This Las Vegas Thing Stinks… TO HIGH HEAVEN

By Phillip Marlowe

I still can’t get my head around this Las Vegas “massacre” thing, the least of which all those poor people on the ground getting shot up like crazy (most of them were White people). They really had no idea of what was happening. That’s the thing about any kind of high powered rifle fire — it can come from way the hell off and the target can be clueless — until it’s too late.

One of the things about the coverage of the Las Vegas “massacre” is the media talking about a brave security guard with a Hispanic name who pinpointed the supposed killer’s room and when he approached it, the killer unleashed a fusillade of 200 rounds. 200 hundred rounds? Yep, that’s what they say.

After all this wild shooting, no one staying elsewhere on the floor was hit? The security guard was only hit in the leg, but somehow bravely helped responding SWAT officers clear other rooms of guests before one of the cops insisted he go get medical attention. Where’s this guy’s picture everywhere? So how come they haven’t trotted him out all over TV, being a sacred peep of color and all that jazz?

Or for that matter, where’s any surveillance footage of Paddock hauling in tons of guns and ammo up to his room? Surely there’s something, right?

I knew about this “bump stock” device back when it first came out, unlike all the liberal fools on TV. Yeah, I immediately thought why the hell did the ATF allow it to be sold? What idiot bureaucrat made that decision, huh? I never wanted to buy it, just because it seemed kind of Rube Goldberg (how appropriate a term). I remember thinking that maybe some nutcase was going to use it for mayhem eventually.

Another thing, there’s perfectly reasonable suspicions that this guy — if he did it by himself — targeted those people because of Trump and White conservative voters, like the retardican Congressmen Steve Scalise baseball practice shootings back in June. Where’s the media talking over that possibility? I only saw one talking head even allude to it briefly and the anchor never followed up. My guess is they’ve been expressly told not to get into it. Curious.

But was it a false flag? People will think saying that means all those folks at that concert did NOT get shot — it was all “crisis actors” and holograms. That’s clearly a red herring. Of course those people did get shot. But false flags can easily be accomplished just by doing the deed themselves and pinning it on someone else. They could have found out Paddock was a nutcase who had a lot of guns, so they set him up and put a slug into his pie hole right before they slipped out the back way.

The owner of the Bellagio is Steve Wynn, real name Weinberg. Most of Vegas is owned by Satanic Israel-Firster Jewry.

Two guys could easily have done all this, with a support team nearby, very possibly on the same floor. At this point, all they would have to do is look like your standard Las Vegas visitors as they blended into the screaming Goyim crowds.

Remember there was an adjoining room that SWAT had to blow the door open much, much later. The first door to the hallway wasn’t breached for 72 lousy minutes after the shooting first began (this is the one where you see the food cart out in the hallway with a camera and an AR style rifle on a bipod conveniently seen right inside the door). “They” were already long gone by the time of this first breach, certainly after the security guard got hit in the leg by the supposed 200 round fusillade from inside the room (I don’t believe it was anywhere near that number).

Stephen Paddock was already long dead, executed with a bullet in the mouth, probably during all the shooting out the windows. Interestingly, the photo of him dead (below) shows expended rifle rounds sitting on top of his blood (which is possible with blood flow, I will admit). Plus, a tattoo on his neck of a “13” or some sort of scar tissue is now gone. We don’t really know if it was Paddock or some patsy look-alike found elsewhere brought up by a sinister room service.

My guess is that the seemingly now missing security guard witnessed something “they” don’t want the regular American to hear — maybe he even saw shadowy figures exiting down the hall? Funny how the media neglects to talk about him in any real detail, other than saying his Hispanic name, Jesus Campos. Curious.

The note on the table was first thought to be a suicide note, but they’ve recently said it was the computational figures he used for calculating his fire — which is ridiculous since he easily could have done it in his head. 400 yards means X number of inches in bullet drop. With a bump stock spraying bullets willy-nilly at a massed crowd, even less of a factor. He would have known that.

Now I fully admit I’m speculating here, but I have yet to see one piece of evidence definitely proving this guy did it all by his lonesome. Even the wire transfer of money to his Filipino whore chick in the Philippines doesn’t prove it to me. We already know he was dicking around with another broad and really did want to dump the Flip like she thought. Sure, the mystery woman could have been a common Vegas street walker he met later on, but we don’t know that, do we? In fact, this person could provide the link to the real culprits.

This unknown woman could be the original “honeypot” used to get Paddock where they wanted him. Maybe her and the MOSSAD operation manager were in a room just down the hall, waiting for the two shooters to join them? One minute she looked like a hot babe, the next an old Jewess babushka from Brooklyn. Very easy to do.

Note they have been reports of gunfire shattering the front door glass of the Bellagio when it happened, forcing the hotel to go into lockdown (a video exists of all this). If true, this is extremely important fact since the front doors do not face the Mandalay Bay hotel and are over a mile away with another tall hotel in between. What happened here?

