Trump Kisses Big Jew Ass — But Where’s Our GD Wall?

By Phillip Marlowe

Trump today announced Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as expected.

Before I go on, let me state Muzzies should live in Muzzie land and not in the White lands of the West. That being said, these people have been totally screwed over by the insane Ashkenazi Jews of Poland and Southern Russia who have been stewed for centuries that they are the “Chosen Ones” of the Bible and the Palestinian Levant belongs to them (the land of Milk and Honey bull crap).

Whether you know it or not, us American taxpayers have been shelling out billions to Arab leaders in this area not to break bad on Israel. Yep, not only do we arm to the teeth the filthy Zionists, but we corrupt all the Arabs too.

This might even be a major turning point in the “End Times” business. Say what, Cog Man? Have you gone seriously nutso, pal? Yep, there’s plenty of weird Biblical vibes emanating from this whole thing. Sure, they said this when kill-crazy Zionists captured the place from the Jordanians back during the Six Day war in 1967 (which the Jews instigated, BTW). Lots of Christians were saying that then, while Jews screamed with glee — crazily jumping up and down in circles as “Fiddler on the Roof” music played.

Look, we know the Jews have been working assiduously to brainwash us with lefty bullcrap. We know they have been quietly destroying our demographics in our own lands to render our White race powerless. They’ve known Whites as a race represents a danger to their ambitions of Global-wide control, while they tell us all what to do.

Meanwhile, where’s our border wall with Mexico, huh? All we go is a few prototypes. Here’s Trump kissing big stinky Jew ass while all us chumps who pay for the BS have gotten ZILCH. I’ve even got doubts about this retardican tax bill giving us Regular Joes a break.

Most Americans are clueless about all this since the Jews control what us Whites know about. They got a giant head-lock on America!

Did you see how FOX covered Trump’s announcement? They got this horse-faced Negro chick anchor (who’s married to a scummy-looking Jew, BTW) and she acted like it was the Second Coming (hmmm). Jerusalem Jews projected images of the American and Israeli flag on the Wailing wall and she’s gushing on how beautiful that was. Then she had on this former Israel ambassador Dan Gilliam I think his name was, and the guy is practically crying with happiness. He looked like Beelzebub himself. One seriously evil-looking old Jew creep.

You got to think all this crap out: Just what has Trump really done?

And Hillary still lives free and clear after raking in millions from the Russians and blaming her election loss on the Russians. Obongo boy is freely (with taxpayer paid secret service security) traveling around the globe meeting with nation honchos and trashing Trump. It’s all a big joke — on us.

Hey, you know I can’t stand the lefties one GD iota. And it goes without saying I’d like to ship all the gangstas cum obsolete farm equipment back to darkest Africa where they can live on mud cookies and dream of the time they were happily feasting at Mickey D’s using EBT cards and listening to idiot hip hop crap on stolen I-PODS.

Looks like we’re going to have to drain the swamp by ourselves after-all. I’m ready. Been ready, actually.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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48 Responses to Trump Kisses Big Jew Ass — But Where’s Our GD Wall?

  1. Denys Picard says:

    Incog…What about those “We too” retared white trash feminists yelling all day long…and those “Zero Tolerance” retarded feminist scum bags polluting the airwaves with their filthy lies…these fake females are worst then fake news…Add to this a Fake President Kissing real Jew asses…and our leadership has turned scat on us.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      The whole country is now JEW INSANE. I can’t cover everything since I’m just one guy.

      • Morris Deeds says:

        Can we finally throw Trump out with the “Swamp” water!

        Trump, Hillary and Bernie are/were all Zionist Jew controlled
        opposition, they put on a good show for The Sheeple now
        it’s time to wake up!

        “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” Frank Zappa

      • Denys Picard says:

        Hey, Incog, this wasn’t a critique of you…its just an expression of the More it goes the More its the same but even worst…Femi!nism is an autoimmune disease of civilisation!

  2. Morris Deeds says:

    Is Netanyahu still a psychopath and pathological liar?
    Ciamak Morsadegh: “Benjamin Netanyahu and the anti-Semites need each other: they supply each other with what they need – intolerance and hatred. The fact is, Iran is a place where Jews feel secure and we are happy to be here. We are proud to be Iranian. I know this doesn’t follow the Zionist script, but this is the reality. No one forces the Jews to stay here.”

    By Jonas E. Alexis – December 5, 2017161776

    If you don’t think that Netanyahu needs medical or psychiatric attention, think again. He has recently asserted:

    “Obviously, there are some differences between the Nazi Germany and Islamic Republic of Iran, but both regimes do have two important things in common: one, a ruthless commitment to impose tyranny and terror, and second, a ruthless commitment to murder Jews.”[1]

    Is this bold statement actually true? Is there any way that it can be true in any possible world? Well, not if you think evidence is important.

    First of all, it must be pointed out that Netanyahu shows numerous signs of a psychopath. One of the definitions of a psychopath is that of a person “who does not care about other people, and who is usually dangerous or violent.”

    Robert D. Hare of the University of British Columbia declares that those people can be “charming” but “deadly.” “Their hallmark is a stunning lack of conscience,” he continues. “Their game is self-gratification at the other person’s expense. Many spend time in prison, many do not.”[2]

    Hare adds, “The most obvious expressions of psychopath—but by no means the only ones—involve flagrant violation of society’s rules.”[3] Those psychopaths usually use “charm and chameleon-like abilities to cut a wide swath through society” and leave “a wake of ruined lives behind them.”[4] In that sense, psychopaths function “without the restraints of conscience.”[5]

    In short, all psychopaths have “a deeply disturbing inability to care about the pain and suffering experienced by others…a complete lack of empathy, the prerequisite of love.”[6] Finally, all psychopaths have an abiding hatred for the truth, and this is a crucial point here.

