Enjoy Your Future America, White Liberal Idiots

South Africa and Zimbabwe are living nightmares for White people still there. Liberal US media stays silent because they don’t want us Whites back here to get it about how worthless and violent blacks are and what they are doing to the White race in our lands.


A fragment from a blog of a Russian man who went on a business trip to South Africa (translated for your convenience):

Me and my friend had to spend roughly 10 hours in Johannesburg. We asked Mikhail and he convinced some kamikaze driver to take us on a tour through the city center. We, the two retards, thought that they were exaggerating about the danger just to frighten us. We thought that we’d get to the center, take a long good stroll through it and show everyone that Russians aren’t afraid of anything.

We ended up not even coming close to doing any of these things.


We nearly shat ourselves.

The descent to Johannesburg from the plateau made the city look great. Beautiful, big, modern. Some skyscrapers here and there, some nice Victorian-style buildings. Green lawns, blue sky.

Upon actually entering the city, the picture changed drastically.

It looked completely abandoned.

There was no electricity.

Piles of trash just lying in the streets.

Burst sewer pipes flooding several spots.

The only thing clear of debris was the main road, the only functional electrical devices were the traffic lights.

And this was the city center, the relatively safe part of the city.

Prior to riding into the city, the driver appointed by Mikhail read us a short “do’s and don’ts” lecture. He seemed very tense, gulping often and suspiciously looking around as he spoke:

“If you cunts want to survive this, do exactly as I say.

After we enter the city, NO LOUD NOISES, do not ATTRACT ANY ATTENTION!

NO FUCKING IPHONES OR CAMERAS flashing through the car windows!

DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT with ghouls! (that’s what he called niggers)

And no matter what happens, DO NOT OPEN THE WINDOWS!

Because suddenly a lamp post can fall and block the way, and the ghouls will fucking siege us.

And remember that I have kids, so at least follow these rules for my sake…”

We spent two hours riding around the city center.

It was quiet enough in the bus to hear a pin drop.

To understand what happened to the city, a small historical flashback is needed.

After the apartheid was over, a two-million swarm of Africans flooded the city, opening the era of African Reconquista. They were not natives, they just left their usual places in the desert and went wherever life was better. Mikhail, the guy who got us the driver, lived in Johannesburg at that time and told us the following:

In the middle of an ordinary workday, something happened.

The office center’s doors opened and an unorganized crowd of several thousand blacks rushed in, carrying their belongings in huge bags. They asked us not to pay any attention to them and continue working, while they were spreading around the building and occupying every bit of territory that was available. Armchairs, stools, sofas, restrooms and hallways – they were everywhere, happily chatting and wasting no time in taking whatever shiny things the building’s original denizens had on them.

The office became filled with commotion. Chickens were butchered and gutted in the hallways, tables in audience rooms turned into cooking tables, restrooms became bathhouses.

The polite question “What’s going on?” was answered with “This is our home now.”

The subsequent, less polite question “What the fuck?!” met a reply “It will be better for everyone.”

Mikhail called the cops.

Cops didn’t come.

They apologized and explained that exactly the same thing was happening cross the entire city.

Then, everyone who could started to quietly flee the city, headed towards the suburbs and Cape Town, while erecting barriers to block the paths – hedges, moats, electrified fences. The last district of Johannesburg where you can meet a white man nowadays is the Pretoria suburb.

After a massive exodus, owners of the buildings started thinking of what to do.

Bingo! They decided that if they switch off the electricity, water and sewer access to the buildings, the ghouls will leave them and return to the savannah.

So, they switched them off.

Ghouls didn’t even notice.

Of course, in the savannah they had neither of these modern conveniences. “Where do they shit, then?” I asked Mikhail.

Mikhail replied that the office owners were also puzzled by this – and completely shocked after they found out.

You see, after invading the buildings, none of the ghouls could figure out what elevator shafts were for. Once they ripped out the elevator doors, they spent a few days scratching heads and spitting into the darkness, until it finally occurred to them.

“White people are geniuses when it comes to planning,” thought the ghouls, and the shafts became both toilets and garbage dumps ever since. According to Mikhail, it takes roughly ten years for an average ghoul horde to shit up an office building to the point of complete unliveability. After that, like in good old prehistoric times, the horde migrates to new pastures, occupying another building.