Maybe something went wrong at this location? These kinds of things are never perfect.

Whether I got anything right, we may never know. Our media is hopelessly compromised by the same power nexus that could have done it.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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43 Responses to This Las Vegas Thing Stinks… TO HIGH HEAVEN

  1. Red Pill says:

    i don’t buy any of it, won’t say no more.

  2. Alababa Bumba says:

    Considering the fact that the LSM loves minority so-called heroes, why are they not interviewing this Hispanic guy? I agree, he saw something he was not supposed to, probably more than one shooter. This entire thing stinks

  3. Alababa Bumba says:

    I’ve shot weapons with a bunch of other guys outside blasting like crazy. The fumes and gases were unbearable, even outside. If this guy shot through that many rounds in a confined space, the gases alone would have killed him. Another thing, at the same time I was shooting with friends, spent brass was everywhere. The hot shell casing even started a little fire in dried grass and leaves we missed when we started. If this patsy blasted through that many rounds, surprised the carpet and window drapes didn’t catch fire. When the cops described the scene, they said there were “dozens” of spent shells. Only dozens? When we were all shooting, the spent brass were two inches thick on the ground. And it was a big area. The pictures they released are all bullshit. Where were all the shell casings? Dozens my ass. I’ve also talked to others who’ve used those bump stock things and they said they were all just crap. They jam up after just a few bursts recommending using just twenty round mags. Hundreds continuous fire? No F’ing way. Most bolts on a semi auto rifle are only designed for semi auto, not full auto, another jam up point. The lousy media should interview some real gun experts or smiths to explain all this but don’t hold your breath.

  4. Sen10L says:

    My gut feeling was that the death of Stephen Paddock never happened. First news reporters asked about Paddock and spokesperson, responded that, Zpadock was dead, currently. Does that mean he will be alive latter? Freudian slip? JIm Stone confirms my first instinct about asset Paddock.

  5. Nationalist says:

    Great post Alababa Bumba, obviously this story doesn’t add up. It sounds like the Jews who own Vegas did such a great job of framing this guy that no one really knows exactly what happened – except of course for the Jewish power brokers operating on the strip. Even the mainstream press has stated that they can’t figure out why someone who made a fortune in real estate would do something like this. They probably studied Stalin’s methods for framing people and then blaming it on his adversaries. This reminds me of the lies Israel told concerning the 1967 U.S.S. Liberty incident, Jews are always so clever in their ability at screwing the White race and getting away with it.

  6. Joe Btfsplk says:

    communist cover of National Geographic:

  7. First this was a cowardly act done by cowards It has the earmarks of a mossad operation. The story the lying Israeli owned media wants us to believe doesn’t add up. This is part of the ongoing genocide of whites. We need to arm ourselves and get rid of politicians that don’t serve us in our countries. We’re at war. We are set to die like the millions in Russia in the 1930s unless we fightback.

  8. Again, Incogman.. Stephen Paddock was an innocent man… Every aspect of this operation was carefully planned well ahead of time and the hit squads are now free and clear and most probably back in Israel…

    Watch now as the REAL crime against America takes place as the criminals in the US government now ram through their latest freedom stripping ‘act’ called the USA “Liberty Act” that will turn your nation into a full blown surveillance state…

  9. Morris Deeds says:

    5 years later, tributes for Autumn Pasquale continue as killer’s family faces new charges Posted October 09, 2017 at 07:51 AM | Updated October 09, 2017 at

    By Matt Gray | For
    Autumn Pasquale would have been a high school senior this year. The Clayton 12-year-old was strangled to death in October 2012 and her body left in a recycling container.
    Autumn’s death shook her hometown, prompted several lawsuits and inspired proposed legislation.
    Her case has resurfaced in recent months after one of those involved in her death was charged in a home invasion and the house where she was killed became the target of a drug raid.

    Autumn’s father, Anthony, took to Facebook at the start of this school year to reflect on his daughter’s legacy and wonder about the experiences she would have had in her senior year of high school.
    Between the fifth anniversary of her death and her birthday a week later, October is an especially difficult month for the entire family.

    “I know it’s coming and I can’t stop thinking about it,” Anthony Pasquale said. “I can’t believe it’s been five years.”

    Top stories 2012 Autumn Pasquale’s body found THH_0140.jpg
    Police remove Autumn Pasquale’s bicycle from the East Clayton Avenue home where she was strangled to death in October 2012. (Tim Hawk | For

    All for a bike
    Autumn was reported missing on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012. Her disappearance prompted a community-wide search effort.
    Just hours after a community vigil was held to pray for her safe return, Autumn’s body was found in a blue recycling container on the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 23.
    Later that day, Justin and Dante Robinson were charged with killing Autumn. Her bike was found in the Robinson home and the recycling container that held her body was left by the curb at the house next door.

