Christ Himself Fought These Stinking Hypocrites


By Phillip Marlowe

THE POOR AND humble thronged in from all over the countryside, anxious to catch a glimpse of the Galilean called Yeshua. As the crowd pushed forward, they sometimes stumbled over each another — everyone excitedly hoped they might get close enough to witness another miracle, or just hear the man speak out His ringing words of Truth — words these people understood and felt so true deep down.

The crowd could now see Him up on a rocky hillside standing like a beacon among a small group of men and women. It seemed like thousands had already gathered around below. “How will we hear Him from here?” A woman cried plaintively. Someone nearby answered: “You will hear Him, don’t worry, everything He says will carry far to those with ears to hear.”

The man called Yeshua saw all the people trying to get close. He knew he must soon speak out to settle them, or some may get hurt. In those distant times, the slightest injury could later mean a painful death by runaway infection.

Yeshua looked back to his disciples and said: “Before the multitude start trodding upon another, let me say to you the most important thing first…”

“…Beware the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.”

–Luke, 12:1

This hypocrisy is staring you in the face right this very day. Read on should you have any guts left and truly understand deep down what is right and what is wrong.

This statement of Jesus to his disciples was written down by Luke, around 60 AD (about 27 years after the crucifixion). Luke was a close companion to Saint Paul and certainly spoke to actual people who had real-life face-to-face contact with Jesus and witnessed the crucifixion. Luke was born a “Pagan” Gentile who spoke Aramaic and could also write in Greek and Latin; his long, untitled letters to a Roman official named Theophilus make up two of the most beautiful books in the Bible: The Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles.

Luke may or may not have had access to a document actually written during the time of Jesus, many parts of which appear in the other Gospels. This was called the “Q-source,” an abbreviation of the German word “quelle,” meaning source. It would be much like someone today having a book written by a real witness to big events back in the 1980’s, and then paraphrasing from that book in a letter to a friend today. Back in those days, there was no where people could get books quickly, nor were printed books like we know them today even in existence.

Some people make the ridiculous claim that Jesus never even existed. But we have concrete archaeological evidence about some of those spoken about in the Gospels. In 1961, an inscribed stone plaque was discovered in Caesaria, on the coast of the Mediterranean, with the name of Pontius Pilate (right). In 1990, they found the funeral ossuaries for the family of Caiaphas, the hateful Pharisee who happily turned Jesus Christ over to Pilate and the Romans for a brutal execution. This was a man who looked into Jesus’ eyes on the day they nailed Him to the cross.

It would be extremely difficult to believe Jesus’ followers would invent Him, while at the very same time getting hunted down and violently persecuted by the Judahite Pharisee power matrix, desperate to silence this new break-away faith. Saint Paul was originally a Jew named Saul of Tarsus, hired by the Sanhedrin to uncover members of the Christian sect for mortal punishment, until he had an epiphany (one with enormous historical implications) when the spirit of Jesus spoke to him and blinded him temporarily outside the Damascus Gate.

People might know a little about the Jews having Jesus crucified, but few also realize that the Jews mercilessly persecuted these early Christian believers. James the Just, Jesus’ half brother (widower Joseph probably had children before accepting the pregnant Virgin Mary as his wife), was thrown off a building and stoned to death by a Jerusalem Jewish mob, incited by the Pharisees in 62 CE.

So, we can be sure these writers were speaking about real people and real events. Now, we can also be reasonably certain that not everything has come down to us completely verbatim, but we can safely assume the critical concepts of Jesus and at least some of the wordage has survived. The hypocrisy statement uttered by Jesus to His disciples before He turned to the multitude, is an excellent candidate, for it is short, powerful and memorable.

When Jesus spoke about leaven — also called yeast — He gave hypocrisy a ringing metaphor just as true now as it was back then. Maybe more so with the power of TV to brainwash and trick our people. Consider this insightful explanation in view of matters going on today:

1. It may exist without being immediately detected. Leaven mixed in flour is not known until it produces its effects.

2. It is insinuating. Leaven will soon pervade the whole mass. So hypocrisy will, if undetected and unremoved, soon pervade all our exercises and feelings.

3. It is swelling. It puffs us up, and fills us with pride and vanity. No man is more proud than the hypocrite, and none is more odious to God. When Jesus cautions them to beware of “the leaven of the Pharisees,” he means that they should be cautious about imbibing their spirit and becoming like them. The religion of Jesus is one of sincerity, of humility, of an entire want of disguise. The humblest man is the best Christian, and he who has the least disguise is most like his Master.

Barnes notes on the Bible

Most decent people know all this deep down inside. Pride is rightfully thought of as the base sin of mankind, easily the source to everything else bad in the human condition, like Greed and Envy. Few people, if any, are immune to these insidious human fallacies.

Now these people pridefully say they get their belief system from the Talmud, which was directly passed down from the Pharisees to Babylon after the insurrections against Rome in 70AD and 130AD. This same Talmudic belief system made it’s way to the Khazars in the north and on to Alexandria, Egypt and on into the Western countries.

And it doesn’t matter one whit who these people really are genetically; they could be the Ashkenazi Khazars of Asiatic origin, or some bastard mixture of races, probably even real Semites from the region once called Israel. But whatever the case may be, make no mistake — by their beliefs and actions today they are not the Israelites of yore like they want you to think, nor are they blessed by any divine, Godly spirit.

Evil Liars and Hypocrites

JEW HYPOCRITE MONTAGE MAIN ARTIn a despicable display of unnecessary vengeful pride, the “Jewish” State of Israel bombed, shelled and machine-gunned the Palestinians of Gaza in 2009, killing 1400 virtually defenseless non-Jews, like the little Palestinian girl above buried dead in the rubble of her home (they did it again in 2013 and 2015). Arrogant Eastern European Jews rushed to hilltops from nice homes built on land stolen outright from these poor people, including “men of God” rabbis (like the three orthodox ones above), to enjoy the show and blasphemously deem it an “act of God.” Most of the weaponry used by the Israelis to kill these people, including burning phosphorous shells (a war crime), were paid for by us American taxpayers.

JEW HATE IN ISRAEL MONTAGEMost Americans are clueless of what goes on over there, since the bastards control our media over here. Jews have treated the Palestinians like dogs from day-one. Say one thing, and the hypocrites call you the big Nazi! Trouble is, American Whites have been totally brainwashed with PC to get “the real deal” with these Jews.

Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, with the least semblance of morality and decency left, knows the actions of these people today are plainly evil. Doesn’t take a theology degree or whatever mumbo-jumbo some pseudo TV preacher might try to explain down to us about “Judeo-Christianity.” And you really don’t even have to be a mean old man religious type to feel this strongly.

These people know deep down that what they do is indeed evil (see photo montage above). That’s why they work so hard to silence those of us who stand up and speak out about their behavior today. They can’t summon real facts to combat what we say, so they resort to lies, slander and even outright censorship in a country that supposedly considers “free speech” a God-given right.

And they know well we are in the right, but it frightens them that others may soon come to the same conclusions.

They try to get the uninformed and gullible to simply dismiss us as “anti-Semites” and “extremists” merely because they deem us so. This tired line of bull is rapidly falling on deaf ears, thankfully. These people are morally bankrupt, not just for what they do to the Palestinians, but for their own personal behavior back in the countries of the West — countries they continually undermine for their own benefit and the detriment of White people.

Religious or not, anyone who stands up to these people is doing the right thing. Of that much I am quite certain.

The Acts of The Hypocrites

JEW HYPOCRITE MONTAGE 3Ever wonder why they talk about Catholic priest pedophiles all the time in the media? Because they can, that’s why. Ever since they got the Romans to crucify him and Christianity became big among the pagans, Jews hate Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic church. But they sure as hell won’t say one damn word about all the sleaze-bucket rabbis (or let the media report much if at all possible). If this is how the orthodox Jews behave, just imagine the secular majority!

Let us continue with that so important first paragraph of Luke’s Chapter 12. Words that will prove themselves out in the next few years, no matter how much the Globalist, holohoaxing Jews try to stop it.

2For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.

3Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.

4And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.

Truth will always win out in the end — just may take a while. Whatever lies and hidden conspiracies of these evil people will eventually see the light of day (like 9/11 and the lies of the holocaust). All of us need to shout out about these things on the rooftops (or Internet) to everyone we know — might be a little hard sometimes, but it’s a lot a better than what might come if we don’t!

And the last line of the paragraph should steel you if that happens and they get their hands on you. Just smile pleasantly at the lying hypocrites no matter what they might do to your body, should you find yourself in the belly of the beast (like Jonah in the whale).

Let’s also look at this passage from John 8:44. Although more complicated than you might think, basically Jesus is telling the Jewish power structure they have now become descendants of Satan, willing to lie and murder. And we do see that today — in spades.

Ye are of [your] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Jesus tells them His Father is not the same as their father. He knows the Judahite power structure is seeking his death and proceeds to castigate them for wanting to kill Him. He tells them that by rejecting His truth and His Father, these Jews have now opened themselves to falsehoods, lying and the same evil force that seeks the destruction of man and the Son of Man, for rejecting Satan’s offer of worldly power in the desert.