    Kent A. Kiehl of the University of New Mexico argues that psychopaths are pathological liars; they lack empathy, guilt and even remorse. More importantly, they generally do not want to accept the consequences of their actions.[7]

    More below:

  3. Erik Snohdin says:

    You deserve what you tolerate.
    An old boss said that to me once.

    And so it holds for all of us today.
    We sit behind computers, pissing and moaning, writing scathing mini-commentaries, but we DO nothing.

    We deserve what we tolerate.

    • Part of getting rid of the things you won’t tolerate is to identify where the offending is coming from then through discussion in forums such as this a plan can be formulated to throw off the offending party. We may be in retreat now but Something Will Be Done.

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        Exactly right white avenger. I am only doing what my hands and keyboard allow me to do legally. Without our first amendment I would be in a gulag cage a long time ago. And even then I was thrown into the cage also. Your mouth is going to get you in big trouble boy. Especialy talking bad about jews and expressing empathy for the Palistinians around here in dc and the pentagram. Your career is over. Your life is over. You reached the pinnacle and it was bad jewish. But I didn’t back down off the mountain top either. it’s the jews stupid I cry from the mountaintop!!! Can I get an echo??? Or a witness???

      • It’s the SPLC, it’s the ADL, it’s the AIPAC, it’s Afirmative Action, it’s the Jews stupid, not the economy as Bill Clinton used to say in the ’90s. If we need a future for ourselves and our children we need to get rid of these parasites because right now the host, us, is on life support. Let’s stand up, or man up, however you like to put it for ourselves Now

  4. I agree to a point though Eric Snohdin using this site to post large essays on topics unrelated to Phillip Marlow ‘s lead doesn’t help us.
    As it stands today it appears Trump is nothing but a money grubbing Israeli Firster Zionist Jew Ass Kissing Blowhard.

  5. Phillip, if there’s anything we Canadians can do to help drain the swamp let us know cuz we got a swamp here that needs draining.

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      I believe the desire to “drain the swamp” was obviated by the American people’s original endorsement of Donald Trump. Furthermore, although I don’t approve of recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Occupied Palestine (Israhell), I realize it is, merely, a SYMBOLIC move on Trump’s part to put the Jews more at ease and to further manifest American facility with the Middle East. (America has a HUGE investment in Israhell – right or wrong – and I believe our President realizes that this embassy move is the least expensive way to enhance it (although I may be offering too much benefit of doubt).)
      There is more than one way to deal with the “Jewish problem”, and endearing ourselves amongst them might put us in a better position to enforce better behavior from them toward their ME neighbors, especially the abused Palestinians. To smooth feathers, sometimes a few must be ruffled!

      • You are too kind Gilbert. What exactly does America get for it’s “HUGE investment in Israhell”? I admit I am not sure exactly why America gives billions of $ to Israhell every year. Is it extorted under threat of death to a particular politician or does America have an interest in nation building? Either way I don’t see how America will ever see 1 red cent of that money again and our children are left with the blessing of debt slavery (sarcasm) because last time I checked the U.S. gov.owes 21 trillion dollars of interest and debt. That’s no position to be involved in nation building unless you are an African nation that has it’s debt forgiven by the International bankers.

      • Even those African nations probably have to forfeit resources to have their debt “forgiven”. Jews don’t give a rats ass about “goyim”. We are cattle to them

      • J.R. says:

        i think trump is still his own man…admittedly struggling to be his own man and keep his head above swamp water, with evil swamp creatures nibbling at him, distracting him and threatening to take him down…
        this probably to some extent explains trump’s dry throat episode and need for fresh water and a bit of breathing space during his jerusalem speech, which has of course been cited as a medical crisis by his detractors…

        impeachment is now off the table and if he does two terms, i think trump will ultimately side with israeli converts to Jesus Christ in the land of israel during the apocalypse, more than he’ll be on side with jared kushner’s fantasyland of an evil, antichristian state of israel at the centre of an ideal pseudo-messianic world, which is of course to be consigned to the dustbin of history upon the return of Jesus Christ as israel’s true messiah…

        even the ‘holy city’ is to be heavily damaged by a massive earthquake during the apocalypse and some of the evil inhabitants slain, so that a remnant of tribal israelis in Sin Central will give glory to God…

        “And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven…”

  6. J.R. says:

    jerusalem, aka “Sodom and Egypt” in the New Testament, has of course been forsaken of God and given to sin since the first century, when the shekinah or tangible presence or glory of Jehovah forsook the temple after the jews had betrayed and murdered Jesus; and after the somewhat ominous words had been heard by the apostate jews: “we are departing hence”, according to the writings of the jewish historiographer Josephus.

    However, thanks to trump, the ‘holy city’ is now being prepared once again in the higher purpose of God for a new temple on the temple mount and the reign of the biblical end-time davidic antichrist, who’ll shortly be given the liberty to prove how wicked he really is and why he shouldn’t inherit what God has promised in the Bible to give to his righteous, resurrected Davidic Son Jesus Christ, who is of course the most famous person in history and even has a name, as the biblical “head of every man”, that somewhat mysteriously comes as a spontaneous curse word from the spirits of sinners, especially when they hit their head with something, have just ducked something dangerous, or have had a close shave that could’ve cost them their life, and which is not something they’ve spontaneously accorded to others, for some strange reason.

