What We Hope The FISA Memo Is

By Andrew Anglin @DAILY STORMER  (new link — once again censored!)

What the Nunes FISA memo is supposed to do is tie together the entire Democrat/Jewish conspiracy against Donald Trump.

The hope is that it starts way back with Obama, before Trump ever got the nomination, when that administration was involved in a conspiracy with the FBI and the DoJ to clear Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing involving her secret bathroom server. We now know from several different sources – including hard documentation – that the fix was in long before James “O Jimmy Boy” Comey announced that Clinton would face no charges.

That part of the conspiracy involves Obama, Clinton, Comey and Loretta Lynch – along with Bill Clinton, who had the meeting with Lynch on the runway before the decision was announced.

Then you have the “Pissgate” fake dossier. This was initially funded and developed by the Republicans, during the primaries. This apparently goes back to the Jew William Kristol. It is the start of the Russian conspiracy theory against Donald Trump. When Trump won the nomination, Hillary Clinton took over the Fusion GPS funding, running that particular conspiracy. Several other persons were tangentially involved with that particular hoax, including John McCain who was spreading it around throughout the government.

Following Trump’s having secured the nomination, and presumably also before, the Obama administration was involved in spying on Donald Trump’s team by tapping his phones. Susan Rice was allegedly the one who demanded that individuals from the intelligence reports gathered by law enforcement agencies be “unmasked,” although the reports were being passed around the entire administration, and it appears as though Rice was blamed for it simply because no one really gives a shit about that particular woman.

There are various things that may or may not have happened with the actual election – fraud, that is – that may or may not have been uncovered.  There were some comments however in the Strzok and Page FBI texts that appear to imply plans – apparently involving Andrew McCabe – to undermine the integrity of the election itself, and we know that Trump has claimed on record that he had information that millions of illegals voted. But we don’t presently know anything about that, and I’m not really expecting it in the report.

So then you have Donald Trump’s victory, and immediately, you have the plot involving all of the intelligence agencies to claim that he is part of a Russian conspiracy. The pissgate file was then released as a part of this, and it was treated as credible by various figures in the government. Eventually, James Comey was fired by Trump for what appears to have been an attempt to undermine the Presidency. This was with the recommendation of assistant attorney general Jew Rod Rosenstein, who later used his own recommended action as proof of a Trump conspiracy.

Comey then leaked a memo to a Jew lawyer who published it, claiming that Trump had acted weirdly when he allegedly asked him not to persecute Michael Flynn. This, along with the pissgate file, led to the appointment of the former FBI director Robert Mueller as the head of a witch hunt council to attempt to dig up evidence that Trump had been involved in a secret Russian plot.

The goal of the Mueller project is clearly to fish around everywhere for evidence with which to impeach Donald Trump, and yet, after all of this endless fishing, all they have found is a Paul Manafort tax evasion beach house plot. Plus some actions by Jared Kushner, Jew, to contact Russia and influence them to do something favorable for Israel – this was illegal but he won’t be punished for it because he is Jewish.


All of it amounts to endless scheming by basically the entire government to first elect Hillary Clinton and then to impeach Donald Trump. None of anything that they acted on was real, and they knew that none of it was real.

This is a massive, seditious criminal conspiracy to undermine the government of the United States. And we are getting to the point where people are going to have to be punished for it.

All of this you already know about, because I have been writing about this and tying it all together since it all began way back when. But what we are hoping the memo does is use classified information to bring all of this together, and end any argument about what has taken place here.

I expect that the memo will not be as good as we are hoping it will be.

In particular, I do not think the media will be indicted.

The consistent thread throughout all of this was the aggressive role that the media played in reinforcing narratives that absolutely absurd on their face by acting as a single wall of agreement. Even Sean Hannity and all of Fox News (other than Tucker) went along with the idea that evil Russia is trying to “influence our elections.” There is absolutely zero way that any of this conspiring could have been possible if the media had even a tiny hint of objectivity.

And you will note that during this entire thing, the media itself has led a persecution agenda against the Daily Stormer and the rest of the Alt-Right specifically because we were presenting a narrative different than the one they are shoving down people’s throats.

