Black Bastards Brutally Kill and Torture All The Time

By Phillip Marlowe

You diversity-promoting liberal White people just don’t get it, do you? Our race is truly getting the wool pulled over our eyes. While the traitorous media constantly makes it out like us Whites are always the ones so evil and racist, criminal blacks horribly murder decent, innocent Whites on a daily basis.

I simply write about this here on my lowly site and get wildly screamed at like I’m the most evil person in human history. Read the following comment I recently let out of my moderation que from someone who calls themselves “B”:

Man FUCK YOU and EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR you FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!! How dare you try and use someone else’s tragedy to your fake ass advantage. We should string your ignorant ass up and hang you, you piece of low life shit! I cannot believe you used my friend to blast your ignorant shit online. I am a white person and I am absolutely disgusted by what your fukin dumbass says in all of this shit. FUCK YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU STAND FOR BECAUSE IT ISN’T SHIT YOU LOW LIFE SACK OF SHIT! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU USE MY FRIEND WHOME I CARE ABOUT TO YOUR USELESS ADVANTAGE. IF YOU WERE STANDING IN FRONT OF ME RIGHT NOW I WOULD CASTRATE YOU AND FEED IT TO A STRAY ANIMAL YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!…. AND THAT’S BEING NICE… FUCK YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR! Normal people are awake and thats why this country is not as fucked up as people like you make it seem to be!!!! Fuck you and please come find me because I would love to FUCK YOU UP!!!!!!!!

Bronx teen Cheyenne Cherry, 17, put her ex-roommate’s kitty into a 500 degree oven to die horribly. Here she is eating up the attention when a reporter came to interview her on why she did it.

This person literally wants to murder me for writing about blacks murdering White people!

We’re the ones getting flocked over. Big time. Whites have been so brainwashed about these worthless, violent black bastards, they’ve turned completely insane like this crazy guy — if it’s in fact a White person making the comment. Hell, it might even be a perfidious Jew or a lying, militant Negro, far as I know.

Get this and get it good: Blacks will stick you in the gut with a butcher’s knife in a second and crazily laugh in your face as you painfully die. These are violent, sadistic animals. No doubt about it. I can’t tell you all the stories of horrible murders blacks have done to White people and animals I’ve read about over the years.

And the race is indeed totally sadistic. Blacks are always torturing and killing poor little animals. I read about them killing dogs and kitties constantly. Blacks are totally uncaring animals (maybe demons is a better term since animals are not like this).

Here, read the following description of the black race from early White Western explorers to Africa back in the 19th century. Africa was called the “Dark Continent” for good reason. Hell, it’s the same now. The whole bit about an advanced “Wakanda” civilization in Africa is clearly ridiculous. Idiotic Sub-Saharan blacks have always been primitive and cruel.

And the media is always hiding black-on-White crimes to protect this sorry race for PC.

How about that recent black serial killer in Kansas City, Missouri, Frederick Demond Scott, 23, who specifically targeted White people? He killed 6. Five were White guys just out walking a neighborhood trail when he came up and shot them in the back of head. They didn’t stand a chance. One was a homeless old White woman, living in a stinking, lousy tent (how’s that for White privilege?) who he found and blasted to death while she was inside the tent (maybe asleep, no way to tell). The killer had once told fellow homies he was going to kill the White race.

But not one single report in the national mainstream news about it.

You can’t even find any decent shots of the White victims. If the races were reversed, it would have been all over the news for months — with plenty of photos and human interest stories on the poor black victims. To this day, leftys and blacks are still going on about that one wacked White guy who shot those blacks in a church in Charleston.

Jonathan Foster, a 12 year-old White kid, was kidnapped and blowtorched to death Christmas Eve, 2010, by an ugly black lezbo. The US national media kept quiet — while going on and on about Trayvon Martin.

Oh, sure, they run the occasional piece on black crime these days. They now have to because of the Internet. But they never said a word for years before Whites started waking up. And if you notice, they look for any White crime to run alongside, so brainwashed White idiots will try to tell themselves “see, Whites commit crimes, too!”

There’s been many crimes blacks have done to White people the US media said nothing about. Until the Internet, few Whites heard anything at all about them.

And it’s a numbers thing: For every 99 crimes blacks do, they report on one (and probably not even that, really), while pretty much any White crimes get prime time coverage. They send out teams of well-paid reporters, camera men, sound people, producers to camp out in front of White homes, police stations and courthouses whenever it’s a White crime. Get it now?

Let’s play a little thought experiment, shall we?

