Lying is Second Nature To These Lousy Creeps

By Phillip Marlowe

Lately, there’s mean this big hullabaloo about a book called “Fire and Fury: A Inside Look at Trump’s White House” written by Michael Wolff.

The guy is totally a big fat liar. He’s got all sorts of wacked bull in the book. Did you know Trump used to watch something in New York called the “Gorilla channel” 17 hours a day? Apparently, some special cable access channel broadcasts nothing but Gorillas up there. Weird all by itself. When Trump got to DC (according to Wolff), he found they didn’t have the “Gorilla channel” and was sad. Staffers hurriedly created a fake one from scratch using Gorilla videos so he could sit in front of the TV like a little kid. Right.

Oh yes, this Wolff guy writes all this as if it were true. Of course, he’s a dirty little Jew — just look at him, for crying out loud. It also looks like he’s got himself a high maintenance blond NYC socialite Shiksa, too. From what I can figure out, he completely out of the blue dumped his first fat probably Jewish wife for this little honey back in 2012. Jews must love America: Brainwashed liberal goyim girls and easy scamming so they can afford indulging various lusts. Reader: That’s what you see going down right at this period of American history, sorry to say.

And the name “Wolff” is very Jewish. They came up with the name (with one “F” or with two), while in Germany trying to blend in and fool White people there with their various financial scams and plethora of mind flocks. Germany was going straight to hell when the dirty Jews ran wild during the Weimar Republic — many moving from Poland and Marxist Russia to take full advantage of the war-prostrated country. Hell, Jews still look back at all the sleaze they had in 1920’s Berlin with loving fondness to this day.

I don’t know why people can’t put two-and-two together about these liars and the “holocaust” BS. All sorts of lying went on and on for decades and no one was allowed to call them out on it because of PC. Still can’t, for crying out loud. But it was a lot worse then since we didn’t have the Internet to expose them.

Trust me: The Jews didn’t start playing up the holocaust to the public in a big way until the late 1970’s. It’s now a giant industry where they make tons of shekels brainwashing the Goyim. Every year, Hollywood Jews got a brand new high budget movie out where sweet and innocent Jews are killed by crazed Nazis laughing while goose-stepping all over the place. Hell, TV channels have documentaries all the time about it all. White countries are now totally brainwashed by these rats. No lie.

The so-called holocaust was wacked from start. Even the number of dead is a big fat lie. Did you know the Jews were bandying around the 6 million figure back even before the first World War (WWI)? Yep, Jew Kabbalistic rabbis said 6 million would have to be burned before the modern state of Israel could come back into existence.

The gas chamber mythology wasn’t finalized until the 1970’s when the Jews started up massive holocaust media efforts. Jews had all sorts of different, insane methods of Nazis mass killing them, like conveyor belts taking them to get their heads bashed in by an automatic hammer. Anal pumps were inserted to burst intestines with compressed air. Special killing rooms used electrified floors to zap crowds of doomed Jews. Notice how the media never, ever says a word about any of that — they know that would make the regular people out here finally suspect they’ve been scammed all along.

Now the “holocaust” is a multibillion dollar a year industry. Hell, to enforce the belief structure, Jews have “museums of intolerance” all over America and in other White nations, too. Jews simply can’t let the lies be exposed to a general audience.

Yep, these stinking Jews lie at the drop of the kippah (that stupid-looking round Jewboy beanie thing hat they wear).

Another thing to notice is how these rats are lying to regular Americans all the time. You always find them calling themselves “White” while telling real Whites how racist we are to the homies and immigrants. These are total two-faced creeps. Hypocrites too, once you find out how racist they are in real life and in Israel.

Yeah, you’re right, I’m a big Jew hater. No doubt about it. Once I figured out we were being scammed by them royally, plus they were actively working for the destruction of our race in our own lands, I decided to speak out.