    there are of course many antichrists out and about on the planet now, but the biblical end-time antichrist in the land of israel will be jewish and an adept of the jews’ practical kabbalah, and a scholarly, philosophical type, of the ilk of the jews’ esteemed rabbis and rebbes, in search of a ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ of sorts; and quite possibly, more specifically of the ilk of someone philosophical like rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook who is venerated by jared kushner as a pillar of modern orthodox judaism or maybe a lubavitcher of the ilk of Menachem schneerson who is to ostensibly rise from the dead and do other miracles, to authenticate his right to reign as the Jews’ new king-messiah.

    that said, the biblical end-time antichrist will likely also more specifically have an answer in the two-faced idol of the Templars’ Baphomet who was named for the islam’s prophet Mohamet, and the 17th century ‘davidic’ pseudo-messiah Sabbatai Zevi who was both a jew and at least superficially a convert to islam. Especially since the biblical record anticipates that he’ll be a hypocritical ambassador of a new ecumenical peace between israel and her muslim neighbors in the war-torn middle east; and because he appears to have an esoteric counterpart in the evil professor Quirrell, with a turban and two faces; and who opposes what the jews say is the ‘more decent’ lineage of their davidic kings, represented by Harry in J. K. Rowling’s Philosopher Stone narrative, which was evidently received from the jews’ demons in the Otherworld…

    J.K. Rowling’s thoughts…

    “Quirinus was a Roman God about whom there is not much information, although he is commonly associated with war – a clue that Quirrell is not quite as meek as he appears. ‘Quirrell,’ which is so nearly ‘squirrel’ – small, cute and harmless – also suggested ‘quiver,’ a nod to the character’s innate nervousness” …. and/or to a bow (the bow of the Edomite idol Qos) as the deeper meaning of the crescent symbol of islam…

    “And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer….”

    • Richard says:


      Tell me does shit come out of your other end as well or is it just your mouth?

      Iv’e been reading some the complete rubbish you write here and I am sure I recognize it, you have been posting your bollocks here under different names for a long time.

      These from a few posts back.

      “Apostate Jews” really? oh of course we have good Jews and bad Jews don’t we?
      “A real Harry Potter buried in Israel” lol

      and now

      “resurrected Davidic Son Jesus Christ, ”
      Now you spouting the Christ insanity Jesus the son of mass murdering criminal the whole new Testament is pure sorcery” worship your circumcised Jewish Rabbi as God” yeah?

      There’s no point in going on here as they say Bull shit baffles brain, obfuscation, misinformation, disinformation, lies or having a good laugh at the poor stupid goyim’s expense take your pick.

      I thought the eagle eyed incog faithful would have lassoed him by now, are all the spamblinka guards drinking too much vodka again mmm?

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’ll hit you with my usual in a later post. But like 911——–they knew this was coming and needed the false flag otherwise the farmers from west byGod Virginia would not get on board and ho on the bus gus. I have to say it though those slant eyed japs for a small stature did have some big balls. Like chewwawwas

    On this day in 1941, at around 1:30 p.m., President Franklin Roosevelt is conferring with advisor Harry Hopkins in his study when Navy Secretary Frank Knox bursts in and announces that Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor. The attack killed more than 2,400 naval and military personnel.

    For weeks, a war with Japan had appeared likely since negotiations had deteriorated over the subject of Japan’s military forays into China and elsewhere in the Pacific during World War II. FDR and his advisors knew that an attack on the U.S. fleet at the Philippines was possible, but few suspected the naval base at Pearl Harbor would be a target.

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    The Prize (Daniel Yergin) chapter 16. Japans road to war. “Shall we trust Japan?” In 1923, responding to the temper of the time, Franklin Roosevelt, who had been Assistant Secretary of the Navy during World War I, wrote an article entitled “Shall We Trust Japan? In introducing the article, the editors observed that one of Roosevelt’s “Chief duties during a large part of his term of office was to prepare to fight Japan.” In the article Roosevelt observed that “long before the events of 1914 centered attention elsewhere, an American-Japanese war was the best bet of profits. Its imminence began to be taken for granted.” [FDR was of course a Freemason. ]
    The Freemasons (Jasper Ridley) Freemasons in the World. The Freemasons encountered difficulties in Japan. The first masonic lodge established there was a British military lodge in Yokohama in 1864. Other lodges were formed by British and American residents in Japan; BUT THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT FORBADE ANY JAPANESE TO BECOME A FREEMASON. The government thought that Freemasonry was a foreign movement which would introduce foreign influence into Japan and conflict with Japanese social and religious traditions. …. To add to the difficulties of Japanese Freemasons, a French Roman Catholic priest, Father F. Ligneul, who lived in Japan as the head of a French Catholic mission from 1880 to 1912, began an anti-masonic agitation. In 1900 he published a book, Mimitsu Kessha (The Secret Society) . It warned that Freemasonry was a movement which believed in absolute freedom and equality, and therefore would destroy any social system based on hierarchical authority; Freemasons, he argued, carried their belief in freedom and equality to the point of working to overthrow all established governments. ……… The opposition to Freemasonry in Japan was increased by the intense hatred of jews. There were only 2,000 jews in Japan, but they were regarded with great suspicion after Japan had intervened against the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War of 1918-20. The jews were denounced as Bolshevik agents. A Japanese translation of THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION was published in 1919, and jews and Freemasons were regarded as dangerous Communist revolutionaries. The denunciation of jews and Freemasons redoubled when the League of Nations condemned the Japanese attack on Manchuria in 1931. An official Japanese government spokesman declared that “the anti-Japanese activities in England are all instigated by jewish Freemasons”. The naval cadets were informed that “a gang of Masonic jews have incessantly been masterminding international intrigues against Japan behind the scenes in Britain, the United States, China and Russia”. The Japanese Chronicle in April 1938 “denounced the secret league of Freemasons….engaged in the struggle behind the World Revolution”. [ of course MacArthur, who accepted the surrender of Japan and became its new ruler after the big firecrackers went off—was a freemason]

