Marxist Jewry Keeps Up The MLK Brainwashing

Excerpt from David Duke’s “My Awakening” on the real truth behind “Martin Luther King, Jr.” (not his legal name):

The Civil-Rights Movement

Rosa Parks was a carefully-orchestrated, Jew-manufactured event. They had a different black woman already set-up to go, but she proved way too dirty for media use, so they brought in Parks (long time NAACP operative already trained at the commie Highlander School) at the last minute. (INCOG)

Rosa Parks was a carefully orchestrated, Jew-manufactered event. They had a different black woman already set-up to go, but she proved way too dirty for media use, so they brought in Parks (long time NAACP operative already trained at the commie Highlander School) at the last minute. She wasn’t just a “simple seamstress” like they tell you to this day. (INCOG)

Just as Jewish academics lead the scholastic fight for egalitarianism in science and sociology, and Jewish media moguls lead the propaganda fight, the “civil-rights” movement itself found most of its leadership and financial support in the Jewish community.

Almost from the first day of its inception in 1909, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was the premier organization working for a racially mixed American society. Interestingly enough, the founding board of directors had only one prominent Black, W. E. B. Dubois (who was actually a Mulatto). Most of the board consisted of Jewish Marxist ideologues. The U.S. House of Representatives and many state investigative bodies thoroughly documented the fact that all of the NAACP’s founders were activists in the Communist cause. Dubois even chose Communist Ghana as his burial site.

The NAACP’s first president was Arthur Spingarn, and only Jews served as NAACP presidents from its founding until the 1970s. Noel Spingarn succeeded his brother, Arthur, and following him, Kivie Kaplan reigned over the organization. The Jewish leadership of the NAACP was little known by the public at large. When I came of age, the only name I heard associated with the NAACP was Roy Wilkins, who was its Black national secretary. Because he was so much in the press and public eye, like most Americans, I thought Wilkins was the NAACP leader. But Kaplan was the actual NAACP president during that time. Benjamin Hooks became the first Black president finally in the 1970s. Once a Black finally made it to the presidency of the organization, no longer did the public hear much about the NAACP “national secretary.” From then on the public spokesman was the NAACP president.

Kivie Kaplan was a rich Lithuanian Jew, long involved in the NAACP from the 1930’s. (INCOG)

In the recent Black-Jewish split, liberal Jews are quick to cry foul at Black resentment against them by reciting the fact that the lion’s share of the financing of the Black cause has come from Jews. They also boast that at least 90 percent of the civil-rights legal effort has come from Jewish attorneys and has long been supported by Jewish money.

Practically every step of the civil-rights movement’s progress came through the courts. They decreed forced racial integration of the schools, enabled illiterate Blacks to vote, and ultimately forced upon America the massive anti-White discrimination program with the Orwellian name “affirmative action.” Here, too, Jews took the predominant roles.

The organization that fought many of these battles was the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, an organization separate from the NAACP itself. At this writing, Jews still lead it. Jake Greenberg has been active in the legal fund for years and was the chief attorney for Brown in the famous Supreme Court case Brown v Board of Education. In that nefarious decision, the Supreme Court — in one devastating stroke of the pen — initiated the transformation of the American public educational system from one of the best in the world to one of the worst in the First World.

IN THE SHADOWS – Clockwise from bottom left, at a 1966 S.C.L.C. meeting in Atlanta: Stanley Levison, Jones, Cleveland Robinson, James Bevel, King, and Andrew Young (back to camera).

Even in the areas where Jews were not the actual leaders, they provided much of the behind-the-scenes influence. Martin Luther King Jr. fell under the guidance of Stanley Levison, who wrote most of King’s speeches, including, some say, the “I Have a Dream” speech delivered at the March on Washington. John and Robert Kennedy warned King to disassociate himself from Levison because of Levison’s Communist record. King, however, found Levison invaluable and refused. The Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) also had key Jewish involvement in their formative periods, and most of the nominally White “Freedom Riders” that went South were Jews. The famous case of the three Freedom Riders killed in Philadelphia, Mississippi, involved Schwerner, Goodman, and Chaney — two Jews and one Black.

