’ve lived all over). Hell, I’ve even smoked a few big fat spleefs with the boys up in the hills. I used to go dove hunting a lot in the same area as that somewhat famous (the phony reality TV show “Moonshiners” on Discovery) Moonshiner Tim Smith is from. That’s only a little southwest of Charlottesville.

And sure, Heather’s mom was naturally upset over her chubby daughter’s untimely death (maybe not so untimely with her weight), but you could see she was soon digging all that media attention in the days that followed. She was eating it up like a hog rooting in grandma’s back garden! You see, that’s the thing with the media. They know human nature well. Everyone loves getting on TV. And I’m certain the pin-suited fat cats up in NYC were also eating it up. Yeeehaw! They love it when Whites play the part in their own destruction for free.

Anyhoo, getting back to the main dealy with my site, the filthy Jews have most definitely been brainwashing us decent White people by using our own good graces against us.

I’m going to make a blanket statement to all my White brethren up in the hills: These dirty elite bastards have been laughing about you from day-one. These are the creeps really behind all the moral and social upheavals in America. All the sick BS you see on TV and the movies is due to these dirtbags. They are literally behind opening our lands to terrorist Muzzies and criminal blacks from Africa. What they have been doing is gradually turning us Whites into a pussified, spat-upon minority in our own lands, so we don’t do anything about it until it’s too late.

White people: It’s time to haul down the musket off the mantle!

In this cellphone video taken at Charlottesville, you can see at :22 Heather walking in front of the camera with her pigtail swinging. She only has seconds before having a massive heart attack due to her fat bulk and “demonstrating” all over town, surrounded by fellow idiot leftys like she was such a big tough social justice warrior. This is what immediately happened, but from the other angle:

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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34 Responses to Tubby SJW Heather Heyer Died of a Heart Attack

  1. Michael Miller says:

    Was there a harpoon anywhere at the scene?

  2. Rosomaha says:

    Disgusting. Obese people are suffering mentally as well, from my observation.

  3. Jack says:

    Morbidly obese. hadn’t seen a penis in decades and living in her
    mother’s basement. felt self-righteous and special in her
    anti-white-Gentile signaling. THIS WAS HER DAY even if
    she wasn’t cigarette-thin.

  4. Wally d. says:

    Trump is correct t when he calls the MSM fake news, as it certainly is both fake and misleading.

  5. Warrior says:

    Good Work unearthing this INCOG! I reblogged on my site with a link to yours. If the free press didn’t tell you, who would? While I don’t agree with most of your views, you are damn funny with a clever sense of humor and sarcasm! Thanks for putting this story out! Warrior

  6. Ray says:

    If Heather had a couple hundred more pounds of fat on her, she probably would have stopped James Fields’s car cold or made it bounce right off her. 😀

  7. protocolsRrue says:

    My good Lord and Henry Ford focus station wagon has a speed o meter on it gets 35 miles per gallon I mean hour. 35 miles per hour uh huh that’s pretty impressive. The speed o meter goes up to 175 I guess that’s just wishful thinking. Cop pulls me over in puryear tennesseee says I was speeding in the 25 miles per hour zone I say I don’t think so officer he looks at my car and says it must have been somebody else. This could be the longest police chase ever me in my good lord and henry ford focus no need to bring the helicopters I can walk faster than this guy.

  8. Nazda Pokmov says:

    I had asked repeatedly WHERE was Heyer and any video or photos of her before or after the incident as this was the libturd’s martyr….and NO ONE on the internet was able to give me any proof video or photos of where she was at the incident. I was beginning to think she wasn’t even there!!! Thank you Incogman for this article as it shows that the tub of lard was there and died of a heart attack and not being hit by any vehicle. Someone had said she was the driver of the Maroon van but your video shows that she was there but not in the way some folks think. No wonder there was no autopsy…..why do an autopsy on a heart attack? Thank you again. I do read your site regularly now that I have discovered it!!!

