Democraps Blow It Big Time During Trump’s SOTU

Senate minority leader, Chucky boy Schumer, looked pissed only seconds into Trump’s speech. Funny, he looked just like a Nazi poster!

By Phillip Marlowe

Did you folks watch Trump’s State of the Union speech last night?

Well, the democrat party looked completely idiotic. From what could be seen in the live network coverage, they truly showed their moronic colors. Now network coverage is different than seeing it on a straight feed. You have control people behind-the-scenes  switching from one camera to another — telling camera men to get on and OFF certain people as they follow along with what the speaker is saying. So there is a degree of libtard bias going on. Even so, you could catch the dems looking stupid before they switched cameras. At one point, you could hear some sort of commotion going on, but the camera stayed tight on Trump.

Senate minority leader, Chucky boy Schumer, looked like a Nazi caricature of the demon Jew — which he is, of course. Nancy Pelosi seemed to be sucking on her dentures and glaring in frustration. The black Caucus (funny how you can have special black race organizations like this) were all wearing African Dashiki things around their necks and looking sullen as hell. Selfish black bastards.

Then, to cap crap off, they afterwards brought on Joe Kennedy III — a young member of the Kennedy clan who apparently wants a big career in politics — to give the dem’s response to Trump at a Fall River, Massachusetts technical job training location (a phony attempt at the blue collar angle). The guy was totally bland, boring and rambling. Plus, he had some kind of spittle on the corners of his mouth, making him look like a frothy maniac, or perhaps a homo just home from a date (yeech!).

What you have is the dems now going full-blown street lefty. Nothing less than us conservative, Christian White men locked away will satisfy them. Like wacko commie, White man-hating lefty. Think Antifa, Slut Marches and BLM. Fine with moi. I am so ready for it. Pictures from last night’s democrap creep fest below.

Just the night before, Michael Moore addressed leftys in a NYC celebrity “People’s State of the Union” imploring to end “White Male Privilege” while wearing a BBC ball cap. What a sorry joke: The taxpayer-financed BBC now openly discriminates against Whites in hiring practices and feels free robbing our race’s history by changing historical White heroes to black. They also promote our race to mate with blacks. The fat SOB needs to be put on a concentration camp diet something fierce!

Nancy Pelosi angrily glared during Trump’s SOTU speech while looking like she was sucking on a lemon. The crazy lefty bitch is totally clueless.

Nancy turning around and scolding another democrat for standing and clapping for a point Trump made. You can tell the woman thought she was ridiculous. They need to dump Pelosi. This might have been the commotion the lefty national news kept the cameras turned away from — saying nothing later during their stupid “round table” yapping. They still haven’t said a thing.

Amnesty traitor, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, walks out when the audience shouts “USA! USA! USA!” Apparently, the little rat couldn’t handle America patriotism.

Congressional black Caucus members wear stupid Dashiki things around their necks. Are they citizens of America or some imaginary African civilization, for crying out loud? Imagine a White Caucus representing our views? Hypocrites!

The black racists never applauded and sat looking sullen the entire speech — even when Trump announced record job numbers for blacks or trying to help with all the homies locked up. Spoiled black bastards. Nothing ever makes them happy.

The black Caucus were seen on their phones, texting and even playing games. Blacks so love those sail phones!

Demorat Rep, Joe Kennedy III, gives the democrat rebuttal with some kind of spittle or lip balm issue. The speech pretty much bombed anyway.

Internet memes went off the hook — in real time!

Trump’s great phrase from the speech, “Americans are dreamers too,” will surely be spread far and wide. Sorry White-hating lefty creeps!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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19 Responses to Democraps Blow It Big Time During Trump’s SOTU

  1. john says:

    all the above douche bags happen to be anti white the nigs, the jews and the turncoat wop Pelosi, they and that fat hermorphidite m.f. micky moore, he is a disgusting looking cocksucker and he hate white even though he looks white to me, but he love black dick, he suck it all de time. Pelosi is headed for the old age home with that jew bitch in the supreme court who should never have been appointed. Christ these people hang around 15 20 years after retirement age, well they say the good die young and these swells are surely not young. False teeth, false hair and false words.

