How White Guilt Is Killing Our Race

By Phillip Marlowe

While ruminating on this topic, there was this one scene in a movie that kept springing to mind, but I couldn’t remember the title. I saw it a few years ago starring Aidan Quinn, this White actor guy who women seemed to dig a lot. It was called “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” and I finally found it after looking up Quinn’s movie work.

The movie was but another example of the ongoing White Guilt campaign, instigated by the stinking Jews to turn us Whites on the path to racial genocide. Just another Hollywood brainwashing movie on how us evil Whitey treated non-Whites way back during the 19th century. We’ve seen ever increasing such movies in the last few years.

Christian White America at the time really just didn’t know what to do about Indians on the course of forging this great country — especially after so many Whites fell victim to their crazed scalping over the years. But you really can’t have a civilization with roads, trains and fancy shopping malls while others are out there living the wild life. Hippie communes, maybe.

And it’s not like I didn’t appreciate the Indian’s woodland dealy. Oh man, did I. When I was a kid, I read the book “The Light in the Forest” and wanted be an Indian. Hell, men had it damn good in Indian tribes. All they ever did was hunt and fish all day while going around half naked, occasionally tripping out on peyote and howling at the moon. Most had multiple wives, too, who did all the cooking and real labor back in camp. It was fantastic — for us guys, at least. Women should love White guy civilization — big time.

Anyway, the character Quinn portrayed in the White Guilt movie is US Senator Henry Dawes, who set up government programs to help the Indians become farmers instead of free range savages. One of his favorite Indian success stories is this young guy (Charles Eastman, played by Adam Beach) who gets all bollixed up about his warlike Sioux tribe knuckling under White civilization and crap. He comes out of a meeting with government honchos in Washington, DC depressed about it, so he gives his big mentor bud, Dawes, a ration of hell for what Whitey had done to his peeps.

Quinn/Dawes stands there looking stabbed in the back after all his hard work helping these people out and ending the US-Indian conflict peaceably. The look on his face is confusion and guilt — us Whiteys really are so terrible!

There’s something else in the equation. There are some things in life where you only get two different directions. Like Capitalism versus Communism. As I’ve said: The thing with 19th century America was the formation of modern civilization versus living the savage life of nature — which necessarily means a whole lot of things that would preclude me writing this and you even reading it today. Look around bozos: We would be living like Niggers in Somalia without the White race.

Sure, there’s gray areas. Like in quantum physics, there’s always gray areas. But you can only have changing gray areas for so long before things get seriously screwy.

Now, I’m not saying us Whiteys have been perfect little angels and crap. Sure, we massacred a few injuns back then, without a doubt. They massacred us (oh yes they did) and tortured quite a few White Christian Europeans. Hell, torture was one of the few nightly entertainments Indian tribes had (other Indians, too). One of the first White guys off the boat at Jamestown got his ass tortured to death by Big Chief Powhatan or one of his minions.

What I’m trying to lead up to, is that us Whites are letting ourselves get screwed over. Big time. They are people out there who hate us and get CARTE BLANCHE in the media, while we’re just sitting around twiddling our thumbs (American lingo for sitting on our asses) while they get away with saying and doing anything — including educating our kids with White guilt and turning them faggot.

General George Crook, badass Injun Fighter respected by the Injuns.

There’s this quote by a real badass General during the Indian wars that has big connotations for what they are doing to us Whites these days. Let me see if I can find it. Ah, George Crook, the Gray Fox, famed Indian Fighter. Read it carefully and think!

“…to polish a diamond, there is nothing like it’s own dust. It’s the same with these fellows. Nothing breaks them up like turning their own people against them…It’s not merely a question of catching them better with Indians, but of a broader and more enduring aim — their disintegration.”

That’s exactly what the Mofos have been doing to us: Disintegrating our race — but gradually and quietly by using mass media to brainwash us, so we suddenly won’t get all riled up before it’s too late. Crook also said:

When once an Indian sees that his food is secure, he does not care what the chief or any one else says.

Which you can say about a lot of Whites today, too, sorry to say.

Watch this video about the situation. And yes, the play “To Kill a Mockingbird” writer, Aaron Sorkin and producer Scott Rudin shown at the start are Jews!

White people fully deserve to speak out in our race’s defense.

The White-haters realize what they are doing. Yes, indeed they do. This is why you got them trying to get us to believe there isn’t any White race to begin with. Totally insane, I know.

They also work to intimidate us with social taboos they’ve promulgated over the years (the PC crap) so we keep our mouths shut — even among ourselves. It’s worked pretty well for them for decades. But now it’s reached the end. White Guilt efforts have panned out because of the Internet, plus (I believe) it’s reached peak saturation point. The boomerang is about to spring!

In desperation they are trying to get us arrested for speaking out. Already, they are working to ruin the lives of any racially awakened Whites.

When I went to Charlottesville on the second day of the Alt-Right meet-up in support of the Robert E. Lee statue, I remember seeing this guy in his white suit and revolutionary war tri-cornered hat. I saw him right around the time he was maced by the traitorous police and can vouch he was doing nothing at all violent. This is such a crying shame.

Did you hear the story about that guy, Andrew Dodson, who went to Charlottesville to march in solidarity with his brethren? Some Jewy-looking creep named Logan James Smith doxxed him in the national media-promoted twitter account “Yes You’re a Racist” and a Jew journalist, Jacob Rosenberg, put his face in his local Arkansas paper like he was some sort of evil criminal. He lost his job and friends. I read the other day he committed suicide because of it.

Already they are arresting Whites in Great Britain, Germany and Sweden for saying the least thing negative about immigration, Muslim terrorism, holocaust denial and other races on the Internet and in public. Hell, you get Trump calling the murderous street gang MS-13 “animals” and the damned liberals go haywire! The media even blatantly lied by dropping out the MS-13 part to make people think he said immigrants in general.

