We Should Just Let All Negroes Starve to Death

Worthless blacks in Africa, Haiti and everywhere else on the planet, including the US, have been nothing but a giant black hole to pour our wealth and misplaced cares into from day-one — even though we’re expected to think they’re so great. I’ve had it with the stinking lying bull crap!

By Phillip Marlowe

I was reading over at Daily Stormer, the Internet’s most censored site, about some big Brit Naturalist White guy who was over in Africa trying to protect animals from poaching and he was stabbed to death by the natives. That’s when I remembered once kindly suggesting here on my site how it would be infinitely better to just let all Africans starve to death to help Mother Nature — instead of hindering her.

Shocked? Sure, I’m a hard ass these days. But the White race has done more than enough for the black race by now. Instead of respect and love, they spit in our faces every minute of the day. Plus, they freely assault Whites on the streets with things like the “knockout game,” while robbing, raping, torturing and murder (including our elderly mothers and children). Most people don’t know the evil crimes blacks perpetrate against Whites, because the traitorous media works constantly to protect this criminal race.

I’m not saying to keep them from eating food they get on their own from working for a honest living (lol) or from growing crops. Just stop giving them all that free taxpayer stuff and money on a silver platter anymore. If blacks want to stand up on their own two feet, that’s entirely up to them. We merely need to say no to the spoiled brat’s never-ending race demands and see what happens.

I’m also a big animal lover and nature boy. The four-legged kind. Let’s just let Mother Nature take its natural course for the sake of the planet. Natural equilibrium is no sin. We needn’t berate ourselves forever more over this stinking race. They’ve had their chance to act civilized and they’ve blown it. Time for a little “tough love.”

Two black sisters say they were “disrespected” by a White woman driving on the road; so they follow her and when she gets out of the car, attack her with baseball bats. The White woman is lucky to be alive. This occurred just last week in Ft. Lauderdale, but it could have been anywhere.

This is now happening all the time with these criminal animals. They don’t respect us one bit and hate us Whites — liberal or not.

Yep, the black race sucks. Here they are constantly complaining about practically everything, accusing us Whites of racism every minute, murdering each other and us White people at the drop of a hat, while sucking beaucoup dineros in “entitlements” out of the taxpayers. Hell, America would be on Mars today if it wasn’t for the worthless bastards holding us back. Instead, we have to see them in all the movies promoted as the great heroes of America — the military, the now moribund space program and the always smart and brave ones in Sci-Fi movies, etc., etc. Totally ridiculous.

Blacks are indeed a worthless drain on America. I read somewhere that every single black living in the USA is a negative $750,000 net loss to country’s bottom line. That’s the cost of the black race averaged out across census numbers. Welfare, food stamps, Section 8 vouchers to pay rent, free sailphones, hospital emergency room visits, gunshot and knife wound surgeries, police and court costs, prison expenses, etc., etc., ETC. The return on investment (ROI) for the black race has been way past worse than zero.


Did you know that one out of every three black males you see out on the street has been or will be incarcerated for a crime? That’s right. Each will cost tens of thousands in court costs and bureaucracy alone. Black neighborhoods cost tens of millions of taxpayer dollars every year. Just imagine the cost of Haitian and Somalis immigrants to the US? We’re truly importing nothing but crime and debt from total Shithole countries.

I remember this big rock and roll effort called “Live Aid” back in the ’80’s to get the kiddies of the West to pony up money to save Africans in another mass starvation. They had all these rich celebrities singing in a sound studio this stupid bubblegum song, “We are the World,” and played the crap out of it 24/7 until I came seriously close to becoming unglued. I think most of the donated food ended up in the hands of African Warlords who soon shot up a bunch of our soldiers in Mogadishu, Somalia (the “Black Hawk Down” thing). These people don’t care one lick about their own. Never have.

Just let ’em all starve to death!

Excited jiggaboos drag a White dead US soldier’s body through the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia in 1993. After all the help we give to these stinking ungrateful bastards!

Africans aboard a rickety boat in the Med, trying to get to Europe. You see any women? The more we give Africa in money and food, the more they breed and overpopulate, while the excess males try to get to the West by hook and crook — further destroying our lands with rape, murder and government freebies. Think it out, will you!

Street scene in Lagos, Nigeria. There’s not a single country controlled by blacks that’s not a total overpopulated shithole. Everyone knows this is the case. The more they get from White countries, the more they breed and the more they need. They have ZERO organization and planning. Most of them just want to come here to live off Whitey — since they well know their race is utterly worthless.

Let’s get this quite straight: Blacks don’t give two flying flocks about any “Mother Nature” crap, contrary to anything idiot liberals try to say. I saw a recent phony TV commercial and it had this black guy actor supposedly doing lovely, sensitive pencil sketches of African wildlife in the field (probably really done by a White). My ass. Environmentalists and Nature lovers are always White, or Westernized Asians — who have at least brain-one.

How many times have I ever seen blacks out backpacking in the woods? A big fat ZERO. Hell, I can’t even recall ever seeing them “car camping” anywhere. Others have recognized how few blacks ever go to national parks and to explain matters, lefty morons have said such places are “inherently” racist! I have indeed read that.

Let me state unequivocally: Blacks are the most worthless race on the planet. Absolutely. The less of them alive, the better for the planet. No doubt whatsover.

When it comes to the environment, leftys should be totally on board with my suggestion to let them all starve to death.

It would only takes a few years for most of them to die off. Along with mass starvation, warfare over the scraps will kill millions — until they run out of bullets for rusty, rarely cleaned AK-47s. They’ll probably have enough steel knives and machetes to kill each other for sometime after that.

Just a few years will be all it takes. Whatever Negro survivors left will stabilize into small warring jungle tribes in five to ten years or so. In only a few years the environment would once again be on the rebound. Should any of the surviving apes resort to poaching of valued wildlife, we can employ military aerial bombardments and drone strikes against their jungle camp sites and village headquarters. They’ll soon get the message.

No more financial aid to black countries. No food or drug shipments. Cut them off completely. Bring back all medical aid workers and any aid organizations like “Doctors without borders.” Completely stop any travel to and from these filthy shitholes.

I guarantee in only a few short years a much better planet.

We should just do the same thing here. No more freebies for lazy Sheboon women sitting on their fat stinking black asses in the hood. No more Affirmative Action, either. No more free food, welfare and sailphones. No more free rent Section 8 vouchers. Explain to them if they don’t get their act together they will simply starve to death.

And if they try to march in the streets complaining about it, we’ll use extreme measures this time around. After a couple of riots where we simply blow them away with a few choice seconds of electrically-powered Gatling guns from armored personnel carriers, I promise all their demonstration BS will end. Any who harm a single hair on a White’s head, we’ll hang them by the neck until dead. Build multi-station hanging gallows in every city where we publicly execute the bastards on a weekly basis.

