Can’t Stand Big-Mouthed Wacked Sheboons!

No doubt about it, these are apelike, East African Rift Valley creatures wearing human clothes. Look at that wide space between the upper lip and that flattened, flaring nose. Very Australopithecus. Think about all this, when you see them walking around acting like they own the place. You, too, will notice.

People, I can’t stand these big-mouthed blacks one bit any longer. I’ve had it. Look at that dumb black sheboon above. This is Frederica Wilson, a so-called congress member democrap from Florida who trashed talked Trump over one lousy phone call to the mother of a soldier killed in an ambush in Niger, Africa, of all friggin’ places. Every minute, these leftys are looking for something to smear Trump with.

Then the next day, Chief of Staff John Kelly, a former general, a stand-up guy, came out to talk to reporters in the Whitehouse. His own son was killed fighting in Jew Mideast wars (of course he didn’t say that, but it’s true). He castigated the press and really laid it into the ugly sheboon for using the phone call for her political BS. Everyone knows this bitch is a big Obama loyalist simply because she’s a Negro (he’s really a mulatto). Kelly called her an “empty barrel” and Wilson immediately claimed this was RAAAYCIST.

Don’t they always use that racism bull crap every GD minute of every GD day? It’s never ending with these spoiled brats. Everyone is sick of it.

Look at those stupid as hell cowboy hats Madame ASSHAT wears all the time. This is her “fashion statement” and it looks like she owns a lot (montage below). Folks, this is one stupid monkey. Apparently, she thinks this gives her a certain panache. Idiot blacks love their dumb little hats, wigs and hair extensions (I don’t even know what that is). Ghetto areas have dirty little stores all over the place catering to this idiotic crap, with ridiculous made-up names like “Queen Nefertiti’s Hairweaves and Thangs” — like they are descendents of Egyptian civilization. My ass.

This is a pretentious, moronic mud hut race.

But I guess I would do all this crap too, if I had nappy black Velcro-like hair which all of these ugly primitive apes are born with!

Get ready: The leftys are now trying to turn this Niger ambush thing into a Benghazi for Trump. Yep, you can see them implying that now in real time, trying to see if the pig has wings. They are desperate to find anything at all to make White people hate Trump. The Russia collusion BS has fallen flat on it’s face. It’s so obvious the leftys are still going insane over Trump, after Hillary lost.

We have an desert base over there to coordinate drone attacks on the Dark Continent. You know, places were black Muzzies run around with rusty AK-47’s stealing little girls from native villages for rape material out in lonely jungle camps. Should we be there? Like hell no. Let the damn apes kill each other off! Mother Nature will thank us. Bring back all the aid workers, advisors and civilian contractors trying to help them out. We never get a dime’s worth of credit anyways, so why bother?

That’s right: It seems no matter what us White people ever do, they still feel quite free to piss in our faces and laugh about it.

I say we give them a big dose of what us Whites are capable of and what they fear the most: A total Adolf GD Hitler makeover. They asked for it, they got it, Toyota!

PS: Call me a racist. I don’t give a flying flock any longer. They call Whites that over absolutely nothing. You know it, too. I’ve had it with these murderous, spoiled brats. Us Whites have bent over backwards for them, and what do we get? Not a GD thing.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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53 Responses to Can’t Stand Big-Mouthed Wacked Sheboons!

  1. Erik Snohdin says:

    Incog, as ALWAYS my friend, YOU have put another smile on my jaded pissed-off face. You Sir are an excellent writer and I really enjoy your prose.

    And yes, I’m sick to death of both of these mud-apes and the kike-denizens who accentuate their dumbass actions. Dude, it’s a world full of ass-clowns and you and I and the rest of the [evil] White race have to walk amongst them.

    God, where the hell are you ?

  2. Nationalist says:

    I would hate to be a hat salesperson when that ape came in the door. In the future all Whites will have to be excellent actors when dealing with third world life forms while doing our jobs.