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    I just invented a new football game to replace the nigger felon leagues. It’s called chewawa field goal kicking. The snap, the hold.. and the kick is just a little wide right. Oh well his longest chiwawa kick was from 45 yards out in practice. Windage. put some poodles in here too. Put some tether balls with Debbie wasserman shultzes face on it I’ll make it from 60 yards. You never do see a nigger kicker unless it is soccor maybe can’t handle the pressure. Some Spanish ones in bare feet. If I was the coach and there was only 3 seconds left in the game and we are 60 yards away I would coach the guy pretend that football is your ex-wife and her new boyfriend fucking her in your own bedroom and you are paying her alimony and child support while you live in our gym. Kick it like that. And it’s GOOD!!

  10. fred woodard says:

    No 911 investigation, no wall, no tax breaks for workers, but the government has been and is now so far up the jews ass only his feet are showing. Not a single arrest for offshoring money [tax evasion], not a warrant issued for the dancing jews, not a damn thing done to the bitch smashing phones. I was, and say was a Trump guy, Take your beanie and stick it up your rear Mr Trump you are just another con artist who is waiting in line to be ordained a rabbi, so you can suck babys penises and say its a religious thing.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    guarding the nuclear missiles freezing my ass off in south Dakota winter. Which lasts almost all year protester says you wont shoot me you bet your ass I will and see who get reiggermortis first. And I even go back to the guard squad we don’t see a whole lot of niggers here around in the wintertime. What are you General Custer I think you fucked that one up pretty bad.

  12. Morris Deeds says:

    Pearl Harbor Day false flag alert! War party about to stage “provocation” in Mideast, Korea?
    Kevin Barrett

    December 6, 2017
    December 6th = 12/6 = 6+6/6 = A perfect day for Antichrist to steal Jerusalem
    By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

    I don’t issue false flag alerts very often. But when Donald Trump officially declares that Jerusalem belongs to Antichrist ON THE EVE OF PEARL HARBOR DAY, obviously all of the warning lights are blinking bright red.
    Yes, the “Jewish State” of Israel is the Antichrist of the Bible and Dajjal of the Qur’an. How more obvious could it possibly be? Rabbinical Talmudic Jerusalem, the official religion of Israel, holds that Jesus was a bastard and his mother a whore. The Talmud says Jesus is burning eternally in excrement. How much more “anti” to Christ could it possibly get?
    This is the official ideology of the Zionist Entity, supposedly representing the world’s fewer than 20 million Jews, that purports to rule the Holy Land of nearly 5 billion Christians and Muslims. Why should a bizarre Christ-hating cult representing fewer than one in 200 Abrahamic monotheists have a monopoly on the Holy Places? Because they are fake Jews and real Satanists, the proverbial Synagogue of Satan, and they will take whatever they can get—the more lies and the more murder it takes to get it, the better.
    And the Zionists take it one step further. Unlike the Rabbinical Talmudic Jews (who, as much as they loathe Jesus, at least try to worship “G-d” or a tribal facsimile thereof) the Zionists hate God and are officially in satanic rebellion against Him/Her/It. Their entire ideology is based on invading the Holy Land, perpetrating abominations, and spilling vast amounts of blood, all in service to Satan and in defiance of “G-d” — who explicitly forbade Jews from ever doing such a thing. (For the details, consult the real Jews; that would be Naturei Karta.)
    Zionism’s real founder is not Theodor Herzl. It is Shabtai Tsvi, the satanic false messiah. Read up on him, but don’t do it on a full stomach or you may lose your lunch.
    The orchestrated human sacrifice of almost 3,000 souls on 9/11, and the subsequent sacrifice of roughly 32 million Muslims in the 9/11 wars, were Satanic-Zionist religious rites. Are we approaching a moment of even bloodier sacrifice?
    I repeat, Trump just handed over the Holy City to Antichrist on the Eve of Pearl Harbor Day. Defenders of the Holy Places are rising up all over the world, burning the diabolical images of Trump and the “American” flag that Trump just wiped his ass with when he turned American foreign policy over to Satanyahu. As the chaos spreads, conditions are ripe for a false flag provocation to justify the coming tidal wave of blood.
    Will the next world war begin in the Middle East? Quite possibly. Satanyahu wants war on Iran. But he knows he would lose big time unless he can drag the USA into it. Even then, the odds are not very favorable, as The Atlantic discovered when they sponsored a simulation.
    Another possibility is that the big feint in Jerusalem is misdirection – the Next Pearl Harbor could involve Korea. A huge war in Korea would take the world’s mind off of Antichrist’s theft of Jerusalem.
    Antichrist’s neocon spokesdemons have just called for criminal war of aggression against Korea because “it will only kill 1.4 million people.”

    More below:

  13. Morris Deeds says:

    (video) Prof. Tony Martin: Jewish Role in the African Slave Trade — Hamitic myth/’curse of Ham’ originated in the Jewish Talmud, not the Bible!