    Justin Robinson took sole responsibility for Autumn’s death, pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter and was sentenced to 17 years behind bars.
    Dante Robinson pleaded guilty to a charge of obstruction in the case. He was sentenced to 6 months in jail in September 2013, but was released with time served. He had remained in a juvenile detention facility following his arrest in 2012.

    Where are they now?
    Justin Robinson, now 20 years old, is serving his sentence at the Garden State Youth Correctional Facility. He’s not eligible for release until April 4, 2027.

    Attorney Joseph Moran sits with Dante Robinson during his pretrial detention hearing on June 1, 2017. (Tim Hawk | For

    Dante Robinson, now 22, is currently back in jail on home invasion charges. He was allegedly armed when he entered a Sicklerville home on May 21 and demanded money. Police say he assaulted one victim and pushed a 9-year-old to the ground before he was shot and wounded by the homeowner. He is next due in court on Oct. 27.

    The Robinson home on East Clayton Avenue. (File photo)

    Meanwhile, their older brother, Michael Robinson, 23, was arrested in September on drug possession charges following an investigation by Clayton police. Police served a search warrant at the same home where authorities say Autumn was strangled.
    “It’s a shame.”
    That was Anthony Pasquale’s take on recent news that Dante Robinson was back in jail on new charges. He criticized the man’s parents and the now 22-year-old Robinson himself for not staying out of trouble.
    “My personal opinion is the parents didn’t do anything about it and he didn’t seek the opportunity to better himself.
    “If it was my child, I’d be looking for all the help there is.”

    Anthony Pasquale walks out of the Gloucester County Justice Complex with family friend Barb DeFrance following Justin Robinson’s sentencing. (Joe Warner | For NJ Advance Media)

    Father seeks accountability
    Autumn’s father sued the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office, New Jersey State Police and local departments, claiming investigators botched the search and missed an opportunity to save his daughter. The case was later dismissed.
    “We couldn’t prevent the death of Autumn Pasquale because she was killed approximately six hours before she was ever reported missing,” Prosecutor Sean Dalton later stated.

    More below:

  10. Morris Deeds says:

    5 years later, tributes for Autumn Pasquale continue as killer’s family faces new charges Posted October 09, 2017 at 07:51 AM | Updated October 09, 2017 at

    By Matt Gray | For
    Autumn Pasquale would have been a high school senior this year. The Clayton 12-year-old was strangled to death in October 2012 and her body left in a recycling container.
    Autumn’s death shook her hometown, prompted several lawsuits and inspired proposed legislation.
    Her case has resurfaced in recent months after one of those involved in her death was charged in a home invasion and the house where she was killed became the target of a drug raid.

    More below:

  11. Nazda Pokmov says:

    SP is not dead. He was not even there. Where is ANY video footage of him at MB? I can’t find any. THERE IS NO VIDEO from inside MB!!! No check in video, no hallway or elevator video!!! But they released his slip and fall video from 2011???? Also ISIS is CIA and why would CIA want to bump off a money launderer? They would not do this. The dead guy maybe a crisis actor with a blood pack in his mouth as his eyes not bulging like a person who sustained a major head injury would. I noticed the ear lobes didn’t match days ago. Lots of folks “saw and supposedly interacted” with SP but where is the video footage? There is none as he was not there. It was a CIA/Mossad operation. Have room service leave a cart outside a room for extended periods of time? Not in this lifetime they don’t do that. The FBI baffled? HA HA. Of course they are baffled. They do not want any staff to talk to anyone about this as the guy was never there!!! Easy to make up stories and have them handed out to the press like jelly beans. The woman who was at the San Bernardino shooting amazingly was at this one too!!! The $6K hooker story? Multiple “hero” stories. Hilarious. Gimme a break….. SP’s brother using the wrong tenses when asked about SP and then immediately correcting himself. Plus accountants are basically sissys and wuzzys. SP looks like a sissy who never mowed his lawn or pumped his own gas…..and he’s the shooter? No way. No guns were fired inside the room. All guns fired from other locations. SP fled the country after possibly checking into the hotel in Sept and is in another country now hiding.

    Memo to self: Buy more popcorn….this is a Soros Funhouse Circus Production designed to go on and on for sometime with new and utterly amazing stupid press releases courtesy of the CIA/FBI collaboration. It’s amazing what for horseturds they are pulling on American citizens making them think this happened with only printed words and no video of SP!!!! Apparently Americans will believe anything the MSM wants to push…….. I don’t buy it. I don’t buy any of it. It was a DRILL……

    Thank you InCogMan….your article is the best I’ve read so far about this “shooting” or should I say pretend shooting……

  12. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Did Steve Wynn Just Suggest Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Used A Service Elevator At Mandalay Bay?

