Black “Culture” is Totally Idiotic Compared To White

Blacks are basically semi-retarded jungle primates who love shiny objects, flashy clothes and drum beats, but who we unfortunately failed to ship back to Africa after the civil war like Mr. Lincoln wanted. Now we got to listen to their stupid rap “music” and race complaining 24/7, while they murder themselves and us decent White people every minute of the day. The only reason why we’re forced to listen to this crap is because of Jews and liberals promoting them all over the airwaves like they’re so great.

By Phillip Marlowe

Haven’t you heard them make a big deal in the media about the most stupid thing involving blacks? The only reason they are acting like that is because blacks are the subject. It’s so obvious the idiotic fawning over this stupid race, that it now makes any of us critical thinking persons sick to our stomachs with this never-ending black bull crap.

I read over at DAILY STORMER about Michelle inviting this little chimplet (who we’re always expected to think as so cute or else you’re a racist) to her office after seeing a picture of the girl standing in front of that idiotic painting of Michelle at the National Portrait gallery. The two then danced around for the cameramen (called in beforehand to get PC propaganda material). Idiot liberals on the Internet apparently went haywire with idiotic joy, or so we’re told by the liberal media who always lie pushing their PC BS.

There was this quote from a libtard site:

The video sent social media into a meltdown, and Chelsea Clinton called it “pure magic” while another Twitter user chimed in and wrote, “THIS WORLD NEEDS MORE WOMEN LIKE MICHELLE OBAMA.”

“Social media meltdown,” yeah, I bet. “Pure magic,” right. Ridiculous.

I saw this just the other day in real life, but have seen it before:

Black guys, when they get a little too excited over some sort of success, will jump up on any convenient object, be it couch, chair, dead body. Grinning like a little monkey, they look back over the shoulder at others in the room while pointing emphatically at their rear ends and exposed underwear as they rudely thrust around like they are copulating with an invisible female or dog. Disgusting.

This appears to be some kind of primate signaling behavior, saying “hey, look at me everybody, I just f**ked the hell out of that shit!” (black verbiage meaning success).

It’s truly bizarre. For (((them))) to be brainwashing and promoting our White race to mate away with these moronic animals has to be like the biggest evil ever perpetrated in the history of the planet.

I always pay close attention whenever I see these animals cavorting around in public. Mostly to watch out for any sign of danger to me or any fellow Whites I admit, but also because I have a certain scientific curiosity. Call it urban anthropology if you want. Blacks really are animal-like and childishly moronic. Pay attention with that in mind and you’ll see them act that way all the time.

Michelle and Obongo boy unveiled their official portraits a couple of weeks ago. I had the opportunity to watch some of this idiot affair on TV. What a laugh. The whole thing was obviously White-hating just under the surface. You can tell how much these militant apes just want to come out and say they hate Whitey.

In fact, the whole race’s existence seems to completely revolve around hating Whitey.

The so-called “artist,” Kehinde Wiley, who was picked for Obama’s portrait, has actually painted black females cutting off the heads of White women while wearing queenly White clothing like they are so regal (see below). What a laugh. But just imagine a White president picking a White artist who painted White people killing blacks. The media would be screaming bloody murder.

I know a fair amount about art and art history (I know my Manet versus Monet), which might explain my sense of design and graphics for my site. Can’t go into details, but I do.

I once met one of the planet’s greatest portrait artists of all time, a White Slavic American guy named Ralph Cowan (who paints presidents and Hollywood elite). He even once painted Donald Trump. The rich globe-trotting artist was drunk as a skunk and hitting on my mother at a neighbor’s fancy cocktail party. He tried to hand me a $100 bill because he mistakenly thought I was another member of his extended family (I was just a teenaged surfer boy at the time). I told him thanks, but no thanks (I should have pocketed the money to spend on “Sheilas”). I promptly fetched away my mother on some pretext which I now forget, who was a bit too toasted and naive for her own good.