We can start with the ones in prison already. Think of the billions we’ll immediately save right off the bat in jail expenses.

After only a few years we’ll have plenty of savings for building a kick-ass space station and maybe even a few Arthur C. Clarke space elevators up to earth orbit where we can launch manned missions to Mars. Asteroids can be mined for rare metals. Money wasted on this race can also be earmarked for energy and anti-gravity research (sounds crazy but true). Once we get that figured out, things will be just like the Jetsons!

Meanwhile, we’ll regain our sanity and sense of personal safety. We’ll have fantastic outdoor parties and concerts without having to worry about criminal black gangs ruining things. And just imagine how beautiful our cities will once again look. Hell, we’ll just bulldoze over all their poorly maintained crummy neighborhoods and plant lushly landscaped parklands and golf courses. Or simply save money by letting Mother Nature take over again.

And all we got to do, is tell this stinking, big mouthed race to go straight to hell. They don’t appreciate one damn thing we ever do for them anyway!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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68 Responses to We Should Just Let All Negroes Starve to Death

  1. Nationalist says:

    Normally I work on Saturdays but I am now on a one week vacation. Here is what I did for the White race on that Saturday. I sent in donations to pro White organizations totaling $600 even thought I am strapped for cash – $100 to the Stormfront online forum and $500 for a lifetime membership to the Council of Conservative Citizens. This is the sort of thing all Whites should be doing, joining and financially supporting organizations that are doing their best to inform our people of the real truth unlike the lying Democrats and the cowardly Republicans. Our race is under attack 24 hours a day 7 days a week by all kinds of various forces with Negros being one of those groups but certainly not the only one. Whites who live in mostly White areas of the U.S. need to wake up, the Negro invasion is on its way and it is going to wreck havoc on all White people no matter where they may live. We don’t need to waste our time and money making Blacks rich playing a sporting event such as football or basketball (which by the way were intended originally to be White only games when they were first invented back in the 1870’s) rather we need to start acting like responsible adults and stop supporting anti-White political parties that are helping to kill off our race. I can do without Black Brainwashing, we need a more wholesome society like we once had.

  2. Gene says:

    Thanks Incog For A Sobering Post. All That Welfare & Food Stamps From LBJ And They Shoot Us With It!

    Thanks for really stating the truth instead of the way the media distorts things. Incog Man. LBJ (Jew) started them on their gravy train of welfare and food stamps and they converted some of it into weapons they shoot us with today!

    I wish the handout government would end the handouts and even the illegals wouldn’t know what to do. Why do they feel someone owes them a living?!

  3. Matt says:

    This all started 2,000 years ago. With the Jews hatred and murder of Jesus Christ, and their hatred then spread to all European countries that accepted Christ, and anyone else who had the audacity to confront the Jews in their ritual, blood libel murders and lies.

    The Jews hatred is now so intense that they want to do anything they can get white people to genocide themselves, and bring the white race down by mixing with the descendants of Ham, that are cursed to be the lowest of slaves. (Genesis 9:25)

    If white society, as the Jews want, interbreed with blacks, they will take this curse upon themselves, and their descendants forever, with no way to reverse it, and they will become a cursed people, that the Jews can easily manipulate and control, like they do the blacks now.

    You have to remember with the Jews, that they use the story of Jacob pretending to be his brother Esau, to get his father’s blessing and take his brother’s birthright, as justification for lying, fabricating, and fraudulently stealing whatever the goys own, whenever possible. (Genesis 27)

    The Jews will smile in your face, and earnestly pretend they’re there to help you, all the while planning for either your enslavement or murder. Almost everything the Jews assert is a lie, and with black people it’s all lies.

    That’s why shows like the Kardashians are on prime time, to try to influence vulnerable young girls to be mudsharks and glorifying what should be unimaginable in any God fearing white person.

    The truth is black people can’t survive in any numbers without white handouts, and thanks to the Jews, they’ve become a tremendous burden on society, sucking resources that should be used for our own people.

    Read Gedaliah Braun’s article “Abstract Thinking and Morality”, and it becomes apparent that God has cursed the black man, and that he is destined by God to be the lowest of slaves.

    Until God’s order is restored the black man will continue to be a lay about, shiftless, dull, conscienceless, with little self-control, and preying on the vulnerable. Continually causing harm to themselves and others.

    The Jews want nothing more than white people to take the black curse upon ourselves and their descents, and become a cursed people.

    • Matt says:

      Hence, the Jew Kalergi plan, tear down, and degrade the white man, raise the black man up, to interbreed and racially genocide, and destroy the white race, into a controllable enslaved brown mass.

      • Danielle says:

        Matt, I really enjoy reading your comments that I find throughout Incog Man’s amazing articles. I wish I had your biblical knowledge & am trying to work on this but having trouble getting simple questions answered. I have the King James version bible, both original and New. I was told not to use the New one. Then I started reading articles about how the bible is changing, words here & there, like “wolf” instead of “lion” and some other notable changes.
        Is it safe for me to read the original King James version?
        You are also very well-read on the Jew situation, things such as the Kalergi plan. I am familiar with all things Jew after years of extensive reading, but my biggest concern lately is reconnecting with God, just so I can try & keep my spirits up and energy level high, because we are living in dark times, unprecedented it is, really, and I need a stronger alliance with God. Thanks for any feedback, I would be most appreciate.

      • Matt says:

        Danielle, thanks for the compliment.

        I haven’t found a whole lot of the bible that has been changed, the biggest problem is that whole denominations have black parts of the bible that are never spoken of in church, while they twist scripture, to make the children of Satan, the chosen ones.

        It’s absolutely insane.

        I read the bible everyday, and try to constantly pray to God. I like biblehub.com. I type in a verse and read approx. 28 different translations of that verse. You can pick up the real jest of the verse.

        There’s power and life in the word of God, and I’m glad to see that you know the value of it. There’s a village idiot on this site, who degrades God’s word, and spits in God’s face while asserting a form of Christianity.

        Specifically, that fool Red Phil.

        Love God with all you heart, soul and mind, praise him daily, and his burden will be light, and it will be a joy to serve him.

  4. Gene says:

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    It only costs a couple dollars over $50.oo delivered to your door free by Amazon and can deliver a .177 caliber pellet at up to 780 feet per second. That’s approaching .22 velocity! A lead pellet will go at 625-650 fps but an alloy pellet will travel at up to 780 fps! That’s enough velocity to seriously injure or kill someone. That pellet is going to penetrate the skin and more, maybe the skull. That’s really smoking hot! Pistols that shoot BBs at 400 fps can hurt real bad but this thing propels a pellet which can weigh more than BBs. It has crossbolt safety and is real light and handy, actually a carbine. 3.7 pounds, 36.9 inches long.

