POS Black Teens Murder Baltimore Woman Cop

By Phillip Marlowe

Amy Caprio was on the force for 3 years and 10 months when she responded to a call in a suburban neighborhood, probably from someone who noticed a nearby home getting burglarized or a suspicious car sitting out front.

A lousy 16 year-old black punk, Dawnta Anthony Harris (where do they get those stupid names?), was outside acting as the getaway driver and lookout, as his homies were inside a home ransacking it for valuables. It’s unclear whether any home owners were inside held at gunpoint or not. When Harris saw the cop drive up, he took off, but didn’t know the road ended in a cul-de-sac. The female cop had him cornered.

Apparently, she got out of the squad car and shouted “get out of the car, get out of the car, get out of the car” when the little bastard fired at least one round at her, then gunned his new model Black Jeep Wrangler 4 wheel drive directly for the woman. A neighbor heard a gunshot, but we don’t know for sure if it hit her or not. It’s also possible she took a shot when it looked like he was going to run her down.

She was slammed by the Jeep and run over. Although details are scarce and unreported (since they don’t like to do much coverage on such “hush” crimes), the big off road wheels of the Jeep probably ground her up, and maybe she caught a bullet to the face or it hit an artery in the arm or leg and she bled out after getting run over. The little bastard didn’t care. They never do — especially if it’s a Whitey.

Amy Caprio was married and going away this weekend on a trip with her beloved husband.

ABC “Weekly World News Tonight” did do a report earlier this evening — but the SOBs kind of have to, considering just how callous the 16 year-old was when he killed the woman. They know all us Whiteys out here are getting wise to them hiding black criminal behavior. Plus, being a woman working a man’s job is an important angle for the creeps.

Since ABC covered it, you can bet the other channels will too. ABC is the NWO Jew flagship network for America and you will see things here first before the others feel free to touch the story. Watch ABC and you’ll see the games they play are the same as CNN and the rest. It’s all Jew-rigged for “PC” protection, my friends.

Notice how ABC is completely lying about the business about the Trump collusion/FBI Hillary-loving business (they were several bald-faced lies in tonight’s big show). All these Jew tool rats know the exposure of this anti-Trump deep state plot is KRYPTONITE to the lefty Jew political head job they’ve been running on America.

The worthless black bastards who murdered young Amy will go off to taxpayer hotel for quite a few years — on your dime, of course, mofos. When I say “Teens” plural in my headline, I mean it literally because all 4 of the punks would have killed the woman cop. At least the shooter should be hung by the neck until dead.

These black bastards are going crime crazy everywhere. Thankfully, Whites are starting to notice.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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57 Responses to POS Black Teens Murder Baltimore Woman Cop

  1. Blue Steel says:

    When will civilized White society rise up and eliminate this negro plaque for good ?

    What is the tipping point ?

  2. werewolf says:

    Plague, Blue Steel.

    Did they have a that poor pretty little girl working a squad car all by herself in the congoid diversity-celebrating hellhole that once was Baltimore!?

    • cc says:

      It sure as hell seems like it. Probably got a nigger chief on the force which saw his Justine Daamond moment. I am so sick of this nigger loving shit along with the mudslim loving shit! The media refusals to report honestly have honestly put me into paroxsyms of rage. Can’t even listen to talk radio anymore as it’s all watered down. What the Fuck?! Then you have all these phone perverts making love (all touchy feely) to their Iphones all day. I used to think California was bad but now they(those stinking jews) have imported it to all of America. I’m incensed!

      • cc says:

        Hey cc you certainly have good points. Kudos, I agree those bastards making love to their phones piss me off!

  3. Nationalist says:

    Most Whites will think that if they are caught and convicted then the system is working but that isn’t the case, for what we spend on these apes plus the damage they did we end up losing not winning with an ever declining White population thanks to crime, race mixing and job loss. Whites must hold a piece of land we can call our own otherwise the White race will eventually given enough time (probably a few hundred years at most) will be almost entirely wiped out. We don’t need any stupid liberal slogans and their nonsense ideas about what is right, we need basic common sense and land – land exclusively for the White race.

