Zionists and Saudis: A Match MADE IN HELL

How Israel and Saudi Arabia Conspire to Seize Control of the Middle East

By Wayne Madson

The recent leak of a classified Israeli Foreign Ministry cable sent to all Israeli diplomatic facilities worldwide points to the subterfuge being engaged in by Israel and Saudi Arabia to effectuate political discord in Lebanon and a Saudi military confrontation with Iran.

The recent leak of a classified Israeli Foreign Ministry cable sent to all Israeli diplomatic facilities worldwide points to the subterfuge being engaged in by Israel and Saudi Arabia to effectuate political discord in Lebanon and a Saudi military confrontation with Iran. The cable instructs Israeli diplomats to ratchet up diplomatic pressure against Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran. The Israeli plan saw an opportunity in the fact that the new regime in Saudi Arabia headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) was able to force Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, a longtime puppet of the Saudis, to resign his post from Saudi soil.

The Israeli cable also urged its missions abroad to pressure foreign governments to support Saudi Arabia’s war against the Houthis in Yemen. Iran is a major backer of the Houthis, who adhere to the Zaidi sect of Islam, which has strong religious ties to the Shi’as who govern Iran and lead Hezbollah, as well as to the Alawite sect of Islam that dominates the government of Syria.

The Israeli cable, in its English translation from Hebrew, states to Israeli diplomats, “You need to stress that the Hariri resignation shows how dangerous Iran and Hezbollah are for Lebanon’s security.” Although many Middle East political observers believe an alleged Houthi intermediate-range missile attack on King Khalid International Airport was more fiction than fact, the Israelis, no strangers to “false flag” military and intelligence operations, ordered its diplomats to demonstrate to their host government that, “The missile launch by the Houthis towards Riyadh calls for applying more pressure on Iran and Hezbollah.”

The leak of the Israeli cable followed two events in Saudi Arabia. The first was the de facto internal coup d’état launched by MbS against perceived enemies of his father, King Salman. The coup followed by a few days the second major event: a secretive trip made by President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner to Riyadh. Kushner and MbS remained awake for many evenings until 0400 the next morning, jointly “planning strategy.” Kushner was accompanied to Riyadh by the Cairo-born US deputy national security adviser Dina Powell, a supporter of the government of the pro-Saudi Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and White House Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt, a strong supporter of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and a close friend of the Kushner family.

As seen from the leaked Israeli cable, Kushner, Greenblatt, Powell, and MbS were strategizing a series of events that would push the Middle East toward a major Sunni/Wahhabist war, with the backing of Israel, against Iran, Lebanon, and the Houthi government in Yemen. MbS’s coup against senior princes of the House of Saud effectively changed the regime from “Saudi” to “Salmani.” MbS was a prime motivator behind the creation of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), or “Da’esh,” in Iraq and Syria; the chief architect of the genocidal Saudi-led war in Yemen; and the driving force behind the Gulf Cooperation Council’s economic and travel sanctions imposed on Qatar. MbS, working with Kushner and the Israelis, also want to lure the United States into a major military conflict with Iran.

Rather than being a reformer or “moderate,” MbS hearkens back to an age when rival sheikhs and tribal leaders vied for control over wide patches of desert lands in Arabia. MBS’s ongoing coup d’état against rival princes of the House of Saud points to his determination to become an autocratic ruler over Saudi Arabia once his father, King Salman, leaves the scene. Although MbS has curbed the power of Saudi Arabia’s dreaded religious police and allowed women the right to drive to gain popular support for his own “Salmani” movement in Saudi Arabia, his Salmani regime has shown an inclination to brook no political dissent, as seen with MbS’s arrests of powerful Saudi princes, businessmen, and moderate Wahhabist clerics.

Some Middle East experts see MbS’s rapid rise to power as eventually achieving the same autocratic rule over Saudi Arabia as that commanded by the founder of the modern Saudi state, Abdulaziz bin Saud, in the 1930s. And like Abdulaziz bin Saud, MbS has no problem cooperating with Zionists to achieve his goals. Historical documents and biographies show that the Abdulaziz, or Ibn Saud as he is commonly known, had no problem in expressing support in 1953 to Dr. Chaim Weizmann, the president of the World Zionist Organization and, later, the first president of the State of Israel, for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. In a memo written for President Franklin Roosevelt, Lt. Col. Harold B. Hoskins, the president’s Middle East envoy, reported that Ibn Saud accepted the Zionist plan for a Jewish state in return for a £20,000,000 bribe paid to Ibn Saud by Weizmann. The recent “deal” between the Saudis and Israelis would appear to involve a bribe of a US war with Iran, backed by Riyadh and Jerusalem, that would mutually satisfy Trump and Kushner, in addition to Netanyahu and MbS.