    Just a note to help you, you should have something to defend with, even against the dog packs that are showing up here and there.

    Woman, 56, is mauled to death by a pack of stray dogs in her driveway in California



  5. Bob says:

    Here in the Lucky Country we were African nigger free until a few decades ago. Sure we had the Aborigines but they were too drunk to be a problem though now with the Jew puffing them up they are making demands. But these African niggers are something else they are savages. Hundreds will turn up at a house party and wreck the house loot it and attack the neighbors while cops watch on. They are little better than apes. One car jacked a sports car threw the lady driver out then smashed the car a few blocks away. he then mugs a child for a pushbike and crashes that. Seriously you can’t make this shit up. At Court they get a slap on the wrist. They are into home invasions and serious crime is sky rocketing but the media avoids mentioning they are niggers. They storm into Jewellery Shops with machetes on a regular basis. Only 2 nights ago 3 rolled a car one nigger was trapped under the car. They crashed into a school so all on CTV. One nigger ran off leaving his buddy screaming for help the other came back to take evidence from the car then flee. You Yanks should have warned us what would happen when we took these savages in.

    • Tony says:

      Why don’t you guys start shooting them? I’m just making a rhetorical question as I know you are disarmed Jew controlled country. So with that said what is the solution? I’ll say it over and over again…Vigilantism. When some groups of whites decide to take action and get their hands dirty only good will come out of it.

  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    Awesome post and you are going to get a lot of comments from this one. I myself have 20 different comments to make but will keep it short today. First, I have been saying for years that we are being forced to pay for our own destruction and the destruction of this once great nation into a third world shithole. And we know who is behind it. In order for the international jews worlds foremost problems jew supremacists self-proclaimed God’s “chosen” ones and isreal to become masters of the world and all of it’s resources and all gentiles either dead or slaves (no matter what color their skin) It is Necessary and Essential that ALL other great nations be reduced to rubble. The jews are not called nation-wreckers for no reason. America is no exception to the jew world order plan. We are only goyim like all the rest. Just to be used, raped, pillaged, and plundered. And our scumbag coward traitors committing treason piece of shit leaders spending our lives, blood and treasure fighting israils wars and making israil safe and building the jewish empire in the middle east at the same time telling us that we cannot use our military or even our NATIONAL GUARD to guard OUR OWN FUCKING BORDERS FROM AN INVASION is this the world turned upside down or what? We are getting real close to the point where real American Patriots WILL HAVE TO TAKE UP ARMS FROM THE DEAD MFERS THAT COME TO TAKE OURS AND TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK!!!! I meant to make a mild comment about the top artwork also Mr Incogman. It is satirical that Hitler offered up Madagascar the large island to the west to the jews to get the nation wreckers anywhere but here in Germany . The jews said no of course just like the hypocrates say no to the apefrican niggers now and kick them out of israil ship them to other countries and build walls and fences and use their jew idf on their borders. Hey niggers the jews are only pretending to like you as their stupid-ass pet nigger army to destroy white countries and then they won’t be needing you anymore and you WILL starve. Because Spanish actually work for a living and I don’t think the Spanish will be working the fields to feed you and build your free public housing and provide you niggers substance and welfare checks anymore. You don’t think jews pay your ebt cards with their own money do you? No they print fake federalmeansjewish reserve debt and defecit notes money and transfer digits so you stupid ass worthless fucking niggers will keep voting for them and 23 trillion dollars later the whole nigger race in America is 100 times worse than it was BEFORE the so-called great society got started. You fuckers put yourselves back into slavery. To the federalmeansjewish.gov. Welfare and food stamps and ebt cards free housing are NOT freedom and liberty to eat what you want and live where you want. Vote for me and I will give you a free obamaphone sailfone. Just shows you how stupid you jew pet niggers are. Work CAN set you free. Oh no I am not done yet on this thread just done for now I have some good news also.

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    An apartment in Trump tower caught on fire. What is amazing is that the whole building didn’t fall down. And what is even more amazing is that a building 3 blocks away didn’t fall down too. Trump must not have gotten that lucky larry double indemnity policy.

  8. Whitepride says:

    Yep! I agree with you Incog Man. I HATE NIGGERS! Most worthless SOB’s on this earth! I live in California and never let my guard down around the scum! I hope they all go to HELL at the end of their miserable days! Many of them are a drain on public housing, Section 8, food stamps, etc! They will never be civilized! Black bastards are worthless! And, these liberal do goodies are in for a rude awakening! Look at those two ape women with bats how they stacked the woman! They are not human and are the ugliest scum to roam this earth! Good for you Nationalust for donating to those causesI will look them up! I remember when I had a Jew therapist and social worker. I told them I did not like noggers! They made me feel bad!!!! All niggers should starve!!!

    • Tony says:

      I used to refer to adult niggers as grown-up children but that is way too kind of label. They are filthy, inferior minded, dangerous, savage, raping, murdering, thieving, stinking, dirty, pavement Apes.

      The stinking Jew must go. As the Jew goes so goes the Nigger. It’s time for us to take matters into our own hands as no Jew owned politician or leader or media personality will ever do a damn thing for white people again.

  9. Whitepride says:

    Sorry for the typos! I meant niggers!

  10. cc says:

    Yeah, it’s articles like this that explain why I visit this site. I love truth.

  11. Aitch says:

    http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net has just published a good article on the jews’ onslaught in Britain. It’s worth a read.

  12. rabbitfighter says:

    how can we make this happen?

  13. Gilbert Huntly says:

    I know Incogman likes President Trump, but we need to mention that Trump is NOT publicly condemning the white genocide currently happening in South Africa. Is he so jewified that he condones nigger rampages against our people??

    • Matt says:

      I have to tell you, we all had hope that Trump would follow God’s order, and instead he seams to be all over the board, and led about by the kikes.

      Then the next day, Trump is on a whole new page.

      James 1:8 “Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.”

      Trump is displaying what I’ve seen in life, it is a typical kike tendency when they deal with goys. An extreme emotional instability, in, that they will never hold to the deal you make with them, and the deal is always changing.

      And, it’s not like you can sue them in the kike controlled court system of America, because according to the Talmud, the Jews always win, and the goys always loose.

      At best, the Donald is listening to his kike daughter, because she is his daughter and sounds good to him. And this is why, the bible tells us the woman was deceived by the snake, and cannot teach or be in position of authority. Ivanka, will only repeat what Satan tells her to say.

  14. American born says:

    An excellent piece, Incog. Couldn’t agree more.

    The remaining niggers in Africa after the first years of a “tough stance policy” will be indistinguishable from the wildlife. They are animals and were considered to be such prior to colonization.