  3. Whitepride says:

    Incogman That brutish ugly ape is a real piece of shit. The pig says”The sWhite House is full of White supremacists.” The shothead is looking for attention with all her stupid cowboy hats. That’s cause her race has shitty hair and they have to use weaves and other crap because their own own is CRAP. Can’t stand uppity muggers! Good for Sarah Huckabee, White House Press Secretary. She alluded to that wholes hat and said that the ape has no substance. When I lived in San Leandro, an Asian family made a killing selling fake hair and weaves to those ugly bastard nuggets! ThThat nigger Demorat can go kiss my white ass!!!!

  4. JR says:

    i don’t think negroes are just simply biological descendants of apes, per se; because unlike apes, negroes have religion and a conscience of the moral standard of God, even though negroes obviously have no conscience more than most people. I think the ancestors of negroes were simply wicked humans who’d fornicated with apes they’d either taken by violence and raped in the bush or made pets of; and that they had as a result, somewhat mysteriously, received the biological traits and general disposition of apes in their offspring as a judgment from God, both in and beyond the first generation.

    There’s no way the theory of evolution is right, even though apes were created by God before humans in the biblical record. The Jews like it, because they don’t believe it, even though some of them think Gentiles aren’t human. Mainly because it denigrates the main adversary to their claim to moral and racial supremacy as ostensibly “the chosen of God”, the white Christian European. Simply because it argues that decent white folk came from apes with the rest of humanity and that, by extension, they had negroes as their ancestors, because negroes are obviously closer to the apes than white people.

    Adam and Eve would’ve been magnificent looking humans, with genetic strength far superior to what’s on the planet among their fallen offspring today; and they would’ve been more like the white race than apes and negroes, because an ape-like disposition and appearance and black skin, like sin, is a reproach to any people.

    King Kong and its Jewish connections…

  5. Red Pill says:

    absolute proof that chimpanzees are not related to Africans.
    no black would act like this chimp, which is almost human.

  6. John C. says:

    Once people allowed Lefties (actually Jews) to hijack the words “created equal” to become a mantra meaning equal is all aspects instead of equal before the law, the die was cast for all the nonsense we are seeing today. Since peoples are not equal, have never been equal and will never be equal, everything has become “rayciss” as a consequence. Blacks are the useful idiots of the Lefties and the tribe and will probably always be. Not sure they could be anything else. It’s up to Whites to re-establish sanity among Whites. Blacks, Jews and other peoples will not be much of an issue then. That is why Jews fight White identity politics and promote White genocide policies through their Leftist collaborators. The Jew knows he is not equal, much less superior, so his tactic is to destroy the White race while promoting others. Then he thinks he has a chance.

  7. Red Pill says:

    What is Moral Fortitude?

    – the mental and emotional strength, which enables courage in the face of adversary.

    Moral courage is the courage to take action for moral reasons despite the risk of adverse consequences.

    Courage is required to take action when one has doubts or fears about the consequences. Moral courage therefore involves deliberation or careful thought. Reflex action or dogmatic fanaticism do not involve moral courage because such impulsive actions are not based upon moral reasoning.

    Moral courage may also require physical courage when the consequences are punishment or other bodily peril.

    Moral courage has been seen as the exemplary modernist form of courage.




    1. impose a misleading belief upon (someone); deceive; fool: “too many theorists have deluded the public” synonyms: mislead, deceive, fool, take in, trick, dupe, hoodwink, gull, lead on, con, pull the wool over someone’s eyes, lead up the garden path, take for a ride, sucker, snooker

  8. You are right John C. about the hijacking of “all men are created equal”. The declaration of independence was written to declare separation from Great Britain and IS NOT the constitution. The closest statement is the 14th amendment that declares equal treatment under the law.
    Jews use this to hoodwink the people to believe giving Africans citizenship was the “noble” thing to do. Thus Kennedy had it rammed down his throat then he was murdered anyway. You can find it here. – constitution.html.

  9. The 14th amendment declares slavery to b illegal except for the case of being guilty of a crime. So where did these African imposters get their surnames? They weren’t taken from slave holders because slavery was illegal. These are stolen names so these imposters should be declared illegal aliens and deported.

  10. Sorry that should be the 13th ammendment that declared slavery illegal

  11. Red Pill says:


    i once had a hemorrhoid, the doctor showed it to me with a mirror
    it looked like Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.)
    thank god he was able to burn it off.

  12. hongrythebear says:

    just like David Clrarkoon….uncle toms and Gemimas always wear cowboy hats to fool the whites

  13. Karen says:

    On the other hand, how low can we go? Time to get your shit together White people.