Let me just state this right off the bat: Both of the Obama portraits are very, very poor. Embarrassingly so.

The Obama Portraits: Big Time Negro idiocy

The one of Michelle is so bad it practically qualifies as a primitive artist, like Grandma Moses — without the country charm. It doesn’t even look like her, for crying out loud. The skin color is brownish gray in some convoluted intellectualizing of “peeps of color” business. The ridiculously massive dress is supposed to contain hidden messages to the gay community — perhaps a penis wildly enlarged by a bizarre African disease like Elephantitus or some nasty jungle crap the natives always get over there but White do-gooders fly in to help out — all of which our race gets ZERO credit.

The black “artist” who did Obongo is really nothing but a photo realist who puts in a flat complex pattern like a European weaved curtain material in the background as his supposed big signature style. And he even uses low paid Chinese workers to paint in the repetitious part. That’s about all there is to the guy. He also freely rips off long dead White masters (since he’s a black no one is going to say a thing or get accused of racism). Maybe he thinks he’s getting payback for slavery by stealing White stuff.

The guy even put in a hidden spermatozoa on the side of Obama’s head. I’ve looked closely at the image and that’s exactly what he did. Disgusting. But it’s not surprising since the artist is a known faggot. Obama might also be one, for that matter. But to paint semen on the president’s head is completely insane.

I always like it when fools say White people can’t dance or don’t have any “natural rythm.” My White ass. White people totally rule in music and dancing. Check out this kick-ass scene from the 1963 White movie, “The Pink Panther.” Music written by White Italian American music composer, Henry Mancini, and performed by saucy White babe, Fran Jeffries. Sure, Samba is Brazilian, but so what?

And I don’t remember seeing one stinking lousy black stuck in the movie for diversity purposes, either. Also, this particular dance scene was all done in one single take, BTW. Effen’ awesome: Check it!

Don’t forget, this was the decade the great White race took us to the moon, too. You see anything wonderful coming out of stinking Africa back then or even today? Don’t make me laugh. It’s always nothing but starvation, disease and tin-pot dictator revolutions every other week in black countries — if you can even call them countries.

If these stinking black lands were worth a flying flock, then why do African blacks always try to move to White countries? Ever think of that, brainiacs?

I could probably embed dozens, hell, thousands of examples of great White music and dance pieces like the Mancini piece above. Classical, Ballet, Rock and Roll, Bluegrass — you name it. Whites are insanely creative in all the countries we have ever lived.

How about all the great symphonies written by Whites like Mozart and the awesome Ludwig Von (Beethoven)? How about all the great paintings, architecture and sculpture by Whites down the centuries? Or even our fantastic writings and plays? Hell, White civilization has always been real (unlike Wakanda) and beautifully magnificent.

Blacks are child-like, violent apes stupidly trying to act like they are civilized. In a nutshell: Whites are indeed great, while blacks truly suck.

Face facts: Negroes are dumber than hogs.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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31 Responses to Black “Culture” is Totally Idiotic Compared To White

  1. Rosomaha says:

    Obama looks like he is sitting in outhouse chair.

  2. Nationalist says:

    There isn’t much to add to this, everything you say here is entirely true. Black history month, give me a break. Negro cannot maintain even what is given to them. They have no talent of any kind whatsoever. I really have to feel sorry for Whites who are so gullible they have decided to believe these brazen Jewish lies but the vast majority of them end up in a vastly worse condition if they hadn’t decided to get involved with these woolly headed, thick lipped Baboons. Nicole Brown should have had a beautiful White family and be living today and instead got married to that super ugly football playing Ape O.J. Simpson, had some disgusting race mixed babies and ended up being dead and yet despite this and other race mixing disasters so many of our people still don’t get it about Blacks and other third world life forms. All we need is the basic common sense of the past and to maintain it rather than adopting Jewish lies and calling it progress. Having race mixed children and then getting yourself killed is not my idea of progress.