Let’s say some kind of natural or manmade Global disaster happened — like what all the preppers prep for. Say an asteroid was going to hit planet Earth or a highly lethal virus started killing everyone in sight. The police have disappeared — you and your family are now completely vulnerable to whatever happens.

Gangs of blacks would be all over the place raping and killing us Whites. The SOBs would slaughter us for fun — even hang us over campfires and eat us like cannibals once the food ran out. Entire White families would be chained up together and used as sex slaves right in front of each other, until they tired of you and put you out of your misery. It would be an unimaginably horrific nightmare. Blacks would laugh and squeal over your suffering.

You think Whites buying guns all over the place is because we believe deep down blacks are all so sweet and nice, like us? Don’t make me laugh. Even the ones you think are decent today would change overnight. Whites are buying guns because they think the government is going to outlaw them and they might end up vulnerable to violent, criminal blacks if ever things go south overnight.

This an ugly, violent, sadistic race. Always have been. No matter what us Whites have ever done to help them out in the past — none of that will make the least bit difference, once they get any kind of power. Look at South Africa for crying out loud. Whites are brutally murdered by government-sanctioned roving crime gangs. They have even made it legal to confiscate all their property now. What kinds of horrors await them?

Don’t call me the big “hater” boy simply because I’m warning fellow Whites.

Arm up while you got the chance!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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57 Responses to Black Bastards Brutally Kill and Torture All The Time

  1. Whitepride says:

    How dare they bother you for speaking the truth Incogmam. I can’t stand niggers! Sadistic, criminal satanic pieces of shit t is what niggers are!

  2. INCOG MAN says:

    Thanks, Whitepride.

    You can’t believe all the White-hating left wingers and militant blacks yelling in my SPAMblinka moderation que. I love leaving them there, since it undoubtedly pisses them off even more!

  3. Nationalist says:

    That Jonathan Foster looks just about like Bill Gates did at that age, I can’t understand why Mr. Gates likes to help Negros while at the same time doing absolutely nothing for his own race. It can happen to any White person at any time, Negro violence is totally out of control and for Whites not to do anything about it just simply does not make sense. We are in a difficult position, if we do something we are in harms way and if we don’t do something we are in harms way but if we do something now it will be better in the future for our people. There will be casualties but thanks to the stupid liberals that is the position we are in, we have no choice but to fight. The liberal utopia is not going to happen, more liberalism means more problems and we should all see it by now, only the stupidest amongst us would not understand that liberal degeneracy is destroying the White race, the Christian religion and all that is good.

  4. Dr. Doom says:

    Savages are either at your feet or at your throat. There is nothing in between. Even the libtards don’t believe the propaganda anymore. Perhaps with segregation that propaganda might work, but just 15 minutes of seeing the negroid menace “keeping it real” and that will evaporate faster than water on a hot tin roof. Those who actually believe they can be like us only see the PRETENSE. In controlled environments with armed security and police being called, the negroid menace PRETENDS. It causes them stress to act in a way similar to Civilized People. It makes them UNCOMFORTABLE. Some dumb Whites might BUY that PRETENSE if they do not see them “keeping it real”. The “keeping it real” is THEIR NATURAL SAVAGE NATURE LET LOOSE. The Beast of the Field HAS NO PLACE IN WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

  5. Gene says:

    The Truth Can’t Be Hate Rhetoric – Get A Umarex Smith & Wesson Model MP

    Thanks for publishing the truth, Incog Man because we cannot depend on the regular media to do it, although does a pretty fair job.

    “No matter what us Whites have ever done to help them out in the past -“, yeah including all that welfare money than Jew LBJ started up for them and then they turn around and kill us! The Negroes turned into a pathological race that believes they can and should do anything they please. Any whim they have is justified to them! They have really become dangerous!

    You are right to moderate the hate speech just as you are right not to love the wicked.

    Hey you guys & girls who are afraid of guns and you kids too young for real guns – get yourself a Umarex Smith & Wesson Model MP which shoots 19 steel BBs at a smokin 480-500 feet per second as fast as you can pull the trigger! You can get spare clips and keep on shooting thanks to the drop free magazine design. Only costs a couple of twenties. Good way to learn safe gun handling and how to shoot.

    If a punk with a knife attacks or threatens you shoot him in the face and mark him up and blind him if you can. That may seem inhumane but not as inhumane as getting ripped and cut up and kidnapped or raped, assaulted and murdered.