  14. Gilbert Huntly says:

    If ever there was a Congress negress who provoked me to holler “Nigger!”, this she-boon is the one! ?

  15. The 13th amendment wasn’t declared until 1868. Therefore they should have renounced their slave holder surnames reverting to their African surnames.

  16. Fuck the Mexican that started the California wildfires. I love my California wine. Build the wall. BUILD THE WALL

  17. Erik Snohdin says:

    The problem with Blacks is that their brains are incapable of higher thought processes, and the Jews know it. They act 100% on impulse and abandon all morality, AND in a group setting, they are like a pack of screaming chimps.
    To get a black to actually act rationally and THINK is a tough task because they so easily default to the ape-brain, wild, savage, brutal, unconscionable, like zombies.
    The Jews know exactly which triggers to use to make the apes start jumping up and down and going ballistic. The apes cannot, for one second, conceive that there is a manipulating entity which is putting them in the current position. Instead, they allow themselves to get caught up in the immediate drama and MUST play it out, much like an orgasm ; once you reach the tipping point, there is no return and you must CUM. So is it with the ape brain, and if the Kikenvermin can make good ol’ Whitey the object, the target of ape rage, then we calm, kind, and logical Whites are gonna have to go ape too and kick some ass, but not like the apes ; we are smarter and more efficient and effective, just like how we will be WHEN WE SLAUGHTER EVERY LAST KIKE.

  18. Frank Fredenburg says:

    In Order To Receive Hurricane Relief, Texas Town Requires Residents To Reject Israel Boycott

  19. Morris Deeds says:

    “They are desperate to find anything at all to make White people hate Trump.”

    When are you going to stop and admit this SOB is just a “Jew Tool” Controlled
    Zio Ops. he just trashed Iran deal for his Tel Aviv Masters!, everything
    he promised Whites he done a 180 on! Benedict Orange!

    Here’s your Great White Hope!

  20. Erik Snohdin says:

    Morris, I disagree, and humbly. Do not denigrate Trump and do not give up on this man. Understand that Israel, as much as I hate that motherfucking kikeland criminal playground, IS an ally of the US, and as such, Trump is obligated to support it and work with it. It doesn’t mean he is bending over backwards to the Kike script of globalism and Jew World Supremacy. He is, however, doing everything that is expected of a true ally, and believe this or not, it COULD come in handy some day, and believe you me, I HATE Jews. Donald Trump is not going full tilt with the Jew script just because he is helping to protect Israel ; Iran [and the world] would like to see Israel completely wiped off the globe. God knows we’d all be a happier species for it, but so long as the US partners with Israel [for whatever reason, and THAT is questionable], then Trump is doing what is expected of any President ; he is working to protect and support his ally.
    Other than that, DT has already done more for this country [America, not Israel] than any President I have ever seen in my lifetime, and I am nearly as old as Donald. I am not giving up on this guy, not for one moment. If we all give up and betray him, we will MOST CERTAINLY lose America to Marxism, Communism, and Globalism, and then you watch what your life will be like, cough cough, you will be one sorry sonuva bitch.
    Now give your POTUS another chance, my friend. Don’t bail just yet, ok ?
    Trump may not be perfect, but he’s pretty damn ballsy and loyal to his country !!

  21. Red Pill says:

    i will “vote” with Erik Snohdin

    i haven’t thrown Donald J. Trump under the bus yet.
    and i said from the get go, that no man can solve the problems that abound.
    i didn’t vote for anybody because my faith is not in the system.
    so i don’t salute the american flag, but i will stand for it and the national anthem.
    i support America the country,
    not the corporation know as “the UNITED STATES of AMERICA”

    faith in God “trumps” man.
    God gives us the leaders we deserve
    and we sure as hell deserve better than the
    Obama/Hillary/liberal/snowflake/butt hurt/commies cuck suckers/ cockroach/
    jewish/christian Zionist /fags of america

    it is my fervent wish that the above be destroyed off the face of earth,
    and that i will be able to participate.