  3. Gene says:

    Fran So Cool – Was In Playboy Twice – Entertainment Far Removed From Black World

    This example VIDEO of entertainment is so far removed from the Negro world.

    Fran Jeffries was in Playboy years ago and then a second time in 82 at age 45 still looking Frantastic!

    Come to think of it, Blacks never came up with compositions like the genius Henry Mancini came up with. The mainslime media emphasizes these ridiculous Black themes too much.

  4. Barney says:

    I couldn’t agree more about beautiful music created by Real Human Beings (White People). No other “race” (species) has ever created anything. No art, no music, no great buildings, nothing resembling a civilisation.

    No beauty at all, and when they manage to lure one on our beautiful White Women into their trap, they despise, defile and destroy her simply because they know they can never become like her, or like us.

    We are hated because they recognise the fact that we are so vastly superior to them in every way, and like any undeveloped species prone to childish tantrums, they want to destroy destroy destroy anything that emphasises their inferiority.

    As for the ape that goes by the name “Michelle”, it’s not even a female monkey, ffs! What was it’s real name? Michael Vaughan or something?

    Just looked it up, and it’s Michael LaVaughn Robinson.

    Obongo is queer, and so is it’s boyfriend. Why pretend otherwise?

    Here’s something I found about a (non-black) queer jew (aren’t all jews queer?).

    In 1983 at Bow St Magistrates Court a certain Charles Lynton was fined £50 for attempted soliciting in city toilets, the police notes were to disappear later along with several prior verbal warnings, Charles Lynton was at university well known as ‘Miranda’ a promiscuous cross dresser who played a guitar badly. Charles Lynton is Tony Blair’s middle names …

    Niggers, queers, kikes, they’re all the same, and they all have to go if Real Human Beings are to have a future.

  5. oldranger68 says:

    A few years ago I chose to Homeschool my grandchildren to insure they received as much of a Jeffersonian education as was possible. Every February (Black History Month) I would concentrate on teaching them White History. My textbook for the history was Arthur Kemp’s ‘March of the Titans’ and I made them study the story of the White migration and poetry of Porus Homi Havewala’s ‘Saga of the Aryan Race’. On Martin Luther King (Marchin’ Lootin’ Killin’) day we celebrated General Robert E. Lee’s birthday and we made no secret of it.
    The greatest lessons, though, were not any of those, although they loved studying about how the ancient Egyptians were white and not mud (DNA backs it up and the genes don’t lie), and they loved the courage of the white warriors of 20,000 years ago. Their favorite lessons were debunking the myths that niggers ever invented anything.
    Like I told them: it has been said that if you leave a roomful of Chimpanzees in a room with a typewriter long enough they will write the great American novel, but you must understand that the Chimpanzee is smarter than the average nigger.

  6. Whitepride says:

    Niggers have no rwdemming qualities! Black bastards are ugly, criminal, savage ape bastards! May all niggers go to HELL!!!

  7. Tony says:

    Excellent article Incogman! I am personally so sickened with the state of Jew Negro celebrating that I choose to tune them out 100% and avoid the groid like its my job. If I go somewhere to eat and I see one I turn around and leave. If I had it my way I would have every last knuckle dragger shipped from the USA and Europe straight to Israel. Problem solved! Seriously, when will White men finally have enough of this tired Jew game? I see an awakening taking place thankfully. The Jew is slipping by being too cocky, bold, and ever daring in pushing the envelope of mass immorality. He will suffer the same fate he has suffered hundreds of times before.

  8. Karen says:

    I find it offensive that Phillip Marlowe would insult and degrade animals everywhere. Who are you Mr. Marlowe to pass judgement on creatures (and God loves them all!) as diverse as the stealthy tiger, the noble wolf, the life loving dolphin, the stoic elephant, the chattering budgeria ?!?! To insinuate that they are clueless and irresponsible?!?! They are attuned to their respective environments to a degree that would make a man blush at his own blindness. They care for their young to a degree that would make a woman hang her head in shame. They have survived for millenia never outstepping the bounds of Nature, threatened now to extinction because of human greed and hubris, and to add insult to injury you dare compare them to this…..

