Rome’s Chief Jewess Says Whites Don’t Exist


Hold still while we deconstruct your identity, goy…

No seriously, you gotta love the audacity of these kikes, “there is no White race, but you deserve to be destroyed for the Holocaust and colonialism” or whatever.

Check out what this Roman kike had to say.

New Observer:

The white race does not exist, and to say it does is “ignorant,” the President of the Jewish Community of Rome, Ruth Dureghello has announced on Twitter.

“It’s inconceivable that in 2018 one must repeat to ignorant ones that there doesn’t exist a white race to defend, 80 years after the promulgation of the racial laws,” Dureghello wrote in Italian on her twitter feed.

Let’s stop right here and take a look at the physiognomy of this president.


But get this, she was reacting to some Italian shitlord stating the obvious from the League of the North party:

She was reacting to a remark made by Attilio Fontana, a candidate of the Northern League party for the governorship of the province of Lombardy, earlier this week when he said that the Third World invasion of Europe was going to lead to the extermination of the white race.

Well, well. I guess that means Italy has at least one party willing to state the obvious about the genocide of White civilization.

“”We can’t [accept them all] because we all don’t fit, thus we must make choices,” Fontana said. “We must decide if our ethnicity, if our white race, if our society must continue to exist or if it must be cancelled out, because there are many more of them than us and they are much more determined to occupy this land than we are.”

Of course it had to be some no shits given Italian saying this. No German or God forbid Anglo would ever summon up the testicular fortitude to say something so logical and rational so plainly and correctly.

Anti-Immigration pro-White party League of the North out demonstrating. Note “stop invasion” tee shirts. This kind of thing has the Jews nervous. [INCOG]

This isn’t an indictment of Northwestern Europeans mind you, just an observation that the more…tempermental peoples that form Europe’s defense perimeter have a tendency to just say what they feel from time to time.

Good on these based wops.

Fuck that yenta Jewess tho. The nerve of her. I bet she wants to replace the Pope as head of Rome…

Now that I think about it, she should just do it for all the difference it would make. The current Pope acts EXACTLY like a post-menopausal Jewish woman anyway.

Would anybody even bat an eye at this point?



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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34 Responses to Rome’s Chief Jewess Says Whites Don’t Exist

  1. Nationalist says:

    With everyone and every conceivable institution against us you would think rational thinking Whites would be taking some kind of action by now.

    • The Jewish media has us targeted so as soon as we make a move they scream “neonazis”, “antisemitism “, or “whitesupremacists”. I’ve never seen a black panther rally on tv. We’re just going to have to say damn the torpedoes.

    • Joe says:

      Like the 110th? Its about to be ergo jews are about to not be.

  2. I’m sure with the work mister Incogman is doing here enough whites have been informed of the truth that a groundswell can occur that brings about a new day of freedom for us whites.

    The previous story about the innocent Harris family so brutally murdered in New York state reminds me of a similar event that occurred in a small town in Ontario Canada for very different reasons in 1880.
    The “Black Donnellys” a family of Irish immigrants to Lucan squatted on land they didn’t own and ran a stagecoach business and terrorized their competitors. The town folk finally had enough of them and went to the Donnellys house and murdered them all. Noone was convicted of anything. The Donnelly gravestone had the names of the family members the date and the word MURDERED even though the townspeople would say they deserved it. A full scale Irish “rebellion” occurred some 30 years later gaining them their freedom.
    I believe it’s going to take a full scale uprising to get the Jews and Negros put back where they belong and freedom for white Europeans. As that arrogant Yenta says in their eyes we don’t even exist so an animal would have more rights because cattle exist.

    • I should say the Donnellys already had killed one man and horses and the vigilance committee only intended to hang one man until the shooting started and 5 Donnellys perished.
      The analogy I’m trying to draw is that sometimes events that seem horrendous at the time can be looked back upon as being a spark igniting change for the better.

    • Karen says:

      My first husband was 1st generation “black Irish” whatever that means, but he was ridiculously handsome, sky blue eyes, black hair and skin as porcelain as Snow Whites. He was a bad boy, tough and plain spoken and his family of 13, yes, 13 brothers and sisters were even tougher. The stereotype of fighting and drinking Irish is true…when bored they would kick the sh*t out of each other and his parents would bet on the outcome. We divorced after a few years, but he was my “first” and I’ll never forget him.