  22. Morris Deeds says:

    Erik Snohdin says:
    October 22, 2017 at 3:24 pm
    Morris, I disagree, and humbly. Do not denigrate Trump and do not give up on this man. Understand that Israel, as much as I hate that motherfucking kikeland criminal playground, IS an ally of the US, and as such, Trump is obligated to support it and work with it. It doesn’t mean he is bending over backwards to the Kike script of globalism and Jew World Supremacy. He is, however, doing

    Okay Danny Parkie, want more??? 😉

  23. Morris Deeds says:

    Lessons from Trump’s Condolence Call: It’s All About Race Now
    by M. Jaggers
    The acrimony surrounding Trump’s call to the Black widow of soldier Sgt. La David T. Johnson killed in Niger demonstrates many truisms about race relations in a society dedicated to multiculturalism and leftist identity politics. Trump, along with regular Americans, would be well advised to take note.

    I’ll take it for granted that readers will share my assumption that Trump did not call the widow Myeshia Johnson in order to somehow provoke her. What he didn’t realize is just how easily such unintended provocations may occur in multicultural contexts, in particular when the White-Black dynamic is at play.

    President Trump was quoted in the press, as reported by (Black activist) Rep. Frederica Wilson who was listening in on the call, as telling the widow heartlessly, “You know, he must’ve known what he signed up for.” This has been taken out of context as to be a kind of taunt to the widow rather than simply reflecting on the natural role of a soldier. Left out was the second clause of the sentence: “but it still hurts”

    What can we learn from this whole affair?

    More below:

  24. Morris Deeds says:

    Snowdin, Red Pill

    And he has done nothing but put Zionist Jews in his cabinet
    from his daughter to his son in-law, to about 4 other
    Israel FIRST Jews in Trump’s cabinet and he’s attacked Syria for them, also
    voted the way Bibbi wanted for Iran.

    What more do you need him to hang the Israel flag up along wiht
    the American cuz that might be next! 🙂

  25. Morris Deeds says:

    Lessons from Trump’s Condolence Call: It’s All About Race Now
    by M. Jaggers
    The acrimony surrounding Trump’s call to the Black widow of soldier Sgt. La David T. Johnson killed in Niger demonstrates many truisms about race relations in a society dedicated to multiculturalism and leftist identity politics. Trump, along with regular Americans, would be well advised to take note.

    I’ll take it for granted that readers will share my assumption that Trump did not call the widow Myeshia Johnson in order to somehow provoke her. What he didn’t realize is just how easily such unintended provocations may occur in multicultural contexts, in particular when the White-Black dynamic is at play.

    More below:

  26. Morris Deeds says:

    The Israelification of Dickinson, Texas
    By Jonas E. Alexis – October 22, 2017

    “Ohhh Bibbi can I kiss your ass for more shekels!”
    “My fellow Americans, we should no longer live by the Constitution of the United States. We should follow the Israeli regime, and that’s what my administration has been doing.”
    Max Blumenthal, author of the New York Times bestseller Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel and former writer for the Daily Beast, wrote that the “Israelification of American Domestic Policy” was in full bloom in 2011. In 2012, Gordon Duff declared almost the same thing:

    “Slowly, every police department in the United States, at the behest of the Department of Homeland Security [DHS], is being trained by Israeli groups. As part of this training, there is an increased move to use of military uniforms, armored vehicles, heavy weapons, illegal surveillance, lying to the people, press and courts and systematic interference in the electoral system…”

    This has thoroughly been documented. But if you think that this diabolical process is over, if you think that decent Americans are no longer being manipulated by a Talmudic entity known as Israel, then think again. Dickinson may change your mind.

    More below:

  27. J.R. says:

    many on the right who misunderstand Trump, have never been in big business like him. Like any good CEO, he’ll have to take on a demeanor and show empathy for someone he’s really opposing, undermining and planning to buy outright for pennies on the dollar, so he can advance his real agenda and benefit further the corporation he serves.

    I know about Trump’s Jewish connections, but I think he’ll ultimately oppose the antichristian state of Israel, when he wakes up to the reprobate Jews as the world’s real evil; and he’ll probably use the US military to support a remnant of Israelis who’ll convert to Christ in the land of Israel during the apocalypse, in his second term as president.