The Jew Adam Schiff said last night that the Republican Congress has opened an investigation into both the FBI and the DoJ, and I hope very much that these organizations will be raided, people mass-arrested, and a series of trials will commence.

But as long as this media is able to operate in a state of constant warfare against the American people, none of this is going to go anywhere.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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7 Responses to What We Hope The FISA Memo Is

  1. Wally d. says:

    Sad that draining the swamp includes the FBI AND DOJ, but so be it.

  2. Stophel says:

    I think a lot of people are probably building their hopes up, only to be hit with a big letdown. I really don’t expect anything to come from this memo, no matter what is, or isn’t in it.

    • Luke says:

      I agree. Nobody who played any significant role in the criminal shit that lead to this scandal will go to prison. Amnesty Don has already sent the signal – when that nut-less, gutless, panty wearing slab of New York City bred sewer rat excrement got on camera the other day and was effeminately chastising the participants in this criminal conspiracy by indignantly blubbering about how ‘they all should be ashamed of themselves’.

      That sounds like some SJW liberal chick who somehow allowed a fetus to survive and exit her womb and turn into a living child – and then she catches the kid eating its own diaper poop and she decides to scold the little crumb cruncher and admonish it with the ‘shame on you’ verbal baloney.

      Let me ask everyone who doubts me a question. Did J. Edgar Hoover, even though he was a flaming closeted faggot, did he approach harden criminals like Al Capone and try to get them to surrender and admit to their crimes by telling them – you should be ashamed of yourself?

      Trust me. Nobody of significance is going to jail over this criminality. They might pick some lowly weasel who ran the coffee mess and who emptied the office trash cans and try to hang that guy by the ball, to try to throw some red meat to the public, but that will be the end of it.

      There is one and only one remedy remaining if the White American public is serious about cleaning out the slime and corruption inside the District of Criminals – and I suspect we all know what that remedy entails.

  3. Johnny Draco says:


    “We here at the Daily Stormer are opposed to violence. We seek revolution through the education of the masses. When the information is available to the people, systemic change will be inevitable and unavoidable. **(????) (When hell freezes over).**
    Anyone suggesting or promoting violence in the comments section will be immediately banned, permanently.” ***(Why don’t we all throw marshmallows at our enemy. That should get them to retreat in fear while shitting their pants). ***

    ****Can any of you name one time in modern history or ancient history when a “revolution” was won thru “the education of the masses” without violence ?????
    **In my opinion “Daily Stormer” is a CIA controlled opposition / disinformation peddler.

  4. Gene says:

    The F.B.I. Has Been A Tool For The Rich. End It!

    The record of the FBI is that it has chiefly been a tool for the rich. It should be ended. The character assassination done on Richard Jewel, the security guard who stopped the carnage at Centennial Olympic Park is but one example of FBI over-zeal. Jewel was literally investigated to death and died of symptoms of surveillance abuse.

    The FBI does not have authority outside of Washington, D.C., but since the U.S. operates as a conspiratorial corporation they do whatever they want to do. The I.R.S. is also unlawful and should be abolished. They have no authority to tax us. The madness goes on with every corporate president we get.

    The government uses none of the money from I.R.S. proceeds to run the government, therefore it must be like some big slush fund. If people only knew the truth instead of what the media feeds them it would blow minds. All of the media enforced junk would fall away if the media were replaced by a truthful media.

    We are already on our land, cigarettes, booze, gasoline, food, etc., tax, tax, tax, tax, and we don’t need an income tax. These corporate bastards will rot in hell for all this Jewish inspired crap.

  5. SARTRE says:

    A comment placed on BREAKING ALL THE RULES that mentions your site and article.



    The queer-and-kosher censorship made Incogman
    inaccessible here, in Australia — even when you click
    on his link on your site.

    I wonder if your technology couldn’t be instrumental
    at facilitating our First Amendment rights in these
    penal colonies.

    I wonder if Incogman himself is aware of the problem

    Read more: http://batr.net/politics/what-we-hope-the-fisa-memo-is-incog-man/#ixzz5725N3yHX

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