  14. Morris Deeds says:

    Here’s what an Early Day Motion, tabled by several prominent British MPs in the House of Commons, says about Trump’s statement on Jerusalem.
    See JPG what Bibbi probably has metaphorically to Trump’s head:×197.jpg

    “That this House notes with dismay that Donald Trump, President of the USA, has declared that the US has formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and that the US Embassy in Israel will relocate from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem;

    further notes that no other country currently has an embassy in Jerusalem, and the international community, including the US until now, does not recognize Israel’s jurisdiction over and ownership of the Eastern part of that city;
    acknowledges Jerusalem’s status as an extremely sensitive aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which it considers will be antagonized by this move; further acknowledges that the final status of Jerusalem is to be determined by negotiation;
    notes that East Jerusalem is intended to be the capital of a future Palestinian state, but that East Jerusalem is currently occupied by Israel;
    considers that this decision was taken against the advice of a wide range of world leaders and breaks with years of precedent; further considers that the announcement itself may lead to unrest in the Middle East and that the longer term consequences are unpredictable;
    condemns in the strongest possible terms what it considers to be a rash, unnecessary and deliberately inflammatory act, and one which destroys the US’s credibility as an honest broker in the Middle East Peace Process;
    and calls on world leaders to put pressure on the President to reverse this ill-advised decision.”

    Revolver on a silver tray would be better….
    Early Day Motions (EDMs) are formal motions submitted for debate and they must be squashed into a single sentence. The House seldom gets around to actually debating them but they are an effective way of attracting the attention of MPs and especially the media to matters of concern.

    The wording of this EDM isn’t too bad. However East Jerusalem, including the Old City, is regarded by the world community and international law as Palestinian, and Israel has no business occupying or annexing it.

    It’s worth recalling that the UN Partition of 1947 intended Jerusalem to be a corpus separatum under international administration, for the obvious reason that the Holy City cannot be said to belong to any single religious persuasion. None has exclusive claim.

    I question the quaint idea that Jerusalem’s final status should be “determined by negotiation”. We’ve seen these lop-sided negotiations before, brokered by meddlers who are totally devoid of impartiality or goodwill. And besides, the issue has already been determined by international law and is waiting to be enforced. Again and again politicians overlook the simple fact that there can be no peace while one side’s boot is on the other’s neck and without first delivering justice.

    Furthermore, it is not Trump who has destroyed the US’s credibility as an honest broker. If such credibility ever existed it evaporated decades ago. Trump has simply hammered the final nail into any prospect of the US being taken seriously ever again in a peacemaking role.

    You may think that the EDM is just a bunch of British MPs sounding off. No. The EDM fairly represents the view of the whole world — barring Israel and its stooges in London, Washington and Paris.

    As protesters here in the streets are saying, Jerusalem is not Trump’s to give away in 2017 any more than Palestine was Balfour’s to promise the Zionists in 1917. So hands off Jerusalem! We see where Balfour’s running sore has led one hundred years later.

    America should know that Britain isn’t with them on this Jerusalem lunacy. And neither is anyone else.

    Stuart Littlewood

  15. Karen says:

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
    Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
    Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.

    The darkness drops again but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?
    William Butler Yeats

  16. Morris Deeds says:

    On the Rise of Mixed-Race Britain
    by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.
    See JPG Anglo Mudsharking:
    “The intermarriage of nations gradually extinguishes the characters, and is, despite any pretended philanthropy, not beneficial to mankind.”
    Immanuel Kant

    The recent engagement of Britain’s Prince Harry to a mixed-race actress of Black and Jewish origins has delivered something of a propaganda coup to the promoters of miscegenation. It’s been hailed as a “great day for interracial relationships and mixed race girls everywhere.” It’s been claimed that it will “change Britain’s relationship with race forever.” The New York Times has even suggested it will “save the monarchy.”

    While hyperbole saturates each one of these statements, they all betray the truism that, in a ‘celebrity culture,’ such events can spark ill-informed attempts at imitation among the dedicated and dim-witted followers of fashion.

    The excitement over the racial status of Meghan Markle is all very reminiscent of similar propaganda in the wake of London’s 2012 Olympic Games, when a number of mixed-race athletes, Jessica Ennis in particular, were singled out and promoted as the ‘new face of Britain.’ According to a celebratory report published shortly after the Olympics by British Future, a ‘think-tank’ funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, Ennis and other mixed-race celebrities had “helped to change perceptions about interracial relationships.” This seemed to have been largely borne out by the 2011 census, which revealed “the mixed race population is the fastest growing in Britain with more than one million people born of interracial parentage.” British Future point out, probably with good justification, that this figure “is only half the story of the rapid growth of mixed Britain. Twice as many people have ethnically mixed parentage – but over half of them choose other census categories, such as black or white.” Ennis, in some senses the precursor to Markle as the darling of miscegenation propagandists, was chosen by British Future to grace the front page of its report, The Melting Pot Generation: How Britain Became More Relaxed About Race, and opened it with the line: “Jessica Ennis was not just the face of the Olympics this summer; she could stake a fair claim to be ‘the face of the census’ too

    More @

    • Johnny Draco says:

      “Jess-ica” has a penis. A jew tranny.
      So does “Mark Lee”. Another kike tranny with a penis.
      They are ALL “reverse osmosis”.

  17. Richard says:

    Lovely picture Incogman I like it, if I had to try and improve on it I would replace that shapely behind with a pair of scrawny, hairy, pimpley buttocks belonging to a ((chosen)) male like Woody Allen.

  18. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Do You Hold Dual Citizenship? You Can Serve In Congress – But Not The Israeli Knesset!