    Just look at what he did to Mitt Romney… he really hurt that prick; and I don’t think Mitt saw it coming and actually thought Trump was commiserating with him, despite all the experience in business he had himself at doing exactly the same thing.

    He’ll even dine them out on frogs legs and lamb shanks, before he rips them…

  28. Morris Deeds says:

    Morris Deeds says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    October 22, 2017 at 6:31 pm
    Lessons from Trump’s Condolence Call: It’s All About Race Now
    by M. Jaggers
    Why is this in Moderation?

  29. Red Pill says:

    Morris Deeds says:
    October 22, 2017 at 6:35 pm
    Snowdin, Red Pill
    so what do you suggest we do?
    we are only viewing things from the outside,
    we don’t have a clue to what really is happening.
    better check the evening news,
    there is a war against Trump.
    and your on it’s band wagon.
    your no better that the naysayers.
    that want the death of America.
    you gave Obama 8 years, so WTF is your hurry to trash Trump?
    don’t reply, i hate to hear a white man cry, if that’s what you are………………

  30. Alababa Bumba says:

    So far beyond sick and tired of these baboons screaming rayyycism for everything… Even looking at these lousy apes gets you called a rayyycist nowadays. How can anyone not look at these spooks funny when they look as ridiculous as that freaky bitch. This country is truly Fu’ed up when freaky apes like that are supposedly elected.

  31. Karen says:

    To hell With blacks, this here is the bigger concern….

  32. Karen says:

    Knew you wouldn’t post it.

  33. Arch Stanton says:

    Glad you’re here Incog! Glad you have the brains and balls to stay the course, but then you are a whiteman.

  34. Gman says:

    The GD world is clearly upside down (ruined by jews) when some insane female ape can actually be a member of coon-gress and have a vote that actually can affect us. Look at it’s clownish apparel, LOL! These worthless apes should not even be allowed to vote let alone hold any kind of office beyond that of chief cotton picker! Incog, I have negro fatigue beyond what you can imagine and I know you can imagine a hell of a lot! Anyway, just checking in to say hello and as usual, your work is top of the line! Keep up the fine work.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Thanks, Gman. Folks, Gman is one of those behind NEW NATION NEWS, exposing the trepidations against our race on a daily basis. A tip of the hat back at you, Gman!

  35. Karen says:

    Okay, you posted it. I’ll blame the overreaction on being female.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Don’t take it hard. For whatever reasons, your comment with that link went into my SPAM section automatically so on your end it looked like it disappeared entirely. Perfectly natural for you to believe someone on my end was responsible. Every once in awhile, my software does this. It’s only lucky that I find it among the spam trash from pornographers, faux rolex watch scams and other odd mass mail stuff that I have no idea of what is behind it.

  36. Sen10L says:

    White Lives Matters March
    October 28, 2017
    Downtown Murfreesboro, TN

  37. We all have negro fatigue Gman. Always some nigger with a beautiful blond on t.v. with the white guy being the foolish clown, and their worthless dumbass rap “music” on radio. They’re 12% of the U.S. population. That fatigue won’t change until Jewish hands are pryed off our media.
    California wildfires started by direct energy weapons? Another false flag? That Mexican guy could be another Stephen Paddock Lee Harvey Oswald.

  38. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Drafting 1,000 Retired Pilots, B-52s Back On 24-hr Duty…Fake News, Or Just Big Balls?

  39. ProPatria says:

    Fredrika Muthafuckin Wilson is her slave name. That’s racist. Are you serious that’s a congressthang from FL?

    I’m in Tampa Fl and there’s a nigger named Jesse Nevel running for Mayor of Tampa as an open Communist. His signs for the campaign has a 5pt commie star and his motto is Unity Through REPARATIONS. Full on white genocide and communist revolutions is not even trying to be hidden anymore.

  40. Gene says:

    Watch Out For Rabid Negro Drivers – They’ll Run You Down!

    These rabid Negroes will use a car or anything at their disposal to kill you if you’re White or Hispanic. This girl who was run over by Negro is lucky to be alive. All persons are considered suspects until proven guilty.

    A Dallas-Ft. Worth man was not so lucky. The Negro literally waited until he could quickly turn the little car a 180 and ram the unsuspecting guy. Negro came in from behind, so by the time the guy saw him it was too late. He died of his injuries. This is something that is probably going on all over the country! Watch out for it.

