Missing Virginia Mom WAS Murdered By Apeman

By Phillip Marlowe

I’m a Virginia boy, through and through. And I know the area where the woman was murdered. Hell, I know all corners of Virginia. This is generally a sleepy, quiet area, flat and very humid in the summer. Tobacco country. Along the highway 460 corridor, it’s full of lazy-ass, indolent and totally worthless blacks living on the government dole and selling a little weed on the side. But then again, same thing goes wherever the stinking apes live — city or country. The whole race sucks completely.

TerriLynn St. John was literally grabbed up Apeman-style from her own front yard in Wake, Virginia, in broad daylight, with her little babies in the house. Her broken necklace was found in the grass and her cell phone was off in the bushes. She fought back but the Apeman quickly overpowered her.

My contacts tell me the traitorous media first suspected her White boyfriend did it after reading some of her social media posts where it sounded like she had a few problems in the relationship. This is why you had a brief mention on ABC “World News Tonight” of her going missing (local stations passed the word up to NY). This forced them to report Thursday night on the body being found, along with a quick shot of the black perp. But the story is now over. Gone. Finis. A black did it. No follow ups and involved stories later on “Dateline” or “20/20.” That’s only for White on White crimes.

The woman might have had some relationship problems. The apeman could have heard about it, since he was acquainted with her (never, ever have contact with these beasts unless you have to). He decided to drop by and offer her his black greatness, but she told him to get lost. That’s the problem with blacks today — the media’s Negro worship has gone straight to their pointy little idiot burr heads. Combine that with a racial propensity for violence, the California Jewish porn industry (think about it) and you have this kind of crap happening to our folks.

She was in a relationship with a White guy. He left her that morning for work.

Although they didn’t say, I’m sure she was beaten badly, taken somewhere and raped. Afterwards, he just strangled the life out of her. She could ID him and she had to go. He covered up her murdered corpse with leaves and briar bushes in the woods, about 20 feet from the road. He probably had his eye on her for quite some time and just had to “break off a piece.”

Back in the day, Whites would hang these apes from the nearest tree for killing a helpless White — especially a woman or little White child (yep, blacks kill little kids all the time).

Liberals now act like all of those lynchings were only of poor, innocent black men who never did a thing to deserve it before racist Whites went haywire.

Uh, guess what? Blacks have always been murderous rapists and child killers. Back in the old days and even today. Sure, you get the occasional White perv, but blacks are the most murderous criminals by far. They’ll kill you in a minute and not think twice about it.

This black guy who killed TerriLynn St. John will probably end up in prison for life (at $20,000-$30,000 a year cost to the state taxpayer), watching TV, sodomizing each other (blacks are total animals) and working out with weights in the yard. At least until he gets out via lefty do-gooders or a major societal upheaval breaks down the system and these wilding apes run free once again.

Maybe you or one of your kids will get to meet him in person one day.

Or possibly one of his bros tomorrow.

We need to start HANGING these worthless black apes, by the neck — UNTIL DEAD.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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19 Responses to Missing Virginia Mom WAS Murdered By Apeman

  1. Aussie battler says:

    Yeah they are worthless as shit and they are being puffed up over here in Oz. Of course after every machete attack, rape or chimp out the jew media trot out the genius black to show they not all bad. Usually a story of how they victimised by us evil whites. Now the Government is urging big Business to give these savages opportunities, yes at the cost of our kids. Man I have had enough of sellout Politicians. We had next to no Africans prior to 1995.

  2. Whitepride says:

    Lousy, no good nigger! Hope the bastard ape dies in the electric chair! Niggers are not human. They are a worthless subhuman species!!! Go to hell niggers!!! Black bastards! N

  3. Barney says:

    No need for all the usual time-wasting rituals, locking them up, setting a day months or years in the future, building a gallows, all that crap. No need for “the drop” either. Strangulation doesn’t take long, so string them up and let them know they’re dying. Same for the jews, every jew, regardless of whether or not it’s attacked a Human yet, because it will.

    Any animal known to have attacked a Human needs to be put down as soon as possible. No jew lawyers. No appeal. If the facts are known, string the creature up immediately.

    Not all niggers, sand niggers, muds and others have committed a crime against us (yet), but we don’t want any of them in our countries, so send them back where they or their ancestors came from before they get a chance to attack us, our precious womenfolk or our valuable offspring.

    We MUST secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

    David Lane will not be forgotten.

    I admit that there are a few (very few) genuine black and brown gentlemen. I’ve met one occasionally, and it’s hard not to like them, but however like us a few may become, they’re not us. They’re a different species.

    As Edgar J Steele said of one of these rare black gentlemen (in his book Defensive Racism), “I know you won’t steal my hubcaps, but your grandchildren will”.

    It’s genetic. They can’t become Human. However civilised an individual non-White may be, they always revert to type within a few generations, so they have to go back.

    Just imagine the good these few civilised blacks could do for their native countries, assuming they’re not eaten by the feral niggers. With their education and civilised behaviour they’d be vastly superior to the wild creatures around them. With the skills we’ve given them, perhaps they could even start to create a real Wakanda!

    I don’t want to detract from the need to hang any wild animal that attacks Our People though. Once they’ve proven themselves to be dangerous, string them up so they can’t do it again. If they even threaten violence against our beautiful womenfolk (and even any “ordinary-looking” White Women) or our kids, string the bastards up without delay.

    True White Men don’t attack women or children, but the nigger is not a man. It’s a dangerous wild animal that belongs in the jungle, apart from a few specimens we could keep in zoos, like their relatives, the chimps.

  4. JimB says:

    INCOG/Barney For President/V.P. 2020 I say!!!

