Jews Are Using “The Holocaust” Against Us Whites

By Carolyn Yeager

HOLOCAUST WAS INVENTED BY JEWS, is a tool used by Jews, and Jews have no intention of giving it up … ever. In the Jewish view of criminal antisemitism, holocaust denial is the worst antisemitic crime of all. They unleash all their forces to combat it. Look what they did to the recently deceased Ernst Zundel (right), whom they saw as the most effective spokesman/activist against their official narrative of all the revisionists. The type and level of persecution this man suffered (eight years in prison, much of it in solitary confinement) was noticeably out of proportion to his simple publishing of a book that questioned the number of 6 million “Jewish victims.” In response to their taking him to court in Canada under that nation’s “hate laws,” the enterprising Zundel sent execution specialist Fred Leuchter to Poland to prove the “homicidal gas chambers” were a fraud, which Leuchter did. Because he exuded sincerity and decency, Zundel was able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from his supporters. This all made Zundel enemy #1 to the Jewish Power club.

With Zundel now deceased, and his Internet presence being slowly eroded (I have noticed), Jews are trying to convince Americans that they and other minorities will never be safe as long as people are free to question “proven facts” like the extermination of six million Jews by the Nazis in World War II.

Americans should be informed that the real reason Jews don’t want the “proven facts” of the Holocaust questioned is because they are not proven. They are not even convincing!

Here are some facts Americans should know before they allow Congress to take away any of their freedoms associated with the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

  1. Nearly every pro-Holocaust book or article written since 1945 has been written by a Jew – and we’re talking about huge numbers here. Clearly, Jews have an inordinate investment in a subject that is billed by them to be of universal importance to all people.

In connection with that, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC was the brainchild of an all-Jewish committee headed by Elie Wiesel and has always maintained a close to all-Jewish staff. Not only that, it openly promotes pro-Israel political positions.

  1. Even though Jews try to convince all minorities that Holocaust Remembrance is also for them, Jews cry “foul” whenever specific mention of Jews being the main victims of the Holocaust fails to occur.

To this point, a plaque placed at Canada’s brand new national Holocaust memorial building did not specifically say Jews or Jewish when referring to the victims. After many apologies, the plaque was changed to satisfy the Jews. The same uproar resulted when the Trump Administration’s annual statement on “holocaust remembrance day” January 27th also failed to specifically name Jews. Trump was accused of being an antisemite, along with his spokespeople who said they didn’t intend to change the wording to please the critics. And they didn’t, but the next time they wrote a statement on Holocaust, Jews were given the front and center stage they wanted.

Does that seem petty for people who sell the idea that the Holocaust represents universal values that all adhere to?

  1. The number 6 million is not based on known information or credible research. It was picked for its propagandistic and symbolic value. There are no credible lists of victims that comes even close to that figure.But yet, those who disagree with that number should be prosecuted for “hate speech” and as “holocaust deniers” by new laws and guidelines the Jewish lobby is working toward?

Case in point: The Jewish Forward ran a story Oct. 12 by Nathan Guttman accusing Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of bringing a “holocaust denier” to a Capitol Hill meeting. The man referred to was a conservative journalist named Charles C. Johnson, who had once expressed some views on WWII on a discussion forum as follows:

[–]justacolyte 12 points 19 hours ago 

what are your thoughts on the Holocaust, WW2, and the JQ in general?

[–]ChuckCJohnson[S] 29 points 19 hours ago*

I do not and never have believed the six million figure which I think is still up for some historical debate. There were a number of sources that disputed the six million figure and I find myself in that camp reluctantly. Of course you can’t really discuss any of this stuff without being called a Holocaust denier which I am not. I think Jews were killed in the war, particularly in the Eastern occupied provinces. I think the Red Cross numbers of 250,000 dead in the camps from typhus are more realistic but I confess to having complicated views on the subject. I think the Allied bombings of Germany were a war crime. I agree with David Cole about Auschwitz and the gas chambers not being real. Why were their swimming pools there if it was a death camp? I support decriminalizing Holocaust inquiry. I read the German War (highly recommend), Bloodlands, Mein Kampf, and all of David Irving. I’m more or less of the view that the war was an outgrowth of the efforts of communism to spread itself throughout the world. I also believe that the fears of German extermination were not misplaced, especially in light of the Ukrainian famine. But I support Israel as a Jewish state and Zionism as a concept. I’m pro-ethno state, generally. I understand why and how Hitler rose to power but think too much of our focus on World War II is spent trying to understand Hitler and not enough is spent trying to understand Weimar.

Now, doesn’t that sound like the complex and honestly come-by views of an individual who has read more than most (from both sides), with a desire to understand the world he lives in. How could he be subject to criminal prosecution for either his study of the subject or his current conclusions? I do not agree with everything he says, but it would never occur to me to try to stop him from writing it on a public forum.

But the Forward writer Nathan Guttman quoted Little Green Footballs blog as writing: “It really only takes a few minutes to Google Chuck C. Johnson’s long history of racism, sexism and the kind of blatant hate speech that got him permanently banned from Twitter and suspended multiple times from Facebook.

So it’s hate speech to point out there was a swimming pool at Auschwitz instead of a gas chamber? Who is being hated? Or asking why it should be called a death camp in that case? Well, yes, it’s hate speech to the holocaust-pushing Jews because they don’t have an answer for it. We have a right to ask questions about everything and expect to get answers to reasonable questions. Don’t let them classify that as “hate speech.”

Wiesenthal Center prize to Harvey Weinstein won’t be withdrawn

The Simon Wiesenthal Center gave its 2015 Humanitarian Award to the man who had contributed $100,000 to the Jewish “Nazi-Hunter” organization. On top of that, the dinner honoring Weinstein had brought in $1.75 million. None of the money will be returned.

The Weinstein brothers’ studio currently has some Jewish-themed movie projects in the works. Harvey had already announced plans to direct a film adaptation of “Mila 18,” the Leon Uris novel about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Just a few days ago the company acquired the rights to a book about Hungarian Jew Ben Ferencz, a U.S. prosecutor in the Nuremberg Trials following World War II. Ferencz was one of the more prominent young Jew avengers (seen at right) the U.S sent to Nuremberg to enforce their war narrative onto Germans.

I did a radio program in which I said Ferencz aided and abetted the murder of Germans by Displaced Persons. You can listen to the quite damning part about Ferencz here beginning at the 37 min mark. Very interesting.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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40 Responses to Jews Are Using “The Holocaust” Against Us Whites

  1. Leo Fartsworth says:

    Just look in any pre 1963 encyclopedia for holocaust… it’s not there.

  2. Nationalist says:

    Liberals are liars, Jews are bigger liars.