    • JimB says:

      Good advice, Gene. I’m an ex-felon, so owning a firearm isn’t an option for me either. But I do have a few nice BB guns, some wicked knives, a couple of monkey-paws, a couple of solid ball-bats… and one hell of a powerful (and scary looking) flare-gun. You point that thing at a greasy nog’s head at close range and squeeze off a round — and you got Nigga Flambé!

  6. Gene says:

    The Brown – Tan And Black Umarex Smith & Wesson Is Still $39.99

    There may be some tax but it’s free shipping. Shoots a smoking 480 fps! They’ll ship it to your door. I’d still rather have something to shoot the perps with and this will at least damage them, possibly blind them. If they take a hit to the eye they will be in excruciating pain, but they don’t have any business attacking you. Defend yourselves with something.

    Smith & Wesson M&P Airgun (Medium)

    or just put “Smith & Wesson M&P Airgun (Medium)” in the Amazon search engine.

  7. werewolf says:

    You do great work, Incog Man!

  8. JimB says:

    INCOG, you’re a national treasure, plain and simple. Same with a very few others, like Modern Heretic and the late Dr. Pierce. No matter what these brain-dead idiots from our own race say, or the hateful animals (jewish, negro, or other non-Whites) say, you ARE well-received and appreciated by those of us who are actually intelligent and brave. I’ll even go as far to say that you are loved, Brother.

    There will come a day, very soon I suspect, when necessity will overcome stupidity in many our folk… and the rest will vanish.

  9. oldranger68 says:

    My father told me two Immutable truths as I was growing up:

    1) When I was 10 years old we were in town (we were farmers) and we walked up on a bunch of very loud teens in front of a record shop (1957) playing very loud music. In those days that was a rare thing. My father stood there for a moment taking in the scene and then said to me, loud enough so that the teens closest to us could hear:
    “Boy, you can always tell how empty a man’s head is by how much noise it takes to fill it up.”

    2) Just before I shipped out to the Army in 1964 he took me to the side and told me, very seriously:
    “Son, never trust a black man. Never turn your back on them. They may smile at you and say they’re your friend, but that’s not true. A nigger hates you because you’re white and he is not and never can be. If you are stupid enough to trust them, you will deserve everything you get.”

    I never have trusted them and I have been better for it. Too bad I never realized how smart my dad really was until it was too late.

  10. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Every time I begin to feel some empathy for the black bastards, they show their true colors. Give ’em an inch, they TAKE a mile!

    • JimB says:

      Gilbert, never EVER feel empathy for even the best of them. The “good” ones are the exception, not the rule… and even they have a seething hatred for White folks just beneath the surface.

    • Joe Btfsplk says:

      “. . .they show their true colors. . .”

      Black means no color, White means all colors.

      Whites are actually colored people.

      Can we get some help from the NAACP?

  11. Aitch says:

    Being a moderately compassionate person, I’m willing to believe that a handful of niggers are decent people, but I have no doubt that around 9o percent of them are sewage.

  12. Gene says:

    JimB – Texas Law Allows Ex-Felon’s To Possess Firearm On Their Property After 5 Years

    According to Texas Law an ex-felon may after 5 years from the conviction have a gun on his own property but may not transport it off the property. The feds can still interpret the law against you, however, but that doesn’t usually happen if you stay out of trouble.

    So stay clean and move to Texas and put some time between your conviction and get a residence of some kind which you own or are buying and get your gun from someone you trust. Don’t take it off your property. Texas still offers resistance to the Chicago brand of thugs, so don’t give the cops any crap, of course. In Texas, your home is still your castle.

    Texas Code

    46.04 Unlawful Possession of Firearm
    (a) A person who has been convicted of a felony commits an offense if he
    possesses a firearm:
    after conviction and before the fifth anniversary of the person’s release
    from confinement following conviction of the felony or the person’s
    release from supervision under community supervision, parole, or
    mandatory supervision, whichever date is later; or
    after the period described by Subdivision (1), at any location other than
    the premises at which the person lives.

  13. Gene says:

    Note – It Applies After Release From Confinement And Disposition of Case

    The 5 years applies after confinement and disposition of case, like off of parole, probation, etc., 5 years from that date.

  14. Gene says:

    Another G. Gordon Liddy Remedy

    Gordon Liddy after conviction said something like, “I don’t have guns, but my wife has many guns”. A person living with you whom you trust may own a firearm but the laws may differ as to how the firearm is controlled. In other words it may need to be out from under your control like in a gun safe.

    That should solve the problem. A gun safe which the wife controls and has the combo to would allow her to control the firearms. Of course, during any emergency, whoever can get to the gun wins against intruders.

