Thank God For Making Me A White Guy!

WHITE MAN FISHING“Without a doubt, White people outshine every other race on the planet. Always have. Call me racist, call me another Hitler, call me a Klansman — I don’t give a flying flock — we are FRIGGIN’ GREAT!”

I REMEMBER THAT fine early fall day just like it was yesterday. My fishing pal and I were at one of the better trout rivers in my state, when we finally worked our way up to this one very beautiful, wide pool sitting beneath a verdant green cow pasture in the bright sunshine. We could just make out the pod of sleek brown trout silently finning in the middle current like a fleet of tiny submarines — here and there one would quickly surface to noisily suck down a struggling late summer insect drifting by on the sparkling, sunlit waters. A real-life vision of Elysium lay before us.

Since it was my turn to take first crack, my buddy stayed up in the pasture to bird dog a little for me, or maybe to just laughingly narrate my angling mistakes to any nearby moo cow. Sure enough, my first two casts were pretty lame. But it didn’t seem to spook the fish much and on my third cast, I somehow managed a long, perfectly rolling arc, with the monofilament leader curving to the right like a major league pitcher’s best spitball — dropping my very own artfully tied grasshopper imitation just far enough upstream to realistically drift down into the trout’s kill zone.

Whammo! A huge brown smashed into it, greedy for what it thought was a big fat tasty bug. I lifted up my rod to gently set the hook and the four, maybe five pound fish danced and surged wildly across the pool. But I lost him after a thrilling half minute or so, when my gossamer thin two pound tippet gave way (which I should have changed out earlier). For whatever reasons, I always seem to remember every single big fishing battle I lost, instead of those all-too-few times when I do manage to land or boat a nice fish (usually released back into the water). But I guess that’s how us White people get better at things — we learn from our mistakes.

Why do I enjoy odd stuff like fly fishing and outdoor sports, I sometimes wonder? Well, because I’m a White guy, of course. Us Whites thrive on challenge and heroic struggles of body and mind, however small and unremarkable to those who might have little interest in that particular endeavor. Indeed, our noble White race — both women and men — are constantly at work to improve ourselves and the world around us.*

Why do you think the Western World is so desirable to the murderous, non-White Third Worlders? Because they can’t seem to elevate themselves from the mire of earthly, daily existence and only seek the easy way out by getting into our White lands by any means possible — fostered by subversive Jews, long in a secret war against us White Gentiles, and brainwashed White liberals by not deporting these dirty, violent non-Whites back to where they belong.

Just look at all the world’s wondrous inventions and civilizations built by the hands of the astoundingly creative and wide-ranging White race — automobiles, airplanes, jets, locomotives, sailing ships, steam power, the combustion engine, metallurgy, firearms, rockets, satellites, air conditioning, moveable type, the printing press, lithography, photography, skyscrapers, suspension bridges, the arch, cement, steel, mass manufacturing, history, literature, philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, astrophysics, the theater, the symphony, rock and roll, the compass, the clock, the watch, motion pictures, light bulbs, TV, radio, the telephone, the cellphone, electrical power, solar power, nuclear power, telescopes, eyeglasses, microscopes, vaccines, pharmacology, medicine, surgery, synthetics, horticulture, genetics, DNA, modern chemistry, modern agriculture, the computer, the internet… the list just keeps going on and on… and on and on!

Add to all that our never-ending efforts over the centuries at world-wide exploration and dangerous adventuring. Out of our boundless scientific curiosity and sheer ballsiness, the Seven Seas and the entire planet itself was discovered and mapped out by our people (regardless of all the colonialism BS the moronic White-haters scream about constantly).

It’s so glaringly obvious all the things Whites did for the World, that other races look desperately for the least little add-on they can hang their phony urban-cool hats on, and conflate it out of all proportion — or simply lie out the ass and say they invented it first!

Without a doubt, White people outshine every other race on the planet. Always have. Call me racist, call me another Hitler, call me a Klansman — I don’t give a flying flock — we are FRIGGIN’ GREAT!

Oh yeah, and one more thing, little homies: You ef with us, you will indeed get the horns, sooner or later. And at the biblical level, too. You know deep down you’re scared as hell at the mere thought of us Whites coming together and breaking bad on your stinking black asses — just admit it.

A week or two ago, I read with interest this article over at the Council of Conservative Citizens website about a car racetrack in Virginia that’s letting in any blacks for free, while still charging poor White people $10. What, do mulattoes then have to pay $5? I’ve actually have been to this particular racetrack a couple of times in the distant past and know fairly well that Franklin county area and the rural White people living around there (home of moonshine and real mountain country bluegrass music).

