Dear “Fellow White People” (((They))) So Love To Say

A collection of tweets from Jews calling themselves “fellow White people” to trash the White race and lay down the guilt trip for diversity subversions. This is exactly the reason I say on my site (all the time) that even little Jews act in the destruction of the White race. They are indeed subversive rats, pushing the PC “narrative,” holocaust crap and just generally screwing with our heads — often just for fun. Ever since they came to America, the bastards have been busy brainwashing us White people — including in our schools.

Read the one where the Jewess says she’s “feeling spitefully Jewish today.” That really shows what motivates these trouble-making creeps. It’s simple to see how these rats really are behind lefty politics. Whites (real ones) get hired and promoted if they are also “fellow travelers” — further spreading the Jewish poisoning of our race. [INCOG]

From Benjamin Garland @DAILY STORMER

To demonstrate just how tirelessly our White Jewish brethren fight for Social Justice in this world full of hate, Ari Shekelstein has compiled these 26 tweets from the last 24 hours.

Tikkun olam, fellow goyim.

Tikkun olam.

 “I am feeling spitefully Jewish today”

— A White-hating, diversity-promoting Jewess trouble-maker named “Coffee Spoonie” who calls any pro-Whites “Nazi” at the drop of a hat, while working hard to get their Twitter account deleted should they say anything her highness doesn’t approve. As usual, she pimps holohoax crap big time and describes herself as “cute and disabled” so we also feel sorry for her. These Jews sure do love the whole victimhood “schtick!” [INCOG]


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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70 Responses to Dear “Fellow White People” (((They))) So Love To Say

  1. Bob C. says:

    They must be reminded they are not even close to being White !

  2. cole nidre says:

    kikes spew shit out of their ugly chekist, bulshevist, commie
    noses. 62 million murdered in the jewviet nonunion.

    we’ll win ww3

  3. Tony says:

    If they eliminate us they eliminate themselves. Just how smart is that? Parasites know no bounds. They are a plague to the white race that need to be dealt with if we are to survive and once again thrive. They can take their pet hench jibber jabber lipped niggers and all go back to Israel for one big multicult party.

    • Red Pill says:

      ”If they eliminate us they eliminate themselves. ”

      also be aware that this works both ways.

      it’s the tail of fate of the “THE WHEAT & THE TARES
      (sad but true)

      Matthew 13:29
      But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.

      Matthew 13:30
      Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.


      • Mike says:

        Red Pill

        You must not be very red pilled if you think Whites wouldn’t be absolutely fantastic without the Jewish rats. It doesn’t work both ways. A parasite needs its host to survive. The host, however, doesn’t and is better off in every conceivable way without the parasite.
        The only reason the Jew is still on this earth is due to U.S. protection and handing them 50 million of our tax dollars EVERY EFFING DAY.

  4. Barney says:

    Even if the great hero Herr Hitler had been the devil incarnate, and even if he really had gassed six hundred and sixty-six gazillion of the devil’s own, and if they really were as white as the driven snow, truly angelic beings (no, please don’t throw up just yet) that didn’t deserve to be killed with bug spray, wouldn’t it be time to draw a line under the past and put it down to experience and history?

    No White Person would whinge endlessly about his or her parents and grandparents suffering horribly in two jew world wars that killed uncounted millions of our own people, but there’s never a single day when the LIARS aren’t screaming “holy-hoax, Hitler evil, holy-hoax, jews special, innocent, victims, holy-hoax, extermination, holy-hoax”.

    My “other half” refuses to wake up, so I just say it’s time someone told them WW2 is over, something she can agree with without having to face the truth that it’s the devil jew that’s evil incarnate.

    • GTRman /Tony Hayers says:

      Dear Barney: WW2 can never be over, because in The Current Year, WW2 is
      ‘Thee Holocauste’ , with a war hanging off its arse like a tagnut.

      The deaths of up to 70 million goyim are a soon-to-be-forgotten afterthought in that Great Kosher Pogrom called Thee Holocauste.

      In which the Proof of Millions Dead are the Countless Living to Tell The Tale.

      Up is down, black is White, and sufferink is a mansion in (((Bel Air)))

  5. Anglo Saxon says:

    Let us all celebrate the birth of the greatest white man, tomorrow [20th]. May he live in our hearts forever.

  6. Tom says:


    From time to time a correspondent or writer will blithely state his unresearched opinion that jews are “White”. This is not only a fallacy, but it is an impossibility. Here’s why: the jews are the only people who are not qualified for protection under their own Genocide Treaty.

    (1) They are not a race. This is proven from jewish sources in regard to Falashim or Black jews; Benai Israel or Indian jews; Chinese jews, who look Chinese to a foreigner, but who are not real Chinese; the Sephardim or semitic jews; and the Ashkenazim or “Russian” jews, who are most likely to have White genes. These people converted to Judaism in 700 A.D. Many of them resemble White people, but all of them, according to “The Genetics of the Jews” have Afro-Asian genes, including the blondest of them. Blond, blue-eyed people with Afro-Asian genes are not White, but mongrels.

    (2) Jews are not a religious group, for they include atheists. Two thirds of the “jewish” population of Israel are not religious, but claim to be “jewish” through their mothers, which is how Orthodox rabbis define “jewishness”. A White person who ‘converts’ to Judaism will not be deemed a jew by Orthodox rabbis.

    (3) Jews are not an ethnic group because they reside in all parts of the world and resemble their host peoples in looks, language, and often, in religion. Yet, they consider themselves jews. What can be their common bond? Not religion, not race, not ethnicity, but economy! It’s their rackets which bind them together as jews, exactly as the “patels” are bound together by their caste-determined role as merchants. Such disparate groups maintain cohesion with their common interests, and behave like a nation among nations. Yet, they are not a nation, which is comprised of people with a common genetic origin.

    It is extremely dangerous to admit jews into White Nationalist groups, for I have had firsthand experience of their sudden betrayal of White interests in Rhodesia and South Africa. One day they were “White”. Next day they were sneering at us as “you White people”. Jews officially declared themselves non-White in 1972, as quoted in The Rand Daily Mail of May 15, 1972.

    Some Goyim go by FEDZOGUSA’s definition of jews as “White”, but if we were to accept ZOG definitions of “White”, which includes hispanic mestizos and other Eurasian mongrels, Arabs, et al., we would cease being White Nationalists in fact and in effect. Foolish Whites may over-look racial differences, out of love for the ZOG, but mestizos, Arabs and other mongrels do not see Whites as their people, although they enjoy White women as trophy sex partners, like any Black or Asian pimp. I notice that a non-White ‘stud’ with a beautiful White female will enter premises, with his eye on the Ostensible White males, to amuse himself at their reactions, as if to say, “See what I took from you honkey muthas!” When an Ostensible White enters with a Black female, all eyes look at him with the unspoken question: “Are you blind or nuts?” I have seen this pattern almost daily in my work for a full decade, and there are many such places in this town, where the same things occur.

    The jew’s job is to infiltrate all Gentile groups, in order to spy on and to influence them for the benefit of himself and his fellow jews. A genuinely righteous jew belongs not with us, but with his own people., who sorely need him. Exclude the jew, White man, or your castles will be built on quicksand, and they will collapse like Rhodesia and South Africa. You are now informed and you have thereby been warned. ORION!

    “THE GENETICS OF THE JEWS” by A.E. Mourant et al., Oxford University Press, 1978, reports the findings of jew hematologists, whose work was originally published in The Lancet, the official journal of the British Medical Association. They report that “even the blondest jew has Negro marker genes… which are due to concubinage (prostitution) and slavery.”

    Blacks were introduced in the Black Sea region, and along the Silk Route, as ‘trade goods’. I have met dozens of ‘poison dwarfs’ from Odessa, jews who have mottled dark complexions, negroid noses, mongoloid eyes and kinky Afro hair; everyone as mean as he is ugly. These specimens comprise the darker side of the Ashkenazim or “Russian” jews. White they are not!

    • ICU says:

      Well done.

    • Barney says:

      I’ve personally experienced the “sudden betrayal” you mention Tom. For twenty years or so I’d been able to trust a jew “repairman” to look after my computer whenever I had a problem.

      Last year this same, trusted, jew bastard created a fault that threatened to “fry” my expensive i7 processor (“CPU fan error” message).

      Suspecting nothing, I trusted him to fix the fault, but took the precaution of creating a “user account” that would deny him access to my personal files.

      Result? He kept the computer for a week, did nothing to it and brought it back, still with the same fault.

      I had to boot into my own user account, and now that he had full access, he fixed the fault in a day or so (easy as he was the only one that could have created it), and this time, as well as leaving “footprints” showing he’d been nosing through my personal stuff, he totally screwed my operating system in ways only a Linux expert could have done.

      Fortunately I still had the installation disc, so was able to reinstall the system as the only way to put things right, but then there’s all the settings and software to put back the way it was, which is a pain.

      A couple of months later I found myself having to pay penalty charges for exceeding my monthly bandwidth allowance. It didn’t matter how careful I was to minimise downloads and stay within the limit, “my” usage was going up by 2GB per day.

      I’d never gone into my router settings before, but when I did, I found that jew bastard’s laptop “registered” (not sure that’s the right word) for wireless access. The bastard was parking outside my place (without my knowledge of course) and downloading vast amounts of data at my expense.

      I’ve never used wireless, and hadn’t even realised the router enabled it by default. I disabled it, and things are back to normal, but that jew bastard’s never getting another shekel from me.

    • J.R. says:

      the jackass Eric Thomson (if white) could be a white Jew, just by converting to Judaism. Caucasian conversion to Judaism has been going on for millenniums… the lighter skinned, rodent-like jews generally known as “Kikes” appear to be predominantly of Caucasian ethnicity; and their rodent-like attributes have likely been received as a judgment from God, so decent folk can more easily identify them as dangerous and either destroy or avoid them.

      The more authentic racial tribal israelis are obviously the Middle Eastern type with light to medium olive skin, usually black and sometimes reddish hair, and of a somewhat diminutive stature, when compared to the strapping Arabs and lanky Egyptians, who’ve had some ancestral links to them, since ancient times…

      There are also jews who “say they are jews, and are not, but do lie”…

      there are also jewish converts to Christianity who are actually no longer jews in the sight of God, just as gentile converts to Christianity are no longer Gentiles, because “in Christ there’s neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all…”

      That said, all jews, whether, white, black, brown, yellow or red, appear to have the common denominator of the fundamentally demonic spirit and generally psychopathic disposition of an apostate racial jew or true tribal israeli, as a judgment from God for rejecting his Son Jesus for the Jews’ love of money and worship of Lucifer as the god of this present evil secular world, which likely explains why all jews have the same evil agenda somewhere and can’t really be trusted.

      “Head covered, Ivanka and Melania took to the women’s side of the Western Wall plaza, drawing criticism from some hoping to see a break from tradition, but gaining praise and thanks from Israel’s Orthodox establishment …”

      Does Israel recognize Ivanka Trump as Jewish? It does now…

  7. Morris Deeds says:

    Eliminate Trump Unites the Establishment
    BySartre –
    April 17, 2018×392.jpg
    Any assessment of the Never Trump cabal produces some inescapable conclusions. The War Party is emphatically in control of the military-industrial complex, the Deep State is thoroughly entrenched and manipulates the techno/bureaucracy, and the Shadow Government runs the levers of real and underlying government institutions. The Trump election was a reflection of a populist movement. As the unending condemnation of the President is heard nonstop from a coordinated media script, the uninformed often concludes that all the ills of his administration is a direct result of the man himself.

    Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump, the significance of his Presidency needs to be viewed within the context of a populist frustration among the voters who cast their ballot for a fundamental change in the direction of government and a draining of the DC Swamp. Dispense any fictional distinctions between Democrats and Republicans.

    The only valid designation that has a meaningful difference is that of factions who are proponents of a centralized federal authority and those who view the current system as a syndicate of careerist criminals.

    More below:

  8. dick fuld says:

    (Associated Protocol) – wells fargo to be fined 1 billion as early as
    Friday. translation: wells fargo to be fined by criminal kikes
    controlling your finances for being the largest mortgage issuer
    in the u.s. not directly involved in the massive jew junk mortgage
    fraud of 2004-2008. you know the kike controlled mass-media’s
    so- called “financial crisis.”

  9. Malie Mapour says:

    This is for “Barney”… as well as any other commenters or postees on “Incogman good…and inspirational website.

    This is “Maliemapour”, responding to your posts in regards to some vital…information that I had shared multiple days ago, with those on this site who are “WARRIORS-OF-JUSTICE”…and TRUTH-SEEKERS. And, obviously if you’re not one these— or inspire to or motivated by its (our) virtues, effectiveness…and all the good and beneficial qualities attach—-and therein, therefore, Barney or anyone on this site who does not stand, represent, or share any of these, need not making me or anything I share, into something that I am absolutely NOT. What I share here or any where else—for the good …and benefits of , is “magical, occultic, liberal, wrong, unhelpful, …or to mislead anyone. Like “Icogman”, and many others who are REAL…and “WARRIORS-OF-JUSTICE”, my goals…and aspirations are to fight for “my race”, my people, …and the virtueous-principles of “THE ALMIGHTY-GOD”. By that, anything that I share with others of my race…, is for their/our own good…and benefits. “Sherry Shriner” is “THE GREATEST-, BRAVEST-WARRIOR, SISTER, HELPER, PROPHET, PROTECTOR, LEADER, “WOWAN OF GOD”, HEROINE…AND DESTROYER OF EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG…AND EVIL—BOTH HERE IN AMERICA AND THE WORLD.

    She is REAL, accurate, truthful, honest, sincere, AND stood for everything that is right, …for the good of others. She bravely stood up …and courageously FOUGHT …and DESTROYED a massive part of “establishment” “the aliens’s agendas”, the “New World Order’ CRIMINAL…and diabolical agendas—which main goal is to destroy everyone…and anything that is good, standing up for truth, fighters of evil…who opposed them and their evil plans for humanity at large. This is who Sherry was, had been, and the GREAT LEGACY She left behind to Her faithful-WARRIORS who are continuing Her “Great-Legacy all that She was and done for us, America…and the world. Because Sherry was a butt kisser of the “FAKE-Media, the so called “elites”, opposed the fake-Jewish agendas…and those CRIMINALS in Government, therefore, Her and all the wonderful works that She had done are NOT hidden by the EVIL media; are only known to Her WARRIORS…and supporters, and sadly those evil-liars who are and want to discriteded Her all the good She had done. But, no matter they are trying to do to discredit…Her and Her wonderful works, the truths of who She was was and the WONDERFUL works She done for all, will forever remain; and that’s that matters.

    The “Orgone” as “Living Positive Energy”—-which Reich Wilhelm was a Student…and teacher of many, many decades ago, was effective…and progressive toward its course of helping the United States Government under president Hower —-to fight…and stop the major problems this county was facing with the brutal-aliens invasion, kidnappings, wrongful human’s experiments…and many more EVIL and DISGUSTING CRIMES that those ALIENS were secretly engaging in at that time—up to now. The “Orgones” are the only Spiritual…and dimensional weapons effective in DESTROYING those CRIMINAL aliens physical, mentally, …and their fifth dementional-UFOS. Nothing else can or ever will. The “Ogornes” contains the “POWER…and COMMANDS of “THE ALMIGHTY-GOD “—which is why those ALIENS, despite their high tech-weapons…and equipment, cannot withstanding it—or REMAIN unharm …when and if flying or PASSING by any places where the “orgones” are at and at work. There are many, many evidence—even from those aliens themselves on how they are getting destroy…at every turn by our “orgones” against them, their demons…and other evil things they are using to harm…and bring about DESTRUCTIONS—as they have always plan on doing on earth—which is their main agendas.

