Backstabbers Now “Appropriating” Our White History

By Phillip Marlowe

White people: You got to listen to me. Oh, I know some of you might think I’m nothing but a racist Nazi boy and all that jazz. But this is serious. The stinking bastards are now out to destroy our history and rich White heritage. And right before our eyes, too!

OK, I get it. You don’t want to turn all Hitler and crap. Sure. But did you ever expect your own race to get openly written away, slowly perhaps, but surely?

They know they can get away with it. They’ve worked to brainwash us with “diversity” BS for decades. Like trained parrots, they can’t talk for a minute on TV without saying “diversity is what makes us so great.” Total BS. America was founded by great White people, Christian Europeans. Yep, Christians. The Founding Fathers were not “pantheistic” but simply trying to keep foreign religious powers out of our America dealy. We can see the DC Zionists in the thrall of Israel have now completely ignored all that.

Now I’m just a regular guy. Certainly no deep thinker or great writer. But I can put two-and-two together to see where all this is going. We absolutely don’t deserve this crap. Us Whites have done great things — our inventions alone are magnificent. Our efforts to help the non-Whites of other countries is readily apparent. Billions are simply alive right now because of all we’ve done. If you think it out just a bit, you too will be totally pissed over the nerve of these dirty backstabbing creeps.

If you’ve visited my site before (you’re lucky to even see me) then you know this whole thing really burns my ass. I can’t tell you how infuriated it makes me.

Something like 419,000 Americans died in WWII. Virtually all White Gentiles (including Catholic Hispanics or Spanish Whites). Contrary to how they make it out on TV, only a few Jews ever really served — and then mostly in the rear with the gear, or as pampered officers telling us Whites what to do. Maybe 400 Jews died in the front lines in all of WW II. Only 53 Jews died out over 6,000 Americans in both Afghanistan and Iraq to bring down Saddam Hussein — Israel’s designated Hitler man at that moment.

Sure, we might have had to go to war with the militaristic monkey men after Pearl Harbor, but the fix was in to get us to first attack the biggest boogieman ever of the Jews — Adolf Hitler. Hell, the tiresome bastards are still going on and on and on about Nazis this, Nazi that to this day. They never shut up, do they?

That’s why I call Jews “backstabbers” so much on my site. After all the BS us Whites have gone through over Nazis, the Kaiser and the Civil War, here we are being openly trashed left and right by the White haters. In fact, it was us Whites who ended the damn slavery business in the first place!

Ever since the Chicago Jew power nexus put Obama in office, Jews everywhere have been putting blacks into TV and movies at a furious rate. You most likely noticed all the blacks and mulattos now in TV commercials. They are now everywhere. Also, notice how all the idiots in commercials are White men. They have to have a foil of some sort, and it’s now perfectly safe to trash us White guys.

Ad agencies are directed by Jew-controlled ad agency council groups and economic organizations, and they get threatened with losing membership and legal support. They certainly ordered their members to ramp up “diversity” quotas. I can’t go into exact details but I personally saw them do this to a somewhat lessor degree when Billy Bob Clinton was elected.

I’m positive they ramped all this up after Obama was elected. You can now see blacks in commercials left and right, plus they feel free to put in White women alongside black men as the significant other. The uptick was quite noticeable in the last few years.

You will also notice mulattos or half breeds are now especially valuable commodities for the brainwashers. It satisfies the diversity mantra while also quietly promoting our babes to mate with blacks. If you think that’s BS, then you’re just plain stupid.

Jews now furiously “Niggerizing” up our countries before we wake up:

These backstabbing Jews have planned all this for decades. This has been a multi-generation agenda, without a doubt. They knew they had to do it slowly and quietly so the majority of us wouldn’t wake up and come after them with pitchforks and torches — as they believe us White “Goyim” are so prone to do.

Now they are in the end stages before it becomes all too obvious to even the most braindead among us. Chances are, they have a major geopolitical event in store to distract us further.

Once they have us completely castrated, then our history will get even more “niggerized” and Whites portrayed as completely evil. Hell, it’s practically that way now.

If you’re a White liberal who has read this far, I implore you to re-evaluate matters. Hey, I know I’m a bit of a SOB. But putting a voice to stopping this doesn’t make you a Nazi. That’s how they’ve done it — scare Whites with “PC” so they don’t speak out. Very insidious plan by these filthy backstabbers.

They also want to eliminate worship of Jesus Christ. Nothing pisses off the Chosen Ones more than Jesus. Expect a “one size fits all” JEW-nitarian version of Christianity mandated by the NWO Jew-controlled government, with Jesus first turned into a mere prophet on the likes of Buddha after “newly discovered documents are uncovered by researchers at the Vatican.”

