What’s Really Going Down in America Today

By Phillip Marlowe

OK, I’ll be the first to admit I got a bit pessimistic and angry over “normie” White people since Charlottesville. These half-assed bozos just turn their backs and walk away, muttering “the good times are over, oh boohoo — what can little old me ever do? Lordy, Jeebus, I don’t wan’t to turn into a big hater boy!”

But I’m actually in a lot better mood these days since I was back in the late nineties when I figured out the big scam against the White race by Globalist Jewry. I remember unwrapping a Christmas gift from a family member of a book called “The Greatest Generation” written by that beady-eyed liberal TV suck-up, Tom Brokaw, and looking down at it and thinking to myself: “I better pretend to love it right now, before burning it later.” Sure, maybe I should have said something right then and there, but hell, it was Christmas, after-all.

Let me just copy and paste a quote a lot of you might have already read before:

All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; and third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

— Arthur Schopenhauer

Right now we’re at that second stage, obviously. And I should be all happy that the next stage is right around the corner. So I am. Indeed, I’ve read tons of comments over the Internet from Whites universally getting pissed and awoken. Least-wise until those commenters get censored in some way, by the usual suspects. Yet, we can still easily conclude any such censorship will only reinforce the commentators’ thinking; resulting in angry “word of mouth” activity — not observed by the rest of us, maybe, but much more powerful at the grass-roots level. That’s exactly the place where fast-spreading prairie fires start.

Let me just stop right here and tell you a fact of life: Most people won’t say or do anything “openly,” but think much the same way as we do. Sure, maybe not exactly, but along the same lines. They just don’t like to appear they have been “sold” (salespeople understand the psychology). Nixon called them “the silent majority” but in truth, it’s just the regular guy or gal trying to make a buck and have a few laughs along the way.

Oh boy, do the Jews hate Nixon! Bringing him down still gets the lousy Jews off to this day — big time. Nixon Watergate documentaries are porno to them — just like all the stuff about a defeated Hitler holed up in a Berlin bunker they run constantly on TV.

I remember coming to this conclusion after seeing them widely publish photos of the corpses of Joseph Goebbels’ (Hitler minister of propaganda) dead little children during the fall of Berlin and all the dead Nazi leadership hung almost immediately after the Nuremberg trials. Demonic Jews still get woodies over the grotesque pictures. To this day, they have zero problem having little kiddies see such photos in schoolbooks and in their brainwashing TV documentaries every other night — on every other channel.

I made a BIG connection right then and there when it came to these hypocrite Jew psychos.

Got that right, Katie!

Before I started writing my original, soon to be censored blog at the free WordPress “blogosphere” back on October 31st, 2007 (while answering the doorbell to the fewer and fewer White kids coming for Halloween candy that year from each year before); I deduced the following:

One: It’s only a matter of time before the word gets out with a free Internet. Two: It’s only a matter of time before the Jews would have to furiously censor the entire Internet. Three: They don’t have the luxury of knowing exactly when to do it, without it becoming too obvious or too late.

Once the genie was out of the bottle, all hell was going to break loose!

Long ago, I called this “critical mass.” This is when too much plutonium is put together in our universe and a runaway chain reaction occurs. Right now in the White Western World (or used to be White), we’re only grams away. Things are fast heating up. Jewry is already massively at work censoring awakened Whites (websites, blogs, Youtube videos, Facebook pages).

A Jew rabbi (can’t think of the name, maybe someone can put it in the comments) once was asked by a reporter doing your typical brainwashing piece on the holocaust, if such a thing could ever happen in America. The rabbi told her it could happen overnight. Yes, indeed rabbi. Chain reactions do happen in a blink of the eye.

That’s why I think (others too) that they’ll try to pull off another big false flag in the near future, to pin it on “White supremacists” if they got a handy patsy lined up, or maybe a geopolitical event simply to distract the hoi polloi by getting us into another big war. North Korea? Perhaps. They might just instigate a giant financial crash. They could probably do that with one or two phone calls to their insiders. They might even do all three events in quick succession, to really mix things up among the Goyim. Number of dead Americans? Doesn’t matter one bit to these self-absorbed, devious creeps.