    Woman Arrested After She Runs Down Pedestrian

  41. ProPatria says:

    Mud drivers are the worst. Your average black drives impulsively crazy, no insurance, license susp/canceled/revoked, loves honking the horn when angry/horny, drives intoxicated, and. Very prone to road rage. Insurance companies like “oh no we can’t be racist”. But the racial reality is insurance companies hate touching these niggers.
    And the Black Voter is an urban myth. 99% of blacks I ever met have felonies and cannot vote!

  42. It’s time these asshats are sent to hell where they deserve to be. They didn’t do anything to create this country other than picking cotton.

  43. Nazda Pokmov says:

    I think this ape creature needs to buy hats in bigger sizes or let the air out of her head….

  44. S O G says:

    “The pig says”The sWhite House is full of White supremacists.”
    fat sweaty stank nigga ho …she be ak-cusin dah white hatin congress jews of bein white supremecists …well sheebee right n sheet …but i dont she meant to be at kikes expenses .
    on superlative level //wtf is that …uh well everyone is supposed to bow down to the niggers supremecy …i think its hilarious she accuses congreess of white supremecy when tney are cuckold shit bag jew followers or jews outright …and isnt it congress that deplorable deplorable deplorable ..check nsa back one forward .-.-….—000..ok just goofin off here ..the internet is set to hate the word deplorable so put it everywhere …on yer cerial on emails etc on phones as an expression of anything …just a thought
    yes so the deplorable congress has condemned all whites as supremecists ramping up to bolshevik kill cycle in america ….
    lord have mercy ..right ..
    fuck this nigger ..their all crazy on crack and booze ..lazy mother fuckers all ..sullen hateful and racist against whites 24/7
    america needs to be rif of the african plague 2 legged rodents …
    sheeeyit she say n sheeyit daayyyyyam n sheeeyit muhhhfuggha sheeeeeeeyit ..
    when axxed she sheeeboon say dat constipation was writtid in 1887 n sheeyit and all dim 4 fathuhhs n sheeeyit wuzz raycizz muhhhfuhhguuuhz ….
    if i was stoned the bitch would have mee laughin all the way to hell and back …if i had to listen to this ghetto trash speeak in ignorant ebonix for beginners …

  45. Alababa Bumba says:

    Those worthless apes are only 12% of the population yet are responsible for 80% of all the crimes, over 50 % of vehicle accidents, and other high percentages from all the other statistics. Remove these spooks from everything and this country, hell, the world, would be amazing. Get rid of the muslimes too… Imagine then… Where would this world be if we didn’t have all these filthy animals effing everything up. I’ll tell you… Paradise. Send each and every one of them back to Apefrica and see how long it takes for them to kill each other off.

  46. protocolsRtrue says:

    Its not just the goofy hats look at the goofy earings these bitches wear. And then the gold teefs and the painted fingernails. Who would want to fuck one of these bitches? Only a homey from the niggerhood looking for a free place to nap tonight and some free ebt card food. You can be my next baby daddy.

  47. S O G says:

    the fact that no one in wash d.c. said any thing about the niggers statement that all whites are racist is cus its all theatre anyway …half of the senators are jewish supremecists and anti white right along with the niggers …
    wherever niggers are they are killing whites and christians globally ….exterminate the worthless nigger off the face of the earth and the jew and the muslim will have to step up and face white wrath

  48. kin says:

    soon as a black is involved it turns into some hurtfull act put on them by some white person, niggers do not like you and they want all of you dead when will that sink into your little brains with your head up your ass. This election day two nigger lovers will be elected in this area, one scumbag Murphy who wants to make New Jersey santuary state, the mf is rotten inside and out, and then in NYC we have the real nigger lover who married some ugly black bitch and a son with hair they wore in the sixtys an afro, and the punk hates cops and daddy told him to be careful of police, and this is what the people are going to elect , and so they deserve all they get, no pity from me , unless they are on ourside, and you know what that means and they don’t vote for scumbags.

  49. J.R. says:

    YOU CAN’T WEAR THAT on Halloween!!” arrogant boon Tells Watters How to Dress…

    (((Emily Tisch Sussman))) is a jew…

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