  3. Leo… Also understand that the major “history” books did NOT even mention this fraud “Holy Hoax” until AFTER 1977 with the release of that bullshit “Holocaust” movie … After that point, the flood gates suddenly opened and all of the scumbag Jewish dicks out there suddenly came out of the woodwork with their ‘stories’ about surviving the Holy Hoax…

    The facts are that every single JEW out there is a liar and always has been… They can not ever be trusted, are nothing but pure parasites, and they must be eliminated from this Earth for the rest of us to survive….

  4. Canadians 50 years of age or older remember the fuss Ernst Zundel ‘s publications caused. He was convicted by a law..”spreading false news” they realized after he lost 4 years of his freedom had violated his right of free speech. Though I didn’t have a chance to read his “Did 6 million really die?” I remember the vicious attacks the man endured being threatened and having his Toronto home fire bombed and the brain dead libtards that loitered near his home hurling hatred filled verbal abuse at a man that was only seeking the truth.
    Of course the usual suspects were at work making his life miserable and finally having a French Canadian judge order him deported because they have something to hide.
    There’s no business like “Shoah” business.

  5. scoot1073 says:

    Holocaust Sympathy for the Devil! The star of David is 666. Do you ever hear of anyone talking about the 60 million gentiles killed in WWII? I didn’t think so! Hitler is dead, and we are in a war of terror perpetrated by Jews and it’s 2017. Jews have the bomb, and they invented it. The holocaust is a lie, and we have living proof. All the bad shit you heard about Hitler is lies made up by Jews. Jews projected their own innate hate and racism onto Hitler and the German people. They brainwashed the American people with Hollywood flicks shown in movie theaters demonizing even little German children. American boys killed their own people, while Jews rubbed their hands in glee. All the mass graves in the Ukraine are gentiles killed by Jewish Communist. Do not let them fool you. Satan is a master of deception, and by deception he wages WAR. Please, do not let them fool you. Jews, their deception, and nuclear weapons are not only the gravest threat to humanity, but all life on earth .. Every living creature is at risk of nuclear war, and Jews own the bomb.

  6. Johnny Draco says:

    In most cases whites allow themselves to be “endlessly browbeaten” aka brainwashed by their enemy.
    By sending their kids to be brainwashed, by having tv’s in their homes, by reading and believing the enemy jewspapers, tabloids, going to the movies, buying and listening to all that jungle noise. The list is endless.
    And the sad think is that the enemy doesn’t force whites to do any of it. No gun to the head.

  7. Johnny Draco says:

    P.S. Ingrid Rimland (Zundel) is a jew.

    A clip from an interview between Ernst Zündel and an Israeli correspondent. Taken from a video tape of unspecified date but obviously recorded in Mr. Zündel’s home a few years back.

    “Let me ask you a question. You, you, ah, mentioned your father and was very, very interesting. You were only – from my calculations – …

    “Six years old.

    “…six years old when the war ended. Tell me a little about, about, your ah, ah, family experience. You were born of course only about 1940, or 1939. Ah, where’s you family come from? Tell me a little about the background.

    “Why, I was born in a small town in the Black Forest in Germany. And, ah, my family lived in a house that had been in our family for four-hundred years – still is in my family – and ah, it’s the oldest house virtually in the village – so you’re looking at fifteenth-sixteenth architecture and discomforts… {emphasis, chuckle}. We had goats, sheep, cats , dogs, chickens…

    “Farmers? Basically you were…

    “We basically lived – my father was a lumberjack and we lived outside the cash economy. We made our own tools and everything else and if you want to look at renaissance man – you’re looking at one. My father went off to war in 1938 to get his Wehrmacht training – never came back except for a leave once in a while until 1947 in the fall when he was released from prisoner of war camp.

    “So he served, ah, as a Wehrmacht soldier?

    “No, not my father.

    “Where? On the Russian Front or…

    “No. My father was an ambulance trained medic and ah, he would go to – behind the front lines to pick up the wounded, and near-dead, and bring them back to Germany.

    “And other relatives ah…

    “I have…

    “…uncles… ah…

    “I have really – if you are fishing for any political information, my father was a Social Democrat, my mother was a simple christian woman. Her father had been union organizer in Bavaria and ah, of the garment workers’ union. His ah, name got him into trouble – because it was ah, Isadore Meyer and, of course, he was called Izzy Meyer by his people and the people thought since he…

    “Was jewish?

    “No, No, I don’t – I don’t think so.

    “You don’t have any…

    “I, I, – I’ll be right back.

    {both talking at once} {laughter} {noise}

    “I had a little fright there in the sixties…

    “And there’s no jewish blood in your family?

    “Well ah… {stutter – hesitation} I’d be – I’d hard pressed to admit to it. Ha, ha, ha.

    {loud laughter – both parties}

    “Ha, ha, ha. Why sure.

    “So now I…

    “So you don’t… you basically said don’t expect, expect any answer on ah, ah…

    “What I am saying…

    “…you are also in doubt?

    “What I am saying to you is that there’s a very good reason why I agree with one thing in – in jewish law – is that the mother is determining who is a jew and who is not a jew.

    “Oh. I see. If it was the opposite way, you’d be…

    “No, no, …

    “…you’d be in trouble?

    “No, no, no… because a mother knows with whom she slept. Right?

    “Ha, ha, ha.

    “And in the period and so on – seriously – quite seriously – so…

    “Are you sure there’s no jewish blood in your family?

    “No.” {very hushed}

    Sweet dreams, blind man.

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    Today in history. US saves israels ass in yom kippur war. Man have we been fighting the wrong people all these years and jew wars. And the jews are still going to stab us in the back anyway. They already are. Ever since jimmy carter has every president been calling for America to be energy independent so we can wash our hands of the middle east muck. Every president except the jews stupid ass pet nigger Obama. Obama wanted fucking solar panels and windmills. That’s why the jews pretend to like their stupid ass pet niggers so much. Remember solyndra solar panels? 500 million taxpayers dollars evaporated into jew wallets with that one. A whole lot of newly minted jew millionaires sipping pina coladas on the beaches of tel aviv laughing their asses off at the stupid American niggers, wiggers, spiggers and libtards who voted for this dumb ass jew pet nigger who’s campaign promise was to fundamentally fuck up America and boy he sure did. Of course most niggers don’t pay taxes since they don’t work and wont work and never plan on working so without any legally earned income they pay no income taxes and therefor have no idea what that means. Niggers “Gets their taxes” obama the jew puppet waged war on the American energy industry anything to help weaken and destroy America and keep us dependent and hanging around in the middle east saying it’s our vital American interests fighting wars to make israil safe and build the israeli empire. Of course Trump is trying to undo the damage Obama did to this country and the jews and all of their puppet groups are trying to destroy Trump if for no other reason than he is a white male and an American nationalist who said he wants to put America first and make America great again. In the deep state swamp of jews and israil firsters and their stupid ass minority set aside, assfirmative actions, diversity hire and promote stupid ass pet niggers and libtards and other assorted scumbag coward traitors committing treason pieces of shit zog agent tough boys and girls. I just wanted to get on the list of holocaust deniers because it just simply is not true. Just the numbers of victims is impossible there weren’t even six million jews IN Nazi occupied territory to start with by the jews own estimates so even if EVERY ONE of them was holohoaxed it still wouldn’t be six million. jews are born liars I think we know that here. Trying to make telling the truth a crime? Only jews could come up with that also. I’ll get back to that later. Go ahead jews and your scumbag piece of shit traitors waste some more time and money coming after me to destroy my life and livelihood I’ve already been through that and know what to expect.
    OPEC enacts oil embargo