Now they’ve been trying to negrofy NASCAR for quite some time (relentlessly targeting the rural White base with diversity brainwashing). Yet, few blacks truly appreciate professional car racing. For years, race teams never could find a black driver worth a damn, no matter how hard they tried (because NASCAR racing is real work and takes serious dedication).

Every time I went to a NASCAR race, I paid attention to the number of blacks I could see in attendance. Maybe 1 in a 300 — if that. We always had this one black chick who used to go with me and my “crew” (it was supposed to be friendship with my White girlfriend, but it was probably more likely her desire to pig out on all the Kentucky fried chicken and ice cold American beer I personally paid for and lugged in).

Oh, sure, blacks love pimping out cars with fancy rims, speaker systems and all sorts of classless gold trinkets and shag carpeting BS, but all that’s for strutting around in front of all the other homies — advertising they “got it” versus Neegras who don’t (so imPOtant for mating with female apes, too). Since the days of darkest Afreaka, “bling” procurement is a major criminal motivation for these ridiculous jungle bunnies. Blacks have always had this problem — in spades.

I remember once flying back from the Bahamas and there was this chubby black guy in the seat next to me. At the duty-free market in Freeport, he bought this tasteless gaudy watch at a supposedly good price and was showing it off to me (could have been a cheap Chinese knockoff as far as he knew). When I looked up from my pretended admiration of his fancy new bling daddy watch, I saw this completely idiotic expression of smug Negro pride plastered across his fat, simian face.

How I kept from bursting out laughing right then and there, I still don’t know.

ALL the sports I’ve liked through-out my life have been extremely Negro-free, thank God. Several people have noticed as much and told me so. But thats the Negro’s issue, not mine. Surfing, snow skiing, horseback riding, backpacking, hiking, camping, fly fishing and hunting — all have been practically sans Negro. Just the way I like it.

Simply put: Blacks are about the most ridiculous, most worthless bunch of murderous jungle apes on the planet. They kill each other all the time. They kill innocent White people all the time, too, whether you know it or not (the media works hard to keep you stupid on that fact). Blacks are indeed an ugly, brutal, animalistic, stupid and uncaring race. No doubt at all. Trust me: I wouldn’t bother with all this if it wasn’t true.

So rarely do White criminals kill blacks, I can’t even remember a single case; regardless of all the anti-White brainwashing these days over the police accidentally killing poor widdle “unarmed” blacks. Actually, White guys, innocent or not, get killed by cops all the time like this — you just don’t hear them making a big stink about it in the media since it’s not part of the “narrative.” It’s so so obvious the media people are out to jack up the homies something fierce.

And dare I say it: Blacks are racist as hell. They HATE White people and feel free saying so (never suffering the least, unlike us Whites). Also, blacks are just like spoiled, bratty children, the more you do for this lousy, stinking bunch, the worse it gets for all people — and not only us White people, too. White liberals cannot bear the thought, but that’s exactly the case. Blacks suck so much, it’s not even funny.

They have little in the way of White industriousness and personal creativity, regardless of how they are falsely portrayed in the traitorous media. Sure, you might find a few who seemingly break that mold, but I guarantee you they easily and readily revert back to utter negrotude, at the drop of a greasy chicken bone or beat of today’s hip-hop jungle crap (Motown music used to be pretty damn good).

In fact, the black race has built-in emotions and modes of peer pressure that eventually bring down all of them. Look at anyplace they have control, for crying out loud. Just like the obvious de-evolution of their music (or what they call music, anyway), family life and culture, blacks ALWAYS sink down into the gutter, eventually.

The same fly fishing pal of mine at that brown trout pool, told me he once saw a black guy fly fishing. I suppose it’s possible, but I’ve never seen any. Too many complicated knots to remember and delicate presentation strategies (especially in some waters) for a black to appreciate with his febrile, practically primordial puny brain. Blacks are always wanting to take the easy path to instant gratification (like crime and looting). Sport challenges that involve mental acuity and strategy are not at the top of the black’s list.

I have seen a small handful of old black geezers dove hunting with shoddy looking shotguns at big opening day state park extravaganzas. If possible, I always kept a goodly distance from where they set up, since blacks have zero impulse control and I don’t relish getting a face full of bird shot. But I’ve never, ever seen them engaging in other forms of blood sports, like hunting for deer or turkey. Forget about bow hunting or deep woods stalking, please.

Oh, blacks do love fishing, don’t get me wrong. You see them bottom fishing off piers and bridges, and sometimes in crappy, poorly maintained and wildly overloaded boats — looking like a slapstick movie-style disaster just waiting to happen. And God help us, the greedy SOBs keep every single fish they land, no matter how tiny. “It’s frying pan size” they excitedly insist — that is, if you can understand a word they say.