  9. Karen says:

    Dance, a subject dear to my heart, seriously. I studied dance (ballet) for 8 years only to be told that I was too short at 5’4″ to be accepted into a troupe. Seeing as Mr. Marlowe brought up the subject I’m going to run with it and show what a load of shit importing “diversity” is. – Scottish – Spanish – Russian – Irish – German – Ukrainian
    My personal favourite…sigh….

  10. Gene says:

    There Are No White People In These Gun Violence Protestors Photos – Please Notice!

    Does it seem strange that they have these photos of so many people of color protesting and not one White person is in it? Does it tell you where the problem is coming from? It’s like the mainslime media rules out the Whites like we are not here and don’t matter.

    ‘Enough is enough’: US students walk out over gun violence

    and in this one the White people, if they are there are in the back.

  11. Tom says:

    A political soldier knows when to hold his fire. He never panics nor indulges his emotions. He looks at the big picture and knows more effort will be needed later on. He works for the interests of his own kind even when they appear not to appreciate them. Protecting one’s own kind is partially an act of self-interest since it is only they would will ever help you. An alone white man is a dead white man. A political soldier knows he is “doing something” when he reduces his economic debt and avoids breaking the law. He manages his life so that he has free time and this time should be free of rap-crap and all the other omnipresent non-white influences. Gradually he will meet other whites who are doing the same thing and then the zone of freedom can be enlarged. He must always be prepared for no one knows when, nor whom, the fates will assign a task. The masses can never be reached by “spreading the word”. There has never been one historical case where this was so. Only events wake up the herd and when they wake up, someone must be there to seize the reigns of leadership. In the meantime, let the great unwashed do the work for you – let them riot when the power goes down. Let them perform all of the illegal acts and thus make your position stronger. Do not oppose ZOG for it is doing a better job of alienating white people than could any so-called white organization. ZOG will soon teach people more about electricity shortages than could any destruction of a power plant. Read, study and learn all you can. Read the enemy’s periodicals to learn what they are up to. Don’t waste your time with academic debates nor bother with college newspapers for they are 100% red and kosher. Forget your congressman and talk show hosts. They are all prostitutes and whores have never been of any value beyond what they do best. Improve yourself and become a white man other white people can respect and trust. Make sure you do not forget those who are your enemies – those who work against the interests of your white nation – for that knowledge will be called upon when accounts must be settled. Keep your powder dry and above all – be patient. The winds of change are becoming more brisk.
    Do not be a ‘lone wolf’. ZOG loves lone wolves. ZOG knows more about political warfare that do we. We must learn that ZOG hates organizations and that’s why all pro-white organizations come under fire. If they don’t, then they should be questioned. An organization must, for the present, be one of kindredness, a spirituality, so to speak – nothing formal nor in writing. A man alone is not an effective man. Know that friendship has always been a very small unit. Strive to have personal, and informal, meetings where events may be discussed. Be wary of the “girl friend” hazard. These meetings should not be conducted in an atmosphere of “party time”. A large percent of females are not idealistic and adopt whatever political views her partner has at the time. If she is rubbed the wrong way, a 180 degree turn could be expected. I am not condemning all women, but once sex enters a political activity, disaster always follows. The newspapers are full of any proof you may need. Be a comrade. Be patient. Keep your powder dry. This cosmic war is not a computer game and many drones will soon learn.

  12. Littleberry says:

    Very sound advice, Tom – your post should be read by all whites who are getting their eyes opened.

  13. Tom says:

    How can the negro be descended from the ape when no ape possesses the hair structure found on negros? Negro hair has no cortex as does the hair of all simians plus white and yellow people. Is it that the negro was the forbidden fruit of Genesis? And that he is a special creature devised to test the mettle of God’s humans? Don’t ask your local preacher for he is probably a Marxist and a yidophile.

