The “Deep State” is Really THE JEW STATE

Paul Ryan’s chief advisor, Dan Senor and his wife, CNN’s Campbell Brown, were reported to have put out the Billy Bush “grab them by the pussy” videotape to screw Trump before the election. Of course, that was supposed to be just a conspiracy theory made up by evil anti-Semites. But it was certainly lefty Jews at NBC who secretly leaked the story, after waiting months. Same Jew thing, different Jews.

By Phillip Marlowe

Hope Hicks, Trump minion and bona fide hottie, said something fairly innocuous about Don Jr.’s emails and the media acted for days like it was big time proof of evil Russian collusion. America is sick of it!

OK, I’ve been writing on the Internet for a little over 10 years now. Everyone knows I’m a big conservative kind of guy. A bit of a hard ass, sure, but generally a “live and let live” party guy. Or used to be. No more jack!

We’ve spent over a year listening to lefty media going non-stop about Trump colluding with the evil Russians. Totally tiresome. Still going on, actually. Every minor thing that came out was started off with terms like “chilling” that ABC loves to use. Then talked about it for hours on end across all the channels like it was so important.

But, as it turns out, it was all really Obama’s minions who illegally worked to screw over Trump by “weaponizing” America’s FISA system and Intel apparatus for purely political gains to help their liberal gal pal, Hillary, fulfill her cheeky ambitions of becoming America’s first woman prez.

All of this has it’s roots in the “Deep State.” This term has only been spoken out loud in the last couple of years or so, never before in mainstream news like FOX (oh yes, FOX IS mainstream “diversity” promoters, too). They would never, ever say the term “Deep State,” even though awakened Whites used the term all the time. Funny how they think none of us can remember crap, huh? Same thing with the now occasional black crime they report — thanks to the internet they have to report a few non-White crimes these days, since we’re sure to put two-and-two together.

So, I’m laying on my couch back in the 1990’s watching some after national news TV show, one of those cheesy half news, half entertainment things, full of idiotic nonsense. I think it was called “Entertainment Tonight” and had this blond anchor bimbo who achieved some kind of fame by sleeping with some big polcat who was also married. Hell, I can’t remember the slut’s name — there’s been so many promoted over the years. It might have even been that blond who was once married to Trump!

Anyways, the bimbo was doing the voiceover for a segment on a couple of skinhead White guys who got in a big shootout with cops someplace out in the Midwest. I remember her sarcastically saying the two evil Whites believed “ZOG” controlled DC. I already knew what “ZOG” meant (Zionist Occupied Government) and asked myself “hey, what if those two crazy White guys were indeed right and the blond slut is just a media mouthpiece for the real rats to begin with?”

Suddenly, I felt this surge of “deja-vu” spread through me. It’s hard to explain, but this angle to the dangle made a lot of sense. In fact, everything fit together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. What I was experiencing was not any kind of deju vu, but a real epiphany.

Back in old black and white movie days, they used spinning newspaper headlines to inform the audience. But they had to come up with other ways — one of which is TV news in the background — while the soon-to-be hero goes about mundane, everyday things like eating breakfast before the proverbial shit hits the fan.

The blond TV anchor was just like in a futuristic movie — a “plot device” to explain the background “geopolitical” situation before the hero character starts on a heroic journey dodging bombs and bullets from the antagonists — maybe even getting laid with the heroine he saved from the bad guys along the way. But the TV voiceover belonged to the bad guy side and was SPEAKING THE PARTY LINE.

And no, I wasn’t thinking I was a Arnold Schwarzenegger hero dude or something. But what I had come to realize over the years, was such a widespread conspiracy could never operate in ways most people imagine. This was something that could easily be hidden from the masses.

Just like #METOO sex dirtbags in Hollywood, Jews are all over “the FISA Memo” story. These greedy, immoral trouble-makers will be the death of this country, you watch — maybe even the White race if we don’t put a stop to the creeps.