    • Chuck U. Farley says:

      Agreed! Even the so called Christians are silent on this issue as they are on most issues in society; they preach this campy love gospel that is sugar coated.

  4. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    The weev anglin show

  5. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Whatever happens, the niggers WILL, eventually, destroy themselves. As the Whites succomb to cowardice and stupidity and laziness, the “white guidance” will cease, and niggers will be lost without it. Can anyone imagine a country or civilization maintained by niggers???! At least console yourselves by watching it unravel. I feel NO sympathy for the Whites who have helped cause it, either, by their mealy-mouthed promotion of “equality”…

    • Duane James says:

      To see a country run by Niggers one only needs to look at Africa. They havent evolved at all. They still live in huts made out of animal shit and straw. Tjey use primitive weapons and wear grass skirts. Any civilized area that the whites built mind you are run down ghettos thanks to these stupid groids. This is the future of America if we whites dont stand up and tell those greedy Jews enough is enough! They want diversity so bad let them have all those Niggers and dumb white trash and mexicans in Israel!

  6. American born says:

    Last Fall the wife and I went to Baltimore for just shy of a week. She had a conference and I went along to make sure she would be okay in that shithole of a city. I always travel with her on these conferences anyway, but there was no way in hell she’d be going to Baltimore without me.

    First thing I noticed upon arriving was the airport staff was almost entirely nigger. We got in late so the cleaning staff was around the terminal and baggage pick up. Shiftless niggers eyeballing everyone. Not the typical niggers though, these ones had an evilness about them that differs from niggers even NYC or Philadelphia. We got our rental and drove to our hotel which was in walking distance from the Inner Harbor, a tourist area, kind of. Hotel was also filled with nigger staff. This was a fairly high end hotel but at the concierge desk the blacks were singing and dancing, shucking and jiving with one another.

    After I got her checked into the conference the next morning it was time for me to go on safari. I went back to the hotel, got some breakfast, and googled Sand Town, where the “Wire” was filmed. Some true nigger ghetto stuff. I found a business there and put it on my gps and was off to observe the wildlife.

    I’d say maybe 15% of the nigger areas are burned boarded up out row houses. Complete shithole, smelled too. Very dangerous vibe. I’ve been through many inner cities but Baltimore is different. The streets are very tight and niggers are on every corner. At stop lights they stare into your car. Not really anywhere to go to get out of harms way if a person is boxed in at a light, very unnerving. The blacks are like animals, yelling at each other, posturing, looking for someone to jack.

    In most of the areas the row house go from the beginning of the block all the way to the end. The grassy areas behind them are strewn with garbage, like something you can see on the internet of Liberia. That first day of sightseeing I had a water bottle thrown at my rental car and a nigger ran up to my car door as if he was going to kick it. He stopped just short and had a good laugh with his buddy. I wasn’t armed and engaging niggers in Baltimore one needs to have a weapon, especially in the deep ghetto. I stared right back at him and drove off.

    The next day my wife and I went to the Inner Harbor. There is a mall right across the street and a column of police officers were just there. They were there all the time. I think this was one of the areas where the riots kicked off a few years ago. Clearly they were there to deter the niggers from attacking the tourists. And there are plenty of tourists in family groups that are jumped by niggers in that exact area. It really is a very unsafe city.

    We went aboard the old ship docked there and had a good time. Enjoyed the company of White people for awhile. On our way we went to the gift shop where a couple of sheboons were working. Niggers are literally everywhere in Baltimore. They showed typical negritude rolling there eyes when asked a question. Showing some hostility when my wife showed some impatience with there shitty attitudes.

    I toured everyday when my wife was at her conference; there was no way I was going to be taking her around those areas. One thing about Baltimore that is unique is the open air drug dealing that goes on. They don’t hide it at all, and it is everywhere. Near Johns Hopkins there is an area where people are just nodding off on heroine, broad daylight. From what I understand the cops were ordered to stand down, so pretty much anything goes. Baltimore is completely finished. Nothing short of complete demolition of the row houses and total removal of the niggers will save that city.