    They offer nothing to society.

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      Just watch the “progress” of South Africa to see what jew-instigated takeover by dumb animal niggers produces! Their ambition is the same for America.

  15. kin says:

    I don’t know who is in charge but if I even hint of black bogie bias I will get centered on every site except this one, Yahoo was so good they would not tell me but every post I made was automatically removed, no matter what I said. The blacks are a fucken drain on the United States, I even think we might be in the plus instead of the red if we had shipped them all back to Africa when Lincoln was thinking about it. But who are these miserable bastards that are protecting these black swine, when they do some hideous crime, who are the scumbags who tell the cops to go easy on the little black scumbags that beat up old woman and men because they are easy marks and because they are white. I never ever heard of one black old person being assaulted by whites ever in history. It makes me laugh when all the liberals say give them this give them that, but when the nigger is in charge as in South Africa, they murder and rape, now the nigger government is taking the whites farms and telling them they are going to kill them all. And not one country including this pussified one is saying a thing about it, not one if Russia sent a battalion and the U.S. sent a battalion down there and said go ahead proceed but don’t blame us when we protect the whites and start killing the savage dick head that they are, they say its all about the past. Its bullshit its jelousy and hate and only that, that drives these swine to murder and mayhem. The stupid whites thought oh if they get the upper hand they will give us welfare and everything we ask for just like we gave them, now you stupid jerks see how wrong you can be. And if it happens that in the future you get more brown and black people all I can promise you is a vicious death and genocide. So wise up and ask this stinking government why they are not doing a thing about the situation in South Africa

  16. kin says:

    I guess the jews told the United States that their national guard cannot guard our borders, what kind of shit is that, the Israel Army has no rules like that they shoot fucking palestainians every day for the same exact thing. And now I understand all these lame whites that are so cavalier about borders and nigger killing they have had their brain washed, rewashed, taken out and scrubbed by the jew bastards in Hollywood and Television and the schools. WE better wise up somehow, get this shit stopped NOW

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    Article II. A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    So I think we are starting a militia here. But if the jew ginzberg or the kagen or slutoftheyear axes me how many people are in my militia I will just have to say that well so far just me and my dogs Buster and Lucky. And 10 million others. Then shoot the jew bitches in the head. And then start lining up the other jewmers and frankens and steins and bergs and golds and silvers.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Why doesn’t the national rifle association just declare themselves (us) to be a well regulated militia supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic? (jews are both).

      • Tony says:

        Good point and you never know as it might actually come down to that. I would say that most NRA people will refuse to give up their guns. Most police officers have family members who are part of the NRA. It all comes down to efficient organization to play hardball against the Jews and their minions.

  18. protocolsRtrue says:

    I AM a well regulated militia jew bitch all by myself. Even if nobody is with me or they are all dead and I am the last man standing.

  19. Tony says:

    Incogman this was certainly one of your masterpieces. It’s always good to reignite the fight in fellow whites. It is truly astonishing how there is not one white country left on Earth that is only white and not integrated by muds. The biggest problem white people have with fighting Joo is the fact that most Christians are brainwashed to think of Israel as God’s chosen people. You have got to be so simple minded to not realize how ridiculous that sounds. all it takes is a little research into DNA to realize these are fake Jews with no relation to the Israelites. If Christians could condemn Jews we would have a homerun across the board. In the meantime is people like you and me and everyone else involved who are going to save the white race. Vigilantism will play a huge part.

  20. protocolsRtrue says:

    I bet the nation- wrecking, history changing, name changing fucking jews are scurrying to the courthouses to change their names now aint that right levy? Marry an Irishman to change your name and he will never see another penny of his hard earned money again not to mention what a pussy looks like.

  21. protocolsRtrue says:


    All silliness aside. I switched to one of those Sunday morning meet the jews and their stupid-ass pet niggers shows yesterday just to see what they are lying about this week. And sure enough it was Syria because Donald Trump said earlier in the week that we are going to pack our bags and declare victory over isis and go home and put troops on our own border for a fucking change. Naturally, this sent shock waves throughout our deep state jews federalmeansjewish.gov that reverberated all the way through the military industrial banking complex and the pentagram. What? We can’t leave Syria while there are still 2 bricks glued together we haven’t finished the regime change there yet. What are us jews going to do all by ourselves here and besides we haven’t even attacked Iran yet. I said a while ago that the jews are going to move on gaza and Lebanon. So Trumps jew advisors and puppetmasters said you better amend that tweet and just on cue as I knew it would came the reports of a chemical attack on innocent civilians in Syria and president Trump we must do something about it we can’t just pack our shit and go home back to our own country and wives and families and borders. Chemical attack again? Aint this shit getting old by now? The jews are so predictable in what they are going to do next once you become jew-wise.

  22. protocolsRtrue says:

    Today in History. America’s future was doomed to federalmeansjewish.gov. The tenth amendment was nullified. The day they drove old Dixie down.

    At Appomattox, Virginia, Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrenders his 28,000 troops to Union General Ulysses S. Grant, effectively ending the American Civil War. Forced to abandon the Confederate capital of Richmond, blocked from joining the surviving Confederate force in North Carolina, and harassed constantly by Union cavalry, Lee had no other option.

  23. Tom says:

    In the 1978 Oxford Press book The Genetics of the Jews, A. E. Mourant states that jews have 15 to 25 percent Negro marker genes. This is noticable in the fat lips and kinky hair of such notables as Alan Greenspan and Henry Kissinger. This is not something I dreamed up for Mr. Mourant is himself a jew.

  24. Morris Deeds says:

    Semites, Self-Pity, Aggressiveness, and Censorship, Part 2: Freedom of Meech
    by Tobias Langdon

    Pug’s paw: Mark Meechan’s hate-crime

    New Labour served Jewish interests in another very important way. Jews do not like free discussion of Jewish behaviour, racial differences and the consequences of Third-World immigration. New Labour obligingly strengthened Britain’s already harsh laws against “hate speech.” The taboo on discussing Jewish behaviour is apparent even in those who criticize New Labour’s laws. We can see this in the reaction to the conviction of a White man called Mark Meechan. In March 2018, he was “found guilty of breaching Section 127 of the 2003 U.K. Communications Act, which prohibits ‘grossly offensive, indecent, obscene, or menacing’ electronic communications.”

    How did Meechan fall foul of this New Labour law? He posted a YouTube video of his girlfriend’s pug “perform[ing] a Nazi salute when he said ‘Sieg Heil’ or ‘gas the Jews’.” This was, according to the judge, “grossly offensive” and a clear breach of the 2003 Communications Act. Prominent British comedians like Ricky Gervais and the repulsive David Baddiel (who is Jewish) have criticized the conviction and defended Meechan’s right to free speech. They say that a highly subjective test like “offensiveness” is completely wrong for comedy, which should have the freedom to break taboos and question everything. I agree with them and with the other British liberals who are saying the same thing. But I note that all of these liberals are silent on some highly relevant aspects of the case. For example, they don’t say that it was effectively a blasphemy conviction under Britain’s new state religions of Holocaustianity and minority worship.