MBS’s rise to a prominent role within the House of Saud began in earnest in October 2011 when Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz died. The present King, Salman, who had been Governor of Riyadh province, became second deputy prime minister and defense minister in November 2011. Salman made MbS his personal adviser and armed with that wide portfolio, the young prince helped initiate the jihadist rebellion in Syria against President Bashar al Assad and the uprising against Muammar Qaddafi in Libya. MbS also aided his father in helping to brutally crush a pro-democracy uprising in Bahrain.

In November 2012, Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Salman’s brother, died. Salman was named Crown Prince and First Deputy Prime Minister. Salman basically ran Saudi Arabia’s domestic affairs while his half-brother, King Abdullah, was out of the country, which was often. Crown Prince Salman’s penchant for charitable contributions to poor majority Muslim countries, which was shared by MbS, saw Saudi funds flow into the coffers of Wahhabist radical groups in Somalia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sudan.

In January 2015, King Abdullah died at the age of 90 and Salman succeeded to the Saudi throne. The former chief of the Saudi Intelligence Agency, Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, was named Crown Prince by Salman. Muqrin’s reign did not last long. In April 2015, Salman replaced Muqrin with his nephew, the Interior Minister, Prince Muhammad bin Nayef al-Saud. MbS was named defense minister. On June 21, 2017, in what can be described as the beginning of a “creeping coup,” Crown Prince Nayef was deposed by Royal Decree. In what would portend future events a mere four months later, Nayef was reportedly held under house arrest at his palace and pressured to renounce his claim to the throne. King Salman moved quickly to name MBS the new Crown Prince.

In September 2017, MBS detained some of the top clerics in Saudi Arabia, including Salman al-Ouda, who, as being independent from the Saudi state Wahhabist infrastructure, was known to favor reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Al-Ouda’s two compatriots, Awad al-Qarni and Ali al-Omary, were also arrested.

Former Crown Prince Nayef is said to have remained under house arrest until MBS made his sudden move against other members of the House of Saud on November 4, 2017. Declaring the foundation of a new Saudi anti-corruption committee, MbS placed under house arrest at least 12 Saudi princes, including multi-billionaire international investor and Kingdom Holding Company Chairman Prince Alaweed bin Talal al-Saud, MbS also fired and arrested the commander of the Saudi National Guard, the son of the late King Abdullah, Prince Miteb bin Abdullah and replaced him with MBS loyalist Prince Khalid Bin Ayyaf Al-Muqrin.

Many senior officials of the late King Abdullah’s government are being systematically purged by MbS and his loyalists. They include Prince Turki bin Abdullah, a former governor of Riyadh province, and Khaled al-Tuwaijri, the chief of the Royal Court under Abdullah. At the same time MbS was rounding up princes and ministers in Riyadh, a helicopter carrying Prince Mansour bin Muqrin, the deputy governor of Asir province and seven other senior Saudi officials, crashed near Abha in Asir Province, near the border with Houthi-controlled north Yemen. Prince Mansour was the son of former Crown Prince Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, who was ousted in 2015 in favor of Salman. On November 6, the Saudi Royal Palace expressed its condolences on the death of 44-year old Prince Abdul Aziz. Reports out of Saudi Arabia stated that the prince died as the result of gunshot wounds after his security guards exchanged fire with police loyal to MbS, who were sent to arrest him.

Trump, on a trip to Asia, tweeted his total support for the MbS coup. With the subterfuge of MbS, Kushner, and the Israelis, Trump is waltzing the United States into a potentially disastrous confrontation with Iran and a total breakdown of the tenuous political status quo in the Middle East.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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18 Responses to Zionists and Saudis: A Match MADE IN HELL

  1. J.R. says:

    jews advised their Masonic lackeys in 18th-century Britain to create the Wahhabi sect to divide muslims and undo their control of the middle east, in preparation for the founding of a new jewish state there, under the Egyptian/jewish/masonic banner of the hexagram, aka the magen David…


    the hexagram on the satanic state of israel’s flag today is an interlaced upright and inverted version of the great pyramid of Egypt, which has links to esoteric doctrine the tribal israelites brought with them out of Egypt in the Exodus; and which was elaborated on by the jews who returned to the land of israel after their captivity in Babylon.