You can see how they now feel free to openly discriminate against Whites everywhere in the media. White guys are always the butt of jokes in TV commercials. Like that Allstate commercial they’ve been running the heck out of lately where the wife says to the White husband at the fridge “we got money back on our car insurance this year, too bad your gym membership doesn’t do that, too” and pokes him in the flab. He meekly replies “hilarious.”

They have to have someone to laugh about in certain plot lines, so they use White guys. They already got all of us White people too scared to say crap about anything these days.

The husband in that Allstate commercial should have said “shut your fat face, bitch.” Either way, the creeps behind all this White destruction, win. Hell, they are now brainwashing idiot White parents to believe children as young as three years-old should get to choose their own sex — kids not even yet in school!

Folks: We’re now living in White-hating, Jew-created CLOWNWORLD these days.

Yep, us Whites need to start raising Cain. Serious, biblical level Cain.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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59 Responses to How White Guilt Is Killing Our Race

  1. Tony says:

    This article touches down on the most important topic. In all seriousness, every other problem is secondary to this one. If we fix this one, everything else can easily fall into place. White men need to regain their balls and take back this fucking country from the goddamn Jew bastard. White men in powerful positions could easily decide to break the chains of white guilt and start going on the attack but for some reason they are completely cucked. That reason being Jewish shekels in their bank accounts. This movement is going to eminate from People Like Us!

    • cc says:

      “White men in powerfull positions” Yea al those CEO bastards showing Americans how to cave in to nigger demands that their horrific actions be grounds for reward not punishment. You can’t trust the Cuked to stand up for white/real values they are so jewed up everything is upside down in their eyes! “Yes massah I is praying to the moon god” “here take my wife and rape her, see I already put duck tape on my mouth”!

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      You can start by REFUSING to use “cash cards” and any electronic currency exchange that you’re able. I see many adds for cards “better then cash”, which lure fat, stupid, lazy people to acquire. When everything you do is automated, your whole life is at the mercy of the administrators. Wake up! Use cash! Demand cash! The cryptos are the favored weapon of the Jew usurpers and other commie ilk!

      Eleven million square feet of retail space has CLOSED in the last year because fat, lazy Americans have gone “online” to do all their shopping.
      When you have nowhere to go but “online”, whomever decides your access decides your fate!

      The traps are baited by CONVENIENCE. Be wary of it, and deny it whenever you can.

  2. dick fuld says:

    jew speak with forked tongue.

  3. Whitepride says:

    Yep! I live in Commiefornia where as a white woman, I am a minority! Spics, nigs, Indians, and Muslims have brought this state to its knees! It is going to take a revolution! I explained to a white liberal that we need to help the niggers! BS! They will never be civilized! Ready,aim, fire! I do not have White guilt! Too many whites have been brainwashed!

    • Chuck U Farley says:

      Agreed! It was Sephardic yids that brought these apes to the western hemsiphere.
      With the king white libtard Jerry Brown (shit for brains) in the governers seat; it will only get worse. You would be hard pressed to find any white man with a pair of balls to defend your honor.

    • Joe Btfsplk says:

      “Spics, nigs, Indians, and Muslims. . .”

      Not to be rude, but I give F- for that answer, as it omits the real culpritz. . .

      (((. . . . . .)))

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      America wasn’t always as stupid as we are now. On course for national suicide. Like the Titanic going full speed ahead toward the iceberg ( of course it has a berg on the end of it all it does is get in the way and fuck shit up and cause problems) It wasn’t until the word federal turned into federalmeansjewish and they went from limited to out-of-fucking control on federalmeansjewish reserve debt and deficit notes and digits did the laws change to make being born in America white and heterosexual a crime. We can thank the nation-wrecking international jews worlds foremost problems for that too. Today in History:

  4. Gene says:

    What Happened To An Eye For An Eye?!

    When some miscreant JIG harms one of your brothers or sisters of the White race they should immediately suffer retribution so go in numbers and gang up from now on. When you’re alone you’re an easier mark.

    If some a JIG kills someone you know the JIG should be killed immediately or he is going to get let off in court. It has to be instant justice from now on folks.

    As you know CO2 guns are also good for preventing dogbite.
    There is now a brief rundown on 3 CO2 pistols, including test results of shots through steel cans. All three pistols have their good points at:

    and there is a special section on the FULL METAL Umarex Makarov CO2 pistol with eleven photos of it, including the colorful attractive presentation case at:

    Always be able to get to real firearms from now on!

    Happy shooting!

  5. J.R. says:

    i don’t think anything like the majority of decent White guys will just keep on taking what’s being slung at them by the jews’ media and the liberal snowflake left … one day soon they’ll just snap and go full on ballistic against everything they really deep down hate, especially once the jew orchestrated wars of the apocalypse begin…they’ve only ever superficially acknowledged and submitted to the BS of it all anyway; and most decent White males certainly don’t wear their heart on their shirt sleeves… never have…

    just today, i was subcontracting on another new home build and this big, ciggy smokin’ White guy i hadn’t met before was knocking up a wooden deck out the back; and when he turned around to get on with the job, on the back of his cap i read: “let the battle begin”…

  6. J.R. says:

    …”it’s not like I didn’t appreciate the Indian’s woodland dealy. Oh man, did I. When I was a kid, I read the book “The Light in the Forest” and wanted be an Indian. Hell, men had it damn good in Indian tribes. All they ever did was hunt and fish all day while going around half naked, occasionally tripping out on peyote and howling at the moon. Most had multiple wives, too, who did all the cooking and real labor back in camp. It was fantastic — for us guys, at least.” …

    not sure if this is what incog had in mind when he wrote that… could be the Aussie version of it though…
    someone said his alter ego is being played by “Jimmy” in the vid… just joking…lol..

