Someone Bugged Our Entire Nation’s Capital


So it seems like our capital has been riddled with foreign spies intercepting our leadership’s communications for years, and nobody has been bothering to do anything about it.

Or at least, this is how this is being presented.

But under the Trump administration’s leadership, it seems like the Department of Homeland Security is looking to crack down on all this “foreign” surveillance.

Fox News:

The U.S. government has acknowledged the existence in Washington D.C. of what appear to be devices that could be used by foreign spies and criminals to track individual cellphones and intercept calls and messages, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.

In a March 26 letter to Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., the Department of Homeland Security admitted that it “has observed anomalous activity in the [Washington D.C. area] that appears to be consistent with International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) catchers.” DHS added that it had not determined the type of devices in use or who might have been operating them, nor did it say how many it detected or where.

Our own law-enforcement services actually use the same type of devices to spy on us.

Thousands of members of the military, the NSA, the CIA, the FBI and the rest of the national-security apparatus live and work in the Washington area. The surveillance-savvy among them encrypt their phone and data communications and employ electronic countermeasures. But unsuspecting citizens could fall prey.

There’s no doubt that there is invaluable information to be stolen by spying on people in our capital. So it should be fully expected that many actors will try.

What’s not expected is that our government hasn’t deemed this a problem until now, apparently.

Legislators have been raising alarms about the use of Stingrays in the capital since at least 2014, when Goldsmith and other security-company researchers conducted public sweeps that located suspected unauthorized devices near the White House, the Supreme Court, the Commerce Department and the Pentagon, among other locations.

The executive branch, however, has shied away from even discussing the subject.

Foreigners are spying on our government? Lol, let em’!

Why did Obama sweep this under the rug?

If I had to guess, I’d say he was told to let it happen. Because I’d bet top dollar the main culprit in this has been Israel. And they wouldn’t look kindly on having their little intelligence gathering operation getting busted.

Aaron Turner, president of the mobile security consultancy Integricell, was among the experts who conducted the 2014 sweeps, in part to try to drum up business. Little has changed since, he said.

Like other major world capitals, he said, Washington is awash in unauthorized interception devices. Foreign embassies have free rein because they are on sovereign soil.

Every embassy “worth their salt” has a cell tower simulator installed, Turner said. They use them “to track interesting people that come toward their embassies.” The Russians’ equipment is so powerful it can track targets a mile away, he said.

Right. Those eternal Russian hackers again.

Really activates your almonds.

You can be sure that if the deep state was worried about this Russian surveillance, it would have been shut down long ago. We’re likely dealing with something else here.

Shutting down rogue Stingrays is an expensive proposition that would require wireless network upgrades the industry has been loath to pay for, security experts say. It could also lead to conflict with U.S. intelligence and law enforcement.

Why would our police and spy agencies be against us removing these “foreign” surveillance devices?

You would think doing this would be a part of their jobs.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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16 Responses to Someone Bugged Our Entire Nation’s Capital

  1. Gene says:

    The Russian American Officers Association (RAOA) – In NYPD, FBI, DEA, IRS, ICE, etc

    Yes, we have had this ongoing problem of foreigner cops looking at nearly everything we do and lots of folks probably don’t realize it. Take for instance this article:

    The Russian American Officers Association (RAOA) – In NYPD, FBI, DEA, IRS, ICE, etc
    The conglomerate glut of so-called law enforcement organizations now extends far beyond local police, sheriff, and state police. The amount of agencies that have barged into or bought into U.S. law enforcement categories is a list that could fill a page. I don’t even have time to look all of these alphabet law enforcement affiliates up. Ever wonder where ‘rights’ went? Wonder no more.When some foreigner seeks information on a citizen they can probably go to someone with access to that big computer in the sky NCIC and get whatever they want on you, your kids, family, relatives, business associates, etc., etc..

    Instead of spending government budgets on ensuring accused citizens of the right to a speedy trial they’d rather spend money on more prisons, abandoning Constitutional Law, buying snitches (many of whom will lie), and the list goes on.

    Russians in U.S. law enforcement???!!! Take a look at the full list this org is into! The U.S. has gone P.C. nuts! And they moan over breaks and leaks in national security?! And such access to U.S. law enforcement is not a TROJAN HORSE????!!!! Pullll-eeeeeze!

    More at:

  2. Nationalist says:

    More than likely there are several foreign nations involved in this. Russia perhaps but also Israel and China as well. The U.S. has an extremely stupid immigration policy as well as all around lack security that allows foreign agents to get the information they desire and the net result is a dramatic increase in foreign nations improving their military capability. Again liberal politics has allowed a weakening of our ability to defend ourselves in time of war.