  19. protocolsRtrue says:

    It was nearly 100 years ago. T.E. Lawrence and yes there really WAS a Lawrence of Arabia. I’ll reveal the secret about him now why save it for later.. He was a faggot and had an underage arab boy as his interpreter or should I say personal assistant. Kind of like hilarious clintoris had huma abadeen as her personal assistant. Yeah that’s right the same one who sent classified information to her husband wieners the perverts laptop.. So that’s what we call security around here nowadays? So Lawrence of Arabia tells the camel jockeys sand niggers that if you help us fight the Ottoman Turks we will give you a country of your own when the war is over. Of course all promises made in wartime are predicated on the hopes that WE will be the winners. So the wandering sand nigger tribes agree but have more trouble getting along with each other than trying to form an effective fighting force against the Turks. Even that scumbag Churchill sent thousand of good British empire troops to try and invade Turkey at Gallipoli and they were slaughtered. So the Turks say there are some sand niggers riding camels up on that sand dune with knives and swords threatening to derail our money train. The Turk colonel says send a squad of men with a machine gun up there to go scare them off. So I guess my point is te Lawrence promised the ahabs a country of their own a hundred years ago if we win the war and you help us. And the Brits DID win the war and handed a copy of the Belfour agreement to the ahabs instead. So getting stabbed in the back and lied too is common knowledge to the sand nigger ahabs. No wonder the ahabs consider the jewnighted nations as nothing more than a house of lies and deception.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      O JERUSALEM! Collins and LaPierre, 1972. Another one found on a used book shelf dirt cheap. The problem among many is that so few people know the history of the jew/arab conflict. And since jews own and control all media and what is taught in public schools and institutions, of course the narrative is always going to be arab bad, jew victims. When the opposite is true of course, like anything else a jew says. Things like the Munich Olympics and Beirut bombing and 911 of course cement this into the average goyim head and they cant see both sides of the story. It’s called empathy. Try putting yourself in their position. The building of the israili empire from the Nile to the Euphrates continues to this day. Using a whole lot of American blood and money.
      May 14, 1948. …This morning, the ceremony over which Sir Alan was presiding would mark the end of British rule in Palestine.
      Great Britain had eagerly sought that rule in the aftermath of World War I during which she had been lured to Palestine by two strategic objectives, securing the northern approaches of the Suez Canal and casting a bridgehead toward the desolate wastes of Iraq with their promise of a new and fabulous treasure, petroleum. Her rule had been formalized after the war by a League of Nations mandate, substituting her authority for that of the conquered leaders of Ottoman Turkey.
      That rule had begun with high intent. Britain had promised to succor the wandering jew here, to tutor the native, to replace Turkish misrule with an example of enlightened Christian colonialism. But it had not worked out that way. The problems she had encountered in Palestine had proved insurmountable, and, as no one knew better than her last High Commissioner, the legacy Britain was leaving behind on this May morning was chaos and the promise of war. With his last glance at Jerusalem, an agonizing thought struck Cunningham: there, below his garden wall, 160,00 people awaited only his departure to start killing one another.
      …A page was turning in the history of the Holy Land. With the departure of a British General, an ancient state would be reborn upon it and the struggle for its soil between Arab and jew would take on a new, an overt form. For (?) decades it’s ramifications would trouble the Middle East and preoccupy the world.

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        In the afternoon of Saturday, November 29, 1947, in a cavernous gray building that once housed an ice-skating rink, in Flushing Meadow, New York, the delegates of fifty-six of the fifty-seven members of the General Assembly of the United Nations were called upon to decide the future of a sliver of land set on the eastern rim of the Mediterranean. Half the size of Denmark, harboring fewer people than the city of St. Louis, it had been the center of the universe for the cartographers of antiquity, the destination of all the roads of man when the world was young: Palestine.
        No debate in the brief history of the United Nations had stirred passions comparable to those aroused by the controversy over that land to which each of its members might in some way trace a part of it’s spiritual heritage. Before the General Assembly was a proposal to cut the ancient territory into two separate states, one Arab, one jewish. That proposal represented the collective wisdom of a United Nations special committee instructed to find some way of resolving thirty years of struggle between jew and Arab for the control of Palestine.
        A mapmakers nightmare, it was, at best, a possible compromise; at worst, an abomination. It gave fifty-seven percent of Palestine to the jewish people despite the fact that two thirds of it’s population and more than half its land was Arab. The Arabs owned more land in the jewish state than the jews did, and before immigration that state would contain a majority of barely a thousand jews. Each state was split into three parts linked up by a series of international crossroads upon which whose functioning the whole scheme depended. Both states were militarily indefensible.

        Most important, the United Nations plan REFUSED to both states sovereignty over the city of Jerusalem, the pole to which, since antiquity, the political, economic, and religious life of Palestine had gravitated. HOLDING THE ATTACHMENT TO JERUSALEM TOO WIDELY SPREAD AND DEEPLY FELT, ITS POTENTIAL FOR PROMPTING STRIFE TOO GREAT TO ENTRUST IT TO ONE NATIONS CARE, THE UNITED NATIONS SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON PALESTINE HAD RECOMMENDED THAT THE CITY AND ITS SUBURBS BE PLACED UNDER AN INTERNATIONAL TRUSTEESHIP.

        …Sacred to three great religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Jerusalem’s stones bore the stigmata of her sanctity and her walls the memory of the crimes committed within them in the name of religion…

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        I guess what I’m trying to get to here is this. Although I am by no means a bible thumper, and I fell far short of being a perfect human being, I identify myself proudly as Catholic (Irish) and Christian is on my military dog tags. This recent proclamation of Jerusalem being the capital of israil should be a concern for Christians also, not just muslims.

