African Cannibals Murder and Eat Parts of Italian Girl


A White Italian guy understandably went haywire over it and shot up some illegal Africoons — THAT story was reported widely in US because of anti-White PC.

I wrote before about suggestions that Pamela Mastropietro, the 18-year-old Italian girl murdered and dismembered by Nigerian immigrants, may have been killed as part of some “voodoo” ritual. I noticed some people mocking this idea as fantastical. But the lawyer acting for one of the defendants is now suggesting this too.

“There’s something not right in this incident.” Gianfranco Borgani, defence lawyer for  Desmond Lucky, is convinced of it: “The dissection was done by an expert, the cleaning of the house and body were very precise, so why leave the trolley suitcases in view?” Perhaps because someone was going to take them and carry them away? He suspects so: “It could be that we are dealing with a kind of ritual here, and that behind it lies someone whose name has not come out yet, a person who is dangerous for the suspects, they may have fear of reprisals against their families in Nigeria and are not speaking for that reason.”

In Nigeria, in fact, the crimes of dismembering and selling body parts or organs are recorded and reported in essays and journalistic investigations. Barbaric acts that involve “children, disabled people, women” based on the conviction that these atrocities will increase “force” or “power.” The remains of the bodies are also used for the preparation of “Get-Rich-Quick potions” and are sold to customers and “witches.”


Worse, it has been suggested that parts of the girl’s body may have been eaten. This is the kind of barbarity that a deranged immigration policy has brought to Europe.

But there is more, a disturbing hypothesis has been advanced by the surgeon, psychiatrist and criminologist Alessandro Meluzzi. As Professor Meluzzi explained to “Italia Oggi” [Italy Today] the murder of Pamela recalls “methods that the Nigerian mafia applies systematically in Nigeria and elsewhere.” In particular, Meluzzi underlines the fact that the heart and genital organs have not been found. And for the Nigerian mafia ritual cannibalism is a widespread practice, an “ancestral rite that goes back to ancient times.” Pamela, in addition to being killed and maltreated, may also have been the victim of cannibalism.


Some other facts that have come to light in relation to this case:

The girl was definitely violently struck while she was still alive, ruling out the hypothesis that she died of a drug overdose and was dismembered afterwards.

One of the people Luca Traini randomly shot on his gun rampage was the room-mate (in a 4-star hotel paid for by the Italian taxpayer) of one of the suspects in the case.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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15 Responses to African Cannibals Murder and Eat Parts of Italian Girl

  1. dick fuld says:

    concerning psychotic cannibals, kikes brutally murder palestinian children,
    remove their organs and peddle them on the black market through jew holy men
    (rabbis) in brooklyn and newark, n.j.

    • adam says:

      In my town are a lot of palastine and xristians arabs who told me the same thing. late teen and early 20 something men are arrested by the jew army or police forces; famililies are told they are interrogated for terrorism. Never to be seen again. these men are killed humanely (according to a jew i knew in the IDF, no in US) and all organs are harvested and sold to US and europe based rabbis.

  2. Nationalist says:

    Those who are not willing to fight do not deserve to live – Adolph Hitler. We might take some heat from the left in our efforts to keep non-Whites out of our western countries but if we don’t this is the sort of thing we can expect to happen to our people including ourselves. We have no choice – we must fight to stay alive even if it means another war in which Whites are fighting each other.

  3. Cowboy says:

    The nigger M.O. is to murder the rape victim to get away with the rape. The kikes had this planned the whole time.

  4. Black People Are Demons says:

    Good GOD Almighty, when is this nightmare gonna end.
    Our fucking retarded gov’t and European governments also are totally ok with this shit. Its fucked up

    • DrX says:

      Planned genocide of the white race by the Jews. White people are 18% of world’s population and going extinct through organized mongrelization.

  5. FreeLucaTraini says:

    LUCA TRAINI, Italian Hero. In a RIGHTEOUS Nation with REAL Leaders (Mussolini anyone?), Luca Traini would not be in jail but given the HIGHEST Civilian Medal

  6. kincaid says:

    All these fucked up Europeans had enough time to figure letting these sub human animals into their land was a real bad idea, but none of them has stopped it, its been going on for years now and I sit here and wonder what the fuck is wrong with these people are they mind controlled or doped on some medicine or what???? The first multiple rape would have been time for me to pull the curtain down send out the troops not let another of these evil bastards into my country, But no the cucks of europe and they are cowardly cucks the world has never seen before and the champs are the fucked up swedes allowing the twits to run them into a dead race, no more blondes just curly headed half niggers all over de place.

  7. Erik Snohdin says:

    When Israel is vaporized and the rest of the world’s population hunts down every last Jew in this world and dismembers them, then and only then will there be peace in this world the likes of which the human race has NEVER known.

  8. Strichplatte says:

    The Italian cop has the nigger by the hair on the back of the apes filthy neck, and by the look of the jungle bunnies face Tony is squeezing hard. Tony’s other hand has the nigger by the balls and the niggers filthy stinking foul rotten unwashed jew nut sack is the method used to steer the nigger where Tony wants the nig to move. Tony’s nightstick is about 19 inches up the niggers ass, so far it cannot be removed unless Tony lets go of (((Lucky’s))) balls!

  9. kin says:

    the jews have turned the black beast of hell out on white’s especially white woman but do you hear anything from fat lesbian twats about it no, but if some white guy brushes by and hit their tit, oh ME TOO, MeeTOO, but nothing about what is going on in SWeden not just rape, but gang rape, I have heard of no brother, or father going berserk over that when a 12 year old is gang raped, they are such cowardly cuks, they hide their cowardnice behind kindness, it is not kindness to allow scumbags to enter your country and rape your woman and children, you fucken cuke sucking mice. I feel like I am in a nightmare and I will wake up and see it was all a bad dream but its not its starring us in the face and we go on with are apples, fucken phones, like nothing is going on, I have said it for years and I guess I am wasting my breath because if nothing happened my now, maybe its just too late, the fucken cowards are ready to be slauthered like the cattle outside a meat packing plant, you stupid fucking pigs if this is what you want , well it will happen eventually, it already started in South Africa they are not offering the people anything but death, still a nigger lover well I cannot help it go to hell in peace.

  10. Dutch 1985 says:

    Im sooo sorry for the all human CHILDREN who are brainwashed by the fucking Zionist Media to think that this Bastard Race is just like them . I Fucking hate Niggers

  11. Barney says:

    I remember a time when I believed the jew LIE that the different “races” (actually different species) are supposedly “all the same under the skin”. Never having learned the truth because I was brought up in an all-White area, so had never had any contact with monkeys, I innocently moved into a Paki-infested area, proudly proclaiming “I’m not prejudiced”, only to discover that THEY ARE.

    I was the “nigger” among these jungle critters, and that was the start of my awakening, which still took a few more years to complete.

    Pakis are bad. Niggers are worse. The devil’s gargoyles (jews) are the worst of the lot.

    The idiot SCUM that like to pretend these animals are fully Human would soon change their tiny minds if they had to live among the savages.

    If we’ve never experienced something ourselves, we tend to believe what we’re told. If we’re continually told jungle apes are “just like us”, how are we to know it’s a lie? It’s only when we come into contact with niggers and muds that we finally start to realise we’ve been lied to all our lives, and even then it’s easy to tell ourselves – as I did for a time – that we’ve been “unlucky” in coming into contact with a few “bad” monkeys because we don’t want to accept the truth that they’re ALL like that.

    I’ve got a lot to thank IncogMan for. I was still only partially awake when I first came here, but IncogMan helped to fully open my eyes to what I now know to be 100% fact.

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

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