    • kin says:

      If you are going to ride around the negroid area you should have a gun, I know its precarious if its illegal but your life is more important than these shitbird jew liberals who make the laws about gun carry, next time carry. We don’t want to read about you, we want to read you killed the nigger.

      • American born says:

        I grew up around the savages. I can get violent too. They sense that. Niggers feed on fear. Carry yourself like a man and nothing to worry about. But random shit does happen, more so in rough areas though.

  7. American born says:

    As a matter of fact I have some stats from Baltimore. They are having a busy year thus far:


    Keep in mind Baltimore is a relatively small city.

  8. S O G says:

    the cop sounds pretty slow to respond to life yhreatening situation …
    when the niggrr fired at her i bet she was afraid of all hell she would go thru for ventilating a worthless boog ..any cop is aware of yhe side show with revrun jacksssson and revrearend shsrpdik prancing sround and yellin about shit ….
    i eternally wonder why the guy who did us a favor and smoked fartin looter king dint take yhevtest of yhe garbage out on the balcony …sittin ducks ripe for recycling ..so we got stuck with hollerin black supremecist terrorists jackson ..
    niggers have guns ,niggers will shoot anyone anytime for any reason ..
    very differerent from your average white law abiding gun owner ..
    a criminal with a gun will commit criminal acts with a gun …..
    and if no gun is handy then a knife or a bat or a car will be used to cause mass casualties …and yhis is where the law abiding gun owner with a ccw can do the rihht thing and silence the niggrr psyco ….
    although in americastan anyone defending themselves from being killed by the protected special rights niggers will face court time

    the second she heard that shot she should have realized he was also warning his homeez as well as shooting at her …the nigger had to have known he was going to shat at but i guess she was too scared of getting suspended without pay …common sense tells me to go ahead in a situ like that to empty out the clip directly into the nigger ….she froze and she died ..
    nigger gangsters dont care about state compliance or even shooting within city limits lol .they will try to get cops hun every fuckin time ..
    the news will never repoert it but i looked at an arrest report onlne about a nigger in jail in essef bayarea and the nigger had tried to get the cops gun while struggling with the cop but was aperested. coulda gone bad for the pork …cops are afraid to shoot niggers now …their not afraid of shooting whites tho …..
    wonder if yhe law in baltonomo also includes the other 3 home invading niggers with murder because of the association during a felony …
    heh heh ..in san fran a guy was ridin his bicycle and some beaner tried to rob him from the passenger seat in a moving car ,i think he had a gun etc ,so the bicycler whips his out and fires one off into mexishits chest …and rode off like bernie goetze …
    the stupid beaner driver told police that his dead friend in the passenger seat had tried to rob some bicycler ..lol ..so the cops charged the idiot driver with murder because of some law that makes the accomplice who acted in congress with the perpetrator not only responsible for any murder but for the death of his partner in crime ..heh heh ..ooops..
    they never caught the bicycler ..i think it was bari malik shabazz…
    no race of cycler was mentioned ..most likely a white guy …
    he should have taken out the driver also …
    white people need to start defending themseves similarly …
    spme white man and 7 year old daughter walk thier little terrier to the vorner store to get ice cream …terrier sniffs some fucking nigger and the white human aplogises but the nigger shot the father anyway ..rip..niggers dont belong in america …
    a good website i found is called http://www.melgibstein.wordpress.com. ..pretty white materiel ..good reads

  9. ICU says:

    Niggers…Threat or Menace ?
    Regardless, make the vile things GONE.
    For Baltimore, I suggest Airburst Neutron Devices…as many as required.
    Rinse and Repeat…all over this nigger and jew smeared nation.
    I was really looking forward to NoKo Bad Haircut Boy nuking a few nigger and/or jew Hellholes, like Hollyweird for a start.
    A shame that he can’t reach Baltimore or North Philly, yet.
    I guess the nuking and bio-war will have to be domestic…in the oncoming Civil War 2.
    No Rules
    No Mercy
    No Surrender

