Roy Moore is Looking Tall in the Saddle!

By Phillip Marlowe

Look, before I go on, let me say I’m not a big Christian type. But neither am I a big sleazebag. Sure, maybe I’ll drink a brewskie or two, have a shot of whisky and a little happy time with real females. I’m just for common decency and the White race. Call me a racist, White Nationalist, whatever BS term the Jews come up with, punks.

The stinking leftists and cuckolded RHINOS are totally against Roy Moore and tried to sabotage his campaign for Alabama senator with scurrilous reports of Moore tagging an underaged babe 39 years ago. Shekel-grubbing Jews like Gloria Allred rushed in to capitalize on the affair and the lousy media reported on it like crazy, before they got distracted by all the other dirtbags getting exposed everywhere, since the women victimization angle is so big.

Reports coming out say everyone (at least the Whites) down in Alabama are for Moore. The traitors in DC and NY are now coming to the conclusion that Moore is going to win.

Then a mostly Hispanic and liberal jury acquitted that illegal alien who killed Kate Steinle. What a rip-off! Here’s a scumbag they deported five times who steals a pistol and fires it off wildly on a pier in San Fransicko, hitting Steinle and she bleeds to death in her father’s arms.

Then the liberals got all excited after Flynn was charged for lying to the FBI. Oh boy, do they think this is going to lead back to Trump colluding with the Russians! This Russian crap just keeps going on and on, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, all kinds of crap has come out showing Hillary involved with Russia and getting all kinds of rubles from them. Obama is even going around the planet meeting foreign leaders like he’s still in charge. So how come the media is not reporting any of that? Because they are total traitors.

Jews are working hard to censor rapidly awakening Whites on the Internet. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter people are getting their accounts disabled and closed down. They know their lefty BULL is falling on deaf ears.

Halfway through the second quarter at a game this past Sunday shows at least 40% empty seats. This is being reported everywhere. Keep it up!

People are even not going to NFL football games anymore. Stadium attendance and TV viewership is way down. No one is buying fan crap like shirts and hats. The NFL is losing hundreds of millions due to black militantcy crap. I say great!

I say it’s about time we take back this country in a serious way. Serious as in rounding up the traitors and putting them into work camps for a few years till they get their heads on straight.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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43 Responses to Roy Moore is Looking Tall in the Saddle!

  1. vorlos says:

    Incogman, true Christianity is foundational. Lose it, lost our civilization. Tattooed, pierced, drugged pagans will be slaves, and have given up our legacy. Better get straight on Christianity and manly virtue. It’s the only thing our enemies fear.

    • Anna says:

      I totally agree with you, vorlos. I am a Russian Orthodox Christian. We never impose our beliefs on others. Everyone has free will to choose bad or good. If our God gave us freewill and does not force anybody to follow Him, how can we (sinners) force others into our religion? But let me share my humble opinion with you, my friends…
      Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Take these words seriously. There is a battle between our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and satan. The field where the battle takes place- our hearts. If you tell me that there is no satan and it is a fairytale story I will answer with the words of one of our saints (forgive me as I don’t remember his name): one of the greatest achievement of satan is that he made humanity believe that he does not exist. Satan has lots of servants, including Jews, goys- nonbelievers, and goys believers- sinners (who don’t bother to fight their sinful passions). These servants with the help of their master have been inventing everything possible and impossible to push you farther from our God, including alcohol, drugs, rock music, porn, big sport, false religions, video games… etc. There is only one Way to be saved from the madness of this world – Jesus Christ. That’s why Jews hate Christianity and are eager to destroy everything and everyone that belongs to Jesus Christ. There is no any human-made institution or organization that can protect you from the evil things that have been taken place on this earth. Jesus Christ said Himself: “without me you can do nothing” John15:5.
      Why all these horrible things happen to the white people, including islamisation of Europe, white genocide in US, gay/lesbian/ prostitution epidemic all over the world and so on and so of? If your answer is “evil Jews with their black servants”, you are WRONG! The answer is- WE ARE THE REASON. If white race was strong in its Christian fate nothing would have happened! We destroyed the Foundation of our white civilization ourselves! Now we have what we have. And if we don’t return to our Savior everything will get worse! You can create as many prowhite websites and prowhite social organizations as you want. But, believe me; your miserable attempts will not change the situation! “…without me you can do nothing…”- Jesus Christ.