    …”Charles Wooley travels to the rainforests of northern New South Wales to meet a tribe of young Australians who call themselves ‘The Ferals’, because like feral animals they’d turned wild after escaping from captivity….”

  7. Tom says:

    This is why it’s imperative to quarantine your mind from the “entertainment industrial complex” a jew/mason/jesuit corporation.
    I have No guilt.
    I feel No guilt.
    So screw all the trannies in the entertainment industrial complex.

    • Gene says:

      I Agree, Tom

      I don’t even watch tv. It is too confining. It confines you to their way of thinking. If I did watch it I’d watch old movies of yesteryear like ‘The Uninvited’ with Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey, and Gail Russell. Now there’s a good ghost tale for you.

      The whole entertainment industry is built around worshiping Negroes and Jews. It’s pathetic. I’d rather go out and take some target practice. If not my real guns, then CO2 guns.

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  9. Mandela, just call me, Nellie. says:

    Why are you so, afraid to open your mouths? I have been running it since, the 60’s. Your fear is in your own minds. College, jobs, family gatherings, I say what I want to say. The reason, I can do it, is, because I tell the, Truth. But, you have to know the truth. You need to research your subject. The strong do as they will, the weak do as they must.
    This is a current example of shattering, a person’s P.C. belief. I know a woman that loves Nelson Mandela. I am sending her, information on Nelson. Nelson gave the highest South African civilian award to Muammar Qaddafi, Mad Dog of the Middle East, in 1997. Qaddafi was Mandela’s last official state guest, when he was president in 1999. I have a picture, nothing, says it like a Kodak moment, of those two savages, smiling, and holding hands together, raised in the air. Then a picture of Nelson with another murder, Fidel Castro, smiling and hugging each other, like a mixed race, gay couple.
    Mandela was the co-founder of Spear of the Nation. They were the ANC, African National Congress’, terrorist wing. They used a bombing campaign in Pretoria, Durban, Johannesburg etc., that killed and maimed innocent people. Of course, being none to smart, the Spear of the Nation, started to plant landmines on roads. Cars would drive by and the mines, exploded. They started to kill people. Slight problem, the majority of cars driving by, were blacks. KaBoom. They were killing their own niggers. Wildlife named Mafundo, Shiba, Sekeglaga, and Oluwa, all dead. Jane Goodall must have cried.

    Winnie Mandela, Nelson’s ex wife, was another killer, the “Mother of South Africa,” or as others called her, the “Mugger or Murder of South Africa,” was sent to prison for 2 years, theft and fraud. The Mandela United Football Club, they rarely played a game, held sham trials in Her Backyard, in Soweto. I have been there, dump. A little chimp, a police informer, named Stompie, you know where I am going with this, was brought to her house and she stabbed him, twice. Then, her chief bodyguard, tortured him for three days. He finished little Stomp off, with hedge clippers. Ouch. He stated, at his trial, “I wanted to make sure he was dead.” Good thinking, bro. They found little Stompie’s, stomped up body, a short distance from Winnie’s house. The residents of Soweto, living in fear, eventually burned her house down.

    I could go on forever, and I do. Guys, research your subject, know the facts. Then turn it on them. What do you think of Usama Bin Laden? The aforementioned women, I know, replies, “I hate him, he is a killer and a terrorist. You should not take innocent human life.” Well, well, well, let me tell you about Nelson and Winnie. I will wipe that Lee Harvey Oswald smirk, right off her face.

  10. Gene says:

    The U.K. Has Turned Into A Piece Of $hit

    Free speech advocate, Tommy Robinson, who challenged the defendants of sex abuse outside the courthouse was arrested for “incitement” and “breach of the peace”. In other words, anything the authorities are having trouble with like the pedophiles and all the pedophilia done by government they need to hide it so they make it him who is causing the trouble! In other words, in England they have a law or statute to arrest nearly anyone for anything!

    The U.K., a real piece of $hit now!

  11. Gene says:

    Tommy Robinson Arrested (May 25, 2018)

    This whole system of the U.K. – U.S. empire is set for a big fall. Good, honest, decent people being led off in handcuffs everywhere. Do not go where you could be arrested. Just stay locked and loaded. That’s it from now on!


  12. Gene says:

    Your Only Option Is To Shoot The MotherF##kers

    If you haven’t done anything wrong your only option is to shoot the bastards when they come for you. If you take out about three or four of them they’ll know they made a mistake. That’s what an ex- F.B.I. man told me. He was threatened for quitting the F.B.I. back in 1978-79 but he said the F.B.I. was so crooked he just couldn’t do it anymore.

    He said if you get three or four they’ll know they made a mistake, but if you let them get away with arresting you or invading you they’ll just keep on doing it to anyone. Many of the warrants that have been issued for people are completely without merit and therefore fraudulent. I think Randy Quaid was an example. They had warrants signed by either nonexistent people or unauthorized people.

    The buck stops here.

    • Gene says:

      He kept a 10 gauge shotgun loaded with bicycle steel ball bearings behind the door. You can manufacture more lethal ammunition than commercially sold. Steel ball bearings coated with Teflon spray will go through anything – even bullet proof vests. Anyone trying to get past that 10 gauge is going to be severely perforated – dead.

    • Joe Btfsplk says:

      The bucks stop there.

    • Daniel says:

      Illegal to be white with a gun, voice, religion, wife. SHOOT THE BASTARDS WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU , GUNS, RELIGION. OR DIE A SLOW VIOLENT DEATH AS THEY WISH FOR YOU.