    On this day in 1973 the Arab-dominated Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) announces a decision to cut oil exports to the United States and other nations that provided military aid to Israel in the Yom Kippur War of October 1973. According to OPEC, exports were to be reduced by 5 percent every month until Israel evacuated the territories occupied in the Arab-Israeli war of 1967. In December, a full oil embargo was imposed against the United States and several other countries, prompting a serious energy crisis in the United States and other nations dependent on foreign oil.

    OPEC was founded in 1960 by Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Venezuela with the principle objective of raising the price of oil. Other Arab nations and Third World oil producers joined in the 1960s and early 1970s. For the first decade of its existence, OPEC had little impact on the price of oil, but by the early 1970s an increase in demand and the decline of U.S. oil production gave it more clout.

    In October 1973, OPEC ministers were meeting in Vienna when Egypt and Syria (non-OPEC nations) launched a joint attack on Israel. After initial losses in the so-called Yom Kippur War, Israel began beating back the Arab gains with the help of a U.S. airlift of arms and other military assistance from the Netherlands and Denmark. By October 17, the tide had turned decisively against Egypt and Syria, and OPEC decided to use oil price increases as a political weapon against Israel and its allies. Israel, as expected, refused to withdraw from the occupied territories, and the price of oil increased by 70 percent. At OPEC’s Tehran conference in December, oil prices were raised another 130 percent, and a total oil embargo was imposed on the United States, the Netherlands, and Denmark. Eventually, the price of oil quadrupled, causing a major energy crisis in the United States and Europe that included price gouging, gas shortages, and rationing.

  9. Arch Stanton says:

    Ernst might have been described as one of the luckier ones. They hung Julius Streicher for for the “terrible crime” of publishing his paper Der Sturmer, a tabloid that did nothing worse than expose the deadly Jew parasite and the mortal danger it presents to a healthy nation.

  10. Arch Stanton says:

    Eventually, the price of oil quadrupled, causing a major energy crisis in the United States and Europe that included price gouging, gas shortages, and rationing.

    Bingo! This is exactly why the Jew have totally destroyed or destabilized the entire Near East and why they are presently slobbering all over Iran. They want dominate control of the world’s oil supply. With global control of the money and oil supply, there will be no turning back from Jewdgement day.

    In the meantime, why don’t we all sit down and watch the big game on TV tonight. Or maybe Jews will jinn up another mass shooting or terrorist attack for our entertainment.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another jew hoax is the global warming stuff. Does modern man effect the environment? Yes, of course it does. So does bovine flatulence. But shut down coal fired electricity plants? Stop oil exploration and things like the keystone pipeline? Kill natural gas and water and nuclear too? jews are behind all this in America. Stop all fossil fuel power generation. And replace it with solar panels and windmills? Like I said. That’s why the jews pretend to like their stupid ass pet niggers so much. Because niggers are stupid. And they vote for the jew commie Marxist democrat libtard party as long as they keep getting promised and tossed free bananas. And the jews are using nigger stupidity and welfare slave dependency to destroy everything white. None of it would last a minute without fake jew printed money and digit transfers debt and deficit spending. federalmeansjewish reserve and federalmeansjewish income taxes did not exist until the jew takeover of America started. jews view white people as their most dangerous adversaries in the goal of jew world order chosen ones jew supremacy jew world domination. That’s why the jews are doing all they can to change history and destroy the white and promote the dark. Everything that harms white people and white countries raises up the jew supremacists and israel. Has Obama not noticed nighttime? Or calm breezes? Also Arch. Just one natural gas discovery in the sea between israel and Turkey will make israel energy independent for over 100 years. But jews wont allow that for us goyim. Using their dumb ass libtards college kids and jew tree hugging freaks to protest and file lawsuits against every attempt to even explore reliable energy options. Pull the plugs on their cell phone chargers and internet connections and computers and all the apps that tell them where the nearest starbucks that accepts ebt cards is at. israel is the most racist apartheid separatist jew supremacist country on earth with the walls and fences and militarized border etc. But who in America works to prevent US from securing our borders from illegal immigrant third worlders and drug flow? Who promotes getting rid of the arabs and muslim victims of jew wars in the middle east and send the refugees to white countries? You don’t see israel taking in any of them do you? Fuck the jews and their holohoax lies. Estimates of the dead from jew war 2 range from 50 million to 100 million. No one knows for sure so even if there was 6 million dead jews which there wasn’t it still means that 10 goyim were killed for every dead jew. Not to mention the maimed and destruction of so much human endeavor and wasted resources and culturally historic landmarks. The only WINNERS were the jews stealing Palestine and jew war profiteers merchants of death and destruction military industrial banking complex. Same as it was for most other wars before and same as it is now with the wars to make israel safe and build the israeli empire.

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m putting the link to the protocols of zion here again.