    More below:

  25. Morris Deeds says:

    Holocaust Memorial Day (UK)
    From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core
    File:Holocaust Memorial Day logo.jpg

    Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) (27 January) is a national commemoration day in the United Kingdom dedicated to the remembrance of those who suffered in The Holocaust, under Nazi Persecution, and in subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. It was first held in January 2001 and has been on the same date every year since. The chosen date is the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp by the Soviet Union in 1945, the date also chosen for the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and some other national Holocaust Memorial Days.

    In addition to the national event, there are numerous smaller memorial events around the country organised by many different organisations, groups and individuals. Over 3,600 local commemorative activities took place in the UK for Holocaust Memorial Day 2015, marking the significant 70 year anniversary. Since 2005 Holocaust Memorial Day has been promoted and supported by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, a charity set up and funded by the UK Government. The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2016 will be ‘Don’t Stand By’. The theme will ask everyone to consider their personal responsibility not to be a bystander to persecution and genocide.


  26. Malie Mapour says:

    Great inspirational, helpful…and motivational information for “Barney” and all WARRIORS of freedom…and justice–‘ and supporters of “powerful….brother Incogman”.

    Hello Barney,

    This is Maliemapour, a fellow-warrior of justice…and supporter of “Incogman”; I am replying to your recent post above—about those evil-criminals who are using THEIRS nasty-voodoo, black-magic, witchcraft…and evoking or calling tirelessly at their “disgusting-demons” ——-to cause you HARM…

    Those demonic-criminals—who are all around us decent…and innocent individuals, are living …and visible MONSTERS who loves, enjoys, …and takes great pleasure in “waging WAR ” , so, they could feel in control, above all, …and that we are living in constantly fear before them. We should never let them feel such to us WARRIORS of JUSTICE”.

    EVIL, regardless of its forms and shapes. , can and will be defeated. GOD ALMIGHTY is above and beyond any DEMONS, ALIENS, SATAN, who is nothing, but, a DISGUSTING criminal-rapist…and liar; and for those worthless…and criminal-humans accomplices, who are first in line doing his crime-spree, cannot withstand the “MIGHTY-POWER” of “warfare-prayer”——-that we GOD’S people daily talk to “OUR HIM about.

    We can and will continue to defead …and destroy EVIL…and DEVILISH CRIMINALS out there, who heavily depend…and rely upon their voodoo, black-magic, witchcraft…and demonic bullshit to intimidating, frightening, harming, …and warring with the innocents…and those they considered “easy-prey and soft-target “.

    “THE ALMIGHTY-GOD” gives us HIS people victory, commands, superiority…and “Divine-Powers” over those devilish-scums; so, we help each other in putting forth HIS “POWERS”…and effectively ; especially against those worth less witches…who are daily warring us because they think they can, would get away with it…and that they have numbers or out there than us. More of those scums means nothing and shouldn’t feast the least—regardless of their duty voodoo-doings to HARM…us WARRIORS. They must be destroyed…and defeated ; and that we are doing. This is why it’s important that we, motivate, help, …and share with each others that which WE need to fight effectively with those dangerous…and evil criminal bullies all around us decent…and good people or individuals.

    NEVER give up…and fight power that already ours in the “LORD OUR GOD”.

    When fighting…and dealing with those demonic criminals, we must counterattack them with a “WEAPON” (S) that is above and beyond their match…and able to destroy…beyond repair… We need “Spiritual-Weapons”. And that’s the best and only weapons that satan, his aliens, demons…and humans accomplices cannot fight against…or counterattack. Overall, its beyond their reach of both defense and offense. Here is a Spiritual-weapon that has been helping hundreds of thousands in America and the world fighting every sort of demonic …and aliens forces—even crashing their UFOs all over the place. It has been helping me fighting those criminals who are using every sort of voodoo, black-magic , …and demonic crap against me. This Spiritual-Weapons is made by a Wonderful…and strong WARRIOR Lady named “Sherry Shriner”. Sherry recently gone home to be with “Her LOVING LORD…”; but, She an abundant of information on Her websites—which She’s been doing for years. It’s all there for “truth-seekers” and WARRIORS of ” THE ALMIGHTY-GOD” here on earth daily facing those devilish-criminals for battles…

    This Spiritual-Weapon” is called “Orgone” . GOD HIMSELF gives Sherry or shownd Sherry how to make this “Spiritual-Powerful-Weapon”—‘when She Herself was for years coming under heavy…and brutal attacks from those devils—daily. So, to counterattack, GOD gave Her “ORGONE”. Orgone is very simple, yet, MIGHTY. Because it has the Breath of THE ALMIGHTY-GOD AND POWER ON IT; TO EMPOWERED IT.

    Sherry’s websites are as follow: http://www.SherryShriner.com

    I would encourage that you googled search Sherry Shriner on how to make orgone ; because googling Her name would normally gives you ALL Her websites at once. But, google Her name and PURSUE with how to make Orgone in it; that will take you to a site with all instructions on how to make it—orgone yourself at home.

    After you learned how to make the orgone, put all over your home. Under your bed, fridge , computer, restrooms, outside plant them out side your yard or even apartment complexes. Then, bless..
    and protect your erears with these orgone pucks. Plant them every half or mile if you made quite many of them. That will mightily destroyed any demon entity, aliens, voodoo, witches…and all evil. Carry a puck in your pocket… all the time —when going out for protection…and DESTRUCTIONS of those DEVILISH CRIMINALS. Past it on to other WARRIORS that you know or even don’t know ; like sharing it over the internet or any social media.

    Do it immediately , so, your counterattack against those who daily want to destroy…you and other INNOCENT…people , can be placed where they belong now.

    Be blessed…and fight to win, destroy,…defead in the MIGHTY POWER OF OUR HEAVENLY -FATHER.

    in regards to “Barney’s post” in previous article at incogman.

  27. Malie Mapour says:

    It is no little thing we WARRIORS start fighting…and destroying those disgusting…and develish, worthless niggers every where; starting with those filty…and scumbag haitian -criminals. We have what it takes to be on the offense

    people ; so, take action against those demonic-pawns savages. GOD gives us the right …and authority to defend ourselves and others of our race; take it you people and start rolling. Carry baseball bat, iron batons, knives, anything to send those DISGUSTING ANIMAL niggers on a one-way-trip to hell—where they ALL BELONG —and should have been.

