America: Now Going Totally PC INSANE

By Phillip Marlowe

I guess by now you’ve heard the whole Roy Moore thing is playing out disastrously for the Swamp critters in DC, like Mitch McConnell. Moore is hanging tough and the accusations are sounding increasingly desperate. I don’t care if you’re Christian or not, it sure is good to see a White man with a pair of cojeñes these days.

The FAKE media is totally in cahoots in the campaign against Roy Moore. Even FOX is subtly against him. My home page is getting hit with stories saying his democrat opponent is ahead in phony polls and his campaign fund is flooded with donations (rich leftys and Jews from all over). They are now trying to gin up the “herd instinct” with the voters in Alabama against Moore, since Plan A failed. Guess what? It’s not working.

The yearbook offered up by one of Moore’s accusers and her shekel-grubbing left coast Jew lawyer, Gloria Allred, is now getting exposed as a crude forgery. Clearly someone added Moore’s name in a different ink. CNN was caught running a shot where they cranked up the black contrast levels, eliminating color discrepancies. The forger also stupidly put in “A. D.” after his signature, apparently copying the initials of Moore’s assistant from court paperwork, probably from a 1999 divorce proceeding involving the accuser. Allred is now all red with embarrassment and might even be disbarred — something she’s well deserved for years. What a filthy Jew huckster!

Then Jew liberal wacko, Al Franken of Saturday Night Live fame, was accused of the astoundingly horrific crime of attempted French kissing in the first degree of a semi-celebrity radio chick, Leann Tweeden. She also released an 11 year-old photo of him pretending to grab her breasts (OMG!) while asleep aboard a troop transport plane returning from Afghanistan during a USO tour. She was wearing a unflattering ballistic vest and Kevlar helmet, somehow to protect her if the Taliban managed to shoot down the craft with AK-47 ground fire. It would not have helped.

Even though I can’t stand big-mouthed Jew boy Al Franken one bit, the photo was more laughable than damning, IMHO. But we’re now living in crazy times, where any straying from the party line must be screamed endlessly over. Hell, her pals at the USO event sent her the shot along with other fun and game type photos once they all got back to the USA but it meant nothing to her over a decade ago. So now it’s terrible?

Getting “hit on” by White men (or Jews) must now be considered a crime of epic proportions, no matter how inane. Ridiculous.

OK, I’ll be the first to admit it. I’ve been there. I’ve done similar things. Sure. I’ve clowned around at parties and road trips. And been a bit of a horndog myself, at times. Never raped any chicks against their will of course, but have indeed “put the moves” on them, as us rude guys term it. Believe it or not, my attentions were almost always welcomed (mistakes have been made). Maybe having a relationship first was the reason for my occasional success as a stud puppy wannabee?

And I never go to parties where I’m not invited.

Not all that long ago I wrote my brother saying we’re entering into a phase a lot like the Salem Witch Trials of the 16th Century, just more widespread due to mass media and PC brainwashing. Another example I told him about — since one of the many spin-off cases occurred not very far from where he lived — was the California McMartin Pre-School Day Care case, where the owners were falsely accused of Satanism and Pedophilia of little kiddies. Back then (1980’s) all kinds of Day Cares were getting accused of being dens of Satanic perversion by idiot psychologists and kiddies. It was a real modern day hysteria.

Now, I’m definitely NOT saying there isn’t any organized Pedophilia rings and Satan worship. I believe all that is more widespread than we have a clue. But on the other hand, I also believe perfectly innocent people often get accused of crap they never did.

I’ve actually had something minor like this happen to me. The particulars are kind of boring and not much really came of it, so I won’t bother you with the details, but some wacko broad once accused me of calling her up at home and saying rude things of some sort, when nothing of the kind ever happened. I was flabbergasted and couldn’t fathom why she was saying that. The only explanation was that she had a secret thing going on with a workplace competitor I had no idea I was in any competition with, and she was trying to destroy me in order to help advance him (it didn’t work). Stuff like that does happen at the office. Women can indeed be Machiavellian in devilish witchy ways.

What I think is happening, is that we got a long-running Agenda to make us all go insane, so we have a civil war or insurrection, with the Jews there to reap the rewards. Look at the constant pricking at black racial sensitivities by blowing up absolutely any police victimization of the homies. They obviously have been ramping that one up the last few years, right along with female victimization at the hands of us evil White males — which we are now seeing go off the richter scale in real time.

I believe the bastards now feel they have enough PC control where they can be safe enough using all the shiny new Police State toys created by “The War on Terror,” while they fully castrate the White race, once and for all. We’re on the cusp of them going for broke.

You may think that’s crazy, but all the pieces fit perfectly. This is where things are headed.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. dick fuld says:

    the 2 major historical figures who opposed jew usury were adolph hitler
    and jesus christ. look what the kikes and their stooges did to them.

    think they have different plans for you?

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