We rode on through Johannesburg’s streets, glued to the car windows, devouring the scenery with our eyes. Fashionable modern houses with boarded-up windows passed us by. When we came across a rare open window, we could see fires burning inside, with ghouls lying or walking around them.

(Once again) According to Mikhail, a new, albeit informal service appeared in Johannesburg. Bunches of tough guys go around offering to take the buildings back from ghouls. It happens like this: in the middle of the night several trucks drive up to the building, and hundred or two of armed thugs go inside. Quickly, they grab the sleeping ghouls and simply start throwing them out of the building, trying not to wake the whole horde up. Before the horde completely comes to its senses and starts expressing its displeasure, the thugs weld shut all doors and windows on the first floor and put up an electrified fence. After the building is cleaned and refurbished, it turns back into an office.

That’s how the remnants of Johannesburg’s white population live and work. In the evening and during the night they keep safe behind armored doors and private guards. In the morning they get into their cars and quickly, without stopping, ride outside their fortresses to work. After a short ride through more-or-less safe streets, they dive into one of the heavily guarded foxholes that leads to the underground parking garages. And that concludes their arrival to the workplace.

Another funny thing I noticed – if two “live” buildings are nearby, they are often connected by an aerial passage at the 10th or 11th floor. So office workers can even visit each other if they want to. The only trick to it is not to look down. Down there is ghoul territory.

Source: http://tannen.livejournal.com/66587.html

Recent black rioting in Durban, South Africa over some BS. No matter where they live, or even if blacks are in power, the violent Negro race loves mayhem and look for any excuse to go haywire or commit crime. Note the one smiling — like little children, they love the attention!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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33 Responses to Enjoy Your Future America, White Liberal Idiots

  1. john says:

    I hads a dream, mine different than Martin Luther King my dream is United States Russia, Poland, sent a force of large numbers with automatics and did some real good fucking genidide and I was right in there with them, with my AK 47 and flame thrower. How I wish my dream came true.

  2. john says:

    I will have not one ounce of pity for these cking cowardly cucks who love these ucking gorillas and baboons, by the way they are direct genetically mixed with baboons genes dat why they having all these baboon chimp outs at malls and high school, I thank God everyday I did not need to go to school or be in the military with these hateful violent animals.

  3. john says:

    I have a plan for you South African White, hire Blackguard troops to protect you then the animals will not be raping and killing they may be lieing in the road, I cannot stand that white are not helping whites under the conditions of these cking savage black bastards. What they get away with all relates to white cowardness, sorry but its true, at least to me, not all but enough to let shit go unpunished

  4. Erik Snohdin says:

    We whites have relinquished our sense of savagery and allowed our military to take control of such things. As a result, we have all grown soft, forgiving, weak, and paralyzed. This will be our undoing as a race. If we plan on surviving, we need to abandon being “NICE” and start going on the offense. If we just sit and wait for death to come to us, then it most certainly will because the fucking ass-licking Kike fagtards have convinced the world through their propaganda machine that whites must go [because Jscum cannot stand the fact that all their criminal agenda are so transparent to us whites]. Look, when you go after drug dealers, do you just take out the distributors or do you go for the source, the labs that make the stuff ? You have to get to the core. The core of the world’s problems is the JEW. He prides his sickly self on “making things happen.” Well, we whites need to make things happen and NOW. We need to start slaughtering these pieces of lowlife shit and openly displaying the corpses.

  5. dick fuld says:

    but the kikes still pay them 7000 a year to dig out the diamonds & gold
    discovered by whites from holes in the ground.

  6. dick fuld says:

    as long as they dig out the platinum, gold & diamonds for the kikes
    and rape & kill whites, the kikes are happier than a pig in shit.