    The police …are NOT on your side; most of them don’t—and are only there to arrest you for doing what’s right to defend…and protect yourself and others like you; then, collect a monthly paycheck for it. Screwed you! Is what most police…and the evil…and worthless so called Government are saying about the decent…and wonderful, and GOD fearing people…white. So, it’s way over time to tell them screw…those LOSERS right back and FIGHT to destroy…and defeat them all.

    This is WAR people! Not a game. Therefore, learn to fight it as best as you all can—and definitely don’t play with it to your OWN demise. GOD’S authority…and POWERS are for those who is willing to stand and make a positive difference for HIM and for HIS people. Dying fighting if it may, is one of the greatest “Honor”. So, go at it folks. CRIMINALS take and have always taken advantage on OUR silence, indifferences,…and even our fears. So, fight and fight to protect, defend, destroy, and defead. We are scattered, but, we still have each other supports we are “GOD’S WARRIORS OF JUSTICE…” Stand up, be and DO just that.

  28. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    National Jewographic will set you straight incog, you mean ole hater guy.

    Get a load of this jew puke. It is now sitting on public school library magazine racks all across the JSA.



  29. Billy Badass says:

    What pisses me off is the nigger mantra of Say it loud…Black & Proud…
    Neglecting to say that they are so worthless that LBJ (jewboy) gave them cibil rights and food stamps and now they aree sucking on the teats of the US jewmany goverment that is taxing the white race endlessly to support the nig’s n spics in this country…. How ’bout it niggers… You DONT have ANY pride if you cant support yourself… AH had it right NO JEWS (Meaning no niggers or spics) just right… Now where is that lone wolf I keep looking and hoping to read about anonomously!????….

  30. Gene says:

    Yeah, Like This Article Says – What was the point of winning World War II? Negro Murders 95 yr. old Veteran
    A White 95 year old World War II veteran was reportedly murdered by a Black (Negro) repeat felon, it makes you wonder what the point is/was in making the sacrifice. Many people love and support our country only to have these Negro thugs waste them and ruin it for everyone.
    His Name is Albert Loehlein: White 95-Year-Old World War II Veteran Murdered by Black Repeat Felon (Whose Lawyer Argued White Privilege Was Reason for the Murder)
    Wake the hell up, people! There should not be even one instance of this and it’s going on by the dozens, hundreds, thousands of times! He reportedly beat the white World War II veteran to death with a flashlight, stole his clock and pawned it for $22.50. Some hero, picking on old folks like the Negro yard workers who murdered the 80+ year old lady in Shreveport, La. and stole her car. The old man still lived in the home where he had nursed his wife who had cancer where they raised six children. This is really heartbreaking. They pick on the oldest, most helpless, and the best.
    I tell you until this crap stops and is checked there isn’t any use in doing business as usual. Don’t go to the big outdoor concerts where Negroes are. Take your kids out of Negro infested schools and home-educate them. Drop back and drop out of Negro stuff.
    They spared him the death penalty, spared him life in prison, and dismissed a second degree murder charge also. Slap on the wrist for killing a faithful, harmless elderly man.

    • Tony says:

      How the stinking Jew sleeps at night with so much blood, filth, and wrongdoing on “its” hands is incomprehensible. They have banished empathy in exchange for deviance which knows no bounds. What makes them tick? What is this Relentless drive to destroy? Why can’t they just sit back with the riches they stole and enjoy the good life with a smile on their fucking rat face? They are driven by an evil culture that starts on the kids at s very young age. They are a miserable group indeed. They must be held accountable.

  31. Gene says:

    Stupid Apes Discriminate Against Kroger Unfairly As Kroger Loses Money – Negroes Like An ARMY OF SABOTEURS

    April 10, 2018

    Rev. Jesse Jackson says “If Kroger gonna leave us, we’re gonna leave Kroger. It’s boycott time”. Kroger is simply trying to cut their losses you know, due to Negro shoplifting and have closed two locations in majority black areas in Memphis.

    You can’t even run a business without suffering Negro discrimination, like reverse discrimination these days. Store simply trying to stay above water does the expedient thing and Negroes turn up the heat on them like Kroger hasn’t suffered enough just from the shoplifting! Really, look at this and understand what a detriment Negroes are to society. Negroes are a lose – lose proposition and with all the negativity they generate can hardly offer society anything good!!!!

    With Jesse Jackson leading them to do more meanness Negroes are truly like an ARMY OF SABOTEURS sabotaging the nation, boycotting Kroger for simply trying to remain solvent! If the people wanted Kroger to remain in the hood they should have treated Kroger better, but shoplifting is trashy behavior which someone ends up paying for.

    You’re being too hard on Kroger, Jesse! Jesse, you are really screwing up! Negro shoplifting running Kroger out of business and then attacking Kroger? You people are unjust! This is the proof, more proof that you people are unjust.

    Rev. Jesse Jackson calls for Kroger boycott in Memphis



  32. Gene says:

    Edited with “Hey reverend, the biblical equivalent of unjust is ‘FILTHY’!.” added

    Stupid Apes Discriminate Against Kroger Unfairly As Kroger Loses Money – Negroes Like An ARMY OF SABOTEURS

    April 10, 2018

    Rev. Jesse Jackson says “If Kroger gonna leave us, we’re gonna leave Kroger. It’s boycott time”. Kroger is simply trying to cut their losses you know, due to Negro shoplifting and have closed two locations in majority black areas in Memphis.

    You can’t even run a business without suffering Negro discrimination, like reverse discrimination these days. Store simply trying to stay above water does the expedient thing and Negroes turn up the heat on them like Kroger hasn’t suffered enough just from the shoplifting! Really, look at this and understand what a detriment Negroes are to society. Negroes are a lose – lose proposition and with all the negativity they generate can hardly offer society anything good!!!!

    With Jesse Jackson leading them to do more meanness Negroes are truly like an ARMY OF SABOTEURS sabotaging the nation, boycotting Kroger for simply trying to remain solvent! If the people wanted Kroger to remain in the hood they should have treated Kroger better, but shoplifting is trashy behavior which someone ends up paying for.

    You’re being too hard on Kroger, Jesse! Jesse, you are really screwing up! Negro shoplifting running Kroger out of business and then attacking Kroger? You people are unjust! This is the proof, more proof that you people are unjust. Hey reverend, the biblical equivalent of unjust is ‘FILTHY’!.