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    So I am trying to argue with this assssshole like trying to argue with a superman. I sY Mark and Michelle names are in pink and blue. And Ninas name is in there too. Not nina nana prounounce like a 9 wirha ab a after it. Her name is nina. So I guess that she has a twin brother named kieth? Well qctually she does have a fucked up twin brother named kieth. Her name is tatood on mt arm / Nina, No nina and mark and nichelles . Go figure if my wife was a twin you at least ask for another girl not a boy. That’s pretty fuckrd upmdhit righ there. My first wife was a twin. From her brother. Even her mother was an Army nurse at ellsworth and she fainted twins? I have never seen a girl and a boy crapped out ad twin. And she was the nurse.

  10. Jen says:

    “White people: It’s time to haul down the musket off the mantle!”
    That was done years ago,I read and comprehend.
    It’s also PAST Time to get your CC Permit and TRAIN! Realistic Training,NOT square Range BS. This WILL cost you money.
    Good Luck to all and Be Prepared.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    So I was stopped at the only red llight in the nation that has no purpose in life in puryear tennesee and the only police officer in the nation without a purpose in life walks up to me and says I was speeding through his town. Looks at my ford focus station wagon and says how many horsepower does that thing have? Horsepower? You talking about horsepower? Your the only guy here riding a horse. So you have one. And your still faster than I am I’m running on turtle power here dude. I get on the highway says speed limit 70 but in the fine print it says minimum speed 40. I’m like hugging my steering wheel come on baby we can do this. Keep right unless passing. Passing what a water buffalo walking down the road?

  12. Morris Deeds says:

    Demand for real 9/11 investigation to be filed in federal court (US Atty. Southern District of NY)


    By Kevin Barrett on September 7, 2017

    The Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry will soon be filing an official petition with the US Attorney of the Southern District of New York calling for a new investigation into the events of 9/11 in general and the explosive destruction of the World Trade Center in particular.

    Lawyers’ Committee Grand Jury Petition Research and Drafting Committee member Barbara Honegger revealed the news of the impending filing last night in an exclusive Truth Jihad Radio interview. Barbara Honegger has served in high-level positions in the U.S. Federal Government, including White House Policy Analyst and Special Assistant to the Assistant to the President.

    Listen to Barbara Honegger discuss 9/11 anniversary events on my radio show (federal court petition discussed beginning around the 22:30 mark).
    The official announcement will come tomorrow, Friday, at the From 9/11 Truth to 9/11 Justice event in Lower Manhattan, just a few blocks from Ground Zero. This event will have as its spectacular backdrop the New York Supreme Court building (see photo above).

    The pre-planned wars triggered by the 9/11 false flag operation have killed at least 32 million people and cost the US economy around 7 trillion dollars, according to Dr. Gideon Polya, an expert in avoidable mortality.

    Listen to Dr. Gideon Polya present his conclusions on my radio show
    Along with losing its Constitution, moral authority, and credibility due to 9/11 and the 9/11 wars, the USA has led the world in squandering attention and resources that should have been devoted to building sustainable planetary infrastructure. In short – as David Ray Griffin points out in his new book – by allowing/orchestrating 9/11, Bush and Cheney ruined the world.

    Listen to David Ray Griffin explain how Bush and Cheney ruined America and the world
    Barbara Honegger points out that info-activism on social media is not the only option available for people who want to help solve this problem. The 9/11 Truth Action Project (911TAP.org) offers several ways to get involved. And if you want to help push legal action for 9/11 truth and justice “you don’t have to be an attorney – people should apply to be a member or associate member of the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry.”

    There are numerous 9/11 truth movement events happening around the USA in connection with the 16th anniversary of the false flag atrocity that ruined America and the world. For details click HERE and/or listen to my new interview with Barbara Honegger.

    Hope to see you in person at the 9/11 Truth Film Festival this Monday, September 11th, at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California.

    More below:


  13. Morris Deeds says:

    ### “Da Nazi is coming Da Nazi is coming eckkkkkkk Hoy Vey!” Haim Reverestein

    Antifa Goat Dancers in the Fairy Tale of Harz: Open Letter to Mr. Bodo Ramelow, Minister President of the State of Thuringia, Germany
    by Tom Sunic, Ph.D.