  10. S O G says:

    or maybe the niggers will all kill each other ..
    i remember baltimore and wash dc …its worse now and even areas that were mainly white are set upon by sec 8 nigger famblees ..once even just one family moves into a white neighborhood its over …whites felt obligated in old days to invite the niggers to bbq or nlock parties ..fights and hollerin and violence a la nigro style took precedence to where whites started to have to lock doirs from booglaries ..
    i walked thru ballmo at nite once back in 1981 ..wasnt like it is now ..but miggers bein niggers have been the same from million years back …
    baltimore had a noise abatement law passed back then cus all yhe worthless knuckle dragging morons all those dorm refrigerator sized booomboxes up to their ears on thire shoulders …never heard of headphones i suspect ……
    was arunning joke …how do you tell if a nigger has been shot in the head cus yhey dont reaally act any different …….check for a hole in their ghetto blaster boombox ..lmfao ..
    i used to watch these zombies with the ghetto blasters on thier shoulders playing shit at top volume and 50 niggers doin it at the same time …some wild shit like a blue cheer concert with country and techno and soul all at the same time …very african …
    made me laugh mostly ..
    out here niggers eyeball ya and make the pistol finger pointed at you salutation more often than i like …ive heard lotta detailed stories from random people ..
    jews driving the nigger madness to a frenzied crecendo like master satanic symphonic conductors from talmud hell …
    its waay bad but it can get way worse and seems like it is going to ..

  11. American born says:

    The thing I noticed about Baltimore was the lack of a White working class. Places like Boston and Philadelphia have White areas where nigger bullshit is not tolerated. In Baltimore, what I saw, was a very White upper class (soft), hardly any Hispanics, and niggers everywhere.

    An example would be Fish Town in Philadelphia. North Philly is basically and African, and to a lesser degree Puerto Rican third world hellhole but it borders a place called Fish Town. All the nigger BS stops within a block and Whites still have the backbone to keep the niggers out. Racism in Fish Town is known, and it is a White working class area in the inner city that has not been ruined by the niggers. Boston has Southie, where when I grew up niggers were beaten by cops and residents for venturing into the area.

  12. S O G says:

    and no limits …just be sure to have a friend handy when the niggers bring thier delusional war to your position ..do what you have to do to survive and change locations most riki tik ..asap..
    the current trend of marxist law enfarcement is to penalize any white person who defends yhemselves against an african schwoogie …
    jews hate niggers so thenleaves yhe only reidue of information plausible in the crucible of truth …jews are happy to promote and use niggers and muslims yo do yheir dirty work ..
    jews are hard at work in europe according to nasty shit hole barbara lerner spector ..
    my true yhots and feelings sre too strong to print here ..i am not alone ..
    perusing blogs and msm articles and yahoo news yhe comments show great awareness arising in america …..but. ..the rubicon needs crossing ..the swords need marinating ..

    • American born says:

      The Jews have all but ruined London. Just imagine that place in twenty years when Sharia Law will have been imposed.

      The Moslem mayor is purposely allowing high crime in order to allow time for the Moslems to enact Sharia Law. And they eventually will, without a doubt. The implications of that is essentially a separate nation with separate laws within the UK. Step one of transformationing the UK into a Moslem territory. The Jews are behind it. The Brits have a very small window to turn this mess around.

  13. James says:

    Had this woman succeeded and shot and killed this useless biped, you know for sure sure the media and leftist scum would be screaming about how a promising teenager was killed by a racist cop. He is one of millions of useless apes that have infested this country. You would think that at some point this country would start to wake up FINALLY to what animals these niggers really are. Yet everything I see around me has humans further falling in love with and enabling these mindless beasts to continue ruining a once great country.

  14. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Here’s some jews.
    Be honest .
    You’d gas the gimp, but it would be hard to upset the tart…
    may’be you’d hang the fag to gain the birds attention.

    a Natzi lover…
    A book?

    They win again



    At some point you run out of wind and go to sleep.

    Or a killing spree

  15. cole nidre says:

    it seems the busy niggers have been stabbing whites on a regular
    basis in restaurants lately, but the evening nigger bullshit news,
    read by queers, and brought to you by the Palestinian children
    and pregnant women snipers in the back censor it.

  16. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “pregnant women snipers ”

    That’s the bits i like…

  17. Cannibal Rabbi says:

  18. Gene says:

    ICU Is Probably Right On Target!