      You all have internet. Sit, do your research (how I did 5 years ago), ask God to help you and you will find out the TRUTH. There is only one Way for all people- Jesus Christ! “I am the way and the truth and the life” John 14:6. The sooner we understand that, the sooner we will save our miserable souls!
      Forgive me for my bad English and forgive me if I offended anybody.
      God bless you all.

      • God bless you too Anna. Thanks for reminding us about Jesus, there are so many distractions in life. I don’t blame White people entirely for our current predicament. As you mention we are fighting a battle and many of us have been lured to the other side. They are the weak ones who by no fault of their own were weak in their faith and we’re mislead possibly when they were very young. That is why we can’t let the Jews dictate our school curriculums because of something you conveniently left out; John 14:6 “no one comes to the father except through me.” Jesus said in Mark 9:42 “if you cause one of these little ones who believe in me to sin it would be better for that person to have a great millstone hung around their neck and be thrown into the sea.”

      • Matt says:

        Anna, I’m simply a disiple of Jesus Christ, no denominational affliation. And I impose my beliefs on anyone who will listen. My disdain for homo perversion, transvestation, satanic jewish control. Cursed blacks running free.

        I alienate a lot of people, even most of my family. So be it, but when I die, I know God will take me unto himself.

  2. I agree Incogman work camps is a good idea. The traitors deserve a dose of their own medicine. As for the 60% of the asleep idiots that are buying tickets to National Felons League ball they need to wake up NOW. They aren’t blacks buying tickets they are stupid white guys.
    That spic that killed Kate Steinle was deported 5 times? How pathetic, someone needs to be held accountable. Build the wall NOW!!!

  3. Nationalist says:

    Whites have better things to spend their money on than football games or other nonsense sporting events, that would be even if all of the players were White. With the cost of living going through the roof and jobs going away for various different reasons (most of them having to do with liberalism) we might as well give up on this old fashioned game that was invented back around 1870. Now factor in the moral degeneracy of sporting events (the list too numerous to even mention) and it is beginning to make sense that football be given the boot once and for all.

    • Johnny Draco says:

      @ Nationalist,
      But Americans lust over their(?) MK Ultra Genetically Engineered Transworld (tranny) Super Athletes.
      Give up the circus?? No way.
      Americans have the hardest time growing up. All blabbing and no action is the American way.

    • carnac123 says:

      I agree with you. Football is now a liberal hobby and the players are negroes or afro-centrist whites. White people would be better off spending money and forming our own national party and even a white national army. Football is nothing more than negroes running around bumping into each other and if they score they make monkey-shines and fools of themselves. There are a few whites playing but they have to act like negroes also or they will not get help from black players like blocking etc. Everything the NFL does is for the blacks. The blacks showed their thanks by kneeling during the national anthem. The NFL does not let whites play hardly at all but they sure expect white people to fill the stands. Instead of watching negroes play a dumb sport why don’t whites pile into gyms and shooting clubs and become athletes themselves and efficient with their weapons. Anything that blacks are involved with in large numbers becomes decadent. Keep up the good fight. Do not watch pro-football ever again. I don’t even miss it. IN FACT…..we need t stop watching televisions exposing our children to mixed coupes on every commercial. Television is unworthy of our viewership. I will not watch negroes and their white whores on television commercials anymore.

  4. J.R. says:

    trump is God’s play in the game… no one has really come out successfully against him and the more they come after him and what they hate about him, the more they’re heavily judged by God according to him… trump endorsed Moore and look at the left’s meltdown…

    Smearbook: jewess Gloria “Allred” Fraud Exposed…

    • Karen says:

      Trump is not Gods play in the game, but his son-in-law Kushners (front man for Netanyahu) play in the game’

      • James Laffrey says:

        RIGHT. Trump is a jews’ trump card.