To effect something that big, they would simply have to create the social climate that eventually worked to advance their side. Call it “just in time” social engineering. Sure, they would silently finance and promote various social change engines along the way — especially in buying out media to manipulate and control people’s perceptions. Perception meant everything when it came to the masses.

I could also readily see their behind the scenes efforts in our education systems. Even Anthropology departments were targeted in universities and colleges. I was frightened by the depth and breadth to their insidious plans to brainwash Whites in our own lands.

What was set-up, nurtured and continually enforced is what is commonly called “PC” or political correctness. You can see this crap everywhere these days. It’s now going totally insane. And has put the White race in serious jeopardy.

By the time I had my “TV anchor bimbo epiphany” I had already been studying the matter. Over the years, I had read all about the Jewish Frankfurt School commies, knew about Piven and Alinsky, studied the background to the creation of the Federal Reserve and fully understood the Bolshevik Red revolution of 1917 was really a Marxist Jewish Coup D’Etat of a Christian Monarchy — killing far more Gentiles than any Jew victims of Hitler — even if the gassing part of the Holohoax was true.

But these Jew people didn’t have to have any secret headquarters up in the Catskills and used invisible ink letters to communicate with one another. They didn’t have to. What they had was millions of individual “agents” working for the big Jew cause. They each knew anything exposing Jewry would be bad for themselves.

Hell, even big muckety-mucks could be clueless about all this. The president himself could easily be kept out of the loop. Everyone was trained and brainwashed to keep it zipped when it came to the Jews. No one wanted to be called a Nazi by friends and neighbors behind their backs. You might not ever get invited to a cocktail party again!

The “Deep State” was simply state bureaucracy controlled by Political Correctness. Or “Cultural Marxism.”

Of course, you would have to have various efforts going on in secret. But these could very easily be spread out — perfectly diffuse enough to escape notice, or innocuous enough not to be spotted. Anything was really possible if you had embedded agents everywhere, plus controlled the media to head off any inconvenient exposure.

I had already long come to believe Pearl Harbor in 1941 was a “LET IT HAPPEN ON PURPOSE” event, meaning FDR purposefully irked the Japs to hit us, so to jack up the US population to go after Der Fuerher man — the real menace to the Jew Agenda. Even today, Hitler is everywhere in the media — like this long-dead guy is still a daily threat to civilization. Then I noticed other modern day leaders were equated to Hitler.

Funny, each and everyone was really just a threat to sacred Israel!

Yep, what we had going on was an insidious network of little and big Jews everywhere. Each acting as individual agents in the “Agenda.” They all knew exactly what modes of thinking among us non-Jews could be dangerous to the over-all Jew organism. They were each trained to attack using all sorts of newly invented slander terms should any of us non-Jews stray from the party “PC” line.

All of these Jew rats were watching us carefully. This was the real “Deep State.”

Media, economic, political, geopolitical, social norms. These Jew rats now control America’s head. Once you get that, everything suddenly makes sense.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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34 Responses to The “Deep State” is Really THE JEW STATE

  1. dick fuld says:

    wall st. kikes jerk plug on crock market. look out below.

  2. Nationalist says:

    The Jews now have us in a hammerlock, it is up to us to figure out a way of getting out of it.

  3. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Like someone adversely caught in a market slide, the rats might suffer from poor timing in (((their))) agenda. The election of Trump was a sign of unrest, which is gaining momentum. It frightens the bastards.

  4. Barney says:

    The jews aren’t Human. They’re a parasite, and they know what’s good for them. That’s why even the “little jews” scream “anti-septicism” (my version) in unison whenever one of their leaders is criticised. They’re not really a part of some big jew conspiracy. They don’t have to be. They just know they have to support their own kind or one day the whole parasite/host thing is going to unravel.

    When that formerly-trusted jew “repair man” screwed my computer last year after discovering I visit sites like Incogman, it wasn’t acting on instructions from jew central. It just knew instinctively that people like me are a deadly threat to the demonic scum called “jew”.