      • Daniel says:

        They seem to be hiring only jew, liberals, niggers, and firing, and retiring conservative Christian cops these days to a fast pace. When the democRATS take it back they plan on arresting as many whites as possible and especially ones who speak up to say it is wrong. BOTTOM LINE, the police are becoming white peoples number one enemies. TAKE IT TO THE STREETS AND DIE, FIGHT IN THE NAME OF GOD/CHRIST AND LIKE A MAN OR DIE A TORTURES DEATH BY NON-WHITES.

      • Daniel says:

        I never thought that one day I would have to shoot and kill my fellow man trying to kill, take away my religion, rights. But once we as a white populace shoot the son’s of bitches that are enemies of God/bible/whites, in general when they come knocking or attacking you. If they see we are pussies they will come in faster and harder. They will see a trend, and copycatters WILL follow. Athiest’s, no matter you are not christian. YOU ARE WHITE, THEREFORE WRONG AND RACIST FOR SKIN TONE. Whites need to set aside differences and come together. They are noticing a dwindling white race and a majority non-white influx. And like the vermin they are will take advantage and go for the all out genocide kill.

  13. Gene says:

    Tommy Robinson Sent to Prison

    If this report is true they wasted no time in sending Tommy Robinson off to prison! Rush to judgement!


  14. Gene says:

    Ex British Police Officer Makes Formal Complaint To West Yorkshire Police Over Tommy Robinson Arrest – System Deals Severe Justice When Pedos Exposed

    I have no White guilt period!!!

    This Ex British Police Officer says she made a formal complaint to the West Yorkshire Police over the Tommy Robinson arrest. When a good, decent man attempts to free the young women slaves of a muslim or moslem, the government immediately hand down severe justice! You can see government involvement and culpability behind the arrest of Tommy Robinson! If it was some other matter he probably would not have been arrested, but because he was exposing pedophiles he bit the dust. The corruption in the U.K. is unparalleled. This should serve as some proof that U.K. government is running protection for the pedophiles.

    Reaction to Tommy Robinson’s arrest [Ex British Police Officer]


    • Joe Btfsplk says:

      What does scripture say about challenging government? A big no-no.

      “All governments are created by God. . .”

      That’s like saying that all politicians are created by God, or that all cops are created by God, or that all laws are created by God. . .Challenging King Jorge [Whore-Hey] was ungodly and un-Christian. . .

      German philosopher Hegel [Hey-Gull] asserted: “The State is closet to the Divine on Earth.” I wonder how much he was paid to write that. . .I wonder how much I’m being paid to write this. . .

      • cc says:

        I can honestly state you were paid a big fat ziltch you fool. I think God abandoned politics when the EU was formed. Satan zipped in to see his nitch and it’s ALL BEEN DOWNHILL since the 90″s. Thank God for Trump, our nation would have gone from a landslide to an absolute avalanche if not for him, ICE, CPB, ie, the people he’s putting on the ground. The wall needs to happen! After that we can weed the garden that is now a total mess.

      • J.R. says:

        “the powers that be are ordained of God”… not because God has necessarily endorsed either the good or the evil of them, but because he’s always above them and the righteous arbitrator of the bigger picture out there, which will culminate in the reign of his righteous Son Jesus Christ, when all of the failed politics committed to fallen humanity for a few dispensations have had their day.

        so, like Joe says, you can’t kick against them with impunity … but you can (temporarily) change them, because they also seem to reflect what most of the people under them had as a moral condition and what their general attitude toward God was, when they were put in place.

        so, thank God for Trump and thank decent Americans also, because there were obviously still enough of them to stop the slide down into what Obama and Hillary had in mind…and he’s still seriously underrated, even by those who voted for him, IMO.
        a lefty lie about the real Donald J. Trump usually gets half way around the world in the jews’ media, before truth gets its boots on to pursue it…
        will spygate be the nail in the Democrats’ coffin and the game changer to bring an ‘autocratic’ Trump into his second term? … a lot of his most heavily judaized and stupid enemies seem to think so, so i guess that that’s something to seriously think about…

      • Daniel says:



  15. Morris Deeds says:

    @ ICM

    Remember The Alamo, Red Pill!

    You’d might have added Davy Crockett, whom fought many wealthy salve
    owners in the South, many Jews too , for Native American rights, and land for
    them to remain on!

    David “Davy” Crockett (August 17, 1786 – March 6, 1836) was a 19th-century American folk hero, frontiersman, soldier, and politician. He is commonly referred to in popular culture by the epithet “King of the Wild Frontier”. He represented Tennessee in the U.S. House of Representatives and served in the Texas Revolution.

    Crockett grew up in East Tennessee, where he gained a reputation for hunting and storytelling. He was made a colonel in the militia of Lawrence County, Tennessee and was elected to the Tennessee state legislature in 1821. In 1827, he was elected to the U.S. Congress where he vehemently opposed many of the policies of President Andrew Jackson, especially the Indian Removal Act. Crockett’s opposition to Jackson’s policies led to his defeat in the 1831 elections. He was re-elected in 1833, then narrowly lost in 1835, prompting his angry departure to Texas (then the Mexican state of Tejas) shortly thereafter. In early 1836, he took part in the Texas Revolution and was killed at the Battle of the Alamo in March.

    Crockett became famous during his lifetime for larger-than-life exploits popularized by stage plays and almanacs. After his death, he continued to be credited with acts of mythical proportion. These led in the 20th century to television and movie portrayals, and he became one of the best-known American folk heroes.[1][2]

  16. Matt says:

    I personally feel no white guilt whatsoever, and neither do I believe any American should.

    Americans as a whole have abandoned God’s word, and the simply minded are being run around and deceived by the Jews.

    God’s word in Genesis 9 states that blacks should be the lowest of slaves, and that the territories, and property of the white man may be extended.