Just your daily dose of Jewish hypocrisy. Jewish inbreeding is a major problem yet they want to force us Whites to mix with other races and thinks it’s wrong if you don’t want to date outside your race. [Ron Harper]

You got to think about it all here for a minute: Here’s the insanely hypocrite Jews telling themselves only they can “fix the world” since they are so much smarter than all us Goyim. But guess what? Jews have been the planet’s most insidious and murderous influence down through history. Most definitely. Jews have killed or have been the source of political thinking that has killed tens of millions of people.

They’ve been scamming the planet up the ying-yang for so long, it’s not funny. Oh, but they think they are so hilariously funny all the time — have you noticed?

Just think about us getting scammed with the money in our pockets the next time you go grocery shopping, for chrissakes. Inflation is a real hidden tax on each of us. Not only do they feed off our labors with the Federal Reserve banking cabal and the “FIAT” paper money scam, but the black-suited orthodox f*ckers make each of us Goyim to pay a cut to them with the Kosher tax. Look for a small circled “U” on every single box up on the shelves — they actually organize among themselves on who gets what.

The whole race is a bunch of trouble-making parasites. America has been a giant fat cow they’ve fed on since we stupidly let them immigrate here from Russia and Eastern Europe.

And wars are excellent covers for severe censorship. There were plenty of people locked up back during WWII for speaking out. The American people back then didn’t care — they just wanted to get payback for Pearl Harbor. If you notice, anti-Jap racism during those days is being played up today in the media — part of the big diversity brainwashing of us “racist” White people who are “always so hateful to non-White races.” But that’s not a factor for the war in Europe — it’s always just fine for us to kill fellow Whites! I wonder who could have put that idea into our little heads?

What’s going on these days is THE WHY you see groups like ANTIFA financed by rich subversive Jews like George Soros, non-stop Trump bashing on liberal TV and the shutting down of websites like the Daily Stormer and Stormfront. Jews understand fully that once us Goyim start freely talking among ourselves, it’s only a matter of time before their ass is grass.

But the question remains: Can we stop these crazy backstabbers before it’s too late?

I think so.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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34 Responses to What’s Really Going Down in America Today

  1. Jack says:

    Soros is a front man for the Fed bankers. They launder money for
    antifa and other anti-white causes through him and other Jews.
    The Fed can print unlimited dollars out of thin air. Do you
    really think grubby Jews like Soros would waste their illegal
    money on politics.

  2. Incogman, you know we can stop these crazy backstabbers. They must be called out for their subversive activities to undermine the white race, including the countries we live in. Their collaboraters must be called on their activities also. The fratracidal WW2 could not have happened without many stooges or traitors doing unspeakable work on their behalf. I don’t believe that white people of “the greatest generation” didn’t know what they were doing. My fear is that enough whites aren’t awakened enough that another catastrophe could happen such as you mentioned; a war and a financial collapse simultaneously.

  3. Red Pill says:

    i am awake but i wait.
    until the enemy passes my gate.
    i don’t believe in that word called “Fate”.
    but i do believe in “Hate”.
    i despise the vermin that have devoured my white brothers and sisters,
    i hate what has happened to our once proud white families.
    i detests those that have destroyed our faith in God by diverting the narrative
    to consumerism and self indulgent behaviors.
    i hate how they have destroyed planet earth in our name.
    i hate all those that defile God’s word and blaspheme the Lord.
    filled with hate, that’s me.

    did i mention that which i don’t hate, i love.?
    P.S., fuck off jews.

  4. Luke says:

    “Let me just stop right here and tell you a fact of life: Most people won’t say or do anything “openly,” but think much the same way as we do.”

    I wish I could agree with you, Incogman, but I just can’t.

    I spent (or wasted) multiple decades of my life – thinking that most other Whites ‘saw’ and understood the racial realities that I have been able to see and recognize since I was 6 or 7 years old. I used to think, hey, these racial realities are so obvious and so easy to see – how can any reasonably intelligent and savvy White human NOT be able to recognize them?