    • JimB says:

      Hair structure similarity or not, they sure do look and act almost exactly like monkeys… in a variety of ways.

      Biological Reality:

    • Matt says:


      If you believe God and the bible. Blacks are suppose to be the lowest of slaves to the white descendants of Japheth.

      Genesis 9:24

      “Cursed be Canaan!
      The lowest of slaves
      will he be to his brothers.”

      Right there 100% positive proof, God doesn’t believe in equality for the blacks.

      Genesis 9:27

      May God extend Japheth’s territory;
      may Japheth live in the tents of Shem,
      and may Canaan be the slave of Japheth.”

      Satan and the Jews believe in equality. Satan thought he would be God’s equal, and it got him and a third of the booted from heaven and cast to hell.

      Listen to Satan and the Jews and you’ll get the same result.

    • Antidote says:

      The Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Australoid are descended from Early Modern Humans and either Neanderthal and/or Denisovan. The Negroid is descended from early Modern Human and something else—nobody knows exactly what–perhaps Ergaster or Erectus.
      The hair is unique. I once read a description from an early physical anthropologist who said, “No other mammal has similar hair.”
      I never believed in racial equality; I never believed bl@ck is beautiful; never believed they were a sleeping giant of creative power—but I don’t hate them, I just hate being around them.

  14. JimB says:

    Good article, and I always look forward to your stuff, Mr. Marlowe… but you ought to ease up on the Andrew Anglin-ish “humor”. It’s pretty immature. Not that you (and even he) doesn’t make some salient points, because you do… but… not all of us are “Millennials” or “Gen-Z”. Not meaning to offend ya, man. Like I said, I always look forward to your articles. But surely there’s a balance you can find, somewhere between Andrew-Anglin-silliness and Kevin-Strom-sobriety? Maybe not…

  15. Morris Deeds says:

    A Very Jewish Scandal: The Newmark Affair as Paradigm of Jewish Corruption
    by Tobias Langdon:

    Jeremy Newmark, ex-JLC, ex-JLM:

    Jewish scandals are like earthquakes: sooner or later, another is bound to strike. Sometimes they shake giant companies and reputations to the ground. Think of Robert Maxwell in the United Kingdom and Bernie Madoff in the United States. But there’s also a very big difference between Jewish scandals and earthquakes. Respectable academics are allowed to analyse and describe earthquakes in as much detail as they like. Everyone agrees that we need to understand earthquakes better and reduce the harm they do. Ideally, we’d like to prevent them altogether.

    Pattern recognition is forbidden

    But respectable academics are not allowed to analyse and describe Jewish scandals in any serious detail. The scandals can’t even be given their correct racial label. To respectable opinion, Maxwell and Madoff were mega-fraudsters who just happened to be Jewish. Nothing more can be said. No racial, cultural and psychological patterns can be recognized, no preventative measures proposed. And so Jewish scandals will continue to strike. The latest in the United Kingdom centres on a Jewish activist called Jeremy Newmark, who has resigned as chair of the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) after being accused of “theft and embezzlement” during his earlier time at the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC):

    More below:

  16. Gene says:

    Another Good, Hot Airgun At 500 fps Is Inexpensive

    In keeping with my recommendations of CO2 pistols, Daisy has an excellent little inexpensive model called the Powerline Unisex 415, meaning I guess it is for either sex. It shoots a smoking 500 feet per second with a full CO2 cartridge, is fairly light compared to other guns, and holds 21 rounds as fast as you can pull the trigger. Warning, these higher powered airguns are definitely not toys and not for little kids. They require adult supervision or a very responsible person.

    Only thing I find on the negative side of this inexpensive pistol is the magazine is embedded in the gun and not removable, so you can’t just drop the empty clip and put a full one in, but at this price lots of folks can probably afford two or more of them at $27.93 and up. It’s just about the hardest hitting CO2 pistol for the money.

    or just put Daisy Unisex Powerline 415 Pistol in the search engine and you’ll find it.