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    Outstanding poster of the chucky jewmer from jew York Incogman. Patent that thing quick so we can have that nation-wrecking jew snake punks lying lie-hole face on every light pole and yard signs before his next election. Every fucking word he ever utters is a fucking lie but since he is a jew he don’t care. jews LIKE to lie. It makes them feel good. jews consider lying to be a virtue. The bigger the lies they repeat, the better they feel at night. The racist supremacist jews aren’t happy unless they are fucking shit up and causing problems for the goyim. Or lying and stealing from us. It’s in their talmud. The jews know educated, law-abiding, tax-paying Americans are waking up to their nation-wrecking subversion and perversion. So they have to import and create new voters from third world SHITHOLES now to try and stay in power. jews sure do pretend to like their stupid-ass pet nigger caucus too though don’t they? For now. Only for as long as their stupid-ass pet nigger welfare dependent for life biological weapons of mass destruction keep voting for the Marxist commie Bolshevik jew lefty libtard democrap party.

  3. INCOG MAN says:

    Looks like the GOP train to Greenbrier hit another Heather Heyer and was derailed. Fattie Heather was from that area.

    I wonder if the racist GOP did it on purpose?

    • Morris Deeds says:


      1. Something we didn’t know about Trump: He has been seriously pushing the patriotic movement
      for over the past 20 years. He know what really happened on 9-11, and our government’s
      involvement with it.He also know all about the Rothchilds and their strangle-hold on all the
      banking systems of the world.

      2. All through his campaign at ALL the rallies..he SAID “I am going to Washington and I am
      going to “DRAIN THE SWAMP”!! – meaning he was going to clean-up ALL of the cronyism
      and corruption.

      3. On the evening before Dec. 21st, President Trump signed an Executive Order declaring
      a “National Emergency” …
      …” I therefore determine that serious human rights abuse and corruption around the
      world constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy,
      and economy of the United States, and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.

      This order went into effect at 12:01am on Dec. 21st. It allows the president to use the military
      to help him deal with this threat! According to several analysts, this EO was written to enable the
      president to GO AFTER and CONFISCATE THE MONEY SOURCES to stop the source of money for the bad guys.
      A “Catch-all” to bankrupt the Bushes, the Rothchilds, the Clintons, the Obamas, George Soros…etc.

      Executive Order here:

      4. Fast forward to today.. The “SECRET” FISA memo is about to expose how Obama, Hillary and many high-level officials
      at the FBI and the Dept. of Justice colluded to try an FRAME Trump about his supposed Collusion with Russia to
      beat Hillary in the 2016 election, using a completely FALSE “Dossier” to obtain a warrant (illegally) from the FISA court and spy
      on Trump. Once this memo is released, it will expose who, what, when and how…and heads will roll!!
      (FISA – Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act)

      The secret FISA Memo was compiled over the last 4 years by CA Rep. Devin Nunes,(R) who was appointed by Obama!
      Nunes is known to be an Honest, Straight-up person with great moral character. (I guess Obama didn’t know this
      about Nunes)

      So here’s the set-up..

      1. Trump and our military have been rounding up pedophiles, corrupt politicians. People are “resigning”
      from their posts, notably Mr. Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) He was a HUGE Clinton donor! Also, the
      CEO of (Baby-Killers ) Planned Parenthood (another Clinton donor) …and many others since the EO
      of Dec. 21st.. Also, if you recall, there was a big shake-up in Saudi Arabia to “clean house”.
      Many of those arrested had deep ties to the Bushes and the Clintons.

      2. FISA Memo about to be released. The republicans have been pushing this to be released!

      3. Trump delivers his State of the Union message – “America First – Making America Great Again”

      Now.. TODAY – an Amtrak Train was involved in an accident with (of all things) a Garbage Truck?


      1. The Train was not a regularly scheduled run. THIS was a CHARTERED Train
      carrying the top leadership of the Republican party..House speaker Paul Ryan, and
      others.They were on their way to a mountain retreat for the weekend.

      2. ALL of the roads in that area where the railroad crossing were, the roads were BLOCKED OFF
      because of the high-level government people on this train.
      If so, HOW THE HELL did a freakin’ Garbage truck get there and how did it get stuck on the
      train tracks??

      3. In today’s world, where everything can be controlled by computer and digital controls, hackers
      can wreak havoc and “remotely control” the targeted system.
      Was the Train’s controls AND the local dispatcher’s Railroad Crossing light controls hacked into?

      4. How did this “just happen” to occur the DAY AFTER Trump’s SOTU address?

      HMMM… was this a “Warning Signal” to the top republicans, from the Deep State, to “cease and
      desist” from pushing the release of the FISA memo?? (and not to expose who was responsible
      for the spying on Trump during his campaign and thru the first 5 months in office)

      More info will be released on this in the coming days. US and Military intelligence are already
      investigating this..

  4. Barney says:

    Seems like it, IncogMan. Here’s an early report from the Bugger Boys’ Club (BBC).