    In my case, being a Southerner and raised for most of my developing years in the South – I was used to being around other White Southerners who weren’t yet brainwashed into concealing or suppressing their natural attitudes and daily discussions of issues that related to race. Southern Whites are, even to this day, far more willing to discuss racial subjects honestly- than are most of these White Yankee cucks who are from the North. But, growing up in the South did not prepare me for the delusional and dishonest world of Political Correctness (Cultural Marxism) that the jews have foisted upon both the South and now, the entire nation.

    It took decades before I finally began to realize that most of the Whites who I knew and had worked with – really didn’t think the same way I did on the race issue. Most of them had been blue pilled by the endless jewish media brainwashing that gushed like rancid and racially suicidal diarrhea out of their television sets and out of countless Hollywood movies. These gullible White nitwits had been programmed to believe that blacks and every other non-white race were really just the same as they were;’ they were White people on the inside, but had slightly different paint jobs on the outside – but, they were just LIKE US. 100 percent equal and interchangeable with White Europeans.

    When Hollywood began to pump out big disaster movies and cast some black actor like Morgan Freeman as the President of the United States – I immediately recognized what the jews were doing. They were softening up Whites to the idea of seeing a African as President. Sure enough, after the jews had pumped out several movies of this type – depicting some black guy as POTUS and making sure he ‘saved’ America from some terrible disaster – they rolled out Obama, and like programmed sheep, White voters rushed to the polls and voted to elect a black guy who hated their White guts to the White House. Whereupon, he spent the next 8 years importing millions of non-white blood sucking turd world parasites and refusing to secure our borders, because he was 100 percent on board with the jew agenda to reduce Whites to a minority inside their own nation.

    It could very well be that Obama and his jew handlers pushed their anti-White agenda a little too hard and that helped red pill a few million White nitwits who had previously been asleep – and that helped get Trump elected. But, I still do not believe that the vast majority of Whites have been red pilled on the race issue.

    I was in Walmart the other day, and spotted a skinny, tall White woman pushing a shopping cart that had two black, black, very very black crumb crunchers in it – along with two White kids. Those black chimps were so freaking black that they looked like Nigerians who had just gotten off the boat from Africa and the contrast between them and the two White kids, who were obviously the children of the White woman was shocking. There was no possible way that that White woman’s womb could have squirted out those two black chimps. So, where did they come from? Did she adopt them? Did she latch onto a African Nigerian who was a single dad?

    I glanced around, checking the faces of the other White shoppers – looking to see if there were any expressions of disgust and revulsion on their faces – and saw nothing, no reaction at all. The scene that shocked and disgusted me – did not affect anyone else from what I could tell.

    The White race has embraced its own genocide. Not all of us, but I think the majority of Whites have signed off on their racial death sentence.

  5. Red Pill says:

    OK, yeah, right, from my cold dead hands.

    Australian’s hand over 6,000 guns in one month as country is quietly being disarmed

    The amnesty runs from July 1 until Sept. 30, allowing people to hand in unregistered or unwanted firearms with no questions asked. Outside that period people face fines of up to 280,000 Australian dollars ($222,000) or up to 14 years in prison.


  6. Barney says:

    On a point of semantics (or perhaps it’s something else), ever since Watergate, the word “gate” has replaced the perfectly valid word “scandal”. It’s all part of the “dumbing down” (another term I despise) process. Presumably a remake of the film about the Christine Keeler story, as well as starring sick weirdo black “trannies”, would be named “Gate” instead of “Scandal”.

    What will we use to provide and limit access to our back gardens, or to farmers’ fields? We won’t be able to use gates at these access points in case people assume we’re up to no good.

    In the case of “Bill” Gates (Bill Scandal?) he’s definitely up to no good, but we’ll deal with that sort at the proper time.

    It’s all part of the jew destruction of language, with “wicked” now meaning “good” and “gay” (which really means cheerful) now referring to sick individuals that enjoy smearing themselves and each other with shit. Our language isn’t “evolving” as we’re continually told. It’s being systematically destroyed by the devil’s gargoyles.

    Give it a hundred years and no-one will be able to read our books. It’s all part of the attempt to erase White history. George Orwell (real name Eric Blair, poor sod) tried to warn us, but how many of the words he used will retain their original meaning? Will anyone understand what the book was about? Perhaps they’ll assume it’s a description of “normal life” in our time, not too different to life in their time, if they can read it at all.