  15. Whitepride says:

    Never relax around niggers! The black bastards are irreligious, Satanic, sadistic, and mentally unbalanced! In my 54 years, have only met about five decent ones! The rest are a CANCER on this earth!!! Thank you IncogMan for your information and all you do!!!

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    Don’t forget chimpcago. One of the most gun-controlled shitties in the United States of israil. If this place is a sanctuary shitty get me back to the war zone quick.

  17. dick fuld says:

    incog this “B” could be the same kike-loving asshole who pops up
    on monk kapner’s site now and again. a real commie sucking
    dip shit. if he don’t like you, accept the complement.

  18. Wally d. says:

    Thanks for reminding me about that poor white boy, Jonathan Foster.

  19. Luna says:

    Niggers are a pestilence upon humanity.When will nigger lovers understand that there’s no such thing as a magical nigger. The inner chimp and TNB will always come out of these violent soulless ugly bootlipped coons. Always follow rule #1, AVOID THE GROID!

  20. I am “privileged” to live in a “chigger-free zone.” I do that by choice, as I tired of the time when I had to walk among them. They certainly are different, for sure. I have met a few scholarly ones who are surprisingly smart, BUT when push comes to shove, the same excited nature comes to the forefront. There are just some folks who are best left alone and best stayed away from; they are among those. There unfortunately is one other thing we have to realize, and that is that those who have been weaned on media lies will likely NEVER understand the problem. They can be just as deadly as anyone….

  21. Gene says:

    Austin package explosions leave teen dead, women hurt after three blasts in 2 weeks

    This the third explosion in Austin, Tx. thus far. First one was back in March that killed a man. The one this morning in the 6 AM hour killed a teenager and injured another woman at the house. Both incidents the families were Black, so they’re not ruling out the possibility that it was racially motivated.

    Why, who would want to kill the pet Negroes? They are such a desirable race and all. NOT . UGH!

    Anyway the war against the Negroes has started for sure. Over in Louisiana, I think it was, some guys were just shot going to work, shooting Negroes at random. People are starting to register their objections to Negroes living near Whites. As many Whites that are attacked, raped, murdered, and assaulted, kidnapped by Negroes, it’s no wonder.

    • ICU says:

      There may be a Beaner vs. Black conflict developing in Austin, similar to what happened in Oakland.
      Beaners REALLY hate Blacks, more that Whites hate Blacks.
      Even Blacks hate Blacks.
      As the Chinese buy and take over Africa, they will also come to hate Blacks; the Chins already think that they’re ridiculous, lazy, stupid and dysfunctional.
      Just wait until they don’t want to put up with Monkeyshines and/or tire of the economic drag that Blacks always are.
      The Chins know how to kill millions. They’ve done it before since the time of Genghis Khan, and don’t care who doesn’t like it.
      The Koreans with guns during The L A Riots were a treat to see, and an example for Whites everywhere.
      The ROK veteran that was one-handing a Desert Eagle and picking off random rampaging niggers with aimed fire was a hoot. I laughed out loud watching him do it.
      Speed The Day when that Clean Up technique becomes commonplace.

  22. Gene says:

    Negro Families Are Being Bombed In Austin, TX. – Gee I Wonder Why

    Austin package explosions leave teen dead, women hurt after three blasts in 2 weeks

    This the third explosion in Austin, Tx. thus far. First one was back in March that killed a man. The one this morning in the 6 AM hour killed a teenager and injured another woman at the house. Both incidents the families were Black, so they’re not ruling out the possibility that it was racially motivated.

    Why, who would want to kill the pet Negroes? They are such a desirable race and all. NOT . UGH!

    Anyway the war against the Negroes has started for sure. Over in Louisiana, I think it was, some guys were just shot going to work, shooting Negroes at random. People are starting to register their objections to Negroes living near Whites. As many Whites that are attacked, raped, murdered, and assaulted, kidnapped by Negroes, it’s no wonder.

    I double checked my first copy but still didn’t include the headliner. Please delete it.

  23. Gene says:

    When My Cousin Was In Austin Negroes Tried To Rob Him

    When my cousin was much younger he was trying to go to college in Austin, was walking down the street one evening when Negro thugs approached him with “Gimme yo wallet!” and I think they just had a knife. He sidestepped and said something like ain’t got no wallet and quickly moved on! Lots of folks have had an unpleasant encounter with Negroes they can relate to you.

    Lots of people all over the place are sick and tired of Negro crime. The Negroes have outdone themselves and made it hard on their whole race, especially with their leaders like Oprah whore saying that old white people just have to die. She knew she was deliberately inciting Negroes into killing White people, but she did it anyway. How can she show her face to the public?!