    As God’s word as decreed, the white man has extended his territories into America.

  17. S O G says:

    hey joe btfsplk i think she knows that already so save your cross talk for someting worthwhile ..
    there are alot of enemies of whites ..its tiring to name every one of them all the time ..
    so if i say our enemies or if someone says our enemies they mean jews and all otheres ..if someone forgets one of the miscreant groups it doesnt mean its time to harass someone about it …or you could just stay on article topic or keep the stupid commentary to yourself next time …capische ..
    or are you trying to make your target feel guilt over some non point of nonce .
    we all play nice here ..ive been here for nigh onto 8 or more years ..dint always post as SOG …..
    yes incoglandites dont forget to always mention the filthy jew rat bastard mother fuckers as they are the global menace , the human shaped termites ,the toxic human devils ..
    under free speech i can say it anyway i want and if i forget to mention or include something here the others know mean to add but “forgot”. ….
    television has turned into a full fledged cuck and bull kike side show …
    i always remember how hitler sent goebbels to berlin as gauleiter ….to clean out the bolshevic communist jewish immorality ,drugs ,live sex shows in theaters and all other communist jew infil toxins from german humanity ..thats when shitkikes really flew off the reservation and left germany to hollywood ,illegally immigrating to palestine and to jew york and also checkos to a city bought up by germany to house rich jews ..and the havaara agreement …fatal altruism at best on germanies part ..there should have been lethal judgement passed on jewish revolutionaries in russia after the failed 1905 coup ..and in germany at the time of hitlers succesful chanceller bid in 1933 there were 8 million germanic personel registered as communists because of incessant jewish propaganda and deception about the true nature of communism …comintern russia was trying to annex all of europe especially germany and was able to afteramerican gollum army and british stains bombed germany back to the stone age ,,,,,see exulantenhell ..
    hitler banned communism and career criiminals who eere such as a result of the jewish legal system and favoritism towards jews ..such a deal oy vey ..
    germany being undivided now and still in the hands of east german communist dynasty jews like merkel is telling ..but the incessant non stop jewish vulturism and propaganda have created a nation of white guilt instead of whitepride or german pride …shitkikery is afraid of germany so they flood it with sidewalk zombie shitters and other worthless useless ignorant regressive moron moon cult turds ….
    i am surprised how long it took in such short time to completely jewify united kingdom and europe as well as south america and doont forget amerika and the rest of the world ..its shovking and disturbing that we are totally controlled now by neanderthals ..

  18. S O G says:

    yeah gene thats good info..
    i was pondering the whole warrant thing a while back ..
    every warrant issued from the beginning of time is constutionallt technically void and illeagal te wars te usa has fought outside conus …
    the constitute is very explicitly concise about warrants and conducting wars in other countries ..
    and so then the jew political majority body has been neo conning their way around for so long they think they can infringe on our sacred dedicated right to posess firearms ..
    some assholes are now running for political office on the anti gun ticket …
    it got real bad real fast the anti gun rhetoric with the neo bolshvik jews in charge here ..
    anyone running on an infringement of any constitutional right is a traitor and guily kf perverting the constitution ..treason ..

    • Gene says:

      If You Think It’s Bad Now Wait Until You See A Gunless Society! You Won’t Get Justice In Any Court

      As you see what the left is doing now you can stop to think what it would be like in a gunless society. All the phony crap and programs will be stuffed right down our throats if they collect up the guns. Right now they don’t generally do Americans quite as badly as they did Tommy Robinson, but if the guns are removed they will steamroll right over people. They know better than to try that if people are armed.

      Yes, as for warrants, when they get in out for someone real bad, like Randy Quaid, you can see them really reaching. The warrant(s) he had for hotel skips may have some validity to them, but some of those concerning his property were apparently totally fraudulent.

      I’ve learned that the legal so-called justice system will do you any way they can get away with. Lawyer Gerry Spence said in his disappointment that he had not tried one case where the prosecution did not use something basically illegal.

      If I told you what they did to me when I was in jail you just absolutely would not believe it. They violated just about every right I had. I don’t give a F**k about the system. Stay where you cannot have cuffs put on you and it’s better to die honorably than to go squat in one of their unlawful, unjust police court jails. I can tell you I’ve real Common Law books and you simply are not going to get justice in any court.

      Bail out of stuff that requires lots of your free time for all the community $hit and let some other sucker do it. Give that time toward prepping for yourself and your future.

  19. C. Harrison-Smith says:

    1. They’re not Jews, they’re Khazars. The 2012 John Hopkins University DNA Analysis of the Jewish Race, conducted by an Israeli Jew, concluded that most of them are Khazars. This is the second world wide study of its kind to reach the same conclusion. So please stop calling them Jews.
    2. What did you expect to see as the “Times of the Gentiles (Whites) was fulfilled”, i.e. brought to an end?(Luke 21) What does the end of Gentile supremacy look like to you?
    3. Guilt, like the emotion of stress from economic depravity or physical torture and abuse, causes the body’s immune system to be suppressed and can lead to many illnesses. If Whites are not informed of ancient history and how malevolent ETs, altered their DNA, posed as White humans to commit atrocities and convinced real Whites humans to support their actions, then Whites will be overcome with guilt once full disclosure of ET involvement in our planet occurs.
    4. The separation of the Wheat from the Tares will not occur along lines of “color” but “spirit”. Those who care about color cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus had feet of burnt brass (Rev. 1:15). Those who say that they are Jews are not (Rev. 2:9, Rev. 3:9)

    • Daniel says:


      American/European Christian whites=Gods covenant chosen ADAM RACE! For this is the REAL reason why they want us in the guidelines as Christ was.

      Middle east israel= Not of ANY importance after Christs DEATH ON CALVARY!