    Big Brother? Isn’t that the big brothel full of weirdos in that tel-aviv-zion series? Room 101? Isn’t that where we put our enemies and things we don’t like? They probably won’t even understand the “normal” words in the same way that the olde English used in (for example) the “king” james Bible can be difficult at times, but a million times worse because the infernal jew has accelerated the destruction of everything that matters to real Human Beings (something the kikenvermin can never become).

    Language is the least of our worries right now, but what can we do once we lose the words we need?

    “Big brother is double-plus ungood”?

    NO! The jew SCUM has to go before it destroys not just our language, not just our way of life, but the entire WORLD.

    We’re in the final battle between good and evil, God and the devil if you like, and most people don’t even know it.

    Here’s an interesting page I found earlier today entitled “Is it Right to Exterminate the Jews?”.


    My answer, – – – DEFINITELY! It would be wrong not to.


    To steal a line from Recon Ranger, shoot, move, communicate (but not by cellphone unless you want zog to know where you’re hiding).

    Whatever you think of the man himself, good bad or indifferent, read Harold Covington’s “The Brigade”, available for FREE download from various sources, and all with the author’s blessing. Here’s one.


  7. Barney says:

    While I’m here, and complaining about misuse of language, I might as well attack our host.

    (Sorry, IncogMan. Don’t take it personally.)

    It does seem to be a mainly American thing, but the correct usage is “I couldn’t care less”, as in “I care so little already that it would be impossible to care less than I do”.

    Could not care less.

    To say you could care less is equivalent to saying you do care, that you haven’t yet reached rock bottom in terms of caring. If you could care less, it means you must care a little (or a lot) in order to be able to reduce your caring.

    It’s not only jew-inspired inaccurate use of language that I find irritating.

    That said, you’re doing excellent work, IncogMan, so don’t let an old misery like me get to you. I’d still come here if you reverted to ebonics (perhaps not though – I don’t understand monkey talk).

  8. INCOG MAN says:

    You’re right, Barney. That’s just the way some of us “rednecks” talk. It means “I don’t give a flying flock.” “Flock” meaning the f word. I just bang my stuff out in a big huff.

  9. Barney says:

    No problem IncogMan. Just carry on doing what you’re doing. I’ve been with you since the old WordPress days, and I’ll stay with you until (((they))) take you down, as they’ll be taking all “our” sites down at some point.

    I just wanted to clarify that one point for anyone who doesn’t understand the difference between “could care” and “couldn’t care”.

    Fortunately we’re both old enough to have had a proper education. Difficult to believe nowadays, but I didn’t even know queers existed by the time I left school. They just concentrated on literacy and numeracy back then, plus the obligatory “boring stuff” like drawing and kicking a ball, two things I was never any good at, and then there were “history” and geography, two subjects the teachers weren’t any good at.

    I enjoyed technical drawing and metalwork (now known as engineering), both of which were a help later in life when I worked in various aspects of manufacturing.

    I suppose all that lack of brainwashing would be considered “rayciss” and “homophobic” nowadays (as if disgust at what queers do amounts to a “phobia”), but at least I think I turned out reasonably well, and the holy hoax hadn’t been invented yet (early 1960s), so I avoided that particular brand of conditioning.

    I owe a lot of my recent education about real things to you, so I’m willing to overlook the odd linguistic error.

    I seldom get to say this, but thank you for everything you do. It’s been, and continues to be, the most valuable education I could get. I don’t get much time nowadays, but I come here when I can.

  10. Morris Deeds says:


    Jared Kushner had personal and financial ties to Israeli settlements

    By Jonas E. Alexis on September 6, 2017

    “The family of Jared Kushner… donated tens of thousands of dollars…to projects in the settlements, including a small amount to one particularly radical yeshiva.”

    You probably have heard this before. Jared Kushner, the man who has been called Donald Trump’s “de facto president,” has personal and financial ties to the ethnic cleansing project commonly known as the Israeli settlements. Before we move on to the story, keep in mind that the Israeli settlements have been illegal under international law and has been condemned by the vast majority of human rights organizations.