    This explains the Saudi/Bush & co involvement in 9/11, that was blamed by the DC deep state creeps on Iraq, so the US military would more perfectly destroy the evil antichristian state of israel’s neighboring muslim nations and thus consolidate the apostate jews’ crime haven of the state of israel in the middle east in a geopolitical way.

    the fundamental meaning of the interlaced upright and inverted versions of the great pyramid on the flag of the state of israel is “as above so below”; because the great pyramid and its two major neighboring pyramids are aligned with the three major stars in the belt of Orion in the heaven above them.

    The jews and their DC masonic deep state creeps (Bush & co are still very masonic) know this and use it as a fundamental doctrine for the basis of their “666” monetized new world order, under the jews’ god Lucifer who is the leading evil fallen angel in the other (above) world, likened to a star that’s fallen in the Bible…

    “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!…

    The real “Atlantis” is the earth that Lucifer and his angels were on, and where they trafficked in the precious mineral stones of God, before God covered that earth and their iniquity with the waters of the deep and incarcerated some of Lucifer’s angels in the deep in chains of darkness to be reserved unto judgment… as a precursor to “replenishing” the earth with Adam and the other creatures, as it’s written in the book of Genesis…

    “By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned: therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God: and I will destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire.”


    “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”


    “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth…


    “For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell (Tartarus or the deep), and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment…”


    “And they besought him that he would not command them to go out into the deep….”


  2. Karen says:

    Why should the West care what goes on in the middle-east? A totally foreign people who have nothing in common with Whites who are currently undergoing mass invasions by third worlders, corruption of our culture by culturally impoverished (oh yeah, they have Fiddler on the Roof) kikes, and race wars and economic collapse on the horizon, but Israel comes first. The ZOG West now exists for Israel. If only the West had turned their backs and let them fight it out. Great article but it’s sad that we should even have to give a damn.

  3. Karen says:

    J.R. no offence, but the bible is also obsessed with the mid-east. I have no mid-east genes and so I don’t give a damn. I prefer the Upanishads.

  4. JimB says:

    “J.R. no offence, but the bible is also obsessed with the mid-east. I have no mid-east genes and so I don’t give a damn. I prefer the Upanishads.”

    I’m in total agreement with you, Karen. 110%.

    My 12+ years doing a Siddha Yoga (Kashmir Shaivism) Correspondence Course with the SYDA were some of the best years of my so far 50 year life. No cucking to Jews or anyone else. And, unlike misled people’s claim that Whites were the “real Hebrews/real Israel” in (((the Good Book))) , there’s solid evidence that Whites certainly were the original Aryan Brahmins before they bred out of their caste.

    Are you familiar with the works of Savitri Devi, aka “Hitler’s priestess”?

  5. JimB says:

    Thanks for updating us on the barcode, INCOG. I for one won’t be buying anything that has those numbers or the older code either!

  6. Morris Deeds says:

    “Karen says:
    November 13, 2017 at 6:47 pm
    J.R. no offence, but the bible is also obsessed with the mid-east. I have no mid-east genes and so I don’t give a damn. I prefer the Upanishads.”

    That’s Khazar Jews interpretation of the Bible and The New Testament
    supersedes the Old, where you’ll see slavery condemned, no longer
    an” eye for eye” what did Jesus (Jew on a stick K’s words) tell the crowds when
    they wanted the ADULTERER stoned and proceeded to recite Moses Law
    which calls for it,?”You without sin cast the first stone, then he
    proceeded to write their sins in the dirt, including the Priest and scribes,
    starting to see why they forced Romans to kill him, Kar???? Yet Hollywood
    movies: Jews have shown it in Ben Hurr on his house knocker and Yul
    Brenner, has the Star of David on his shield in “Solomon” the movie.
    Can you say BRAINWASHING Karen’s head???

    Noooow, Kar, it’s “ohhhh the Romans killed him, NOT THE SWEET JEWS”
    Dumb down Christian Zionist , right, the Word “JEW” is MODERN didn’t
    exist in iniquity, like “Jew on a stick.” Just like their Star of David: Rothschild
    introduced it, 1800s, to Judaism!

    As far as infatuation with the LAND there, he spoke of a “New Jerusalem” not
    the Harlot, this demons in the flesh had already made it modern city of
    Jerusalem, Karen, sits at Lat n Long added = “666” just coincidnece
    think Vatican is the same TWICE THE F-IN NUMBER????

    Those things weren’t as important as treatment of your fellow man,
    listen for a change comprehend?

  7. Morris Deeds says:

    @ Karen
    Jews have shown it in Ben Hurr on his house knocker and Yul
    Brenner, has the Star of David on his shield in “Solomon” the movie.
    Can you say BRAINWASHING Karen’s head???