  3. Gene says:

    The Real Cost Of Illegals – Flight 592 May 1996 Crash May Have Been Sabotage

    April 6, 2018

    It was a particularly gruesome crash on May 11, 1996, one that stuck in my mind for good, an airliner that turned nose down and crashed into the Florida everglades. That’s right, all those people aboard died in all the mud and water as the plane disappeared under the earth. Oxygen bottles in the cargo hold were said to have caused a fire and crash.

    The FBI’s Miami Field Office is trying to locate Mauro Ociel Valenzuela-Reyes, an airline mechanic who may be linked to the airline crash that killed 110 people. The mechanic was criminally charged in the crash of ValuJet Flight 592 and reportedly faces additional federal charges for fleeing and failure to appear at his trial.

    Authorities think he might be using a fraudulent identity so he might be an illegal, someone who wasn’t supposed to be in the U.S.. Count the real cost of someone who may have been an illegal who may or may not have sabotaged the airliner causing all those deaths.

    The next time you ride an airliner, ask yourself if you want a possible illegal working on it! Illegals have various allegiances, but not necessarily to the U.S. so don’t expect them to care about you, the U.S. citizen, or your welfare. This may have been an act of terrorism. You really want those illegals in the U.S.? This editor’s elderly Aunt once hired an illegal to put shingles on the house and he put them all on wrong! He nailed them at the top instead of the center causing the entire roof to have to be replaced. Illegals are incompetent. When they don’t know what to do or how to do it they fake it. You really want them working on your airliner when it’s you taking the ride?! If they are in the U.S. they could end up working on your airliner.

    The U.S. has changed from a progressive country into a backward nation because of stooping to coddle illegal immigrants. Who was it that said, “The poor you have with you always”.

    FBI seeks mechanic linked to ValuJet crash that killed 110 in 1996

  4. Morris Deeds says:

    @ Incog Man, Red Pill, Faster than a SPEEDING IDF Bullet, more POWERFUL
    than the AIPAC Lobby, it’s Super Alt Right Zio Shill: Donny Trump!

  5. Morris Deeds says:

    After the Gaza killings, it’s time to crack down on Israel
    by Diana Buttu April 4:

    Actually The Washington Post: even they are sick of these miserable Zionist Jew
    butchers over there!

  6. J.R. says:

    the prince of the power of the air has bugged everything, including your apple iOS, iPad Air and MacBook, which uses his personal assistant “Siri”, which was evidently named by inspiration from the jews’ demons in the ethereal for the dogstar Sirius, which is of course the principal stellar image of Lucifer in the heavens…


  7. Malie Mapour says:

    First off, I wanted to “CONGRATULATES” Mr. Incogman for one of your many truthful, powerful…and brave-article that you had written and posted last week; in which you “Biblically exposed” those “FAKE-Jewish-CRIMINALS…for the brutal
    judgments…awaited THOSE DEVILISH-scums…I was—and still am happy…and thrilled brother, of your strong-courage, boldness…and bravery—which we the righteous…and superior people of the “ALMIGHTY-GOD have as our “inheritance-weapons…and shields against those DISGUSTING, EVIL, SCUM, WORTHLESS,…and CRIMINALS plotting…and planning none stop for the destructions OF GOD’S people of integrity, moral, righteous,…and virtual. GOD is with us, for, …and in us his people—in no weapons for against us shall remain or prosper. WE have power, authority, superiority…and right over all those criminal-RAPISTS, PEDOPHILES, PERVERTS, LIARS…and PRIMITIVE-CREATURES they all are ; and we must stand we all we got as POWERFUL-WARRIORS…of THE “ALMIGHTY-GOD” to put those worthless-devilish-CRIMINALS that ARE spread and purposefully scattered in the midst of GOD’S righteous people all over the world.

    The trumpet sounds is being echoing for us to stand bravely, mightily, …and with courage to fight our enemies—who are first and foremost, the enemies of our HEAVENLY-FATHER-GOD. GOD has already given us authority, control…and power over all of our enemies—the FAKE and criminal-Jews—together with all their accomplices worldwide. Now, we must act on and with our rights and fight to destroy…

    There will be some fakers…and bad seeds send here on purpose to intimidate us, discouraging us,…and even calling on their DEMONS to come against; demons, aliens…and worthless-criminal humans, we don’t give a damn!!! and shouldn’t listening to those morons…GOD—our GOD , IS GREATER…AND REIGN SUPREMELY ..OVER ALL—HE IS WITH US…AND FOR US. Therefore, it’s time to this war which those LOSERS have been FIGHTING…and destroying us with on daily basis for years on, and which they orchestrated in the first place, and take to them, for their-final-end-of-times “GRAND-DEFEAT”.