The public image of the man who called himself “Martin Luther King” (his legal name was Michael King) is a textbook illustration of the power of the media to influence America. Most people still do not know of the extent of King’s involvement in Communism, in part because the media continues to ignore King’s long record of Communist associations. King privately declared himself to be a Marxist, and told his inner circle that his efforts were a part of the “class struggle.” His personal secretary, Bayard Rustin, was a Communist.

These lefty Jews have been busy causing trouble since the day we let them into the country.

Temple University Jewess works the streets for the NAACP back in 1944. Lefty Jews were totally responsible for jacking up the homies from day-one — the lousy creeps are obviously still hard at work today! (INCOG)

When King had to replace Rustin in 1961, he chose another Communist, Jack O’Dell. His main advisor (“handler” would probably be a more apt term), as I’ve mentioned, was Jewish Communist Stanley Levison, who edited and probably wrote a good deal of King’s book Stride Toward Freedom. Levison prepared King’s income tax returns, controlled King’s fundraising activities, and was also in charge of funneling Soviet money to the Communist Party, USA.

Only recently has it been revealed that King plagiarized large sections of his doctoral thesis. Boston University formed a committee to determine the extent of King’s plagiarism. It determined that 45 percent of the first part and 21 percent of the second part were taken from other authors. Schools regularly revoke degrees on discovery of far less cheating, but the importance of King to the civil-rights movement prevented the revocation of his divinity degree.

The media have always carefully portrayed King as a good Christian family man — the epitome of a man of God. But King had dozens of liaisons with prostitutes, White and Black, used church money to pay them and commonly beat them — all documented by the FBI and admitted by King associates.

King even spent the night before his assassination copulating with and beating White prostitutes. On the FBI surveillance tapes the “Reverend King” can be heard during intercourse to say, ” I’m f—ing for God!” and “I’m not a Negro tonight!” The King records are so damning that the tapes and other FBI documents were sealed for 50 years. Despite these facts, King’s Jewish handlers and their allies in the media were steadfast in their laudatory portrayal of King.

MLK is seen here at the Wall Street Jew-funded Highlander School for American Commies.

Jewish and Black relations have become strained in recent years as Black political sympathies have become more nationalistic in their own right. Jewish association with Black civil-rights causes originated from the days when many Communists saw the Blacks as potential revolutionaries for Communist uprising. The Communists in their creation of the Soviet State temporarily won the Jewish fraternal struggle between Zionism and Communism that Winston Churchill described in 1920. Radical American Jews envisioned the Blacks as an American proletariat, a transatlantic version of the oppressed serfs of Russia that could be utilized as allies helping to usher in a Communist revolution. Of course, even non-Communist Jews tended to support a non-racial definition of “American,” since they more than anyone are aware of their status as outsiders in White society. This led almost all organized Jewish factions to support the dismantling of the laws and traditions that supported the continued existence of our race…

Make sure to read the whole thing HERE!

"I have a dream," too: That these people will one day shut the hell up!†
I have a dream, too: That one day these idiots will STFU!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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31 Responses to Marxist Jewry Keeps Up The MLK Brainwashing

  1. White face says:

    America is making me sick , I am 37 and white , the system is rigged for us whites to fall . Wtf can I do for my part , most other Whites don’t give two shits . Everyone is brainwashed .

    • INCOG MAN says:

      You’re not brainwashed. There’s plenty of Whites waking up. Speak out whenever you can — you will see.

  2. Gene says:

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    The key to seeing that America does not go the way of South Africa is bringing the Jews to accountability. Whether it’s Jew propaganda on the fake news networks or whatever the case is; if Americans take every opportunity to do like Incog Man says and speak out it will stop this mad hellbent train of events brought on by the Jews.

    Unless the Jews are exposed as the phonies this madness will continue until the Negro will be some kind of hero in the eyes of people. The trouble is with the Jews!

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    When you are going out into open places, carry a firearm or at least a CO2 gun with you. If you are in a spot where you cannot get into a building, trailer, car or other vehicle you’re liable to get stuck.

  3. Gene says:

    Incidentally, Here’s A Nice Song For You By White Girl

    ‘When I Look At You’ Judy Garland, ‘Presenting Lily Mars’ 1943. An absolutely beautiful listen!

    Presenting Lily Mars is a 1943 American musical film that was considered July Garland’s first adult role. It made money and was a success.