    Fortunately it cost that nose a lot more shekels than it cost me. I’d spent thousands in that bastard’s shop over the years, and would have spent thousands more, but it will never get another penny from me, and all I had to do was reinstall my operating system from a DVD already in my possession. It was a pain, but I had everything set up the way I like it within a week.

    The jew IS the devil, and as such the individual units are pre-programmed to hate everything that’s Normal, Natural and Good. They boast about being destroyers, and every one of them knows we are the ones who will ultimately destroy them.

    Some people mistakenly refer to the jews’ control of the media as “mind control”. They’ve been working on direct thought control for decades, as in MKULTRA, but control of information is not mind control, but perception management.

    It’s important to keep this in mind when talking to the half-awake. The brainwashing goes so deep, and fear of direct thought control is so great, that the average sheeple simply can’t accept such a thing, and will immediately “switch off” and reject everything we say after that.

    They are trying to control our minds, but all they can do for now (in most cases) is to control what we’re allowed to see, hear and read. The internet has temporarily broken that control, enabling us to see the maggot under the rock, but imho we should never refer to perception management as “mind control”, firstly because it’s not strictly true, and secondly because we don’t want our message to be rejected as the ravings of a lunatic.

    Information control, perception management, but never mind control. That’s the one phrase that’s guaranteed to cause people to reject our message, true though it is, and essential to the survival of our species and the destruction of the devil jew.

  5. Karen says:

    This was an excellent piece Mr. Marlowe. No b.s., only the facts in plain English.

  6. Erik Snohdin says:

    Incog :
    I’d like to know who did the subliminal artwork for your webpage background here, this black and white cloudy stuff on both sides of these writings. It’s pretty good actually. Right up there with all the global Jew subliminal art, that trillion dollar best-kept secret business of the Jew propaganda machine. I won’t tell you what I see in those clouds, but I’ll just tell you I SEE IT. Not making any inferences here to anything regarding you personally. Maybe kinda wondering if even YOU know that your backgrounds are subliminal. It’s very powerful mind control shit, trust me.
    Anyway Bro, love your stuff, all of it, as always.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      The background is just an image tiled by the program. There’s nothing there that I can see.

      • Erik Snohdin says:

        Relax your eyes. Let them separate light from dark, grey from black, white from grey. Gently let your eyes rove over the picture as you do this separating. This is difficult stuff because it is created in a way which purposely makes it difficult to see. I see figures fornicating, human skulls, strange-shaped what I’d call “monsters,” cause that’s the only way to describe them.
        It has often been said that “seeing is believing,” but what if I told you that you didn’t know how to see ?
        Your 2 tiled pics are well done. Wonder where you got them.
        Anyway, I’ve read all of Wilson Bryan Keys books back in the early 80s and have somewhat “trained” my eyes to do this separating process. In color photos, you can separate the same way except by color. There’s all kinds of shit in this world and if people only knew how it was all being used to cajole their intellect, they’d probably puke. Anyway, it’s hard to NOT sound like a crackpot when discussing this stuff because you cannot make someone else see it. It takes time and careful examination, something most of us don’t have time to do or are willing to do, but this stuff parks all kinds of garbage into your subconscious and can have nasty damn results under certain circumstances. Anyway, thanks for responding, Bro !!

  7. Tony NJ says:

    This is for Gilbert Huntley or anyone else who might have some info. I cannot find ANY info on what happened to The site was obviously pulled by the censor cucks for its tremendous amount of info on the “Evil Jew Agenda.” I’m just surprised I haven’t come across any articles from any other anti Zog or Alt right sites that even mentioned how Lasha Darkmoons site just vanished without a trace. Even sites that she was affiliated with haven’t said a word. Examples are: Veterans today…nada. Occidental Observer….nada. Truthseeker….nada. wtf! Anybody have some inside knowledge? I enjoyed the comments on her site. The contributors were very well informed and well versed. Incogman….YOU ARE RIGHT ON THE MONEY BROTHER! I’ve read your articles on this site for years. Keep up the great work and Thank You! By the way I am completely cut off from accessing your site from my internet service provider. I have to use proxies that hide my IP address and it still is very difficult to access your site. They are following orders and bring the hammer down on all free speech and Truth. Everybody needs to keep waking up other Whites from there Israel Worship Hypnosis spell.
    NJ Awake