    People are sick to death of Negroes if the truth was known and they should put it on the air in the mainstream media. Sick whiny babies that all want their way. People now know the truth that Negroes are unimportant and not the big deal the fakestream media has them pumped up to be. Unimportant, as in not important, not important AT ALL. The murderous bastards don’t amount to squat. Negroes are nothing special at all, except they especially commit crime.

  24. Gene says:

    See What I Mean? These Suspects, All Negroes, Identified As Suspects In Weekend Shooting

    It used to be a sleepy little sheepherder town in West Texas. San Angelo is now seeing it’s share of Negro crime now that Jew York Jews have found this place.
    Here are three suspects in connection to the March 11, 2018 early morning shooting of a 26-year-old man in San Angelo, Tx..

    See what I mean about Negro crime. Not too long ago some murderous Negroes killed an elderly woman in Louisiana and turned up in San Angelo still driving the poor dead woman’s car. They were arrested at a local motel by alert police here.

    Suspects Identified in Weekend Shooting at Alamo Village Apartments

    This stuff goes on all the time. Murderous Negroes. Had enough yet?!

  25. Gene says:

    Got A Rock Thrown At My Roof As Soon As I Posted This – Too Many LDS F.B.I. Agents Posing As Bishops

    I got retaliated against for posting the above information. Someone threw a rock at my house just now. A few years ago a Negro blocked my driveway loading some stuff from the place in front of mine. It seems that place must be FBI like several other houses around my are affiliated with FBI or fake FBI. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the LDS fake Bishops are in on this. In fact there are more FBI agents in the Mormon church than any other religion. They strategically place these people to control neighborhoods.

    A kid ducked behind a shed as soon as I came out to investigate. Never live a stone’s throw to anyone. There are always kids at that house over there. One kid, a little girl had a potty mouth that would shame a sailor! Just real little, about hip high. Kids, lots of strange kids, moved around, ya know?


    Notice how they conveniently don’t have to register as sex offenders, but slip through the cracks of justice due to the pull of the Mormons. They are crooks.

  26. Gene says:

    Girl At That House, About 11 Told Me Her Daddy Worked For The Army

    An adolescent girl about 11 from that house I described was always coming back here offering to help me when I worked on this house. She would give me a great big come smile and say “I could help you”. No, I declined, and keep your sisters out of here, this is a construction site, I told her, and they could get hurt.

    One day when she said she was going to her birthday party to turn 12 she let it slip that her dad worked for the Army, as in U.S. Army, so I figure the U.S. Army is also in on the pedophile racket somehow. Maybe there’s a sort of second Army which is affiliated with the Regular Army through the Department of Defense and is with Col. Aquino who is satanic! The whole thing needs to detach from the satanists and clean house.

    Anyway, they figured I might go for little girls which I did not, and they were trying to bait me mercilessly! So her dad was probably some rogue contractor who worked for the U.S. Army and may have been in the pedophile business.

    These people are a nuisance. They use my driveway all the time and don’t pay the high taxes on it. They bore me.

  27. Ama says:

    You say out loud how we all think and feel. Keep on , keeping on . Your doing a fantastic job. We love you.

  28. Matt says:

    In the sixties I lived in a Seattle suburb. Me, my brother, his friend and his friend’s brother went to the UW on a bus, as small kids.

    The UW had archery, swimming, weights, track, basketball and other activities. For a 10 year old kid this was great.

    When we small children went to get on the bus ride back, it was filled with the black hordes that had come from the central district in Seattle, and my guess now is that their bus driver had fled in horror.

    Anyhow, the bus was overrun with black people from the central district in Seattle. I still remember it like it was yesterday, a black man, 6’ plus beat on my brother’s friend’s brother. This kid was maybe 11 maybe 12. Although I had been in many fights as a child, I had never seen the impact of grown black man’s fist on a child. The swelling of this child’s face was instant.

    There was only 4 of us white kids. A group of 5 plus black came up and put a knife to my neck. I felt no fear, they left and more came up, and put a knife to my neck.

    The image of the bus driver is engraved in my mind until the day I die. He was an older white man, and when this was going on he shook uncontrollable, like a leaf in the wind.

    Even at 10, if I had a gun at that time, I would have killed them all, and comforted the old white bus driver.

    Now almost 50 years later, the image of evil and the Jew’s society will never leave me.

    I don’t go around black people, and almost anywhere I go I carry a knife. What’s the point of being killed by a Jew’s nigger pet?