    Mr. Bodo Ramelow
    Minister President
    State of Thuringia
    Postfach 90 02 53
    99105 Erfurt
    Tel. 0049 361 37-900
    email: bodo.ramelow@tsk.thueringen.de

    Dear Mr. Ramelow,

    As one of the participants at a cultural gathering, organized by the monthly Volk in Bewegung, and held at a fairytale place in the heart of the Harz Mountains, I need to take issue with your decision to dispatch to our venue, at midnight, September 1, 2017, a squadron of riot police. I am writing this letter to you in English, for the simple reason that I intend to inform about this police fiasco some media and government circles in the USA. Apparently, your decision to send the police to the venue was based on your presumption, or better yet on someone’s denunciation, that a dangerous group of people was allegedly preparing an armed uprising in the Harz Mountains. The decision to send the police, however, turned out to be an exercise in the grotesque, worthy of the surreal Harz fairy tale “The Sandman” by the German classic E.T.A Hoffmann. What the police encountered there were not dangerous right-wing militia, but basically a quasi-run-down senior citizen home containing approximately 100 guests, mostly septuagenarians and octogenarians in attendance, some in wheelchairs, some with crutches, lots of them in pajamas ( including myself). Many of the conference guests were former German expellees, 1945–50, from ex-communist Eastern Europe. The police, however, did not find any illegal material — other than some guide dogs for the blind and handicapped, and lots and lots of goats pasturing in the nearby fields — presumably designated for future Antifa goat dancers.

    I must commend the police officers on their professionalism. Their faces and gestures, after realizing where they had landed, showed a great deal of embarrassment, with their comments teeming with excuses and apologies. Surely, it must have been a great disappointment for your government not to have spotted a single skinhead, or a single Nibelungen one eyed-Hagen, or a nose-ringed Hollywood Nazi among the conference attendants. I must admit, I was embarrassed by the sincere embarrassment of the police. They let me go back to my bungalow room after 10 minutes, after having taken photos of all of us and after having examined our IDs. I fully understand why there were no media and camera people around — it would have been a huge media fiasco for the Thuringian government for having failed to spot a single Nazi in the Harz woods.

    This fake self-denial in the face of the looming crisis in Germany reminds me much of the late American rock singer Frank Zappa — who was very popular in Germany when we were both younger, and who aptly ridiculed in his songs the self-denying Nazi Hurensohn who remade himself into a big time Liberal and Antifa.

    More below:

  14. Ervin says:

    “What they have been doing is gradually turning us Whites into a pussified, spat-upon minority in our own lands, so we don’t do anything about it until it’s too late.”
    Who can sanely look at this country and not come to the conclusion that the majority of whites aren’t already there?

  15. Marc C. Daniele says:

    This guy seems to be on to something here. What do you think?
    Charlottesville VA Alt-right Commenters choice, crisis actor?- https://youtu.be/9zrb364KIJM

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    So I get into an argument with my red headed daughter. Shes 14 having her first eperiod. I lost that argument too I said put on a heavy duty pad kotex my son is 15 say’s don’t be so mean dad. I argue with a redhead even my wife or my daugfhter if that aint trouble propblems enough. Now I got to argue with my son a fiucking marine?

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    In southern Maryland some Ohio and Southwest Kentucky they have Amish people driving around in Horses and buggy’s. We even have road signs watch out for the Amish people. I get behind one of these guys and mash on my horn button just to see if it works. Because I almost never need to use it. It’s like meep meep I pull up along side of this guys horse klippity clop klippity clop and the horse says to me that’s a pretty weak sounding horn don’t you think? Yeah you got me there want to race?

  18. protocolsRtrue says:

    At least she don’t crap in the road.

  19. Luke says:

    I would recommend that Incogman visit John Friend’s website – The Realist Report and
    download and listen to a radio interview that Friend did a month or so ago with this loathsome slab of anti-White, White race hating, White genocide craving, race mixing, liberal hyena excrement Kevin Barrett.

    Barrett is married to a negress and is huge muzzie lover. Barrett had the gall to appear on a pro-White radio show and push the racially suicidal notion that the USA should throw open its borders and let millions of savage muslim animals from the Middle East to flood into America. Barrett is exactly like Angela Merkel – cut from the same slab of White race hating excrement.

    I would recommend that any comments posted here that attempt to promote anything that Kevin Barrett writes be disapproved for publishing.

    Barrett is an enemy of the White race.