I remember once coming across these three adult Afreakin’ “Americans” walking out of an artificial lure and fly fishing-only area with big surf-style saltwater spinning rigs — for crying out loud. The Negro idiots were proudly carrying one of those largemouth bass-sized metal snap stringers, and from it had hanging a mess of tiny 5 or 6 inch rainbows and a puny mudcat or two, all strung up through the little jaws, dead and shriveled up in the summer heat. The whole sight was ridiculous. They were fishing with bait, too. I should have followed them out and turned their filthy black asses in to the first game warden I could find — who would have been a White guy, no doubt.

You see, blacks really don’t give a damn for the environment and animal life. Never have. Blacks are about the most selfish, trashy pigs on the planet. Without a doubt. Most of the litter in cities are from blacks driving around looking for some place to rob, or to find out what their fat ass crack hos are up to. You see what they’ve done to Afreaka, haven’t you? Elephants are machined gunned for their tusks all the time. Hell, the ugly f**kers love to eat ebola-ridden monkey meat, for chrissakes (which is a bit like cannibalism if you think about it).

Sure, a handful of blacks will act all caring and crap trying to blend in at environmental issue type groups. But that’s mostly to get in the pants of any nearby goofy liberal White girl who falls for their black line of bull. And they do indeed know the kind of liberal BS to spout to whatever idiot, decades-long, Jew media-brainwashed Whitey, when required. Hell, they get training for it practically every minute on TV and often laugh about it all among themselves.

I once liked playing and watching football and used to be a fairly good middle linebacker as a kid. But I mostly lost interest in NFL football back in the ’90’s, when it had become way too negrofied. Plus, there was good reason to believe pro-football was now discriminating against well-qualified and exciting young White players, simply because they were White. Other White fans have come to this exact same conclusion, using plenty of facts and figures. Just go and read from a site called “Caste Football.” Oh yeah, many members at the site’s forum are now totally JEW AWARE, as they should be.

My university had a basketball team with a fairly big regional reputation, but I never once went to a single game. Not a one. The tickets were free for students, too. I always felt proud never having gone. Besides, I was too busy with schoolwork and the babes, if you know what I mean.

A long time ago my dad and a neighbor took all us kids to a Harlem Globetrotter “game.” I distinctly remember feeling put off by the blacks making fools of the White setup team, who were obviously just in it for the money (typical Shabbos goys). Even as a kid, I could see it was a bunch of BS, geared to making Whites look bad. We were all supposed to laugh uproariously, which I didn’t. Out of politeness, I kept my mouth shut around the other kids at the time, but later explained why to my dad when he noticed I didn’t seem to enjoy the show like the rest.

Oh, yeah, I found out much later the Globetrotters were a Chicago Jew creation (definitely go to that link) by a guy named Abe Saperstein and another stinking Jew millionaire named Red Klotz, who came up with the Washington Generals — the White team to openly make fun of. The organization is still owned to this day by a big private Jew operation named Herschend Family Entertainment, who are always employing illegal aliens, while ripping off poor American Whites who spend their hard-earned dough at their various “entertainment” venues. No big surprise there, huh?

You new people now waking up to what’s going down in America today might get a little bored with me going off on the precious, holocausted Hebrews all the time on my site. I know I sound like a broken record. But for good damn reason. It’s all true: These devious, historically subversive rats have infiltrated America across the board and have been working ever since to keep European White Gentiles from awareness of what they are doing to our race and lands. Jews have been in a secret war with us from day-one.

Call me a racist anti-Semite hater all you want. Sooner or later you’ll get it. Probably sooner by the looks of things.

— Phillip Marlowe

* You might not be big on fly fishing like myself — instead, you might be into gardening and landscaping, or you might dig horseback riding, jogging, painting, needlepoint, or simply like keeping your car or home in tip-top shape. Whatever it is that “floats your boat.” As a White person, I’m certain you’re always working in some way to improve yourself and the things around you!



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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19 Responses to Thank God For Making Me A White Guy!

  1. INCOG MAN says:

    I’m going to be away for a few day,s so I won’t have any time for new stuff. I’ll check in once in awhile to see if there’s any issues in my comment section.


  2. Whitepride says:

    Yep! Nig nogs only know how to play nigger ball, commit crime, and steal! Never saw any nigger sportsmen!

  3. dick fuld says:

    an acquaintance of mine was walking down a street in his
    neighborhood with a shotgun on his shoulder during the
    “race riots” of the 1960’s. a jew, who owned a gas station
    in the area, queried “where you goin’ dennis, nigger huntin’?,”
    to which he responded “no I thought I’d get me a nice, fat kike.”

  4. Tony says:

    I’m waiting for the day that the “great pretending” game comes to an end. I look forward to a future where white men have retaken their countries and sent the Negroes back to Africa or slaughteted them. That Day of Reckoning is quickly approaching and I think we’re going to see it much sooner than later.