    Interestingly, it was through charles krauthammer that I first discovered the protocols over 20 years ago. I have been studying the jewish question ever since. krauthammer is the zionist jew frontman that is paraded as a patriotic American on jew tv news programs. Like all jews he is an israel firster zionist of course and their only concerns for America revolve around what benefits are the American goyim slaves and their zionist occupied puppet government providing for jews and israel today. He wrote an article in the jewish rag jewsington post that mentioned the protocols and I had never heard of it so I looked them up on my very first home computer connected to the internet. I’ve always been a news junkie and into politics which is something the jews hate us goyim to be it’s in their protocols so many times to keep the goyim distracted and disgusted by politics and therefor not paying attention to what our zionist occupied government is doing. The first hit was from radio Islam website and once I started reading the protocols it hit me like a ton of bricks that this explains all the fucked up non-sensible ridiculous bullshit going on in America and the world today. It’s a tough read to comprehend but was a life changer for me. I jumped into who killed the Kennedy’s and the federal reserve and freemasonry and the press and media and jewlywood and aipac and splc and adl and jdl what really started all these jew wars and the racist war on white people destroy the white promote the dark and control education change history and so many other rabbitholes. Of course the holohoax is part of it too. So I picked up this book from a library used book sale for 2 bucks. THE JEWISH AMERICANS (companion to the major jew PBS series) . Three Centuries of jewish Voices in America. Beth S. Winger. 2007. Get it before it is pulled and revised. This book is by jews, about jews, for jews. But here is what I noticed but the jews will want removed. On page 216 in the lower left is a photocopy of a Western Union Cablegram with this caption: In August 1942, the telegram sent by Gerhard Riegner, World jewish Congress representative in Geneva, informed jewish leaders of the full extent of Nazi atrocities. ( The jacob rader marcus center of the American jewish archives.) So I will retype the cablegram word for word for our readers.
    (page 1)

    8/2 9/42

    CFM 3-1/2

    page 2
    NV 15 2/59=
    So there you have it straight from the jews mouths. All jews in German occupied territory 3 1/2 to 4 million. So where did the extra 2 1/2 million come from? Especially as the war was going on? A lot of Europeans besides Germans did not like jews and communists and gypsies either. Who does besides jews? Add in the fact that the red soviet Bolsheviks liked to pin mass murders and atrocities on the Germans when it was they that actually did it like the slaughter of ten thousand Polish officers at Katyn. Some territories changed hands numerous times and after each time reprisals and settling scores took place against civilians. The winners get to write the history and in the case of the holohoax fabricate history.

  13. Barney says:

    We don’t need polluting jew oil (which is not a “fossil fuel” btw). Until the (jew) oil companies had hemp (cannabis sativa) banned as a “dangerous drug”, our countries were able to grow as much as we wanted, for fabrics, plastics, lubricating oils and fuel. I understand the word “cannabis” means “canvas” to our brethren in Holland, so how far would those old sailing ships have travelled without it?

    Hemp is non-polluting, completely biodegradable and an annual crop, so no more jew-created shortages.

    I’m suspicious of the current craze for wind and solar power. Not many miles from here (((they))) have put 116 “propellers on sticks” (wind generators) 8 miles off-shore. I could be wrong, but I understand that these things have a working life of only a couple of decades, after which they’ll remain as a danger to shipping for centuries to come.

    Solar seems like a good idea on the surface, but how long do the panels last? Again I could be wrong, but I’ve heard the output starts to drop off after a year or so, and what about the batteries? How many? How heavy? What do they cost? Car batteries typically have to be replaced every couple of years unless significant improvements have been made since my days on the road.

    An obvious LIE used to push photovoltaic solar panels is that your electricity meter will run backwards when the panels are feeding power back into the grid, but that’s an impossibility. AC current travels in both directions all the time. That’s why it’s called alternating current, and a single-phase AC motor (which is what traditional electricity meters really are) will never reverse it’s direction of rotation.

    No answers to questions about battery or panel life, battery numbers, battery weight, replacement costs and the LIE that single-phase AC meters can run backwards all combine to make me extremely sceptical about photovoltaic solar panels.

    Solar heating perhaps, but not solar electricity. When I know they’re lying, I walk away.

  14. Barney says:

    Oops! An improperly closed bold tag in there. The closing tag should have been immediately after the word “annual”, and then bold again for the single word “backwards”. It doesn’t seriously affect the meaning though.

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    Oil IS a fossil fuel pinhead. Damn Brits if we could only get rid of the jews the same way we kicked out the redcoats have another revolution maybe we COULD make America great again.
    A fossil fuel is a fuel formed by natural processes, such as anaerobic decomposition of buried dead organisms, containing energy originating in ancient photosynthesis.[1] The age of the organisms and their resulting fossil fuels is typically millions of years, and sometimes exceeds 650 million years.[2] Fossil fuels contain high percentages of carbon and include petroleum, coal, and natural gas.[3] Other commonly used derivatives include kerosene and propane. Fossil fuels range from volatile materials with low carbon to hydrogen ratios like methane, to liquids like petroleum, to nonvolatile materials composed of almost pure carbon, like anthracite coal. Methane can be found in hydrocarbon fields either alone, associated with oil, or in the form of methane clathrates.

    The theory that fossil fuels formed from the fossilized remains of dead plants[4] by exposure to heat and pressure in the Earth’s crust over millions of years[5] was first introduced by Georgius Agricola in 1556 and later by Mikhail Lomonosov in the 18th century.

    The Energy Information Administration estimates that in 2007 the primary sources of energy consisted of petroleum 36.0%, coal 27.4%, natural gas 23.0%, amounting to an 86.4% share for fossil fuels in primary energy consumption in the world.[6] Non-fossil sources in 2006 included nuclear 8.5%, hydroelectric 6.3%, and others (geothermal, solar, tidal, wind, wood, waste) amounting to 0.9%.[7] World energy consumption was growing about 2.3% per year.

  16. Red Pill says:

    the “fact” that oil is a fossil fuel is a lie
    just another jewish lie.
    check it out your self, don’t believe me.

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    Sorry. Let’s get back to the holohoax o.k.? Just teasing you Barney we need every jew wise person we can get if we’re going to save humanity from the Marxist commie Bolshevik jew world order revolution takeover.

  18. Karen says:

    Holocaust memorials popping up in various cities are the same as dogs spraying…marking and claiming territory.

  19. protocolsRtrue says:

    That’s what I call great entertainment episode #437. The one nigger put a rodney king beatdown on the other nigger sign him up for the nigger control department.

  20. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    88 year old Frau Haverbeck is off to the pen for failure to believe jewish legends and fairy tales. The inhabitants of Jewmerica can expect the same in the not too distant future.

  21. Barney says:

    PRT – No offence taken. Perhaps we’ll have to “agree to disagree” over the biotic/abiotic nature of oil, but you’re a good man and we do need to concentrate on the devil’s gargoyles.

  22. Those sons and daughters of Jews, Niggers, Democraps, and Libtards=Liars want to erect Holocaust museums /exhibits, Statues of Nelson Mandela, MLK, winston churchill, arthur harris, while they tear down statues of Robert E Lee, Confederate flags=symbols of white defense of the truth.
    We mustn’t take this lying down!!! This is really getting in our face. I don’t know about you people reading this but I’m pissed off and ready to take on these bastards. They’re spoiling for a fight. We’re peaceful people. They aren’t. Even an animal defends itself when poked with a stick. Too many of us have lost their lives for the lies. It’s time to put the jews back in their little box in Israel and their pet niggers back in Africa.