    So, me sharing the “orgone” with others on this site and elsewhere, is for their own safety…and protection—especially against the ‘invisible-enemies’ all around us; nothing else that I will ever want to mislead…or misgiude any warrior…The “orgone”, as simple as it is and seems, yet, the most POWERFUL…and effective defense America or anyone could ever had for their safety…and protection. The day will come—fastly approaching when everyone will see the goodness…and effectiveness of the “Orgones”—that so many LIARS, haters,…and un-informed people out there are bashing, lying about,…discriteded. For that , any affirmation that I have shared and continue sharing with others—sincerely know its worth, its value…and how thousands around the world have been found rescue, safety,…and protection from it—and whose testimonies are all over the internet to see—when make the real research; as opposed to those who gladly…and love jumping “on board” to discredit it, falsely arguing about it, planting discord…and having their own personal-biases, toward that they personally opposed for their own selfish…motives. Last, but, not least, I did join “The Incogman” site to work against him and others ; but, glady join hands and forces with those who for their race, their people, justice, …and above all, are in the side of “THE ALMIGHTY-GOD and the GOOD GOD WANTS…AND STAND FOR. This is who I am, have always been—shall forever remain.

    By the way, Reich Wilhelm, who was an early pioneer…of the “ORGONE”, was about to help President Hower combat…and DEFEAT the infestation …and secretive crimes that those evil…and brute aliens were unleash SECRETLY on the American population; but, the aliens.. and greedy others in the Government who preferred a few bucks, freebies…and technologies from those cunning…and criminal ALIENS, got him—Reich Wilhelm arrested, persecuted, accused…mysteriously died in prison; and burnt all of his good informative…and knowledgebase books—to discriteded him …and destroy the truth in the process. But, little did those devious…and evil criminals know, that knowledge…can never and never Will destroyed by gotten rid I’d Reich Wilhelm and his books.

    Sherry Shriner picked up where Reich left off…and had been very and extremely successful in destroying those CRIMINAL aliens…and their accomplices—be it humans or demons criminal cohorts implementing the DESTRUCTIONS of INNOCENT people through their fake…and worthless ” New World Order”.

    The “Truth” is what it is—and always been; either one accept it or denie it—but, cannot ever defeat…it. It will DEFEAT you…

    • Malie Mapour says:

      One more minor adjustment I wanted to make in my above posting is that, I meant to say “Sherry Shriner” is NOT a “butt-kisser of the evil…and worthless media—which is why they hidden all Her wonderful works…and refuses to make mention of their “effectiveness”; furthermore, Sherry never needed the media…and its high-diabolical mindset, hypocrisy…and wickedness to share…Her works with others. She did spreading Her works far and wide—above and beyond what those fakers could had ever attempt on offering HER when She was a live here. By the “Awesome-Grace of ” THE ALMIGHTY-GOD “, the internet was a good enough tool…needed for spreading…and Sharing Her WONDERFUL works with the world—and continues doing so in Her absence.

      We WARRIORS don’t fifteen minutes of media’s times to accomplishing…great works ; and Sherry Shriner had proven all that and beyond. Learn from HER—and move doing great…and wonderful works for GOD and be blessed for it.

      • Barney says:

        I don’t doubt that Wilhelm Reich was a great scientist, having read of some of his work, but my knowledge of Sherry Shriner is practically non-existent. Perhaps it’s time I took the trouble to find out.

        Even the name only exists in my awareness as a vague memory from quite a few years ago. I probably read some negative things about her. It’s difficult to remember now, following a life-threatening illness three years ago.

        My opinion may or may not change, but I’ll certainly look into her work.

        Thank you for taking the time to respond.

  10. Sen10L says:

    Damn Jews are genetic brain wrecks.

  11. Malie Mapour says:

    Some minor writing that I wanted to adjust in my previous post earlier today —first paragraph, I meant to say ” “NOT magical…”

    I am against “anything, magical, occultic, demonic…and evil. So, although there are bad…and evil people who are making, selling…spreading “fake-orgonites”, out there and over the internet, “Sherry Shriner”, is NOT—and never was one of those diabolical…and fakers; and people should stay away from them and go to SHERRY’S website where one can get all the real …and truthful instructions…and information needed to make “real, pure…and effective “Orgones” yourself at home.

    That’s always the right way to go.

  12. Ritchard says:

    The only way to deal Jews is to have nothing to do with them. Exclusion drives them nuts, notice how they try to worm in on everything. They are the manifestation of our weakness of soul.

  13. dick fuld says:

    happy birthday furher!

    as the man said: “the jews will murder me, but WE WILL
    WIN in the end.”

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    A busy day in history today. Foremost I guess is Robert E. Lee told abe lincoln to take his and shove it up your ass I have to defend the Constitution first.

    Lee resigns from U.S. Army

    Colonel Robert E. Lee resigns from the United States army two days after he was offered command of the Union army and three days after his native state, Virginia, seceded from the Union.

    Lee opposed secession, but he was a loyal son of Virginia. His official resignation was only one sentence, but he wrote a longer explanation to his friend and mentor, General Winfield Scott, later that day. Lee had fought under Scott during the Mexican War (1846-48), and he revealed to his former commander the depth of his struggle. Lee spoke with Scott on April 18, and explained that he would have resigned then “but for the struggle it has cost me to separate myself from a service to which I have devoted the best years of my life and all the ability I possess.” Lee expressed gratitude for the kindness shown him by all in the army during his 25-year service, but Lee was most grateful to Scott. “To no one, general, have I been as much indebted as to yourself for uniform kindness and consideration…” He concluded with this poignant sentiment: “Save in the defense of my native State, I never desire again to draw my sword.”

    But draw it he would. Two days later, Lee was appointed commander of Virginia’s forces with the rank of major general. He spent the next few months raising troops in Virginia, and in July he was sent to western Virginia to advise Confederate commanders struggling to maintain control over the mountainous region. Lee did little to build his reputation there as the Confederates experienced a series of setbacks, and he returned to Richmond when the Union gained control of the area. The next year, Lee assumed command of the Army of Northern Virginia after General Joseph Johnston was wounded in battle. Lee quickly turned the tables on Union General George B. McClellan, as he would several other commanders of the Army of the Potomac. His brilliance as a battlefield tactician earned him a place among the great military leaders of all time.

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    fucking jewboy shoots up his high school. Keep your schools under close observation today in case a wannabe wants to stage a shootemup so the gun control faggots can come take our guns away from us.
    A massacre at Columbine High School

    Two teenage gunmen kill 13 people in a shooting spree at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. At about11:20 a.m., Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, dressed in long trench coats, began shooting students outside the school before moving inside to continue their rampage. By the time SWAT team officers finally entered the school at about 3:00 p.m., Klebold and Harris had killed 12 fellow students and a teacher, and had wounded another 23 people. Then, around noon, they turned their guns on themselves and committed suicide.

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    Castro announces Mariel Boatlift

    Share this:






    Castro takes a shit on the state of florida usa emptying his jails and getting rid of all the worthless welfare witches to the land of the free welfare state. We didn’t get their best and brightest rocket scientists and doctors and mechanical engineers. But we are a nation of immigrants. Yeah but we weren’t a cradle to fucking grave welfare state back the neither. Now they demand billions with a b of my money to fight opioid addictions. Shut the fuck up I thought giving out free rubbers to junior high school kids was bad and then the free needle exchange programs for heroin addits to try and prevent aids and the free methodone programs hey when will it ever stop enabling these fuckups to keep being fuckups and make them pull their heads outta their asses and get fucking real. I swear to God this story is true I came out of the fred’s store I had to buy a new appliance lightbulb for my stove and this guy sitting in a car next to mine has the assdacity to axe me for some money because he has fallen on hard times just as I was about to pull out my wallet to give him a couple bucks he say’s I need 15 dollars. I said now just shut the fuck up you have got to be kidding me I put my wallet back in my pocket I don’t even have 15 bucks to spare now you get nothing. I was going to help you out with a little bit OH NO NO anything will help too late now fuckup.

    On April 20, 1980, the Castro regime announces that all Cubans wishing to emigrate to the U.S. are free to board boats at the port of Mariel west of Havana, launching the Mariel Boatlift. The first of 125,000 Cuban refugees from Mariel reached Florida the next day.

  17. Matt says:

    Genesis 9:27

    “May God extend Japheth’s territory;
    may Japheth live in the tents of Shem,
    and may Canaan be the slave of Japheth.”

    You can see here, God has blessed the white man, and it says may his territories be extended. The black man is the problem and is cursed to be the slave of the white man.

    Romans 3:4 “Let god be true and every (((man))) a liar”

    God decides who should be where, not some lying kike.

    With kikes, you can almost always do the opposite of what they say. If (((they))) say go left, you know you need to go right, if (((they))) say go down, then you need to go up.

    Rev 19:2 calls the great kike/prostitute the corruptor of the world.

    The lying kikes work nonstop to corrupt God’s order, and spread Satan’s order throughout the world. JWO

  18. WHITEMAN says:

    I have a dream – an America emptied of the Jew and every man, woman, and child of Jewish origin forever banned from standing on our soil. Be it by negotiation or the barrel of a gun, let them be gone. Let a world wide revolution of repulsing them spring forth and banish them all.

    • ICU says:

      Ben Franklin wanted jews, economic vampire pirate nation wreckers regardless of specific mongrelization, banned from even setting foot in the new republic, enforced by a Constitutional provision.
      I’m not quite sure whether he wanted the ones that were already smeared here (New England distillers, money lenders, other merchants) expelled and banned from re-entry.
      I’ll have to more reading to find out exactly who blocked that from happening.
      Just imagine where we as a nation would be today if Ben’s genius advice was heeded.
      NONE of the following:
      rampaging niggers
      Muzzys/Mestizos/various Muds
      USA propped up and installed Israel
      enemies in The Middle East
      war for jew benefit, ONLY
      Federal Reserve Bank
      jew Wall Street
      jew dominated EVERYTHING
      engineered and managed economic recessions and depressions
      Kriss-Chun Zionists
      Pornography as legitimate business
      Homosexual as normal
      The jew Sackler Family, directly responsible for The Opioid Epidemic
      Drug Addiction in general
      The Clowngressional Black Caucus
      cities and towns turned into nigger Hellholes
      Dearborn, Michigan as a Muzzy stronghold
      millions of illegal aliens
      National Peoples Radio
      Bronco Bama and his carnival freak roommate
      George Soros breathing
      Communist Indoctrination Education; Pre-K through Grad School
      and on, and on, and on.
      ALL THE ABOVE directly attributable to the jews that are smeared upon this afflicted failed republic.
      If the jews are not brought down and gotten rid of, regardless of how that is done, this nation is doomed and everything worthwhile will be polluted and despoiled…beyond that which is already done.

  19. Malie Mapour says:

    Here are some strong, truthful, factual…and shocking exposures… that I want to share…and put out there on who and what those invisible “DISGUSTING-CRIMINAL”…ENEMIES— who are secretly kidnappings, raping, torturing, killing,…and destroying INNOCENT people, children—even babies on a daily-moment-by-moment basis, really and truly are—and have always been for centuries right under our noses and the noses of our ancestors and generations before us. They are a “creature-races or creaturing-races of “ALIENS”; made of or consisted of many, many various factions—-with most factions having two DISGUSTING and HORRIBLE things in common; and that is their ugly…physical-animalistic looks or forms and their DESPICABLE evil-criminality-mindsets. These two commonalities are what most—if not all CRIMINAL-ALIENS races have in common; which thus, how they’re and had always been operating behind the scenes—and in disguise on the scene—in our faces. And forcing their tyrannical-regimes worldwide—known as the “New World Order”— which in reality, is not “NEW” at all—but, the familiar “Old World Order”—since it has always been the same old criminal aliens’s ttyrannical-regimes over and over again—with same agendas everywhere they are. Enslaving, persecuting, harassing, tormenting, killings, bullying, planning, plotting…and chip-implanting everyone into mindless, submissive, subservient-zombies…and captively-chained-slaves. They are a brute, savage, primitive, stupid, uncivilized, evil, jealous…and criminal races; with no logical purposes in live whatsoever—but, to cause complete and total miseries, sufferings, pains, slavery, …and destructions of humans and everything on planet earth and beyond. They lived ONLY to destroy…and wipe out everything and everyone that is good, decent, smart, innocent, brave, strong…and godly; and then laughting, bragging, …and celebrating their every EVIL…AND DESTRUCTIONS that they are causing ON the innocents down throughout the ages.

    They are all pathological-liars… who will not hesitate for one bit to tell you one thing and then turn around right in front of your face to do totally the opposite—to destroy…you and others. Sadly…and shockingly, those so called “Government-Officials—all the way to the United States President, had been for a long, long times—since Roosevelt presidency—and before that, had been secretly…and cunningly making…and signing “diabolical-contracts” with those dangerous criminal-aliens creatures in exchange for aliens technologies to the United’s government—namely the military. And what is the United’s government going to give or allow those criminal…and evil aliens full range…to do? Abducting and kidnapping the American people and those in the American populations; for all sort of DISGUSTING, perverted, abomination…and destructive humans experimentations at Will— whenever those EVIL…aliens want too—which is all the times. Those aliens have for their “leader” ‘Satan’. Satan, himself is a serial-rapist, pedophile, kidnapper, child-sex-slaves trafficker, liar,intruder, savage-animal, evil-scum, murderer…and thief; who is tirelessly working together with his criminal-minions—who are first in line the aliens, illuminaties, worth less criminal-greedy humans…and various others—including demons; running every government of the world behind the scene—through their humans puppets by in large. With one agenda only; to destroy…humanity for their own selfish satisfactions—which has always been “ A “BIG-CHEAP-THRILL” for SATAN and his DISGUSTING, WORTHLESS, PERVERTED, …and EVIL accomplices worldwide.

    That’s all they do folks. Secretly Kidnappings, killing, raping, torturing…and destroyiningmillions of human beings everywhere for fun. That’s the way SATAN, who is a lived …and invisibly walking in our midst, going about enjoying themselves throughout the ages —and up to now; at the expense..and destructions of PRECIOUS, decent,…and innocent people. So, when the truths…about those scums …and their ATROCITIES have been surfacing…and exposing for the world to see, is no threats…or daring to them—because it’s been way too long that your so called “Governments have been making deals with them at your DESTRUCTIONS—and those who know from the public, could careless as long their okay…and pay-checks are secured and coming to them.Screwd everyone else! Let aliens destroy as much they want illegally, is their mindsets—and always been. The sad thing is—and always been—and still is, is the silence, indifferent, ignorant, stubbornness, mindsets, …and greeds of the masses; to—and for allowing those ALIENS GARBAGE…to go mercilessly ravaging… INNOCENT people worldwide for centuries for fun…
    Its going get worse…and people—even those criminal humans backing up…and supporting those EVIL…and WORTHLESS ALIENS—including SATAN himself, will find out very soon, that, aliens have no loyalty…to anyone, and will be destroyed by them just like everyone else who are not protected by “THE ALMIGHTY-GOD” will. That is why making “Orgones” as a “Spiritual-weapons” instructed by “THE ALMIGHTY-GOD” “HIMSELF”, is very important; because the “Orgones” are the ONLY effective weapons POWERFUL enough to destroy any aliens; their aliens weapons are no match for the Orgones—it mamalfunctioning them from working; the UFOS have for a long times—crashing all over the place—even though the media—which literally belongs to Satan himself and his CRIMINAL Aliens,( note! Satan and his criminal alients, are using the FAKE Jews, the illuminaties, freemasons, satanists worldwide, …and the government as their “FRONTS”…in humans forms —-to own almost every institutions in the world—including the media for their own benefits…and to further their snares and manipulations of the ignorant…masses.) won’t talk and ever will talk about; unless someone saw it…and then video tapes it with their phone and post it on the internet to see. Their ELF weapons, which they are ALWAYS using to literally frying INNOCENT… people—even inside their homes, have been disabled…in the presence of the “Orgones. SATAN himself had been running scare…and in pain when going into a territory—-or one of his usual homes invasion places where the occupants happened to have “Orgones” with them. He simply runs to avoid a brutal knock out by the Orgones. So, Sherry Shriner, a POWERFUL pioneer, maker,…and WARRIOR of the “Orgones”, is to be GREATLY REVERE…certaint NOT bashing by many liars…and evil-fakers all over the internet and elsewelsewhere. Also, Reich Wilhelm, need to appreciated…because way back then, when the aliens were beginning to kidnap , raping, torturing, experimenting, …and killing Americans in America—although it was not limited to America alone—-approached the President of the United States at that time,—- I believe it was Eissensse Hower, (his name could spell differently), but, it was him that, Wilhelm first approached and offered him his sincere-helps with the “Orgones”, as a “MAJOR-SOLUTION” in stopping…and defeat this EVIL aliens invasion, atrocities , perversion, mayhem, …and infestation. So, this EVIL …and greedy president—like all the rest subsequent of them, turned against this helpful…and creative’s American Hero, tthrew him prison —as if he was a criminal, destroyed reputations, destroyed his wonderful books, …and then, murdered him.
    Now, wonder why those GARBAGE…have been trying so desperately to do the same—or worse to this great, honorable…and powerful WARRIOR and Woman of GOD—”Sherry Shriner”? But, unlike Reich Wilhelm, Sherry Shriner, Her WARRIORS, Supporters…and Her wonderful works are surrounded by the “PROTECTION”… of GOD’S MIGHTY…AND POWERFUL ANGELS; so, there is absolutely nothing those criminal scumbags can do to destroy Sherry….and Her works—-regardless their evil…and criminal attempts. They will only get destroyed by those POWERFUL AND HEAVILY ARM ANGELS OF THE ALMIGHTY-GOD.

