Trump Signs Ridiculous 1.3 Trillion Spending Bill


From Andrew Anglin @DAILY STORMER

Trump threatened on Twitter that he was going to veto this piece of shit and then signed it anyway.

Not cool.


President Donald Trump signed the $1.3 trillion spending bill to keep the federal government open Friday, then excoriated Congress for passing the plan in the first place.

Trump cited misgivings about its contents but said it was needed for national security reasons as he spoke alongside his secretaries of Defense, Homeland Security and Commerce at the White House.

“There are a lot of things I’m unhappy about in this bill, there are a lot of things that we shouldn’t have had in this bill, but we were in a sense forced if we want to build our military,” Trump said.

But Trump warned it will be the last time he will sign a similar plan.

“I said to Congress, I will never sign another bill like this again,” Trump said.

Trump lamented the “ridiculous situation that took place over the last week,” saying the bill was quickly put together and lawmakers were given little time to read through it.

I’m not really a big economics guy, but Rand Paul is right – this bill is fucking absurd.

It is Bernie Sander-tier.


So I get Trump not wanting to go to war over this. Except that kind of I don’t get that, because it is a war he could have won, because one thing that Republicans still do sort of support is cutting dem programs.

For those who don’t do numbers, 1.3 trillion is 1300 billions.

And how much on the border?

A billion and a half.

Republicans were asking for $25 billion, and it got reduced to $1.57 billion and… they just passed it anyway.

John Bolton: Look at this Jew-loving idiot. (INCOG)

Srsly wtf.

Along with funding brown people across the entire globe, this bill also punishes Palestine. 

Trump is praising the military spending and okay – hopefully he is so obsessed with the military because he’s planning a coup, not because he is going to do some kike interventionism with John “The Jew’s Bolt” Bolton.

But the one thing that was good in it is the $4 billion on the opioid crisis. Although that problem could be solved with $100 million in motorcycles, hand guns and Predator masks with the Punisher logo on them – it’s called “The Protocols of the Elder Anglin.”

Libertarianism is clearly stupid in the absolute sense, but they do have a lot of actually good critiques of the current order. Spending all of this money for no reason is nonsensical.

Just why?

Wasting money is stupid, funding kikes is even worse.

Rand Paul might be a dopey little twerp (he’s an inch taller than me okay but he’s WEAK – SMALL ARMS), fair enough, but he is the only guy in the Senate who is willing to stand up to several kike agendas. He represents one of the few actually viable blocs of the GOP, which can potentially be worked with.

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20 Responses to Trump Signs Ridiculous 1.3 Trillion Spending Bill

  1. Gene says:

    Negro Good Samaritan Saves Toddler From Vicious Dog Attack – I Wish We Had More Like Him. Spending Bill Is Ridiculous!

    The spending bill is ridiculous! I don’t see how they give away all this borrowed money we can’t even pay back.

    Dog Attack

    I don’t know if the victim toddler was white or not but this guy saved his life as he was viciously mauled by the time he got to the boy and would probably have been killed if the guy had not stepped in.

    Gee, I wish we had more good samaritans like this guy instead of the murderous rampage that some Negroes are on.

    California man saves toddler from vicious dog attack

  2. kin says:

    Trump just cut his own throat, cut all of ours with it. Chuckie Shumer the jew putz has won the day, and Israel and America are going to face Russia, China, Iran and North Korea and it ain’t gonna be pretty. But the yides win again and if you care about the @nd amendment forget that, if you care about a wall forget that, if you think one Mexican is being sent back forget that, this is the day of forgetfulness, for we all got fucked by a phoney, I cannot say anything but fuck it all

    • Bahmi says:

      WE can expect more and more Trump support of the Tribe as time goes on. Make no mistake about it, Trump is too stupid for words and he has no historical perspective. This jerk will sell us down the river in short order but his supporters are mostly Christian Zionists who believe this schlub will save the nation from itself. Hint: it won’t. My local paper has discarded the Comments section so it can get us ready to accept the death of the First Amendment. Does Trump know and does he care at all? No and no, that’s our reality. I voted for the creep for obvious reasons, the two party system no longer works. We don’t have much time left before this dweeb keeps praising the little twerps who think they want gun control even though they have no idea what it is and what it would do to their miserable little lives.

  3. Gene says:

    John Bolton, Original Neo-Conservative – Has Trump Lost His Mind?!