  7. I m not a young man but I’m on board with you Erik Snohdin. You are absolutely right, death sure as hell shall reap our souls as long as we remain forgiving , weak , and paralyzed. The fu!*en jews aren’t sitting back being victims. You can’t even say anything about the “chosenites” without ending up in major dung or prison depending where you are for simply defending oneself. We have to go on the offensive aggressively now. No more Mr nice guy. Some of us may have to die but as long as we are fighting the blatant in our face oppression then our lives weren’t wasted. The baboon sh*tskins know nothing other than stealing and murder because they didn’t know civilization.
    Another race to avoid is central Americans. Canadians or U.S. citizens go their at your own risk. Poaching of endangered animals is rampant and because we whites are a compassionte lot we take up their cause of their right to life. The police do nothing to prosecute murderers of those that defend them. There’s a less than 5% conviction rate for murder in Costa Rica and unfortunately many whites didn’t know that before heading there with good intentions.

  8. Where was Mr.” Regime change” George Bush when Mugabe was allowing his army veterans to murder whites and steal their land? We know Obongo wouldn’t do anything about a fellow “Africoon”. For that matter where was Trump on this?

  9. S O G says:

    whites are under attack by insane social and political agendas unleashed on their simple pea brains …like dinosaur brains and it was said the dinosaur had a smaller brain in its tail to help it move to …youd think niggers had 2 opposing biasing brains that (very small)battle each other which wouyld account for the way they walk or tey were raised on a chicken farm …
    whites have been under attack by groids since they were brought to america …
    niggers on haiti slaughtered the french whites and mulattos during the french revolution ..
    jkews jacobins redhats those rootless aliens ,international bohemians etc …the jews slipped a ship full of arms to haiti to remove the french soverigntyh there like they started the french unrest and revolution like russia in 1917 ,spain 1930″ as “rebels”
    too many other kjewish socio political engineering via communism to list just now ..
    ww1 ww2 and palestine cus they kiled 5 million of em over there the pallees i mean ..
    jews killed 7 miilionn christians from anno domini 0 year top 315 AD ,,the romans helped but they were also infiltrateed by jews as marcus ciscero ..hmmm..anyway he staes the fear of romans to even name jews in roman times ..
    between 0-and 315 ad the jews massacred 400,000 cyrenes cypriats romans etc in 117ad and repeated the same frenzy in 200 ad …
    they were busy killing people all throo history …
    rehashed same ol anti whitye shit anyway bottom line …from the fucking whores mouth ….lookat our fucking military cemetaries …hillary clinto said that its women that suffer from war but all i see is endless rows of dead whites ,white men …
    so the next jew war its time to boycott these affiliate jew wars to like the fucking shit nfl which is subsidized with billion s in american tax money for the pathetic kike owners …may they all drop dead …
    the escalated intensity and attacks on whites has gotten steadily worse in america …
    nigger mother fuckers attacking whites 24/7 ….these are simply opportuniastic rapes robberies and home minvasions where the motivation was always to kill the whites ..
    its past time to pay them all back in spades and swords …
    or its time to kiss our asses good bye …
    long as thery crap on the street it is free food for the moslems
    …free free free ..suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch uhhhhh deeeeeeeol …
    just uninstalled george soros’s mozilla firefox 57 quantum ….he made a
    subhuman stantial contrabution to muhzilla so they could develop a
    false news filter …any guess as to how thats gonna work ..heh heh
    …if georgy porky soros swartza touched it its shit stained ..
    so uninstall it …make your updates no updates for browser on next
    install ..and next install go to oldapps dot com and select firefox 54
    ..downloasd the goddam thing and unload it et fucking cetera …
    just make sure all preev firefux is gone ……soemytimes it is good to
    go into run off of start button on miocrowin7 and enter regedit then r
    cloik and run as adminisntratraitore ….etc …if tyou dont know how to
    look for the prexting sorops virus 57 on her fuck it just get rid of it
    in control panel and programs and features ..let it populate then
    remove ……it is better to remove it lox schtox and barrel the firfox
    57 ..
    you can add comodo programs manager before hand and see if it doies the
    trick and gets rid of all 57 sub folders usually in hiding in registry
    ,,or another one called uninstall that and others along those lines ..