        Putting Killary Clinton in as president would much more likely have sparked real revolution against Jew Rule.

        But Trump, by duping the half-awake Whites, serves to pacify those Whites while providing the jewsmedia etc with a supposedly “White” whipping boy.

        The half-awake mass, who don’t know enough about jews, learn nothing from the obvious in-your-face total infestation of jews around Trump.

        A bit of history: the jew FDR caused high-pressure steam among wise Whites; Truman the supposed White man vented that steam. the jew Eisenhower caused another pressure build-up against the jews; JFK vented it. Obama has caused another huge rise, included correct racial awareness; Trump is the vent.

        The solution is to do to the jews what the jews are doing to us. But we need to do it faster.

        You know, we don’t kill only the bad cockroaches infesting our house and let the “good” cockroaches live.

      • Morris Deeds says:

        Kushner is one of those crazy Domesday Chabad-Lubavitch
        Orthodox Jews. With this proposal to make Jerusalem the
        capital of Israel: Trump is helping these crazies force some kind
        of Armageddon there!

        Drumpf has been controlled Ops from day 1, for how
        can you cry about a”fake controlled Media” which he
        knows as does everyone else, the Jews control it, yet
        the more they piss in his face, the more of a sychophant
        licking Bibbi’s rear end he becomes!

      • Karen says:

        Morris Deeds, funny you should say that. Last night my husband came into the room and said the exact same thing, but with a gross stomach churning pantomime.

  5. J.R. says:

    jewess Gloria Allred caught lying about Roy Moore’s signature… most jews can’t really blush though, when they lie, because they’re really reprobates, with a conscience seared against the truth…

    beware of the evil redhead mollycoddled by an “allred” jew… God hates edom and edom is a land of red sandstone and the name “Edom” means “red” and Esau, the patriarch of the Edomites, was named for his profuse red hair and penchant for red pottage…

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      I am trying (in vain!) to find some kind of sexual attraction – past or present – that damn hog might have had for Roy Moore. She is neither pretty nor attractive!

      • Karen says:

        You are probably, from what I have gleaned from your comments over the years, sexually repulsive to every woman you ever had the cahones to come onto, which were very very few and only when drunk.

  6. Francis says:

    The Roy Moore lynching is another demonrat variation of the Duke Rape Scam. The false accusations against Roy Moore are just like the false accusations against the Lacrosse players in the Duke Rape Scam.
    Demonrat Mike Nifong falsely accused the white Duke players of raping a black woman to get the black vote in an upcoming election with a large black population. Nifong incited black people against the white Duke players to get the black vote.
    Mass media, Gloria Allred, and Co., falsely accused Roy Moore of sex crimes in a wicked scheme to incite Christians against Roy Moore in hopes the smears against Moore would get Doogie Jones elected.
    It’s the usual demonrat dirty tricks in politics, no less, no more.

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    I hope that Prez Trump learns from this and never makes this mistake again. Jeff Sessions is a great man and is great at attorney General. But pulling him from that senate seat where he could do even more for America with his senate votes supporting making America great again left open the opportunity for the Marxist commie Bolshevik jew lefty libtards to get that senate seat. Should have found somebody else for attorney general. And the democraps pounced on it too. You see how badly they want that senate seat just by how much time and effort they are putting into smearing, slandering, character asassinating, and defaming Roy Moore. Going back 40 years trying to dredge up dirt and mud. Any criminal police reports? Any convictions? No. Only allegations. It’s hard to disprove a negative. Especially a he said/she said from 40 years ago without any police reports ever filed. The bitches mother even said the only reason she even came forward now is because the jewsington post dug her up and talked her into it. A few weeks before the election too you come up with something from 40 years ago? Gee what a coincidence huh yeah I guess we are that stupid we cant figure out what this is trying to do. I’m even trying to figure out what were things like back then what was the age of consent what about if there is parental approval I remember the rocker jerry lee lewis married his 15 year old cousin but it was legal apparently but frowned upon by many people also for obvious reasons and he said so what we love each other. Anyway, if they have to go back 40 years to dredge up unsubstantiated dirt just allegations then the guy is a better man than me. I was arrested for 19 counts of reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon 10 years ago thank gosh the charges were false and dropped with record expunged but the jail time was hell and the costs and damage was done left me with some ptsd and anger management issues. But anyway Mr. Trump don’t take that chance again keep the people in both houses that want to make America great again don’t GIVE the democraps any opportunities to put a jew tool libtard in that seat to block and obstruct your own agenda. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot mr pres. Please GOOD people of Alabama get to the polls and do the right thing for America keep the lefty libtard out! And poll workers make sure those voters are actual American citizens and citizens of Alabama too. And have a fucking stinkin’ I.D. card to prove it. Democrats treason has no limits.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      The sheer amount of time and effort and money the jew media is putting into slandering Roy Moore to keep him out of the Senate is proof enough of how GOOD he must be for America.