    • INCOG MAN says:


      I can’t tell you who’s up or not. I can barely keep up with all the domains Daily Stormer goes through.

      The damn Jews are at war with awakening Whites. They know it means trouble for their little NWO BS.

    • Joe Btfsplk says:

      The Death Camps To Come by Ellie Katsnelson

      A grim life for the goyim in the death camps of the future, and even worse to follow, is here predicted by Jewish writer Ellie Katsnelson.

      Introductory Note By Lasha Darkmoon

      This article is an edited abridgement by myself of a long comment sent in to the Darkmoon site on July 8, 2014 at 10:13 am. It was comment number 1 for a new article and immediately created a furor among our readers.

      Completely ignoring the article itself, our angry readers savagely attacked the controversial 5300-word off-topic comment instead, accusing its author, Ellie Katsnelson, of being a “demonic” Jewish supremacist and the ultimate “icon of evil”.

      Given the unprecedented interest caused by this outstanding comment, my editor-cousin John Scott Montecristo asked me if I could turn it into a feature article of roughly half the length. I agreed. So here it is now, with 2500 words lopped off but with substantial additions of my own to compensate for the cuts I was forced to make. I apologize to Ellie Katsnelson for these additions, but she has already given me full permission to do this, as and when needed, provided the final result is pleasing.

      I predict that this extraordinary article, a tour de force that rises to a chilling climax, will one day achieve cult classic status.

      • Karen says:

        Does anyone really believe that ‘Ellie Katsnelson’, the so called Rothschild heiress, baloney? Sad if so, as we don’t have a hope. Being an optimist I believe that only a very small percent of naive newbies fell for the farce, another reason for the fall of

      • Karen says:

        Instead of the Darkmoon /Katsnelson b.s. instead google Revilo Oliver, Douglas Reed, Francis Yockey and David Duke.

      • Karen says:

        One more thing, ‘Ellie Katsnelson’ was no aristocrat. That I know for sure.

    • Karen says:

      People were waking up to ‘her’ game so she pulled it.

  8. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Declassified: Massive Israeli Manipulation Of US Media Exposed

  9. Barney says:

    Joe Btfsplk (February 6, 2018 at 11:17 pm)

    Thanks for posting that, Joe. Ellie Katsnelson has always been something of an enigma, but that article shows a real insight into the hive mind of the devil jew.

    It’s unusual though in that, among the usual jew gloating as to how they consider themselves currently invincible and “superior” to God’s Creation (being themselves of the devil), the author acknowledges the fact that their unregulated evil has to end, and will end when we rise up against the devil incarnate, known as “jew”.

    Here are a few extracts.

    Whilst the universal Creator may have forged the firmament and added life where no life lived before, He is yet to add the chambers of love and gratitude to our Jewish brain; for every single Jew, and here I include myself, EVERY SINGLE JEW WITHOUT EXCEPTION carries within himself such a chamberless brain — devoid of love, of nobility, of altruism, of idealism.

    Oh, if only you really knew us! Evil, evil Jews! Evil beyond redemption, sparks in the raging furnace of Satan’s brain.


    “It is far holier to shoot a Jew than to go to the church,” Schopenhauer once said, before adding the famous words that have now become a German proverb: ”After you shake the Jew’s hand, count your fingers.”


    If self-preservation is your aim, my friends, let me tell you this: all the prayers in the world are not going to help you once you have given up your guns to the Jews of Police State America! Remember this: the Russian peasants had no guns—they were unarmed!—all they had was pitchforks and sticks and stones!—and that’s why they died in their millions at the hands of the Cheka Jews after the Bolshevik Revolution.