    they made a crap full of posittive comments on how fast the new soros
    censorship qauntum 57 firefox is …bull shit ,,
    if you have mcrosoft then get you seamonkey browser first si you have a
    browser to install firefox 54 …make it no updatable …if you keep the
    57 till you download the 54 and then shitcan 57 even better then unload
    and populate 54 …..
    firefox was always going into the shit can like every gottdam thing else
    also get the new BRAVE browser …it is fairly easy to set up on
    windows …i think they make a linux version to ….yeah good luck with
    that …
    so also look up thye marriage of soros and firefox ….dizzgustin …
    also the linux open source community is not open at aLL ….it ios
    controlled by jews and klinex has mor fuckin revolving back doors than
    microsoft and apple put together …
    if you must use linux and are concerned about security then use old
    knoppix 5 and run it off a flash drive ….do not use free VPN’S ever
    ……do not use hola free vpn …it is a controlled army of zog bot
    sheep soldires used to therow a 5 million user ddos at web sites and its
    provenance is downtown fuckin tel aviv …..that smell paints a
    thousand pictures …..
    times are getting even worse day x day around here …too many jews
    niggers and fly strip muslims …..jeeeeeeeeeezus who the fuck needs the
    fuckin muslims …no one …
    jews have a saecret alliance with the mozzies …anyone who has fore
    knowledge of global horseshit alsways knew this …
    one example …irans secret police the savak …cool name ….anyway it
    was always controlled by mossad and and trained by jew mossads ..
    did anyone ever wonder why thosands of iranian communist youth college
    group kids rallyed to put a muslim cleric (ayatoilet khomeni)into power
    …..pretty sure he was just another crypto commie jew anyway ,,,,after
    the “election” the khomeeny dictatorship rounded up the useful commie
    youth idiots and tortured most of them for fun since they already knew
    they were communists …ok complex spastic jewish communsim faking
    muslim loyalty ..you kow what it gives me a fuckin head ache …..shit
    can all of these shit stain shit bags ..
    the donmeh jews in turkey in 1915 were the young turks and zog bots and
    commies too boot ….the leader ship of turkey were 3 asshole jews
    pretending to be musliom arab fly strips ….they all got the armenian
    intelligenstia to be slaughtereed like 4 millions …the triumverant
    leadership ,the 3 jews fled to germany once thier identities were
    established and retribution waqs hunting them down …they fled to
    germany ..
    any fuckin way the muslkims 1.4 billion sobs do not ever attack jews in
    the hasidic communities like kiryat joel on east conus ..or anywhaer
    else ever …all they do is build hundreds of mosques here in the usa
    after we all were told hoooow bad these idiots were by homoland
    sekuritat and patriotard commies in our usa gov ,,…
    on and on it goes …..now some indian fuckstik in the fcc is saying the
    internet is dead ,,,
    i thionk maybe the shit stain muslinm indian should be hauled up on a
    gallows with the rest of the DC crowd …
    rule #1 the only reason jews enter american politics is to ruin
    amewrican nation and politix and to score free money and other miulitary
    shot for the illehgal occupation of palestine ….50 of our hmmm their
    senators are zog bot kikes commies israel fisters er firsters ….
    may tel aviv be smoked by a russian nuke …
    to see what firefox edition distro you have left clik on the help app
    next to the Tools app /scroll down to “about firefox” it will show you
    what distro # you presently posess ..
    go to Tools left clik there and go to options then go to Advanced at the
    bottom of the list ….tere will be a marquis a list of options to pick
    …pick and clik UPDATES THEN clik never fuckin check for updates if
    you are pre #57 like at 54 55 …i dont like 56.2 as they changed the
    way the options page looks and i hate change in that area …..

  10. Morris Deeds says:

    We got at least one Zionist Jew that tells the TRUTH!
    Israel’s deputy foreign minister Tzipi Hotovely slammed U.S. Jewry

    By Gilad Atzmon – November 23, 201781117

    Reported by Gilad Atzmon

    Israel’s deputy foreign minister Tzipi Hotovely attacked U.S. Jewry in an interview with i24 News on Wednesday. Hotovely referred to American Jews as “people that never send their children to fight for their country, most of the Jews don’t have children serving as soldiers, going to the Marines, going to Afghanistan, or to Iraq. Most of them are having quite convenient lives…”

    PM Netanyahu was very quick to condemn his deputy minister. This is understandable, after all Jews being reluctant to fight American wars doesn’t fit nicely with the embarrassing fact that America has been fighting Israeli wars for a while.