    For those of us or very few of us who loves…and cherishes the truth—which is what everything I am writing…and sharing with you is and all about, we will believe the truth, stand with it,…and fight along side it—-and NEVER denying it—regardless the opposition at work; for the “truth—and nothing—but, the “truth” can and will prevail vicariously above all LIARS…and their diabolical lies. You decide which side you are on—or will take. But, as always, there is only two sides existed; “GOOD” and “EVIL”—with no-in-between. If you are “good”, you take good- side or “GOD’S SIDE”, whereas, if you are “EVIL”, you take your evil- side— join forces with the aliens and let them CRUSH…you up. You decide! The choice of your heart is at your hand—none one elses.

  20. Tom says:

    Beware of the Jew Rat!

    When one tears away the veils and shows them naked, jews give off such a pungent smell of decay.

  21. Malie Mapour says:

    From Surfing the Apocalypse

    D. M.

    17th March 2004

    The plan for the New World Order did not originate on Earth – it is a system devised by aliens. The concept of the New World Order is based upon an old Anunnaki system which has been employed in other galaxies a long, long time ago. This system is now being pushed for implementation on Earth by the Anunnaki Remnants who remain on Earth. The Anunnaki Remnants are the ones that were left behind on Earth by the Anunnaki Elite when they escaped this world (see my previous writing of Nibiru and the Anunnaki for further explanation).

    The New World Order is based upon the premise that there is to be a supreme commander who oversees the affairs of the world. During transition into a global government smaller and weaker nations are being forced or lured into accepting self-appointed stronger nations to act as their police force. Later, the police force will expand and become an international police force under a single master. At first, this will appear to be a plan for a peaceful co-existence amongst nations which will benefit all nations. However, it is a plan to eliminate all nation states, freedom, civil rights and to control the people of the world under a single ideology in the name of one global community.

    The New World Order is a One World Order with a hidden agenda to rule by fear, control, exploitation and bullying. The ruling elite of the world’s wealthy, powerful and influential have been pushing for a New World Order with a One World Government under the pretence of establishing world peace while they are in fact imposing their will upon every nation. They call themselves the “peacemakers” but in truth they are an international police force which organized “war crimes” tribunals, supposedly to give the “political criminals” a fair trial before persecuting them.

    The vast majority of the ruling elite of the world are either descendants of Anunnaki Remnants or their supporters. A trait of the Anunnaki is to rule by instigating people to remain in a state of perpetual conflict. Peace is not even a consideration of the Anunnaki, who are a warmongering, bloodthirsty, lustful, perverted, deceptive, brutal race of beings who have controlled the Earth for a long time.

    At present, the fragmentation, conflict, hate, jealousy, suspicion, mistrust, intolerance, biasness amongst nations, cultures and those of diverse religions etc. appear to be obstacles to the realisation of One World Order. However, each of those traits was introduced by the Anunnaki as part of their plan to rule by segregation and division. The rule by fragmentation was only a transitional phase in a very long-range plan to bring about a One World Government by claiming that such a government can bring about world peace. In fact, the One World Government is a tool for the establishment of an absolute dictatorship over the entire world – a tyranny. Once the plan is in its final stages, it will be forced upon everyone. The people of the world will have no choice but to toe the line and follow the dictates of the One World Order or face severe consequences.

    For a New World Order where diverse nations are drawn together under supposedly one common cause, humanity becomes enslaved to its One World Order sovereignty. The New World Order will not happen overnight. The idea was seeded a long, long time ago, and slowly but certainly it is weaving its way unsuspectedly through the monetary, political, religious, cultural, educational, scientific etc. systems. It started to gain momentum in the last 10 years. The speed of its emergence has taken a quickened stride in the last three years, with one planned event after another taking place in various parts of the world in order to test and exercise the power of the would-be New World Order under the leadership of self-proclaimed, “high” moral standing personnel with the backing of a powerful dictatorial government.

    At present, while the current push for a New World Order appears to be under the control of an elite group of Anunnaki Remnants which I call the “Vulturites”, the real control is under the more cunning group of Anunnaki Remnants, which have been called the “Reptilians”. These two groups of Anunnaki Remnants are in perpetual conflict with one another. However, for the time being, the Reptilians are purposely backing off to trick the Vulturites into doing the dirty job of setting up the New World Order before taking it over from them when they feel the time is right.

    As I have stated a long time ago, most of the consciousnesses of the Reptilian Anunnaki Remnants who were previously residing in human bodies predominantly in the United States and some parts of Europe have now shifted their locations to China. Consciousnesses of the Vulturite Anunnaki Remnants have now taken over most of those bodies previously occupied by the Reptilian Anunnaki Remnants.

    The process towards the One World Order was implemented long ago on Earth. Recent aspects of the move are seen in the evolution of credit card systems, identification systems, smart card systems, social security systems, taxation systems, health care cards etc. – these are just some of the recent systems introduced to control, condition, profile and keep tab of the whereabouts and activities of people. Yet superficially, these systems appear to be signs of advancement in technology and affluence so most people are not aware of the hidden agenda behind these schemes.

    Already, humans are being secretly micro-chipped with physical implants for ease of identification and location of those chipped individuals – while also controlling their minds – by those working under the Anunnaki Remnants who have control of all facets of systems in this world, be they political, cultural, educational, commercial, pharmaceutical, monetary, military or otherwise. Every day when popular programmes are aired on radio, movie screens and especially on television, people are exposed to the risk of being programmed subliminally through the flashes of light, camera angles used, words uttered, musical accompaniment etc. to “think” as the Anunnaki Remnants want them to “think”. However, there is a small minority amongst the population in human bodies, especially those with alien ties, who have stronger WILL than most to resist such programming provided they do not give in to the ruling elite’s threats, bribes etc.

    The minds of people are currently being altered. The minority of the population on Earth who are resisting the “controller” are currently under surveillance. This minority group contains those who openly or quietly resist the so-called conventional and popular beliefs. They are not without the assistance of a Force which is fighting the Darkness of the “controller”. Soon, this will become obvious. However, not everyone who is engaged in resisting the “controller” is of the Light.

    Audible and inaudible sounds have also been released over the years to weaken human bodies and minds so as to control and poison their bodies, minds and actions. These sounds are also used to regulate various aspects of individual and collective human bodies and societal functions. Ultimately, the aim of the ruling elite is to get rid of the majority of the human race before openly inhabiting and controlling the world that they now secretly control, and they have been doing so for a long time.

    Many have considered how vast the conspiracy for a One World Order would have to be, and they have attempted to refute it by stating that certainly someone involved in such a massive project would have broken ranks and disclosed the conspiracy. This would be a valid argument, EXCEPT only the highest echelon participants know of the agenda. However, none of the upper echelon have the entire picture – they are only aware of fragments of the plan. The upper echelon cannot sort out the actual plan because it is built upon lies within lies within lies. Even the highest echelon on Earth are not the ultimate conspirators, they are merely following orders from their “controller” who is not in a physical body. The minions unknowingly follow the plan to its inevitable conclusion because of programming and other factors. Further, those of a Dark essence will naturally gravitate towards compliance with the Anunnaki Remnants’ agenda.

    The public has little or no knowledge of what is occurring. Many of those who are resisting the One World Order have discussed at length the physical occurrences on the planet that point to the conspiracy and the New World Order. Some of those have even addressed spiritual aspects of the plan to decimate and enslave the human race, however, most of those people are coming from a perspective of conventional religious backgrounds, and as I have discussed repeatedly, the Anunnaki have set up and facilitated all popular religions on the planet – including the New Age movement. Unfortunately, there are always some good beings who get trapped in these movements. Hence, those who promote a global community are really assisting the “controller’s” plan, whether they are conscious of this or otherwise.

    There are some humans who have already been chosen for survival by the ruling elite. These human survivors will be slaves to their masters. Many have been chosen according to bloodlines, professions, ontological essences etc. to accommodate the needs of the Anunnaki Remnants’ agendas.

    The “controller” has an “elite guard” of fighters who are called the “Rumblers”. These Rumblers rarely left the “controller’s” side in the past. They were only used in desperate situations. However recently, a few of them have arrived on the planet to try to block the Attas, (The Rescuers of the Light, The Amoebas) who are in combat with the “controller” and all its minions.

    Soon, the Rumblers will arrive on Earth in numbers. This will be a time when the battle between the forces of Light and Darkness will be in heightened conflict. The release of the Rumblers shows just how desperate the “controller” is becoming, especially since the “controller” is compromising its own protection by releasing its elite guard onto the planet.

    Contrary to popular belief, the Earth is not an important place –it is just one of the final hiding places for the Anunnaki – they have very few places to go to in these final stages of the Correction Process.

    The Attas are the targets of the Rumblers. The average person could not withstand assaults by the Rumblers; however, the Rumblers are no match for the Attas. Many of these Attas have arrived as “walk-ins” on Earth in humble positions, in female and male human bodies.

    There are many examples of mass mind control tests upon the population of Earth. One such example is the case of Diana Spencer. To the unaware, it appeared that her death had touched their hearts, but this was not the case. They were in fact programmed to respond with an enormous outpouring of emotions, grief and distorted views about the deceased. Most of these people did not even know her, nor did they have any ties to her. Little do the people suspect that emotional energy they spent was being sucked out of them and collected by the “controller” for its own selfish purposes and agendas. Imagine the vastness of the mind-control project necessary to condition so many millions into “spontaneously grieving” for the deceased.

    On the other hand, when United States President John Kennedy was assassinated, there was an outpouring of grief and emotion, but some of the grievers were Light beings who sensed that they had lost a dear friend on this Earth. His death was felt by all the Attas parts in one way or another. However, his departure was expected by the Attas, and no attempt was made by the Light to try to prevent it for a very good reason. This was true grieving by many. The emotional mass programming by the ruling elite was only in its infancy at the time.

    As another example of mass programming, the “controller” can now summon up millions of protestors to spout whatever slogans are desired to bring about a desired situation. And, yet, on the surface, it appears that the actions of the protestors occurred as an understandable and even reasonable reaction to a particular situation. In reality, the protestors are being programmed and used by the ruling elite to allow them to implement a particular plan.

    In the near future, travel will become even more restricted than it is today; internet services could also be restricted. The time may come when internet services will be available only to certain ones using frequencies that will be unavailable to the population at large.

    Wars, revolutions, famines, epidemics, recessions, depressions, major catastrophes and casualties, bombings, murders and other meaningless destruction and sometimes even natural disasters are planned by the “controller” for its own agenda.

    There was a document released entitled The Report from Iron Mountain which was commissioned by President John Kennedy in August of 1963. Kennedy was overshadowed by an Attas consciousness (he had to play a double-game with many Anunnaki politicians in order to be accepted by them and be elected President of the United States), and while there were some reports about him that are not particularly complimentary, most of these are contrived or exaggerated by the ruling elite, who also sponsored many of the libels. This is much like what was done to Thomas Jefferson, another Attas consciousness. Kennedy was assassinated three months after commissioning the report in which he was about to expose the warmongering mindsets of the people who are in control of the world. The stated purpose of this report was to consider the problems involved in the contingency of a transition to a general condition of peace and to recommend procedures for dealing with this contingency.

    This report, which was published three years after Kennedy’s death, reveals the darkest recesses of demonic minds. It is filled with openly revolting revelations from many different political appointees about what is really on the minds of the ruling elite. In short, it is disgusting. Even though the report was leaked, it was never intended for public reading.

    Many means of denial were employed to attempt to invalidate this document because the American government understandably wanted to distance itself from the report. Editors of newspapers were recruited and supposed authors came forward to claim they wrote it as a satire. It is hard to imagine that this document was intended as a satire, as it is devoid of humour – express or implied. Likewise, it is difficult to accept that a single author could be responsible for the extremely different styles and energies contained in the paper – not to mention the vast knowledge necessarily required to have written the document, which would not be available to a single person as even the higher echelon of the ruling elite have only fragments of the total plan.

    This paper commences with the query of what would happen with a general détente amongst America, China and the Soviet Union, and asks the question: “Is the abolition of war, in the broad sense, really possible?”

    In analysing the query, the paper states that stability of society is the common assumed objective of both peace and war.

    Amongst other things, the paper dares to argue that were the war-making machines halted, all of the money saved would have to be rapidly consumed or else the people would have too much wealth, and become too cocky and difficult to control. Therefore, it was presented that in order to maintain stability it would be necessary to keep the people poor. The paper presented several wasteful programmes to dissipate any extra wealth that peace would bring to maintain economic control over the population.

    Thus, it is learnt from the paper that since war is a system that has worked so effectively for so long it should be maintained. In a stark quote, the reader learns that: “Wars are not ‘caused’ by international conflicts of interest. . . . war-making societies require – and thus bring about – such consuch conflicts.” The report also concluded that: “The basic authority of a modern state over its people resides in its war powers.”

    When considering the report one begins to realise that since it is impracticable for everyone to be at real war, there are mini-wars throughout the society. Families are but microcosms of nation states with their miniature struggles for power and control. People within families use varying tactics for seizing power and control, whether it be done via manipulation or oppressive violence. Sports are another substitute for war, where the participants are actually putting less energy into the contests than the followers of the various sports. In a sense, sports are the poor people’s wars, where millions will buy a strong conflict instead of the billions or trillions necessary for all-out-nation-state wars.

    And, to show the attitudes of the warmongering minds responsible for the report regarding the prospect of peace, consider this quote from the report: “In a broad social context, ‘an eye for an eye’ still characterizes the only acceptable attitude toward a presumed threat of aggression, despite contrary religious and moral precepts governing personal conduct.”

    This repulsive attitude continues today, and in fact has escalated with a huge percentage of the world’s population being programmed to support the “eye for an eye” attitude. The ruling elite is worried that if there were no wars, they could lose power and control over the people. Hence, they believe that there must be a substitute for wars, otherwise, the people might not bow down to their leaders. This shows not only the warped minds of the people who thrive in this exploitative world, it clearly shows that for their own selfish gratification, they want to keep the evil system afloat at all costs.

    As a part of the tyrannical plan, the Anunnaki Remnants intend to clone the human mind and insert it into artificial life forms. Worse still, they spread the untruthful propaganda that everyone is a “god” in the making, appealing to the egos and playing upon the ignorance of those receiving this nonsense.

    There is even the promotion of biological immortality, supposedly under the guidance of the so-called “Ascended Masters”. These Ascended Masters, by whatever name they usurp, are actually Anunnaki. What is actually happening by spreading such outrageous and dangerous untruths is that the people’s thinking is being altered so greatly that the Anunnaki Remnants hope to capture the spirits of the victims and encapsulate those spirits in a “time capsule”. It is the distorted belief of the “controller” that if it could imprison these spirits and could clone artificial spirits, these would have no will of their own, but would be totally at the mercy of the “controller” and its hierarchy. While this sounds like science fiction, it is indeed the plan.

    Many prominent figures in the world, in diverse roles, are not at all what they appear to be. Many have been placed into these positions because they do the bidding of the Anunnaki Remnants, whether they are conscious of this or not. This world has long been controlled by the Anunnaki and its Remnants, who rule by fear, brute force and deception.

    Those who dare to go against the system are disadvantaged or removed from power. This can be seen by the assassinations of several of the American presidents. Conversely, the British Prime Ministers do not share the same fate as their American counterparts because their positions were filled by Anunnaki Remnants or their representatives, such as Winston Churchill.