      America= THE NEW ” KINGDOM OF GOD/HEAVEN after America= the mystery Babylon is destroyed ( up in smoke in one hour…REVALTION)

      Read this link to understand what the satanic children of satan=judaism/liberal Esau’s/Edomites plan is for the very very near future. PREPARE NOW. SAVE A WEAPON OR TWO AND AMMO. Bury them, tell the enemies ( cops, courts/system ) your guns fell into the lake on a fishing trip. USE YOUR NOGGINS! THEY WILL COME FOR WHITES ( Christians first=mark of the beast to serve liberal/judaism anti-christ rotten games= you go STRAIGHT TO HELL after judgement!


  20. Tell the Truth, Speak no Lies says:

    Good article, thanks.

    I’ve written some stuff about Rosenberg, available here.

  21. J.R. says:

    yes, some of the jews would have to be the fake jews of the biblical “synagogue of Satan”, but the middle Eastern tribal israelis, mainly in the state of israel today, are not among them…
    many of the fake jews of the synagogue of Satan, “who say they are jews and are not, but do lie”, have doubtless been predominantly of Caucasian/khazar ethnicity… mere converts to the religion of judaism, earlier predominantly from Eastern Europe and later mainly of Caucasian extraction from Western Europe… and those with ancestors who’d converted to judaism for mere pecuniary advantage or who’d had the spirit of judas who’d sold the Lord for thirty pieces of silver, appear to be the ones with pronounced hooked/rodent noses, a rodent slope to the forehead, and beady rodent-like eyes, which they’ve evidently received as a judgment from God who pays people who hate him back to their faces…

    a fake jew can actually be any Gentile who has converted to judaism in at least one sense of the word “Jew”; and some of the jews in the biblical synagogue of Satan are doubtless Edomites, who are said to be a nation in the international jewry, even by jews today.

    Yes, White folk were evidently the original Adamic race… and yes, there has been “ET” infiltration of that race of fallen humanity… before the flood in the days of Noah, some of the angels who were extra-terrestrial with their habitation in heaven came down and fornicated with the daughters of men; and the offspring of the larger (probably Seraphic) spirits among them were evidently the giants of the earth mentioned in the book of Genesis and later encountered, when the true tribal israelis came into the land of Canaan and found among the local inhabitants the children of Anak and the Rephaim…
    Goliath and other freaks of Gath with six fingers and six toes, and Og the king of Bashan with a nine cubit long bedstead of iron, were evidently a remnant of them, as are doubtless not a few of the giant-like freaks on the planet today… the spirit that departed the body of a biblical giant at death is evidently the entity we call a demon in the half-way house of the earth’s atmosphere between heaven above and hell beneath today… they cannot be redeemed and are left to wander as spirits seeking one body and then another to possess until Judgement Day…

    that said, the offspring of the smaller fallen (probably cherubic) extra-terrestrial angels who’d fornicated with the daughters of the probably White Adamic race are evidently the people we called Asians today… Asians certainly have pronounced “ET” features in the more conventional or accepted use of that word…
    “White guilt” is indeed therefore in that sense appropriate… the White race has allowed itself to be systematically racially and morally degraded by the inroads of Satan… even blacks are evidently a degraded form of the original White Adamic race, who had some among them who’d foolishly fornicated with the apes in Africa and received the attributes and appearance of apes in their offspring as a judgment from God…

    that’s why salvation isn’t by race, but by God’s grace through faith in his Son Jesus Christ who wasn’t of Adam, as virgin born, but of God himself, as always one with the Father…

    • Daniel says:

      J R

      Get a clue! Niggers are beasts of the fields! Read my link and rethink your whole theory because it is somewhat flawed. The middle east israel are imposters. They most certainly are just as cruel as American judaisms and European ones. But first things first. If you are lost on who the beasts of the fields are, then everything else is off too. The Asians were created in GEN CH 1 with all the other races. IN GEN CH 2 a whole new area ( garden of Eden) was planted for the ADAM RACE= WHITE . God then ” FORMED ” ADAM from the ground and blew the breath of life into him. Notice he didm[t do this in GEN CH 1 when he ” CREATED” the other races. Niggers ( beasts of the fields ) were ALSO formed from the ground and God gave them to ADAM. The niggers were supposed to be the dressers of the garden. But instead, satan came as a nigger and impregnated eve who had an illicit affair>>>>hence ” cain” the first killer.

  22. jayhackworth says:

    Jesus Christ, through the transcribed words would , no doubt ,side with the Palestinians. The church’s problem are the leaders – moral cowards
    in charge seemingly more concerned about “issues” like transgendered bathrooms .Too weak to confront jew power , they instead support them. ie. illegal mmigration.

  23. Matt says:

    This scripyure should explain what the synagogue of Satan is to those who are capable of understanding.

    Roman 9:6-8

    6 It is not as though God’s word had failed. For not all who are descended from Israel are Israel.

    7 Nor because they are his descendants are they all Abraham’s children. On the contrary, “It is through Isaac that your offspring will be reckoned.”

    8 In other words, it is not the children by physical descent who are God’s children, but it is the children of the promise who are regarded as Abraham’s offspring

  24. Gene says:

    ‘The Virtue Of Selfishness’ Applies Now More Than Ever

    Ayn Rand’s ‘The Virtue Of Selfishness’ never applied more than it does today. Considering the crappy end of the stick which has been dealt the white race it pays to look out for yourself first, for instance, before you do all that do-gooder free community work. Let some other suckers devote themselves to doing all that volunteerism. Spend some of that time prepping for yourself and your future.

    In the first place, you don’t have Constitutional court systems anymore. What you are going to get in today’s police courts is usually police executive chancery law and Admiralty Law, you aren’t therefore exactly going to get your rights. It has something to do with your Social Security number and account and you being in the nature of a corporate subject of the Federal Reserve Corporation, a private banking corporation which is separate from The United States government.