        ….Urged by the Vatican, the Catholic nations of Latin America had made it clear to the jews that the price of their votes for the plan to partition Palestine would be the internationalism of Jerusalem. Without them, the jews had no hopes of mustering the ballots needed to pass partition. With a heavy heart, they had yielded, and Jerusalem’s loss was the measure of the price they were willing to pay for a jewish state…

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        Partly out of a sincere sympathy for Zionism, partly in an effort to rally jewish support for the Allies in World War I, Great Britain offered david ben-gurion and his fellow zionists the first concrete opportunity to realize their dream. In a 117-word note to Lord walter Rothschild, head of the British branch of the great jewish banking family, arthur balfour, Lloyd Georg’s Foreign Secretary, promised, “His Majesty’s Government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the jewish people.” The promise, soon to be known as the Balfour Declaration, contained one condition: that the development of a jewish national home did not prejudice “the civil and religious rights of existing non-jewish communities in Palestine.” (boy, the jews really held to that one right?) The promise was of grave importance: Great Britain was, at the moment it was issued, in the process of seizing Palestine from Germany’s wartime allies, the Turks. Balfour’s solemn pledge was incorporated into the terms of the League of Nations mandate assigned to Britain in Palestine after World War I ended.

        For the Arabs, and above all for the 1.2 million Arabs of Palestine, the partitioning of the land in which they had been a majority for seven centuries seemed a monstrous injustice thrust upon them by white Western imperialism in expiation of a crime they had not committed. (the holohoax) With few exceptions, the jewish people had dwelt in relative security among the Arabs over the centuries.

        In Arab eyes, the Balfour Declaration had been an act of pure imperialism, a mortgaging by Britain of the future of a land to which she had no rightful claim, without any effort to consult the wishes or the desires of the Arabs who had constituted ninety-two percent of Palestine’s population when the declaration was issued.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      British double dealing.
      The Arabs too had their Balfour Declaration. Anxious to foment an Arab uprising against Germany’s Turkish allies, Great Britain pledged her support to a vast independent state in return for an Arab revolt against Ottoman Turkey. The pledge was contained in an exchange of eight letters between Britain’s Resident in Egypt, Sir Henry MacMahon, and the dominant spiritual leader of the Arab world, the Sherif of Mecca.
      Remarkable for the diplomatic imprecision of their language, MacMahon’s letters failed to mention the word ” Palestine”, but their tone left the Arabs persuaded that it was included in the area promised them for their state. In 1916, spurred by T.E. Lawrence, they launched their famous revolt.
      As they did, the British, in secret negotiations with France, was in the process of diluting the promises her Resident in Egypt had made to the Arabs. If the Ottoman Empire was to be dismembered after World War I, the French insisted on their share of the spoils. A secret treaty known as the Sykes-Picot Agreement, for the names of the two men who signed it, finally awarded to the French, without the Arabs’ knowledge or consent, a “sphere of influence” in much of the area in which Britain had promised to support an independent Arab state.
      Feeling themselves betrayed by the British and the French, their claim to Palestine thwarted by the Balfour Declaration, the Arabs lived a rude awakening in the aftermath of World War I. As was perhaps inevitable, the focal point of their fury became the zionist return to a land the Arabs felt had been promised to them.

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        Back to Flushing Meadow and the United Nations vote on partition.
        For Britain, the nation that had ruled Palestine for thirty years, the debate offered an end, however inglorious, to what had become a nightmare. Palestine, on that November afternoon two years after the end of the Second World War, was the only place on the globe where British soldiers were still dying in combat. …So grave had the conflict become that 100,000 British soldiers, one for every six jews, were now required to maintain a precarious order in Palestine. Unable to resolve the problem herself, she had finally cast it into the lap of the United Nations.

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        The jews apply the pressure (coercion) to United Nations member states for the partition of Palestine (creation of israel).
        None of the nations supporting partition as a solution to the Palestine dilemma had been as forceful in its advocacy of the plan at Flushing Meadow as the United States. Feeling the intense pressures of the most numerous and most influential jewish community in the world, Americas lawmakers had let burst a flood tide of petitions, declarations and statements in favor of partition and the unrestricted immigration of displaced jews into Palestine. ..
        By direct order of the White House, the United States had exerted every form of pressure available to it on those nations in the United Nations opposed to partition or hesitant in support of it. ( sound familiar like the recent move on Jerusalem?) President Truman had personally warned the United States delegate to the United Nations, Hershel Johnson, to ” damn well deliver the partition vote or there will be hell to pay.” His advisor Bernard Baruch had shocked France’s United Nations delegate Alexandre Parodi with a blunt threat to cut United States aid if France opposed partition.
        …four nations opposed to partition, Greece, Haiti, Liberia and the Philippines, were subjected to a deluge of diplomatic pressures and menaces. The United States, again acting on the instigation of the White House, threw the full impact of its tremendous prestige behind the jewish cause. Two justices of the Supreme Court personally cabled Philippine President Carlos Rojas warning that “the Philippines will isolate millions and millions of American friends and supporters if they continue in their efforts to vote against partition.” Twenty six senators cabled Rojas and urged him to change his nations vote. The Philippine ambassador was summoned to a blunt but intensive briefing at the White House. Finally Rojas ordered his delegation ” in the higher national interest” to switch its vote from against to for partition.
        Threatened with a jewish boycott of his firms products, Harvey Firestone of the Firestone Rubber Company intervened personally with William Tubman, President of Liberia. If Liberia didn’t change her vote, Tubman was told, the company would have to reconsider plans to expand its rubber acreage there. Senior statesman Adolf A. Berle’s help was enlisted in bringing pressure to bear on the government of Haiti. The Greeks were torn between pressures from an ally on whose aid Greece was increasingly dependent in prosecuting a civil war and fears of reprisals on the large Greek colonies scattered through the Arab countries.
        The preliminaries were brief. The positions of the principals were all well known now, endlessly declared and restated in the months of debate that had led to this Saturday afternoon.
        Britain’s Sir Alexander Cadogan, aloof and imperturbable, maintained an air of studied indifference. Ten days before, he had carefully spelled out Britain’s policy. She would leave Palestine on the day and hour of her choosing. The General Assembly could look for no help from His Majesty’s Government in implementing any plan that had not been accepted by both Arab and jew, a likelihood so inconceivable -as no one knew better than the British- that Cadogan’s statement made it clear that England was washing her hands of Palestine. Since then, the sole contribution made to the debate by His Majesty’s delegation had been the addition of a comma to a committee report.
        Shortly after five o’clock, the Assembly President, Oswaldo Aranha of Brazil, gaveled down the last speaker and solemnly informed the men before him that the vote on the recommendation to partition Palestine would now be taken..
        Not far away, in the spectators gallery, Jamal Husseini, the representative of Palestine’s Arabs, also waited impassively for the vote to begin. A few minutes before, in the delegates’ lobby, he had reiterated the threat he had made so often in the past weeks: If the General Assembly voted partition, the Arabs of Palestine, supported by the Arab states, would go to war against its decision as soon as the British left.
        And that, my friends, is how this great big shit sandwich called the middle east got started. You should compare the borders of the original U.N. jewish state with those of today. The Arabs have a legitimate beef. And it is becoming increasingly clear that the jews will not stop the expansion of the israili empire from the Nile to the Euphrates, until somebody finally says no more. The Palestinians got shit on big time. Every country around israel has been wrecked and their duly elected governments “regime changed”. Still trying to do it to Syria. jews doing all they can to get the United States to attack Iran also. Its the jews stupid! They cant seem to live with or alongside of anybody without fucking shit up and causing problems. No wonder they are called the wandering jews. Because the deadly blood-sucking parasites righteously get kicked out of every country that ever allows them to infest their land.