    Probably the only way to kill out the subculture of Negro Violence is to remove the White people from Baltimore and “For Baltimore, I suggest Airburst Neutron Devices…as many as required.”

    That would also send a clear message to the Jigs that sumpn’s up.

    Thanks for posting this INCOGMAN. We all have our differences with cops over speeding tickets, etc., but this is really pitiful to leave that gal alone to police such an area.

  19. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Would ye not flush shite?

    • Morris Deeds says:

      Cannibal Rabbi says:
      May 22, 2018 at 8:23 pm

      @Morris Deeds…


      I’ll meet you in the street when i’m smashing niggers wogs or kikes.

      And you, or i, saw NOTHING…

      Cheers incog

      Just saying Hello to our English friends or Anglo, or United Kingdom,
      or Brexit that Roger Daltry just blasted Union guy as Communist WTF,as you’re Irish, Davdy (Spelling ) is Welsh.

      Who’ll ever forget the Great Steve Marriott:

  20. Gene says:

    America Needs More Like Norman Eugene “Clint” Walker Who Just Passed On At 90

    Well, we all have to go to that big roundup in the sky and actor Clint Walker has passed at age 90.
    He was the excellent movie star who portrayed Cheyenne Bodie in the television series, ‘Cheyenne’. Folks say he was a kind and considerate person, a Republican. America could use a few more like him instead of the cop killers who roam around at large.

    He had a spot in the Rock Hudson-Doris Day comedy, Send Me No Flowers (1964) where he fairly dwarfed Rock Hudson as big as Rock was. Seeing him getting out of the XKE Jaguar with his cowboy boots was a hoot.

    Cheyenne Star Clint Walker Dead at 90



    • ICU says:

      Walker played a good part in “The Dirty Dozen”.
      The scene where Lee Marvin’s character goads him into a raging bayonet attack is well done.

  21. Gene says:

    The Beautiful Parks And Places In The Film ‘Love Story’ Are Gone Now

    Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal did a fine acting job in the very inspiring film ‘Love Story’. As you look at the parks and beautiful places in the film remember to tell yourself that many or most of those places are gone in a sense. They have been replaced by areas where Negroes are subject to attack White people at any moment. Although most of the film was shot in Toronto, the parks and places in the film represent America. If you go back east it is solid Nigger.

    If you go to Denver some areas are solid Nigger and the Nigs must have a monopoly on the bus drivers jobs as the drivers are mostly Negro. St. Louis is solid Nigger. When I went through there in 2007-2008 I was lucky I didn’t get jumped. I think most of them were good kids coming up. They had a real problem with buses overloaded as school lets out.

    Just remember, the farther east you go and southeast, too, (Atlanta) it’s solid Nigger. Anywhere you go you could get assaulted or killed, especially if you are white.
    I don’t watch good movies like ‘Love Story’ anymore. Those beautiful places where Jennifer “Jenny” Cavalleri and Oliver Barrett IV roamed are gone now. It’s worse than tragic, it’s heartbreaking.

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      Atlanta has certainly become “solid nigger”! Often on Saturday nights, they congregate in parking lots near the freeway and have a field party ; milling around, shucking and jiving, and causing a general disturbance. It seems no one dare say ANYTHING about it. Whatever establishment’s parking lot is commandeered by the black bastards is, essentially, out-of-business for the night. No one with any sense wants to have to spend time in Atlanta! (Even West Pace’s Ferry is not off-limits for the niggers, anymore!)

      • ICU says:

        The BLAK two legged cockroaches have also infested suburban Apelanta places like Stone Mountain…
        where dey be ookin’ an eekin’ bowt dem WHITE mens on dat hill, an awl…
        the vile, stinking, sub-human, loping, jabbering lumps of shit.

  22. Red Pill says:

    I am sorry ya’all have to believe you need to live where niggers live.
    if you see a black man around here, he will be a good soul.
    this is why they don’t live around here.