    Keep also in mind that the Israeli settlements are essentially ethnic cleansing, and the Israeli regime has always tried to find a preposterous justification to continue the settlements every single year.[1] John Kerry said almost the same thing before he left office last year. But some may not know that Jared Kushner has profited from the settlements. Listen to this:

    “the family of Jared Kushner… donated tens of thousands of dollars in recent years to projects in the settlements, including a small amount to one particularly radical yeshiva.”

    It was reported that Kushner had “a long history of close personal and financial ties to the settlement movement and some of the most extreme settlements…The report found that among organizations and institutions in the West Bank that receive funding from the Kushner family, the leading beneficiary is American Friends of Beit El Yeshiva.

    The president of American Friends of Beit El Yeshiva is David Friedman, Trump’s senior adviser on Israel affairs. Located in one of the more hardline, ideological settlements, Beit El Yeshiva received $20,000 from the Kushner family in 2013.”

    Read more below:

  11. Morris Deeds says:

    #### must watch vedio she details their brutality and totalitarian CRUELTY
    YOU BETTER WATCH CUZ IT’S what is coming here 5 years!#####
    Abby Martin Damages the Israeli Settlements

  12. Karen says:

    I think that a lot of these “normie half-crazed bozos” are just that because of the inflation you mention and the war against White proles. Leisure time is necessary to THINK. Preoccupied with trying to make ends meet, msm brainwashing and bread and circuses leaves no time for figuring it out and escaping normiedom. The third stage, “accepted as self evident” is a kind of loopdeloop…… https://youtu.be/4Qc9yR8VfW0 ……like the proper term now is “people of color” whereas not to long ago “colored people” was taboo.

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  14. carnac123 says:

    I am angry that a lot of National Socialist sites were taken off of internet. What happened to the ‘free speech’ we have always heard about? I am not a National Socialist but I sometimes perused their pages and found some of it interesting and true. The idea that the leftist trash and leftist Jews decided to take the free speech away from a hard right outlet without ceremony and without proof makes me furious. If they can do it to them they can do to anyone they deem dangerous to their cause. It was done to prove the power of the jewish led press. Whites (and they were of all stripes) marched in Charlottesville in protest of taking down Confederate statues and so the leftist Jews decided to punish all Whites. How dare whites stand up against a leftist objective.’ Oi vey! They might be coming out of their trances that we have put upon them through television’. I cannot wait until whites are destroying leftist in the streets for good. It is coming…whether the Leftist Jews want it or not.

  15. Aitch. says:

    Amazon just took down a comment I placed on a review of the late (((Andrew Breitbart’s))) book ‘Righteous Indignation’, saying it was ‘Hate Speech’ (their capitals). All I said was: “It was very unusual for a Jew to write stuff like this. No wonder they killed him.” Seems like a perfectly reasonable comment to me.

  16. Aitch. says:

    Incogman, you talk about all the people locked up during WW2. but I understand Lincoln did the same during the ACW.

  17. Karen says:

    Blacks make up 24% of Houstons population. I’m watching animal rescue operations after the hurricane and flooding and the rescuers are mostly White with some Hispanics. I haven’t seen any Blacks helping out. It was the same thing after Katrina (I was there). These people don’t seem to care about anything but their own ‘blackness’ and ‘victimization.’ If and when the shtf Whites need to get out of Black areas.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Got that right, Karen.

      Blacks are totally selfish. What’s worse, is that animal cruelty is most often at the hands of this violent race. Or how about Africa? You think any Elephants would still be alive if it wasn’t for the White race?

  18. Barney says:

    Aitch – (good to find someone who knows the correct spelling for H, btw).

    ALL countries/states/governments/whatever lock people up during wartime. Dissidents, subversives (real or imagined), natives of the countries being attacked, political prisoners, others.

    During jew war 2, here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again), there was a prison camp for Italians within a couple of miles of where I would later be born. It’s air-raid shelter was still clearly visible by the time I was old enough to (start to) understand what it was.

    I’ve been back to the site in more recent times, and all that remains is a large hole in a wooded area. No trace of all that concrete or anything else. It’s all been removed.

  19. Barney says:

    Karen and IncogMan – The nigger situation can be summed up as NAACP, or “Now Apes Are Called People”.