  23. Barney says:

    I couldn’t agree more, white avenger, except that Palestine isn’t “Israel”. The devil’s vermin don’t belong there any more than they belong anywhere, not even back in Khazaria, the land they abandoned to infest the world.

    My understanding is that “Israel” refers to a people, the followers of Jesus Christ (assuming He really existed). Israel was never intended to be a place, and the lying Khazars have no ancestral connection to the uncivilised hordes of savages knows as “the people of the Bible”, though they copy their behaviour.

    The jews are a devil race, and they need to return to their real home and their father the devil.

    Only then will the world be free.

  24. Karen says:

    Carolyn Yeagers’ research and hard work exposing this kike myth which has attempted to enthrall the world is greatly appreciated. Personally I find this particular kike myth (their entire history is a myth including moses ) interesting. It’s a shame that the comment section here has drifted into other less kike alarming topics.

  25. JR says:

    i think it’s a mistake to deny the Holocaust, not just because several million Kikes did actually get their cumuppance under the ‘Nazis’, but also because it was obviously divine retribution meted out on the sinful Jews for their crimes against God and humanity for two millenniums since the Crucifixion. God obviously used Hitler as his servant to punish the Jews, just as he used King Nebuchadnezzer as his “servant” to take them away as captives to Babylon for worshiping idols. Righteous white Christian Europeans should look at the piles of emaciated Jew corpses in the camps and naked Jews in mass graves elsewhere in Europe as a blessing and not a lie. Rodents need to be exterminated and buried in heaps, lest the contagion they’re responsible for spreads. Jews obviously hyped the massacre, once they realized it could benefit them and they had control of Hollywood. Even David Irving said “several million Jews died”.

  26. JR says:

    I don’t think Moses and the Exodus is a myth…

  27. Johnny Draco says:

    @ JR says:
    October 18, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    The historical figure known as Jesus of Nazareth.
    When the likely outcome of an unwed pregnancy is death by stoning, people can be really creative liars.
    It is fully understandable why the lie was told, and even why many people in that era might have believed it; what is more difficult to understand is why tens of millions of people around the world still believe it 2,000 years later.
    Jesus was initially described as coming from a line of men who worked with their hands, which was later interpreted to mean that he was a carpenter. Given though that the primary building materials in the land of his birth were sand and rock, it is far more likely that Joseph and his sons were stone masons. Just saying …
    Jesus of Nazareth’s real father was undoubtedly a Roman citizen. Some have speculated that he was the product of rape by one of the notoriously ruthless Roman storm-troopers, but his later actions suggest to this completely impartial observer that it was more likely a consensual coupling and that the father was someone of considerably more importance than a mere soldier.
    Jesus was very likely a controlled Roman asset. Just as, nearly two thousand years later, the obviously controlled asset known as Jesse Jackson replaced the slain Martin Luther King, and the equally controlled asset known as Louis Farrakhan replaced the eliminated Malcolm X, so it was that Jesus was maneuvered into position to replace the executed John the Baptist, who had, I’m guessing, become a bit of a problem for the Roman overseers.
    The message that the emergent messiah delivered to those living under the brutal hand of those Roman occupiers was, by any rational analysis, exactly the wrong one. It was a message brimming with advice about loving neighbors and turning cheeks … a message that constantly reinforced the notion that it was better to be poor and oppressed than wealthy and powerful, for the poor, you see, were going to spend all eternity in the glorious ‘Kingdom of Heaven,’ while the rich were going to burn in the fires of Hell (unless they were somehow able to steer their camels through the eye of a needle, or something like that).
    It was, in other words, a belief system seemingly designed specifically to suppress any thoughts of rebellion amongst the unwashed masses. And the beauty of it was that no one would find out if the fabled Kingdom of Heaven actually existed until it was too late for them to get a refund.
    I know what you’re thinking here: “ Didn’t the Romans execute Jesus, and do so in a horrifically brutal and sadistic manner – you know, like in that Mel Gibson torture-porn flick?”
    Maybe they did and maybe they didn’t. Even if they did, that would not necessarily prove that Jesus was not a covert Roman operative. Most all assets are expendable if they become more valuable dead than alive. And it’s pretty clear that for the last couple thousand years, Jesus has proven his value as a dead martyr. But was he crucified? I tend to doubt that he was.
    Consider that Mr. Nazareth was alone by choice when apprehended. He had supposedly wandered into a garden to gather his thoughts, or some such thing, allowing Roman authorities to conveniently apprehend him quietly and without incident. It was almost as if he had turned himself in, knowing that he was in safe hands. The most likely scenario is that he was replaced with a look-alike at the private palace of Pontius Pilate, where he was taken to supposedly be tried and convicted (so to speak).
    Bear in mind that whoever had the misfortune of resembling Jesus needn’t have been all that close of a double. By the time he was beaten, whipped and outfitted with a custom crown of thorns, the battered, bruised and bloody body would undoubtedly have been all but unrecognizable. And following the crucifixion, as we all know, the body, uhmm, disappeared. Because it was, you know, resurrected from the dead. Or because it had to be disposed of before anyone caught on that it wasn’t really Jesus.
    I am not familiar with any documented cases of bodies being resurrected from the dead and I’m not really into taking huge leaps of faith. But maybe that’s just me.
    As previously noted, the tactics deployed by the Romans circa 32 AD bear many similarities to the psychological warfare operations carried out today. And why wouldn’t they? After all, not much has changed in the last 2,000 years, including the identities of our overlords. I’m not much sold, as it turns out, on the notion that great empires rise and fall. Since at least biblical times, as best I can determine, there has only been one empire, though the perceived center of power has shifted in what basically amounts to a shell game.
    The Roman Empire, in other words, did not fall just as its offspring, the British Empire, began to rise, nor did the British Empire fall just as its offspring, the American Empire, began to rise. No, the Roman Empire quite obviously transformed itself into the British Empire, which in turn used smoke and mirrors to create the ‘new’ American empire by sending a bunch of wealthy Masons posing as ‘Pilgrims’ over to the ‘New World’ and then later staging a patently fake ‘Revolutionary War.’ I mean, really people, do you honestly believe that the mighty British Empire, at the height of its power and with a formidable navy at its disposal, was unable to suppress a ragtag rebellion that most colonists had little interest in participating in?
    And is it, after all, just a coincidence that the British countryside is littered with Roman ruins? Or that the Eastern Roman Empire fell, according to historians, circa 1453 AD, while the British Empire began its rise, according to those same historians, around 1497 AD? And is it also a coincidence that the British Imperial Century (which followed the 1st British Empire [1583-1783] and the 2nd British Empire [1783-1815]) ended in 1914, while the rise of the American Empire (never actually referred to as such) is generally pegged to the United States’ entry into World War I circa 1917?
    And is it just a coincidence that the overwhelming majority of American presidents have been descended from royal British bloodlines?