    The pro-war Neocon school is largely a Zionist gathering and the Jewish American Lobby has been pushing for the escalation of immoral interventionist conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Iran.

    Haaretz writes today that “the U.S. military stopped recording the religion of recruits decades ago, but until then Jews served in slightly greater proportion than their percentage in the general population.” It would be fascinating to find out what the current figures are.


  11. Morris Deeds says:

    Notice ICOGMAN above: how the one interviewing Tzipi, immediately after she
    says “Jews don’t send their children to fight(ala what they to David Duke too) cuts
    her off, when INCONVENIENT truths about world Jewry (not only America they
    don’t fight anywhere else either) comes out their Gentile Puppets are trained to
    immediately shut it down, so as to go down the ZIONIST RABBIT HOLE
    just like White Christian’s murdering in SA?????

  12. Philadelphian says:

    The jews have been breeding with the Europeans who are willing to go for money ahead of their progeny until back before W.W.2 they boasted about most of Europe having had their families bloodlines crossed with jews and degraded, they mean that because they are not Adamic, and they corrupt an Adamic familys bloodline from God with that of the Serpent, the devil, as Adam was called the created son of God.

    “We Jews have spoiled the blood of all races. We have tarnished and broken their power. we have made everything foul, rotten, decomposed and decayed.” (The Way To Zion, Munzer)

    In Cabala, evil takes on a mysterious existence of its own, which its precepts trace back to the physical appearance of life on Earth, or Adam. Cabala claims that Adam throws the entire stream of life out of balance, and that the Church, or Christianity, by formalizing the existence of the Adamite people on Earth, have become a problem which must be resolved. This is the essence of the basic anti-life principle underlying all Cabala and its heir, Freemasonry. These precepts declare that Satanism will achieve its final triumph over the Church and Christianity, thus ending the “dualism” of this world, the struggle between good and evil. In short, the problem of good and evil will all be ended when evil triumphs and good is eliminated from the earth. This program may sound somewhat simplistic, but it is the basic premise of the Cabala and Freemasonry.
    — Eustace Mullins, The Curse of Canaan, p. 42

  13. J.R. says:

    Righteous US preacher gets turnips and banana peels thrown at her and a kick in the stomach (probably to try to stop Gentile child-bearing), for preaching the gospel in the devil’s playground of the state of Israel, centered on Sin Central, aka the city of jerusalem…

    Jews under the authority of spitting viper demons, spit on righteous Christians preaching the gospel in Sin Central, aka “Sodom and Egypt” and the city of Jerusalem in the Bible …

    the holy God is calling his ancient people Israel again, after breaking them off from his blessings and scattering them among their Gentile enemies for nearly two millenniums for the crime of the Crucifixion, in fulfillment of biblical prophecies and as a precursor to the rise of a witness to Jesus Christ from among them in the land of Israel, after the resurrection of the church and during the horrors of the biblical apocalypse…

    “The remnant shall return, even the remnant of Jacob, unto the mighty God…”

    Race and religion of themselves are not the real issue, the morality of God and the resurrection and return of his Son Jesus Christ and those who’re either for and against that, is…

  14. Karen says:

    Seeing as Incogman finally posted an article by a Russian, a great Russian recipe….. https://youtu.be/-RjawJ8LImM

  15. Gene says:

    Propaganda Movie, & Why I Left The Service

    When I was in the service a nigger drill instructor came along while I was sleeping and turned my bunk up on end so that I fell out of it to the floor. As one guy grabbed his camera to film it another guy told the d.i. I had been out on nightfire and was supposed to be sleeping! “Oh, well carry on poopsie” is about what he said. He called recruits poopsies.

    I never had any use for that nigger drill instructor after that. The Mexican drill instructor in our company was pretty cool, but that fat ass nig just didn’t do anything for me. After the company commander decided not to give me leave I decided it was an act of meanness and told the service to go get f**ked. Other guys got to go home and show off their uniforms and be proud and all that stuff, but the big guy said I couldn’t go. That was the limit. Thanks to that FAGTARD idiot nigger Sgt. Baker, and the mean c.o. I shortly departed the service.