    Admittedly a few blacks do achieve a Human-like nature, and I’ve personally met some real black gentlemen, but the vast majority of blacks are nothing but niggers, dangerous wild animals closely related to chimpanzees, that just want to feed and breed, feed and breed, gibs me dat, then back to feeding and breeding. It’s all any wild animal of that kind needs or wants.

    Famine? Not enough to eat? Carry on breeding then, crapping still more niglets out to die of starvation. What do they care? With an undeveloped awareness of past or future, they probably don’t even understand the connection between niglets arriving and what it takes to create them. Probably all they notice is “you bees gettin fat”.

    The nigger animal is a particularly savage breed of chimp though, as everyone here knows.

    Dangerous wild apes won’t lift a finger to help a Human, so why should we do anything for them? Save the Humans. Save the animals. Leave the niggers to fend for themselves. They don’t deserve our help. Let them eat each other.

    We don’t get many hurricanes over here. The last serious one was a category 3 that arrived during the night of October 15th-16th 1987, and there were fewer niggers here 30 years ago. If it happens again, I suppose they’ll all be chimping out and (of course) looting. It’s what niggers do.

  20. adam says:

    dont forget the the K, and the K with a circle. alos there is the CRC, chicago rabbinical council. also there are some jew companies with a double uu. these also bless the food and are extortion schemes by the jews. Now, there is a new scheme for arab and mexican based foods, new markets for jews. the double uu is the big one and here in chicago area the crc on all milk, cheese honey and yogurt products. your cost per item is usually 1/2 of 1 cent, on average, BUT family of 4 per year is 5-600 per year

  21. Morris Deeds says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    September 7, 2017 at 3:42 pm
    Got that right, Karen.

    Blacks are totally selfish. What’s worse, is that animal cruelty is most often at the hands of this violent race. Or how about Africa? You think any Elephants would still be alive if it wasn’t for the White race?

    Also the Rhino, Gorilla whom are not violent and testosterone driven like Chimps,
    or Groids. Gorillas only eat vegetation, a lot like Orangutans. The African Groid
    kills Rhino, like elephant, for the tusks, Gorillas too, the GROID poachers,
    they’re all Blacks, I don’t know what they sell off the Gorillas but they
    are caught poaching, just watch “Gorillas in the Mist” with Sigourney Weaver
    her character, worked with the Gorillas there, I think the Congo, until the
    Groid poachers killed her too!

  22. dick fuld says:

    kikes “hacked” equifax to advance their “a chip in every sucker”
    usorious control of the brain-dead masses.

    as they say, it’s you or them.

  23. john says:

    if I wrote the comments that I write on this site such as Yahoo, You Tube, Google, Facebook I would be erased and barred instantly, so where is free speech if you cannot say what you have in your heart and say it, well this and Europe try to say people are free but they are not free, we are run by the mothers with money and call the shots and if these scum feel like making some money big time we will have a war with North Korea or at least and incident that may cost many lives, But they don’t give a rats ass they want the money and the power, they are disgusting humans.