    Having said this, it is imperative that we bear in mind the Anunnaki wear many disguises. They can appear to be a passionate proponent for peace, like Mahatma Ghandi, yet they are the very essence of deception of the Anunnaki. Contrarily, Indira Ghandi is a being of Light. Yet, both were assassinated.

    Surrounding the American Revolutionary period, there were many Anunnaki Remnants and a few Light beings involved in playing prominent roles. For instance, John Adams, James Madison, John Marshall and Alexander Hamilton were Anunnaki-sponsored participants. On the other hand, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin are all of Attas consciousness.

    Elvis Presley, with his outward appearance of entrapment by glitter, glamour, fame, wealth and other issues, was not really trapped at all. He is an Attas who was here to do a specific job under the cover of a popular singer. His death took place, but not in the way the world believes it did. Like John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, Elvis too, was removed by the Dark Force, however, it was the time for each of them to go as they had completed their respective work.

    It has recently been admitted by China that they execute at least 10,000 people each year, and it is easy to assume that the real figure is far greater. China has always been an important battleground between Light and Darkness, even though Darkness seems to flourish there because China has always been a stronghold for the Anunnaki Remnants. Since the Reptilian Anunnaki Remnants have shifted their consciousnesses to China the increase in executions in that country is no surprise. Likewise, the increased interest in UFO activities amongst the people of China is to be expected.

    These days, there is a lot of talk about weapons of mass destruction. The real danger of weapons of mass destruction comes from the Anunnaki themselves. Many of these weapons were developed because of the work and theories of Anunnaki scientists such as Albert Einstein. These horrible weapons were developed so the Anunnaki in power can use them to threaten, coerce and enslave the people of the world.

    This may sound like a very grim picture of the fate of humanity but this time the Attas are here with a whole host of reinforcements. They have come from the future and are amongst us today. As I have stated before, the Anunnaki Remnants are running out of time. Soon, they will be no more. In the meantime, each of us must consciously strengthen our WILL and never give it over to the oppressors.

    I hope the energy contained in the following words I wrote a year ago will give strength to those who embrace the Light. At the time of publication, many mistakenly thought that the words dealt with the invasion of Iraq. However, they are more current today than they were a year ago. The words follow:

    Other countries are going to join in. Syria will be the first. The birthplace (country) of Jesus will tremble.

    Internal rebellion will occur in the number one on the top (Vulturite side) which will eventually fall and will be humiliated and punished.

    The road to Damascus will lead to many places.

    Bloodshed everywhere will cover the whole earth, streaming far and long.

    All heads will turn as they witness the horrific end of mankind.

    Humanity in transit will not rest in peace.

    The voice of Old will scream out and be heard for miles around.

    Those who caused the grim will find no place to hide. They will cringe in fear and be breathless. Their hearts will fly out in fear and numbness. Their days of Old will catch up with them. They will cry but no tears will come, they will scream but none will hear them, they will cry for help and forgiveness but none will be given to them. The gnashing of teeth and the tearing out of their hair will signal the end of the bloodthirsty tribe of Aaron.

    “Mountains” will turn over to crush the evil ones. The mountain of giants will advance in numbers never witnessed before and march towards “Golgotha” and together the wind of fate will gather strength and push eastwards, northwards, southwards and even to the west. The land of Zion will cry and then will be no more. Hosanna in the highest all will shout but there will be none to hear or sing the song “Hosanna, Hosanna.”

    Here are more words of encouragement for those who find comfort in them. I wrote and published this last July.

    The crop of the serpent is about to be cut down.

    The meaning of the boulders is about to be known.

    The purpose of the quest is about to be realized.

    The meeting of the fortunates will soon commence.

    Be not fearful of the events.

    Be ever on the ready.

    The serpent has ruled unjustly and unfairly.

    The bell will toll.

    The Light will shine.

    I will soon gather all that are mine.

    Best Wishes,

    M 24
    D. M.
    © 2004 D. M.

    • Malie Mapour says:

      Sherry Shriner on…..

      Sherry Talk Radio

      Aired on 10-29-2012

      Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
      October 29, 2012

      The Hawaii Tsunami Fizzled Out and Their HAARPicane Plans for the East Coast Won’t Happen Either

      And hello, everybody. You’re live. It’s Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it’s…what is this…October 29. Most people interested in this HAARPicane going on. And I’m not gonna get into the facts that it’s a HAARPicane. It’s clearly obvious, folks, that this whole false flag event on the east coast is being manipulated by weather warfare weapons.

      You know, I’ve been watching for a west coast tsunami. I knew they had one planned for out there. And then this whole east coast one, a HAARPicane started. This perfect storm they’re trying to create. And, you know, I sat and watched this tsunami fizzle out in Hawaii. There was no damage there. I think there was two car accidents. So, mainly, people just panicking because they’re listening to Lizard reporters hyping in glee of the possible destruction that’s coming. They’re hyping it up, magnifying it a thousandfold because it’s what they’re expecting. Because they’ve been told to expect a certain amount of destruction damage.

      This has all been scripted beforehand, folks. And it’s not happening the way that they’ve been expecting. It’s been fizzling out. And you know what? We’ve been busy. And so, I praise Yah for all that. When that fizzled out in Hawaii, I just had a calm hit my spirit that it’s okay. Their plans aren’t gonna happen in the east coast either.

      Thanks to Those Who Stood Up and Donated to the NYC Orgone Mission, This Perfect Storm Scenario Is Not Coming to Fruition

      You know, we’ve orgoned this world. Many, many nations. Hawaii being one of them; islands. And we’ve got orgone from the west coast to the east coast in this country. And their snowstorm kind of hit a wall in Colorado. It was supposed to be moved from the west coast on over to the east, where it would clash to the hurricane of the century that they’ve been brewing up with their HAARP weapons. And that’s not gonna happen.

      You know what? You hit the Midwest–Midwest is a pretty fortified area with orgone. And you know what? Back in August, the Lord had us in Manhattan. And I can think of the people now that contributed to help us with getting to New York City. But if they’d never stood up, it would’ve never been gotten. And this whole scenario being played out right now, this perfect storm scenario, would probably be coming into fruition. Because with all the donations we got in those two months, every penny was used towards New York.

      And I was watching the Lizard channel, The Weather Channel, the other day, and they, you know, they’re trying to hide their excitement. And they were showing a map of New York. And they were showing the Long Island Sound and how they expected the water from the Atlantic to come rushing through the sound and pass by Connecticut and come all the way down the waterway there alongside the Bronx and then on down towards Manhattan. And the UN sits right there on the edge of that waterway. I mean, it’s right there on the edge. And the Lord had us pound that entire area, last August, with orgone. I’m 48 years old and we’re going on 10-mile hikes. I mean, it was brutal on us physically. But we got it done. We got it done. And we’re carrying heavy bags.

      And, you know, we were just all over the southern end. We were able to get the entire southern end with orgone. They had police there on high-alert the whole time we were there. They were blocking off buildings, afraid we were gonna get into the buildings, themselves, and so they had Wall Street pretty much barricaded. But you could walk through it. Heavy police presence there, but also because they perform rituals in those buildings at night. And the police are used to act as security for the Satanists so they can perform their rituals. It’s just so maddening and appalling.

      And we were also able to put up an orgone wall from Manhattan to Staten Island. And that’s a pretty large area. There’s a lot of damage that could be done if the Atlantic were to go through that strait-way and hit New Jersey. Particularly the part across from New York, Manhattan. A lot of low-lying areas there. We never went to the southern end of New Jersey and a lot of these other coastal places, so.

      But if the Lord holds up these walls that we have, it’s gonna completely negate the wind. Because we’ve had experience with orgone over the last decade where hurricanes were hitting Florida or Texas, and we would encourage the Warriors to get orgone walls up. And it would force the hurricane to go back out into the ocean or switch directions. People that had orgone walls up were protected.

      Their Intention, with This Storm, Is to Take Out Manhattan and Move the Financial Sector and UN Away from the Orgone

      And you know what? I didn’t make orgone specifically to protect from hurricanes. It’s just one of these things we found that it would do. And orgone’s like the ultimate weapon 101 that the Lord has given us to protect us from all of these weapons and devices they’re using against us.

      Now, if this was a judgment from the Lord, then orgone wouldn’t work, because orgone’s the Lord’s weapon. It’s like a volume switch. He can turn it up, He can turn it down, He can turn it off. And if it was His judgment, the entire east coast would be destroyed. You know? Nothing’s gonna stop it. But it’s man’s judgment. It’s the government that wants to destroy New York City. They wanna take out Manhattan.

      In this whole, entire perfect storm fiasco, all the states and all of the people they’re putting in harm’s way is because they want to destroy Manhattan. They wanna take out Wall Street. They wanna take out the UN. They wanna take out the central form of power right now, basically. They wanna shut down Wall Street. They wanna shut down the banks. They wanna turn everything into a dictatorship and global control.

      And they hate New York. Since we’ve been there in August, they’ve been fleeing by the droves. They can’t take the orgone that’s there. It boils them. Asphxiates them. Terms I see in the Bible Codes. I’ve also heard from my own sources that the Lizards that cover New York can’t hold their human form around orgone-saturated areas. And so, a lot of them were fleeing out to the Hamptons and Long Island to live. Simply because they couldn’t take being in downtown Manhattan. And so, they need an excuse to get away from having to be required to be in New York. They need to be able to move the financial sector and move the United Nations, because they’re all miserable there. The orgone bothers them. It defeats them.

      You know, the same thing with Congress. DC is such an orgone bomb, they can’t stand to be there. And they’re sending in androids. And people don’t know any different. I mean, seriously, we just watched three debates with androids posing as real people, and maybe 1 percent of, you know, 1 percent of people, if that high, maybe 1 percent of 1 percent, even figured it out, were able to tell, “Hey, that’s not a real Obama,” “That’s not a real Mitt Romney.”

      You know, how’s this guy on the beach this morning and he looks like he’s 180 pounds, and then tonight he looks like he’s 130. It’s not the television playing tricks on you, folks. It’s the government. They’re using androids. Nobody could blink one blink, once per second, and recite a paragraph. It’s not humanly [possible]. Watch the blinking algorithm’s of these androids. They blink constantly. You cannot humanly speak and blink that much at the same time. Sit at your desk and try it. It’s just impossible. You can’t even carry a train of thought.

      So, their whole target’s New York City. They wanna destroy New York City. They wanted to do this tsunami in Hawaii. The original plans was California. I think this tsunami was supposed to hit Hawaii and then magically head on to northern California. I think we’ve pretty much taken Southern California away from them. I know we’ve got the coastlines of L.A. and San Diego pretty well orgoned. I don’t know about northern California, so. Maybe they figured that was a sure shot; they could hit northern California. But either way, the orgone out in Hawaii fizzled that one.

      They Wanted Massive Destruction but Yah and His Army of Orgone Warriors Helped in Getting This Country Protected

      And you know what? The orgone’s not gonna stop water. It’s never stopped flooding, although some Warriors would beg to differ because a couple years ago, back in Boston, when the rivers were rising and suburbs were flooding, people threw orgone in the streets and the floods and the waters receded and [inaudible] stopped. So, hey, maybe it would, but, you know, technically water’s not evil one way or the other.

      The wind is being manipulated by evil weapons. And the orgone will fight against the weapons because they’re alien weapons. Anything using alien technology, the orgone will fight against. And so, that’s what we’re seeing. That’s why we’re having so much success right now in the east coast and in New York City. Because the orgone is defeating the wind. It’s stopping their HAARP weapons from working.

      You know, this isn’t anything of what they were picturing and what they wanted. They wanted 100 million without electricity. They wanted wind damage. You know, right now they’re getting flooding. They wanted the coastline flattened by horracious winds. They wanted massive destruction. And they’re not getting it. And they’re not gonna get it.

      You know, they wanna flood out their own New York Stock Exchange and everything. That could be fixed. They wanted to flatten the buildings. They wanted those hurricane winds to hit New York with such ferocity that it just flattened all of the skyline. It’s not gonna happen. Yah’s gonna uphold the orgone walls we’ve put out and around. And, you know, it takes an army to do this. There’s Warriors in every state who’ve had a part in doing this. In helping getting this country protected.

      Because the Satanists aren’t gonna stop trying to destroy us. It’s always one thing after the next. And I’ve told you, this is what they do during the day. They sit in their offices, and they work with cells around the country, and they plan senseless shootings, assassinations, murders. They even plan car accidents to look like car accidents, to kill people. And it’s not famous people, folks. It’s good people. They want sacrifices for Satan. And so, they hound church groups, and churches, and they look for the best of the best. The most innocent girls, the nicest, sweetest boys, people who have a love for the Lord. They target them for death. And these kids are the ones that end up in senseless car accidents and dying, or getting cancers. And the Satanists all claim this as sacrifices for Satan. This is how they work.

      Been dealing with these scumbags forever and you get to the point where you just get so tired of it and just nothing shocks you anymore. The only thing that shocks you is when people finally start waking up and realizing what’s going on around them.

      When the Satanists Plan Catastrophic Destructions, They Perform Rituals Day and Night – Alongside the Orgone, Our Best Defense Is Warfare Prayers

      You know, we sent out prayers–one of the Warriors made up a bunch of warfare prayers. And, alongside the orgone, the best defense we have, always the best defense we have, is the warfare prayers. Because they’re very effective. I mean, when the Satanists, like now, when they plan these types of destructions at this type of magnitude, you better believe they’re meeting day and night and sacrificing innocents. Because they’ll sacrifice day and night and do rituals to get Satan’s help for the success of whatever they’re planning.

      You know, they wanted the perfect storm scenario. They wanted this cold front to hit this hurricane and destroy New York. And everything else was just collateral damage. And so, they’re working rituals day and night. And when we pray against these rituals, and we ask the Lord to send His angels to disrupt and cause mayhem–I mean, I used to try to sit and wait and ask specific things for the angels to do. And now I just say, “Lord, whatever they can think of.” Because I know they could think of a thousand things more than I could.

      I’ve never been to a satanic ritual. I don’t know exactly what goes on. I just know what I hear. The angels can see them. They know exactly what they’re doing. And they know exactly how to disrupt them. And so, just ask the Lord to send out angels to cause disruption.

      And ask–you know, one of the biggest things they try to do is create evil energy. Some people call it loosh, or dead orgone energy. They wanna create a atmosphere of evil energy that builds up. It’s like a strength that gives them power. And so, we ask the Lord, “Take all that energy they’re creating, all that evil, negative energy from all their sacrifices and degradations they do, and turn it into positive energy. Take it, and convert it.”

      And then the Lord can take all this energy, convert it into positive, and use whatever way He wants to use it. He can open portals and send angels down here. I’ve asked Him to send angels down and put a wall of angels along the east coast to help crank the orgone walls we have up, to defeat this HAARPicane they have planned.

      Little Did I Know That We Would Be Saving Almost the Entire East Coast When I Went to Pound New York with Orgone for Yah

      You know, the way they were talking at 8 o’clock tonight, Ohio should have been pounded with 60-mile-an-hour winds, heavy rains. It’s raining and it’s slightly windy. That’s about it.

      We’ve defeated them, folks. And throughout this night, and by tomorrow morning, when the worst of this hurricane should’ve hit, you’re gonna see. Yeah, they might have flooding. They might be dealing with flooding, but they’re not gonna get 1 percent of success out of this entire perfect flop that they orchestrated. ‘Cause that’s what it’s gonna be. The perfect flop.

      The Lord has stood His people up to war against it, to pray against it. We already did the footwork necessary. You know, back in August, I was just pounding New York with orgone because the Lord wanted us there and I knew it was pissing them off. I’m all for that. It kind of amuses me. I get a kick out of it. I had no idea, two, three months later it would be saving almost the entire east coast from sheer destruction. The Lord always knows and He always has us a step ahead.

      The Satanists Ask Me, “How Are You Still Alive?”

      You have to be completely blind and just wanna stay in complete denial to refuse to see the mighty hand of Yah and how He works in the earth today. And how he’s been working through our orgone war to defeat Satan.

      You know, people want excuses to come up against me and The Most High. And that’s why many of them will die in the coming round ups and FEMA camps. Because He’s not going to save them. When they wouldn’t call out to Him when there was time, like right now, to learn the truth.