    This video is 10 minutes long.

  13. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I forgot what I learned the other day about posting You Tube videos.

  14. Frank Fredenburg says:

  15. Karen says:

    My hubby who is no sharpshooter, but does belong to a gun club and is a gun hobbyist says that at a distance of 1,100 ft. using an automatic weapon with plenty of rounds, and providing the target is congested, a tight close crowd, it would be fairly easy to hit over 500 people in about 10 minutes.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Thanks, Karen. Absolutely. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. Now get this: The LV sheriff said tonight the security guard was hit in the leg BEFORE he started shooting at the crowd. What’s that mean? They had plenty of time to respond. Something stinks in Denmark.

  16. Karen says:

    I’ve been reading all sorts of B.S and what else about this, and Philip Marlowe as in the past, has given an honest and sane appraisal. Thank you Incog Man.

  17. GTRman / Nilus/ Tony Hayers says:

    Hello Incog , long time away.
    Good to see you at Charlottesville, (on vid) finally a face to fit the name.
    Im still online most days, I tend to stick at Morgoths Review and Irish Savant .

    KATANA has some interesting points on the Oy Vegas massacre:

    Las Vegas 2017 — Does It Matter?
    In this post I discuss the recent Las Vegas mass shooting and ask, in the light of the provable large-scale false flags perpetrated against us by our (((governments))), whether it even matters whether Las Vegas was a genuine lone nut action or a state sponsored false flag event — KATANA.
    The recent Las Vegas shooting could have occurred as presented by the MSM (Main Sewer Media), that is, a 64-year-old White guy, Paddock, for reasons unclear, decided to mass murder dozens of fellow Whites and injure hundreds more attending a concert, by mowing them down with automatic gunfire from his high hotel perch. This narrative lends itself to the argument for much stricter gun control.

    Alternatively, from a position of distrust of the MSM viewpoint, there is plenty to speculate on, in particular that this was a false flag with Paddock as some kind of patsy. This narrative lends itself to the argument for no changes to gun control.
    I would like to argue here that these kinds of mass shootings, whether they are likely hoaxes or false flags, such Sandy Hook, the Pulse nightclub, and others likely quite genuine, like the Columbine mass shooting, need to be placed into a much larger context. That context are the long-standing and ongoing “terrorist” events that have occurred, or are occurring throughout the West that are beyond doubt, orchestrated by organized jewry, or if you prefer, the “Deep State”.

    I absolutely agree with and endorse Karen’s comments:
    I’ve been reading all sorts of B.S and what else about this, (AND THEN SOME!) and Philip Marlowe as in the past, has given an honest and sane appraisal. Thank you Incog Man.
    My hubby who is no sharpshooter, but does belong to a gun club and is a gun hobbyist says that at a distance of 1,100 ft. using an automatic weapon with plenty of rounds, and providing the target is congested, a tight close crowd, it would be fairly easy to hit over 500 people in about 10 minutes.

    Heres a discussion on The Paranormies at The Right Stuff:
    (Speaking of which: I nominate Incogman as a Very Special Guest on “The Daily Shoah” one day soon…can it happen??
    Incog was the original Godfather of the “Alt-Right” before it was even a thing! )

    The Paranormies Present: The Ahnenerbe Hour: S3EP4: The Las Vegas Shooting

    This week on the Paranormies we are joined in the first hour by Jazzhands McFeels of Fash the Nation to discuss the FTN take on the Las Vegas Shooting supposedly by Stephen Paddock. Then, in the second hour, we are joined by Alc Right Rises stars Ignis Faatus and Larry Ridgeway to really go ham on the speculation.

    Latest ‘Fash The Nation’ (these guys give the best analysis of current USA politic)
    Fash the Nation Week 91: White Activism and Black Taqiya
    McFeels and Halberstram refuse to be newscucked by perhaps the biggest white pill of the week: white nationalism’s return to Charlottesville and the ensuing impotent rage has been nothing short of glorious. The NFL controversy also continues, with Pence walking out of Sunday’s Colts game and Kaepernick being pressed into doing black taqiya by Obama. The latest evidence continues to be slow-walked out of Vegas and the death rattle of the establishment GOP continues inside the beltway. It’s all ahead on Fash the Nation!

    PS I originally came back over here (post shooting) to see if “American Born” was still around, as I knew he lived in Vegas. I remember he was waiting for his lady to finish exams a few years back , then was going to be “Leaving Las Vegas”

    Looks like he’s still there.

    HELLO to all my old virtual friends here , you racist anti-semitic bastards, you.

    PPS Havent heard from Cannibal Rabbi in YEARS. Im still IRL in touch with ‘Barney’.

  18. GTRman / Nilus/ Tony Hayers says:

    Ive got one in moderation, Incog, too many links prob.