      • I did a little research in the last 24hrs. when the Donnelly home invasion came to mind after reading about the Harris massacre. I thought it referred to the color of their hair as well but apparently Blackfoot Irish are the ones that refused to fight the English occupation of their country, chosing to live in peace. Those that fought were considered White Irish. The Donnelly feud followed them from Ireland. All the vigilantes were Irish.
        A legend of the Canadian frontier before we refered to Ontario as Upper Canada

      • Morris Deeds says:

        Karen says:
        January 20, 2018 at 4:16 pm
        “My first husband was 1st generation “black Irish” whatever that means, but he was ridiculously handsome, sky blue eyes, black hair and skin as porcelain as Snow Whites.”

        Sounds like me 🙂

  3. john says:

    who cares what some wop jew has to say about the white race, one of these nights the muggers may rape and kill the twit. Keep allowing these sub species scum into your house and you will have no house. Anyone with a third of a brain can see Europeans have lost the will to live and they don’t want to have kids either so its La Finito to all the Europeans. Here is my dream all the people in Europe who don’t like the invasion would come to the United States in exchange for one of the mud people that are here, so we would send the Mexicans to Spain and Portugal, all the arabs and blacks to Sweden since they seem to want them so much, but we don’t want any swedes they acted to cowardly during the invasion, even their Police act like pussies, so we don’t want em, Viking my ass, what happened to that blood line????? I knew when the riots happened after MLK got shot and the white race hid in their rooms and allowed Politicians to say let them loot, let them burn, let them kill let them do what ever the hell they want because we have not the spine to stop them, disgusting pos. I hope I am right when I think the white race a few decades back were different than the punks of today, because I can see nothing to proud of with todays white race. Germany almost defeated the whole world and they have men that will not protect their woman from rape, its all very bewildering to me, I don’t understand. Like the story the other day that was on here where a nigger killed the family and sodomized the daughter, I would hope that I would die trying to stop the nigger so I would not have to witness him destroying my wife and daughter, I pray that I would do better than that, too many time I hear this and wonder if I would be so petrified of dying I would allow my family to be a victim of some scumbag nigger thug. Well we will see someday, maybe?????

  4. Gene says:

    Criminal Democrats Threaten Government Shutdown With Demand For Illegals – To Hell With Democrats!

    It is a shameful government that has to borrow money to stay afloat. What happened to balancing the budget and all that stuff? A government should be solvent, not insolvent.

    Basically speaking, as this goes to press the criminal Democrats are holding up the funding because of their demands for illegal aliens. If the government is shut down it will be the Democrats who fail to uphold immigration laws who shut down the government. The whining Democrats who never stop demanding stuff for illegals and who never think of the American People are culpable for sure this time around.

    President Trump’s policies are reasonable but they don’t want that, they don’t want to uphold immigration laws because they are criminals, criminal Democrats. When you think of the murder and mayhem this country, the U.S. has suffered because of illegal immigrants the Democrats begin to stink don’t they? A stench is following them which is growing. They literally stink and reek to high heaven now. Don’t you know why there is such a growing homeless problem? The illegals have put too many people out of work! And the Democrats continue to whine for illegals to have stuff. This editor doesn’t give a stinking damn for a worthless Democrat, and this editor doesn’t give a stinking damn for a damned illegal immigrant. The Democrats are so worthless because they have forgotten the needs of The American People.

    When that illegal alien confronts you in some parking lot demanding your money and holds the gun on you, you can thank the criminal illegal Democrats, the true original crime party. It’s now you against the illegals and The Democrat Crime Party.


    Found at

  5. Gene says:

    Why Do They Call Themselves Americans Anymore?

    You wonder why the Democrats even call themselves Americans anymore because all they do is stump for the illegals. How hardly do you hear anything for Americans coming from that section of the peanut gallery!

    They’ll bend over backwards to get something for an illegal or to get an illegal off in court for a crime, but since when did they do anything substantive for The American People?!!!

    Hell, they should just call themselves The New 2 Bit Mexican Party and it would be more fitting!

  6. Gene says:

    Yeah, John, It Seems The Father Could Have Run For The Gun

    I think the father in that last page should have run for the gun and just left his family there trying for the weapon. At least some of them would be alive, probably. Why not slip down in your own blood to defend them instead of calmly taking the hood and handcuffs. Look how it turned out that way!

  7. Erik Snohdin says:

    Jews need to die, period. Nobody is killing the troublemakers, only doing what the Palis are doing : throwing stones. We are Americans. We have guns. We are smart. We can start our agenda of vengeance anytime we want, we just need to work together. We butcher and torture these rat bastards and hang their corpses out to dry. They’ll get the message loud and clear.