    Jim Stone says the roads were closed off, meaning the truck couldn’t have been where it was unless (((someone))) wanted it there.

    Sometime Jim can seem a bit unreliable, but I’m inclined to agree with him on this one, if only because of the timing.


    Still rushed off my feet (it’s all good though), so no time to get back here “properly”, but this looks big enough to be worth sharing while it’s still fresh in people’s minds.

  5. Aitch says:

    I had to laugh at the sight of all those niggerettes in their nylon wigs.

  6. Barney says:

    The despicable Piers Morgan was on the brainwashing box with Trump at the weekend. I can’t stand looking at Morgan for more than a few minutes, but I did notice something.

    When they were both in shot, their skin colour was normal, but the camera trained on Trump had an orange filter on it, and I didn’t need my 50+ years as a photographer to see that. It was obvious to anyone with an eyeball and a functioning brain cell.

    Coincidentally, just a few days before, Jim Stone (yes, I know, I keep quoting him) had said that if the (((communists))) hated someone, they’d show him (or her presumably) with an orange face. I can’t imagine what that’s supposed to achieve, but we’re continually “reminded” that “Trump is orange”.

    Just more jew lunacy?
    Marking their enemies as “unpersons”?
    Something more sinister perhaps?

    Whatever it is, Trump needs to be very careful after today’s (deliberate) “accident”. He may or may not be “on our side”, but he’s a hell of a lot better than the murderous Clintons.

  7. Barney says:

    One more from me before I “disappear” for a few more days. I’m not planning on (physically) going anywhere, but my time’s not my own nowadays. Nothing bad. Just hoping to relocate some time during the next few months, and there’s a lot to be done before that can happen.


    Going back a few centuries, marauding criminal gangs would have formed because we Whites are too compassionate to kill or incarcerate those whose (mis)behaviour proved incompatible with the community that gave them life, so we threw them out to fend for themselves.

    (I remember it as if it was yesterday 🙂 )

    Over time the gangs merged until the most vicious, most evil, most jew-like gang was big enough and powerful enough to claim “ownership” of the land and all who lived in it.

    They called their super-gang “government”, with their leader declared “king”.

    That’s the kind of sick scum that still rules us today.

    Now switch your attention to the workplace, whatever it happens to be.

    The most “generous” employers pay us no more than 10% of the wealth we create, keeping the rest for themselves.

    (They will argue “overheads”, but these are minimal after the initial setting-up costs.)

    Of that 10%, we lose another third in taxation, leaving us with around 6% of our true earnings.

    Now imagine what things would be like if we were able to keep 90% of the wealth we create. That’s a fifteen-fold increase in our pay.

    Without the parasites known as “employers” and “government” cashing in on our labour, we really would be able to live like kings.

    Just imagine having fifteen times as much in your pay packet each week/month. We could still let the employers have the remaining 10%, which would still make them rich when that 10% gets multiplied by the number of employees, but we wouldn’t be slaves any more.

    No government? Who would build the roads?

    As Al Thompson repeatedly points out on his “Very dumb government” blog, WE WOULD. If we wanted a new road, with money in our pockets and the freedom to throw off the shackles of slavery, we’d build it ourselves, a million times better than at present, and the same is true of any similarly perceived needs.

    Depose the jew, which is what the words “government” and “employer” mean nowadays, and we can achieve anything we want.

    Niggers and muds are just animals, taking what they want and giving nothing in return, but White People naturally work together for the common good once the (((slave-master))) is no more.

    We don’t need governing because we’re White People, the most intelligent, most creative, most inventive, most caring and (in the case of our Womenfolk) the most beautiful species on Earth.

    The animals need to be controlled or contained, but we’re not them. We’re Humans and they’re not.

    Put the animals back where they belong, do whatever we have to do to end the jew problem, and We White People will rule over a Paradise Earth, exactly as God or Nature originally intended.

    • Joe Btfsplk says:

      Barney the libertarian.

      It seems that L is about to merge with alt right. A lot of Ls have changed minds, especially about open borders. They still don’t know about jew infiltration of all movements, including their own.

      Left libertarianism is theory and emotion, in which theory trumps facts. No good. Right libertarianism is pro-facts- theory must give way to facts, and not the other way around. This is good. L is 98% White already.

  8. squarepegroundhole says:

    Joe Kennedy needs to wipe the Schumer off his face …..