Eventually, open worship of Jesus will be completely outlawed on pain of death. That’s exactly what the commie Jews have always wanted. They came close to this in Russia.

Think that’s crazy? You can already see them putting all these ideas out there. Watch carefully the documentaries they run and the movies they produce with big Hollywood Jew buckage — like those Tom Hanks “Da Vinci Code” movies.

These stinking Jews are now destroying our White lands and even our race itself. From immigration of Turd Worlders to promoting faggotry and tranny crap to our children. Radical feminism has so screwed up our relationships it’s sickening. You can see the Jew’s evil doings everywhere.

Had enough of these rats, White people? You will.


Role of French national hero Joan of Arc could soon be played by a Muslim woman

A complete historical inaccuracy as Joan of Arc fought for France’s freedom, was born in a Catholic family and was canonised as a Roman Catholic saint.

Joan of Arc was obviously white; she was born to Jacques d’Arc and Isabelle Romée, a peasant, Roman Catholic, family, at Domrémy in North-East France.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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38 Responses to Backstabbers Now “Appropriating” Our White History

  1. Tony says:

    At first the Jews slowly subverted us through incrementalism. When Obama got into office, they sped up there process of subversion tenfold. Within eight years of his presidency they got us White people to accept homosexual marriage, some perverted verbiage called LGBT, black lives matter, white privilege, black appropriation of white movies, insane amount of white women with black men propaganda, total breakdown of college campuses in to Saul Alinsky institutions, etc etc.

    Just like Ozzy Osbourne sang….. I’m going off the rails on a CRAZY TRAIN!

  2. S O G says:

    they couldnt put blacks with whites in ww1. …blacks had a high redistance to authority and a high level of anti white racism ..
    they couldnt be trusted not to commit breaches of orders and group attacks against whites which is why they could not put blacks and whites together on military bases …there is dtill documented infer about niggers committing armed revolts and coming into white areas and just shooting at any whites …i think people were concerned about turning their backs on blacks …
    blacks inventing things is another load of crap …out of the total list of things ceated or invented who so ya 5ink did all that. ..nignogz say whitee stole blues and jaZz rfom the nogs ..
    jazz was. way to use already established white music professionlly without having to pay patent somgwriting royalties …
    and groids did not invent the guitar as anyone should be able ro guess ..
    nor did they invent electricity of hydroelectric dames and generarors that only sync to 60cycles per second in th grid ….amplifier nigger created it or developed it ..
    blues was already in chord timing and formational progression realy alowed down western folk rythym ..
    guitar picks ..nahhmost realy good black blues players use thier thumb ..
    guitar strings …yah i bet the subsaharan 50 iq moerlok invented those to .

    shit i wonder who invented fried green tumaduhs ….
    lately all they are inventing is riots and halfit mullatos and syphylis and gononiggerhea..
    oh wait i think they invented the cultural enriching mob aatacks and drive by shootups.
    yeah and th sideways grip cus th whole world must look sideways to a stupid nikker..
    i remember whn they complained about a liker store anda gun shop on every corner. in the hood and it was whiteys plan ro hurt nogs .

    i mean have tou. ever seen a white run store in the hood …last Bout one robbery although koreans are stupid enuff to run stores in niggerville ..
    take drug dealing ..only blacks could livelongenoughtosell sopeon ablack infested hood..
    so niggers lives dont matterto blacks in reality ..cus they be shootin. each other
    like rats and sellin deugs to all their homeez…
    black cleopatra …lol…we know who she was in reality ..let the jew have his cleoblaktra ..only morons would watxh any kike rubbish on the telavi-zion anyway …
    uthe thing we need to be currently aware of is the stepped up attempts at gun elomination aint Bout. control or. anyrhing but complete elimination thru incrementalism ..50 of the 100 commie senators are jew gun elimination pundits and pro murder of every nation 5at doesnt instantly bow before jewish supremecism

  3. Morris Deeds says:

    Dr. Mankow sums up all 5 terrifically
    First Comment from Marcos

    There is no doubt that the Internet had the unintended effect of waking up many people, especially the young, to the nefarious agenda of the elites. 80% of generation Z kids position themselves as conservatives. What’s the elite’s answer to this threat? Distraction.

    1) Jordan Peterson tells kids that all will be well as long as they focus on personal development, career and masculinity, like there is no system out there that will destroy any man who does that. Don’t pay attention to the elite’s agenda! Clean your room and all will be fine.