Actual screen capture made by your’s truly from the ADL website years ago. A poisonous, flaming snake is coming out of a Star of Satan logo. The hypocrite liars have long since removed it, realizing us Goyim out here are now getting it about their evil arrogance. They can’t have us connect up scripture with their modern day hypocrisy!

The same could be said of Mathew 12:34 too, where Jesus calls the Pharisees “a den of vipers.” It is said that Kabbalistic Jews use the sign of the serpent as a symbol of the “lying lip.” Curiously, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) once used a demonic-looking serpent and Star of David (or Rothschild) logo on their website glorifying their fight against us evil White “bigots” (the hypocrites never, ever say a word about black racism) and “anti-Semitism” — which is the main thing, really. Their “fight” is only in the suppression and intimidation of White gentiles.*

Do I know the Jews are controlled by a demonic spirit called Satan? Of course not. There is no way I, or anyone else living that I know of, can truly say for sure. Nor can we know exactly what Jesus might say for this or that nowadays. The only thing we have to go on is what’s before us and what we know in our hearts to be good and true.

But it is certain that America is now under the control of morally bankrupt people, willing to do evil things and corrupted by money powers obviously made up of Zionist, International Jewry. And they are indeed purveyors of total hypocrisy!

How else can we explain how Israel gets away with what it does in the world? How else can we explain the never-ending wars in the Mideast and how the media purposefully hides Israeli atrocities from the public? What other explanation covers everything from 9/11 to the NWO; financial scams from the Fed to Wall Street and International banking; the purposeful flooding of our own lands with a multitude of ethnic groups; to the continuous moral turpitude and cultural destructions unleashed upon our countries and race?

Consider the prideful ways of these rabbis and their acolytes over the last two thousand years. Do they not continuously reinterpret the Talmud to justify the sins of their race and boast of their intellectual superiority among each other and sometimes even of God himself?

And have not the teachers of this race gone forth and told their soldiers to feel no guilt as they mercilessly slay non-Jews — men, women and children — whom they call Amalek, ancient enemies to the Jewish race?

Why do these people persist in calling themselves the “Chosen Ones” and the “Light Upon Nations” when their actions so clearly betray them?

False prophet “Bishop” John Hagee is obviously a paid-agent of the Zionists — like so many fooled Christians and politicians in the USA. None of us dare speak out against these evil Jews since the bastards now pretty much own the country!

Consider, too, the slew of “Christian” False Prophets who have long infested the American airwaves, preaching us to support Israel, while totally ignoring the evils the Zionists do to their fellow man. Hypocrites, totally. These corpulent con-men continually harangue the poor people of our country for money so they can live high on the hog. You see them glad-handing Israeli big shots as they spend lavish vacations with their families and hanger-ons in the Holy Land — land violently cleared and stolen from the poor Palestinians of the countryside.

These pompous fools will soon meet the same end as the rest!

The facts are indisputable anymore. The White race and our countries are now being turned inside out in a long-running agenda by powerful, but publicly hidden Jew hypocrites, intent on elevating their race into the masters of the planet, by any means necessary. This evil ambition must be stopped, should we wish Christianity, White people, or even common decency to survive.

It is up to each one of us. I hope my words are enough for you to look into all this and get on the stick. Trust me, the media dares not touch anything to do with Jews with a 10,000 foot pole.

I will fight these people with words now in the homes, on street corners and over the Internet. If need be, should my Constitutional rights be stolen by them and their Zionist corrupted agents, I will fight them with force of arms, alongside my brothers and sisters — house-to-house, in the streets, forests and fields until we succeed, and these evil hypocrite’s stranglehold upon our nations is broken.

This I will do even if I might not survive, ending-up dead on the ground with my still smoking 9 mike-mike gripped tightly in my cold, lifeless hand.

They shall never silence me as long as a breath animates my body and I still have a round left in the magazine!

— Phillip Marlowe

* It is clear from the New Testament that the Jewish power structure of the time, the Sanhedrin, WERE TOTALLY responsible for forcing the Romans to execute Jesus. And following the crucifixion, they mercilessly persecuted the early Christian worshippers all over Israel, Syria and Rome. Additionally, the Jewish Talmud contains “virulent hate speech” about Jesus being the son of a whore, a magician from Egypt and is now boiling in excrement in hell. They even gleefully brag it was really the Jews who did the execution, and not the Romans, by strangling Jesus to death in the trash heap of Gomorrah!

But they sure go crazy whenever we say one damn thing, now don’t they?

Today, the Jews are doing everything they can to shut up the Goyim from saying one word about whatever they do, including what the Sanhedrin once did to Jesus Christ. Witness this grovelling apology letter from Glenn Beck to Abe Foxman proudly published on the ADL website HERE (for some ridiculously minor on-air comment the Chosenites deemed a “transgression”). Sickening.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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44 Responses to Christ Himself Fought These Stinking Hypocrites

  1. Barney says:

    Here in airstrip one, just about any word can be taken as “proof” of anti-septic-ism, and anyone can accuse us of wrongthink with the absolute certainty of getting a conviction.

    To be accused of a thought-crime is to be convicted. Zog-UK long ago stated publically that “truth is no defence”, and their enforcers, the pole-lice recently authored a document stating that anyone can accuse us of “hate” (notice they never use the word “hatred”, which would be more grammatically correct), whether they were present at the supposed “incident” or not.

    I can be accused (and therefore automatically convicted) of a thought-crime if my accuser says I made him/her/it “feel uncomfortable” in any way, even where there is no interaction, and zog’s enforcers are forbidden to question anyone making such an accusation.

    We’ve known it for a long time, but it’s now been made official policy. To be accused is to be automatically “guilty” with no defence permitted, and the thought-police are now forbidden to look for evidence. To be accused is to be convicted in zog’s kangaroo courts.

    If we can’t already empathise with (the fictitious) Winston and Julia, it won’t be long before “dissidents” like us find out exactly how they would have felt just before (and after) being carted off to the ministry of love.

    My accuser doesn’t even need to have seen me doing – or more likely not doing – whatever I’m accused of. If some piece of (better say “excrement”) sitting in his/her/it’s living room says he/she/it thinks I might have committed a thought-crime, I’m off to the gulag and my accuser doesn’t even have to appear in court to repeat the allegations.

    What’s the betting most such accusations will come from the thought-police themselves?

    As in Orwell’s book, there is no longer any law, just “the guilty” and the rest, with the greatest “crime” being to be a member of the Noble White Race.

    Andrew Anglin has a good video on the Daily Stormer explaining this better than I can, but the “watch on jewtube” link doesn’t work.

    As for the lunacy of “judeo” Christianity, here’s a direct download link to a .pdf e-book on the subject. It’s attributed to Helen Peters, who promoted the book, but my understanding (which could be wrong) is that she didn’t actually write it, the real author preferring to remain anonymous.

    • J.R. says:

      some of the jews say the real meaning of the Union Jack is a celebration of a union of the twelve tribes of israel in the jews’ new promised land of Great Britain, after their expulsion by Edward I and re-entry under Cromwell; and that it was secretly named for the jews’ patriarch Jacob whose name is shortened to “Jack” and was named israel by God, in the biblical book of Genesis.

      One of the prototypes of the Union Jack after the death of Cromwell in 1658 was a flag of the Commonwealth featuring the royal harp of Ireland, aka the harp of israel’s singer and psalmist King David…

      Jews say the royal harp of Ireland has celebrated what has been the Davidic pedigree of the Kings of Ireland, since at least as early as the so-called Dark Ages…

  2. Barney says:

    Found the video on jewtube. It’s by Mark Collett, whoever he is.

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    Precepts of the talmud. May as well scroll down to chapter 2 and get the worse news before the bad news. This is the jewish religion taght and raised from birth.



    From what has been shown thus far, it is clear that, according to the teaching of the Talmud, Christians are idolaters and hateful to Jews. As a consequence, every Jew who wishes to please God has a duty to observe all the precepts which were given to the Fathers of their race when they lived in the Holy Land concerning the idolatrous gentiles, both those who lived amongst them and those in nearby countries.

    A Jew is therefore required to (1) To avoid Christians; (2) To do all he can to exterminate them.



    Jews are required to avoid all contact with Christians for four reasons: (1) Because they are not worthy to share in the Jewish way of life; (2) Because they are unclean; (3) Because they are idolators; (4) Because they are murderers.

    Article I. – Christians Must Be Avoided – Because They Are Unworthy to Share Jewish Customs

    A Jew, by the fact that he belongs to the chosen people and is circumcized, possesses so great a dignity that no one, not even an angel, can share equality with him. In fact, he is considered almost the equal of God. “He who strikes an Israelite” says Rabbi Chanina “acts as if he slaps the face of God’s Divine Majesty.”
    A Jew is always considered good, in spite of certain sins which he may commit; nor can his sins contaminate him, any more than dirt contaminates the kernel in a nut, but only soils its shell. A Jew alone is looked upon as a man; the whole world is his and all things should serve him, especially “animals which have the form of men.”
    Thus it is plain that they regard all contact with Christians as contaminating and as detracting from their dignity. They are therefore required to keep as far away as possible from all who live and act as Christians do.