    I still like the Makarov a great deal and it is hard hitting, too. After putting 50 rounds through it, will still penetrate at least one side of a heavy Progresso Soup can and heavily dent – tear the backside! So it’s really economical on CO2 powerlets. It has the weight, heft, and look of a real gun and is one of the only guns in it’s price range with a working external hammer so you can cock it single action and fire it or just pull the trigger double action.

    Be sure to keep a real firearm in every household, away from kids, but accessible.

  17. Barney says:

    Be careful discussing weapons though. Exchanging information on cheap and effective weaponry, as Gene does, is a good thing in that he’s telling people what’s available.

    The danger comes when people say which weapons they’ve got. Unfortunately we can’t even get defensive weapons over here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again), and we can even be “arrested” (kidnapped by zog) for carrying legitimate tools such as screwdrivers.

    Always remember though that zog monitors the internet, especially “dissident” sites such as IncogMan, and I seriously doubt that we’d be safer if we went over to the “dark web”, which was probably created by zog to give the illusion of security.

    Whatever we say anywhere on the internet, even in “private” e-mails, we’re also saying to the enemy, so to tell us what weaponry you might have is to tell zog what to look for when the house to house searches start.

    “Loose lips sink ships”. We’re in a war for our survival. Never forget that. By all means discuss what weaponry is available, and which is suitable in various situations, but the less zog knows about what weaponry anyone here might actually own, the better.

    I know the enemy passes unconstitutional “licensing laws” (which are completely unlawful), but if anyone here has any “secret” (=unregistered) weaponry, keep it to yourself. Don’t talk about to anyone.

  18. Gene says:

    Amen, Barney – The Sewer Called England Gradually Took Away Gun Rights Until….

    We know what happened to England from Phil Luty’s website,

    It wasn’t bad enough that they incarcerated Luty, but he developed cancer and soon died. The gave him something like 8 years prison time just for constructing the website, not for actually constructing firearms!

    Please read:

    A Threat to Freedom of Speech in England by Philip A. Luty

    A Horror Story from England by “Musket Mike” of Montana

    A Brief History of British Gun Control (or, How to Disarm the Law Abiding Populace by Stealth) by P.A. Luty

    Locked up just before Open Heart Surgery for Downloading Mr Luty’s eBook by Clifford Rutley

    It looks like the British police were or are actually tracing who downloaded the material from the website so they could go over and arrest them. The U.S. is getting a lot like the U.K. with these gun control measures. Why don’t they ban the deadly vaccinations and big pharma-whore instead of banning guns. Ban the things that make people use guns irresponsibly.

    Notice how everything is translated into terrorism terms. If people are armed, however, the terrorist lose! Luty was charged with wording such as “MADE A RECORD OF INFORMATION THAT COULD ASSIST TERRORISTS”. Everything must be transferred to terrorism, you know. This gives the Home Office total control over the people and is wrong.

    I honestly hope and pray that the British people hunt down every member of the “North East Counter Terrorism Unit” in their homes and destroy them. It would serve them right. The piece of $hit “North East Counter Terrorism Unit”, ha what a piece of $hit! Ha, the “North East Counter Terrorism Unit” pieces of damn $hit!!!!! What a bunch of crap. If the U.S. isn’t careful it will wind up like Merry (not) Old England piece of $hit!!!!

    • Littleberry says:

      I always thought “Merry Old England” referred to that period (1290 – 1690) when the kingdom was devoid of jews – do I have that wrong? Once jews got back in there was little to be merry about – no?

  19. Barney says:

    Thanks for those links, Gene. I’ve just finished reading them, and I’ll bookmark the site.

    I’d never heard of Philip Luty, but now I understand why metal plumbing has become a thing of the past. Plastic pipe and push fittings would be completely useless to anyone hoping to build a firearm. I’d like to download that e-book, but not to my own computer. If I do get it, it will be done anonymously at some internet cafe.