I’m just a regular White guy who has become “sick of the BS!” The Jew BS that is.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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43 Responses to Lying is Second Nature To These Lousy Creeps

  1. As if the Nazi gas chamber extermination camps weren’t enough. Beware of the next one these lying rats are pushing. The gulag lie under Salinas now. I saw a “documentary” over the holidays about Stalin and how once he murdered members of his party that weren’t towing his line he began filling the gulag with Jews.
    This has got to be the straw that breaks the camels back. It’s enough to make me GAG. There’s no end to the BS they fling at us goyim.

    • The crap never ends…now there is a Toronto Black film festival. We have Black history month. Where is that fat pug Churchill to declare “we shall fight them in the hills etc until we break their Black hearts.” A German with a black heart = bad an African with a black heart = good? I suppose like all liars he would tell us Blacks only have black skin…on inside they are as pure as the freshly fallen snow expecting us to believe him. A White film festival would be Rayciss.

  2. J.R. Prukop says:

    This WOLFFy character looks to be another Morris Dees-Sleeze winner!

  3. Axis Sally says:

    You American untermenschen may still have a chance: Get down on your knees facing Berlin, touch your nose to the floor, and chat repeatedly, “O Führer, forgive us for we knew not what we did!” Perhaps He will forgive you. Perhaps.

  4. Nationalist says:

    Another Jew lie was the U.S.S. Liberty disaster of 1967 along with several million (or should I say several billion) other things Jews have lied about over the years. Our people need to wake up, Jews should have no power in a White nation otherwise they will use that power to turn Whites into slaves just like they are doing right now. Sky high prices and scarce jobs are the way the Jews like it, making Whitey suffer is their goal and they are very good at it. 2018 – will Whites finally wake up to the disaster of liberal politics or are the Jews going to be allowed to keep battering our race with more race mixing and other harmful ideas they have pushed on us?

  5. Dafydd says:

    This is what happens to you when you expose these liars:

    Germany: Monika Schaefer Arrested

  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    jews like to lie. Especially to stupid goyim. It makes them feel good. They like to repeat their lies, over and over again, louder and louder, until stupid people start to think that something a jew said was true. If a jews lips are moving, and noises are coming out, they are lying. If a jews hands are moving, they are either stealing or lying in sign language.

    And what opinion did Jesus have of the learned elders of Zion and their traditions?: “They answered (the Jews) and said unto Him, Abraham is our father. Jesus saith unto them, If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham. . . If God were your Father, ye would love Me. . . Ye are of [your] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell [you] the truth, ye believe Me not. Which of you convinceth Me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me? He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear [them] not, because ye are not of God” (John 8:39-47 my emphasis).

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    I strongly suggest that all Gentiles, especially Christians, read and comprehend the magnitude of the hatred that jews have toward us, just because we are not jewish. It’s their religion, ingrained and instilled from birth. Yet the primo hypocrites of the world spend their lives pointing their fingers at us, calling US racists and supremacists. From the lips of the people that walk around declaring THEMSELVES to be God’s chosen ones. Time to stop allowing yourselves to be fooled. For your children’s and grandchildren’s sake. Precepts of the talmud.

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    And here is the deal-breaker, literally. The kol nidre. The jews most holy of prayers recited on their holiest of days, yom kippur.

    “All vows we are likely to make, all oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce. Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established. Let our vows, pledges and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths.”

    There you have it then. The jews forgive themselves A YEAR IN ADVANCE for all the lies and cheats they plan on doing in the COMING year. So how can you do business with them? How could you trust a jew in ANY matter? This alone should preclude jews in ANY position of trust or requiring taking an oath of allegiance to our country and our Constitution. Not military, not judicial, especially not intelligence community, not congress reps or senators, not any of the alphabet soup of agencies and departments that we have in the federalmeansjewish deep swamp not authorized by the Tenth Amendment of our Constitution. They are ALL israil firsters, lasters, and only’s. They are nation-wrecking traitors committing treason. Subversives in peacetime and saboteurs during war. Stop letting the snakes charm YOU! Or blackmail or bribe or whatever it takes for you. Fuck aipac, fuck adl, fuck splc, fuck all the other jew groups and foundations and centers and think-tanks and the lying jew mainstream media fake news repeated over and over again too. The minute they realize that you put America first and want to make America great instead of israel they will come after you too to end your career and destroy your life and livelihood also.