  9. Bill Badass says:

    When one has his nose up the jewboy’s ass, one will be rewarded with some extra treats across his lips.. Pelosi, a worthless bitch needs to be muslimized… by at least one feral gang of her “pets”…WTF is this brainwashed country missing??? ILLEGAL means ILLEGAL,,,, EOS. If they ain’t white , theyr’e not right!. when will whitey end the confiscation of their tax monies to import, feed and breed 3rd world shitskins? Time for the dual membership politicians in DC, to turn in their resignation or get terminated by a .223! None of these libtard bastards have any right too be here.. BTW: Thanks again JER, for taking out the nappy headed “bootlip” Dr. in the shortest month of the year… Jew hucksters have started early to idolize the POS mlk due to the shortness of February…and Johnson let the niggers out of their cage.. no easy way to put them back in… JMO…

  10. Morris Deeds says:

    Trashing the Torah: Justice, Freedom and Israel’s Assault on Jewish Values
    by Tobias Langdon

    Precise definition is the keystone of liberty under law. A vaguely worded or imprecise law is an invitation to injustice, a judicial club that an overweening state can wield against its defenceless citizens. Laws should not be clubs but scalpels, used precisely and deftly to cut out only the malignancy of crime and corruption, not to harm the vital organs of a free society.

    Right judgments and true laws (Neh. 9:13)

    And no group should understand the importance of precise legal definition better than Jews. After all, they are a community whose religion and culture have, for millennia, centred on the meaning, application and extensibility of “statutes and judgments and laws, which the LORD made between him and the children of Israel” (Lev 26:46). Indeed, The Torah, as the oldest and most sacred part of the Jewish Bible is known, has the literal meaning of “The Law” (Ha-Tôr?h, ???????, in Hebrew). This long history of legal argument and textual analysis has equipped Jews to flourish in those stereotypically Jewish professions of law and medicine, which demand mastery of complex, endlessly ramifying systems and skill in minute description, interpretation and diagnosis.

    That’s why you would expect Jews to greet a certain new legal definition with horror and disbelief. The definition is vague, arbitrary and deplorably imprecise. Any law based on it truly will be an invitation to injustice and a club in the hand of the overweening state. The deplorable definition goes like this:

    Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.

    … It is expressed in speech, writing, visual forms and action, and employs sinister stereotypes and negative character traits. (What is Antisemitism?, The Campaign Against Antisemitism)

    When I first read that definition, I found it hard to believe it wasn’t a joke. How could any intelligent adult, let alone any lawyer, take it seriously? But the definition isn’t a joke and it’s being taken seriously by more and more organizations and institutions. British citizens can find it laid out on the official government website under the title “A definition of antisemitism.” The website says that it is taken from “the UK’s College of Policing” (UKCoP), where it is used as “guidance to police forces in the UK.

    More @ link below:

  11. fred woodard says:

    O vee, the poor negro, seems like the jewish influence is being duplicated. Did you know slavery was a big part of the civil war? yep and msn told me, and since they recommend better understanding of its impact I would say please do, but please teach who was behind this, who owned the ships, selling places etc. O no not that, lets just not criticize the jews and teach real history! from a face book jail inmate who is being monitored and has his 1st amendment rights violated by, yep you know who, its the stinking jew. Drain the swamp, hell the whole country is a swamp thanks to the traders.

  12. Karen says:

    Thank you for the Schumer-Der Sturmer look alike. A laugh out loud moment on a cold snowy day.

  13. Morris Deeds says:

    Guilty of Working While White: The Tom Kawzcynski Interview
    by Russell James
    On Friday afternoon January 19, after what seemed like an interminably long two-hour drive from my home on the coast to Bangor, I finally pulled into a parking spot outside the small Irish pub where I had previously arranged to meet Tom Kawczynski. We had spoken over the phone a few times and been interacting on social media for a few months, and for the last several weeks we had been trying to work out a time and place to meet, but since we lived about four hours apart – on opposite sides of the state – this was the first chance we had to do so.

    I walked in and immediately absorbed the old-country feel, the distressed wooden tables and the smell of beer and cottage pie in the air. I didn’t know what Tom looked like, but I recognized a voice that belonged to a man sitting at a small back table with his back to the door, animatedly talking on a phone. Little did I know, I had just walked into a media firestorm, in which the national media had sparked an attack on Tom’s character in an effort to get him fired from his job as the town manager of Jackman, ME a — tiny but growing tourist hub in the northwestern part of the state.