  19. GTRman / Nilus/ Tony Hayers says:

    Your blood will boil, Irish or not:

    The perils of blending
    This from Nilus, popular commentator and ace jewdar sleuth in the comment section of the previous post: “Tell me there’s not an Irishman that could watch this and not get furious”. Well nilus here’s one Irishman who got seriously furious, suffused with a cold anger. He was referring to a series of ads running for Tullamore Dew blended Irish whiskey (here and here). No surprise that they’re straight out of the Great Book Of Diversity Cliches.

  20. GTRman / Nilus/ Tony Hayers says:

    extract from Katanas piece

    “America is the last major country in the West to maintain the right of the ordinary man to bear arms. A country able to physically, if not psychologically, defend itself against a looming jewish police state.

    So, if the Las Vegas event is “real” and occurred as advertised by the lying and scheming MSM, then it is an anomaly, a freak event among the many hoaxes and false flag events that abound, and that they promote. A case of the lying boy, crying wolf, finally being right.

    In other words, it doesn’t matter, in the scheme of things, if some White guy really went nuts and killed dozens.

    It doesn’t matter, because the proven mass murderers of tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people, organized jewry, who have carried out proven false flag events, such as the above mentioned USS Liberty and 9/11, are in charge of our media and government, and can spin any story they like to the masses, who sit in front of their “Electric Jew” getting brainwashed.
    What really matters is for Whites everywhere to see that they are being slowly but surely genocided through unconventional means. That ultimately their last resort, physical defense, is to be very heavily armed against the psychopaths that run their governments in the shadows.

    “Las Vegas” will be used to bolster the ongoing long-term efforts to disarm Whites. It should be resisted as if your life and family depended upon it.”

  21. GTRman / Nilus/ Tony Hayers says:

    No probs I suspected as much.

    Ive had a few names, but this here is where I started, ten years ago now, my very first comment on the internet was at Incogman.

    Remember “Nemesis”? She first posted RAMZPAUL here when he first started.
    Look at him now.
    The second site I posted on , back in 2007, was called “Outlaw Journalism” (which had a sister site Outlaw Forum) which was ran by a talented writer who called himself “Andre”………who was Andrew Anglin , look at him now !!

    I was very green and it was here I cut my teeth and learned that

    and B) that HITLER ( and Nixon, Mosley, McCarthy, Powell,Rockwell ,etc) were in fact THE GOOD GUYS.

    Here are some names I remember from the past: Marshall (where for art thou Marshall? Marshall and I pioneered the “jew-spoof” song !!)
    Bailey. T-Bone. Goy With Two Brain Cells. James The Just. Summerled.(?)

    Dedicated to Marshall if you are out there, somewhere on the ocean blue:

    If McCartney was a kid in modern Britain he might have written this:

    “Penury Lane”

    “On Penury Lane there is a smack-head scrounging methadone
    from Slavic prossies by the old needle exchange
    He’s a pre-she begging for sex-change..
    Very strange

    There’s a Poundshop where the local library used to be,
    A BetFred where Sue’s Cafe now no longer stands
    The Call to Prayer makes my once Christian land
    Feel like Pakistan ……Islamabad ?

    “Penury Lane gets in my hair, and smears my skin
    Stale fried chicken oil , skunk smoke , and
    Pit bull dog shit I stepped in”

    Three obese toddlers waddle , pasty faces full of Greggs
    Towards the hoodies blazin’ weed outside the pub
    It’s ironic cos it closed for good
    when (((they))) said we could
    not smoke in the pub

    Sue Ryder sold sad seconds, stood a record store , a
    Cancer Research where there once the Woolworth’s was
    How sad “The Albion”, our public house
    Now’s my local …. mosque

    “Penury Lane , cover my hair , sneer at my skin
    Booze and kebab vomit, skunk smoke ,
    Pit bull dog shit I stepped in”

    There’s a Nandos where the Dindus and Dindeeshas fill
    their noisy maws with spicy chicken ,Portugese
    But the pakis ,chavs and wogs still feed
    at the KFC –
    (there’s a Need For Speed)

    A pretty lass is pissed, passed out cold on the paving slabs
    Outside the Church of Blessed Mary and The Lamb
    Shes only had six shots of vodka, slammed
    after seven cans , and a bag of MAND

    “Penury Lane darkens my day, and stains my skin
    Curried goat , Special Brew piss,
    Pit bull dog shit I stepped in”

    Huyton Park Mohammed rapes another customer
    a mini cab driven mad under minarets
    It’s surely racist for one to suggest
    that he pass the test
    (Cos PC Protects)

    Safe in the leafy tree-lined avenues of Allerton
    In cosy suburbs streets away from all that scene
    Live the Goldbergs and the Silversteins
    Driving German dreams
    With the Widest Screens