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        We got lesbians and faggotts and proclaimed socialists and jews and even transfaggots elected in America now and were supposed to be all mad at this guy because he liked younger women? Fuck. I like younger women too I like looking at the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders that’s why they have them there in shorty shorts in the first place men are SUPPOSED to like women remember those good old days? Lefty libtards are trying to make it a crime for men to like women anymore.

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    Correction to the above.

    We got lesbians and faggotts and proclaimed socialists and Marxist commie Bolshevik jews and retarded niggers and even transfaggots elected in America now and we’re supposed to be all mad at this guy because he liked younger women? Fuck. I like younger women too I like looking at the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders that’s why they have them there in shorty shorts in the first place men are SUPPOSED to like women remember those good old days? Lefty libtards are trying to make it a crime for men to like women anymore.

  9. Jackie says:

    It speaks volumes how censors comments about Doogie Jones being queer but allows false accusations against Roy Moore. is the main newspaper website in Alabama. Like other Jews media sites is anti-christian. Try posting comments about Roy Moore at like those linked below:

  10. Karen says:

    Not to say Canada is any better, maybe worse. Our dim-witted, spoiled, attention-whore Prime Minister has jumped on the Russia bashing band wagon and has said that he admires communist China. He has brought out the worst in me, unearthing ugly fantasies of him hanging from a lamp post in drag.

  11. Karen says:

    Please delete the 6;37 you tube insert. MISTAKE. I meant this……..PLEASE

  12. Gene says:

    Father Robbed of Cellphone and Shot Dead by Negroes! Violent Negroes Everywhere!

    Negroes are violent, plain and simple killers! That said, I regret to bring you the latest news of a father who was trying to sell his cellphone at a San Leandro gas station in Alameda County, California to raise some scratch, and was apparently shot dead by suspects here: Jordan Patton, 18, of San Francisco, and Marcus Fortune, 18, of San Leandro, have been charged with the murder of Daniel Carlos, a husband and a father to a 5 year old daughter. Is this incredibly sad or what!? Guy probably needed the money for his family.

    It gets monotonous doesn’t it, all the violence and killings by negroes!? You’d think they would round them up and deport them someplace far away. They could be branded and chipped so you would know if they ever came back to the U.S..

    Arrests made in deadly shooting of man selling iPhone at San Leandro gas station

    If these are the culprits who did this the police or law enforcement authorities who caught them should be commended.

  13. Gene says:

    White Avenger – Hey Now That’s Not a Bad Idea!

    Submit your idea to the United Nations and tell them if they really want peace and all that to do the trade!

  14. Gene says:

    Put the Negroes Where They Cannot Separate the Fathers From Families With Death

    Somehow these heartless Negroes who separate fathers from their families with death should be put somewhere that they cannot any longer do this. They should not have any access to people who are just trying to get by. I don’t care where the Mexican fellow that was killed got the cellphone, but it didn’t warrant a death sentence from these two Negroes! All they had to do if they did not like the deal was drive on or walk away. THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO KILL HIM. Where is the outrage? This happens all the damn time! Any place that Negroes are it happens all the time.