    In Gittin (62a) it says:
    “A Jew must not enter the home of a Nokhri on a feast day to offer him greetings. However, if he meets him on the street, he may offer him a greeting, but curtly and with head bowed.”

    In Iore Dea (148, 10) it says:
    “A Jew must not return the greeting of a Christian by bowing before him. It is good, therefore, to salute him first and so avoid having to answer him back if the Akum salutes him first.”
    Rabbi Kohana says that when a Jew salutes a Christian he should say “Peace to my Lord,” but intend this for his own Rabbi. For the Tosephtoth says: “For his heart was turned towards his own Rabbi.”

    In Choschen Hammischpat (26,1) it says:
    “A Jew is not permitted to bring his case before Akum judges, even if the matter is judged by the decisions of Jewish law, and even if both parties agree to abide by such decisions. He who does so is impious and similar to one who calumniates and blasphemes, and who raises his hand against the Law given us by Moses, our great law-giver. Hagah says ‘The Bethin has the power to excommunicate such a one until he releases his Jewish brother from the hands of the Gentile.'”

    In Choschen Ham. (34, 19) it says:
    “A Goi or a servant is not capable of acting as a witness.”

    In Iore Dea (112, 1) it says:
    “The Elders forbade the eating of the bread of the Akum, lest we would seem to be familiar with them.”
    And in Abhodah arah (35b) it says:
    “The following things belonging to the Goim are forbidden: Milk which a Goi takes from a cow, in the absence of a Jew; also their bread, etc.”

    In Iore Dea (178, 1) it says:
    “It is not permitted to imitate the customs of the Akum, nor to act like them. Nor is it permitted to wear clothes like the Akum, not to comb the hair as they do…neither must Jews build houses that look like temples of the Akum.”
    Since, however, it is not possible to observe all these rules in every place, the Hagah says that they can be overlooked to a certain extent when, for instance, it is to the advantage of the Jew to do so; for example, if a Jew would profit by a trade which requires a certain kind of dress.

    * * * * *

    Article II. – Christians Are to Be Avoided – Because They Are Unclean

    It is not known how often Jews must wash and purify themselves, nor how much they must study to avoid everything which might render them unclean. The Talmud teaches, however, that Christians are people whose touch alone makes things unclean. In Abhodah Zarah (72b) it says:
    “A certain man was pouring wine from one jar into another by means of a tube, when a Goi came along and touched the tube with his hand. As a result all the wine (in both jars) had to be thrown away.”
    Every vessel, therefore, must be washed which comes into the possession of a Jew from a Christian, although it has never been in use. In Iore Dea (120, 1) it says:
    “If a Jew buys a vessel for use at table from an Akum, whether it is made of metal, glass or lead, even if it is new, he must wash it in a Mikvah [a large basin], or in a cistern which holds forty quarts of water.

    Article III. – Christians Are to Be Avoided – Because They Are Idolaters

    1. Lest a Jew be the occasion of sin to the idolatrous Christians, according to the precept in Levit. XIX, 14: “Do not put a stumbling-block before the blind – he must avoid all contact with them on the days when they worship their gods. In Abhodah Zarah (2a) it says:
    “For three days before their idolatrous festivals it is not permitted to buy or sell them anything. It is also forbidden to give or take any help from them, to change any money with them, to pay them back any debts or allow them to pay back debts.”
    In the Abhodah Zarah, 78c (the Perusch of Maimonides, fol. 8) it says:
    “All the festivals of the followers of Jesus are forbidden, and we must conduct ourselves towards them as we would towards idolators. The first day of the week is their principal feast, and it is therefore forbidden to do any business whatsoever with those who believe in Jesus on their Sabbath. We must observe the same rules on their Sabbath as we do on the feastdays of idolators, as the Talmud teaches.”

    In Iore Dea (139, 1) it says:
    “It is forbidden to have anything to do with idols and everything that is used in their form of worship, whether they are made by the Akum or by Jews.”

    The Abhodah Zarah (14b, Toseph) says:
    “It is always forbidden to sell incense to an idolatrous priest, for it is evident that when he asks for it he wants it for no other purpose but to offer it before his idol. Anyone, therefore, who would sell it to him sins against the precept which forbids us to place a stumbling-block before the blind. It is also forbidden to sell candles to gentiles for their Feat of Candles. Candles however may be sold to them on other days. Neither is it permitted to sell a chalice to a gentile which a Jew has bought after a Goi has broken it and thrown it away. It may only be sold again to a gentile after it has been completely made over. For after it has been broken just once it can be used still to hold the wine which is offered in honor of their idol.” Then follows the prohibition as to the selling of books to Christian priests, as we have seen above. Even the work of binding such books is forbidden to a Jew. In Iore Dea (139, 15) it says:
    “It is forbidden to bind the books of the Akum, with the exception of law books. It may be done, however, if refusal to do so should cause enmity, but only after every effort has been made to refuse such work.”
    Likewise in Iore Dea (151, 1, Hagah):
    “It is not permitted to sell water to an Akum if it is known that it will be made into Baptismal water.”
    Mention is also made of many other things which it is forbidden to sell to Christians, such as: cloth from which priestly vestments and banners may be made; paper and ink which may be used for writing books pertaining to their divine worship. It is forbidden to sell, or even to rent, houses to Christians which will be used by them as a place of worship. Nowadays, however, Jews trade with Christians, especially on Christian feast days, and also sell them houses knowing full well that certain Sacraments will be administered therein, such as Baptism, Holy Communion and Extreme Unction. The Talmud can give no reason for this, and in the Abhodah Zarah (2a, Toseph) it says:
    “It is difficult to say by what right Jews nowadays trade with the Goim on their (evil) feast days. For although many of them commit all kinds of licentious acts and perversions on their feast days in honor of saints which they do not look upon as gods, yet every week they celebrate the Day of the Nazarene [Sunday] which has always been forbidden to us.”
    Bartenora, however, in his commentary on Abhodah Zarah (I, 2, fol. 7b) it says:
    “Since, while we are in captivity, we cannot live without trading with them, and we depend upon them for our food and we must fear them, it is only forbidden to trade with them on their feast days. Furthermore, it is permitted nowadays to trade with them on the actual day of their feasts, because the Rabbis are convinced that they do not worship their idols just because they trade with us. And what is forbidden in this book must be taken as applying directly to idolatry.”
    Rabbi Tam, however, contends that the Mischnah only forbids the selling of things to idolaters which will be used by them in the worship of idols, since they rejoice and worship their idols because they obtain the things necessary for that worship. He explains it thus (in Abhodah Zarah, 2a, Toseph):
    “No one should wonder at this custom of ours. For, although we look upon them as idolaters, they can only offer up what they buy for money. Hence, our gain and their joy is not the reason for this prohibition, for they have enough money for these things, even if we did not trade with them.”

    In Iore Dea (148, 5) it says:
    “It is only permitted to send a gift to an Akum on one of their feast days if it is known that he does not believe in idols and does not worship them.”
    Maimonides has the same in Hilkhoth Akum (IX, 2):
    “It is also wrong to send a gift to a Goi on their feast days unless it is certain that he does not believe in the worship of Christian idols, and does not serve them.”

    Article IV. – Christians Are to Be Avoided – Because They Are Evil

    There is nothing that Jews are more convinced of than the harm which Christians can do to the children of Israel. Because of this, the rulers of the Chosen People have always instructed them not to accept any help from Christians who will always resort to murder, and to other crimes, whenever they cannot otherwise obtain their evil ends. Thus a Jew must not employ a Christian as a nurse, or as a teacher for his children, or as a doctor, a barber or an obstetrician.

    In Iore Dea (81, 7, Hagah) it says:
    “A child must not be nursed by a Nokhri, if an Israelite can be had; for the milk of the Nokhrith hardens the heart of a child and builds up an evil nature in him.”

    In Iore Dea (153, 1, Hagah) it says:
    “A child must not be given to the Akum to learn manners, literature or the arts, for they will lead him to heresy.”

    In Iore Dea (155, 1) it says:
    “When a Jew is wounded in any way, even so gravely that he would have to violate the Sabbath in having a doctor, he must not employ the services of a Christian (Akum) doctor who is not known to everyone in the neighborhood; for we must guard against the spilling of blood. Even when it is not known if the patient will live or die, such a doctor must not be allowed to attend him. If, however, he is sure to die, then such a doctor may attend him, since an extra hour of life is not much to lose. If the Akum insists that a certain medicine is good, you may believe him, but be sure not to buy it from him. There are some who say that this holds only when the Akum offer help free, and that it can be accepted every time it is paid for. But it can be taken for granted that they would not harm a Jew just for the sake of a matter of money.”
    In Pesachim (25a) it says:
    “Rabbi Jochanan says: medical help can be accepted from all except idolaters, fornicators and murderers.”