    “Penury Lane yellows my eyes, and dulls my skin
    Mum has gone , four food bank
    horsemeat pies , a steal , fresh from the bin

    Penury Lane pollutes my ears, and fills my lungs
    The Smiths Are Dead, now I must listen to
    Kumars, Patels, Khans and Chungs “

  22. GTRman / Nilus/ Tony Hayers says:

    one of the very best British Youtubers: “Way Of The World”

    Why the Alt-Right Will Win

  23. GTRman / Nilus/ Tony Hayers says:

    just another day on the Jew-Tube, UK:

    Sunday Morning BBC1 10am ‘Sunday Morning Live’

    * “The Pope says we should do more to help “asylum seekers”. Do we have a moral duty to take in more refugees? ” asks Orthodox
    JEW presenter Emma Barnett
    JEW Wendy Robbins asks if nukes are a necessary evil.
    JEW? barrister and Twitterer Rupert Myers says yes.
    JEW Ruby Wax asks if there’s too much stigma around mental health.
    JEW Dominic Raab MP and
    JEW Grant Shapps MP and
    JEW Ed Vaisey MP and
    JEW Simon Brodkin appear on ‘Sunday Politics’ , right after.
    JEW Robert Peston’s guest (ITV 10am) is
    LESBIAN Ruth Davidson, Scottish Tory Leader, and Nicola Sturgeon.
    (DYKE Davidson was also on Andrew Marr’s program) (BBC1 9am)
    LESBIAN Sandi Toksvig is guest on ‘Sunday Brunch’ (Channel 4 10am).
    JEW Arlene Phillips is the subject of ‘My Life On A Plate’ BBC2 11.50am

    * (Depends on who “we” is doesnt it?
    And do you mean “asylum seekers” or “refugees” ?

    MUZZ PAKI FEMALE in headscarf Rhabina Khan (writer and campaigner) says:
    “In post-(((WW2))), the British were accepting JEWISH HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS (BINGO!) and in actual fact it was only 70,000 JEWISH HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS that was (sic) accepted at the time , even then, the JEWISH COMMUNITY had to take responsibility for these REFUGEES, and in the 1945 cabinet papers the rhetoric that was used was “Do we want to accept a “batch” of REFUGEES and that rhetoric around REFUGEES and the demonisation of REFUGEES needs to stop. A while back I took my son to the Science museum and we met a REFUGEE there, he inspired my son, he spoke to him in science, he spoke to him about ideas , his name was ALBERT EINSTEIN (OY VEY !) Albert Einstein said “When a refugee goes to his or her new country, he doesnt just bring his belongings”

    ( Too right: There’s the clit-snipping, throat-slitting, honour-killing ,cock chopping ,chicken twirling, money grubbing, wife-beating ,pork-dodging ,eyeball-eating ,voodoo -doing, acid-throwing ,blood-letting ,goat-fucking, death-trucking ,street-beheading crime-spreading, road-robbing ,head-bobbing Talmud-touting …..)

    NEGRO presenter Sean Fletcher (who also presents “Countryfile” and “Songs Of Praise” – cant catch a break these effniks)
    “Yeah, yeah ,, really interesting point there…..Emma’s now joined by a REFUGEE, isnt that right Emma?”

    JEW Emma: ” That’s right, Achmed is a REFUGEE from Aleppo ( a coward in his mid 30s who ran away from “war” and left the women behind) who spent weeks trying to get to the UK, eventually arriving here (ILLEGALLY) on a lorry. He was granted REFUGEE status after 90 days.”

    JEW: “Achmed, it was a very TRAUMATIC and DIFFICULT journey from Syria to Britain. Why did you make that TREACHEROUS journey?”

  24. GTRman / Nilus/ Tony Hayers says:

    A small world, UK TV.

    On ‘Sunday Morning Live’ (presented by NEGRO Sean Fletcher and Orthodox JEW Emma Barnett ) JEW Ruby Wax was kvetching about her struggles with mental illness , as so often does QUEER JEW Stephen Fry and JEW David Baddiel on UK TV and radio..
    Just a few hours later on the same channel (BBC1) on ‘Songs Of Praise’, NEGRO Sean Fletcher is talking to HOMOSEXUAL COMMUNIST Vicar, the “Rev” Richard Coles, also about his struggles with mental illness (depression, anxiety, compulsive sex with other men in the woods, etc)
    Many teenagers get depressed, but of course , only queer or trannie ones matter.

    ( All vicars and priests on TV must be QUEER, FEMALE or BLACK)

    Right after that , in “Who Do Jew Think Jew Are “, JEW Ruby Wax is “waxing” HOLOCAUST..and mental illness, as she visits some of the nuthouses her un-holocausted relatives ended up in.