    Miley Cyrus certainly wasn’t the first to sing this song title. Judy had already done it long ago! And better, I might add!

    Judy Garland – When I Look At You (Presenting Lily Mars, 1943)


  4. J.R. says:

    have you seen the video the leftist jews at google have embedded just above the search bar at

  5. Luna says:

    With niggers, muslims and jews, you lose! Im sick of nigger worship by self hating White libtards.

  6. Tony says:

    Just make pretend for a second and imagine what would happen if niggers collectively throughout the United States 100% turned on Jews. That in itself would turn the game upside down and the Jews would have to change their strategy 100% or else be in Jeopardy of being killed by The Savage niggers. That should be a strategy invoked by Whites. Blacks are dumb and easily swayed so let’s sway them to our advantage.

  7. Morris Deeds says:

    Dontell Jackson, Black Historian: “We Thought They Were White.”
    Despite the widespread public belief that the Civil Rights Movement was organized by African-Americans, the reality is that it was almost entirely masterminded by Jews as part of their agenda to undermine the stability of American society by using blacks as a wedge to divide and conquer the white majority establishment. Behind every single black rights organization the Jews have been there from the very beginning pulling the strings, from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR), the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and the Student Nonviolent Coordination Committee (SNCC).

    More below:

  8. Red Pill says:

    you can not unsee this, proceed with caution

    Youtube shooter Nasim Aghdam doing squats in front of the Israeli flag while hava nagila plays in the background

  9. Hey Incogman.. I live in Canada, and even up here MLK makes me sick to my stomach..

    Honestly, when the hell will Americans wake the fuck up and see the slithering Jewish mentally brain damaged freaks of nature behind all of this crap?

  10. Billy Badass says:

    So fucking sick and fed up with the jews, niggers n spics being dragged across this land as the “future” of amerikwa… When??? is whitey going to start putting an end to the big jew??? AH had it right about the bankers and jewery… do NOT let a/any jew establish a foothold in ANY country lest the jew destroys it… This lame assed country was warned about “herr” hooknose back in the 1800’s, 1900’s by AH, Henry Ford and Charles Lindburgh among the aware (sp) they also tried to warn whitey… and the warnings presented were ignored…. whitey you are now getting what you asked for… Still don’t see it???Watch the daily jew news and you just might wake up and catch on..BTW… just have to thank JER for his contribution to the white race’s survival.. Can you imagine as the jew news tells it, how wunner’ful amerikwa would have been under the guidence of MLK??? and I keep thinking how much better it is with that MF”r taken out at the age of 39… Shame it wasn’t done earlier… 1 down, 30 million??? to go.. now… about the jew count…..

  11. Gene says:

    Hollywood Jews Abused Judy Garland & Shirley Temple

    Movie Jews Often Tried To Molest Little Shirley Temple

    Hollywood Jews Repeatedly Tried to Rape Shirley Temple

    ‘I’ll ruin you’: Judy Garland on being groped and harassed by powerful Hollywood men

    I suspect there is a lot more which happened that hasn’t been discussed.

  12. Gene says:

    Did You Know?: Six Years After Martin Luther King Was Killed, His Mother Was Gunned Down By a Black Man in Church

    Six years after an assassin cut down Rev. Martin Luther King, a man walked into Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta and killed the late civil rights leader’s mother as she played the organ for morning services, proving Black lives have never mattered to other black people (only white liberals).

  13. Cole nidre says:

    story is ray was put up to it, as he himself said, by the kikes who had had
    enough of the women-beating ho-monger, using the opportunity to
    spread enmity among the races.

    • Tony says:

      He was simply a useful idiot and his time card was revoked for expiration so his death could kickstart the next phase of the agenda of divide and conquer. Angry liberated apes playing the Eternal victim against the racist White man. Anyone with half a brain could see how this is being orchestrated.

  14. Tom says:

    Michael King, Jr. aka Martin Luther King Jr Assassination was a hoax.

  15. Gene says:

    Yes, King Was A Pre-planned Martyr

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    • Matt says:

      I had a guy who worked for me who use to work as a deputy sheriff. They taught him to put your weight on the dogs chest, such as a knee.