    In Iore Dea (156,1 ) it says:
    “You must not be shaven by an Akum unless your Jewish friends are with you. There are some who say that it is not permitted to be shaved by an Akum even when others are present, unless you can see yourself in a mirror.”

    In Abhodah Zarah (26a) it says:
    “Our Rabbis have passed it down for us, that a foreign woman must never be allowed to act as midwife at the birth of a child of Israel, because they are given to the shedding of blood. The Elders say, however, that a foreign woman may perform this task provided there are other Jewish women present, but never alone. Rabbi Meir, however, says that it is not allowed even others are present. For they often crush the soft head of the child with their hands and kill it; and they can do this without being noticed by those who are present.”



    The followers of “that man,” whose name is taken by the Jews to mean “May his name and memory be blotted out,” are not otherwise to be regarded than as people whom it would be good to get rid of. They are called Romans and tyrants who hold captive the children of Israel, and by their destruction the Jews would be freed from this Fourth Captivity. Every Jew is therefore bound to do all he can to destroy that impious kingdom of the Edomites (Rome) which rules the whole world. Since, however, it is not always and everywhere possible to effect this extermination of Christians, the Talmud orders that they should be attacked at least indirectly, namely: by injuring them in every possible way, and by thus lessening their power, help towards their ultimate destruction. Wherever it is possible a Jew should kill Christians, and do so without mercy.

    Article I. – Harm must be done to Christians

    A Jew is commanded to harm Christians wherever he can, both indirectly by not helping them in any way, and also directly by wrecking their plans and projects; neither must he save a Christian who is in danger of death.

    I. Good must not be done to Christians

    In Zohar (1, 25b) it says:
    “Those who do good to the Akum . . . will not rise from the dead.”
    At times it is permitted to do good to Christians, but only in order to help Israel, namely, for the sake of peace and to hide hatred of them. Maimonides in Hilkhoth Akum (X, 6) says:
    “Needy Gentiles may be helped as well as needy Jews, for the sake of peace…”
    In Iore Dea (148, 12 Hagah) it says:
    “Therefore if you enter a town and find them celebrating a feast, you may pretend to rejoice with them in order to hide your hatred. Those, however, who care about the salvation of their souls should keep away from such celebrations. You should make it known that it is a hateful thing to rejoice with them, if you can do so without incurring enmity.”

    In Abhodah Zarah (20, a, Toseph) it says:
    “Do not say anything in praise of them, lest it be said: How good that Goi is!”
    In this way they explain the words of Deuteronomy (VII, 2) … and thou shalt show no mercy unto them [Goim], as cited in the Gemarah. Rabbi S. Iarchi explains this Bible passage as follows:
    “Do not pay them any compliments; for it is forbidden to say: how good that Goi is.”
    In Iore Dea (151, 14) it says:
    “No one is allowed to praise them or to say how good an Akum is. How much less to praise what they do or to recount anything about them which would redound to their glory. If, however, while praising them you intend to give glory to God, namely, because he has created comely creatures, then it is allowed to do so.”

    In Hilkhoth Akum (V, 12) it says:
    “It is also forbidden to make mention of the Akum; for it is written (Exodus XXIII, 13):…and make no mention of other gods.”

    In Iore Dea (146, 15) it says:
    “Their idols must be destroyed, or called by contemptuous names.”
    Ibidem, (147, 5):
    “It is permitted to deride idols, and it is forbidden to say to a Goi: May your God help you, or I hope you will succeed.”
    Rabbi Bechai, explaining the text of Deuteronomy about hating idolatry, says:
    “The Scripture taught us to hate idols and to call them by ignominious names. Thus, if the name of a church is Bethgalia – “house of magnificence,” it should be called Bethkaria – an insignificant house, a pigs’ house, a latrine. For this word, karia, denotes a low-down, slum place.”
    In numerous places ignominious names are given by the Jews to Christian things. It will not be out of place to list a few of these names which they give to things and persons which are held holy and dear by Christians, as follows:
    JESUS is ignominiously called Jeschu – which means, May his name and memory be blotted out. His proper name in Hebrew is Jeschua, which means Salvation.
    MARY, THE MOTHER OF JESUS, is called Charia – dung, excrement (German Dreck). In Hebrew her proper name is Miriam.
    CHRISTIAN SAINTS, the word for which in Hebrew Kedoschim, are called Kededchim (cinaedos) – feminine men (Fairies). Women saints are called Kedeschoth, whores.
    SUNDAY is called the day of calamity.
    FEAST OF CHRISTMAS is called Nital, denoting extermination.
    EASTER is not called by the proper name Pesach (Passover), but Ketsach, meaning a cutting down; or Kesach, a Gallows.
    A CHRISTIAN CHURCH is not called Beth Hattefillah, House of Prayer, but Beth Hattiflah, a House of Vanity, a House of Evil.
    THE GOSPEL BOOKS are called Aavon Gilaion, Books of Iniquity.
    CHRISTIAN SACRIFICES are called Dung Offerings. In the Jerusalem Talmud (fol. 13b) the following occurs:
    “He who sees them mezabbelim (excrementing – sacrificing) before their idol, let him say (Exod. XXII, 20): He that sacrificeth unto an idol shall be utterly destroyed.”
    Rabbi Iarchi (referring to Num. XXV, 3) teaches that the Gentiles actually honor their God by excrementing before him.
    A CHRISTIAN GIRL who works for Jews on their sabbath is called a Schaw-wesschicksel, Sabbath Dirt.

    In Hilkohoth Akum (X, 5) it says:
    “It is forbidden to give gifts to the Goim. But it is permitted to give them to a convert who lives among the Jews; for it is said: To the traveller who stops in your cities, give it to him to eat, or sell it to a Gentile, that is sell it, not give it.”
    In Iore Dea (151, 11) it says:
    “It is forbidden to give free gifts to the Akum with whom a Jew may not treat familiarly.”
    The Talmud, however, allows a Jew to give gifts to Gentiles who are known to himand from whom he has hope of getting something in return.

    In Iore Dea (334, 43) it says:
    “In 24 cases a Jew must be repudiated, namely …8. Anyone who sells his farm to the Akum must be sent into exile – unless he undertakes to make up for all the harm that follows as a consequence of having the Akum live near the Jews.”

    In Iore Dea (154, 2) it says:
    “It is not permitted to teach any trade to the Akum.”

    II. Harm must be done to the Work of Christians

    Since the Goim minister to Jews like beasts of burden, belong to a Jew together with his life and all his faculties:
    “The life of a Goi and all his physical powers belong to a Jew.” (A. Rohl. Die Polem. p.20)
    It is an axiom of the Rabbis that a Jew may take anything that belongs to Christians for any reason whatsoever, even by fraud; nor can such be called robbery since it is merely taking what belongs to him.

    In Babba Bathra (54 b) it says:
    “All things pertaining to the Goim are like a desert; the first person to come along and take them can claim them for his own.”

    In Choschen Hammischpat (183, 7) it says:
    “If you send a messenger to collect money from an Akum and the Akum pays too much, the messenger may keep the difference. But if the messenger does not know about it, then you may keep it all yourself.”

    In Choschen Hamm. (266, 1) it says:
    “A Jew may keep anything he finds which belongs to the Akum, for it is written: Return to thy brethren what is lost (Deuter. XXII, 3). For he who returns lost property [to Christians] sins against the Law by increasing the power of the transgressors of the Law. It is praiseworthy, however, to return lost property if it is done to honor the name of God, namely, if by so doing Christians will praise the Jews and look upon them as honorable people.”

    In Babba Kama (113b) it says:
    “It is permitted to deceive a Goi.”
    And in Choschen Hamm. (156, 5 Hagah) it says:
    “If a Jew is doing good business with an Akum it is not allowed to other Jews, in certain places, to come and do business with the same Akum. In other places, however, it is different, where another Jews is allowed to go to the same Akum, lead him on, do business with him and to deceive him and take his money. For the wealth of the Akum is to be regarded as common property and belongs to the first who can get it. There are some, however, who say that this should not be done.”
    In Choschen Hamm. (183, 7 Hagah) it says:
    “If a Jew is doing business with an Akum and a fellow Israelite comes along and defrauds the Akum, either by false measure, weight or number, he must divide his profit with his fellow Israelite, since both had a part in the deal, and also in order to help him along.”

    In Iore Dea (157, 2 Hagah) it says:
    “If a Jew is able to deceive them [idolaters] by pretending he is a worshipper of the stars, he may do so.”

    In Abhodah Zarah (54a) it says:;
    “It is allowed to take usury from Apostates who fall into idolatry.”
    And in Iore Dea (159, 1) it says:
    “It is permitted, according to the Torah, to lend money to an Akum with usury. Some of the Elders, however, deny this except in a case of life and death. Nowadays it is permitted for any reason.”