    2) Others have been brainwashed to look for former-KGB tyrant Putin as the hope of conservatism. Putin will fix the world and teach the West a lesson. They neglect the fact that Moscow, a corrupt state, pays billions for propaganda for RT Today, Russian Insider, Intercept, fake social media accounts working from St Petersburg and supports bloody dictators in Venezuela and Cuba.

    3) The more supernaturally inclined are told by scammers like “Cobra” and David Wilkinson that ETs from Pleaides are about to save the Earth in what they call a cosmic “event”. The Illuminati will be destroyed and the planet will evolve. Just relax and meditate.

    4) Trump’s supporters are now immersed in the Q Anon craze. Notwithstanding the fact that Trump betrays his voters more every day, they say that a huge conservative revolution and cleaning of the Deep State is just around the corner. My hunch is that Q is a Mossad operation meant to calm down and neuter any conservative resistance. Just trust Trump and do nothing.

    5) Fake American Christians, actually Judaizers in disguise, tell Christians to relax and wait for a Jewish world government, distorting both the words of Jesus and also the Old Testament. They forget to say that there will be an Antichrist and horrible judgement first, and that, even though Jerusalem will indeed be the seat of government in the Millenium, Jesus Christ will be seating on the throne, a situation that will not be pleasant for Chabad Lubavitchers and Cabalists watching from hell.
    People can smell that something is wrong, and sometimes, thanks to sites like this one, even understand what is rotten. What matters to the elite is that they bump heads into each other and do nothing.

  4. Morris Deeds says:

    AP Tries To Cover Up Clinton Links To Sex Cult
    Patrick Howley –
    May 7, 2018×630.jpg

    The Associated Press is running a full-court press to block any reporting on the associations between Bill and Hillary Clinton and NXIVM, the sex cult that sees its leaders Keith Raniere and Allison Mack standing trial for sex trafficking.

    At a recent court hearing, former Smallville star Allison Mack avoided eye contact with fellow defendant Keith Raniere, the manipulative cult leader who allegedly had Mack and other women under his spell during his years of unencumbered alleged sex crimes. Mack’s possible plea deal could lead to incarceration for Raniere — who is being held without bail — and could collapse the entire house of cards around NXIVM that involves the Clintons and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

    More below:

  5. ICU says:

    Juncker, head of The European Commission…The E U…made things crystal clear last Friday.
    He attended the 200 year anniversary celebration of Karl Marx’s birthday.
    The stinking effluvia of jew Communism is now openly celebrated in ZOG Western Europe; and The European Union scum don’t care who knows it.
    Let that sink in…through thick skull bone and tough brain tissue.

    Now, it’s as plain as the nose on your face what the jews, and their bought off stooges, in Brussels, the rest of Western Europe, North America and Australia are all about.
    There’s a world war going on…and so far we are losing.
    It’s long past time for us to counter attack.
    The head must be cut off of The Snake.
    Awake and Arise.
    Time for Saxons to start hating.
    No Prisoners
    No Mercy
    Victory or Death.

  6. Joe Btfsplk says:

    [semi off topic]
    Some “free” network TV: ELEMENTARY, CBS series about Sherlock Holmes

    One must turn off ad blocker for this to work. First aired 5/7- may not always be available, so look now. Watson is now Oriental female- of course. No credit given to Conan Doyle.

    This episode [“you’ve ruled put God”] is heavily about White Nationalism and how rotten we are. We want to kill all non-Whites. Christian Identity is mentioned. We are terrorists. If above link fails, do your own search- CBS, ELEMENTARY. once you get to the site look for the May 7 episode.

  7. J.R. says:

    This just in at Breitbart…
    Reed College Students Demand Removal of White Authors from Humanities Course…

  8. cc says:

    A muslim sandnigger playing Joan D’Arc? That is just wrong on every level, maybe something you’d see on mars but not here on Earth! Mullattos on diaper boxes? Fucking gag me! No nigger/spick/kike/mudslime stick to your own kind and stop trying to appropriate our history, our women, our lands and nation!
    “Oh say can you see”! Old Glory will be fought over, blood will flow, in the end the parasites will be purged, you’ll look around and see smiling White faces/families and Christ’s banner will flap high on the hill.

  9. Tom says:



    Truth lies halfway between credulity and prejudice.