      You know, I have, folks, the entire government on their knees. They know who I am. They know how effective orgone is. They publically deny me, but in private they talk about me all the time. They’ve been trying to kill me for 20 years. I’ve survived 3 presidential administrations, umpteen assassination attacks. The fact that I’m still alive is a testament to everyone of them that I’m one of Yah’s. The earth is my battleground. I was sent here by Him, Himself, to take on Satan and his kingdom in these last days. And, pretty much, Satan and his kingdom in these last days right now is dominantly America and the New World Order.

      He stood me up to be a mouthpiece on Earth. In the Bible Codes, you’ll see terms, I’m a messenger, a seer, prophetess, a leader, a warrior. The Bible Codes describe me as a queen leading the people to battle. And yet, by most of churchdom out there, I’m despised, I’m mocked, I’m hated, I’m ridiculed. And these are by the brethren. These aren’t the Satanists. The Satanists hate me, but they’re always polite to me. They’re amazed by me. “How are you still alive?” they ask. “How are you still alive?” “We know you’re Yah’s because you’re still alive.”

      The Lord Asked Me, “Why Do You Call Them My People?”

      I’ve been poisoned in every which way, for years. My body can only take so much. The car accidents, the shooting out my tires, the flyovers. I could go on, and on, and on. The commando units sent to bomb me during my show a couple months back. Hello? You know? People don’t see it. And yet, I call them my brethren. And the Lord says, “Why do you call them My people?” Why do I call them His people? ‘Cause these are haters, they’re backbiters, they’re gossipers, they’d rather believe lies than ask Him who I am, if I’m one of His. Who wants these kinds of people in heaven?

      You know, when I disagree with the brethren, and I call them brethren because, first of all, I can’t judge them, only God can, but when a person has a heart for the Lord, it’s obvious. When they have a heart for the Lord and they love Him, we may not agree on beliefs and doctrines, but I don’t belittle them, I don’t nitpick, I don’t hate, I don’t backbite, I don’t attack 24/7, I don’t make it a ministry to attack them. I ignore them. I walk away. I do my own ministry for the Lord. I focus on what I can do for the Lord. And these are the things He has told me to do. Whereas other people think it’s their entire mission on Earth to attack those who don’t believe the things they do. Why attack the brethren? The Lord looks at your heart, not your knowledge.

      You know, when people belittle me, and attack and mock me about the orgone war, I just walk away. I walk away. I don’t waste my time arguing with people. And it profits nothing. It profits nothing to war against the brethren. What I consider the brethren. These same backbiters, and haters, and nitpickers, intolerables, the Lord gets very angry by them. Very angry. They think they’re doing Him a service. They bring His wrath on them. That’s why Satan’s war against the saints, at first it’s gonna seem like a success. Because he’s gonna be able to round up and kill many Christians in these FEMA camps. If you look at the fifth seal in Revelation, chapter 6, many are killed for their belief in Christ. And the Lord allows it. He’s going to allow many to be persecuted and tried for their faith and to be killed. To test them. While there’s others He’s going to protect by His own hand.

      The Government Is Busy Perfecting Mass-Abduction Technology for Satan’s Fake Rapture

      You know, the churches want to believe in false doctrines set up by the Masons that pretty much run the New World Order. One of the big organizations, one of Satan’s biggest on Earth is Freemasonry. I know, in this entire TBN network on television, all these pastors–Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Joel Osteen–they’re all part of the Masons. And so, they’ve pumped the religious crowd for years, expecting a big rapture to come.

      Meanwhile, the government’s busy perfecting mass-abduction technology. They wanna use it to mimic a rapture. Because all these professed Bible gurus that so many of the churchdom follow have them believing in a pretribulation rapture, the government’s gonna give them one. They’re gonna use this technology for mass abductions.

      The New Age has what they call ascension. And it’s kind of like the counterpart of the Christian rapture. And they’re trying to get all of their believers to believe that there’s gonna be a massive lift, and all these people are gonna disappear because they’re gonna jump into the fifth dimension. That’s their counterpart of the Christian rapture. And both of it just leads to massive abductions by the government and the aliens, alien technology that they have. Because they wanna mimic a rapture. And then they’re gonna bring in their false Christ, their Sananda. You know.

      They Want to Stop the Sale of Our Orgone on the Internet as Retaliation for Making Hurricane Sandy a Flop

      I’ve been looking in Codes and looking at this HAARPicane going on. And one of the things that jumps out at me is the anger that they have after all of this. So, probably tomorrow, next week, whatever–’cause all the anger’s gonna be built up because it was a perfect flop, because we stepped in as Warriors of The Most High and we were able to stop their plans with the Lord’s help–they’re gonna be angry and they’re gonna be looking for paybacks, retaliation. And one of the things I see, which I just kind of laugh about right now is that they’re going to stop orgone sales on the Internet. Somehow they’re gonna make it illegal to sell orgone. They’re really gonna come after the Orgone Warriors.

      And I’m not talking about all orgone. Because a lot of the orgone, especially on eBay, is junk and worthless, and produces dead orgone energy. They want our orgone, our particular strand of orgone–in the Bible Codes it’s called a strand or strain to delineate it as a particular product, particular recipe or prescription of orgone. It’s the one the Lord gave me. And it’s the one I have on my website. And it’s the one we sell. It’s also the one we have videos on, teaching you how to make it yourself. They wanna stop the sale of orgone.

      Well, they can stop the sale of orgone. That’s not gonna stop a missed heartbeat anywhere. Because people make it on their own. Directions are on my website. The sales certainly aren’t anything that even pays bills. That’s not gonna bat an eye on me.

      Obama’s Got an Executive Order to Shut Down the Internet and Free Speech

      But the other thing is Obama seeking to press this Executive Order he’s gonna come out with (probably already has), about shutting down free speech on the Internet. Now, they’ve tried to come at me before. It was the last month when GoDaddy[.com] was threatening to take down my website, thewatcherfiles. And Karl Rove was on the phone with Google trying to get them to cancel my account with them. And they were on the phone with GoDaddy trying to get them to cancel my domain-hosting account. Which was really no big deal because I already had it set up with Canada as backup.

      If they had shut down my websites, I would’ve just reopened them with a Canadian web host. [laughs] I just wanted to see what they would do. But the Lord said don’t even bother with it. And Google let it go. So did GoDaddy. They said leave her alone. Leave her alone.

      Well, they’re coming back with retaliation. And Obama’s got this Executive Order somehow shutting down the Internet and free speech, which means he’s gonna shut down websites of those he hates. Radio shows; shut them down. He’s going to come at us full attack, I guess you could say.

      Obama “Inherited” Sherry and the Orgone Warriors from the Bush Administration

      You know, when he became president four years ago, he was inheriting us from the Bush administration. I always thought that was funny when I would see that in the Bible Codes. Inherit – Shriner [laughs] He inherited us. The mess we’d caused. The war we had started the orgone.

      George Bush [Jr.] couldn’t stop it. George Bush, Sr. was oblivious. Bush, Jr. just thought is was hilarious. Couldn’t take it seriously. And Obama just hasn’t been able to stop us at all. He hasn’t been able to do anything either. You know, Rahm Emanuel, it’s his assignment to stop the orgone. And he hasn’t been able to figure out a way. And Leon Panetta has kind of taken over from Rove and Cheney always trying to find ingenious ways for assassination attempts on me. And he hasn’t succeeded either. But these are the things I deal with daily, folks. I deal with this stuff all the time.

      But that’s what I see next for retaliation because their HAARPicane is going to flop. It’s already way below expectations. It should’ve destroyed North Carolina and Virginia Beach. And there should have been nothing but fear and intrepidation from people right now as it would be the slam on New York City tonight. I don’t even hear the wind outside here. You know, I don’t feel the rain, I don’t hear the wind, I don’t see the wind, I don’t see the rain. Nothing. Ohio’s quiet. I’m not. You know, I might open a door and I’m might see some rain, but it’s not hurricane-style. Put it that way.

      We’ve defeated them. We stopped them. The Lord used us to put these Satan freaks in their place. I couldn’t be any happier right now. So they’re gonna come back. They’re gonna come back and try to shut down the Internet.

      Obama Is Going to Be Reelected Because Romney Doesn’t Fit Anywhere in the Picture – It’s Obama’s Show

      I don’t know if they’re gonna be able to claim that the flooding in certain states is enough to null all the elections next week. Does it matter anyway, folks? He isn’t going anywhere. He’s gonna be reelected. Romney doesn’t fit anywhere in the picture. He’ll probably just get a nice severance pay for playing the role of a real sincere candidate. Give him more millions on top of his millions. [laughs] He doesn’t fit anywhere. He might be a good Satanist, but he doesn’t fit anywhere right now. It’s Obama’s show. So, maybe he’ll rest easier hearing that from me. I don’t know.

      I heard he was over my house twice last week. They can’t bring Air Force One here because the air is so saturated with orgone, I guess it really bothers Air Force One. So they don’t fly it over here. And they can’t bring their Boeing here. So they use a small plane to come over here. And they don’t get too close. They stay pretty far back. I wouldn’t even know they were here if I wasn’t hearing about it from the people in Washington because most of the time, during the day, I’m usually sleeping till about 3 or 4 o’clock, so. You know? They could hit me with a tornado during the day, I wouldn’t know it. Probably think I’m dreaming about it. [laughs]

      I don’t work their hours. I’m up all night and I sleep during the day. And I don’t know what the big deal is, flying over here. You know? I asked if he saw angels when he flew by. Yah didn’t show them to him, so. I don’t know what they see. Two days in a row? It’s probably every day.

      This Whole Orgone War Is the One Thing That Has Them on Their Knees – It’s That Effective and More People Need to Get Involved Now

      So I don’t know, folks. But the noose is tightening. We’re gonna feel it after this failed attempt.

      As far as everybody else, everybody who’s not involved, everybody who’s still a mocker and still a hater, how can you stay that way? How could you be so blind not to realize that this whole war we started years ago is the one thing that has all of them on their knees. They all know it. Everybody close to them knows it. And the Christians are the ones who are so blinded by stupidity. What I need is people to stand up and get involved. Wake up, get involved. We don’t have a whole lot of time left.

      If our wall in the Midwest hadn’t held, we’d all be under feets of snow. New York would be pounded with snow. If our walls hadn’t held in New York, the buildings would’ve been flattened by those high winds. It would’ve been the perfect disaster, the perfect storm. This is how effective–this is proof that orgone is what I say it is, the Lord’s breath. His very breath on Earth. It’s His very breath.

      The Lord Wants Us to Fortify Our Homes and Yards with Orgone – There’s a Huge Alien Attack Coming Though It’s Been Delayed Since July

      So get involved, folks. There’s not much time. When I asked the Lord, “What do we need to do?” He told me, “Tell them to fortify their homes and yards.” Because we’re running out of so much time that with all these different attacks they’re planning coming, you never know when just time’s gonna be up. There’s a huge alien attack planned. And this isn’t something the government’s planning. This is something the aliens are planning that the government can’t control. Huge alien attack planned.

      I’ve been watching this one in the Codes for quite a while. In fact, it was delayed. It was supposed to happen in July and it was delayed. The Lord held it back because He wanted us in New York City. And then it was supposed to happen in September, and for whatever reason, it was delayed again. Maybe the Lord wanted us to watch the fruit of our work in October in stopping this perfect disaster, storm that should’ve happened. The day-after scenario. Maybe He wanted us to see it. To still be here to see it. I don’t know.

      But He wants people to stand up and fortify their yards. Because this is the one thing that they hate the most. And it’s that orgone is a protection. It protects the people. They don’t want people protected. They want you to die. They want massive deaths.

      Huge Plague Coming – Strengthen Your Immune Systems – Stay Away from Vaccines – Pray for the Lord to Destroy Chemtrail Planes

      We’ve got a huge plague coming that they’re planning. Some kind of pestilent. And so, we need to watch for that and strengthen your immune systems, folks, because you don’t wanna get the vaccines and flu shots. That’s how they spread the diseases. They’ve got everybody scared and running to get the vaccination, and there’s straight up viruses in the vaccination.

      They’ve got some kind of pestilent attack coming. And that’s why I’ve been encouraging people, when you see chemtrail planes, pray for their immediate destruction and malfunction. And ask the Lord to turn all that chemicals into water vapor, into water. Because they plan on unleashing these plagues through the chemtrails. And you look up in the sky and there’s chemtrail planes all the time. Ask the Lord to cause them to malfunction.

      You know, when I see chemtrail planes and I ask the Lord to malfunction, I usually see them quickly heading back to an air base like, five minutes later. You’ll see them blinking really fast and just speeding back to the air base. That’s for the human ones. For the alien drones, they’ll just disappear. You’ll be sitting there watching them, these little fake holograms of airplanes, ’cause they’re really these drones. When they’re alien, they’re drones. These rounded like–they look like barrels with hoses out of them. And they use holographs of white planes. If it’s the alien ones, they’ll just disappear. The holograph will disappear, and drone, and they’re gone. If it’s the Air Force, you’ll see the planes hurry up and flying back to base.

      So you’ve got a two-prong attack here, folks. It’s the government and the aliens. You never really know which one you’re dealing with, but it doesn’t matter. Ask the Lord to malfunction, destroy, whichever one it is. You see one, ask Him to destroy it.

      The Lord’s Sending the Remnants of Hurricane Sandy to Pound Washington, DC

      Funny that I asked the Lord to defeat the HAARPicane in New York and the east coast and to send the remnants to DC. And right now, DCs getting hammered. [laughs] They don’t need DC anyway. It’s nothing but robot-city. [laughs] That’s funny. Somebody just gave me a heads-up about DC being hammered. [laughs] Me and the Lord have the same kind of sense of humor, I guess.

      Various Attacks in the Codes This Week

      So I’m busy. I’ll be busy on the Codes this week. I’ve been busy looking at various things. And the things I’m seeing is the attack on free speech on the Internet. An attack of selling orgone. And that’s a no-brainer to me. That doesn’t even mean anything because 90 percent of the people make their own. It’s not gonna affect this war one way or another. And that’s why they’ll go a step further trying to shut down free speech on the Internet. So they can come after bigmouths like me and shut down our radio shows and our websites; people that are on Obama’s hate list, so. And the plague attack. Some kind of pestilent. Haven’t figured out what kind it is.

      Alien Attack in Alignment with Shema Crashing

      And also this Shema crashing coming up in the Codes a lot. And this alien attack. This alien attack pretty much is in alignment with Shema crashing because they’re from Shema. So they’ll probably just abandon ship right before it gets ready to crash, and head to Earth. That’s what I think. And that’s Sananda’s main ship, one of his main posts, anyways; Shema.

      He travels around in the Capricorn. And I about dropped my jaw on the ground the other day sitting here. And the Capricorn, it looks like, is gonna be destroyed again. And we already destroyed the first one. But that was years ago. Like, 2003, 2004, when they said the satellite was crashing in the Pacific, hehe. And they sent out submarines. [laughs] That was the original Capricorn starship that we crashed out of the skies with the orgone. And so, Sananda’s been floating around in this huge cigar-shaped ship. It’s like three miles long, one mile wide. It’s huge. It’s a beast, it’s mammoth. And it looks to me like that one is gonna be destroyed as well, alongside their starship Shema. Noticed that that obnoxious star in the west I’ve been talking about, that comes and goes, seen it last week, and that thing was on fire. So, Yah’s cranking the orgone up in the atmosphere, saturating it, and just pulling these starships out of the sky, folks. They’re gonna be crashing.

      Other Alien News

      And there was a lot of hype on the Internet about Nibiru. You know, people say Nibiru is coming. And then they have videos, and it’s the second sun. It’s not [Nibiru], it’s the second sun. It’s not Nibiru. Nibiru, there are survivors, but that alien ship is pretty much destroyed as well.

      The black cube. They use this black cube as some kind of forecaster. Like this psychic black cube. Supposed to broadcast future events or something. I don’t know, but that thing’s destroyed, too. I don’t know how they can claim they still use it. Because the black cube was coming into our atmosphere. It was on the east side of the sun. And the orgone was saturating it and burning it, so it pulled out. And I don’t think it’s coming back, so. If it does, it will crash.