    Now that the bureau-rats have dealt you out you should develop a new attitude. Do not give in to their phony arrest procedures by going down into their colleges and universities and so-called halls of justice and learning. They are corrupt beyond belief.

    I’ve learned that the legal so-called justice system will do you any way they can get away with. Lawyer Gerry Spence said in his disappointment that he had not tried one case where the prosecution did not use something basically illegal.
    If I told you what they did to me when I was in jail you just absolutely would not believe it. They violated just about every right I had. I don’t give a F**k about the system. Stay where you cannot have cuffs put on you and it’s better to die honorably than to go squat in one of their unlawful, unjust police court jails. I can tell you I’ve real Common Law books and you simply are not going to get justice in any court.
    Bail out of stuff that requires lots of your free time for all the community $hit and let some other sucker do it. Give that time toward prepping for yourself and your future.

    Ayn Rand may have had her faults but you may find she sets you free, free from guilt, free to learn new concepts, and most of all, how to start caring about yourself again, a real mind opener. Leave the old baggage behind now that the system doesn’t give a $hit about you and start anew. The Negro racism against Whites is just a passing fad which will go in a few decades when the race war gets into full swing.

    ‘The Virtue Of Selfishness’, by Ayn Rand

  25. cole nidre says:

    do you think kikes give a shit about screwing you? hell no!
    from personal experience – fuck ’em!

    adelson just gave bankrupt casino racketeer chump 30 million $
    of the suckers money.

  26. Gene says:

    I Hope It Starts A Damn Revolution In The U.K.! Thousands At Gates Of Downing Street.

    The U.K. government really screwed up arresting Tommy Robinson! They even put a gag on it to arrest anyone who discusses it and they have somewhat disappeared Tommy. They have totally done away with free speech.

    People by the thousands are storming gates of Downing Street. The British bastards may pay!

    REVOLUTION UK! Thousands Gather Climb The Gates At 10 Downing To Free Tommy Robinson

  27. S O G says:

    britain made posession of a knife in public illegal …the bearded fly trap moslems will still carry and the illegal invasion niggers will notbe without weapons who they will profile will bewhite people …
    britain is lost to jewish agendas …completely lost ..
    you cant have a proper revoking of the nanny police jew state without proper firearms ..
    like america where the constitution actually proclaims the need for a revolution if tyranny takes the control ..
    i mean simply ,do we have lift off yet ..we have tyranny ..all around us ..treason in high places in congress and senatoilet …traitors and jew izzreal firster viruses in high american office …
    this country this election for state shit and congressassholes etc is attempting a brown illegal spic coup ..looking at the possible ididots to vote for it looks like its all mexican and asian contenders …
    fuck me ..
    the jews hidden behind the curtain can use the mexican politicinas to diminish and harrass white americans as if they dont already ..
    never mind sweden ,norway and finland ,denmark ..these monolithic soverign benevolent countries are under special jews scrutiny and tyranny ,,never mind the cost of human suffering by the indigenous population ….i gaurantee no jews are harmed ..
    the monetary cost of supporting these terrorist parasites is astounding shock to the senses considering they will never work or assimilate ..they are there to take over and install shareeah law …the jew is in control ofmuslims ..
    read where thee head moron who started the moon cult mr.mohamhead was a real live mixed jew …
    a lawless rule-less society unless your a white person ..
    what ever happens ,law enforcemnt likes to commit their most unconstittuional agendas in the wee hours of the nite …and you cant gaurantee who they work for ..maybe the idf maybe the moslems maybe the black muslims or homoland sekuritat ..maybe an ad hoc combination of all the above ..
    most police with altruism and patriotism will be disarmed as well ..same as russia during jewish over throw of the kerensky interim installed so called provisional per se constitutional govt afficers and police were disarmed and executed ..
    probably more dangerous to be an idealisic police in a communist all against all takeover than. a every day citizen ..comies will go for the most likely to resist with any considerable force or results ..
    i dont care how many blogs i read that say jews are stupid ,the opposite is true or they wouldnt be in possession of all they survey ..sinister thugs and globally connected …

  28. Erik Snohdin says:

    The Jews have never had so much power as they have today. They are basking in it and are filled to the brim with glee at the thought of wiping whitey off the planet. In fact, if they don’t finish the job soon, they could lose the chance forever because they know whites have been waking up faster than they can handle. This is why one gets that feeling of the acceleration of the Zionist agenda, that the pace is picking up constantly as they assault us from all angles.
    What’s important, Fellas and Gals, is that we keep the pressure up !! We get them so flustered, so desperate for victory that they fuck themselves over and give us whites a reason to round up their sorry Jew asses and deport them like Hitler did. This is what they fear, but this is what is required. Let’s make America country #110 !!
    Can you imagine America free of JEWS ???????? Can you ???????? Can you imagine the JOY ????????
    Fuck, I can !!

  29. Daniel says:

    It will be illegal to be white and have ANY speech, weapon, or even a white wife. WHEN THEY COME AND ANNOUNCE A GUN GRAB AND THEY WILL DO THIS. YOU SHOOT THE ENEMIES ( COPS). They are hiring only liberal jew cops these days with nigger chiefs in many many cities/towns. And they are retiring and firing conservative Christian cops. THE ONLY WAY THIS STOPS EVEN SOMEWHAT IS FOR US TO SHOOT THEM. Bottom line, they will take everything white people have and then lead you to the dunguns for the kill anyways. BETTER TO DIE IN THE THE NAME OF GOD/CHRIST by engaging your enemies first or die a torturous lasting death as they laugh.