    Perhaps I’ll download the entire website, as I did with both of Ed Steele’s, and with Birdman Bryant’s. Linux makes that kind of thing easy if the site itself isn’t too big to download.

    For any Linux users, here’s the terminal command I used.

    wget -r -p -e robots=off

    To make that more specific, for the home gunsmith site it would be

    wget -r -p -e robots=off

    The spaces are important, so it’s worth using copy and paste. I’m not sure now what the “switches” (-r -p and -e) represent, but I’m sure a bit of Googling would clarify things – or just use it as it is.

    Don’t try downloading the BBC or Youtube. Life’s too short and no storage device could handle them. For example, I heard a few years ago, that one day‘s uploads to Youtube would have a playing time of ten years! Even IncogMan’s site would take a long time and (probably) fill most people’s hard drive.

    Britain has been under jew rule since the traitor Cromwell invited them here during the 1600s to overthrow (and kill) the king and establish the treasonous Bank (not) of England, which happened in 1694.

    Only niggers and jews are allowed guns over here, but we’ll find a way of defeating the devil’s vermin once we have the numbers, and I suspect that isn’t very far into the future now, thanks mainly to the internet plus growing anger at what zog is shoving in our faces every day.

    • Matt says:


      God has an order, but the civilized world has been given over to (((Babylon))). These (((children))) of Satan have to much control and control of money for decent people to stop.

      They’re (((murderers and liars))).

      But God can and will stop them, we as people need to look God, and seek him earnestly and then God will stop the (((children))) of Satan.

  20. Gene says:

    Arrested 5/20/09 – Died April 8, 2011 – Developed Cancer of Esophagus Immediately Upon Imprisonment

    I may have overstated his sentence as it says he was given 4 years plus a year, but like Jack Ruby, who developed a quick cancer, Phil Luty, author of The, developed cancer of the esophagus soon after entering prison and died in 2011, so he did not even finish his sentence. I think they killed this guy to get him out of the way. He believed in freedom of speech and held that it was his right to publish The

    He may or may not have actually constructed a machine gun and I cannot find the information on it, but the government of England sent him up for the website for sure. They don’t allow freedom of speech over there.

    England, and Parliament deserve to experience a knock down, drag out revolution where the people can reassert their power! They need to knock off about half or more lords and such of Parliament and leave the rest and the Queen to shake in their boots, the bloody bastards!

    Look how they ignore the people who live there to import all the Islamists and all, just pitiful.

  21. Barney says:

    Very true, Gene, and we’re not even allowed to say anything that could be interpreted as criticism of other races, queers, jews or any other group zog decides to inflict on us.

    We don’t even have to say anything to be automatically “guilty” of a thought-crime. All it takes is for a queer, nigger, mud, jew or any other sub-Human or non-Human to claim that there was “something about me” that made it “feel uncomfortable” and I’m off to the gulag after a show trial in a kangaroo court where zog has publically stated that truth is no defence!

    Whether or not it’s considered a “hate-crime” (=thought-crime) is determined entirely by the stated opinion of the so-called “victim”, meaning the accuser, but only normal White People can be thought-criminals.

    Queers call themselves and each other queers all the time, but woe betide any normal (White) person who dares to use that word.

    Niggers call themselves and each other “nigga” all the time, but no White person dares to call them that.

    All of these “protected” groups insult Normal White People all the time, but if we dare to use a “forbidden word” – or even if we’re falsely accused of disliking vermin, it’s off to the gulag with no possibility of a fair trial.

    There’s a lot of anger building, but it’s not happening quickly enough, and most of it is being directed at moslems (they hate that spelling) in order to divert our attention from the (((real))) bastards that are bringing all these “rapefugees” here.

  22. Luna says:

    Ship all those niggers to their magical Apedom Wakanda!

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