    III. Christians may be harmed in Legal Matters
    In Babba Kama (113a) it says:

    “Our teaching is as follows: When a Jew and a Goi come into court, absolve the Jew, if you can, according to the laws of Israel. If the Goi wins, tell him that is what our laws require. If however, the Jew can be absolved according to the gentile law, absolve him and say it is due to our laws. If this cannot be done proceed callously against the Goim, as Rabbi Ischmael advises. Rabbi Akibha, however, holds that you cannot act fraudulently lest you profane the Name of God, and have a Jew commited for perjury.”
    A marginal note, however, explains this qualification of Rabbi Akibha as follows:
    “The name of God is not profaned when it is not known by the Goi that the Jew has lied.”
    And further on, the Babba Kama (113b) says:
    “The name of God is not profaned when, for example, a Jew lies to a Goi by saying: ‘I gave something to your father, but he is dead; you must return it to me,’ as long as the Goi does not know that you are lying.”

    In Kallah (1b, p.18) it says:

    “She (the mother of the mamzer) said to him, ‘Swear to me.’ And Rabbi Akibha swore with his lips, but in his heart he invalidated his oath.”
    A similar text is found in Schabbuoth Hagahoth of Rabbi Ascher (6d):
    “If the magistrate of a city compels Jews to swear that they will not escape from the city nor take anything out of it, they may swear falsely by saying to themselves that they will not escape today, nor take anything out of the city today only.”

    IV. Christians must be harmed in Things Necessary for Life

    Jews must spare no means in fighting the tyrants who hold them in this Fourth Captivity in order to set themselves free. They must fight Christians with astuteness and do nothing to prevent evil from happening to them: their sick must not be cared for, Christian women in childbirth must not be helped, nor must they be saved when in danger of death.

    In Zohar (I, 160a) it says:
    “Rabbi Jehuda said to him [Rabbi Chezkia]: ‘He is to be praised who is able to free himself from the enemies of Israel, and the just are much to be praised who get free from them and fight against them. ‘Rabbi Chezkia asked, ‘How must we fight against them?’ Rabbi Jehuda said, ‘By wise counsel thou shalt war against them’ (Proverbs, ch. 24, 6). By what kind of war? The kind of war that every son of man must fight against his enemies, which Jacob used against Esau – by deceit and trickery whenever possible. They must be fought against without ceasing, until proper order be restored. Thus it is with satisfaction that I say we should free ourselves from them and rule over them.”

    In Iore Dea (158, 1) it says:
    “The Akum are not to be cured, even for money, unless it would incur their enmity.”

    In Orach Chaiim (330, 2) it says:
    “No help is to be given to an Akun woman in labor on the sabbath, even in a small way, for the Sabbath must not be violated.”

    In Choschen Hamm. (425, 5) it says:
    “If you see a heretic, who does not believe in the Torah, fall into a well in which there is a ladder, hurry at once and take it away and say to him ‘I have to go and take my son down from a roof; I will bring the ladder back to you at once’ or something else. The Kuthaei, however, who are not our enemies, who take care of the sheep of the Israelites, are not to be killed directly, but they must not be saved from death.”
    And in Iore Dea (158, 1) it says:
    “The Akum who are not enemies of ours must not be killed directly, nevertheless they must not be saved from danger of death. For example, if you see one of them fall into the sea, do not pull him out unless he promises to give you money.”
    Maimonides, in Hilkhoth Akum (X, 1) says:
    “Do not have pity for them, for it is said (Deuter. VII, 2): Show no mercy unto them. Therefore, if you see an Akum in difficulty or drowning, do not go to his help. And if he is in danger of death, do not save him from death. But it is not right to kill him by your own hand by shoving them into a well or in some other way, since they are not at war with us.”

    Article II. – Christians are to be Killed

    Lastly, the Talmud commands that Christians are to be killed without mercy. In the Abhodah Zarah (26b) it says:
    “Heretics, traitors and apostates are to be thrown into a well and not rescued.”
    And in Choschen Hammischpat (388, 10) it says:
    “A spy is to be killed, even in our days, wherever he is found. He may be killed even before he confesses. And even if he admits that he only intended to do harm to somebody, and if the harm which he intended is not very great, it is sufficient to have him condemned to death. He must be warned, however, not to confess to this. But if he impudently says ‘No, I will confess it!’ then he must be killed, and the sooner the better. If there is no time to warn him, it is not necessary to do so. There are some who say that a traitor is to be put to death only when it is impossible to get rid of him by mutilating him, that is, by cutting out his tongue or his eyes, but if this can be done he must not be killed, since he is not any worse than others who persecute us.”
    And in Choschen Hamm. again (388, 15) it says:
    “If it can be proved that someone has betrayed Israel three times, or has given the money of Israelites to the Akum, a way must be found after prudent consideration to wipe him off the face of the earth.”

    I. Renegades to be Killed

    Even a Christian who is found studying the Law of Israel merits death. In Sanhedrin (59a) it says:
    “Rabbi Jochanan says: A Goi who pries into the Law is guilty to death.”

    II. Baptized Jews are to be Put to Death

    In Hilkhoth Akum (X, 2) it says:
    “These things [supra] are intended for idolaters. But Israelites also, who lapse from their religion and become epicureans, are to be killed, and we must persecute them to the end. For they afflict Israel and turn the people from God.”

    And in Iore Dea (158, 2 Hagah) it says:
    “Renegades who turn to the pleasures of the Akum, and who become contaminated with them by worshipping stars and planets as they do, are to be killed.”
    Likewise in Choschen Hamm. (425, 5) it says:
    “Jews who become epicureans, who take to the worship of stars and planets and sin maliciously; also those who eat the flesh of wounded animals, or who dress in vain clothes, deserve the name of epicureans; likewise those who deny the Torah and the Prophets of Israel – the law is that all those should be killed; and those who have the power of life and death should have them killed; and if this cannot be done, they should be led to their sdeath by deceptive methods.”

    Rabbi Maimonides, in Hilkhoth Teschubhah (III, 8) gives the list of those who are considered as denying the Law:
    “There are three classes of people who deny the Law of the Torah: (1) Those who say that the Torah was not given by God, at least one verse or one word of it, and who say that it was all the work of Moses; (2) Those who reject the explanation of the Torah, namely, the Oral Law of the Mischnah, and do not recognize the authority of the Doctors of the Law, like the followers of Tsadok (Sadducees) and Baithos; (3) Those who say that God changed the Law for another New Law, and that the Torah no longer has any value, although they do not deny that it was given by God, as the Christians and the Turks believe. All of these deny the Law of the Torah.”

    III. Christians are to be Killed because They are Tyrants

    In Zohar (I, 25a) it says:
    “The People of the Earth are idolaters, and it has been written about them: Let them be wiped off the face of the earth. Destroy the memory of the Amalekites. They are with us still in this Fourth Captivity, namely, the Princes [of Rome] . . . who are really Amalakites.”

    For if they are allowed to live, the hope of the liberation of the Jews is in vain, and their prayers for release from this Fourth Captivity are of no avail. In Zohar (I, 219B) it says:
    “It is certain that our captivity will last until the princes of the gentiles who worship idols are destroyed.”
    And again in Zohar (II, 19a) it says:
    “Rabbi Jehuda said: Come and see how it is; how the princes have assumed power over Israel and the Israelites make no outcry. But their rejoicing is heard when the prince falls. It is written that: the King of the Egyptians died and soon the children of Israel were released from captivity; they cried out and their voice ascended to God.”

    They call it the Kingdom of Esau, and of the Edomites, the Kingdom of Pride, the Wicked Kingdom, Impious Rome. The Turkish Empire is called the Kingdom of the Ismaelites which they do not wish to destroy. The Kingdom of Rome, however, must be exterminated, because when corrupt Rome is destroyed, salvation and freedom will come to God’s Chosen People.
    Rabbi David Kimchi writes as follows in Obadiam:
    “What the Prophets foretold about the destruction of Edom in the last days was intended for Rome, as Isaiah explains (ch. 34, 1): Come near, ye nations, to hear . . . For when Rome is destroyed, Israel shall be redeemed.”
    Rabbi Abraham also, in his book Tseror Hammor, section Schoftim, says the same:
    “Immediately after Rome is destroyed we shall be redeemed.”

    IV. Lastly, all Christians, including the Best of Them, are to be Killed

    In Abhodah Zarah (26b, Tosephoth) it says:
    “Even the best of the Goim should be killed”
    The Schulchan Arukh, after the words of Iore Dea (158, 1) that those of the Akum who do no harm to Jews are not to be killed, namely those who do not wage war against Israel, thus explains the word Milchamah – war:
    “But in time of war the Akum are to be killed, for it is written: ‘The good among the Akum deserve to be killed, etc.'”

    V. A Jew who Kills a Christian Commits No Sin, but Offers an Acceptable Sacrifice to God

    In Speher Or Israel (177b) it says:
    “Take the life of the Kliphoth and kill them, and you will please God the same as one who offers incense to Him.”
    And in Ialkut Simoni (245c. n. 772) it says:
    “Everyone who sheds the blood of the impious is as acceptable to God as he who offers a sacrifice to God.”