  28. Johnny Draco says:

    @ JR says:
    October 19, 2017 at 2:12 am

    Now all they need to do is show me the tools. ( Wood working tools, Iron working tools, ect., ect.)
    No tools = Bullshit.

  29. Barney says:

    Some good thoughts there, Johnny Draco. The Bible may (or may not) contain some historical truths, but I’d rather not put my trust in a man-made book, especially one so heavily-promoted by the enemy of God, man and life itself.

    God doesn’t write books. The things we need to know are known already. Some call it instinct, like White People’s strong sense of right vs wrong and babies “instinctively” knowing where to find food (mother’s milk) when they’ve only just been born.

    Whenever I want to see something “written in God’s own handwriting”, all I have to do is look out of the window or into the face of a kitten. We call it the Natural World, and it’s the only thing we have that is indisputably the work of The Creative Force, whatever name we choose to apply to that force. That’s why the devil known as jew is so determined to destroy it.

    I haven’t decided yet whether JR is a troll or merely someone still in the early stages of waking up. I’d like to think it’s the latter, in which case you’re very welcome to stay and learn, JR, but you’ll need to be prepared to have some illusions shattered, starting with the “six million” myth.

    Take Auschwitz as an example. The camp crematorium had a maximum capacity of fifteen bodies at any one time. I don’t really know a lot about cremation, so could be quite a long way out on this, but according to my rough calculations, to cremate one million bodies with the facilities they had, whether jews or Humans, and assuming no down-time (which is impossible), would take something like 300 years and an impossible amount of fuel.

    There was no extermination programme for the jews. In wartime, any potential trouble-maker or enemy agent is rounded up and confined in a labour camp. I ought to know, having been born within a mile of just such a camp for Italian prisoners here in Southern England. I could take you to the exact spot now, but there’s nothing left, just a part-wooded area among farmland with a big hole in the ground where a large concrete structure once stood. I remember that structure well from my childhood.

    There were large numbers of non-jews in the German-run camps, criminals, gypsies, queers, all kinds of undesirables the Germans wanted to be sure couldn’t commit acts of sabotage, and the least desirable of all is the satanic jew.

    Auschwitz had a theatre, swimming pool and various other facilities for the inmates, even a brothel. Why would these have been needed in a “death camp”?

    Herr Hitler wanted the jews out of Germany, but a country at war wouldn’t have had the resources to exterminate millions of it’s enemies, even if it wanted to. The jews had destroyed the German economy and were working to destroy all forms of morality, as they continue to do today. The plan was not to exterminate them, but to deport them to Madagascar. The jews wanted Palestine though, a country their biological ancestors had never set foot in, so “the world” gave them Palestine in the hope that this act of appeasement would satisfy them. It never did though. Nothing’s ever enough for the jew.

    Here’s a quote attributed to Edgar J Steele, recently murdered by zog. It may not be an exact quote, but it’s close enough, and I haven’t altered it’s meaning in any way.

    according to jewish sources, before the war, there were 2.4 million jews in German-occupied territories. After the war, 3.8 million jews were claiming reparations from the German government. Tragically the remaining six million were lost.

    This link doesn’t claim to be factual, but it illustrates the mentality of the jew.

    This song addresses niggers, but could just as easily apply to the lying jews.

  30. JR says:

    the best weapon the alt right have against the Jew is a sharp instrument of words in a vital organ, not a stab too far to the right or to the left of it, to leave the jew alive and themselves prone to being taken down, like ernst Zundel and ursula Haverbeck, for doing or saying something too far fetched. Wisdom leads in the midst of the paths of judgment… the truth is usually somewhere between two extremes of belief. Johnny comelatelys aren’t going to undo two millenniums of white European belief in Christ with liberal, Jew approved arguments at the midnight hour, before the biblical zombie apocalypse, when awakened white Europeans turn on the whore of Jewry and “eat her flesh and burn her with fire” in another holocaust again…

    Hitler said, “after my death shall come something really great, my spirit shall rise from the grave…”

    Austria’s snap election shifts parliament to the right …

  31. Morris Deeds says:

    Harvey Weinstein: On Jews and the Shiksa
    October 18, 2017 — 10 Comments
    Edmund Connelly, Ph. D.

    Harvey Weinstein with Hollywood prostitutes:

    Let me cut right to the chase: The title for this essay should really be “The Specifically Jewy Perviness of Harvey Weinstein,” which, as luck would have it, is in fact the title of a short entry by Jewish writer Max Oppenheimer in the very Jewish magazine Tablet. This Jewish writer opines that “Harvey, sadly, is a deeply Jewish kind of pervert.”

    Okay, I’m good with that. It fits the facts.

    What is this “perversion”? Well, Herr Oppenheimer kindly explains how it is common for Jewish men to lust after women with a “non-Jewish origin,” or, to be more specific, White non-Jewish women. As Oppenheimer writes about the targets of Weinstein’s lust, “It goes without saying that nearly every one of these women — Rose McGowan, Ambra Batillana, Laura Madden, Ashley Judd, etc. — was a Gentile, all the better to feed Weinstein’s revenge-tinged fantasy . . .”

    Now what’s all this talk about revenge? And what does that have to do with non-Jewish women? To unpack all of this, I’m going to have to go back in literary history to a Jewish American writer few of my readers under age forty (or fifty?) will even know: Philip Roth.

    Needless to say, Oppenheimer knows this history, which is why he employs the following subtitle to his piece: “The disgraced film producer is a character straight out of Philip Roth, playing out his revenge fantasies on the Goyim.” Before visiting what Roth has written, however, I must offer a brief description of the word “shiksa” and its manifestation in American film.

    The Shiksa

    Read more @ link below:

  32. Barney says:

    Morris Deeds – Exactly right Morris. Niggers and other kinds of jews aren’t looking for sex when they rape or seduce our beautiful White Women. They’re motivated by pure hatred, with rape being the ultimate hate crime.

    They don’t lust after our women because they’re beautiful. If that were the case they’d stay with them as we do when we’re lucky enough to find our soul-mate.

    They don’t love our women. They hate them and want to defile them, and if a sub-species cross-breed results, so much the better in their twisted minds. The act itself leaves lasting psychological harm, especially in rape cases, and the illegitimate half-Human offspring completes the ruination of yet another White life.

    What better way could there be to demoralise a society than to defile it’s women, rape or murder it’s children and leave behind a creature (niglet, kikelet, mudlet) that’s not fully human?

    That’s why the vermin want our women, not because they think they’re beautiful but because they hate all of us, and by defiling our beautiful womenfolk, they’re “avenging” themselves for imagined wrongs they know never even happened.