  20. protocolsRtrue says:

    J edgar hoover had a “personal assistant” with that tolson guy. Even made him #2 at the FBI. In the outer office. He’s #2 in your bedroom also I bet. What can you say about a middle aged man who’s never been married and you never seen him with a girlfriend either? I call him a faggot that’s what I call them. What did you say boy? Nothing. I didn’t say anything not me maybe she said that.

  21. protocolsRtrue says:

    Donald Trump just hit another ball out of the ballpark. I cant believe this guy is in his 70’s.

  22. protocolsRtrue says:

    If you ever want to see a jewlywood movie that is close to real war get Gallipoli. Not because mel Gibson is in it or not because that’s like Egypt was when I was there. I told my wife this is war. The basic premise is that these 2 guys are fast runners and can deliver a message from the general to the front lines. One gets sent to the infantry and the other to the horse soldiers. And they meet up again on the battlefield of gallopoli. The major has been ordered to make another attack at 8 am and he is awaiting orders please call this off it is simply suicide. He is sweating and trembling. He looks at his men and climbs up the ladder out of the trench and blows his whistle. He gets shot first. And so do the rest of them. The general called off the attack but the messenger didn’t get there on time. Just get into Gallipoli the brits thought it was a good idea to just park the ship next to the dock and open the door and let the soldiers out. The Turks had a better idea lets aim our machine guns at the door and not one out of ten brits made it off the dock and onto the shore. The sea ran red with blood that day. Ausssies. But that movie was pretty well close to what real war is like . A General from the confederate side at cold harbor had to turn away and say this is not war. This is murder. They keep ordering their troops to attack us in our fortified positions and we just have to keep shooting them down like dogs.

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    World War I
    Jerusalem surrenders to British troops

    On the morning of this day in 1917, after Turkish troops move out of the region after only a single day s fighting, officials of the Holy City of Jerusalem offer the keys to the city to encroaching British troops.

    The British, led by General Edmund Allenby, who had arrived from the Western Front the previous June to take over the command in Egypt, entered the Holy City two days later under strict instructions from London on how not to appear disrespectful to the city, its people, or its traditions. Allenby entered Jerusalem on foot—in deliberate contrast to Kaiser Wilhelm s more flamboyant entrance on horseback in 1898—and no Allied flags were flown over the city, while Muslim troops from India were dispatched to guard the religious landmark the Dome of the Rock.

    In a proclamation declaring martial law that was read aloud to the city s people in English, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian and Greek, Allenby assured them that the occupying power would not inflict further harm on Jerusalem, its inhabitants, or its holy places. “Since your city is regarded with affection by the adherents of three of the great religions of mankind and its soil has been consecrated by the prayers and pilgrimages of multitudes of devout people, I make it known to you that every sacred building, monument, holy spot, shrine, traditional site, endowment, pious bequest, or customary place of prayerwill be maintained and protected according to the existing customs and beliefs of those to whose faith they are sacred.”

    Church bells in Rome and London rang to celebrate the peaceful British arrival in Jerusalem. Allenby s success, after so much discouragement on the Western Front, elated and inspired Allied supporters everywhere.

  24. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another day, another story. House catches on fire and burns to the ground. Homeowner was working on the heater.

  25. dick fuld says:

    the only solution to the “mideast” situation is the elimination of the
    murdering kike invader, before they and the jewmericans flush what’s
    left of the indigenous populations into what’s left of your former
    countries, according to their yinon and kalergi plots.

  26. mydeadcat says:

    Incog, this will never end until the last jew is sent back to Hell from whence it came.

  27. mydeadcat says:

    whiteavenger “Even those African nations probably have to forfeit resources to have their debt “forgiven”. Jews don’t give a rats ass about “goyim”. We are cattle to them”

    A jew never does anything that does not benefit the jew first and foremost. They are satanic beasts without souls or consciousnesses.
    My Lord has said so.

  28. Johnny Draco says:

    “The great questions of the day will not be settled by iron and blood but by perpetual blabbers and majority decisions”.
    Otto von Bismarck

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