      We’re getting them, folks. Our war against the wicked on this planet, with orgone, is defeating all of Satan’s major strongholds. You know, I haven’t gotten confirmation yet on the base in Maine that exploded last week. I was wondering if that was Bush’s base under his estate in Kennebunkport. ‘Cause I know that whole area’s been pounded with orgone.

      The sinkholes in Louisiana. That’s a huge alien base underneath there. Some kind of alien war going on, I was told, so. And there are alien factions fighting against each other. And the cause of a lot of these underground explosions that the government’s calling earthquakes. That is around the warpath. Because Satan promised them that they could have control of this New World Order or whatever. And the Lizards are saying, “I don’t think so. This is ours.” And so, they’re fighting with the Zetas.

      Aliens and Satanists Fighting Amongst Themselves

      You know, Satan promises all these different groups the same things, “I’ll give you power, prestige.” Leaders of the New World Order. They do all these things for him. Worship and follow him. And serve him. And he lies to everybody. He lies to all these different groups. Tells them the same thing. And then the other groups find out and they’re all mad at each other. And they fight amongst each other. Pretty much the same way the Satanists groups are doing here in America. You’ve got different groups here. They all serve Satan, but they’re different groups.

      You know, I found it amusing that Madonna, she wears this red bracelet for protection. Who does she need protection from? Bible thumpers? They aren’t harming her. They have to protect each other from each other. They need protection from the other Satan freaks. [laughs] That’s what you get when you serve Satan. You know, he promises them protection, but they’d kill each other in a heartbeat. They have to fight to protect themselves against each other. They plot each other’s deaths. You know, Soros will plot Obama’s death. Someone else will plot Soros’ death. I mean, it just goes on and on. There’s no love lost between these freaks. They’re always plotting each other’s deaths and demise. It’s always one group against another.

      Keep Saying the Warfare Prayers Against the Hurricane and Against Their Satanic Rituals – Pray for Peace for the Victims Being Sacrificed

      Anyway, I will be back on Monday night at 10 o’clock. Stay in Codes looking at stuff, but for now just watching the HAARPicane fizzle out over the next couple of days.

      Keep saying the prayers, folks. Posted them to my lists. Warfare prayers against the hurricane, against their satanic rituals. All these victims that they’re using, they’re gonna be in satanic rituals for the next four days. I think they go up to November 1 or 2nd, they’ll be doing rituals. And they’re doing them now anyway to pump up success of their perfect storm plans, and so, you know, they’ll massively kill people. I’m not talking about putting one person on an altar and killing them. They will put up a number, a quota, and say every person here has to kill three people each. And so, they’ll bus these kids in and kill them. And everybody has to kill three apiece. This is the kind of stuff they do.

      And so, they’re gonna be busy the next week killing the innocents. And so, you know what? Just give a prayer for the people being butchered by them. Ask the Lord to just take them home in peace. Ask Him to just give them a calmness and a peace of His presence with them. The one thing they can’t stand is if someone dies with a smile on their face. Destroys the whole ritual. Destroys the mood. Or someone dies praising the name of The Most High.

      These are the kinds of things we need to be aware of, folks, and being active against right now. So, pray against the rituals. Pray for the orgone walls to be upheld. Pray for the Lord to send brigades of angels, battalions of angels to do the work needed, that needs to be done. We can’t think of everything, but the Lord knows what needs done. But He won’t act unless we ask Him to. Otherwise you go by mankind’s freewill stuff, folks, so.

      Join Me in My War Against the Lizards – Be a Part of the Resistance Against Satan and Help Financially Support the Orgone War & Warriors

      I guess I’ll have to be checking out the Lizard channel later because the Lizard reporters are all in utter dismay at such lack of destruction right now. [laughs] It’s really gross when you watch The Weather Channel, and all these reporters are just–they’re so happy. They’re so excited to be able to report so much destruction and all these imminent deaths that are about to happen. And they get so happy about it ’cause they’re all just Satan freaks. And then it doesn’t happen. And they’re just like, they’re jaw hits the ground and they look totally despondent. Yeah. It’s what I work for, folks. Pissing them all off.

      And you can join me. We need your help. We need your support. I’ve got bills to pay. You know, the number one resistance on this earth against Satan, and I gotta worry about getting bills paid. So, come on, folks. Be a part of the war here. Be a part of the resistance against Satan. And help us get our bills paid and orgone made, so that if we need to rush out on a mission or an assignment at minutes-notice, we already have it premade. That’s one of the things that ties my hands the most is having orgone premade. It’s almost an impossibility because it’s just so expensive to make. So I need your help.

      And you can send donations, folks–I’ll give you my address here–to

      Sherry Shriner
      PO Box 531
      Carrollton, OH 44615

      Carrollton is C-a-r-r-o-l-l-t-o-n, Ohio 44615. And all donations go straight to making orgone and sending it out to Orgone Warriors to get it out. I mean, that’s what we focus on is getting orgone walls up everywhere, so.

      Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


      September-October-November Fundraiser
      I need help to raise money for projects…so here is what I am offering you for your support. For every person who donates $500 I will send you a personally autographed copy of my first book Bible Codes Revealed – The Coming UFO Invasion. I realize most people can’t afford this, that’s why it’s called a “fundraiser.” I will offer this for the next three months only! These projects mean a lot to me and time is short to continue to tear down the strongholds of Satan’s on earth.
      You can buy on the website at

      Or You can send in a Check, Bank check, or Money Order to

      Sherry Shriner
      P.O. Box 531
      Carrollton, OH 44615
      May you be blessed by the Most High


      Support the resistance group that’s really demolishing the NWO – Sherry Shriner’s International Orgone Network!

      Send whatever you can, $5, $10, $100, $1,000, $10,000, $20,000…whatever the Lord puts on your heart. Anything is better than nothing.

      Help Support This Ministry

      Sherry Shriner
      P.O. Box 531
      Carrollton, OH 44615

      You can also use E-Check [] or Send Donations using your credit card via Western Union [
      Header_Pre&method=load&nextSecurePage=Y] and thank you very much for your tithes, alms, offerings, and support.

      Contact – or

  22. Morris Deeds says:

    @ Incog man
    *** We’ll need a thread EXPOSES this bullshit Starbucks scam !********************
    Starbucks Hires Lily-White ADL for Racial Sensitivity Training

    April 20, 2018 By Richard Silverstein 3 Comments

    Tamika Mallory, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter, and bete noir of the Israel Lobby, has called out Starbucks for engaging the ADL to run the racial sensitivity training which the company is rolling out for its 8,000 stores next week.

    Starbucks criminalizes “sitting while Black”

    The unprecedented development in the chain’s corporate history follows an ugly racial incident in one of its Philadelphia stores, when a manager refused to permit two Black customers to use the restroom unless they ordered food or drink. After the men sat down, the manager told them they had to leave the store unless they agreed to order. Shortly after this interchange, the manager called the police and the two were arrested for trespassing. As they were being led away in handcuffs, a white real estate agent who had set up the meeting with them, entered and protested to the police regarding their treatment.

    In the aftermath of this, a maelstrom of horrendous PR has swamped Starbucks, normally a laid-back, tolerant corporate presence. Black community activists have commandeered the store and refused to permit the employees to do business. The company faces a perfect storm of justified public indignation.

    When Starbucks faces such a crisis it calls in founder, Howard Schultz, to save the day. He did this a few years ago when the company was losing direction and stores sales were beginning to decline. At that time, he also ordered the closing of all stores and a chain-wide retraining day. That seems to have lifted the entire company from the doldrums.

    While Schultz may be a charismatic corporate leader, he comes from the same corporatist mold as many of the white male CEOs of America. As a Jew, whenever he thinks of bias or racism the first organization he thinks of is the ADL. If Schultz thought a bit more deeply, he would realize that Starbucks must address the anger of the nation’s Black community, not his own pre-conceived notions of what those problems might be. Approaching the ADL to conduct these training sessions shows Schultz’s own prejudices.

    No one in the Black community knows the ADL. They know the NAACP. They know Al Sharpton. They know Black Lives Matter. But the ADL? Nah. That’s a bunch of white dudes who hobnob with the rest of the community’s corporate elite. Now, if you want to sensitize Blacks to anti-Semitism, you might call on the ADL. But that’s not what Starbucks wants to do. So why is it turning to the ADL?

    It’s a tone-deaf decision. The ADL is much better known as a champion of the Israel Lobby and an enforcer when it comes to punishing anti-Israel speech. It’s known for labeling progressive Jews as anti-Israel and worse; or for calling BDS an attempt to destroy Israel. But fighting racism? Perhaps at one time in its history it was devoted to fighting bias not just against Jews, but against all Americans. But it’s not any more.

    This San Francisco rabbi exemplifies what occurs when American Jewish leaders try to tell Black-Americans how to pursue their interests:

    Look I don’t agree with everything the ADL stands for, I sometimes have different views, but I really believe if we are going to solve this tremendous problem affecting people of color in our country that we have to be a broad coalition and be willing to work together across some differences,” said Rodich.

    Why is a rabbi of San Francisco’s wealthiest temple telling Black folk how to solve their “problems” (his term)? Why doesn’t he consult with Black leaders before deciding what’s best for them?
    adl counter terrorism program

    Members of ADL counter-terrorism seminar, police commanders from throughout the U.S., learning to treat civilians in their home communities as Israel treats Palestinians: as terrorists

    The ADL has also put itself out there as an arbiter of anti-bias training for local police forces. In particular, it’s consulted about educating police officers about Islamophobia and offering greater sensitivity to local Muslim communities. It’s even offered the sessions on keeping Muslims safe. A number of Muslim organizations have protested this phenomenon. Asking the ADL to teach people to fight Islamophobia is a little like hiring the Trump Organization to train corporate executives about financial transparency.

    Further, the ADL runs a series of national junkets for local police chiefs in Israel in which they introduce them to the tactics, protocols and systems used by Israel’s anti-terror forces to suppress the Palestinian community. In Ferguson, where the BLM began, its police deployed skunk cannons, armored vehicles, and other equipment similar to those used by Israel forces to quell civil protest. The ADL is helping militarize policing in the U.S., using Israel as its model. Recently, the Durham (NC) city council voted to discontinue the participation of its own police department in such programs.

    Howard Schultz should stop reading the ADL’s own press releases and read what the rest of America thinks of some of the ADL’s initiatives and their impact on the Black community.
    Members of ADL counter-terrorism seminar, police commanders from throughout the U.S., learning to treat civilians in their home communities as Israel treats Palestinians: as terrorists!*************************************************************

  23. Morris Deeds says:

    @ Incog Man, the head Sephardic Rabbi doesn’t need “racial sensitivity training”
    cuz he’s NOT DIRTY FILTHY Goyim!

    No training needed for Head Sephardic Rabbi in Israel that called USA Black children “Monkeys”

  24. Gene says:

    WWII Vet Killed By Negroes Just 12 Miles From Starbuck’s Arrest Incident

    Killer of WWII vet gets 30 years to life

    The man, George Greaves, who India Spellman and her accomplice gunned down risked his life and fought for the freedoms India and her accomplice enjoy. However, she received a sentence of 30 years to life for killing the elderly man in his driveway.

    This incident took place just twelve miles from the Starbuck’s arrest incident which has become so infamous. The truth is; Negroes have been on a rampage, a murder roll for some time now and it would not be out of the ordinary for police authorities to detain and hold Black suspects in the area where a murder occurs. There are so many Black on White and Black on Black murders that Blacks are literally suspect when a murder happens.

    Just a couple of Negroes out for a murder-robbery lark, but unlucky that there were witnesses who saw them running from the property. This stuff is going on all the time out there and Mr. Greaves probably had no idea he had become a target. All persons, especially elderly persons should be alert that they could become targets at any moment in today’s BRA, Black Run America. Robbery and murder have become popular with many Negroes who apparently don’t think it’s a big deal to rob and/or kill someone.

    You fought the good fight, worked hard all your life, and for what? So these thieving murderous Negroes can wipe that smile off your face by killing you and ruin all that beautiful retirement. The U.S. has become a shameful country by coddling Negroes who have no respect for those who fought for America.

    Greaves was a World War II veteran and Navy Seabee.

    There are at least five white World War II veterans murdered by blacks in the past eight years, according to:
    His Name Is George Greaves: Remembering the White World War II Veteran Murdered by Two Blacks in Philadelphia in 2010 (12 Miles From the Starbuck’s Where Two Blacks Were Arrested for Loitering/Failing to Cooperate With Police in 2018)

    • Morris Deeds says:

      @ Gene and Incog Man
      Gene says:
      April 20, 2018 at 2:44 pm

      WWII Vet Killed By Negroes Just 12 Miles From Starbuck’s Arrest Incident

      Killer of WWII vet gets 30 years to life

      ******DON’T EXPECT TO SEE THIS ON ABC NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!**************

      • Gene says:

        No Kidding, They’re Too Busy Worshiping Negro!

        The anti-White media are too busy worshiping their pet Negroes to broadcast the inconvenient truth.
        This stuff is happening all over the place! Prevent the attack on you with a good .357 Magnum.

      • Gene says:

        Ruin Your Attacker’s Day With This Little .357 Magnum!
        This is a little 5 shot snubbie which will absolutely devastate an attacker. Can you see the surprise on an attacker’s face wielding a blade or gun when you shoot from the pocket with this? Those heavy slugs are still going way over a thousand feet per second.
        You can have larger .357 Magnums at home in the safe, but be sure you have this one under your jacket. Maybe you won’t end up like Kitty Genovese who was stabbed to death by a crazed Negro.

    • ICU says:

      The Cedarbrook area of Philly where Greaves lived is right up on the Montgomery County line and USED TO BE all White…until jew Blockbuster Real Estate scum started polluting it in the 1970s….just as the older jew Blockbusters despoiled other areas of the city, starting right after Jew War 2.
      Frank Rizzo, former Hardass Supreme Philly Police Commissioner and Mayor, reknowned for keeping the niggers on a short leash, used to live there when he was a cop; then moved up to Chestnut Hill, further up Germantown Ave., after he became Mayor.
      The rampaging niggers from Germantown use Germantown Ave. public transportation for their tribal raiding parties’ assaults on the humans that live in C. H.
      Philly is now a nigger infested open air latrine; and the two legged cockroaches are well spread out into the older, First Ring suburbs and the formerly all White Great NorthEast section along U S Rte. 1, Roosevelt Blvd…also a pipeline for niggers with hoopties to foray into Bucks County and to link up with the equally scummy niggers in Trenton, NJ.
      It’s really bad; and jewsmedia can’t keep the bitter truth of it suppressed enough.

      RAHOWA NOW !
      ORION !
      NO MERCY !

  25. Morris Deeds says:

    Zionism: Theology of Murder – Israel Turns 70

    Time for the #OneStateMovement!
    By Sami Jamil Jadallah –
    April 19, 2018

    Israel is NOT a Jewish State! It’s a Zionist State! Zionism is Theology of Murder and has nothing to do with Judaism or G-D.

    As Israel’s celebrate its 70th anniversary with US planning to move its embassy to Jerusalem in fulfillment of President Trump promise to AIPAC in return for funding his campaign, the Palestinian also celebrate in different way 70 years of “exile”.

    No need to state here what went wrong and how back in 47-48, but to speak of where Israel and where the Palestinian are. Perhaps a balance sheet should tell us the story.

    More than 4 million Palestinians who trace their birthplace and home to Palestine( present day Israel) are now in permeant exile. More than one million Palestinians were jailed by Israel since 1948. More than 550 villages completely wiped out destroyed to make room for Israeli/Jewish towns, cities and Kibbutz. Many places of worship and cemeteries (with the Jewish Museum of Tolerance sitting on top of a destroyed Muslim cemetery) where desecrated either destroyed or turned into bars and nightclubs.

    However, all of this pale to what happened since 1992 when Arafat and the PLO signed and executed Oslo Accord granting Israeli full unconditional recognition with Israel recognizing the PLO as the sole legal representatives of Israeli Occupation with the Palestinian people.