  30. Daniel says:

    You SHOOT the sons of a bitches when they come for your guns. It WILL be illegal to be WHITE and have ANY opinion, a life, a white wife, gun, religion, etc.. IT IS A CLEAR GENOCIDE. The only available option is to SHOOT THE COPS WHICH ARE WHITE PEOPLE ENEMIES. They are only hiring jew, niggers, and liberal cops these days while firing, retiring the Christian conservative ones in a fast pace. Nigger chiefs, judges galore. FIGHT, AND FIGHT IN THE NAME OF GOD/CHRIST. STEP UP!

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      I prefer to call them sons of a whore and see who johnny is going to call to beat me up for him. Scumbags cowards traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agents tough boys and girls. Sons and daughters of whores flags they wave who you going to call now johnny Chertoff or hayden? Who they going to call? erection holder or lynch? Here I am and still alive fuck face no wonder jews pretend to like their stupid ass pet niggers so much.

      • ICU says:

        The cops protect the niggers, and in Western Europe the Muzzys AND the niggers, from Whites, Asians and Beaners.
        Why ?
        Because the cops work for The Swine That Rule; jews, Commies, shabbos goyim stooges and shitlibs.
        The niggers are too goddam stupid to realize that the only thing keeping them from being wiped out wholesale or driven back to Oogah Boogah Land is the cops.
        When Civil War 2, as an ever growing insurrection, gets REALLY going, the cops, National Guard and to a lesser extent garrisoned regular forces will split up and fragment along affinity lines.
        The long extant but concealed by bullshit and jive failure of this republic will be then be jammed into brains willing or not to Get The Message.
        THEN, the jews and their pets and stooges will pay the piper, in blood.
        I can hardly wait.
        Tick Tock
        Tick Tock

  31. protocolsRtrue says:

    I got news for you hayden you aint no general of mine. I don’t care what academy you gladuated from. I took the same oath that you did to support and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreighn and domestic. Somewhere along the line you forgot that oath and kept getting promoted all the way to the to of the nsa and cia. You aint no general I ever served under. Take that to your kids and grandkids. The Generals I served under were Honorable men that truly believed we were doing our country some good. Boy were we wrong. A whole lot of our best goyim were killed out for nothing less than the military industril banking complex. Yong and the best. jews flee to Canada or get a jew doctor to declare them broken knee aint that right rush Limbaugh 4 f has the jew assdacity to start a honey soilder radio campaighn. Don’t fuck with me again who you going to call to do your dirty work this time nancy skanky grace ugly jew whore bitch? You thought that the intentional infliction of emotional distress and harsh treatment and rendition of my own daughter voice and my ex wife begging me to tell them something more beyond my name and social security number. Guess what cia? You just met the wrong guy to torture I am a US Air Force Master Sergeant and anything I am going to tell you now is going to be wrong. So much for your intelligence just shoot me that’s what you already did otherwise I would never be captured by a sandnigger or anybody else in the first place. Air Force has a creed too.

  32. Morris Deeds says:

    Senate Bill 720, A Knife at the Heart of America’s Constitution
    VT Senior Editors –
    May 25, 2018

    Look JPG:×483-630×420.jpg

    A big question is beginning to loom in the minds of all true Christians and patriotic Americans. How can US Senators and Congress people who swear an oath and allegiance to serve and protect the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and the American people also legally, and with due good conscience, hold a dual citizenship with Israel?

    How more importantly, the question becomes apparent, can these same voting members of our Government so blatantly align and kowtow in support of Israel’s monolithic lobbying entities of APAC, the ADL and its Government’s clearly declared and militarily directed geopolitical agendas?

    More below:

  33. Morris Deeds says:

    Dual citizenship Israel and American treasonous Zionist Jews within our government,
    and their Shabbat Goy puppets:

  34. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Orwell’s Nightmare: Articles About Tommy Robinson’s Arrest Rapidly Scrubbed From The Internet

  35. protocolsRtrue says:

    That fucking Harpeth or whatever her name is 25 years undercover cia agent. Yeah that about describes it. I bet you fucked a whole lot of politicians now that they see you on the tv don’t spy on me or tell my wife. Wholly fucking guacamole and I mean that literally the bitch is the head of the cia now. You didn’t take any pictures of my dick did you now? Those can be incriminating deny this asshole. At least when Donald Trump goes out to get a 007 Russian agent bitch he does it right out in front of everybody the woman don’t even speak English correctly without a jewprompter but hey she is better than that last nigger sheboon in the white house.

  36. squarepegroundhole says:

    CRIME Investigators Have Found SICK Sexual Secrets on Hillarys Confiscated Laptop

    This week New York Police Department detectives and sources who worked on the underage child pornography case against Anthony Weiner confirmed the laptop which was seized from the former congressman contained proof that Hillary Clinton did, in fact, know he was engaging in a long sexual relationship with a minor and did absolutely nothing to alert any state or federal authorities to protect the 15-year-old girl.

  37. protocolsRtrue says:

    haspel was her name sorry aout that beyatch. At least I always wore a uniform nobody could be confused about which government I worked for. You fucking slimebags and sleazeballls seep up from the gutters of jewyork and undercover and paid confidential informants and fusion centers spying on your neighbors and fagternal order of popo fucks and freemasons and mooses make me ashamed to be an American. At least if you are willing to stand up and fight for this country you should be damn proud to put on a uniform and do it loud and proud I’m proud to be an ugly American that’s why we hang sleezeball scumbag spys. We should fucking hang every jew like the faggot jewboy Chertoff and the feinsteins and shiffs too. Fucking whore bitch now head of the cia any objections? Remember me? yeah. I mean no. No. Not from me

  38. chris smith says:

    All of you peckawood crackers can go to hell!!!!!!!!

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