    Rev. Jesse Jackson calls for Kroger boycott in Memphis


  33. Gene says:

    There will be no jail time for Negro men involved in the brutal gang-rape of a 13-year-old girl
    The grandmother says the girl may never be able to have children.
    Two more defendants are still set to be sentenced. One of the two is a minor. There were reportedly 6 involved in the gang rape!
    Avoid Negroes at all costs! Even when they are caught our court systems often let them off. Probation for a gang rape?
    Men sentenced to probation for gang-rape of 13-year-old

  34. Gene says:

    When he found time to post the Black on White violent rage they had removed it!
    Colin Flaherty: Sistahs Swing for the Fences – Bash Head Open
    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx7bhet5cio&w=560&h=315%5D

  35. carnac123 says:

    If it were not for white people and Jews there would be no negro problem. Some whites side with Jews for money and position and do the bidding of the Jewish left. Blacks still do not have what it takes to herd masses of negroes around to do what they want so the Jews did it for them. The first head of the NAACP was a Jewish woman and she headed it for years. Blacks are feral and uncivilized. Any civilized actions from them are fake and really cannot be kept up for long. The race cannot be trusted and anything they touch goes to ghetto-livinv and wretchedness. We whites have been fooled by political correctness. Television is turning white males into little wimps of PC and Social Justice. We allow millions and billions of our taxes to help blacks in all kinds of ways,….including feeding them. We send money to these starvation events in Africa. Some whites go as far as adopting these little feral simian kids. These are the most pitiful, wannabe parents on earth. What I am getting at is that whites are helping the animals that will try and kill them later. We are feeding them and getting them stronger and one day we will literally have to fight them. That day is now. As a white person in America we must put it in our mind that anything the black will benefit from must be fought and deleted. Always vote against tax raises in general. Always be ready to calmly yet assertively stand up for white interests no matter what the negroes scream about being racists. Always doubt and be against the mainstream media. Vote white and white interests. Do not be ashamed you are white no matter what the Jews broadcast about you. Live to destroy blackness and always support white separatists or anyone else taking a white stand. It is NOT racists to fight for self-preservation. Do what you can to fight the jewish news in the US. Make it your goal to destroy fake news and fight for a white oriented network. Always be against the Jewish run Supreme Court.
    Arm yourselves. Learn how to fight and shoot. Build your confidence. We whites are the ones that will “overcome” black, criminal, racists, attacks. Learn how to shoot a ‘long gun’. Join the NRA. Make yourself into a white warrior and get ready for the war that is coming. Fight for your race, yourself and your family if need be. Quit being a pushover and a disgrace.

  36. Billy Badass says:

    Jews sleep very well knowing some of the stupid whites are on their side for money and positions… Why not? Their destructive plans for the white race is succeedeing..
    WTFU, whitey our days are numbered if there is no action or retaliation to the jews due to the degradation they have heaped upon us… If it ain’t white, it’s not right!…
    Notice how saturated the commercials are being pushed showing more nigger bucks and money hungry white ho’s in lockstep in the advertising game??? Both should be dealt with in a white manner…
    Again… AH had it right… No JEWS… no niggers n spics….
    Keep repeating this mantra…
    Maybe it will finally begin to sink in…
    Curios… Isn’t there any software available that I can buy or download for free that would enable a person…(me) to erase, or change a nigger into a whitey in the movies or u-tube vids so I can have a more enjoyable viewing and relaxing evening???I think it would make even the popcorn taste better…….

  37. Tony says:

    That sounds like a great idea for a new invention Billy. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t watch any movies or tv shows made after 2005 or so. If I see a black bastard with a white woman I immediately shut the jew “product” off. Sadly the younger generation of white kids are so soft, weak, and effeminate. PC has really done a job on suppressing the White Warrior winning Gene. The Jews will have a huge misstep like they always do. They can’t help themselves. At that point there will be a war of the races and Whites will surely win.

  38. Matt says:

    Sometimes, if you take the time and effort to reason things out, you can come up with a reasonable conclusion of where things are headed.

    The population of Africa in 1900 was 120 million, in 1800 it was 90 million, so the blacks grew by approx. 33% in a century.

    Between 1900 and 2018, Africa grew 10x times or 1,000%. What made or caused the difference, to achieve 30x the population growth from the previous century? My belief is that’s white society artificially supporting uncontrolled black growth.

    Blacks are like farm animals, that simply want to procreate, smoke crack, plunder, and eat fried chicken while drinking grape soda. Planning doesn’t exist in the black mind or living responsible.

    In the black mind, they never think like a white person, that life has gotten so ugly because of them, that you don’t want to bring a child into this life, unless, you can support them and give them a quality life.

    Blacks just don’t care, they’re the wolf of the human world, that will randomly kill the whole flock for sport, suck resources, until everything resource is gone, and they’re starving.

    The US is operating at almost maximum capacity and exports enough wheat to make 80 billion loafs of whole wheat bread a year. Even if no disaster happens, that’s still not enough.

    Even the 100-year historical growth rate isn’t an accurate representation of how fast the black are growing.
    Between 1900 and 1950 the population grew from 120 million to 229 million or 1.9x. Between 1950 and 2000, the population grew 229 million to 814 million or 3.55x.

    The population is now 1.251 billion.

    At this rate of growth in 100 years there will be 14.5 billion black in Africa, not counting other continents they’ve infected. By 2126, there will be 16.5 billion blacks in Africa.

    Black pgrowth is not sustainable, and the Jews know it, the blacks are nothing more than a temporary tool in the Jew’s plan of robbing, destroying and killing white society.

    It will never go that far, because there’s not enough resources in the world, and the world isn’t capable of producing enough to support this black plague, a swarm of black locust that strips the land everywhere they go, bringing destruction, death and misery.

    Anyone with any foresight can see it, if blacks are left unchecked, and left to run out of control, it will be a disaster of biblical proportion.

  39. Barney says:


    I wasn’t planning on coming here today (lack of time), but I don’t know where else I can post this.

    I tried to get to the Daily Stormer. Firefox announced the site “wasn’t safe” and prompted me to “create an exemption” if I wanted to continue. I did that, but then Cloudfare refused to let me in.

    Looking for any news relating to DS, I went to InfoStormer, and was scrolling through the page when my (broadband – supposedly) router cut me off.

    I rebooted the router, but it refused to connect while the “Stormer” page remained open (visible on-screen).

    I closed everything. No luck, so I had to reboot the computer. Now I’m wondering whether I’ll be able to get to any “dissident” site.

    My ISP is BT (formerly British Telecom), and I’ve never had my router “drop out” before. Similarly, Firefox has never refused to allow the DS. Perhaps everything will be ok tomorrow, or perhaps the censorship is getting serious. Perhaps I’ll be forced to use TOR for as long as that continues to work, or perhaps my ISP will be blocking that as well. Time to find out.

  40. Barney says:

    Back on topic and starting to catch up while the connection holds.

    I couldn’t agree more, IncogMan, and that “Live Aid” crap was just a complete scam that served only to make the (at that time) barely-known Geldof idiot rich and famous. Even the money that bastard didn’t appropriate for his own use was given to the (((bankers))) “to reduce that country’s fraudulent national debt”, so even the niggers it was supposed to “help” didn’t see a penny, not that they deserved it.