    The purpose of the American system of education is to produce citizens useful to the state – Plato. Thus it falls into propaganda at best remaining little more than blatant indoctrination. However, with the application of subtle force it becomes a form of brain washing. The force is one of peer pressure and ‘political correctness’ and benefits are bestowed upon those demonstrating that their basic convictions and attitudes have been destroyed and replaced with beliefs which further the political objectives of the state. Thus, it appears quite self-evident that our government schools are directed towards establishing a population with closed minds immutable to any wind of truth. Thus, the bed is made for a people possessing every foul attribute of bigotry and it’s not difficult to establish this fact.

  10. Tom says:



    The young student can easily verify that his school is in the business of brain washing and not there for the purpose of creating “the enquiring mind.” Although much of what passes for chemistry, mathematics and physics does not easily lend itself to questioning, the whole field of social studies and government does. Music, like art is a matter of techniques exercised under the cloak of apprenticeship.

    I went to one of those hot air “problem solving” sessions directed at improving what cannot be improved – inner city ‘education’. Outside of being ‘gassed’ it nonetheless provided a few chuckles when the Ph.D. belched that “diversity was strength.” My wee mind was buzzing with questions. “If we are all equal, then where does the diversity come from?” “Is a steel beam strong because it is made up of diverse elements?”

    Out of respect for the woman I was with, I kept my big mouth closed but it was readily apparent that this joker was either a brain washed bigot or a hypocrite. One cannot win any debates with this sort of being since he marches to a Marxist drum.

  11. DICARLO says:

    Unfortunately, this article, and all articles and comments by the faithful here, are way too deep for normies to digest. In fact, getting them to read any of it, let alone think about it, is virtually impossible. And besides, what they don’t know won’t hurt them. They all know that. Besides, they’re fmuch to busy. They’re all over at the latest Trump rally supporting their favorite buffoon, and then it’s off to the niggerball game to cheer on their replacements ….

  12. Billy Badass says:

    Voting in my area came and went… and as usual stupid assed whitey’s voted for more taxes to the cities to feed n breed more welfare niggers. Hey white people you are voting to end your race and history… Seems niggers dont wanna or cant seem to realize their welfare payments and almost everything else they get is FROM WHITEY… not the democratic jew controlled goverment… Hey annals/animals the goverment PRODUCES NOTHING/NADA !!!! WTFU and thank whitey for your undeserving survival!!!!
    AH was right… no jews!

  13. Philadelphian says:

    This is the time of Jacob’s trouble. The actual tribes of Israel were scattered into Europe and Iran [ Remember Cyrus the Mede?] by the Assyrians. Europeans are all mixed with Israel that’s why the jews, composed of Ashenazi Khazar proselytes from Europe, and Sephardic Berber converts from north Africa, are running DNA tests to find where they are among white nations. This war is about and between Adamic humanity, specificly scattered real Israel of God and the son’s of the Serpent, the Devil which means evil adversary, and has been going on since the Garden Of Eden.
    It’s nearly over, everything is upside down here, as the forces of Darkness are driven out of heaven, Adamic humanity is losing here. The cherub left in charge of the earth to keep Adam from approaching the tree of life, and all it’s children are about to be deposed by Wrath of God, the Darkness, not the Light who will snatch those born from above and are awake out of this mess in the twinkling of an eye, as the Darkness falls upon Great Babylon in the greatest collage of natural disasters ever since men were on the earth. In one hour everything on earth will change.

  14. Matt says:


    I’m European and not Israel. My last analysis said I was 100% northern European. No kike or Israel blood in me, thank God.

    I do happen to believe the Bible is the word of God.

    Read Ezekiel 23. Specifically Ezekiel 23:10 in referring to the 10 tribes Israel. It says God had the Assyrians strip her naked and killed her. They are DEAD!!!

    That was 722 BC. There are no 10 tribes living in Europe and they’re never heard from again in the bible. Ditch the Jewish fables.

    • Red Pill says:

      Where Are the “Lost 10 Tribes” Today?

      Where did the northern 10 tribes of Israel go after their Assyrian captivity? They became known to historians as the “lost 10 tribes.” What happened to them, and how do they fit in with the present peoples of the state of Israel?

      • Morris Deeds says:

        Red Pill is NOT an American!

      • Tom says:

        The “Lost 10 Tribes” are not lost. They have been and still are in the desert looking for the coin that Moses lost and spent 30 years looking for.

      • J.R. says:

        the ten northern tribes of israel that were taken captive by the Assyrians were never lost.

        Judahites, Benjamites, and Levites came back to Jerusalem from the 70 year captivity in Babylon…

        Asherites were at Jerusalem at the time of Christ…

        the thousands of first Christians in the biblical book of the Acts were all true tribal israelis and true tribal israelis are already converting in increasing numbers to Jesus Christ as israel’s messiah in the land of israel, as a lead up to the mass conversion of twelve thousand out of each of the 12 tribes in the land of israel, after the rapture and as a lead up to and during the apocalypse….