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m only going by the various reports I’m getting. Niggers left baltimore to find a better hood to rob. She had her bodycam on. Cops need those nowaday’s just because of niggers and jew lawyers. That should settle the case beyond any REASONABLE doubt that the nigger ran her over because the white eyewitnesses wouldn’t be enough because they all be racis’ an lyin on my good boy dindufuffin. Dey was just lost you seez on der wayz to job interviews whatever doze ares. The 3 niggers that broke into the house. Thank God no mother and 2 kids at home there. The pop? again, bodycam should discern whether from the nigger or the human or something completely unrelated. If you see something say something. I watched a national nightly jews report last week some lady saw a black guy breaking into the abandoned house next door so she called the police. Nightly jews see how racist these white people are? He claims to be a real estate investor going to come fix up the house and make cash under some federal zog give the nigger a job program. So he’s pulling the plywood off the window so he can sneak peek inside and the neighbor calls the police because the whole thing is a nigger crack house trap house to begin with that’s why the windows are boarded up in the first place to keep the niggers out it was a decent house until section 8 niggers moved in there last time. So she calls the cops and makes the national nightly jews for being a racist she should have known this black guy pulling down the plywood was actually a real estate “investor”. Investing what nigger other peoples money? So the cop worked up to her last minute to pay taxes and support these niggers until it ran her over and killed her now the nigger still gets free food and housing and medical PLUS her family and loved ones get to think about this also… The nigger is going to get a taxpayer funded lawyer now to defend his interests so you and we and the rest of us civilized humans get to pay for the jew lawyer to mitigate and minimize and reduce charges and fight to keep the nigger animals out of the cages where the belong and get them back out on the human civilized society streets as soon as possible so they can victimize other innocent civilized humans. Planet of the apes man. Keep paying taxes to federalmeansjewish.gov people keep paying for your own destruction white people keep paying for the destruction of this once great country down the toilet bowl of third world shitholedom. Fools. Suckers. Stupid goyim.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Stand by for morris deeds from the southern poverty jew center to say something. The guy is like a 2 pound bugger you pull out of your nose. You try to flik it away or wipe it away but it just still keeps sticking there like a corporal klinger. Fucking jews. It’s the jews stupid! Get lost morris deeds jewboys and take all the rest of your skank jew whores and stupid ass jew pet niggers with you ok? Take your assfirmative action minority set ass ides diversity hire and promote erection holders and Loretta lynches and Jessie jacksons and al sharpcoon fbi informant stupid ass race baiting jew pet niggers with you. Tell them protocolsRtrue said HI! Scumbag coward traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agent tough boys and girls.

  24. Morris Deeds says:

    Review of Thomas Goodrich’s “Summer, 1945—Germany, Japan and the Harvest of Hate” The Occidental Observer
    May 23, 2018 —
    Thor Magnusson

    View Image Below:

    Sometimes a book comes along that changes the way we think. Sometimes a book comes along that changes the way we act. Sometimes a book comes along that changes the way we think and the way we act. Such a book was Hellstorm—The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944–1947. That masterpiece by Thomas Goodrich changed forever not only how we would view World War Two, but it changed how we would view the world itself. For the first time since it happened, because of one bold and breath-taking book, the scales fell from our eyes and we were finally able to see free and unfettered what the abomination called World War Two was really all about. Swept forever into a dark, dirty corner was the filth and disease of seventy years of Jewish propaganda, seventy years of Jewish lies about the so-called “Good War” and the so-called “Greatest Generation,” seventy years of Jewish mendacity about who was bad and who was good. Suddenly, overnight, replacing those lies was an honest, impartial, unbiased, but driving, relentless, and utterly merciless account of the fate that befell Germany in 1945.

    More below:

  25. Morris Deeds says:

    Cannibal Rabbi says:
    May 23, 2018 at 3:55 am

    Watch that English White Boy kick some future Negro and Mexcrement ass
    like cheater Canello Alvarez and Triple G and they can’t touch
    lightning QUICK!


  26. Chuck U. Farley says:

    First off all women should not be on the police force, period. Will not debate the issue with any one. So, if you disagree move on, and if you do; you’re the typical cucked white male.