      I carry a knife, and every decent person should. Dogs are fairly quick and pellet guns are slow, often awkward, when you are in the general populace, and it’s impracticable to carry them everywhere.

      Get the dog down, then push the knife through the eye socket, or both eyes, and then one good stab in the jugular, and the out of control dog problem is solved.

      Over 70% of fatalities from dog attacks are from pit bulls. I have yet to meet a pit owner who I think is a stand up guy, everyone I’ve been around has been a want to be gangster, often Mexicans, thugs, low life pieces of trash, and almost the same with Rot owners.

      Breeds like pits and similar should be outlawed, and hold the owner accountable for what the dog does.

  16. Karen says:

    I’d like to shoot you up your brown arsehole. Better yet I’d let my dogs turn you into hamburger. Then I’d feed your remains to them and save some $

  17. Morris Deeds says:

    Trump Celebrates Christ’s Resurrection, God-given Freedom
    Written by Alex Newman

    President Donald Trump sparked an outpouring of support among Christians this week as he publicly celebrated Jesus Christ, the Savior’s Resurrection, the Passover feast, and the key role of God in securing both human liberty as well as eternal life. The latest remarks follow a number of speeches in the United States and overseas in which the American president, who was elected thanks to overwhelming support from American evangelical Christians, has openly thanked God, celebrated the Bible, and emphasized America’s undeniable Christian heritage. The contrast between Trump and former President Barack Obama, who regularly attacked and ridiculed Christians and the Bible, could not have been clearer.

    In a video on Good Friday posted by the White House, Trump sounded almost like a Christian minister. “At this holy time of the year, families across our nation gather in homes, churches, and synagogues to light candles and to praise God,” Trump declared, addressing his fellow Americans. “For Christians, we remember the suffering and death of God’s only Son and His glorious resurrection on the third day. On Easter Sunday, we proclaim with joy that Christ is risen. Both of these sacred celebrations remind us that God’s love redeems the world.” Trump also spoke to Jewish families around the world by recognizing Passover, a sacred holiday celebrating Israel’s liberation from bondage in Egypt.

    More below:

  18. Morris Deeds says:

    Trump celebrates Easter:

    • Matt says:

      Unfortunately, I think Trump has limited knowledge of God’s word and is caught up in the lie that the Jews are the chosen ones.

      Trump is trying to combine Christianity and Judaism, he might as well paint a picture of God and Satan sitting around the campfire, holding hands, while chanting, can’t we just all get a long.

      Matthew 10:34

      “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

      If you want to be a Christian, you stand with Jesus Christ, not the children of Satan, who murdered him, neither do you bend a knee to (((Baal))) and kiss Satan’s ring.

  19. Gene says:

    Karen, You Bleedin Heart Dog Lover This Is Only For Vicious Dogs That Attack Like This

    Dog Attack Stopped By Armed Bystander

    I’m only saying shoot em if they attack. Go soak your fat head.

  20. Gene says:

    Judy Garland – And Who Turned Her Into That

    If she was then who do you think turned her into that? Hollywood Jews.
    Go soak your fat head. Instead of appreciating a beautifully sung song you, as usual, pick it apart.
    Go soak your fat head, it’s fat if it’s getting like the rest of you.

  21. carnac123 says:

    The whole civil rights movement was a sham orchestrated by leftist Jews and the Russian communist. Most of the myths that came from that era were lies and pre-orchestrated set-ups. Since the press is owned by leftist Jews and such there was no investigation of the theater of civil rights. MLK was just your typical fornicating, adulterating, deacon-wives screwing, black preacher. He had leftist leanings and was handpicked by communist in college to do their bidding. They thought that if did his job correctly America would be embroiled in a civil war and the commies would move in. It almost worked but it did not. King was not smart so the leftist Jews wrote his speeches for him and of course, he got good reviews from the press to bolster him. King was and is a spearhead for the communist. His fake memory is still held closely among the easily convinced, low IQ black population. This bullshit worship of this piece of feces is just remarkable. The leftist press has made him a demi-god which he does not deserve. They do it to keep roiling the races. When will we whites stand up and say ‘ENOUGH’. That day grows near. I celebrate MLK ‘s assassination day by lighting up an expensive cigar in salute to James Earl. We should celebrate James Earl Ray day and make it a huge celebration. Think about it.

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