    The time for text and social media is over. It’s time to KILL.

  8. Luna says:

    I wish jews, niggers and muslims didn’t exist! Along with self hating traitorous White libtards, they can all move to Apefrica and enjoy DIEversity over there. Leave us honest decent White folks alone!!

  9. badass billy says:

    Yes…. We are white, intelligent and extremely well armed. However the niggers, spics, muds and jews have the goverment protection via the totally anti-white demorats and the liberal demorat appointed judicial system…Who keeps re-electing them????.
    These liberal goverment traitors have insidiously passed so many anti-white laws as
    to make whitey totally neutured and unable to counteract or countervote the events currently going on. From “my” viewpoint…Only the “lone wolf”can take out the offenders…. and stop this goverment white race destroying insanity..
    I am now too white to be an american… I no longer celebrate the 4th… and as I have gotten nothing I haven’t paid or worked for, I have nothing to “give back”!
    Again…AH had it right. Winners write the history.. and… again whitey still hasn’t learned the many anti-jew lessons that he has been warned about time and time again.
    An “old” quote… your freedom ends where the jews freedoms begins!

  10. Morris Deeds says:

    Roger Waters holds true to fight against Israeli policies God bless you Roger Water (mastermind Genius behind all those great Pink Floyd songs)×0/filters:quality(80)/
    God bless your beautiful soul, Roger Waters, he (Lord) makes for you riches no thieves here,will ever steal or condemn you for!

    “Memories of an old man are deeds of a man in his prime” Pink Floyd

    For more than a decade, former Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters has loudly protested policies of the Israeli government that he maintains amount to an occupation and collective punishment of Palestinians. It’s attracted criticism so severe that today, Mr. Waters has a word of caution for those who would join the movement of which he counts himself a member.
    “They come down on you as hard as they can,” Mr. Waters told The Globe and Mail. “Trust me, I don’t mind a good scrap. But they pull no punches.”
    Mr. Waters, who in 1968 succeeded Syd Barrett as the psychedelic-rock band’s creative leader, is on a Canadian tour that ends with two shows in Vancouver on Oct. 28 and 29. In addition, he’s scheduled a more intimate gathering for Oct. 26, at downtown Vancouver’s St. Andrew’s Wesley Church. The evening will see Mr. Waters interviewed by Martha Roth of Independent Jewish Voices Canada in what’s billed as a forum on human rights.

    More below @ the URL:

  11. Morris Deeds says:

    ******** I GOT MINEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!**********************

    • Geez, does it ever end, Incogman?

      These psycho brain damaged Kikes are the most evil creatures on planet Earth, and their aim has always been the ELIMINATION of the Caucasian race.. And the reason is so simple: We are much smarter than them!

      The only reason why the Caucasian race has not gone on a war path against these monsters is also simple: We are the only race that has the ability to show empathy to others… The Jew Khazar brain does not have the ability for both compassion and empathy at all and therefore is “alien” to the Caucasian way of thinking…

      This dumb ass Yenta Kike should be the first one shipped out of Italy when the Italian white people have finally had enough and starts sending the illegal immigrants and migrants back to the shitholes they came from…

      • The reason they’re with us at this point is because stupid ass whites show empathy for the enemy rather than each other. We’ve wasted countless lives, immeasurable amounts of blood and treasure fighting each other instead of eliminating our real enemies. Until that changes we’re nothing but a bunch of stupid dupes for the Jews, niggers, Asians, and every other vermin race out there.

  12. I honestly thought I would never be saying this.. But I agree with those who see this as a war for the survival of the Caucasian race, and for that survival the Jew must be eliminated…

    It may come down to seeing them mass exterminated, which to me is revolting but may be a necessity for the survival of the rest of the Human race…

    • JimB says:

      It’s not revolting at all if you see them for what they truly are, humanoid parasites. Not human beings, mind you. But tapeworms, ringworms, fleas, ticks, brown-headed cowbirds, and every other disgusting parasite… all rolled into one humanOID form. Exterminating them — every last one, root and branch — would be an absolute pleasure for me personally.

      • ICU says:

        I would give the Kikeer Yids a sporting chance…
        Start swimming to Haiti/Jamaica/Brazil/Madagascar/New Guinea/Oogah Boogah Africa…OUTTA HERE… doing the Sidestroke, with a nigger under your offside arm. If it drowns, you can eat it.
        Want to use a boat ?
        Fine, load one up big enough to carry at least 100 niggers and 100 Muzzys and 100 other Khazar Kikes…and catch the next outgoing tide. Do it real soon, or you will be swimming.
        Have a nice trip.
        RAUS !