    I sat down at the bar and ordered a Murphy’s Stout, when the waitress inquired if I wanted a menu, I explained that I was waiting for a friend and thought I recognized his voice, and asked if she would see if the man at the back table was waiting for someone named Russ. She came back a few seconds later and said he was. I moved to the seat across from Tom and caught his side of an intense conversation. That was the start of an establishment witch-hunt to prevent yet another White Rights Advocate from working while White. Here’s his side of the story:

    Russell James: Before we begin the interview proper, why don’t you tell the readers your story, starting with the first MSM attack on you and ending with you resigning as the Jackman, ME town manager.

    Tom Kawczynski: I knew a story was brewing around 1:00 pm on Friday, January 19th when I got a phone call from a freelance journalist calling me about a story he was working on for the Bangor Daily News, a left leaning daily rag. Interestingly, the reporter had a New Jersey number, but he called asking me questions about certain posts I had made through my social media account at as well as at my website on I could tell from the leading questions he was asking that a hit piece was incoming, which was interesting because I had always kept my personal advocacy separate from my professional responsibilities as Town Manager of Jackman, Maine. That first story broke about 3 hours later, and everything that followed in the media was largely a recapitulation of the initial story.

    As I would later come to understand, there was a dedicated team that went through all the social media posts of not just myself, but also my wife across the whole of the internet (sic). It has always been very curious to me how they have such resources to invest on a town of 862 people in the rural fringe of western Maine, but I’ve come to realize firsthand both how much power the media has and how deceitful the mainstream truly is. In the interests of protecting my good name, I tried doing several interviews over the next 48 hours to offer clarification of my views. As was clearly stated on the New Albion website, I maintained a cultural movement that was inclusive but dared to be White-friendly. Read more of this post

  14. Morris Deeds says:

    Poland Rises Against the Holocaust Establishment (updated)
    The Holocaust establishment is not as historically rigorous as so many think it is. The establishment thrives because many people are simply scared to death to say that the emperor has no clothes.

    See image:

    Editor’s note: In 2006, Carol and I spent the holidays in Germany as we often did. After leaving Berlin, I tried to track down family. The German Lehman’s were gone, their farm in Posen long disappeared. My grandmother came to America in 1882 with her two brothers.

    We then drove to Krakow, a wonderful city. While there, we drove to Auschwitz and spent a day photographing the death camps, Auschwitz and Birkenau. I am not going to call everyone that testifies liars, but there is no evidence of a death camp there. Was it all removed, including tens of thousands of tons of soil? I wonder.

    From there I went to Czech, meeting with friends at a Jewish owned Brewery (Podvokan) and discussed opening a Kosher food distribution center in Prague. There are few Jews in Czech. Then on to Vienna where I have Jewish family (with money) who had set up an apartment for us, with our names on a door plaque and a stocked kitchen.

    There we met with my banking partners, Austrian and German, who loaded our car (their car, their driver) out of their wine cellar.

    This was a Europe most don’t see, reminiscent of a time when Jews commanded German Army units and European hospitality existed before the decades of hate and suspicion.

    This and so much more, is why I know that the hate and struggle the world is burdened with today is part of a broader plan. Jews and Arabs in Palestine lived together for a thousand years before Zionism. We are hating the wrong people, the wrong enemy, an old enemy for sure, one that is never named.

    More below:

  15. Morris Deeds says:

    Palestine: Welcome to My Bantustan
    There was an old Alice Cooper album called, Welcome to My Nightmare. I thought of that when I titled this post. Last week, Saeb Erekat published a long report recounting the contents of the Trump “deal of the century,” his Israel-Palestine peace plan. The New Arab published the Arabic-language original and an English summary of the plan. For some strange …

    If true, this is astonishing. I remember reading a harebrained scheme proposed by an Israeli chief rabbi that the Palestinians move their state to Sinai and turn it into a Middle Eastern version of “Arizona.” This proposal is essentially the same scheme.

    More below:

  16. dick fuld says:

    how do you think the garbage truck got in front of the amtrack train
    chartered by repubs on the way to greenbriar where the worst and
    the stupidist think they’re gonna come out of their tunnel into after
    patomic city is vaporized? obviously the demonkike terrorist rats,
    the people who brought you the mafiya and toxic waste (non-wall
    st. version) had some of their criminal associates, mossad etc.,
    arrange this “accident.,” like the horrific jew-controlled vegas mossad
    mass murder attack on trump supporting country music fans. they’ve
    done far, far worse in their sordid, disgusting history, from letting the
    rest of the kikes into salem thru the sewers to butcher the entire
    population and change the name to jerusalem, murdering yeshua,
    exterminating 62 million in the former “soviet union”, instigating
    ww2, doing 911, etc.,etc, etc.

    why haven’t these monsters been properly rounded-up and executed?

    why haven’t these monsters been properly rounded-up and executed?

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