    • Matt says:

      I had a couple of margaritas before I wrote my last comment. and now I would like to correct it.

      The 2 groups of black people held knives to my throat, not a singular knife. They all had knives. I don’t go around large groups of black people.

      There was one black who did try to get the other to calm down.

  29. Erik Snohdin says:

    One of your best rants, Incog, deeply felt.
    I’ve got a few guns but want more, lots more. I want to be able to be anywhere in my home, reach out, and have me a loaded gun, ready to blast ANY invader into the afterlife. Still, just remember that the groid’s pride is being FUELED by Jew media. The Jew is behind ALL THE WICKEDNESS of the world. Why ? Because he wants to sit back, throw a match on a dry haystack, and giggle with sadistic glee as the entire world burns. So remember that the groid [despite his innate savagery] is just another piece on the chessboard of Jewish world conquest.

    • ICU says:

      The ONE THING that the jews never ask, of themselves or anybody else is:
      Exactly WHY have the jews been so widely hated for so long in so many cultures around the world ?
      The (((lesser demons))) don’t ask that because The Truth of the answers is too much for them to handle, and too dangerous for them to be commonly known.
      110 coming right up.
      I can hardly wait, even though it’ll take Civil War 2.0 to make it happen.

      • Joe Btfsplk says:

        They live according to their religious precepts. The Tal-mud
        asserts that everything and everyone else is jew property. Therefore jews didn’t do nuffin wrong.

        If they stopped exploiting Whites it would go against their religion, and g-d would send them to ‘El.

        What they do is wrong by our standards, but not by jew standards.

        Should jews judge themselves by goy standards?

  30. Lets get the facts straight… Blacks are very much less intelligent than whites.. That has been proven as a fact by anyone simply going online and looking up the map of the world showing IQ’s for nations around the planet… Most, if not all of the less intelligent nations are in Africa! And that should be no surprise to anyone….

    The facts are also simple that the Jews have always known that most of the blacks are as smart as fence posts (sorry for insulting fence posts), and therefore have been using them as tools to be used to destroy the whites… Once their sick mission of destroying the Caucasian race is achieved, they will do away with the blacks as well… And guess what? The blacks are going to let it happen, for they are indeed that stupid to not realize they are being made fools…

    I for one want to see the real problem destroyed first and foremost, which of course is the Jew and their parasitic tribe of mentally deranged misfits… Once that problem is out of the way, we can tackle the issue with the blacks…

    • Barney says:

      Well said NTS. Niggers are just dangerous wild animals. The real problem is the jew. Get rid of the devil’s gargoyles and the rest will be easy by comparison.

      Btw, I read your site regularly, but can’t comment because I’m not registered with any of the options presented (I know that’s not your fault).

    • Allen Black says:

      I second this…Yes, we MUST start reaching out to organize, and drive these parasites out of the west….

      This is actually something that happens in Biblical prophecy. In revelation their is a red beast ridden by a red dressed whore. The beast refer to the Idumeans, now called Jews….I JUST learned through prayer what the whore was…

      God ALWAYS refers to his children of light as a woman (because he is married to his people, once called Israel but NOW called Christians Acts 11:26.) most know this as the bride of Christ. But what happens when some of the people of the bride of Christ turn away and divorce God, and sell themselves to the followers of the Babylonian Talmud? They become the WHORE of Babylon! Red, like the beast, is communism/Marxism….Now it says on the beast are 10 Horns…These are 10 kingdoms with no king and no power, whom secretly hate the beast and the whore. They will make them naked and desolate, and destroy them with fire, paving the way for the arrival of Christ, because when this happens, Lucifer will personally come raging against the woman.

      These 10 horns are the whites who DIDNT sell out….Everything, including Jews using mass immigration as a weapon against us, is written in the bible (Flood of the dragon, revelation chapter 12-17) and if you pray for God to lift the veil, it will make sense like never before once you realize Idumea/serpent represents the Jew, and the children of Light/Lost sheep are Gods white race. Its so accurate that EVEN if one is an atheist they are shocked when I have pointed out these passages to them.

      That being said, its kind of exciting, to know that someone prophesied 2000 years ago, is going to rally the remnants of Gods people for one last Christian crusade against evil.

  31. Lori says:

    The only logic my mind can produce is that it would be a crime of racism to build states(country level) with mixed races that clearly believe different things and live differently. It destroys race. You may want to consider the reality of hate that exists between races that adds to the chaos.