    VI. After the Destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem, the only Sacrifice Necessary is the Extermination of Christians

    In Zohar (III, 227b) the Good Pastor says:
    “The only sacrifice required is that we remove the unclean from amongst us.”
    Zhoar (II, 43a), explaining the precept of Moses about the redemption of the first born of an ass by offering a lamb, says:
    “The ass means the non-Jew, who is to be redeemed by the offering of a lamb, which is the dispersed sheep of Israel. But if he refuses to be redeemed, then break his skull….They should be taken out of the book of the living, for it is said about them: He who sins against me, I shall take out of the book of life.”

    VII. Those Who Kill Christians shall have a High Place in Heaven

    In Zohar (I, 28b, and 39a) it says:
    “In the palaces of the fourth heaven are those who lamented over Sion and Jerusalem, and all those who destroyed idolatrous nations…and those who killed off people who worship idols are clothed in purple garments so that they may be recognized and honored.”

    VIII. Jews must Never Cease to Exterminate the Goim; They must Never Leave them in Peace and Never Submit to Them

    In Hilhoth Akum (X, 1)it says:
    “Do not eat with idolaters, nor permit them to worship their idols; for it is written: Make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them (Deuter. ch. 7, 2). Either turn away from their idols or kill them.”

    Ibidem (X, 7):
    “In places where Jews are strong, no idolater must be allowed to remain…”

    IX. All Jews are Obliged to Unite Together to Destroy Traitors among Them

    In Choschen Hamm. (338, 16) it says:
    “All the inhabitants of a city are obliged to contribute to the expense of killing a traitor, even those who have to pay other taxes.”

    X. No Festival, no matter how solemn, must Prevent the Beheading of a Christian

    In Pesachim (49b) it says:
    “Rabbi Eliezer said: It is permitted to cut off the head of an ‘idiot’ [one of the people of the Earth] on the feast of the Atonement when it falls on the Sabbath. His disciples said to him: Rabbi, you should rather say to sacrifice. But he replied: By no means, for it is necessary to pray while sacrificing, and there is no need of prayers when you behead someone.”

    XI. The One Object of all the Actions and Prayers of the Jews should be to Destroy the Christian Religion

    Thus the Jews picture their Messiah and Liberator whom they expect, as a persecutor who will inflict great calamities upon non-Jews. The Talmud lists three great evils which will come upon the world when the Messiah comes. In Schabbath (118a) it says:
    “Whoever eats three meals on the Sabbath shall be saved from the three evils: from the punishments of the Messiah, from the pain of hell and from the war of Magog; for it is written: Behold, I shall send you Elias the Prophet before the coming of the ‘Day’ of the Lord, etc.*

    XII. In their Prayers the Jews sigh for the Coming of the Revengeful Messiah, especially on the Eve of the Passover:

    “pour out thy anger upon nations that know thee not, and upon the kingdoms which do not invoke thy name; Pour out thy indignation upon them, and let thy wrathful anger take hold of them; Persecute and destroy them in anger from under the heavens of the Lord.”

    They also pray as follows:
    “How long will thy strength remain captive and thy beauty lie under the hand of the oppressor? O God! Show forth thy strength and thy zeal against our enemies; break their strength and let them be confounded…”

    And again:
    “Cut off the hope of the unjust; let all heretics perish at once; root out, break up and destroy the Proud Kingdom; hasten to make all peoples subject in our days.”

    * * *

    At that very same time, on Good Friday, that “Prince of the Proud Empire” of Rome, the Pope, prays, and orders everyone in the world to pray for all “heretics” and those who are “lost”, as follows:
    “Let us pray for the perfidious Jews: that the Lord our God may take away the veil from their hearts, that they may acknowledge Jesus Christ our Lord.
    “Omnipotent and Eternal God, who does not even exclude Jewish perfidy from thy mercy: hear our prayers which we offer for the blindness of that people, that, having recognized the light of thy truth, which is Christ, they may come out of their darkness, Through Jesus Christ our Lord . . .”

  4. dick fuld says:

    search for the little known jesus brothers continues:

    there’s jeb jesus, from kentuck
    jersey jesus, from east bayonne ( looks like bowser)
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  5. Barney says:

    One more from me before I go off-line for a week or so.

    Awake Americans know that when (((they))) come for your guns, the only way to survive is to give them your bullets instead, but what happens next?

    Disclaimer – I’m not “inciting” anything here, merely wondering what might happen if/when zog declares open warfare against the people, and if those people choose to fight back rather than be guillotined or worse in the FEMA camps.

    You’ve got “legal” (meaning registered) guns, and a SWAT team comes to your door to take them away. What do you do?

    Knowing what disarmament will mean, you decide to give them the bullets instead, aiming at or just below the genital area in the hope of bypassing the Kevlar and going for the femoral arteries that run down both inner thighs. Perhaps a shotgun would be more effective in this regard.

    By some miracle, you kill them all, but what happens next? There’ll be at least one more enemy combatant hiding in the armoured vehicle and reporting back to zog, so that won’t be the end of it.

    They’ll send reinforcements, probably within minutes, practically an entire army with helicopters as well, so what will you do?

    Go to the home of another gun owner and do it all again? Will you have time to get there before the entire neighbourhood becomes a war zone? Once you decide to shoot back, there’s no changing your mind. Either you get out of there quickly or you’re dead.

    I don’t have any answers, but I’m old and crippled, already effectively a prisoner in Air Force One (the sewer that was once England and will be again), where only niggers and zog’s enforcers have guns, so there’s not a lot I can do.

    Younger Brits than me will find a way to defeat the tyrant and then get rid of the mud flood, but what of the US? What will you do?


    Always remember zog reads everything we say on here.

    NEVER talk about your plans. Just make sure you’ve got, at the very least, plans A, B and C. Keep them to yourself, but try to cover every possibility in your mind. If you tell just one person, that’s one too many.

    Think about it. If zog anticipates even the slightest resistance, they’ll cover the back door before approaching from the front, so you won’t get out that way, and they’re just as likely to firebomb the place, so no hiding in the basement unless you want to be cremated alive.

    Never forget that these creatures are not Human, even the cops. They do what the devil jew tells them because the devil jew is the one that pays them, so don’t expect them to have any compassion or any Human-like qualities. They’re there to take your guns so you can be more easily killed whenever they choose, and if you resist, they will kill you, given the chance.

    If I was in the USSA, I’d be tempted by Harold Covington’s idea of getting as many decent White People to the Pacific NorthWest, where Our People would have a better chance against zog’s agents by virtue of numbers, but whatever you decide to do on an individual basis, have plans, backup plans and backups for the backups. We’re not dealing with Human beings here, but with agents of the literal devil in the form of the jew.

    Don’t believe me? You’ll find out. Watch the video I posted, and know it’s not going to stop there. The devil won’t stop unless we force it to stop. It’s ultimate aim is the total destruction, not just of the White Race, not just of all Human-like creatures (niggers, muds), but of the entire world.

    The devil jew is totally insane, and believes that if it can destroy creation, it will have “defeated” the creator. That’s not an exaggeration, but the absolute truth. They actually believe themselves to be “at war” with God.

    Whether you believe me or not, you know they’ll be coming for your guns sooner or later, so you’ll need to decide in advance what you’re going to do when the SWAT team arrives in your street.

  6. Gene says:

    There’s A Supreme Double Standard Out There – Heads They Win, Tails You Lose

    You’ll notice the insiders like crooked Andrew McCabe enjoy a special double standard that we the normal people do not enjoy. Here he is, just a big damn crook at the FBI and he is set to receive a whopping $400,000 to pay his lawyers, while Michael Flynn has had to sell his Virginia home in order to pay his legal bills. When one official is rewarded and the other official is persecuted we definitely have a double standard right under our noses.

    Just a brief comparison folks of the double standard, Doublespeak world we live in where these damn lunatics from hell always get by, always come out shining and smelling like a rose no matter their crimes. Look at Hillary, still not prosecuted yet for her many crimes and the media keeps focusing on why she lost and her comments are published like she is some kind of damned martyr. Hillary Clinton should be in jail right now, not enjoying the limelight! She’s just a big damn crook and probably a murderer! No one wants to really look into the Vince Foster murder and really bring out all the facts IN COURT!

    It’s rotten and stinks how the spin is spun and how an average American person is only used to sponge off of, pay property tax, pay income tax, etc., and the minute the overzealous prosecutors can get something on one of us they go for the throat! How many people would clamor to pay your legal bills?

    Flynn faced financial ruin at hands of feds, while McCabe’s web appeal reaped huge bucks

    Conservatives suffer ‘honest’ prosecution while big asshole F.B.I. crooks reap a windfall! Watch them find some way to let McCabe off while they crucify Flynn. The crooks like F.B.I. asshole Andrew McCabe who are supposed to be above reproach and the example of righteousness always have that alternate agenda to protect them. There’s still a pro-Hillary insurance team out there covering the crooks. Do you see it now?