    Trump has appointed John Bolton who was the Undersecretary of State in the Bush White House and was apparently in on the engineering of the Iraq War, so I wonder if Trump has lost his mind! He is noted as one of Jew William Kristol’s men in the White House.
    It’s mind boggling which way Trump will swing. I think he’s lost it! These people are actually Neo-Trotskyites. He is listed as a High Priest of War – Read ‘The High Priests of War’ by Michael Collins Piper who died mysteriously after his book was published. He suffered a strange cabin fire at his place and temporarily had to move into a motel room where he suspiciously came up dead.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      This john Bolton guy IS going to be a huge problem. If not appoclytic. This mfer jew and isreil firster cannot finish a single sentence without saying we need to attack iran and north korea the Russians Russians Russians Vladimir putin. This john Bolton guy IS the next war to destroy humanity for jew world order. Mark my words as just as I say protocolsRtrue with every post this john boltonn guy is BIG trouble and anybody that listens to this motherfers utterances is a foolish lamb being led to it’s own destruction. He was never even confirmed as assbassadore to the united nations of jews and their stupid ass pet niggers anyway. He was a recess appointment so stop calling him ambassador. Ambassadore of what? Peace? Look motherfers I was sent to be an ambassador of peace a few times also and look how that turned out. Give me the nobel peace prize.

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        Our ambassador to the jewnighted nations is Samantha power. Married to jew cass sunstein. The ahabs knocked down the wrong towers. Should have hit that jewnighted nations building instead. Here’s your fucking parking ticket too and take that diplomat license plate back to rhwanda with you.

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        jewnighted nations ambassador from wakanda. Hey I raise my hand does that place even exist outside of jewlywood?

  4. kin says:

    why am I awaiting moderation, never happened before, what gives, this site gonna suck too

    • Joe says:

      I was banned from The Daily Stormer, something weird going on….. perhaps IBM’s big blue combined with some kind of high tech algorithmic artificial intelligence censoring website takeover.
      I like this site and David Dukes…..the daily stormer not so much anymore, I think anglin is cucking out.


  5. JCII says:

    I tried to tell you treasonous trump is a grovelling slave of the synagogue of satan and it’s criminal headquarters the illegal terrorist state of israel. As if his sickening displays of grovelling servitude and slaving worship of Israel wasn’t a major clue already. He’s already a war criminal illegally attacking Syria based on obvious israeli lies and war profiteering while he does so. Treasonous trump and treasonous Congress are openly working to kill Americans to make the rich richer for his synagogue of satan slavemasters to rob them easier of more money at a later date.

  6. Tony says:

    It’s pretty simple. Watch what someone says and see what they do. Trump said a wall immediately and we don’t have s*** started. Trump said no more Wars and here he is beefing up the military budget beyond belief, hiring war monger Jew Bolton, and instigating Russia, North Korea and the Middle East. Trump said deportation of illegals and last I checked they’re all still hanging around. What a shocker that Israel got handsomely paid. All politics is smoking mirrors. Put up or shut the f******.

  7. Erik Snohdin says:

    Shit, is our POTUS losing steam ? WTF
    Fuck that evil Schumer and his Jew Supremacy face. I’d like to rub that face is his own fucking feces, filthy kike slime.
    Someone asked me why White people aren’t doing anything when the enemy is so clearly defined. Why aren’t we killing the Jews over here ? Just start murdering the pricks.
    I reminded him that we’d be up against our own police and military, not just the enemy.
    THAT is why we citizens don’t act, otherwise we would !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Erik Snohdin says:

    Hey Guys/Gals :

    If you haven’t seen this yet, give it a watch. It’ll remind you of why you NEED to hate Jews . . .

  9. Dafydd says:

    Vote all you want, the government still gets in. This is the problem Adolf Hitler had, and Vladimir Putin, And Donald Trump have to-day to some extent.

    Russian general on Vladimir Putin

    Russian general on the Jewry

    And in reference to another post I posted up about veganism. Among the first policies of the National Socialist Government were the introduction of legislation against vivisection, laws against animal cruelty, and the banning of hunting with dogs, and so forth.

    This was because they recognized that animals are sentient beings unlike some of the ignorant writers over at Daily Stormer inferring that animals are no different to plants; and some nonsense about the magic power of plants and so forth, when referring to veganism.

    The fact is if you over cook vegetables fruit and so forth, it destroys most of the nutrients in the food, and the live enzymes.
    When you microwave food, it destroys the live enzymes; and if you cook in a microwave oven it destroys 20% of nutrients each time; therefore if you cook in a micro wave five times it destroys everything, plus the fact that you are absorbing radiation from the irritated food.

    So yes, plants, `vegetables and other live foods have “magic” powers when they are truly organic and eaten raw.
    Unlike what the superstitious fool wrote over at Daily Stormer.
    They do a lot of good work, but destroy a lot of good work by writing uninformed nonsense and passing it off as knowledge.
    This world would be a far better place if people established the facts on any given subject, and observed the Ten Commandments, rather than ignoring them in a pick and mix fashion as they do with National Socialism in Germany (1933-1945).
    They ignore the Ten Commandments, and then blame almighty God for their transgressions, and the transgressions of the world.
    The world or a country is a reflection of those who live in it.
    Whatever you think of them: Talmudists, Cabalists, Zionists, Communists, Freemasons and other Useful idiots, worship Satan directly or by default. They are not stupid; otherwise they would not have all this illusory power; so this is not superstition in any sense or form to mention this to those who get it.
    There is a spiritual and physical battle taking place even if the uninformed don’t get it. So people need to step up to the plate and talk the talk, and walk the walk; rather than just talking the talk; as time is running out.