    They shown the Star of David existing in antiquity, I have seen that
    Roma Downey BS Jesus the PC version, has Black Mary, not mother Mag, and
    Black Apostles, they show the Black Apostle Peter having dream,
    standing on a Star of David, which Rothschild Talmudic Banker
    Myer introduced to Judaism in 1800s now it’s their Zionist symbol
    you see flying everywhere now PROUDLY, nothing but a PENTAGRAM!
    Star to Moloch, one of their demons, that demanded child sacrifice!

  8. Morris Deeds says:

    That’s Khazar Jews interpretation of the Bible and The New Testament
    supersedes the Old,

    “I bring you a NEW AND EVERLASTING COVENANT!!!!!!” And with
    it: gone are a lot of Moses draconian Laws! Muslims and Talmudic
    Jew still practice today Moses Law: like torture, Stoning, killing Queers!

  9. Morris Deeds says:

    Israeli Diplomat: Rabbis Who Demanded End to Burmese Arms Trafficking Guilty of ‘Blood Libel’

    November 13, 2017 By Richard Silverstein Leave a Comment

    Israel and China are among the few countries remaining in the world which sell weapons to Burma’s military junta. Such arms are used in turn to facilitate the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslim minority. 600,000 Rohingya have been forced to flee their homeland due to military sweeps which torched scores of villages, and through rape, murder and pillaging by security forces.

    Even U.S. ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley has demanded that the world embargo arms trade with Burma. Last month, the Trump administration made the first furtive steps toward considering the imposition of sanctions against Burma for this human rights tragedy. Yesterday, two members of Congress penned an op-ed in which they advocated legislation to that effect.

    eisenkot and burma’s military chief
    Israeli and Burmese chiefs of staff congratulate each other on successful efforts to eradicate their respective Muslim militant threats
    Though the Israel lobby loves to say there isn’t an ounce of daylight between Israel and U.S. in our Middle East policy, the Israeli defense ministry doesn’t seem to have gotten the message. In fact, a group of Israeli anti-militarist activists sued the ministry demanding that its staff be criminally charged for aiding and abetting war crimes there. They took their case to the Israeli Supreme Court, which made a ruling and then promptly slapped a gag order so that no Israeli media might report the result.

    Read below:

  10. Morris Deeds says:

    Reining in the Rogue Royal of Arabia
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Tuesday – November 14, 2017

    If the crown prince of Saudi Arabia has in mind a war with Iran, President Trump should disabuse his royal highness of any notion that America would be doing his fighting for him.

    Mohammed bin Salman, or MBS, the 32-year-old son of the aging and ailing King Salman, is making too many enemies for his own good, or for ours.

    Pledging to Westernize Saudi Arabia, he has antagonized the clerical establishment. Among the 200 Saudis he just had arrested for criminal corruption are 11 princes, the head of the National Guard, the governor of Riyadh, and the famed investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

    The Saudi tradition of consensus collective rule is being trashed.

    MBS is said to be pushing for an abdication by his father and his early assumption of the throne. He has begun to exhibit the familiar traits of an ambitious 21st-century autocrat in the mold of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey.

    Yet his foreign adventures are all proving to be debacles.

    The rebels the Saudis backed in Syria’s civil war were routed. The war on the Houthi rebels in Yemen, of which MBS is architect, has proven to be a Saudi Vietnam and a human rights catastrophe.

    The crown prince persuaded Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE to expel Qatar from the Sunni Arab community for aiding terrorists, but he has failed to choke the tiny country into submission.

    Last week, MBS ordered Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to Riyadh, where Hariri publicly resigned his office and now appears to be under house arrest. Refusing to recognize the resignation, Lebanon’s president is demanding Hariri’s return.

    After embattled Houthi rebels in Yemen fired a missile at its international airport, Riyadh declared the missile to be Iranian-made, smuggled into Yemen by Tehran, and fired with the help of Hezbollah.

    Read More At: http://buchanan.org/blog/reining-rogue-royal-arabia-127853

  11. J.R. says:

    apostate jews fly the curse or hex of the stellar hexagram over the Luciferian state of israel, because the demons they’re highly susceptible to, want them to honor their master Lucifer who was the ultimate “hollywood hills star”, when he was on “the mountain of God” at what’s now jerusalem, before he fell by transgression, by trafficking in the precious mineral stones of God, that the jews have of course become obsessed with, since they took sides with Lucifer against God’s righteous Son Jesus Christ…
    “Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.”
    …especially since the demons who instruct the apostate jews know that a stellar hexagram, aka the magen David, is interpreted by the jews as a sign of their soon-to-be-revealed Davidic pseudo-messiah in the middle east, who’s to reign at jerusalem for Lucifer, instead of God’s Son Jesus who was of course born in Bethlehem according to the star the prophet Balaam had said would rise as a sign of the true messiah, in the Bible…