  9. ICU says:

    The Kike scribbler Wolff looks like the bastid’s got some Black DNA in his mostly Khazar gene pool.
    Check the lips, the skin color and the pronounced Occipital Ridge on top of it’s Glans Penis shaped Head.
    Those signals, the wrangling and shtupping of the Shiksa amateur hookers and the blatant, in-your-face lying are all indicators of a past Ubangi in the fuel supply.

    • silvernickel says:

      Hilarious comment from Breitbart:

      proreason ricocat1 • 6 hours ago
      “Wolff is obviously deranged”

      He’s a Demorat, so it goes without saying. And btw, do they have any normal looking people? Everybody they wheel out looks like an alien from outer space. It’s really strange.

      It’s the ugly jews stupid! Lol!

    • If the Jews install their Ubangi Oprah in the white house, the Talmudvision put it on their “news” yesterday then White America must take up arms to put down their insurection. Their is no way 13% of the population can out vote the other 87%. That would be proof of voter fraud and the stinking kikes and Ubangi theft of America. Let us summon the courage to deal with these vermin once and for all.

  10. john says:

    Jew yid written all over his ugly face, dats all folks

  11. Erik Snohdin says:

    But what is the point of the book ? THE POINT ?
    It’s to sow the seed of doubt amongst Trump supporters. To get SOME to actually believe the contents of the book because they’re a little tipsy anyways. Remember what Goebels said . . . “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself,” and “Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success.” And so the Jews, collectively, persist and continue lying over and over and over again, HOPING the lie will be believed, act as a seed in the subconscious and sway the unwary Gentile.
    You, you bottom-feeding scum, are finished here in America, so GET THE FUCK OUT !

    • Johnny Draco says:

      White people MUST quarantine their minds from the jew virus and from ALL jew agencies of disinformation (a very deadly virus disease) if Whites want to live.
      Will they do it?
      Are they willing?
      Do they still have the will to live?

      Only time will tell.

  12. Bob says:

    It’s very difficult to access this website anymore. I don’t know how others do it. I click on my cogman bookmark and after an extended load time, the tab reads: Problem Loading Page and then there is Connection Has Time Out on the screen below. I signed up for the new posting alerts thinking that would help but it doesn’t. I downloaded the Tor browser and it usually doesn’t work although the last two times I have been able to get on has been via the Tor browser (including now). I know there must be some kind of jew blockade, denial of service attack going on. No doubt that the filthy jew is making this website hard to access. I wonder if there is some kind of work around? This website needs to be mandatory viewing for everyone.

    • Littleberry says:

      Yes, Bob, I have the same problem but my PC-wise brother showed me hot to sign up to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which allows you to “paint” yourself as coming from a one of several other locations – that way you can find one that allows you to get through. It costs about $7 per month but that is the ONLY WAY I manage to get to INCOGMAN’s website. There’s some real creeps messing up our “free” internet. The reason they came up with VPN’s was to allow you to conceal your own address, but, it just turns out it also allows you to bring up INCOGMAN. When there’s an effort to hide a website, that is all the more reason to want to see it – I wish INCOGMAN had some way to overcome their efforts to make his website invisible.

      • Timmy T. Bon says:

        I love this web site. So many other ones I used to read are just gone since the purge in the summer – Angry White Dude, Ambrose Kane and lots of others.

        I am a computer engineer by trade and for the last 6 months I have not been able to get here so I started using TOR. I though that maybe Verizon was intentionally jacking the web site to prevent you from seeing it. With TOR I was able to see the web site.

        This is going to be a little technical so I will try to explain in English. One day I did a trace route – its a way of seeing the path your PC’s data (like a request to see a web site) takes from your PC to the web site. You can see all the routers (computers) that it bounces off on the way to the web site. I am on Verizon FIOS here at home and for whatever reason they were routing the network traffic to Europe and than back to the US. Once the traffic got to some router in one of the Scandinavian countries your request would just time out. The router over there would just would never respond. So than your request would fail. I checked this many many times – it was always the same router.