      • Matt says:


        Let me explain why you’re wrong.

        I have to give you some credit for at least trying to back up your position with scripture.

        Did you read Ezekiel 23? How do you explain verse 10 where it says Israel was killed?

        You cite Ezra 1:5 where the Levites came back from the 70 year captivity in Babylon with the tribes of Benjamin and Judah.

        The tribe of Levite had no land, they were priest, and they were spread throughout all of the tribes and lived in cities, and ministered in the temples. Both in Israel and Judah.

        Deuteronomy 10:9,
        “That is why the Levites have no share or inheritance among their fellow Israelites; the LORD is their inheritance, as the LORD your God told them”

        The Levites never received a portion of land. The Levites that were in Israel perished along with the other tribes, the Levites in Judah lived.

        Then you cite Luke 2:36, about Anna from the tribe of Asher. I’m sure some small amount escaped or fled the Assyrian invasion. That doesn’t prove that the 10 tribes weren’t killed.

        Then you cite Rev. 7:5. The whole book of Revelations is types and figures. When Revelations talks about a fiery red horse whose rider took away the peace of men, you don’t take that literally do you?

        Romans 9:6-8,
        6 Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel:
        7 Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children: but, In Isaac shall thy seed be called.
        8 That is, They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed.

        JR, read and understand these verses.

        It says, not that God’s word has taken NONE EFFECT. Meaning the promises were made to the spiritual Israel, not the (((Children of Satan.)))

        For example: So when the Jews say God has not sent then a messiah, it’s because a messiah was never coming to the physical Israel. God did send a messiah, as promised and foretold, and Jesus Christ is that messiah, and he came to the spiritual Israel, the children of the promise, as Isaac was.

        Having eyes, but not seeing, and ears, but not hearing.

      • JimB says:

        Red Pill, J.R., Matt…

        No offense, but when will you people ever learn the truth that Christianity IS A WHOLE-Y (not holy) SEMITIC RELIGION, created by Jews (and yes, I know that the word ‘jew’ itself wasn’t used as a descriptive term for ‘hebrews’ or ‘israel’ back then, but that makes no difference), derived from their tribal race-religion of ‘judaism’ as a means to ensnare the superstitious ‘goy’?! JUDAEO-CHRISTIANITY, OR ANY FORM OF IT, IS ALIEN TO WHITE PEOPLE!!!

        You can argue about this or that genealogy or patriarch until you’re blue in the face… but you are arguing over a collection of SEMITIC legends, spooks and “heroes”!

        And spare me the talk about how Christianity “built Western civilization”, please. Western civilization happened IN SPITE of Christianity, though I do admit that much in the way of Western architecture, art and law were influenced by it. But, had we Whites never succumbed to that ridiculous collection of mostly plagiarized jew-poison, we’d have STILL built our civilization, and it would have in all probability been even MORE strong, just and beautiful.

        I’m sorry, but White people need to stop being so mind-locked when it comes to (((the Good book))). Broaden your horizons! Study Cosmotheism.

  15. Morris Deeds says:×361.jpg

    You can’t make this stuff up: Netanyahu, the problem child in the Middle East, has told Vladimir Putin that Iran has vowed to annihilate six million Jews! If you think that Netanyahu would never come up with something so dumb, then you are underestimating Netanyahu’s fantastical imagination. This is his exact word:
    “There is a country in the Middle East, Iran, which calls for the destruction of another 6 million Jews.”[1]

    The Dark & Delusional World of Benjamin Netanyahu:
    No one with an ounce of brain cells knocking together would invent such a stupid statement. The simple fact is that outside of Israel, Iran has the largest Jewish population in the Middle East. Moreover, “Jews feel safer in Iran than in US & EU despite Tel Aviv-Tehran tensions.”[2] And they have been there for centuries! How does Iran plan to annihilate those people? Who is Netanyahu really fooling this time? his finest puppet (Donald Trump)?
    When Netanyahu made similar statements back in 2015, Iranian officials responded by saying: “It is truly, truly regrettable that bigotry gets to the point of making allegations against an entire nation which has saved Jews three times in its history…”[3]

    What do Iranian Jews have to say about Benjamin Netanyahu himself? Do they regard him as their representative? Or they see him as their leader? Or do they view him as another Israeli demagogue? Ciamak Morsadegh, an elected Iranian parliamentarian who happens to be Jewish, declared:
    “Benjamin Netanyahu and the anti-Semites need each other: they supply each other with what they need – intolerance and hatred. The fact is, Iran is a place where Jews feel secure and we are happy to be here. We are proud to be Iranian. I know this doesn’t follow the Zionist script, but this is the reality. No one forces the Jews to stay here.