    Cops enjoy this same web of official crooked protection every time they get let off for shooting some innocent, unarmed person. Either they let him off or usually it’s a manslaughter charge.

    It’s like there is a special web of protection for liberals and high officials. Do you see it yet?


  7. Aitch says:

    Kikes like to wind us up by claiming that Jesus was a jew. An American jewess, author of a well known book that many of you have probably read, told me once that Israel was ‘the cradle of civilisation’, and that it gave the world monotheism and Jesus Christ. Since her tribe had in fact butchered him, this didn’t sit well with me, and for a while after I told her so, a shower of phoney emails arrived on my computer. Luckily I wasn’t daft enough to open any of them, kikes not always being as crafty and clever as they think they are.

  8. Joe Btfsplk says:

    “. . .harangue the poor people of our country for money so they can live high on the hog. . .”

    John Hagee, another jewish name changer. His real name is John Hogee.

  9. American born says:

    I finally pulled my teenage daughter out of the public school system here in Las Vegas. Enough was enough. We are ranked just above Arizona and Arkansas. My daughter is polite and a good person at home. Has good friends.

    She was not doing well and she has an argumentative way about herself in the classroom, she does take shit. The teachers think it’s funny to get her angry. Mostly punks. I know many of the teachers that get in the system. I went to UNLV. The degenerative classmates I had are now teachers.

    Social sciences. History majors. Ect.

    I have her back always . These filth in CCSD are a waste of time. 20% of them quit within the first year. Huge rate.

    We have a police force dedicated to the schools. They drive lighter color vehicles and think they are tough. Picking on kids and drivers when we drop off our kids at school.

    Garabage cops. And the middle schools are trash too. Fuck them

    Home school. It got to this point. I am in the process of setting up online classes. Huge trend here in
    Las Vegas. The schools are that bad.

  10. American born says:

    A Mexican in her school was caught in bed with two cheerleaders. He was a coach. He’d have never waken up if that was one of mine.

    Same school I pulled her out of. It’s getting bad in the public school system. My youngest has a more anti social way and studies. Still in middle school.

    This wetback motherfucker was in bed with teens. I’d kill him.

  11. American born says:

    Don’t get me started on the blacks in that school. New arrivals, most of them. The mother’s of these animals have an evil look in their eyes, East Africans. A unique look. If you’ve seen it you know it. I go out of my to disrespect them, stare at them.

    Yeah we are done with that High school. Completely done with the place. I could go further in detail. This place is just about done. And the section 8 Black woman that was next door. She was from Philadelphia, a real treat for my neighbors. Foster mother that harbored bastards. I’d wake up,in the morning hearing her beat her son.

    We got into it one day. She ran that shit and accused one of my kids of hitting her son. I was outside at the time. Didn’t happen. Wouldn’t care of it did, but it didn’t.

    She walks over and starts the hand waving shit. I looked her in the eye and laughed. Meanwhile her granddaughter was walking up,the street rapping “kill em” or what ever
    Note, this little black was in diapers and couldn’t even really talk. Her first words.

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    English is the second language. That being said no wonder my kids had a hard time trying to understand the eboniks their skool teachers were saying 2 plus 2 equals 17. I have to spend 6 hours deprogramming them every night look at their homework I say 2 plus 2 equals 4 and the kid gets a failure and unhappy face.

  13. Who cares says:

    Truthfully one can say that Christianity is just a Jewish religion that replaced my ancestors paganism. You can keep worshipping a Jew but I won’t

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    Back when I was a kid in a place that rhymes with Cleveland everybody had to take a foreign language class for what reason I did not know until I discovered the intenational jew worlds foremost problems plan. They gave the Puerto Ricans classes in Spanish that class was full every day and they all got straight a’s on their report cards because that is the language they speak at home anyway. I took German with about 6 other people and still couldn’t figure it out so I got cs and ds.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Of course stepdad Jim was no fucking help I was taking algebra where they mix up letters with numbers I am baffled which number did they come up with this equation ( I had to look up the proper spelling of that word in my large print dictionary. That’s called spell check) and I dare ask stepdad Jim from byGod west Virginia had 2 aircraft carriers sunk from under him with all of his stuff by the slant-eyed Japs for help he is befuddled. He says I have no idea this must be the NEW math like 23 TRILLION dollars in debt cant anybody even Know how to balance a checkbook anymore?

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        I knew asking stepdad Jim from west byGod Virginia for help with my homework was a bad idea. We could get a chance to bond with each other and give peace a chance.

  15. dick fuld says:

    when an aztec kills you, he will cut out your heart and eat it.

    when a jew kills you, he will cut out your (or palestian child’s) heart
    and sell it thru jew holy men in brooklyn and newark, nj on the
    black market.

  16. Morris Deeds says:

    Brussels: the Empire of Fake News
    April 1, 2018
    Tom Sunic, Ph.D.

    Below is the translation of my lecture delivered at a literature conference in Lyon, France, on March 9, 2018. The event was sponsored by the publishing house Le Retour aux Source and Edition Bios. Other speakers included authors, journalists, and publishers Robert Steuckers, Alessandro Sansoni and Pierre- Antoine Plaquevent. Next day, just a block away, Le Front National held its congress at which Steve Bannon spoke. Speeches from our event will be posted shortly.

    * * *

    It is necessary in our speeches to first decipher the language of the subject under examination as well as social conditions where this language is spoken. I will focus in my speech on language manipulation by the Brussels Empire, or as I prefer to call it, the Brussels System, and how this system keeps subjecting us to semantic manipulations. There have been already many critical works published on Brussels as a European capital and on its huge administration. It would be therefore useless to harp for the umpteenth time on the cases of incompetence and corruption, or on the absence of common foreign policy of the Brussels bureaucracy. The un-political (“inpolitique”) is the main feature of this Europeanist structure whose pompous name “the European Union” is being marketed as the best of all worlds. In terms of its foreign policy it suffices to recall the failure of the European Union, after being launched in Maastricht in 1992, to halt the war in former Yugoslavia. More recently, there has been a complete absence of a common Brussels policy regarding the regulation of extra-European migrations that are changing the face of Europe now.

    More below:

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    I don’t know how to explain my love and loyalty to this country other than this. I guarded nuclear missile silos in the bumbfuck of south Dakota. 40 degrees below zero the officer in the capsule says we lost communication with silo 12. Go figure it out why. So yeah we get the truck started with no heater and no radio anyway but we have a brick radio and find the fucking place and still have no communications with the officers in the capsule teeth are jittering freezing our asses off are you still there? Yeah we are still here but if somebody doesn’t get here quick and rescue us we are going to freeze to death.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Anybody’ first response would be to get the hell away from a 10 megaton missile silo as soon and as fast as possible. But not me and my partner we go up and guard this mfer even the officer in the capsule has the assdacity to call on the radio and axe me if I am still there.

  18. protocolsRtrue says:

    Go back to my Air Force days there are perfectly good reasons why we have fences around and signs say keep out us government property and no smoking within 50 feet and deadly force is authorized. Because it is a bomb and a really big one don’t get confused with your attitude this is the real deal and if you think a swat team is coming to aperest your other baby’s momma brother the whole niggerhood will be vanished in the same amount of time it k9takes you to pick up a free obamma sialfone and call a jew lawyer.

  19. dick fuld says:

    “let him be crucified” – ananus-chief priest of the jews.

  20. protocolsRtrue says:

    Guarding a fucking missile silo in Dakota and the officer in the capsule has the assdacity to axe me if I am still there. I don’t know brother but if nuclear war was to break out I am sure I would be one of first and last persons to know about it.

  21. dick fuld says:

    the god of the jews lives in a brick.

  22. Morris Deeds says:

    South Africa Demise of White Heritage
    Sartre –
    March 27, 2018

    “KILL THE WHITES” jpg below: Boer South Africa×392.jpg

    The self-hatred and false guilt that underpins so many indoctrinated Caucasian race fools, who have zero understanding of the real history of civilization, are doomed to be sheep for the slaughter. Most do not give a second thought to the bold and courageous settlement of cultural and economic accomplishments that was established in the Southern region of Africa. Europeans achieved this prosperity and the Afrikaners provided the intellectual and work ethic value system that brought this high level of affluence. Since the sellout by F.W. de Klerk, the once rich country has sunk into the quick sand of a bone yard of dead carcasses.

    Mike Smith concludes on #StopWhiteGenocideInSA about the de Klerk treason.

    “On top of it he was manipulated by international agents using a “carrot and stick” approach, coercing him on the one side and rewarding him on the other. Instead of being a firm principled leader, F.W. de Klerk had feet of clay. Eventually he buckled, took the money and took the easy way out.

    Although Justice dictates that a rotten traitor should be put up against the nearest wall and shot, today F.W.’s biggest punishment is to sit and watch South Africa slip into the abyss along with his “Yes” voters.”

    More below:

  23. Matt says:

    It’s often asserted by the (((media))) that the portrayal of Jesus as blond hair surfer dude is a lie.