  15. J.R. says:

    God is evidently using trump to set up jerusalem as the capital for israel’s end-time biblical Davidic antichrist who’ll shortly be seated in a new temple on the Temple Mount as if he’s God and as the biblical abomination that provokes God to desolate the planet in the apocalypse, as a precursor to the return and reign of his Son Jesus Christ…
    “Trump’s plan to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel will derail decades of US diplomacy….”

  16. john says:

    I am very much for Moore to win if he has lots of enemies it means he stands for something good, because most of the cuks out their are spineless black nigger ass kissers and when one of them commits a murder de say how awful for the family not the victims family but the negg that just killed and raped a white girl, where the fuck do these swine come from and they certainly should be rounded up and shot

    • Kathy says:

      The african americans are doing just what the zionist jews have mis-led them to do. In the Protocols of Zion the Jews said they would use blacks for riots, madness, murder, and mayhem.

  17. Frank Fredenburg says:

    SPLC Now Say’s Army Bases Are Confederate Monuments And Need To Be Taken Down

  18. I know this is slightly off topic but it is relevant to current events. There is another wildfire in California. all over the news about how many homes have burned and a woman in retirement visibly upset about losing her home, probably with no insurance. Never anything about how the fire started. It’s as though we’re supposed to get used to this happening every year and then just about an hour ago I see that arrogant nigger Obongo on tv blathering about climate change.
    How the hell are these fires starting? We get them in Canada too. Spain and Portugal went through this too recently. I only ever remember Israel having one and it was attributed to some muslim arsonist. Not that there is much to burn there in that wasteland. We have beautiful forests here and you can’t tell me that it’s lightning strikes everytime.
    Jewish lighting maybe.

    • Kathy says:

      It’s the Jew World Order sayanim and their useful idiots who are burning down and destroying our world. The Zionists are trying to replace the old Christian order of the world with their Jew World Order.

      Just as God destroyed the evil generation in the days of Noah with a flood, prophecy says the end time generation will be destroyed by fire.

      These fires are directed at European nations. The devil and his children hate white Christians most because Christianity spread from Europe to North America, Australia, South America, and so much of the world.

      Satan’s children, the zionist jews, judaism jews, hate white people most because of white Christian culture. The zionists view Christianity as an obstruction to their Jew World Order.

      The zionist jews are secretly trying to destroy white people and their Christian religion, but most white people don’t realize it yet.

  19. Morris Deeds says:

    Matt says:
    December 5, 2017 at 3:32 pm
    Anna, I’m simply a disiple of Jesus Christ, no denominational affliation. And I impose my beliefs on anyone who will listen. My disdain for homo perversion, transvestation, satanic jewish control. Cursed blacks running free.

    I alienate a lot of people, even most of my family. So be it, but when I die, I know God will take me unto himself.

    I told you take a look at that “Lesser Key of Solomon” where he is getting their
    names and their demonic heritage or purpose in the universe after their fall.

    And you clearly see unions of male Demons (shows homosexuality is from hell),
    it’s anti-Logos, and i feel pedophilia is straight out of hell too. Most of
    these pedophiles especially priests, and rabbis, pick young boys , not girls:
    shows a common degenerate thread, and you don’t see it in the wild,
    male animals having sex with others, it’s contra to natural law, which
    God has set in our universe!

  20. Johnny Draco says:

    ‘You’re Sixteen’ was written by the Jewish-American songwriting duo the Sherman Brothers
    Roy Moore is the candidate of the Kosher Nostra.

  21. S O G says:

    if people quit donating millions to SPLC the splc would cease to exist as they do …
    they would not have secret offshore accounts
    they would not spend the few thousand dollars a year on some bland case and spread anti white propaganda ..
    peoople might stop donating to splc if they saw it as wire fraud and hypocricy ..
    morris dees is a convicted child molester ..
    most of the donated money goes into upper staff pockets ..
    they throw out a few shekels here and there but for the most part they are into the frree money thing ..
    anyway what do you expect from demonic hate organizations that have set their sites onn whites secular or christian …

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