    “The Israelis offer money to Jewish people to emigrate to Israel, but we choose to stay. My view is that the actions of Netanyahu and his government, the way they behave towards the Palestinians, cause problems for Jews everywhere. I am not the only one holding these views. Am I not allowed to say it because I am a Jew?”[4]
    Mr. Bibi, we have a situation here. If Iranian Jews are largely happy and do not feel threatened, how can you say that Iranian officials are seeking to destroy at least six million Jews? Where did you get that figure?

    Here again and again we see that Netanyahu is either crazy or is following a diabolical script. Avner Cohen has said in the past that Netanyahu is sometimes “crazy.”[5] Former Shin Bet director Yuval Diskin declared that Netanyahu makes “decisions from messianic feelings.”[6]

    No matter how you cut it, Netanyahu lacks the moral and political backbone to be a head of a state. If the Jewish community in Iran even approves a nuclear deal,[7] then how can Netanyahu really say that Iran has “a ruthless commitment to murder Jews”? This is one reason why Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein calls him “a maniac.”

    • ICU says:

      Potato Head Netanyahu isn’t qualified to be a dog catcher.
      The creep used to sell cheap furniture in New Jersey.
      That warmonger Likudnik installed as Head Jewboy of Jewey Jewland only got to where he is because his older brother died in the raid on Entebbe; and Potato Head milked that like a cow, for votes.
      Now he gets to puppet Pres. Arty McDealguy and have Clowngress grovel on their knees, the collective scum bastids.
      Both of the Super jews went to Cheltenham High School in suburban Philadelphia.
      Cheltenham, apart from the niggers that live there, is as jewed as Parkland, Florida.
      Abington, right next door to Cheltenham, is also smeared with niggers; but; has somewhat fewer jews as residents.
      Tactical Nukes would help clean up Philly’s jewed and nigged suburbs.
      For Israel, I recommend multiple 20 Megaton Airbursts…
      over Tel Aviv and Dimona first.
      That would be nice.

  16. J.R. says:

    great take on michelle obama in the feature image of this post… obongo and michelle still parading themselves as the ‘heroes and saviors’ of humanity is being allowed by God, just to prove how stupid and unfit to lead they always really were and why blacks should never rule white folk, especially at the helm of decent white Christian America, again..

    same with the loser Hillary… she’s left to wander around the show like an old whore who’s no longer fit for hire… singing many songs but not convincing anyone to have anything more to do with what she really is, but cant see or doesn’t want to admit to herself… bit like the Stormy Daniels scenario…

    Hillary and the harlot of old Tyre…

    Hillary in better days, singing for her hire… what she is today doesn’t bear thinking about…

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    The jewlywood movie sequel you will NEVER see. jewlywoods next epic holocaust fiction movie. Sheisters List part II. Starring Louis Farrakhan as Adolf Hitler and Bouncy as Eva Braun.

  18. Jeff B. says:

    Blacks now are completely convinced that blacks ‘built america,’ blacks ‘invented’ everything & then whites came along & ‘stole’ it all from them. You try to ask them to stop & think for a minute, “So why don’t you see any blacks inventing & building anything right now or for the last 50 years?”

    They never have an answer. Next time a black tells you that blacks ‘built america’ simply tell them photography was invented in 1839 so there should be thousands of photographs of these mythical blacks ‘building america.’ Where are all the pictures? And then when you point out the only thing blacks invented where phony black inventors & link them to countless sources debunking all black inventors & naming the actual white inventors of each item, you’re just told that’s just all ‘white men’s lies.’ The fact that blacks are insanely stupid on average makes any hope of convincing them of anything, let alone history pretty much hopeless.