    The scourge of the cosmos, we Jews, may own the presses, and we may proclaim loudly that the earth and man are here only to serve our needs, but let me tell you this, my friends: when the Americans, the world’s finest race, finally decide to act, no cavity on earth will exist that is big enough to hide and shelter the Jews.

    No lying shrieks of anti-Semitism will avail the Jews in those days. No appeals to conscience, no cries for mercy, will keep them from the clawing hands of their Avengers. It will be too late for the Jews then. They will have pushed America too far. Having crossed all red lines, having put themselves beyond the pale, having driven America beyond its tether, the Jews will then have to face the Day of Reckoning.


    It’s difficult to make out exactly what this jew is trying to achieve in putting this out, simultaneously gloating and at the same time trying to motivate us into taking the actions we know to be necessary if life itself is to continue.

    Perhaps every jew knows they are defeated already, that their evil has to end, that they don’t belong in our world. Perhaps that’s the real reason they always go too far, making their criminality so obvious that only the brain-dead can fail to see it. Perhaps they really do have a death-wish.

    Whatever their motivation though, the message is clear.

    When they come for your guns, give them the bullets instead.

    Who cares about jew “law” when our survival is at stake? Better to go down fighting than endure the slow, painful death planned for us by the sadistic jew. Better to take a few of them out than be forced to watch our loved ones slowly tortured to death in the FEMA camps, knowing we’re next.

    Better to take a bullet than suffer the kind of torture inflicted on our White Russian Brethren.

    Take as many of the enemy out as possible while you still can, but save a few merciful bullets for those you care about before they take you down.

    Millions of us will die before the devil is finally defeated, but if we’re going to die anyway, better to die quickly on our feet, fighting for what we believe in, than to suffer on our knees in captivity at the hands of the devil’s torturers.

    Those who have any kind of religious or spiritual beliefs know there is no death, and that our Great Warrior race will meet up afterwards in Heaven or Valhalla, so be prepared to unleash that Great White Warrior that still lives in every one of us.

    Turn the other cheek? Not fkn likely! I know I’ve said this already, but …

    When they come for your guns, give them the bullets instead.

  10. The so-called “deep state” is really a ZioCommuNazi chimera, a hideously grotesque religious, political, and economic three-headed monster. We find it difficult to fight this creature because if one of its heads doesn’t get us, another one will. For example, if we focus on the Zionist and Communist heads, we ignore the equally deadly head of the Nazi corporate state Mussolini allegedly referred to. Scofield and Rothschild gave us “Christian Zionism” and the state of Israel. Lincoln, Wilson, Warburg and others gave us the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto. Deregulation, acquisitions, and mergers gave us the corporate state. The obscene militarism and global meddling we now witness are at the behest of the corporate state war machine. We have been devoured by a three-headed monster. It cannot be defeated until we recognize it for what it is.

    • Littleberry says:

      Your use of the term “Nazi”, without specifically defining what you mean by it, leaves the reader to assume that you are refering to the former 3rd reich of Germany. If that is what you are refering to, then you are revealing an ignorance, and gullibility to the jewish phoney tales of horror, that suggests you need to do a proprer study of the 3rd reich before swallowing their phoney history, as written by the victors. The very best weapon AGAINST the jewish menace was, and still would be, the 3rd reich and their approach to government and folk.

      • ICU says:

        What you said.
        Also, Der Evige Jude operate in classic Khazar Bolshevik fashion, in that they want their boot on EVERYTHING, not just corporate affairs.

  11. Matt says:

    Call it the deep state if you will, but I know what it (((is))), because God’s word tells us.

    Rev 17:1 Then one of the seven angels with the seven bowls came and told me, “Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute, who sits on many waters.

    It says the great prostitute/Babylon sits on many waters.