        Than last week I tried it again without TOR and now it works again which means they must have fixed the problem.

        The reason VPN works is because when you are using VPN you are not necessarily using your providers network (ie. Verizon, Comcast, etc…) and their network routing is different.

  13. Aitch says:

    Good news. Nation-wrecking jew and fake Irishman Peter Sutherland died today. Look the bastard up online. With any luck he’ll be dancing the yiddler’s jig on hot coals in hell, for eternity.

  14. Karen says:

    blah blah blah….tear it all down and may the best win.

  15. silvernickel says:

    Great article here about that nasty Yiddinkike…..Incog I see a typo in the first sentence “Lately, there’s mean [been] this big hullabaloo about a book called “Fire and Fury: A Inside Look at Trump’s White House” written by Michael Wolff.

  16. silvernickel says:

    “Anal pumps were inserted to burst intestines with compressed air.”

    No doubt some faggyjewboy fantasized that one. Sick F’s!

  17. Morris Deeds says:

    Morris Deeds says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 7, 2018 at 6:58 pm
    what’s this then, 🙂

  18. Joe Btfsplk says:

    For Bob and others-

    I use the Browsec VPN- it doesn’t mess with connections like others as it works thru the browser [Chrome, will work with others]. I got the pay version for 1/2 price- $1.61/month for a year.

    I just tried 31 countries with the majority failing. Four countries work as of to-day:


    Shifting from one country to another is instantaneous.

    I will try the working ones again to make sure.


  19. Joe Btfsplk says:

    Very interesting that the major countries work [Germany just worked]

    Maybe the PTB are allowing this.

  20. dick fuld says:

    a bird came out of the sky, got a jew virgin pregnant, and SHE HAD GOD?
    who believes this shit?

    xtianity was invented by jews, not for themselves, obviously, but to
    trick “the nations” into collectively bending over, as it were.

  21. protocolsRtrue says:

    There’s another extension of the lying jew media that requires mentioning. That’s all the various think-tanks, foundations, centers for American progress, brookings institutes, etc etc the list goes on forever. They are always bringing on jewboy or jewgirl in a new episode of “Lets Play ask-a jew”. As if it weren’t bad enough with the sunday morning meet-the-jews and their stupid ass assfirmative action, minority set-aside. diversity hire and promote college degreed pet niggers shows. You always get the jewscaster bringing on some jew to ask a question about what Americans should be doing and thinking and what’s best for America stuff. O.K. I’ll play let’s play ask-a-jew heck I LIKE being lied to over and over again louder and louder. In my case at least I know what is NOT true now. So they bring out the goldmansilversteinhoffbergman and ask them to tell us what is best for us is like a farmer asking a fox on the best way to design a secure henhouse. I have a better idea let’s play ignore-the-jew or let’s play stuff a cork-in-the-jews mouth game show or change-the-channel when anything jewish comes on which is always, and lets play boycott jewlywood movies and theatres and books and stores etc. Fucking nation-wreckers time to move on and fuck up somebody else’s country now. That’s all jews do anyway is fuck shit up and cause problems. Just like their biological weapons of mass destruction stupid ass pet niggers that they only pretend to like so much (for now) because they are using their pet niggers to destroy civilized white countries including America also. jews are good at remaining hidden behind the curtains deceiving and tricking goyim into doing their dirty work for them. Or bribing or blackmailing a few thousand people in key positions into become scumbag coward traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agents. It’s in protocol 1 paragraph 3.
    …Rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all in order to secure their own personal benefit…

    • That’s the problem with the spineless politicians in white countries. They are selling out our people for money. This has been going on since at least Woodrow Wilson. Time to hold your representatives accountable folks

  22. Morris Deeds says:

    Why Drumpf really fears N Korea they pose a threat to Israel like
    Syria, and Iran, anyone whom is their ENEMY, immediately becomes
    Amerikwa’s enemy!