    • Whitepride says:

      Yep! Tony the nuggets have destroyed America and Europe! Most barbaric APE SOB’s to walk this earth!!!!!

  5. Nationalist says:

    Liberals would better appreciate their own race if they would just stop and think what it would be like to be another race.

  6. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Anyone who knows how to trout fish also knows how to “nigger fish” (which means sitting in the shade by a slow-moving steam, with line-in-the-water, waiting for a bite, and enjoying a cold beer – or bottle of brandy…)(catfish, the main goal). Nigger fishing can be a fine pasttime – night or day. That I enjoy BOTH means I am “diversified”, I reckon. (I like fried chicken and watermelon, too!)

  7. Billy Badass says:

    The only thing the money grubbers recognise….is money… let the niggers support football n basketball n baseball… Whitey …show your disgust with the jew gamesters and have the fuckin’ ballz to stay or walk away until the fields are rinsed clean of the nigger invasive species… Money talks…. I keep seeing more tv ads showing the up and now more desirable nigger… If jewsky’s admire them so much… whitey take your monies and spend white…let shitskins support those anti-white companies!!!!!
    What part dont YOU understand…AH had it right…. no gd jews !!!!
    A blue-eyed honky…

  8. Billy Badass says:

    AH had it right…
    whitey.. try supporting white ideals for a change…
    So sick of the jew disease carriers…
    A blue-eyed honky here…

  9. Steamed McQueen says:

    ‘Negrofy’ NASCAR…. That’s some funny stuff right there!

    Why aren’t there any black NASCAR drivers? (Mostly stolen from David Letterman)

    1) Everytime they get in a wreck, they jump out of the car and run away!

    2) The gun keeps slipping out from under the seat!

    3) They don’t make race tires for 24 inch rims!

    4) The racing seat doesn’t recline far enough!

    5) NASCAR cars don’t have huge sound systems in them!

    6) Pit crew can’t work on the car while holding their pants up!

    7) They think the pace car is really a police car and they run away!

    8) No Cadillacs approved for competition

    9)Can’t wear racing helmet sideways!

    10) No passenger seat for the ‘ho..

  10. Aitch says:

    That’s a good painting at the end of the article. Any idea who did it?

  11. Gene says:

    Negro Cosby Convicted of Drugging and Molesting Woman

    Bill Cosby convicted of drugging and molesting a woman

    He could end up spending his final years in prison, which is what he deserves, but they might find a way to get him off. America’s favored T.V. Dad? Nawwww…they couldn’t send him up. Watch.

    The prosecutor demanded Cosby be taken into custody immediately, but the judge left him out on bail while he awaits sentencing.

    • ICU says:

      Cosby will get a suspended sentence and probation.
      Old and Rich niggahz don’t Do Time, especially ones that only boffed dumbass twats that made themselves available to be Muh Dik culturally enhanced.
      Nah meen ?

  12. Gene says:

    The headliner was supposed to read:
    Negro Cosby Convicted of Drugging and Molesting Woman – HOW MANY MORE!?

    but I typoed it. In fact there’s no telling how many women he raped. Just like a basic nig, you know.

  13. Gene says:

    I Like The Gal Skeet Shooting Photo!

    It shows how people, both sexes, have immense freedom to do whatever their pocketbooks allow. She’s just really buff, isn’t she, with her Remington 1100 Autoloader just like mine? Really bitchin! Yeah!

  14. Luna says:

    The males of the nigger species is already evil enough, the females are just as evil and disgusting. You can’t even enjoy shopping anywhere anymore. Loud obnoxious Looksatmuh obese troupes of sheboons ooking and eeking louder than howler monkeys. They’ll do anything to inconvenience Whitey while they block the aisles with their huge asses and shopping carts full of niglets and junk food paid for by Whitey’s tax dollars. Damn niggers, I hate them all!

  15. Erik Snohdin says:

    We whites ARE the best, all over the planet !! We are hated because we DO have compassion, we DO have empathy, we DO care about each other and not in the sense of desperate survival, but genuine friendliness and trust. Only Jewish scum have tried to infiltrate our lives and our minds and make us become what THEY ARE ; rotten, backstabbing, jealous, crippled, soul-less gluttons and murderers. It’s really our own fault for giving them our trust in the first place and sharing our space with them. We live and learn, we whites, yes we do, and now we know the truth about these bottom-feeding imbeciles, rapists, pedophiles, organ-harvesters, and cocksucking scumbags.
    We are rallying as I type, rallying to defeat these so-called Jewish supremacist criminals, and we are gonna wipe the fucking floor with them. If they think we’re goin’ down, all I can do is to quote Judas Priest . . .

    “YOU GOT ANOTHER THING COMIN’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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