    If it was up to me, I’d build a wall round every non-White country. God or Nature provided everything needed for the populations of every country to survive, but feeding niggers only creates more niggers until there are so many of them that they can no longer support themselves even by eating each other (which they do anyway). Feeding “famine victims” just creates more “famine victims” because they outbreed their country’s capacity to feed them.

    Every animal, bipedal or otherwise, is ok in it’s own country where it can’t attack real Human Beings (White People), and the (((devil’s vermin))) know exactly what they’re doing in flooding our countries with dangerous wild apes.

    Send them all (niggers, muds, etc) back where they or their ancestors came from to survive or not. They’re not my responsibility.

    Send the jews back home to hell where they belong, then their pets go back to their ancestral homelands, and that includes the ones that were born (hatched?) here.

    Their home countries “won’t take them”? TOUGH! Once they’re there, they’re there. Kick them off the ‘plane or the boat and just leave. No problem.


    Half a century or so ago, anyone who needed to be taught a lesson was likely to come in contact with a fist or a baseball bat down some dark alley. What happened? Where are all the real men?

    Rochdale? Telford? Bradford? Name a town that’s infested with dangerous wild animals and you’ll find child abuse aplenty. All it would take is for some of those jungle critters to come home with black eyes, bruises, broken bones or not to make it home at all, and our daughters would be safe.

    Screw the (((politicians))) and their paid enforcers. Protecting our wives and children has always been our duty and our responsibility, so when are we going to start doing what we know to be right?

    Balaclavas and/or ski masks. Dark alleys late at night. No witnesses. No talking (so they can’t claim to recognise our voices). JUST DO IT.

    A lot of child rapists seem to “work” as taxi drivers, at least in Britain. Easy. Just ring for a taxi.


    Malie Mapour – I agree that this world could not have come into existence “by accident” as (((atheists))) would like us to believe. There had to be a Creator.

    As for orgonite, I tried it a few years back, TBs and HHGs, and I’ve still got 5 litres of resin and plenty of crystals in stock, but I wasn’t especially impressed with it. Perhaps that was the problem. Perhaps I didn’t “believe” in it enough. I don’t know.

    One thing that helped when I found myself under “black magic” attack around 2005/6 was to visualise pentagrams, but (((the enemy))) can misuse that kind of imagery, so I prefer to leave it alone nowadays.

  41. Niggers and jews are definitely missing something in their makeups in relation to what comprises a complete human being. Imagine honesty and integrity being wholly dependent on whether one is being watched and not possessing the self awareness to at least objectively realize what a piece of shit you are? Civilization obviously can’t propagate with an excess of this, it’s logic. Logic is synonymous with fact; and the fact is the continuance of our civilization and the continuance of niggers and jews in it is an incongruity. It just makes 0 logical sense. This was taken for granted by our forebears. Liberal heads may explode – great!

  42. Ama says:

    I hate all WORTHLESS NIGGERS, SPICS & LEACHES that prey upon us whites. I say LETS KILL THEM ALL !!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR awe have pissed our white country away to blacks and spics! Don’t believe me ?? Go to your local Walmart while your dumb white ass is paying for your food with cash every black and brownie will pay for buggies of their food with food stamps YOUR DUMB WHITE ASS IS PAYING FOR!!!!! Let the REVOLUTION BEGIN NOW!!!!! I am sick of it all!!!! I hate this country ,where I AM A WHITE SLAVE PAYING FOR THE COMFORT AND FOOD OF NIGGERS AND SPICS!!! WHILE I STRUGGLE TO GET BY!! FUCK AMERIKA!! This place is a turd world SHITHOLE!! OPEN YOUR EYES WHITEY!!!! RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!!! WE HAVE BEEN KIKED!! Thank you incogman! You have opened my eyes over the years. Now I am angered and ready to kill Jews , niggers, & spics!! WHITE AMERICA IS OVER NOTHING LEFT FOR OUR CHILDREN!!! HOPELESSS!!!!!HOPELESS I SAY!!!!!! Thanks incogman you are awesome!

  43. Iraj says:

    Here’s the Gab post you asked for. Re letting the niggers starve, we should do what’s done to keep feral cat colonies in check – trap, neuter, return. No more food or anything else, just forced sterilization. Cut half an ear off of each one that’s been sterilized so we don’t waste money doing them twice. No new mouths to feed, no starvation.

    Coontact: I was grocery shopping today, the store was crowded and the lineups at the cash were long. There were several loudmouthed she-apes behind me in the line, loudly niggerbabbling at each other and their phones.

    One ooked in a loud voice: “Yo maings, us peepo a color deezerb betta dan dis, weez always bein’ up-pressed yo. Like habin’ ta stan’ in dis heer line behine deez fuggin’ crackas yo. Deez crackas always gits whut day want!!”

    I turned to the boon and said “Really? Funny how I’m White and according to you, I always get what I want. If I got what I wanted, I’d be at the front of the line, and your racist ass would be back in Africa where you wouldn’t have crackas like me to blame for all of your troubles.”

    Nigger shut up, while several other people in the line applauded.

  44. Goylem says:

    If his was a true scenario, it was most likely a DHS neighborhood spy team harassing anti-zio white nationalists. Some teams controlled by a local ju commissar provoke confrontation that follows arrest and jail time, but most stalking harassment is designed to allow for execution of the targeted subject during heated argument or fight.

  45. Barney says:

    No “reply” option on Danielle’s post about bible changes, so I’ll have to put it here in the hope that she’ll see it.

    I believe it was in the late 1960s or early 70s that the “New English Translation” came out, and I was immediately aware that the meaning of certain quotes had been changed.

    For example, something like “I tell you to do that not”, meaning don’t do it, becomes “I do not tell you to do that”, which suggests that it’s optional, and ok if you do, whereas the original version forbids it.

    These are not exact quotes, but my words, quoting from memory, but it shows how the meaning was changed from “Don’t do it” to “I don’t mind if you do”.

    That was enough for me. I’ve never bothered to read the changed version. I don’t put a lot of faith in “that book” anyway, but any time I do, it has to be the KJV, and not the latest version.

    My “Bible” really is “written in God’s own handwriting” in that the “Natural world” is undeniably the work of the creator, so I prefer to be guided by “Nature” than put my faith in any man-made book.

    I’m not saying people shouldn’t follow the bible. We all have to decide for ourselves. If the book contradicts reality though, that’s when the real work (not “word”) of God has to take precedence.

    Just my opinion. Believe what makes sense to you. The important thing is to believe in something or you make yourself vulnerable to the evil one.

  46. The Truth Is says:

    Now is that nice?

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