  32. ICU says:

    There’s a lot of Hard Left, Communist, jew and BLAK bullshit in (((Big Media))) and in Skoo Diss-riks that is nothing more the Paint Job Theory on Steroids…bemoaning that BLAK yoofs, because they are BLAK, are disparately disciplined for disruptive and criminal misbehavior, despite evidence to the contrary PROVING that the BLAK scum are mostly OUT OF CONTROL, violent and dangerous.
    The little, and often very big, sub-human darlings are often perceived by humans in da skoos and by Da Po-Po to be older than their chronological ages…in human years. This due to past managed natural selection intended to breed bigger, stronger farm equipment; now TOTALLY obsolete and useless…except for turning big rocks into little rocks.
    In Columbus, OH there is a vile Communist bird cage liner, The Free Press, wherein the ridiculous jabbering Commie editor uses the Tamir Rice case as evidence of po BLAK boiz being unjustly mowed down by police gunfire; despite the FACT that the man sized 12 year old rampaging turd was threatening and terrorizing passersby, for low stupid nigger laughs, at a park in the nigger fuxated Hellhole of Cleveland, OH with an Airsoft pistol, orange tip removed, that appeared to be a real firearm.
    When the cops rolled up in response to many 911 call complaints, the systemically dysfunctional Tamir rose from his seat at a picnic table and reached for the gun in his waistband; no doubt still in Nigger Play & Fun Mode while failing in his peanut brain to realize that the cops weren’t playing. This failure to distinguish between Reality and Fantasy got Tamir shootit an awl…an he got da Deff, an sheeit.
    The FACTS of the case not only have been ignored by the Assmonkey editor of The Free Press, they also have been ignored by the niggers and White Cucks that run Cleveland that “settled” with Tamir’s spawner(s) for a YOOOGE pile of cash, for something or other.
    This kind of crap is more widespread than you may know, thanks to the scumbaggery of (((Big Media))).
    Another example of Obongo’s PROMISE nonsense that reduces dah numbahs by not holding juvie scum of color accountable for their actions also applies in the Parkland, FL stage managed whatever the Hell it really was.
    Bet your boots that the surname of “Cruz” was a major factor in NOT doing ANYTHING about that crazy bastard’s threats and psycho misbehavior.
    Civil War 2.0 coming right up…
    because we are certainly NOT voting our way out of this mess.

  33. Barney says:

    A good friend of mine in South Africa (White, of course), who I believe was murdered by obsolete farm equipment some time last November, once told me the niggers chimpout en-masse for no apparent reason, attack any randomly-selected victims, black or brown, and especially the hated Whites, killing with stones, power tools, blow torches, boiling water, anything that comes to hand, then the slaughter ends as suddenly as it started, and the niggers don’t even know what it was all about.

    Just like us under the skin? Just another “race” of “Humans”?

    NO THEY’RE FKN NOT! They’re dangerous wild apes.

    Some of the photos and short videos my friend sent would literally make real Human Beings throw up.

    We don’t let lions and tigers live among us, pretending they’re just big pussy cats, but big cats only hunt for food. Niggers hunt for fun.

  34. Gene says:

    Negro, Roy Davis, Charged With 2 Counts of Murder In Pickax Attack

    Not only is he accused in the stabbing death of a man, but Roy is charged in the pickax murder of 88yr. old John Hautz in a home invasion. Very violent!

    Hey, Negroes will kill you with some unbelievable and unusual weapons won’t they?! I hear they’re real handy with butcher knives, kitchen knives! Just imagine taking a pickax to a human being. I wonder if something provoked Davis or if he just went on some Negro binge. There’s lots more Negro violence, like a door to door home invasion spree, to write about, but I don’t want to bore you.

    Man Charged With 2 Counts of Murder, Including Pickax Death of 88-Year-Old Santa Monica Resident

  35. SpiderIvy says:

    Niggers are ignorant, violent, ignorant, smelly, ignorant, illiterate, ignorant, entitlement-mentalitied, ignorant, racist, ignorant, bigoted, and just plain mentally retarded apes, pigs and dogs. Shoot the fuckers on sight. I’m tired of their crap.

  36. protocolsRtrue says:

    Typical nigger behavior.

    This country is in serious trouble folks. Things are bad enough with the white-hating, racist, bigoted, uncivilized nigger animals wanting to burn this mofo down (bite the hands that feed them) , we got jews dragging in here refuge and dregs from all over the third world shitholedom who hate America and Americans too. It’s all in the protocols, especially getting control of education, from public schools on up and turning them into nothing more than Marxist commie Bolshevik jew lefty libtard indoctrination centers. And that fucking steven hawking died today finally rest in peace (I always say that). I have my doubts about him that he was just another big giant jewish fraud on the world.