    As for the article, it’s just INFURIATING that these shwoogies and their kike promoters continue to breath precious air meant for us White folks.

  5. Rosomaha says:

    Richard D. Fuerle ” Erectus Walks Amongst Us” – excellent book.

  6. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Having been around Virginia darkies all my life, I can tell you there ARE some sterling characters among them. The objective of the Left is to rouse the indignation of groups against groups. It has succeeded.

  7. Barney says:

    Possible false-flag happening NOW at Central Michigan University.

    According to Jim Stone, the shooter (assuming there really is one) is a nigger wearing a MAGA hat.

    No doubt the nigger will have morphed into a White NRA member or similar by the time it gets reported over here, in the sewer that was once England (and will be again).

  8. GTRman /Tony Hayers says:

    Hello Incogman and co
    new vid from Theberton, goes well with the post.
    An extract of millenial Woes talking, set to images of savage humanoid bipeds

    The Simple and Harsh Facts of Life That Leftist Academics Ignore

  9. GTRman /Tony Hayers says:


    ” Americans, he says, are “listening to the news with new ears . . . and seeing the truth being labelled fake if the truth doesn’t please those who are calling it fake.” Truth is becoming whatever anyone says it is; falsehoods are “alternative facts”. “I said, ‘This is the time to tell the story, when we can all become part of this national conversation.’”

    I suggest to Spielberg that this toxic slipperiness is part of the reason for the troubling spread of Holocaust denial on social media, and ask him if the Shoah Foundation, which he founded in 1994, and which has collected thousands of video testimonies of Holocaust survivors and witnesses, is aware of this.

    “It is,” he confirms, adding that the far right demonstration in Charlottesville, last August, when “National Socialism and neo Nazis had their moment in the sunlight . . . was a horrible period of time.
    Not just for Jewish people, but for all people.

    He reveals that one of the reasons he made Schindler’s List in 1993 “was to give the deniers no ammunition to deny. And for a long time that was effective — the denying it [the Holocaust] stopped for many years,” claims Spielberg. “But, of course, like everything, it resurfaces, because toxicity tends to come from the ground and resurface. So at the Shoah Foundation we are vigilant and continuing to get the message out: never again.”

    This is getting harder, he admits, but the foundation’s strength is an archive that it can disseminate to museums, universities and, importantly, schools. “Then when kids are learning about social justice and they’re learning about civics and they’re learning about social science, they suddenly learn about the Holocaust, and it becomes something that they can tell their kids about some day. You have to start with the young.”

  10. GTRman /Tony Hayers says:

    Barney this comment reminds me of one you made on the last thread:

    ” Sad to see Christians still playing the my side is better than your side: My side the leader sucks black toe and protects pedophiles, invites invaders BUT it is better than your side.

    When leaving the Church if England and you look at Catholic Church which is just as bad if not worse you go to the pub rather. Both are not Christian any more.

    Until Christians get out of both sides of churchianity and get back to real Christianity we will play the Jewish game just like in politics.


    From a podcast at TRS , an interview with an English Youtuber called Jacktion

  11. Red Pill says:

    Two dead in Central Michigan Univ. shooting – suspect still on the loose

    The suspect has also been identified as James Eric Davis, Jr., a 19-year-old black male who is wearing mustard yellow jeans and a blue hoodie, police say.


  12. Aitch says:

    I hope you’re going to cover the sad story of nigger Tyrone Lee.

  13. Barney says:

    Spielberg’s problem is the fact that however many lies (((they))) tell, the truth will always come out in the end, whatever (((they))) do to maintain the brainwashing.

    GTRman – That link about holding a niglet to your ear seems true to me.

    On the subject of churchianity vs Christianity, I’ve sent you a couple of photos I took this year on New Year’s Day of a “church” building that’s been condemned unless/until the roof can be replaced. It’s in Cosgrove, in the “greater Milton Keynes” area.

    Good news I’d say.

  14. Gene says:

    Thank You, INCOG MAN, This Really Needed Airing!

    Thanks a bunch, INCOG MAN, for putting this up because Whites really need to be alarmed enough about Negroes to avoid them. Every time they do this sort of thing a big deal needs to be made about it.
    I have contacted several companies about marketing a small defense pistol with increased CO2 power which would fire 22 or 25 caliber BBs instead of the smaller .177 kind. A semi automatic blast to the face and eyes with it would discourage this kind of kidnapping and murder.
    Stay armed and if you cannot afford a gun get this $48 airgun like from Amazon. If you’re going to die, anyway, you may as well leave your mark on the guy and possibly cause an attacker some blindness. It’s better to fight where the attempt happens because if they get you in a car there’s a slim chance of survival. Don’t let them take you anywhere!
    Or just put
    “Umarex, Makarov .177 Caliber Steel BB”
    It shoots BB’s at 387 feet per second 19 times, but is fairly small and concealable compared to other airguns. It’s better to fight where you can remain, if possible. Only run if you can escape. That poor girl. Breaks my heart.

  15. Gene says:

    Poor Mudshark! Negro Accused of Fatally Shooting His Pregnant White Wife

    This Negro is accused of fatally shooting his p.g. White wife and taking photos of her dead body as his wife is still missing after almost 3 months!
    It never works out with a Black man you White mudsharks!


  16. Patrick says:

    You mentioned that the criminal looked stoned in one of his photos. Some people should not do marijuana. Marijuana appears to reduce impulse control and it seems like if people have been traumatized that they would have criminal and aggressive impulses. The ghetto is filled with traumatized people and those people being stoned all the time may increase the criminal tendencies that are among them, tendencies that would be higher than the national average anyways. Black people and white people are culturally distinct groups and in my estimation it would be best for both blacks and whites to have their own separate communities. Blacks appear to enjoy the company of their own kind.

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