    To update an old Polish saying, the jew screams (as if) in agony as he stabs you in the back.

    As for the holy hoax LIE, forcing six jews to work is equal in their feeble, undeveloped minds to “exterminating” six million of them when there weren’t that many in and around Germany anyway.

    I’m tempted to repeat the Ed Steele quote, but it’s late (11:30pm) and I should be getting ready for bed.

  33. ProPatria says:

    The holohoax is a Jewish mind trick that only works on us white European! s. Mud ppl don’t give a damn about this holocaust crap the lampshades sicked on the white world to use as leverage. Seriously, I have tried to speak w/ nonwhites about antisemitism by working the My fellow Goy angle and these nonwhites just look at me like they’re stupid.

  34. Bob says:

    Don’t you really get tired of the jew owned press and their perpetual demonization of Hitler as the most evil human and worst mass murderer of all time? This is just jew propaganda. In fact, if there were a Guinness World Record for the greatest single mass murderer of all history, it would belong to a jew. His name? Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich (Kogan), one of Stalin’s Bolshevik jew butchers. He is directly responsible for the Soviet created famine in the 1930s which caused the murder by starvation of at least 14,500,000 Christians. Many, many more died at the hands of the jewish Bolsheviks at large during Stalin’s long reign of terror but Kaganovich is directly responsible for at least 14,500,000. So he puts Hitler to shame (even assuming you believe all the jew propaganda about “The Holocaust™®”). And if you wish to grant a collective award for the greatest mass murderers of all time, it would belong to the Bolshevik jews who attacked Russia for no reason and killed around 100,000,000 white Christians while creating communism which alone led to the deaths of untold millions more throughout the world. You won’t read about this in the jew owned Western press.

  35. Bob says:

    – Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de Guerre is 2,054 pages. In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ’six million’ Jewish victims of the war.”
    –Only 5 1/2 million jews lived in all of pre-war Europe. Millions survived. Where did the “6 million” come from?
    — American prison incinerators consume one body in 8 hours, yet two at Auschwitz supposedly burned 25,000 a day!
    –Lamp shades of human skin, soap of human fat, photos of stacked bodies were all propaganda hoaxes!
    –No German documents were ever found mentioning any plan to exterminate jews.
    –No mass graves were ever found!
    –No piles of human ashes were ever found.
    –Most deaths in German camps came in the last 90 days of war from typhus and starvation due to allied saturation bombing!
    –There were International Red Cross inspections of German camps throughout the war and they never reported any systematic program to exterminate jews or any other prisoners.

    The fact of the matter is that the Holohoax never happened. Jews have had to lobby for laws to be passed in order to silence discussion on the matter. That alone proves that their Holohoax claims are nothing but lies. They are too cowardly to debate the history so they’ve made debate on the subject illegal in many European nations. It would be illegal in the US as well were it not for the First Amendment.

  36. Bob says:

    In an age of enlightenment and open scientific study and research into practically any subject, only the jew is allowed to continue to persecute those for their beliefs and nonbeliefs in a manner reminiscent of totalitarian dark ages. They severely persecute any effort to conduct research into and to evaluate the evidence for such mythical and unproven events as the holocaust™®© — a cult which is a vulgar form of judaism itself. Why? What are they afraid of? The truth? That it will be disclosed to be a colossal hoax? One would think such reactionary behavior had died out with Galileo and The Inquisition but no; the jew gets a free pass to perpetuate totalitarian thought control and persecution to this very day — much as they did in jew Bolshevik Russia where the jew created communism and murdered millions. When will the world throw off the yoke of the jew?

  37. Red Pill says:

    faith in the one true God was the “white” mans best defense against the jew.
    that is until the jew came between God and the white man.

    God was removed as the source of every thing by the fiat money system.
    now white folks worship wealth and the jew has us by the balls.
    the only way back is the way we came.

    we “forgot” the laws that protected us from the jew.
    and the jew has done everything to facilitate this,
    the trappings of civilization has us bound and sedated.

    so the jew as supplanted himself in front of our density,
    and we are bitched off over it.
    if you can’t see that WE let them in,
    you won’t be able to get them out.

    just like water that that fills the void when a object is removed,
    the jew filled the place between man and God.
    so to say that we can’t control the jew
    is remove the only remedy avaible to us.

    the jew does not hold a gun to our heads
    to make us conform to his satanic agenda.
    he has duped us into doing it unto our self.

    but honestly, you can’t believe me.
    i am a crotchety old man that is pissed off
    over the road we took to get where we are now.
    i attack fake christians, and put the blame squarely on our own shoulders.

    that’s right we held the door open for them,
    and until we show them the way out

    it’s a spiritual battle, not a physical one,
    we turned our face from God and the “jew” moved in.
    but i digress, WTF do i know.

    you can rage against the “machine”
    and the “machine” will eat you.
    you can get on your knees to the jew,
    or you serve God, for me it’s not a hard choice.

    best wishes

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  39. Midnight Black says:

    I am an American of German decent. After WW2 my grandfather was forced to move to Florida and work as an engineer at Pratt and Whitney. He didn’t want to, but it was either this, or face the Jew witch hunt that was ongoing, seeing as my Grandfather was a proud nationalist. To know the man was to know kindness. And much like white people around the world, he didn’t HATE other races, even Jews. He was strong in his Christian traditions and values, and felt that, as the bible commands (which Christians today don’t seem to realize since they get their lessons from the Zionist controlled pastors) that each race should stay with their own, and that race mixing was a sin (yes, it says this. A sin that is actually punishable by spiritual death when its with the ones who are reffered to as “The beasts of the Field” (blacks) or the sons of the Serpent (Jews). My grandfather told me that the camps were like resorts, with swimming pools, dance halls, and even a brothel for the prisoners to use. They were being held much as America held the Japanese, because Jews had betrayed Germany, a country whom had TAKEN THEM IN out of kindness and were manipulated and screwed over for doing so, and so they were being held while Hitler petitioned other nations to TAKE THEM IN! Some countries will admit the truth (like Hungary or Poland) but nations infested with jews will not. Consider this. Auswitzch had 46 ovens. According to the Jews, 1,900 were incinerated per day. Call any morgue… Those ovens can only burn up a maximum of 1 body per 6 hours. This would EASILY prove the jews are liars if anyone would just point it out. They needed this lie, to explain why no mass graves of the alleged murdered jews were ever found. But they DID find the mass graves of the nearly 70 million white Christians murdered by Bolshevik Jews… Looks like they used their OWN deeds as a pity story for themselves. They do this a lot, mind you. For example, THEY controlled the slave trade, and pinned it on whites. Im surprised the jew didn’t put themselves in the role of the Liberators, but give it another century, that lie will be next…

    Jews lie, because they are the seed of the Serpent. Christ TOLD them who they are,straight to their face in fact. And they are NOT “Gods chosen”. They consider LUCIFER God, and in the words of Harold Rosenthal, “Most jews will never admit it, but our God is Lucifer. So when we say we are Gods chosen, its not really a lie.