  19. S O G says:

    fuck real jews or fake jews ..who were they really when abraham did this or that ..its all fuckin dogggmuh. ..
    12 tribes was really 14 but oy vaay who cares …
    why such a distinction ..the 10 tribes had recently been divorced by the other 2 ..benjie and juduh …the 2 tribes still practicining mosaic levitical bondage were moved to separate then
    m selves from the idolotrous licentious misbegotten 10 tribes and moved south to the suburbz..
    the reason they had aaronites and levites in tow was to facilitate the protocols of the temple functions..alledgedly …assyria came and got the 10 sscheister tribes and did what with them ..
    think they did it for no reason ..these demons probably controlled liquor prostitution and slavery sales …ahh yes dont forget loan shsrking and cheating..
    the very reason coins have ribbed surfaces on the outer rim surface was directly cus of jews …they used to scrape precious metal coins on the outside etc …
    the rim ribbing was for anti thievery ..this sctionwas veritably viewed as anti semite ..
    what happened in assyria didny stay in assyria…the 10 tribes wandered off in 10 different directions probably ..many went to china ..the tribe o dan went to greece and netherlands or legend has it ..
    also the legends of glastonbury is iinteresting if you lean toward israelites having been caucasions …if they were still pure then there wouldnt bee 20-30 dna groups in the global jewry stable …and some main mixed groups loke ashkaanazi and khazaar etc blah syplyrdic …
    it is well written that the lower 2 other benjiies and jewdas tribes were taken for what reason …it was in the nayborhood 570 ish bc …..before christ …or now bce ..before common era ..
    king nebuchadnigger got tired of the kiekz and kitterally ejected them ..go figure …must not have been a poditive experience for his kingdum …meanwhile some of the 10 tribe plods wound over to babbilon..b b b b bbbabylon…and many jews who wernt called jews back then made thier parasitic inroad and assimilation among the host nations around all middleeast ….hell you already had cornwall and the tinmines being worked by israelite tribes mems ..jesus uncle was a shipping industry magnate …he made trips to englands cornwall tin mines to pick up raw materils ..ships have been around and navigaring for millenias ..navigating …the art of navigation was passed fromfather to son among the jewish elite ..the fare
    eastern india trading company et al etc was jewish ..even the restocking stations at the cape of africa in the earliest of days was all jew controlled ..jews would even release false maps and altered nav equipment from time to time to throw off competitirs ..this where christo columbustein comes into play as well ..he navigated and was responsible for earliest movemnt of slaves to and fro …jews had settled in sierra leone in the 1600’s ..they got there by ship ..the lost ones ..they got into escalated slave trade and opiumand prostituionand liquor etc etc loan sharking gambling …brothels ..this is where the alleged black jews came from ..blsck ho bags servicing the kike elite in sierra leone ..
    i beeeez a nukka eeezruhhlite n shhheyit …lofl. laughing out fuvkin lowwd ..
    the whole jew thing is a big fucking parasitical demonic sick prank on mankind ..
    they have exalted themselves above god and have stated that god does thier will ..
    its time to prayand beg god to completely exterminate all jews ..and gentile jew acolytes ..officionados ..
    jews are no more than plain pld complicated middleastern blood combinations and self proclaimed gods …but racially they sre mongreals lowerthan gentile races ..
    isreal will be wiped off the face of the earth by china abd russia for their racist arrogance and demonic bestial monstrous crimes against humanity …
    i say good fucking riddance ..may hard bitten peonage come upon them as calamity suddenly and may mushroom clouds arise over israels major cities ..or go green and use atmospheric pressure shit ..whatever ..
    never has israels monstrous criminal insanity been more transparent with their successionof brutal colonializtion of the middle east and using the united slave states to fight for yheses sssholes ..
    any war we let our children go into at this time would be idiotic ..every war we fightfor these demons makes the usa closer to its date with real ziobolshevism ..
    its not rocket science ..we are the quarry yet we are hopelessly disorganized so we pose no threat in real time ..but they want us dead just like those 80 million russions and 20 million germans ,,

  20. J.R. says:

    the true tribal israelis aren’t going away SOG, any more than Jesus of the tribe of Judah and the boat of Noah (the father of the Semites) have ever just disappeared… and even though the Israelis have understandably been the leading “satan” or adversary of fallen humanity, since they betrayed and murdered God’s righteous Son Jesus Christ back in AD… “BCE” is the jews way of further removing Christ from history…

    SOG says…

    “the art of navigation was passed fromfather to son among the jewish elite ..the fare
    eastern india trading company et al etc was jewish ..even the restocking stations at the cape of africa in the earliest of days was all jew controlled ..jews would even release false maps and altered nav equipment from time to time to throw off competitirs ..this where christo columbustein comes into play as well ..”