    Anyway here is a film which I have identified as propaganda to introduce people to the idea of nigs being in the service. It gets you used to the idea of the nigger by having Billy Epstein (Negro) do the number in the nightclub. Then it gets out onto the drill field as there are a few blacks in the scene marching, and later at the dance you can spot a few nigs.

    This was 1952 so a pretty modern film in color. At least it must have been considered progressive at the time. Back in the early forties you didn’t see things like this.

    Back when this film was made they had to have a way to introduce people to the idea that nigs would be in the military. I wasn’t particularly biased back then, but looking at the behavior of nigs since I have become very biased against them. They are killers, plain and simple. Thank God I left the service and did not fight any Jew wars because THEY’RE ALL JEW WARS!

    Skirts Ahoy! (Original Theatrical Trailer)

    Hold Me Close To You – Billy Eckstine – Skirts Ahoy!

    Skirts Ahoy!

  16. Gene says:

    Correction, It’s Billy Eckstine

    Sorry, my bad. Not Billy Epstein, but Billy Eckstine, now a dead nigger.

  17. Gene says:

    There Are Lots of Propaganda Films Out There

    There are a lot more propaganda films that have been made. In fact, the purpose of many films is to get the public used to the idea of something. In this case it was integration. In ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ you get used to the idea of accepting less money from the bank and get used to The Federal Reserve System. And on and on with propaganda films which comprise most of what Jewlywood produces.

    Take a look at ‘They Live’ as it probably creates cop killers with many who watch it with the scene which goes “So you bastards die just like we do…..” when the big guy blows away a couple of cops like it’s nothing!


  18. Gene says:

    Here’s the link.

    They Live (1988): Cop Scene


  19. protocolsRtrue says:

    They Live is a decent jewlywood movie about suddenly waking up and putting on the glasses and being able to see that everything you were ever taught was a lie. But another jewlywood movie I like even better is “The Thing” 1980’s Kurt Russel version these fucking aliens crash into planet earth south pole and get buried in the ice until some fucking polar explorers from Sweden dig it up and it just starts assimilating it’s host population and assuming their identity until it totally consumes the whole human race. Fucking great movie dvr it that’s my jewlywood movie critic give it 3 popcorns and 6 beers and a girl snuggling up next to you.

  20. Gene says:

    Rowdy Roddy Piper is Dead, Already. He Exposed The Conspiracy

    They Live in John Carpenter’s Own Words


  21. protocolsRtrue says:

    Commonality in “They Live” and “The Thing” ? John Carpenter. The director has a pretty decent name. Joe Dirt was a funny movie but John Carpenter didn’t do that one.

  22. scoot1073 says:

    Louis Theroux – Law and Disorder in Johannesburg 1 of 6.avi

  23. J.R. says:

    some of the original, fine-looking, apparently ruddy-complexioned white folk on the planet (Adam’s name means “son of the red earth”) evidently offended God, by fornicating with the gorillas and chimps they started to play with and make pets of in what’s now Africa; and because of that iniquity, the black race was likely brought forth (admittedly somewhat mysteriously in and beyond the first generation) in their offspring with ape-like characteristics, as a judgment from God…

    this is probably how the archetypal ‘mudshark’ made it all happen…
    especially @7:40…

  24. I just found out about this post.
    I’m sorry, but some certain (((people))) found out about the blog and posted a link to it on a certain site. Since a lot of people know who I am I changed the blog’s settings to ‘private’ since I already have more than enough problems as it is. Too bad.
    Anyway, thanks for the recognition, but be careful to maintain your privacy unless you are financially independent.
    We live in crazy times where the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