    Less than an hour later also on BBC1 is “Countryfile”, a much-loved nature, countryside and farming magazine program which shows White country folk doing White country folk things: sheep-dogging, parish fetes, jam and chutney making, etc. NEGRO Sean Fletcher presents this as well !!!

    After that it’s “Strictly Come Dancing”, presented by JEW Claudia Winkleman, with …..QUEER Rev. Richard Coles and Scottish LESBIAN Susan Calman being JUDGED by QUEER Craig Revel Horwood and QUEER Bruno Cornholio !!

    On ITV, JEW Simon Cowell and JEW Sharon Osborne and QUEER Louis Walsh do the JUDGING on ‘X-Factor’ , while on Channel 4 , LESBIAN dwarf Sandi Toksvig JUDGES oven-worthy cakes and biscuits

    On Channel 5 is the White version of “Annie” (1982)
    Produced by JEW? Ray Stark (mother’s name Gottlieb)
    Based on Annie
    by JEW Charles Strouse and
    JEW Martin Charnin

    It’s the same kosher poison 24 hours a day in Canada, US, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Finland…etc etc

  25. GTRman / Nilus/ Tony Hayers says:


    UK TV 10.45am Monday: All this in 3 minutes.

    BBC2 Victoria Derbyshire: “Dove” brand cosmetics branded ‘RACIST‘ for showing a BLACK woman taking off her top and a WHITE woman underneath. “Dove” say “We DEEPLY REGRET” the “OFFENCE” it has caused. This is all reported with the po-faced earnestness of a murder or child-sex crime. In studio to feign “OUTRAGE” and talk bollocks is recently-sacked White-hating NEGRO TRANSGENDER MODEL Monroe Bergdorf. Who talks about “diversity” and how Dove have “got it wrong” on “so many occasions before”. “I wasnt that shocked when I saw it…but of course I was APPALLED ”
    Then they talk to a very unintelligent NEGRO male called Habeeb Akande (author and activist?) He’s “very disappointed” and is as thick as FUCK.
    He talks about “narrative” and “Eurocentric” and “White”
    Then, RITA CHAKRIBARTY talks Brexit.
    Then a multi-millionaire American NEGRO NIGGERBALL player who is worshipped by Whites talks about “SYSTEMATIC OPPRESSION THAT HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR DECADES” without a hint of irony.
    Stevie Wonder saying “Tonight, Im taking one in the ass for the team”

    ITV ‘This Morning’ Orthodox JEW multi-millionaire coin-clutcher Paul Lewis talking shekels. Plus “My kids Got Autism” and “Bullying”

    Channel 5 : ‘The Wright Stuff’ Guests:
    QUEER Labour MP Chris Bryant (ex Vicar) and
    QUEER Dr David Bull :
    “Should the next Census be “gender neutral” ?
    Bryant wants to get rid of Lords and Marquises and Dukes and..
    (he’s basically a communist faggot)

  26. GTRman / Nilus/ Tony Hayers says:

    “The Fabulous JEW Fanny” : KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY:

    JEW Stark discussed the possibility with producer QUEER JEW David Merrick (Margulois), who suggested JEW Jule Styne (Julius Stein) and QUEER JEW Stephen Sondheim compose the score. QUEER JEW Sondheim told JEW Styne, “I don’t want to do the life of JEW Fanny Brice (Fania Borach) with (GOY LESBIAN) Mary Martin. She’s not Jewish. You need someone ethnic for the part.”

    JEW Stark then turned to JEW Ben Hecht to write the screenplay for a biopic, but neither JEW Hecht nor the ten writers who succeeded him were able to produce a version that satisfied JEW Stark. Finally, JEW? COMMUNIST Isobel Lennart submitted My Man, which pleased both Stark and Columbia Pictures JEW executives, who offered Stark $400,000 plus a percentage of the gross for the property.
    QUEER JEW Merrick discussed the project with QUEER JEW Jerome Robbins (Rabinowitz) , who gave the screenplay to Anne Bancroft. She agreed to play Brice if she could handle the score. QUEER JEW Merrick suggested QUEER JEW Styne collaborate with JEW Dorothy Fields
    (Schoenfeld) ,as lyricist, but she was not interested. He went to Palm Beach, Florida for a month and composed music he thought Bancroft would be able to sing. While he was there, he met JEW Bob Merrill (Henry Levan)
    With Bancroft out of the picture, JEW Eydie Gormé was considered, but she agreed to play Brice only if her husband JEW Steve Lawrence (Sidney Liebowitz ) was cast as JEW Nicky Arnstein.

    Since they thought he was wrong for the role, JEW Stark and JEW Robbins approached Carol Burnett, who said, “I’d love to do it but what you need is a Jewish girl.” With options running out, JEW Styne thought JEW Barbra Streisand would be perfect.

    Then JEW Merrick suggested JEW Stark hire JEW Garson Kanin.