    “Israel” of the bible, and “The Jew” are NOT the same thing. Christ was NOT a jew. They wanted to kill Christ from day one, as they feared he would break their parasitic hold over Gods people, and so Herod tried to kill him, and then jews constantly sought after his death. Christ said THIS of the jews.
    John 8:44-47, “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it

    And then there is THIS verse he said to the jews…

    Matthew 23:33 33
    “You snakes! You generation** of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?

    ** The translation here, that ANY scholar will tell you, is race…

    Christ wasn’t petty name calling. He called them these things because its WHAT THEY ARE! Judaism is the ANTITHESIS of Christianity. Their book is the Talmud. OUR book is the Torah. Their ancestors are NOT the Israel of the bible, but the Hittites, Amirittes, Huns, Edomites, and Cainittes.

    So who are the lost tribes if they are lying. Believe it or not, the bible is pretty blunt and straight forward about it. And it was once commonly taught in America, BUT after jews infected our churches (and there is a REASON they went after Christianity FIRST) pastors jump you all over the bible to keep you having to trust HIS word rather then learning the word of God, beginning to end as written. Because once you start reading it correctly instead of through the lens of the jew, you will find it flawless, without contradiction, and fascinating.

    So who are Gods TRUE people? Well, who are the jews trying to breed away, as was done in Noah’s age, and prophecied in Revelation?

    Here are the promises and prophecies of Gods TRUE chosen people…

    1) Israel was to become a great nation and a company of great nations.(Genesis 12:2; 18:18, 17:4; 35:11; 48:19)

    2) Israel to keep the gates and ports of enemies ( Genesis 22:17,Joshua 21:43-45:)

    3) Israel were to be seafarers, explorers, and colonizers (Genesis 28:14; 49:13; Numbers 24:7; Deuteronomy 33:19; Judges 5:17; Psalms 2:8; 89:25)

    4)Israel were to be a blessing to all families (nations) of the earth (Genesis 12:3; 18:18; 28:14; Isaiah 27:6)

    5) Israel were to amass wealth and success as Farmers (Genesis 27:28; Deuteronomy 28:11; Deuteronomy 33:13, 14, 28)Boer, the word for whites in Africa, literally means farmer. Jews have been known only as bankers and merchants in history.

    6) Israel was to be God’s witness and carry the word of God to all the world (Isaiah 43:10-12, 21; 59:21; Matthew 28:19-20)

    7) Israel was to be God’s (“battle-axe” and an undefeatable military power (Numbers 24:8; Jeremiah 51:20-23; Isaiah 54:15-17; Micah 5:8-9)**Also note, the Battle axe was a weapon favored most by white people like the Nordic and Celtic peoples…**

    8) Israel to be the first among the nations. (Gen. 27:29; 28:13; Jer. 31:7.)

    9) 10) Israel’s new home country to be north-west of the country they were driven from (Europe is NW from Israel)

    10) The nation of Gods people on Earth was to be born in a single day, 2534 years from the time of Assyrian Captivity i n 758 BC (Mentioned often, but mostly read Deuteronomy, Isaiah, and Daniel. Its the only prophesy with an exact date, and it adds exactly to 1776. There is a video on Youtube that shows this in more detail called “America found in scripture”. That video shows the prophecies of the birth of this nation AND the attempt of Edom to flood it with immigrants to destroy Gods people, globally as well as here as one of the signs of the last days of tribulation.

    Do jews know who they are? Yes, most of them…

    “EDOM IS MODERN JEWRY.” The Jewish Ency. 1925 Ed., Vol. 5, Pg. 41.

    Look up a song called “Beige Horizon”. Its a song produced in Canada, and played all around mainstream, about mixing the white race out of existance. Now while anti-white propaganda isn’t anything new or special these days, he does something peculiar at the end. He looks at the camera and smugly says “Peace and lentils, Yall” to white people. Most wont get this. Unless they read Gen. 25:34.

    And if that doesn’t show you that this could ONLY be talking about white Europeans, perhaps the direct descriptions of Christ and Gods people will…

    Israel was to be blind to its identity and be called by a new name and not known as Israel (Isaiah 62:2; 65:15; Hosea 1:9-10; Romans 11:25). God stated he would put his name on Israel (Numbers 6:27) And through the Messiah would be known as “Christians”(Acts 11:26). There are people who worship God as Christians, as there is a literal SEED of Christians. The words seed, heirs, descendants all point to this being about faith + bloodlines or there wouldn’t be such emphasis on the word seed throughout scripture… Yes, we are wrestling NOT with flesh and blood, but this doesn’t mean flesh and blood isn’t part of it. That verse from Ephesians 2:10 is one of the many ways, white Christians have been fooled about their origins. For 2000 years, Christian was a term for white kingdoms and nations, and EVERY white person was called a “Christian” by the rest of the world. Its only recently, with the rise of the Zionist controlled churches, that this has changed.

    There are also physical descriptions of Israels lost people, AND one physical description of Christ. When you see this, you shouldn’t have any doubts unless your clinging to bias because despite the poetic wording, its pretty clear.
    Song of Solomon 5: 10
    My beloved is white and ruddy, chief of 10,000

    Lamentations 4:7
    Her Nazarites were purer then snow, and WHITER then milk, they were more ruddy in body then ruby’s, and their polishings (shares a translated word for “eyes”) were of sapphire.

    Rev. 1:14-15 (Describing Christ as John saw him)
    His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow… and his eyes were as flames of fire. And his feet were as fine brass, as if burnt in a furnace.

    1) It says head AND hair, not hair on head.
    2) Why would a man in his 30s be described as having “white” hair? There was no such word as BLONDE yet.
    3) Eyes of fire= Blue eyes. Not only is the color of flame blue, but flame has been used often to describe blue eyed people (smoldering blue eyes, for example)
    4) People think that “feet like brass” means he was brown or coppery, but NOTE what it says! When fine brass is burnt in a furnace it becomes white hot. When it cools it remains white with a golden hint to it.

    White people didn’t “steal” the bible from the sub-Saharin Africans, nor did we adopt it from jews, who were constantly kicked out of Europe and were vagabonds and wanderers until the slave trade made them wealthy and powerful. Whites embraced Christianity FIRST because it was OUR religion.

    Sorry its so long. But without our TRUE identity, they are tearing us apart. I hope this knowledge is eye opening to at least some of my people.

    God bless.

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