  20. Michael Miller says:


    Some things are funny and relevant.



  21. john says:

    hope the skell skank mother of hers has her’s soon too, she molded this twat into what she became of she would be home taking care of family instead of running around loose in the streets ranting anti American bullshit for the commies. Fuck the both of them.

  22. john says:

    well I want to respond to Kevin Barrett comment , this is why its not just blacks and brown we have to worry about the worse is the white turncoats who like to muff and suck on black sex organs. These are worse than any of the crew of white haters even the Zionist Jews, the white Christian who turncoats on his own race his ancestors is a plague to all white men and woman the world over and should have their tongues pulled out so they can shut up permanently

  23. Denys Picard says:

    You got me all mixed up here, because I always thought Danika was an OK Driver because she was a lesbian….if she was white, she might have been good.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      No, she’s not a lezzie. She’s hooked up with another driver, matter of fact. Lezzies are usually fat, square-headed toads. And she drives pretty good, getting up to the top ten on a regular basis in a field of over 40 guys. Not too shabby.

  24. Denys Picard says:

    Ever heard of bisexuality…many public persona front heterosexuality for branding purposes, especially in more “conservative” cultures, like in NASCAR…the whole of Hollywood which is quite liberal, also does this, but this is because some of the audience is still conservative…As for fat square head toads…these are usually referred to as dykes, a sub category of lezbos, the high testosterone mustachio…but Danika falls into the ex-girlygirl lezbos, different subclass. But effectively, you could argue that gay hardcore pedophile cops are not gay, because they are bi-sexual, and have a wife….but they stgill spend a lot of time butt fucking eeach other….many bi-sexuals are extremely sensitive about being called gay…has to do with their image. Bi-sexuality is prevalent amongst blacks, its highest amongst all other American ethnicity, but you casll a black guy who is bi-sexual gay, and he won’t be happy, don’t even call him bi…the same goes with cops.

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  26. protocolsRtrue says:

    Danika Patrick lost her nascar sponsorship.
    Here’s another unrelated coincidence I guess about the lesbian who’s lawsuit led to gay marriage being made legal all across America. It’s amazing how you can always find jews behind stuff like this.


    Born Edith Schlain in Philadelphia on June 20, 1929, she was the youngest of three children of James and Celia Schlain, Jewish immigrants from Russia who struggled with poverty during the Great Depression. Their candy store and their home above it were quarantined and lost after Edith and a brother contracted polio when she was 2.

  27. S O G says:

    tub sculub tub scalub …worthless fat stinking commie jew hobag ….good riddance ..
    should ahve carved her up fr sausages for islamists …
    i dont like cops much myself like at the fair a couple years back or the charlotteville attack on peaceful caucasion marchers …they looked the other way and allowed the communist youth group anarchists to assault the caucasion marchers who had a permit ..they wernt nazis or white supremecists or hateful etc ….all the hate and black and jew supremecy was beeing thrown at the in the form of feces and rocks and punches ..
    communist jews have always been fully behind all socialist and communizst groups including all anarchist and labor movement shit..
    been behind all major genocides ..the jews destroy russians and germans and armenians and palestinians and libyans and iraqis and syrians and niggers in africa with communist shit ..forgot china where mao ste tuounge was a jew ..a chinese jew \who was installed over shanghai chek …this chink jew killed countless 250 million chinese ..
    they are looking for a major kill off in america since its been done every where else ..
    the enemies of the constitutional and the articles are legion …
    there are millions of young communists in america ….look up redwatch to show how fucked up UK ..is …or commieblaster flanders favorite site …he wants to deny tha communism is jewish and prevalent ..lol….fuckall ..
    so anyway we are here to celebrate the passing a huge methane profane machine with tons of cellulite and vitriol ….sniff sniff we will miss the smell and the shaking of the ground when she stampeded around bothering real humans ….rest in piss you foul smelling cunt ……
    ive seen the jew whores who get fat and they continue to grow morbidly obeast ,ahhy .
    gotta weigh them on a cattlr scale …feed the bitch to the hogs …
    nasty lot of shit that one …
    hope they all drop dead and israel goes up in flames under a mushroom cloud ..
    that would be real justice …

  28. S O G says:

    elaine ….hmmm .. not worth a response ..