  24. S O G says:

    when ghw bush was regime controller for israeli bolshevik marxist interests in america aka potus …
    he infused american legal system with the noahyde laws …`
    Noahide Laws for Goyim made US law – takebackourrights.org
    NOW THE GOVERNMENT CAN LEGALLY KILL CHRISTIANS. … signed the bill into law. … it was signed by President George H. W. Bush and became Public Law 102-14.
    sounds like middle east slaughter of coptic cristians ands the slaughter of christians in germany ,russia ,armenia ,palestine ..etc
    the usa hasnt had its dose of castor oil yet …the jews try and try to demonize guns and they have them themselves ..50 senators are traitors and jews and holler for gun seizures …
    90,000 people a year die from just being in a hospital and they catch super bugs ..
    500,000 people a year get diagnosed with conjestive heart failure ..
    500,000 people a year die from jewish cigaret companie cigaretes ..
    second hand smoke ..who knows how many ..
    how many die from vaxxines or the poisons in our food water ans air ..
    doctors kill 200,000 people a year from bad doctoring ..incompetence ..
    200,000 die every year from bad prescription medicine /
    hopw many from heart attackds and strokes
    there additives that can weaken your vessels and additives that constrict arteries ..
    more peole die from falling down in home and not getting back up ..
    more people die from baseball attacks than from guns ..
    approx 1.5 million people use a gun to ward off serious criminal threat in the usa every year …\car accidents kill more than guns ..half of gun deaths are suicides ..
    alcoholism and drugs kill many more than guns and the drug war kills more than that ..
    so a country that banned growing food in your yard 3-4 years ago in congress and country that ahs illegally adopted a noahyde law saying that america was raidsed on and founded on noahyde law …
    really ? then where is the evidence of its use in the last 200 years and how can a non constitutional religious cult law be allowed to take precedence in our legal system ..
    and no one resists or challenges it ..the fix has been in for 2-300 years in this country ..
    whats going on is a slow decent into cult religious fanatic hell ..
    doesnt seem slow ….
    the next step here is the same as they did ion turkey before they anhilated 4 million armenians and in russia before they slaughtered 80 million ….they instituted total gun control and california has the worst laws of all …they try to get cities to ban delivery to homes of ammo and so they keep trying to make roads to self defense and home protection full of hurdles ….
    any attempt on gun ownership among the lAwful gun owners should be seen for what it rreally is ..gun confiscation and a full auto american genocide with gulags and mass extermination of americans by jews and their useful idiot armies like homeland security still a stronghold of communist zionist bolshevik leadership and cadre …americas communist army aka homeland sekuritat…
    the united nations is for to proliferate world communism and the N.A.T.O.is strictly the israeli communist attack dog …
    the slaugheter in rawanda wa an ethnic cleansing of christians as well as in serbia and bosnia ….on and on

  25. Arch Stanton says:

    Goooooooooooooo – Incog!

    Rah! Rah! Ree! Kick ’em in the knees! Rah! Rah! Ras! Kick ’em in their ass! No doubt you are tops on El Jeweda’s hate list.

  26. dick fuld says:

    jew thieves and other idiots are in charge of your “central” bank

  27. Barney says:

    SOG (September 11, 2017 at 4:25 am) – Some good stuff there, including

    doctors kill 200,000 people a year from bad doctoring ..incompetence ..

    I nearly died of “heart failure” in 2005, and unlike some people I couldn’t have had better treatment. I was lucky.

    The last drug they had me on nearly killed me though. Headaches. Becoming noticeably weaker by the day. Confusion. Various other things I don’t even remember now. That was on 8mg (of Candesartan) a day and they wanted to increase it to 32mg a day. No thanks! I made my own decision to stop all the poisons over a period and take a Hawthorn supplement instead.

    Result? No adverse effects from the Hawthorn, no more hammering in my chest from the drugs, blood pressure normal, pulse rate normal, and I feel six million times better.

    The trouble with all these drugs though is that the “side” effects (intentional effects imho) don’t stop when you stop taking the poisons. As just one example, I took my last Warfarin tablet on the 8th of April, and I’m still getting after effects (“side” effects) more than 5 months later. They’re easing off very slowly, but I don’t know how long it will be before I’m completely free of the poisoning.

    That’s one of the things they don’t tell you. The drugs cause long-term damage that the body’s own defences take a long time to repair.

    A very good friend is currently suffering the effects of a misdiagnosis, and I knew someone a few years ago who was effectively murdered by medical malpractice.

    As I said above, I was lucky, but I don’t know how long it will be before I can finally be rid of the after-effects of the drugs that saved my life.

  28. dick fuld says:

    crooked jew icahn screwed on his RIN swindle when EPA doesn’t
    change rule in his favor, even though he stuck it in trump’s ear!

  29. protocolsRtrue says:

    Whoa. Reason number 10,001 why a never owned a slave and damn sure would never want one either. Especially if it was a nigger. Anger management warning. Parental guardianship warning also.


  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    Bonus uncivilized sub-human nigger animal of the day here. Not quite ready for civilized human society yet. Still a few million more years of catching up to do. Another pleasant day destroyed by the reality of niggers. Warning: Not the jewlywood version of niggers, the version of niggers we have to encounter and deal with every day in the real world.


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