  25. Erik Snohdin says:

    I was talking with a Jew in a forum. He claimed he was “Pro Goy.” I laughed at him and said that THAT was an oxymoron, but he claimed to be an “honest Jew,” another oxymoron. We squabbled back and forth. He told me Jews do what they do because they were BORN to do it and that it has been and always will be their purpose, to rule all other non-Jew races, and that they couldn’t stop this juggernaut any more than a pig can stop its squeal. He pitied us all and said it will not happen overnight and would probably take about 200-300yrs to complete. I got really pissed listening to his arrogant claims and told him that if it was just me and him in a room together, that he would be a dead man. That post wound up getting the entire post deleted, but I didn’t give a shit. Anyways, do you see how they think, how they’re taught ? They are so fucking brainwashed, it’s pathetic and irreversible. Sometimes I wonder if it really is their fault or if it’s the fucking Rabbi’s fault for teaching, preaching, and perpetuating these inflammatory books, the infernal Talmud and that bastard book, the Torah. I told him he should tell his Rabbis to burn those books and to wake up his people from their centuries old mindset and join the goddamn human race, but this is a no go. It’s gone too far. Their hate for Christians supersedes all things. So my white friends, it’s gonna be a long rough ride with these pricks. THIS IS WAR !!

  26. Barney says:

    SOG – Thanks for the warning about Firefox 57. I downloaded the Ubuntu version, but it’s not what it claims to be. It’s the Windoze version in a .tar.gz compressed folder (a Windoze setup masquerading as a Linux one). Totally NFG (No Fkn Good). Windoze files won’t install on Linux. No idea what they’re up to, but it seems they probably did me a good turn.

    I’m stuck with FF version 52.0.2 and that’s CRAP too. I go to my ISP’s site, and all I get are two strips of plain grey (gray) with a narrow strip of unusable (=non-working) content across the middle of the page. I have to use a different browser because FF screws everything up.

    Similar problem with the comments section on (for example) Morgoth’s Review (that’s a link, btw). I’m reading the comments, and then I come across

    Morgoth says

    Followed by a blank area, but people are commenting on whatever it was that FF removed from the page.

    I fkn HATE what Firefox has become since the days of dial-up.

    A long time ago, I could tell it to accept or reject cookies on a site-by-site basis. I could tell it to block individual images (mainly adverts). It would block pop-ups. Now I have to use Ghostery, which gives me a full-screen pop-up to tell me it’s blocked a fkn pop-up on the rare occasions when it actually does block a pop-up. What’s the fkn point of that? I don’t want pop-ups, and I don’t want pop-ups telling me a pop-up has been blocked.

    That old version had a lot of useful features, all gone now. It even tells websites I’ve got Ad-Block installed and active, which isn’t true, but which reduces usability on those sites.

    It seems just about every site still uses Flash, despite all the b*ll*x about it being outdated and insecure. FF doesn’t give an option to use HTML5. It just insists that I keep clicking on “allow” every time “because Flash is outdated and insecure“.

    I’ve tried updating Flash, but that doesn’t work either. I download the .tar.gz file, unpack it and open the Readme text file, which tells me to save and then unpack the downloaded file (something I’ve already done), copy everything to “the appropriate location” whatever that is, then unpack the download again and copy one file to another unspecified location.

    If I hadn’t downloaded, saved and unpacked the .tar.gz I wouldn’t be reading the text file that tells me to save and unpack it, and why would I unpack it multiple times? It’s pure gibberish.

    It’s impossible to update, and Firefox probably wouldn’t recognise the update anyway.

    I have to use Firefox for some of the add-ons, but I fkn HATE the thing. It’s set itself as my default browser, and that can’t be changed, so when I need something else, I have to open the alternative and then copy and paste the URL to get to the site I want.

    In the “hidden” settings (“Here be dragons!“) I’ve (supposedly) disabled auto-running videos, but the things still run, especially on some jewspaper sites, and jewtube videos take several seconds before I can click on “Pause”, which finally allows them to finish buffering after which they usually run when I click on “Play”. It’s driving me round the fkn twist!

    Jim Stone has some good things to say about Knoppix. Perhaps I’ll try it. So far I’m still using Ubuntu 12.04.

  27. Richard says:

    White South Africans have been heavily poisoned over the decades with the Christinsanity bullcrap, this poison created by the Sanhedrin so that you goy can worship (by the Bible declared ) a RABBI as GOD!!!
    The Jesus crap is pure poison, turn the other cheek, always forgive, give all your money away, live in poverty, have no regard for your own race “samaritan story” don’t think about tomorrow.
    All this with voices from heaven, dead people getting out of their graves, water to wine, virgin births and when this Jesus despicable liar was done he flew away on a cloud.