    Rev 17:5 On her forehead a mysterious name was written: I AM THE GREAT CITY OF BABYLON, THE MOTHER OF EVERY IMMORAL AND FILTHY THING ON EARTH.

    It’s a mystery that I know the answer to, the name is JEW.

    Rev 17:15 The angel also said to me, “The waters you saw, on which the prostitute is sitting, are people, crowds, nations, and languages.

    The Jews sit over the people, nations, crowds, and languages in a shadow government, corrupting, perverting and bringing every immoral and filthy thing to be.

    The nations will eventually turn against her, strip her naked, burn her with fire, for God has decreed it, and it’s his will.

  12. Frank Fredenburg says:

    More LIES: Jew Invention Myths

    One of the BIGGEST Jew thefts of an invention was Thomas Edison’s movie camera, which was hijacked by Hollywood, who didn’t want to pay the fees to Edison for his patent. But the Jews did make the first porno pics.

  13. dick fuld says:

    if jews were shit, their heads would explode from the upgrade.

  14. ICU says:

    The kinky kike slut nmation wrecker Jane Harman’s mug on the jew star is more than appropriate to sign off an article about kikes in media.
    The pig used to be on Sunday Meet The jews Shows all the time, along with the now well hidden croaking toad Lieberman…whom I’m quite sure still conspires with Cryptkeeper Chertoff.
    Since the jewess got the gig at The Woodrow Wilson Center, and is getting older, I guess that it’s demonic energies are waning and it can’t smear itself around like it used to.
    Satan awaits her homecoming

  15. Johnny Draco says:


    The U.S. trade deficit soared 12% in 2017.
    The U.S. trade deficit in December and for the full year both rose to the highest levels since 2008.
    According to a report by London’s Longview Economics, if US interest rates rise rapidly above 3 percent, a number of US companies will be bankrupt.

    12 percent of US companies are ‘zombies.’
    Their earnings do not cover their interest payments.
    A sudden rise in interest rates would send the ‘zombie’ companies into bankruptcy.
    According to a report carried out by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, 9 percent of companies in Europe are ‘zombies’.
    This compares to 6 percent in the period before the crash of 2008.

    The February 2018 economic statistics in the USA show:
    1. The jobless rate for men has increased.
    2. Inflation has increased.

    The USA’s annual growth rate of gross domestic product (GDP) ranks 121st in the world.
    It has just been beaten by The Congo.
    The USA is one of only four countries with debt above 100% of GDP and still rising rapidly.
    The others are Mozambique, Bhutan, and Lebanon.

  16. Another great piece about the enfolding Jewish World order. Has anyone else noticed that all these Holocaust and anti-semitism laws are are laws in ‘white’ countries only because the ‘whites’ are the only threat to Jewish Supremacism.
    If anyone doubts that the Jews were behind the Bolshevik Revolution, WW1 and WW2 then take a read of a little book I have put together titled ‘The Truth about Germany and the World Wars’ (got banned from Amazon). It also explains the no holocaust.
    It can be bought at for £1.50

    or you can download it for free at

  17. dick fuld says:

    little known facts:

    netanyahu has intercourse with geese

    jews have hook noses because:

    A) they want to steal more of your oxygen
    B) it reminds them of the hammer & sickle
    C) they can cram more zhedies (buggers) up it.

  18. dick fuld says:

    there once was a jew named maddow (madoff?)
    who claimed a lesbian shadow
    I’ll tell you said he
    on tv I’ll pee
    on a picture of jesus & frame paddock

  19. Louis from Montreal says:

    Maybe they had Hillary run against Trump because (((they))) knew she would win, and Trump would eventually see things their way?

  20. dick fuld says:

    Associated Protocol – kikes blow up russian airliner for downing jew f-16
    bombing syria.

  21. dick fuld says:

    cryptos are homo video games.

    the entire mass medias are nothing but an incredible jew attempt to
    brainwash the minds of fools.

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