  10. Gene says:


    I ran across this at:


    It looks like Donald Trump has shown his true colors and may be impeached now. He has betrayed the very people that put him into office. The art of the deal man has turned into a dumber than a box of rocks man.

  11. protocolsERtrue says:

    My first wife hates me. For what? I aks her. Everybody in the whole wild word hates me . Can you not give me a break? Myb second wife says I hope you can get over your anger manaemnet and ptsd stufuuf If it weren’t for her I would have shot myself in the head alrady. Just let it go.

  12. Morris Deeds says:

    Incog Man

    Aren’t you the one whom campaigned for this piece of shit Benedict Orange, Trump!

  13. NinjaJohn says:

    I have to admit now that I was an idiot for even entertaining the thought that Trump might be different from the last 9 Presidents who were all cucks for the Jews. His daughter is married to Jared Kushner, a super kike. That should have been enough evidence.

    JFK was the last President who tried to stop the Jew money scam and he was killed for it. Before him, it was Andrew Jackson, who was actually able to shut their shit down for about 20 years. I wish we had someone like him in politics right now, but we don’t. No one even comes close.

    Time to face the truth. We are on our own. The only thing standing in their way now is that pesky 2nd amendment. And Trump already showed that he doesn’t give a wet fap about the 2nd amendment. Sure it was just bump stocks, which are a joke, but if they start banning those, what’s next?

    Fuck em. Both Demonrats and Repulicucks are shills for the devil’s crotch fruit.

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    You have to frame trump in the light of what was the alternative. If the deep state entrenched had actually succeeded in their plots and plans to make sure another Clinton got elected would we even know about the deep state? I did of course because I was there and had the security clearances to see it first hand. If Hilary were president would there even be ANY pushback to sanctuary shitties or states? Would there be ANY talk of securing our borders or revoking obamas illegal dreamer act? So just keep in mind that no person is perfect but what a disaster for our country we averted by not electing Hilary. You know the smart as hell bitch that had a separate email server in her basement toilet closet to handle classified and above info AS SECRETARY OF FUCKING STATE! She was a senator from jew York that fits the description doesn’t it and in the white house for 8 years while bill was getting blowjobs from monica jewlipski and smoking tasty cigars. Oh yeah her personal assistant huma has documents on husband wieners laptop the jew freak sending pictures of his dick to a 16 year old? The Clinton foundation billions from foreign governments I could go on forever. So try to support the prez even though he has to bow down on his knees and kiss jew ass to get anything done also but it could be worse.

  15. Barney says:

    There has NEVER been a government “of, by and for” the people. The entire CONcept of “government” is the biggest fraud ever committed by an organised criminal gang that wants what’s ours without having to work for it.

    It may even be that the original criminal gang that first declared themselves “the government” (meaning our “owners”) was not jewish, but merely “jew-like” SCUM, but where power exists, the devil’s vermin soon arrive to infiltrate and ultimately take control.

    The “two party system” doesn’t work because it was never intended to work. It’s an illusion. The (((criminal gang))) selects two (or more) of it’s own and invites us to choose between them. What’s the difference? None whatsoever. It’s all a show, a farce intended to make us think we really have a choice, that we live in a democracy (demonocracy more like), when the truth is that “government” and true democracy are opposites.

    We had democracy when we lived in fairly isolated villages, working together for the common good, and then came (((the government))) forcing us to deny our true nature by living in towns and slaving in the factories to make (((the rich))) even richer.

    Give the people a say? Let them determine their own destiny? Have them keep the wealth they create? Preposterous!. They’re animals ffs! (((We))) are the farmers, and the masses are nothing more than livestock. Democracy? Balderdash! How are (((we))) ever to make our millions if we give animals rights? Did not (((satan, our g-d))), give us dominion over the lesser beings?

    We never get to choose the “candidates”. (((They))) do. The game is fixed from the start. There’s no point trying to vote for the “lesser” of two evils when they’re both as evil as each other. Which do we choose? (((gideon))) or it’s twin brother (((shlomo)))? They both hate Humanity, our world and life itself.

    It seems to me that once we depose the devil jew, we’ll have to revert to a more rural lifestyle for a time before advancing in a saner direction, but even if we exterminate the last jew, there will always be psychopaths and sociopaths trying to take over and destroy our way of life, so we’ll need strictly-enforced anti-jew laws to prevent SCUM ever again taking control of our world.

    The only way this can be made to work long-term will be to educate our children in the ways of the jew so they and their descendants will know the signs and the dangers.

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