    Jeez come on people I say this as someone who was devout Christian for over 35 years until I awoke from this Christinsanity.This Jesus is a liar and a fraud you will wait in vain for him he is your destroyer not your saviour. Eternal life the pie in the sky promised by every swindler and deceiver, you cannot live forever only through your offspring.

    • Barney says:

      I disagree on one point, Richard. It’s just two people’s differing opinions, so hardly something to get worked up about, but I’m convinced that we do live forever, and that we already have lived forever.

      I don’t know where that leaves the concept of “God”, but I believe we are all immortal. We don’t have to “earn” immortality because we already are immortal.

      It’s true that our race (species) lives on through our children and their children, but they’re not “us” in the sense of a continuation of consciousness.

      The way I see it, everything would be meaningless if we didn’t outlive the body. As just one aspect, if we’re in reasonably good health, we continue learning right up to our last day on Earth. Why would that be if our acquired knowledge was going to be wasted, lost when we breathe our last breath?

      Physical life exists for a reason. Consciousness exists for a reason. We exist for a reason. We don’t know what that reason is, but everything must have a purpose, a reason to exist.

      What would be the point of anything if we didn’t get to Go Home when it’s all over to evaluate how successful we were at whatever we came here to do?

      Without a continuation of consciousness, the universe would have no reason to exist.

      Without the continuation of consciousness, even God would be redundant.

      I don’t believe in “hell”, but I do believe in rewarding those who’ve exceeded their hopes or expectations and punishing those who’ve consciously and deliberately committed acts of extreme evil, but to deny the continuity of consciousness precludes such things.

      I’m not accusing you of “wrong-think”, so don’t take this the wrong way, but the idea that we cease to exist when the body dies is jewthink. They don’t believe the spirit lives on after the death of the body. They don’t believe in a system of reward and punishment. As such, they live by “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”, as can be seen in the state of the world today under jew rule.

      If the spirit dies with the body, there can be no punishment, so they use their atheism to justify any and all atrocities, believing they’ll have “got away with it” when they die.


      One minor point concerning the Jesus story. I’m not what you’d call a Bible believer, but I remember something from my schooldays where someone addressed Jesus as “Rabbi”.

      Just something to think about.

    • Matt says:

      1 John 2:19

      “They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us.”

      His sheep know his voice.

  28. Richard says:

    I am not angry with our white Christians, we are born into these things.
    Our people have been wrapped up in this Christianity for the last 2 thousand years.
    It is a yoke and curse since we started on this Christian road we have steadily fallen into the gutter of destruction. Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt the great library in Alexandria all gone our true gentile greatness and understanding of the universe destroyed all we have left are fragments of stone.
    I have only love and kindness for our Christians sorry for sounding angry, of course people should be free to believe what they want.

    When it comes to Christianity we are dealing with a level of deceit, mental poison and sorcery that the average white person is not mentally equipped to evaluate.
    ((They)) hijacked morality knowing the average ancient gentile had a natural sense of good and evil a desire to do the right thing, along with their natural feelings of love and empathy, this was easily exploited to create a toxic superstition.
    Yes I do believe in a great force, a God of the universe, this is not new even sir Isaac Newton acknowledged that there must be a greater intelligence out there because of the great complexity and precision that is manifest in planetary movements.
    But bowing down and worshiping a Jewish Rabbi as God is utter foolishness.

  29. Richard says:

    Jesus liked to talk about having yokes around our necks like poor dumb animals who pull heavy loads and are worked to death.
    He also referred to us as sheep, sheep for the slaughter?
    I am nobody’s sheep nor do I want a yoke on my neck and we worship this Rabbi and wonder why we are enslaved by a Rothschild reserve banks of the world, we are yoked by the ((bankers))
    Or why we are slaughtered in wars created by (( whom))?
    Have we read the Talmud? have we read the recent writings of their teachers do they refer to us as animals? Do we know the true origin of the word goyim?
    And do we still want to worship this creation of the Sanhedrin two thousand years ago as God?
    Jesus is a deadly deceiver.

  30. Barney says:

    I don’t know how honest a translation this is, but here’s a link to the Jews’ College (London) translation of the babylonian talmud.


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