  29. S O G says:

    her and orca winfree can start a fat ass jew nigger club ..no whites allowed ..
    never forget oprahs rant against southern humans ….
    wishing they would all die ..
    i wish all niggers would die in the south and the north and the west and etc ..
    why do they continue to bash the north and whites ..
    niggers were always shiftless raping murdering vagabonds ..
    and there is plenty of nigger serial killers ..look it up
    there are plenty of jew serial killers as well as snuff film producers and child porn and murder producer jew types ..
    gacy dahmer bundy -shipman ,harold -this guy was ok bad but the child eater killer was nathan bar-jonah …he must have been a hasidic kike …they are the religious fanatic cult that handles all the supplying of gentile blood for special jewish celebrations ..chabads are nuts to ..their all crazy based on what truth …jewish fairy tales and folklore mainly twisted half truths based on the alledged existence of a bunch of caravanner traveler herders and flim flam “?semites?”..
    what ever thees critters were they dont exist anymore but in the minds of delsusional modern day jews who are mixed with the blood and dna of at least 25 defferent sources …
    i guess fat is in and this whale wanted to get a head start on the 1 ton club …thats what it would ahve taken to knock the poop ouuta her ..a one ton club ..bada bing ….
    so was the comunist media saying the bitch got hit by a car …not true as the car would have suffered serious body damage and flipped over and on and on …
    omg its a whale on land ..quick call the humane society and push it back in the ocean ..
    fuckin buffoon kikes ..making every country they slither into a fucked up chaotic hopless place for everyone but themselves ..
    look at venezuela now ..the jewish socialist leader madura is starving the people as the jews raid the infrastructure punishing the people because they didnt like the jews criminal behaviours and sported chavez for the man of the people …
    kindea like the kike holodomors every where …hmmm ..russia …palestine …post ww1 germany with the help of the royal navy blockade and the removal of the coal producing ruhr valley area of germany via versaille traitor agreement ,germans could wxpect to freeze to deathn and starve as well …no wonder people hated the god dam jews so much back themn and is why thye day hitler made chancellor he banned communism as a terrorist organizationn to put it mildly ..
    they say oyy vey datsz badd …well wasnt it lenin who said that anti semitism aka anti communism was to punished by death ..and since they were at it everything became anti semetic including just being non ashkenazzi ….
    todays jews are caught up in a dangerous delusional psycpathic cultic trance ..always were ..
    one could go on for days on the crimes of the jews ..

  30. S O G says:

    as per spelling ..do i have to stay after school and write on the chalk board a 100 times ..
    in the olden times scribes would write a name or a place down 10 different ways ..
    many scribes knew several languages and wrote down what a name or word sounded like anyway andrew anglin is on tor …..just load tor …download it for your specific operating system …linux can be a bitch to ..i havent done it yet but i want to try to put tor on a flash drive and see if i can plug it into a linux computer ..im lazy like that ..
    once tor is up you have to tweak it …menu tabs ..set a browser page ..
    etc …then put this on the url or search page
    http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/ —– for tor


  31. S O G says:

    thanks for this expose iman ..
    the common people of the south have seen and had enough of the marisxt sjw antifa aassholes …these were every day people tired of being messed with and wanted the statue to remain ..it is not a symbol of anything they say …lee also helped to abolish “slavery”….what about albert piuke the jew who not only owned slaves but probably abused them …
    regular everyday peole who didnt go along with the jew marching orders to remoive lee.
    they also got rid of christianaity ands its symbols across america ..they infiltraTED the catholic church early on and took over seminaries and bent the new testament teachings …etc .
    and all that its still hey no one say anything bad a]bout jews …they will ruin your life or put you in irons and they made it illegal to legally investigate the depth of their degeneracy …
    everything is a lie …i see stupid posters “stop the racism” …..it should say hey niggers stop being niggers and stop attacking innocent whiote people ….
    white people dont do shit aginst niggers unless its self defense …
    the jew needs to be dismantled …

  32. protocolsRtrue says:

    I bet that guys airbag deployed when he hit that bitch. In my Ford Focus I worry about totaling out my car if I hit a turkey crossing the road. If I hit that land whale they’d be taking ME to the hospital.

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