    Since Oslo and in exchange for unconditional loyal service to the Occupation even funding it, Israel on the other hand rewarded the Palestinians with the followings:

    Completing an Apartheid Wall of 708 Km with the Apartheid Wall eating the Occupied West Bank at 85% of the length cutting deep in the West Bank 18 Km deep.
    More than 500,000 Palestinians became guests of the Israeli jails at one time or the other some spending years without charge or simply on the basis of administrative detention.
    More than 550 “security checkpoints” where millions of Palestinians must pass through to get to work or go from one village to another daily humiliation treated worse than cattle’s in the Chicago Stock Yard.
    According to the UN Office of Humanitarian Affairs more than 1094 homes were destroyed (2016) mostly based on accusation of lacking a building permit. An Israeli Jew does not need a permit to steal land and take over and put a caravan on top of it and reclaim it while a Palestinians must wait 10 years to get a permit to build additional room to his house.
    Israel set the records for the Palestinians it killed and murdered and since 2000 more than 7,065 Palestinians were murdered compared to 1,101 Israeli killed.
    The numbers of Israeli Settlements also increased dramatically causing Minister Lieberman to brag that building settlements are at its highest since 1992, with more than 380,000 settlers occupying prime land stolen outright.
    More than 80,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from Jerusalem with more to come.
    Israeli Defense Forces continue to have free hands in every single inch of the West Bank with total coordinated support by the Palestinian Security Forces.
    Israel while it withdrew its settlers and army, it locked down Gaza with total isolation, siege and blockade similar to that of Berlin 1948-49 and the Nazi siege of the Warsaw Ghetto, with Gaza under siege for over 10 years and over 2 million in virtual prisons.
    Since Oslo, Israeli waged three deadly relentless attacks on Gaza killing over 10,000 and wounding 20,000 and destroying over 35,000 homes.

    Not sure while the PLO continues to manage the Israeli Occupation and pays for it, while to refuses to allow people to make their own decision and rise up in a civil unarmed relentless revolution demanding nothing less than equal citizenship and rights in every parts of Palestine including present day Israel. Yes, with Jerusalem, united and open capital of Israelis and Palestinians.

    Time for the #OneStateMovement!

    Story below:

  26. Barney says:

    Malie Mapour – I hope you won’t be offended if I make a suggestion. I’m not doubting your sincerity or your desire to inform people, but some of your posts are “a bit long”, which is likely to cause people to scroll past without reading them.

    Many of us are already aware of Wilhelm Reich and his work with Orgone and Orgonite, as well as the Annunaki legends (by calling them legends I’m not dismissing them).

    I’m not really convinced either way. Perhaps that will change as I explore Sherry Shriner’s work. There are those who just can’t accept that kind of thing though.

    My suggestion is that you post a summary of what you want to say and follow it up with a link, rather than post an entire long article. That way people can choose whether or not they want to read the whole thing.

    Enthusiasm is a good thing, but the kind of thing you want to share with us isn’t really what this site is about, and trying too hard tends to drive people away from your message.

    I’m not trying to “put you down”, just offering some advice that I hope you’ll find helpful.

    Btw, I’ll be off-line for the next few days, so don’t think I’m ignoring you.

    • Morris Deeds says:

      Barney says:
      April 20, 2018 at 4:56 pm

      Malie Mapour

      It’s a TROLL Barney, you haven’t figured that out yet, they’ll
      design ridiculous posts, either mocking Christianity, or diatribe of
      how you have to physically attack Jews: it’s all GEARED for Big Brother
      or “Uncle Haim’s” thought police, to be allowed to shut sites down or
      DISCOURAGE new people here, neophytes, my guess, from hanging

      The Hasbara come in all shapes and forms, or your sociopaths, and
      multi- personalities Kooks (see Danny Parkie) that will use sites
      under multi FAKE monikers , or maybe real to them, under their Psychosis,
      and they try to get a RISE, best is ignore “it” Danny will go away and
      then try something else!

    • Matt says:

      Malie Mapour is a goof ball with aliens and other silliness. Might be a hasbarat, or simple an idiot who believes his own foolishness.

      Whatever the case, he’s not worth the time wasted.

    • Barney says:

      Morris Deeds and Matt – I strongly suspect that you’re right, but I was being tactful in case he/she really is genuine while watching his/her posts carefully for confirmation of hasbarat status.

      I remember a rat that went by the name Apollonium (I believe that’s from Revelation 9-11) that used to post ridiculously long “comments”, and when people got used to scrolling past his crap, he’d start inserting “inflammatory stuff” that he could then complain to his masters about, resulting in various blogs being shut down for having “allowed” his comments.

      It may well be that this newcomer is just an over-enthusiastic supporter of Sherry Shriner, which is why I’m giving him/her the “benefit of the doubt” for now, but his/her activity does look a lot like trolling.

      Time will tell.

      Now I really have got to go off-line for a few days.

  27. Morris Deeds says:

    Gene says:
    April 20, 2018 at 6:06 pm

    No Kidding, They’re Too Busy Worshiping Negro!

    The anti-White media are too busy worshiping their pet Negroes to broadcast the inconvenient truth.
    This stuff is happening all over the place! Prevent the attack on you with a good .357 Magnum.

    Yes EXACTLY, you haven’t noticed every commercial now has mixed races
    in it, usually a White women with Mulatto husband, or White Male with
    Mulatto wife. Jews always use ” slow conditioning” see what they can get
    stupid Goy, to accept, then go further, where they’ll have a SheBoon, like
    “Precious,” an M nM shy of 400 pounds, with a handsome light skin
    Germanic looking Caucasian, and with MUD babies,

    Meanwhile they OUTLAW this in precious Israel: it’s against the law for
    Jewish women in Israel to marry Arabs or Blacks, yet because they control
    all media, no one sees or is aware of their hypocrisy????They have a ban
    on Gay marriage, yet LIBERAL Jews in the West SCREAM the loudest for
    it and pass laws to make it happen.

    Why their Protocols they say “we will deliberately LIE to Goyim’s children,
    teach them FALSEHOODS, we know will DESTROY them, so we can take
    them over easier, for eventual enslavement!”

  28. Gene says:

    Get Yourself A .357 Magnum, A Versatile Gun Which Also Shoots .38 Special

    I think if you knew you were going to be attacked it would seem like small change to pay the couple of hundred or so dollars (before the dollar devaluates!) to buy one of the .357 magnums on this page. By now you should have a friend or some friends that are FFL dealers, that is they have a Federal Firearms License and can order guns for you.

    A couple hundred or so is nothing compared to your life. A good point to this gun is it can also shoot .38 special loads, so that’s good for target practicing too, and, being able to shoot an additional caliber means your gun will serve you when ammo runs low. If you can’t find any .357 magnum loads you can still fire +P .38 special loads or any .38 special load.

    Even with short barrel length these guns can still launch a heavy 158 grain slug at well over a thousand feet per second. Slightly light bullets like Hornady’s LeverEvolution 140 FTX Mag. achieved 1298 fps almost 1300 feet per second in a 2.5″ barrel! That’s smoking ballistics!

    Out of a Ruger GP 100 2.5″ barrel one test showed Federal American Eagle 158 gr. JSP Mag. to shoot at 1230 fps! Those are ballistics which would disintegrate a person at close range!

    The .357 magnum is a real deterrent to an attack and is a very versatile weapon.

    • ICU says:

      Full Size .357 MAG revolver for general purpose SHTF firearm can’t be beat.
      With appropriate loads and shot placement it’ll drop anything in North America.
      There are also carbines in that chambering that will shoot .38 SPEC as well.
      For CC snubbies, .357 may be a bit much for most folks; a .38 SPEC with the right bullet, like a solid copper HP or Frag, is Just The Thing within 20 to 30 feet.
      Given that, if finances only permit one gun; a small to medium frame .357 with a barrel no longer than 3 inches will serve you well. Try to find a lightly used S&W from a reputable dealer. Have 2 speed loaders minimum. There are strips and wheels, use whatever.
      Know the legal use of Deadly Force rules and regs…until “legal” doesn’t matter anymore, which may be coming sooner than most imagine.
      Then, PRACTICE some more…Point Shooting…to Center Mass
      because when things are moving in milliseconds you won’t have time to use sights.
      Keep your Radar ON at all times; as in, Maintained Situational Awareness.
      And, don’t forget to have Fun while being prepared for what may come.

  29. GTRman /Tony Hayers says:


    Does EVERYTHING have to be a parody of itself now ??

    Front cover of (((The Guardian)))
    Main Pic:
    NEGRO Albert Thompson, one of the Grenfell Windrush Kinder-Transport Bergen-Belsen Survivors Personally Enslaved and Injected With AIDS by Admiral Lord Nelson at the Sharpesville Massacre on Bloody Sunday .
    Now with added Syrian Child Gas Cancer
    (One week only: Call NOW to collect Six-Million Good-Goy points)
    Above him:
    NEGRO singer and erotic dancer / stripper Beyonce Zee.
    Bottom left:
    NEGRO Gary Younge, the thinking man’s David Lammy.
    He’s whining about the Tories, and Windrush.
    Story at foot of page:
    NEGRO Saint Stephen of Lawrence: New claims about
    “police corruption”. (EVIL WHITEY STRIKES AGAIN) Some outraged quotes from
    NEGRO Baroness Doreen.
    Top Centre:
    Review of “Funny Cow” about a fictional
    FEMALE (“my vagina”) comedienne in the 1970’s: “ she has to accept the reality of doing racist and homophobic material in exchange for acceptance, though finding some relief in savaging a misogynist heckler in the crowd..
    Directed by Adrian Shergold…???
    Top corner:
    JEW Olivia Newton John and
    QUEER John Travolta in musical / film made by
    QUEERS and JEWS,
    the premise of which may be seen by some as :
    You go girl, be a slut. Don’t be boring. Good is boring,
    Bad is better
    ” ( till you die of AIDS , lol )
    Screenplay by
    QUEER Bronte Woodward (died of AIDS) Produced by
    QUEER JEW Allan Carr ( Solomon) and
    QUEER Robert Stigwood, Based on musical by
    QUEER Warren Casey (Died of AIDS) and
    JEW? Jim Jacobs

  30. GTRman /Tony Hayers says:

    There have been 50 or so stabby murders committed by , let’s just say, “non-Whites” in London alone, so far this year and it’s only April.

    On ‘The Horror Channel’ tonight (12.50am) is a “thought-provoking” British movie called ‘Eden Lake’. It’s not bad, an early example of what came to be called “Hoody Horror” , which is perhaps a fictional response to a disarmed and castrated populace’s feelings of helplessness in the face of what appears to be a nasty and lawless demographic who appear to live a consequence-free life of crime: ( Hey ! Lets make MOVIES about fighting back and getting even !! We can watch them on our sofas !! )

    A nice , good-looking young White couple go on a relaxing romantic camping break in England, and are terrorised by and “suffer brutal consequences when they confront a gang of loutish youths”.

    Yes, it gets brutal, to the point of the man being sadistically tortured and burned alive, as I recall.
    The woman eventually makes it to what appears to be the safety of a suburban home, and is taken in. But, DOH !! The house belongs to the parents of the loveable scamps, the tearaways and rapscallions who have tortured, stabbed and burned her hubby to death. Naturally, the parents are just as evil as their high-spirited offspring, and naturally, they are all WHITE. She is, therefore, doomed.
    Just like those hikers in rural Sweden, in “The Ritual”.

    Just like in ‘Harry Brown’, in which the parent of the Evil White Hoody is, without blinking, quite prepared to imprison, torture and kill a POLICEWOMAN to protect his mis-understood Caucasian spawn.

    The message is clear: Stay away from those Evil Whites. There will be a nice NEGRO FEMALE LESBIAN Detective trying her best to bring the perps to justice: ie
    A nice hot chocolate and a slap (metaphorical of course) on the (tattooed) wrist.

    PS: The BLACK kid is the “nice one, with the conscience”. OF COOOOUUUURSSSE!!


    1) Never portray a black as a criminal, especially as a low-level criminal, ie :
    ( violent, stabby, rapey, muggy , stoopid, dozey, skunky , etc)
    You CAN portray a black as a criminal mastermind who oversees a complicated bank heist. But it’s probably better to cast the black as the hostage negotiator / hotshot detective / forensics and/or computer wizz. Or the hardworking, middle-class victim of a mugging (by a sneering, sinister White hoody).

    2) NEVER portray a jew.

    And that’s pretty much it. Class dismissed. Have a great summer.

  31. GTRman /Tony Hayers says:

    It’s a black thing, you wouldn’t unnastan’

    Curtis Jackson (Fifty Pence) was the second wealthiest rapper in the hip hop industry, behind Jay-Z in 2007 . Jackson, who lives in a Farmington, Connecticut mansion formerly owned by ex-boxer Mike Tyson, has been consistently ranked highly among the wealthiest figures of the American hip hop scene. He was the fifth-richest figure in American hip hop in 2015, with an estimated net worth of $155 million.

    On July 13, 2015, Jackson filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Connecticut with a debt of $32,509,549.91

    ‘Spy’ is a 2015 American action comedy spy film written and directed by
    JEW Paul Feig
    , and produced by
    JEW Peter Chernin
    NIBBER 50 Cent as Himself

    In “Escape Plan” ,
    produced by
    JEW Mark Canton
    Fifty Pence plays a computer wizz-kid. “Tappetty tappety tappetty tap..”I’m In ”


  32. GTRman /Tony Hayers says:


    BBC2: ‘Front Bottom’ presented by
    FEMALE-OF-FELINE , Mary Beard.
    Commisioning Editor: JEW Alice Feinstein.
    Guest is buck-toothed, sweaty, beady-eyed
    NEGRESS, Dreda Say Mitchell. She’s talking about , laahk, how difficult it was for (NEGRESS) Tina Turner to succeed in a (((White))) male dominated music industry.
    (Whilst regularly being beaten black-and-blue by a…..BLACK MAN…oops)

    (Oh, the horror, a millionaire at 25, a multi-millionaire at 35 , now a tax-exempt resident of Switzerland )
    Fuck you, ghetto !! See ya later ,Projects !! Laters, The ‘Hood!

    Then something, something, “race”…..”strong black woman”……”victim”…”strong, powerful woman”..

    Mary Beard LOVED the musical, but was HORRIFIED when she looked around the audience to see that it was “99% (hideously) WHITE !!!”

    Do these people actually forget that they live in WHITE MAJORITY countries? Who do they expect the 1960’s music biz in America to be ‘dominated’ by ?
    Chinese women FFS ?
    Who does Mary Beard expect to be filling the seats in a West End musical,
    in London ? Tibetan monks?

    Finally, a clip from, I shit you not: “WINDRUSH THE MUSICAL”
    Face of The Guardian:
    followed by ‘The Seemingly Never-ending Assassination of (QUEER) Gianni Versace.
    (Shot dead by another QUEER)

  33. GTRman /Tony Hayers says:

    YOU LUCKY GOY !! Friday, 9pm -10pm

    On BBC1 ‘Have I Got Jews For You’
    Tedious , smug, wealthy leftie pricks do mouth noises and leave gaps, which Pavlov’s Pigs dutifully fill with guffaws. Soul death. Comedy cancer.

    On Channel 4, a camp, QUEER hairdresser from Brighton is telling his mother about how the doctor put his finger up his arse, then wiped it afterwards.
    Do these fags talk about anything else ?

    After that is ‘Lee and Dean’, a wannabe-Gervaisian shit-com about two White geezers, ordinary blokes, builders.
    WHO ACTUALLY GET OFF WITH AND SLEEP WITH EACH OTHER AT THE END OF THIS EPISODE You know, just like yer average plasterer, sparky, brickie, roofer or chippy does on a Friday night after a few bevvies.
    You’re only ever a few drinks away from buggering your best mate, lads, eh?
    Heterosexuality, like race and gender, is a social construct, bound only by the glue of prejudice and hatred.
    Men cant be friends without a homosexual undercurrent, right, goy?

    On Channel 5, POOFTER Portillo is dissecting a pig.

    On BBC1, FAGGOT Graham Norton’s guest is gurning
    JEW idiot Claudia Winkleman. Two of the Beeb’s highest earners .

    Channel 4: Toothy “comic” Rob Beckett is playing old video games with
    JEW Rachel Riley.
    Last week it some other JEW . Small world, innit ?

    Latest: There is a Local TV station in East Sussex called “Latest”.
    Predictably, much of it’s content is ‘LGBTQ’ (QUEER /FAGGOT) stuff.