    They cannot and will not win no matter what little pathetic shows…they putting daily before us; it’s all for their own BRUTAL DESTRUCTIONS—which is near and at hand. The “ALMIGHTY-GOD” HIMSELF, will destroy them all. JUSTICE is coming—and so is VENGEANCE. None of those WORTHLESS…and DESPICABLE oxymoron is getting away any crime. They will BE captured….and chained up for JUDGMENTS and their final DESTRUCTIONS by “THE ALMIGHTY-GOD “, HIMSELF. So, as WARRIORS, we be in the front line—and fight to destroy…and prevail; for we are and will continue be.

    Satan, is a rapist, pedophile, liar, extremely studip, inferior-creature, pathetic, loser, and worthless himself ; and has always been. Which explains why those CRIMINAL FOLLOWERS of him are the same as he is…and do what he does. His JUDGMENTS…and BRUTAL DESTRUCTIONS are just at hand and near as those as his worldwide minions working tirelessly for his criminal’s agendas. Don’t fear or intimidate by him or his gangsters all over the place; they are all under us—and NOT the other way around. Have faith in GOD ALMIGHTY…and FIGHTING on for justice, revenge…and our survival where ever we are in the world. WE are all WARRIORS, under one banner, fighting for one cause, and for one victory. Victory is on our side regardless their schemes…So, keep on brother! For now we have weapons of words. But just as much POWERFUL…

    I love you all WARRIORS. And keep up fighting.

  8. cole nidre says:

    rosenbergs, greenglass, Cohen, Fuchs, Oppenheimer, lewis, pollard,
    who Obama let out of jail, should have been executed, and don’t
    forget Judas and the devices we type on.

  9. Matt says:

    Here’s my take on the buggings.

    My guess is that it’s the Jews, in fact I’m positive, but not for the reasons that most here have assumed.

    Revelations 17:2 “With her the kings of the earth committed adultery, and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.”

    The Jews/Great Prostitute/Babylon already have all the politicians in their pockets. Just watch them shamelessly grovel when Netanyahu shows up.

    The Jews have taken the time to bug and spy on them, like their brethren, the Bolshevik Jews in the Soviet era, or in the Orwellian concept.

    It is to ensure they’re loyal to the cause, and to get more dirt on them, in case they get out of line, and they need to be blackmailed or imprisoned like Jim Traficant.

    I would guess the Jews have dirt on almost all of them.

  10. Joe Btfsplk says:

    gun confiscation begins- deerfield illinois

  11. Morris Deeds says:

    The Paw Jews: Semites, Self-Pity and Censorship
    by Tobias Langdon:
    Guiding a goy: Jeremy Corbyn and the Board of Deputies, below, in England:

    The Jewish Chronicle is at it again, promoting a toxic anti-Semitic stereotype. Previously it claimed that Jews were “outsiders” whose “paranoia” and “arrogance” brought about their own downfall. Now it’s claiming that Jews prefer to work “behind the scenes” in British politics. This is the classic stereotype of Jews as conspirators and manipulators, evading public scrutiny as they shape supposedly democratic governments to their own ends.

    Shy, tongue-tied Jews

    The Chronicle made this claim as it described how, for once, the Jewish community has decided to work in the open. British Jews want the current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to be a well-trained shabbos goy like Tony Blair and Theresa May, funded by Jewish money and obedient to Jewish wishes. But Corbyn isn’t a shabbos goy and their best efforts have failed to turn him into one. They couldn’t operate “behind the scenes” in Corbyn’s Labour party, so they’ve had to come out into the open:

    More @ Link below:

  12. Gene says:

    Have You Seen These Side-By-Side Photos of David Hogg & Adam Lanza?!

    Yeah they look identical, even the noses and ears. The ear lobes are how you can always tell!

    They’re the same! Lanza was supposed to be the Sandy Hook shooter wasn’t he? Uh Huh, sure.

  13. cole nidre says:

    filthy kikes use “butterfly” explosive ammunition to maim and
    murder Palestinian children and women, reporters and photographers,
    and”coincidently” on the Putrid Broadcast System, (paid for by the
    “public” for their good?), the kikes at the same time feature a program
    about butterflies on “nature.”

    how evil and insidious these vermin are.

  14. cole nidre says:

    the only vote you’ll ever need in “your” congress: all those who support
    resolution 1 whereby “all Jews are to burn” so signify. nays?
    kill those mother-fuckers

  15. cole nidre says:


    a Jew invented the original gas used in the first Jew world war and
    sold it to the frogs.

    the only people to use gas in Jew world war 2 were the Jews running
    the jewviet non-union. the Jews murdered and forced Russians out
    of their houses, shooting out of them at deutschlanders attempting
    to liberate them from the kike, mongol mass-murdering hordes.
    the zhedies used mobile gas wagons “to layer the forests to
    sufficient depth to kill the ” bandits” (Russians whose homes they stole)
    and all animal life.”

    the only current “gas attacks” come from the ass-holes under the Jews
    noses and their Israel Secret Intel Service murderous mercenary

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