  23. Morris Deeds says:

    What Is America’s Mission Now?
    By Patrick J. Buchanan
    Tuesday – January 9, 2018
    See JPG:×245.jpg
    Informing Iran, “The U.S. is watching what you do,” Amb. Nikki Haley called an emergency meeting Friday of the Security Council regarding the riots in Iran. The session left her and us looking ridiculous.

    France’s ambassador tutored Haley that how nations deal with internal disorders is not the council’s concern. Russia’s ambassador suggested the United Nations should have looked into our Occupy Wall Street clashes and how the Missouri cops handled Ferguson.

    Fifty years ago, 100 U.S. cities erupted in flames after Martin Luther King’s assassination. Federal troops were called in. In 1992, Los Angeles suffered the worst U.S. riot of the 20th century, after the LA cops who pummeled Rodney King were acquitted in Simi Valley.

    Was our handling of these riots any business of the U.N.?

    Read More At:

  24. Morris Deeds says:

    This is our Kwan(Dracula) below: in the West, like Peter Cushing using “The Cross”
    and Christopher Lee (Dracula) can’t stand to see the “TRUTH!!”

  25. Morris Deeds says:

    Christian persecution in India ignored by liberal media:

    The persecution and crackdown targeting Christians in India have been on the rise since Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party came to power, with five states already prohibiting religious conversion. Despite the rise of hate crimes against the religious minorities in the South Asian country, network news shows are still keeping quiet about the issue, Life Site News noted.

    Just last month, Indian authorities detained 60 children and charged their nine adult chaperones with attempted religious conversion for trying to bring the kids to a Christian summer camp in Nagpur. The children all belonged to Christian families, but authorities insisted that their parents did not follow the right protocol for converting from Hinduism to Christianity, Crux reported.

    In an op-ed published by The Hill on June 24, Open Doors President David Curry said Modi’s ruling party was not even taking pains to “hide its agenda to drive out Christians by the year 2025,” as some of his key advisors were reportedly bragging about the persecution of the Christian community. It has already forced U.S.-based NGO and Christian ministry Compassion International to shutter earlier this year in India, blocking thousands of children’s access to food, medical service, and educational aid.

  26. Morris Deeds says:

    Christian persecution in India ignored by liberal media:

    The persecution and crackdown targeting Christians in India have been on the rise since Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party came to power, with five states already prohibiting religious conversion. Despite the rise of hate crimes against the religious minorities in the South Asian country, network news shows are still keeping quiet about the issue, Life Site News noted.

  27. Johnny Draco says:

    People, how is it that you cannot see what the jew shove in your face?
    “Victor” Victoria is a tranny. Mans face,mans head, ect. ect.
    The old granny Wolffy is an old tri-racial hag.
    ***They are ALL trannies.

  28. Frank Fredenburg says:

    UPDATE: “If You Had Been Married & Divorced 359 Times, Would You…”

  29. Erik Snohdin says:

    Hey guys :

    I’m wicked curious what you think about . . . .



  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    So I will put this here on the thread about the lying jew lies and the lies they tell from their lie holes. It’s from protocol 1 paragraph 11. …Great National qualities…. I would try and send a copy of the protocols to Prez Trump but I don’t think they would make it past the IDF (israeli defense forces) guarding the white house.

    So President Trump has the assdacity to call a shithole a shithole. He should know that speaking the truth in dc is a crime. The jews have a better way.

    protocol 1.
    11. The political has nothing in common with the moral. The ruler who is governed by the moral is not a skilled politician, and is therefore unstable on his throne. He who wishes to rule must have recourse both to cunning and to make-believe. Great national qualities, like frankness and honesty, are vices in politics, for they bring down rulers from their thrones more effectively and more certainly than the most powerful enemy. Such qualities must be the attributes of the kingdoms of the GOYIM, but we must in no wise be guided by them.

  31. dick fuld says:

    jew trumped-up charges and character hashsassination against
    democratically elected potus

    what’s next? hire an illegal alien (obama) to murder trump and
    frame the incog man for it?

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