    I’ve just seen QUEER German (Professor Rainer Schulze — who looks like Walter White with AIDS ) and he is showing some clips of movies that feature,
    wait for it:
    There’s a clip of a hideously-burned queer black man with stump arms, swigging whiskey and dancing with another faggot (White) , about to “take things to the bedroom”

    And I thought I’d seen it all.
    His Twitter:

  34. GTRman /Tony Hayers says:

    Yes things have accelerated / degenerated in the UK to the point where (((news /current affairs))) are just the skreechings of very privileged so-called “minorities” who have literally never had it so good.

    No wonder comedy is dead: it’s redundant in Clownworld.

    Hello and God Bless to all who sail here, old and new.

  35. GTRman /Tony Hayers says:

    One in Spamblinka, Incog, too many links.


  36. GTRman /Tony Hayers says:

    Let’s stamp out (((Hate))) aka “TRUTH”

  37. GTRman /Tony Hayers says:

    Lord Nelson And The Bailey

    Over the last few months the Cultural Marxists have begun dripping the idea of tearing down British statues and monuments into the public discourse. It began when Afua Hirsch, who’s every bit as British as her name and appearance would suggest, wrote an article at the Guardian calling for Nelson’s column to be torn down.

    I should confess here that I’ve reached the stage where my outrage tank is running on empty and I no longer have the energy to dismantle these ludicrous Neo Marxist talking points. In the end these people hate us and want to see us destroyed and our culture erased, cut through the social justice ooze and that is what it comes down to. I’m not interested in whether people such as Afua Hirsch regard this or that great Briton as ”racist” because I regard the importation of the Third World into Europe as a crime against humanity, any complaints they have while here are to be utterly ignored.

  38. GTRman /Tony Hayers says:

    In short: Christ, am I so damn sick of niggers, queers and jews.

    I (and we) just want to be left alone. That’s all.

    • ICU says:

      Tony, “they” will not leave us alone.
      That would be inconsistent with their unclean, Id driven, reptile brain drive to spread their self-loathing around and smear it everywhere they are permitted to do so.
      “permitted” is the operative word in the above.
      The instinct of Self Preservation on the part of Humanity demands the application of the following truism.
      “The best defense is a good offense.”
      The never ending assault on Human Civilization perpetrated, primarily, by jews that use the other Permanently Outs…niggers, muzzys, sexual deviants, Communists, Hive Mind Asians…and the Unknowing & Asleep SJW, DWL, Kriss-Chun Zionist, corrupt political swine, badged and well armed enforcers “that are just doing their jobs” etc.
      to bring on The Jew Planet…
      MUST be actively counter-attacked if there is to be any hope of avoiding a jew takeover where those that do not submit, will be slaughtered.
      The bitter truth of that is well described in non-jew versions of History.
      Our Race Is Our Nation
      “Let he who hath a cloak but no sword, sell the cloak so that he may buy a sword.” —J. C.

      btw, I enjoy your writing for it’s style and humor as well as content.

  39. dick fuld says:

    “rachel corrie” played for 2 years in london but only one night in nuke
    jerk city because kikes “religious sensibilities” were offended.
    these are the sort of ass-holes who should be dealt with accordingly

    “the evil deeds that men do live after them, the good is oft interred
    with their bones.”

  40. Barney says:

    I wonder (((whose))) idea it was to remove the C from CRAP and pretend that nigger chant is some kind of “music”.

    I’ve been wondering recently whether “saint stephen of lawrence” really existed or whether he/it was invented for anti-White propaganda purposes. It happens.

  41. Gene says:

    Negro Suspect Reportedly Stabs Man In Random Restaurant Attack… Again!

    I don’t know what it is about knives with Negroes, but this attack is similar to one in Denver, Co. area recently where a Negro man walked in a casually strode over to a White guy sitting at the bar and stabbed him in the neck out of the clear blue. That guy survived but this latest attack the guy died.

    Jamal Jackson, 49, a homeless man, is facing first-degree murder charges in the death of 35 year old Anthony Mele. Mele and his wife were reportedly eating dinner with their 5 year old daughter at a steakhouse in Ventura and prosecutors say Jackson walked up and stabbed Mele in the neck.

    This sort of thing keeps happening all over the place. Be on your guard…with your .357 Magnum.

    Man killed in random knife attack at California steakhouse

  42. Malie Mapour says:

    The “EVIL”…and DEVILISH-WORLD watches on in complete and total “EXCITEMENT”…, as an extremely-celestial-beauty,…and innocent “WHITE-ANGELIC-YOUNG-WARRIOR-GIRL”(LADY), was brutally raped, horrifically-tortured,…and then, dragged and kidnapped from her apartment in Hartford, Connecticut by CRIMINAL…and RAPIST “Satan” himself; and then, that piece of garbage, scumbag…and DISGUSTING-SAVAGE—together with his criminal-minions worldwide, (Humans),traficking this PRECIOUS…young-Angel—who is/was apparently on an “Angelic-Mission” here on earth—-since “Angels” are rarely seen by humans…,and don’t come to such places as planet-earth that easily—-or be next to WORTHLESS…and INFERIOR HUMANS—unless it’s for a “SPECIAL-MISSION” and “SPECIFIC REASON” by “THE ALMIGHTY-GOD” HIMSELF. Which means that, this young-Female-Angel was and is here on a Special-Angelic-Mission; normally when “THEY” (ANGELS) come, is to bring some type of orders; to destroy something EVIL …that SATAN and his criminal aliens, demons…and humans are doing down here(on earth);–some warfare duty.

    CRIMINAL-Governments from all over this DISGUSTING, PERVERTED, EVIL, WORTHLESS…and SAVAGE WORLD—worldwide were excitingly…and wickedly involved, partaking, participating, promoting…and encouraging their evil,hateful, jealous…and sadict citizens-RAPISTS from all over the place…to committing such sins, blasphemy…and abomination against a “HOLY-ANGEL” from Heaven—of “THE-ALMIGHTY-GOD”. The CIA, FBI, NSA, police, Mayors, Governors…and all over America and the world were/are EVIL…beyond measure. Yet, those wild-beasts, worthless…and inferior criminals had or have no shame—let alone respect for the “ALMIGHTY-GOD” and HIS PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL…and POWERFUL “ANGELS. This is “War” against the “KINGDOM” OF “THE ALMIGHTY-GOD”; and “DEADLY-RETALIATIONS…ARE COMING—OR ON THEIR WAY AGAINST HUMANITY—-PLANET-EARTH ALTOGETHER. Folks, this is serious stuff that are beyond what this world —-let alone any human can handle. All these things—this atrocity that had happened to this PRECIOUS…young “White-Angelic-Warrior”, is “prophesied” in the all over the Bible—especially the book of “Revelation” chapter 12 and 17. Like “Red-Dragon” War with the Saint. The translation is wronged; from other translation—like the real original-bible—which most people don’t have—because SATAN, FAKE-Jews …and the Vatican are kept it hidding from the general public—so, we won’t ever know the real truth…and meaning of biblical-prophecies as they are being fulfilled acting out or unfold in our life times, before your eyes…and in this evil world.

    Folks get ready for complete disasters, mayhem, …and catastrophies of various types to be from Heaven to earth; that this world has ever seen nor will it ever seen again. It’s all going be in RETALIATION for this “Young-White-Angel”, whom this whole world all WATCHED Happily…sensely get destroyed by this criminal-garbage…and loser called “Satan” and his criminal-minions everywhere. From what I heard from biblical scholars…and other reliable sources who have been observing…this entire delimma…against this young female Angel—whom the whole world knew…about—including all of us you on this site, is that, GOD is “EXTREMELY ANGRY”… about what happened HIs Angel…this young Angel—whom “HE LOVES…DEARLY”; AND that HE—THE ALMIGHTY-GOD” will soon destroy…and wipe out THE United States and the entire whole world because of such CRIMES…and EVIL done to “ONE”of “ANGELIC-WARRIORS” on earth.
    The very first places on list for “DESTRUCTIONS” will be: California, Florida, Chicago, and New York. These will be JUDGMENTS of DESTRUCTIONS first, and then afterwards, will unleash to the entire United States—and the rest of the world. This is what’s coming soon—I mean very soon you guys. It all shows that EVIL…and wickedness have and will have drastic …and deadly consequences by the “ALMIGHTY-GOD”. No boby will escape what coming…or about to UNLEASH at humanity at large. Those DEVILISH…and DISGUSTING CRIMINALS—minions of Satan, are/were too stupid…and evil to ever come near an “Angel” of “THE ALMIGHTY-GOD”, let alone ATTACKED “HER”. ANGELS ARE “EXTREMELY SUPERIOR…” and humans and all others ARE INFERIOR…EXTREMELY NOTHING. Now, wonder why the entire world will be wiped…out into oblivion soon because of this “YOUNG-FEMALE ANGELIC-WARRIOR” FROM HEAVEN?

    But, from what I’ve read…over the internet…and elsewhere, it will “GOD IS EXTREMELY ANGRY…AND ALL THE OTHERS ANGELS FOR WHAT SATAN, THE HUMANS…AND ALIENS WHO WERE AND ARE INVOLVED, DID TO THEIR ANGELIC-SISTER…”.They will destroy… this planet soon—-starting with the United States of America. Major disasters…and JUDGMENTS are coming folks!

  43. Malie Mapour says:

    Those who are passionately…and sincerely seeking for the truth—the “REAL-TRUTH” through all things in life—life in this world—this evil…and lying-world, are glady…and eagerly looking for it, finding it, abiding by it, applying it, sharing it…and living it out to its fullest. However, those who “KNOW NOT” the truth now, who are fighting it—and those who have been standing in fierce…and selfish opposition against us “TRUTH-SEEKERS”, never was and never will know the truth in all its clarity…and helpfulness. Truth is not for them; those fakers, haters…and evil-manipulators who deeply enjoy…planting and spreading discord among others—all the while pretending they are light—not darkness; patriots—when they are none other than “secretive-traitors” in DISGUISE—among us truth-seekers…and “WARRIORS-OF-JUSTICE”.

    Sadly, those such as: “Barney”, Matt, Morris and the likes of them out there—all over the internet spreading their illness of animosity…and stupidy among bodies of healthy-minded-individuals/people with outstanding sound of mind—so they could gladly distorted the truth, mocking it, …and arrogantly bashing the validity of it all. Thus, those who are weaked-minded—who are in great number out there, could never come to know the real truth that could set free out of tyrannical-governments. But, those “pathetic-agents” of darkness will soon blown away by great…and power of the TRUTH.

    They will ALL soon be carried and washed away by their own stupidity, evil, demagogue …and illusions. Those of us who are “Real-Truth-Seekers”, will not—nor ever allowing ourselves to swayed… away by such delusional…and moronic-embecils. A dog—even a puppy has more basic understanding than those under-cover scums. Double-minded losers—tossing all over the place like wind-flying trash bags. When I posted something over the internet, I always intended it for the “Superior-minded ones—and certainly NOT for inferior-ones with no mind for knowledge…and truth. The days are fastly approaching when they will see the truth manifested in all its REVERE-POWER and authenticity. Those losers…and worth less warmongers will be destroyed…and defeated by own making, by indignation of judgments over them, and reality of the truth itself.

    The truth and knowledge do not come in few words, few lines, few sentences…or few papers. If it were so, then, their diabolical-lies, which are daily spreading…and forcing before us, and unto decent …people, would not have been exposed, oppossed,…and defeated. We truth-seekers and lovers of knowledge, don’t mind the times, efforts…and patience to read long articles, comments, books…or anything from which we could learn …and broadening our horizon of knowledge…and truth. Those fakers like “Barney”, are always complaining…and whining about how long every thing is to suit their little-pathetical-nonsense ideology…which are full of garbage.

    You scums can never intimidating me, scaring me, …or backing me down one way or another ; not even criminal-rapist Satan himself—-together with his DISGUSTING…and TYRANNICAL “New World Order” can ever stop..or back me/us down. I am a “WARRIOR” of “THE ALMIGHTY-GOD”—and so are those like me FIGHTING this evil…and wicked world against all those in it, opposing…and who are diligently at work around the clock to enslave…the GOOD…and intelligent ones in societies worldwid; ever going to me/us. Ever going happend! We are here to be the strong…and lound voices of justice and all attaches to it; to prevail over those CRIMINAL-SCUMBAGS…and prevailing we are and shall continue to be over them all—including the likes of EMBECIL… “Barney, Matt…and Morris”. They cannot and will not win!!! WE ARE “WARRIORS OF “THE ALMIGHTY-GOD”, AND ARE UN-DEFEATABLE!

    Those like Barney are “SINKING-SAND, EMPTY-VESSELS, LEAKING-HOLES…AND ARE ON THEIR WAY TO OBLIVION…AND DOOM VERY SOON. I cannot believe that scum called “Barney” has the wrenching audacity to GROSSLY talking like that about this “PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL…AND INNOCENT “WHITE ANGELIC GIRL”(LADY-WARRIOR), who was UNJUSTLY getting destroyed—HORRIFICALLY tortured, raped…and disrespect by DISGUSTING -DEVILISH CRIMINAL-RAPISTS…worldwide—including Britain and the United States. Disrespecting the “HOLY-ANGELS OF THE “ALMIGHTY-GOD FROM HEAVEN. But, from what I heard and knew, humanity at large are in deep “TROUBLE”! And will all be destroyed…and wiped out in RETALIATION because of this young-white female Angel that everybody worldwide have been insulting, attacking, assaulting…and waring with—because those CRIMINALS are workers of SATAN himself to war against GOD’S ANGELS HERE ON THIS EVIL PLANET. BUT, GET READY READY REVENGE, VENGEANCE…AND DESTRUCTIONS THEY ABOUT TO UNLEASH OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD—-BEGINNING WITH UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    But, humanity will pay BRUTALLY for this. In fact , the whole planet-earth will be DESTROYED very soon, and this PRECIOUS…Angel is in Heaven powerfully planning Her coming back—Her way back for revenge…against all of you DISGUSTING CRIMINALS WHO HAD MESSED UP WITH HER. Now, can any army in this world able to stand—let alone fight with those “MIGHTY-ANGELIC WARRIORS? JUSTICE is coming and none of you CRIMINAL-SCUMS will escape it ever. Angels prevail—as always ; and humans destroyed…and wiped out as should have.


    • Barney says:

      There’s one person here who can stop you, Malie Mapour.

      You fail to show any respect whatsoever for our host, the great IncogMan himself, and sooner or later you’ll end up in Spamblinka.

      What that means in plain English is that, if you continue to abuse IncogMan’s hospitality, you’ll find yourself blocked from posting here.

  44. S O G says:

    white people christian or secular have no freinds in the government …
    we are hunted and preyed upon by scourges and subhuman excrement ..
    all worthless cult members of the global; damned …
    our asses in syria ..big fucking mistake for us to help the jews destroy a perfectly good nation that is secularly run …
    now some niggers sit in a jew owned business aka starbux right and the opwner liok,es to guive out rewardes to the idf snipers who kill pally children ..if that isnt bad enuff the 2 woerthless n iigers that sat down in there were axxxed top leave like any one else would be but we git us a modern day rosa parks and emmet tills shituation now …they throw out white homeless people all the time ive seen where they remodel whoile stores just to make sure ho,meless peopl,e white ones wont come in and relaxe all day with a cofee and wifi ….i fucking harte startbucks …
    so the other day a nigger goes in there and says a new law was passed for black reparations and thet they get free cofee ..the idiot barista says oh yeah i heard about thet ..sic …so he gives the monkee a cuppa …right ..defrauding an inkeeper is what you get when you dine and dash which a lot of niggers do and they are dangerous rude and terrible customers causing riots in every place they go …..oyyy fuck

  45. dick fuld says:

    the jews actually think everbody is stupid enough to believe all
    their shit, such as the jews in america stealing your A & H bombs
    and giving them to the jews in russia, so you could eliminate
    each other, while the jews moved to “israel.”

    there are about 6,000,000 kikes occupying palestine now. why
    not make the liars accurate for once and liquidate them. the
    phony creep netanyahu is the perfect set-up man for that.
    it’s always the few who get things done.
    don’t let the few be jews.

    if the rest still don’t get it by now, they’ll fuck themselves too.

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