    Lets see now… the Semite patriarch Noah’s boat (300 cubits long, fifty wide, and thirty high according to the biblical record and definitely able to float) is evidently still encased in ice about two-thirds of the way up the north face of Mount Ararat in Turkey today…
    it’s exposed from time to time, depending on the climate and various groups have located the remains of it… Czarist White Russian soldiers evidently had photographs of it that were confiscated by the Bolsheviks …they’d walked up and down inside of it…

    some of it broke off relatively recently and slid into a crevasse… the precision tooled substructure of the ark is well preserved in the ice, especially since the wood was coated in “pitch” or bitumen according to the record…
    are we to believe that the sons of men could create the Great Pyramid out of precision tooled 6 ton limestone and 40 ton granite blocks after the Noachian flood, but Noah couldn’t build a precision tooled wooden boat that would float and accommodate two by two of every “unclean” and seven by two of every “clean” creature that God wanted on board at the time?…

    the genetics of humanity have obviously fallen away, not improved, since the Adam was in Eden (a region in Iraq today), so Noah would’ve been smarter than the pyramid builders and there’s reason to believe that there weren’t all the sub-species to get onto the ark back circa 2350 BC ,when it was loaded..

    also, the Bible says all the animals had a different disposition back then… there were no meat eaters before the flood and no fear of man in animals for example… so that made controlling them easier, especially since animals even today gather together and stand still in a corner of a paddock when there’s about to be a catastrophe as if they have some sort of intuition of God and when it rains… quite apart from what else the creator of them could have done with them, to facilitate the operation on the day…

    no apologies, nothing in the Bible ts a “whale of a tale”… tens of thousands of the best scientists ever to grace the planet have defended the biblical narrative verbatim and still do so today in the best colleges and universities…
    whales have swallowed whalers and then vomited them out alive, just as one vomited up Jonah so he could preach at Nineveh about the impending doom… most of the lies and cuss words that come from the spirit of fallen humanity are in some way slinging off at something biblical (the word “shit” used a lot on this site is sacrilegiously referencing the biblical shittim wood of the ark of the covenant for example) because the spirit of a man is demonic, unless he’s born again …

  21. Matt says:


    You’re living in a false Zio-Christian fantasy if you think the kikes are going to escape God’s judgment and the damnation of hell.

    God had Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed, God had the Canaanites destroyed, God had the 10 tribes of Israel destroyed, and many more, but now, you think these Christ killing kikes will be raised up to heaven, after murdering God’s son, and killing tens of millions of his disciples. Perverting ever order God has put into place.

    You’re an absolute nut. Just like all the false prophets, who prophesy good, when destruction is on it’s way. You’re spreading lies and deceit.

    Rev. 17:
    16 The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire.
    17 For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to hand over to the beast their royal authority, until God’s words are fulfilled.

    Until “God’s words are fulfilled”. Much has been written in God’s word about the Jew’s destruction.

  22. Barney says:

    I’ve got nothing against religion. We all believe something, and it’s natural to want to discuss our beliefs, religious and otherwise. I don’t have a problem with that.

    Where I do have a problem is when bible-thumpers hijack the comments section of a site that isn’t primarily religious in nature.

    We once had someone called “James the Just” who tried to turn IncogMan’s comments section into his personal pulpit, insisting he alone had all the answers and anyone who disagreed in any way (or who tried to stay on-topic) was wrong and deserved eternal torture in a fiery hell.

    That’s not Christianity as I understand it. Christianity is supposed to be about Love, whereas he was preaching hatred for everybody who didn’t blindly accept his own version of “christianity” (as distinct from Christianity).

    It’s not for me to decide who says what and on which sites, and we all like to express our beliefs from time to time, including me, but I’d personally like to see these “I’m right, you’re wrong” pointless discussions conducted on primarily religious sites, leaving the rest of us to stay on-topic and concentrate on the problem as it exists NOW, rather than argue endlessly over what may or may not have happened thousands of years ago.

    • Matt says:


      Once you start your site you can give me the boot if I post on it, as almost all other websites have, but for now, Incogman owns the site, and it’s up to him not you.

      Christianity is loving God more than anything, that means doing his written will. God’s love isn’t condoning a twisted and perverse love that accepts homosexuality, bestiality, whatever, or lawlessness, as perverts try tell to us.

      Jesus said I didn’t come bring peace, he came to bring a sword.

      The problem America, Europe, and unwed pregnant women have is wanting to much love and peace, or accepting anyone and everything. There’s a time to say no, and stand for God and your people.

      I can see your philosophy of no ones is right is working great across the pond on cuck island.

      • Barney says:

        Matt – I actually agree with most of your points, and as I said, I don’t have the right to say who and what is allowed. Where I think it goes too far is when IncogMan’s original article disappears under a mountain of off-topic discussion, whether it’s religion or anything else.

      • Matt says:


        I know we agree about a lot. I read you post and I think you have a lot good stuff to say. Yes, I do get off topic.

    • Karen says:

      Barney, you’re a wise man.

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