      • Ama says:

        & niggers too. Such joy killing them will bring me?

    • Matt says:

      Psalm 137:8 “Daughter Babylon, doomed to destruction, happy is the one who repays you according to what you have done to us.”

      Rev. 18:5 “For her sins are piled as high as heaven, and God remembered her evil deeds.”

      • Johnny Draco says:

        @ Matt says:
        January 21, 2018 at 12:17 am

        ***“For her sins are piled as high as heaven, and God remembered her evil deeds.”***

        In my opinion heavens toilet is overflowing and God has amnesia.

      • Matt says:

        Johnny D,

        You opinion and belief is a common perception among the Jews.

        The bible says in direct reference to the Jews.

        Isaiah 47:10 “You feel safe in your wickedness
        and say, “No one can see me.””

        The big problem for the Jews is that God does see. Fake news and Jewish fables may deceive some of the simple minded goys, but God knows the truth.

        Galatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return.”

        No matter how many lies are told to and about Satan’s (((children))), they shall not escape the damnation of hell.

  13. Shadowcaster says:

    This is your world on “jews”. Any questions?

  14. S O G says:

    what doesnt exist are semite israelites ..never really did …whose proof or word ..who was abraham and who was the race he came from …legand has it these people were sent up to steal and kill the land and inhabs and animals ..what bullshit …and killing people more moral and ethical than themselves ..they were race mixing then in the various races ..israelites who allegedly existed and were bred out mixing heinz 57 euro asiatic ashakn jew seph jew many jew subtypes are there and is that in line with the old testament ..todays jews only use the “holy zohar” a predessecer to ther talmud …they use what ever they want to cherry pick rationality …they killed 5 million palestinians who stood on the land for 2500 years ….todays jews by other jews admissions arent even decended from the motley semiote horde …koestlers 13 tribe …actually 15th tribe tech nically …
    who cares ..they stole the land again only this time from people who are actually relTED TO abrtaham ..fuck all the shit who was who wasnt who etc …
    jews today are A MIXED lot of spycos psycos etc boshivics moisaad kidon irgun palmach haganah socialdemocrats etc …commies who say there arent whites and then say whites must be killed off …yeah ? oprah for lesbian president sex change heiffer cuntzilla president in a couple yares …years ? …fucjk the whole gofd dam mess …what a fuckin cess pool anyway the usa now ….arm up water parapets in the yard ..etc …full paranoia is the order of the day …..
    so niggers dont exist either ?? black lives are a waste of oxygen …resources and time ..
    10-fucking 4 on that one ….whats next outlawing sensibilities and reason …
    the jews need to be struck fdown by a disease …lol..
    where the fuck did bailey go …where the fuck did hoff wind up …his site is on auto pilot almost A YEAR now …

  15. S O G says:

    she is white herself ….dellloooooshinal ….
    most all jews are just middle eastern mixes or easterbloc mixes or balkan mixes ,euro mixes or all of the above ….the whitre ones are white ..they arnt semite or anything ..they are and completely gentile goy by their own definition …..its a cultic mindset bound by the poartaking of innocent blood on passover and purim ….they been at theis hasidic shit for 2000 years ….they never were holy or good people and todays cutout fake semites are just as evil, sanctimonius ,deceptive,treacherous ,devious and rotten to the core …samol samol

  16. Ama says:

    Hey,Ruth Dureghello you don’t exist and to say you do is just retarded like you, you inbred trash!!! I guess theses stupid Jews have forgot WHITEY IS ARMED, so with that said it’s time for us to start sniping these Jews like Ruth Dureghello . Just drive up with your gear from states away snipe off these kikes & be home in time for supper!! Like Judges, congressional sell outs to the Jew, senate sell outs and the rest of the kike tribes that are ruining our country and the future for WHITE children in their own white country. For GODS SAKE wake the fuck up white men of America and start killing the NATION WRECKING JEWS!!! I spew hate for what my eyes see. Seething pissed off for the men of my race have failed to protect their OWN WOMEN AND CHILDREN !! MEN OF EUROPE are allowing their women and children to be raped by aids infested ,Ebola carrying nasty ass stinking NIGGERS!! Behold I say to the nigger or Jew that ever approaches me,for I am so pissed I could go on a nigger & like shooting spree !! Let the killing begin !!!!! Before it is too late!

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