    West Side Story is a contemporary version of Romeo and Juliet, set in Hell’s Kitchen. The show, with music by QUEER JEW Leonard Bernstein, marked the first collaboration between QUEER JEW Jerome Robbins and QUEER JEW Stephen Sondheim, who wrote the lyrics, as well as QUEER JEW Arthur Laurents, who wrote the book.

    Check this out: JEWS, since the beginning.
    White people like to DO STUFF. MAKE STUFF.
    JEWS want WHITE PEOPLE to watch JEWS doing NOTHING, on stage:

    Lew Fields (January 1867 – July 20, 1941), born as Moses Schoenfeld, was an American actor, comedian, vaudeville star, theatre manager, and producer.

  27. Luke says:

    That picture of the supposed shooter Paddock who we are told committed suicide ?

    Anyone else besides myself notice something about that picture that looks mighty peculiar? Look at the brass shell casings. They look to be .223 caliber. Notice how those casings are sitting on top of the pool of blood and the tops of the casings do not appear to have any blood on them? Think about this for a second.

    If Paddock put the barrel of his pistol in his mouth, probably from a sitting position – and pulled the trigger – and those shell casings were already on the floor behind his head, the force of the bullet would have propelled blood and brain tissue out the back or top of his head and that blood and tissue splatter would have fallen down onto those shell casings. But, the tops of those casings look as clean as a whistle?

    As if Paddock was already dead and someone placed those shell casings on top of the pool of blood – so as to ensure that a photograph of the corpse would be sure to include those .223 casings, so as to further the jews agenda to try to ban private ownership of AR-15 style sporting rifles.

  28. GTRman / Nilus/ Tony Hayers says:

  29. With all the BS on this case goes the presstitute whores pitching of the case of “murdered indigenous women”. Were these women murdered or did they simply move on from their lives of drugs and prostitution? If they were they were more than likely murdered by other male natives that are notorious drunkards and drug dealers on their reserves where they are policed by the “band”. Almost every day we are subjected to this crap while an ongoing real genocide in south Africa is ignored. The murder of whites are classified as robberies where the purp is rarely apprehended by racist black cops.

  30. Red Pill says:

    Atlantic Jihad: The Untold Story of White Slavery

    Europeans captured and sold by Islamic jihadist in Africa. In Poland alone over 3 million people were taken into slavery by muslims, an enormous number for a small country like Poland. One can only imagine how many millions far closer to the entry points into European countries got kidnapped and taken into slavery across Europe by muslims. Add that number to centuries of muslim slave raids.

  31. S O G says:

    the casinos were shot up by a carload(S) OF TRIGGER nut cases …is why some people ran into a casino and said get the helloutt there some one was coming to shoot it up …
    so it was reported early on in las vegas new but taken off air ..
    people died and were injured at the casinos …
    fbi wants witnesses …no thanks for extrajudicial rendition or the black hole of calcutta on some secret prison ship… no i dint see nowt …i wasnt there i havent been born yet ..etc ….avoid the fbi like you would syphylis …
    the whole shoot …people left to bleed out like columbine …no medical help…..gates locked …people trampled to death …who got shot and where the casinos or on the field ….whoo fuckin knows but it was all intelligence idiots involved …

  32. Denys Picard says:

    The reason everything is invisible…is because Canada is the greatest of Magician…and its hate for America is as Great as are the Thalmudic Babylonian chants towards Gowyims.
    I could simply say: It’s the Deep State, Stupid!…But I love you too much for this, Incog…but obviously..Aspergers clearly are being easy targets for these demonic expressions of Anti- White Americanism…don’t you think so! Jews own Canada…and Canado-Americana Deep States are but one!

  33. Pingback: Britain: Same Bloody Anti-White Globalist Crap. – Site Title

  34. Johnny Draco says:

    All the main photos of the Las Vegas attack were taken by photo journalist David Becker.

  35. Joe Btfsplk says:

    definition of PADDOCK

    . . .a small field or enclosure. . .

  36. silvernickel says:

    I suspect this poor woman died from the severe trauma inflicted upon her at the Las Vegas false flag. She probably had a severe heart attack or went into an uncontrollable seizure leading to heart failure. Trauma-based mind control and PTSD can really mess you up.

    Unhurt Woman Survivor, 100% Certain There Were Multiple Ground Level
    Shooters In Crowd, Tells Her Horrific Story – And Is Then Found Dead In Her Bedroom

  37. silvernickel says:

    another first hand account from Ricky Ardito, a friend and fellow escapee with the woman who recently died suddenly at home, after surviving the Las Vegas massacre.

  38. dick fuld says:

    you would have to be crazy to believe the phony jew controlled mass
    media accounts, or credible lack of them, of the vegas massacre,
    perpetrated by the mossad in collaboration with jew traitors in
    america in the racketeer city founded and run by murder incorporated.

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