    “there shall come a Star out of Jacob, and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel, and shall smite the corners of Moab, and destroy all the children of Sheth”…

    that said, the apostate jews’ demons also want the antichristian state of israel’s flag, with its stellar “666” and “as above so below” connotations, to celebrate the curse or hex of the macrocosm and microcosm that Lucifer reigns over as the ultimate antichrist from the Otherworlds, as the god of this present evil Babylonish world in the Bible…

    “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them”…

    Worse still, the jews who use the hex of a stellar hexagram to conjure demons, also have an obsession with the more powerful stellar pentangle in occult ritual… because the legions of demons they’re highly susceptible to are drawn to that sign, because they know it’s a counterpart of the dog star Sirius, which is the more personal sign of their master Lucifer in the heavens…

  12. Karen says:

    Jim B…I have read Impeachment of Man and (synchronicity!) am at this moment rereading The Lightening and The Sun for the 2nd time.

  13. Dafydd says:

    Cabalist/Talmudic Jews

    Dutch Whistleblower: They Worship Lucifer, Sacrifice Children (Ronald Bernard)


  14. Morris Deeds says:

    @ Karin
    Karen says:
    November 14, 2017 at 1:44 pm
    Jim B…I have read Impeachment of Man and (synchronicity!) am at this moment rereading The Lightening and The Sun for the 2nd time.

    Stop reading their BRAINWASHING filth they get you subliminally: then you’ll
    fight others Gentiles, on some ridiculous obtuse or truculent point!

    Mind you Karen they don’t give a fuck what you think, atheist, Christian,
    Buddhist, left, right, communist, capitalist, humanist, spirtualist

    When Talmudic police state comes see how impressed they are
    with your reading endeavors Karen maybe you get a better sit
    in the Canadian FEMA Camp before your’re liquidated!

    Like Zap said in quote below, it’s all aLl fuckin SCRIPT Demonic (illusion)
    Talmudic Banker SOAP Opera MIND F_CK!!!!


    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

  15. Morris Deeds says:

    The Israeli Regime Invades Kansas Public Schools
    , Thomas Jefferson: “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none.”


    GOVERNOR COUMO NYC OFFICES, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – 2016/06/09: State-sanctioned backlash against the movement for Palestinian human rights has reached a critic point as Gov. Cuomo just signed a McCarthyism executive order requiring state agencies to divest from organizations that support the Palestinian call to boycott companies profiting from, or cultural or academic institutions complicit in, Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people. Furthermore, the order requires the creation of a publicly available blacklist of all companies and institutions that support the movement. (Photo by Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

    The Israeli regime has obviously figured out that politicians in the United States do not want to challenge them, so the regime is slowly moving to other territories in the United States as well. Kanas has passed a law last July saying that teachers have to pledge allegiance to the state of Israel in order to be able to maintain their employment. The law, Newsweek tells us,

    “prohibits the state from entering into a contract with any individual or company boycotting Israel—for instance, requiring school teachers to declare support of Israel.”[15]

    More @ URL below:

  16. Karen says:

    I’m done here.

  17. Matt says:

    Morris Deeds,

    Jesus said he didn’t come to do away with the Law, or the old testament, but he came to fulfill it. Meaning the OT is God’s word.

    I can tell from your writings, you don’t seek or follow God’s order to any depth.

    In the very first book of the bible, the first thing God did was to set out a higarchy with races and men. If a man can’t read and follow that, then don’t add God to your conversation.

  18. protocolsRtrue says:

    Building the israili empire from the Nile to the Euphrates. Remember that. Latest attack by so called terrorists intelligence services of israil was in the Sinai peninsula. And the bombings commenced there too. Now I would ask average Americans if they know where the Sinai Peninsula was and some of them may say Egypt. But I consider InCoglanders a notch above and somewhat enlightened and awakened and knowledgeable and intelligent so I wont ask them to pull out their world atlases and globes to see that it is perfectly situated between the Nile and the Euphrates and is on the marked for destruction and consumption into the greater israili evil empire list just like Iraq and Syria and of course Palestine was. It’s going to be bad to be an Egyptian living in the Sinai part of Egypt from now on. Just like it’s going to be bad to be an American living in America soon the way the jews keep going with this illegal immigration and refugee sanctuary shitty and import millions of refugees from the lands that jews don’t want them stuff.

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