  37. Barney says:

    Stephen Hawking. He can’t be blamed for his affliction, but it seems all it takes to become a “genius” (according to zog) is to be physically repulsive and speak through a machine.

    There are those who say he couldn’t possibly have lived this long with that particular affliction, that the previous record was something like 22 years, but somehow he managed to beat that by another 30. The theory seems to be that he died and was replaced, possibly more than once, but we’ve got no way of verifying that.

    Certainly he spoke the kind of crap zog wants us to believe, holes in empty space, a universe that came into being when nothing got bored with not existing, exploded and became everything, crap like that, as if he’d have any way of knowing even if his gibberish were true, or even possible.

    Nothing is nothing ffs! It’s not anything. It’s the absence of anything. It doesn’t exist, so how can it become bored? It’s nothing, so it knows nothing.

    I feel a dead parrot sketch coming on, but the bloke talked such crap that no rational person could have taken him seriously. Genius? Yes, and so is my cat. She’s certainly more intelligent than he was. Even a dead rat knows more about the universe than he did.

    He was useful to zog though, and that’s why he was promoted as knowing everything.

    Perhaps that’s why I could never stand him.

    Oh, go on then. Here it is.

  38. Jason says:

    I cannot believe that guy said “Normal people are awake and this country is not as bad as you make it out to be!”. This my friends…this. It’s called cognitive dissonance. White people really do think we are more evolved now and they are ‘Woke”. What utter nonsense. These brainwashed Whites really think that we are living in the best time ever.
    No, we are living in a hellish parody of when this nation, the USA, was much healthier. These types are completely oblivious to this fact. It makes my blood boil.
    Yes, Blacks are a savage and primitive race no doubt. I grew up around them here in Alabama. I’m 47 years old now and have witnessed them firsthand. They will walk up to stray innocent cats and boot kick them 15 feet into the air and then howl with laughter like it was the funniest thing they had ever seen…I’ve witnessed all sorts of sadistic things with this race over the years. I was not brought up to hate Blacks either…I learned on my own as I grew up from experience.

  39. Patrick says:

    The reason this isn’t reported on the mainstream media is because the mainstream media is fake news. The real news is what the real news has always been, a network of word of mouth information shared by neighbors and passed down from neighbor to neighbor. The mainstream media is a tool of the enemy of the people, the enemy of the people is our own government that parasitizes off of us. The state is the enemy of the people.

  40. guiltfreewhite says:

    That email from “B”, and your commentary following, says it all. Hits the nail on the head, and hits it with sludge hammer force. Whites like “B” are like the borg from star trek.NO amount of facts are going to wake them up. When it comes to the big battle with the blacks, they will not get from them the gratitude they expected, for standing behind them. Americas public schools have done a first class job in brainwashing most whites.

  41. Allen Black says:

    That comment was a negro, pretending to be white….Seen enough of them do it in the comments section of Jewtube to recognize their style of typing, even when, like this one, they try hard to seem white. A white person wouldn’t say “I am a white person”….They would say “I’m a white guy” or some such thing…Whites wouldn’t say they want to meet up and do violence. The REASON our race is in the mess we are in, is because we always seek the non-violent route and try to negotiate unless their is no other option. The guy is also no acquaintance of the victim. If he was, and THATS how they honor their memory, then he was a pretty warped friend.

    But the biggest give away is this….How many times did he mention “His friend”, and how many times did he curse your cause?

    One funny incident over on Jewtube, was when one of these Black He-Bros, whom had been screaming and cussing at my write up about the true Adamic people, changed his name and pic, and tried to tell me he was a white person with 10 years of college and so he KNEW that blacks were the Israelites….What the dumbass didn’t realize is that in notifications, he still came up as his original identity for me and everyone else, so everyone and myself called him out on it. Negros lie….Its what they do when they aren’t feeding their animal lusts…They are the violent 2 handed beasts of the field, used against us as a trojan horse by the Jew, and THAT COMMENT was definitely one of them, brother.

    Personally, I think your a blessing to our people, and to those victims. HE was only freaking out, because these negros are at least smart enough to know that if our people ever come to the truth about the negro, their party is over…Jews know it too, that’s why they hide the black crime the way they do…But whites ARE waking up….And more will wake, if we stay diligent.

    God bless and protect you and yours. Keep up the amazing work…

    Here…I thought you might need a good laugh….African Air Force….Sorta…

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