    Really, what does history say?

    The letter from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar


    A young man appeared in Galilee preaching with humble unction, a new law in the Name of the God that had sent Him. At first I was apprehensive that His design was to stir up the people against the Romans, but my fears were soon dispelled. Jesus of Nazareth spoke rather as a friend of the Romans than of the Jews. One day I observed in the midst of a group of people a young man who was leaning against a tree, calmly addressing the multitude. I was told it was Jesus. This I could easily have suspected so great was the difference between Him and those who were listening to Him. His golden colored hair and beard gave to his appearance a celestial aspect. He appeared to be about 30 years of age. Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance. What a contrast between Him and His bearers with their black beards and tawny complexions! Unwilling to interrupt Him by my presence, I continued my walk but signified to my secretary to join the group and listen. Later, my secretary reported that never had he seen in the works of all the philosophers anything that compared to the teachings of Jesus. He told me that Jesus was neither seditious nor rebellious, so we extended to Him our protection. He was at liberty to act, to speak, to assemble and to address the people. This unlimited freedom provoked the Jews — not the poor but the rich and powerful.

    Later, I wrote to Jesus requesting an interview with Him at the Praetorium. He came. When the Nazarene made His appearance I was having my morning walk and as I faced Him my feet seemed fastened with an iron hand to the marble pavement and I trembled in every limb as a guilty culprit, though he was calm. For some time I stood admiring this extraordinary Man. There was nothing in Him that was repelling, nor in His character, yet I felt awed in His presence. I told Him that there was a magnetic simplicity about Him and His personality that elevated Him far above the philosophers and teachers of His day.

    Now, Noble Sovereign, these are the facts concerning Jesus of Nazareth and I have taken the time to write you in detail concerning these matters. I say that such a man who could convert water into wine, change death into life, disease into health; calm the stormy seas, is not guilty of any criminal offense and as others have said, we must agree — truly this is the Son of God.

    Your most obedient servant,
    Pontius Pilate

    If anyone would have know what Jesus looked like and would give an accurate account it would be Pontious Pilate, and not the lying kikes.

    Pilate said Jesus was so much different than those who listened to him, with his golden hair, and so much different than his bearers with their black beard and tawny complections.

    He was God’s son and far closer to northern European Christian male than a Christ killing child of the devil.

  24. Morris Deeds says:

    All here @ Incog Land READ it good cuz it’s your future thanks to ZOG:
    “White farms.

    Examine the actual attitude fostered when Black Politicians tell Blacks to KILL White Farmers. One such practitioner of the prevention of unfair discrimination attains a new meaning in spreading the survival game to the Afrikaners killing fields as a central theme to the political purge of productive farmers. In this case, the African version of “Gone with the Wind” will not see a rebuilding of Tara, as the history of the Scarlett O’Hara culture is buried beneath the disease from a society of a gang of thugs.

    For all those tear shedding and UN Messengers of Peace like Charlize Theron, explain your support for the likes of Julius Malema. White Farmers in South Africa Are Four Times More Likely to Be Murdered Than Anyone Else, should not be a shock to anyone with an accurate and informed understanding of what is taking place in South Africa because Western Civilization has turned its back on our own heritage and traditional values.

    “Afriforum claims 156 commercial farmers are killed per 100,000 of the population, more than four times the wider murder rate of 34 per 100,000”

    Extracted from piece above and URL below:

  25. Morris Deeds says:

    Incog Readers stop look, read and LEARN what ZOG has planned here in the USA!
    Don’t think that Orange treasonous Pig in the White House will not go right along
    with his Zionist friends in Tel Aviv while children are cleansed too!

    “The world showed outrage at Apartheid in South Africa but not one word of outrage about the torture and genocide of people who are white. They are massacred because of the color of their skin but no cries of racism come from Academia, Political institutions like the US Congress etc. No one talks about the world’s most outrageous Apartheid government in the Zionist state of Israel. What does the US do? We recently gave them nearly $35 BILLION of the next ten years. America supports racism and Apartheid in Israel because we are an Israeli vassal state.”

  26. Matt says:

    The problem with being deceived is that the deceived never know.

    In John 8:35-44 Jesus accurately called the Jews the children of Satan, liars and murders.

    The Jews, in their mind, would never admit to being Satan’s children and instead believe they’re the descendants of Abraham, and are God’s chosen people. (John 8:39)

    John 16:2 “For you will be expelled from the synagogues, and the time is coming when those who kill you will think they are doing a holy service for God.”

    The Jews murder, warmonger, lie and steal from Christians and gentiles, believing that’s it’s their right and that they do God a service.

    (((They’re))) a demonically diseased people, that are corrupting the earth. Rev 19:2

  27. Morris Deeds says:

    ******Failure to cleanse the country of would be dictators who are nothing but guerilla killers will end in a blood bath of European descendants and a collapse of economic commerce. Americans, be forewarned. The same fate awaits unless there is a profound awakening of our own heritage.**************************************************

    SARTRE – March 27, 2018

  28. Cole nidre says:

    what a coincidence: in s. Dakota we have a lot of nukes aimed at people
    around the world and a lot of jew usurers aiming their toxic debt at you.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Fucking officers. Can you believe the nerve of this guy has the assdacity to call me on the radio and axe me if I am still there? I suppose if I had one stitch of sense in my head I would be halfway to Canada by now but not me yeah I’m still here guarding this weapon of mass destruction.

  29. paul says:

    Very good report from Barney but Matt provokes a reply.

    Much has been written of the ROman preafectus publicanus , Pontius Pilatus. There is no history of his alleged conversion to CHrist however. He was the protégé of a Lucias Sieanus , who would be executed for treason in an intrigue to rule with Tiberius and presume to successor. He had Germanicus murdered. This would happen later after Pilatus was removed because of murdering Samaritans at behest of the evil , Kaiaphas .

    This letter Matthew offers as evidence that was ascribed to Pilatus is no doubt an exoerating invention later in the middle ages . I have read other more eloquent , interpreted in the edified , Victorian language.
    What is most interesting is the at that time attitude or prejudice for Pilatus. early CHristian Church in Africa , Coptic actually canonized him.

    But the letter avers the belief , that he had pre-knowledge of Jesus of Nazareth. . But both John and Luke are sources that make this inference also compelling.

    From Incog epigraphic evidence from Caesarea of Pontius Pilatus and also from Tacitus confirm his chronology . The dialogus between him and the Peripatetic teacher form Galilea , Jesus of Nazareth is the most dramatic in Christian history. Jesus Of Nazareth refused to testify before he met Pontius Pilatus.

    But the traditional condemnation for Pilatus as historical executor Of Jesus of Nazareth from the church today is being superseded by the familiar white , self hatred and — condemnation.

    Jews exculpate themselves from responsibility for his death and the churches are in collusion. I have had pastors accuse me personally of “killing Jesus of Nazareth.” The jew is always innocent, God’s Chosen.

  30. ICU says:

    paul, is English your first language ?

  31. Matt says:


    Luke 7:17 “This news about Jesus spread throughout Judea and the surrounding country.”

    Pontius Pilate was the Roman Governor of Judea. He would have known who Jesus is prior to the crucifixion, and also, would have put it in his reports/letters to Caesar anyone of any significance that could be perceived as potential threat, or explain why they weren’t a threat to Roman control. That was part of his job.

    As Governor, why wouldn’t have Pilate met with Jesus in the 3 years he carried on his ministry in Judea? There was no one like Jesus in the world.

    Only an idiot would have failed to apprise Rome of Jesus Christ. Pilate had to have wrote Caesar about Christ and met him to ascertain who he was.

    There’s no proof that I’ve seen that this letter is fake, other than assertions. Who do we know who likes to rewrite history to their favor?

    The Jews try to put the murder of Jesus on the Romans, and some delusional goof ball Pastors try to put it on the congregation, just like you said.

    The Bible in 1 Thessalonians 2:14-15 (GOD’S WORD Translation)

    “14 You, brothers and sisters, were like the churches of God in Judea that are united with Christ Jesus. You suffered the same persecutions from the people of your own country as those churches did from the Jews 15 who killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets and who have persecuted us severely. They are displeasing to God. They are enemies of the whole human race”

    Right there, the gentiles didn’t murder Jesus or the prophets, the kikes did.

    Matthew 27:25 “All the people answered, “His blood is on us and on our children!””

    The Jews and their descendants are responsible for the murder of Jesus, and no one else.

    In Luke 23:34 Jesus forgave the Romans, he said they didn’t know what they’re doing, not like the murdering kikes.

    Here’s the full letter, and some of the assertions of it’s authenticity. Read it for yourself, and make your own judgement.

    • Matt says:

      Probably, the (((people))) who are calling this document a forgery, are the same (((people))) who are calling the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion “fabricated”, and Jesus just a man, whose mother was whore and his father a Roman soldier.

  32. Joe Btfsplk says:

    gunshots at youtube HQ

  33. Tom says:

    Have you seen this?
    Barrie Trower speaks about how they’re killing us softly.

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