    Secondly, the reason these black on white crimes are not reported is because a majority of white people have become pussified. Either through the educational and entertainment industry that these ignorant fuckin gorillas are our equals. Bullshit! They’re brutish, implulsive, low IQs, and they smell. They take no personal responsibility for anything; even the ones who seem educated. They just have this “blame whitey for everything” attitude. How much more will people of European stock put up with?

    • kin says:

      Don’t think it will make a big difference to you, but woman do not belong on Patrol I feel sorry for the white cop that has to go into the hood with some 98lb puss who will be thrown to the ground in less than 3 seconds by some 240 lb nigger. I think these woman are fools, and I think the people responsible for having a woman riding alone in Baltimore, does not give a rats ass for the woman and problably doesn’t care right now that she is dead, probably A nigger boss who was made a boss by the nigger mayor who sucked some dick to get where he is, ah fuck it. Yes I am for one ashamed of the white races track record on fighting back since the year 2000 it seems their are few white men around here or europe with any balls whatsoever, I mean if some muslim in europe rapes your kid and you do nothing, I would rather kill myself then live with that on my soul, thats all I have to say but we agree on something

      • INCOG MAN says:

        KIN, I agree with you. However, this is not an issue for me right now.

        Exposure of these filthy beasts is first priority.

  27. Morris Deeds says:

    DR. EDWARD L. BERNAYS, the Founding Father of Public Relations:, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of… If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it…

    …The conscious and intellectual manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

    JOHN F. KENNEDY’S speech before the American Newspaper Publishers Association on April 27, 1961 (some two years before his assassination):
    “We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence —-on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of election, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system that has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a
    ?tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations…
    …Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, nor rumor printed, no secret revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war -time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match.”

  28. Morris Deeds says:

    You may have heard about the new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), that comes into effect May 25, 2018. To help comply with GDPR consent requirements, I need to confirm that you would like to receive content from me.
    If you’d like to stay in contact, please update your subscription

    from atzmon.gilad@gmail.com

    Gilad Atzmon
    ATZ Man
    36 Heber Rd
    London, Greater London NW2 6AA, United Kingdom

  29. kin says:

    They call me a racist and maybe I am, hell no mayber I have hated niggers so long but they were never as evil and bad as they are now, being helped and encouraged by the miserable fucking jew bastards. The judges that let these scum out , the thought that they can kill a cop or a young girl after raping her and not get death , well this disgusts me to mo end. I feel like I am getting crazier every day and afraid someday I just may take things into my own hands, but I hope not, I know I would pay for it, so till I am ready to end it all, I suppose I will have to curtail myself. But direct confrontation like a home invasion would do it for me, no fucking laws, no fucking morals, no fucking sin would prevent me from killing the mo fu that enter my house in that way. I am positive of that, also I would like to say anywhere else my messages are finally erased deleted, I was just on supposed to by conservative site Breitbart and they highlighted my name and within one minute, no matter what I write I was taken off, so I just gave up its here or no where, but its piss poor that because I don’t like nigger thugs who murder and rape and I am removed and censored for trying to tell my feelings or to tell the rest of the world to be careful of the scumbags of the earth the fucken nigger race.

    • Tony says:

      Even most of the other sites that claim to be “to the righr” are a bunch of pc scared cucks. If they weren’t, they would allow anything to be said that would be of benefit to White Europeans. If you put most of the “far-right” in a time machine and sent them back 20 or 30 years they would be considered liberal beyond belief. We need White nationalists and that is the only way we will get our people back to a better place. The negro must be stopped. The jew must be stopped. Neither can survive without the other.

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        Man that was profound but true. Neither can survive without the other. The hosts and the parasites. White people are the hosts.

      • ICU says:

        White Nationalists put Trump into Office because they bought his sales pitch, that was intentionally tailored and directed to White Nationalists…with only an occasional display of kissing of Black ass.
        Trump’s alleged economic benefits are mostly Bullshit.
        The magical increase in BLAK employment must have something to do with how many of the critters are employed in jew advertising, TalmudVision “programming” (inadvertently correct word) and the mind rot that issues forth from jew Hollyweird. The masses of niggers that are in prison may also be counted as “employed” if the things are doing laundry or stamping out license plates.
        Other “employment” jive doesn’t publicize the YOOOOGE numbers of Indo/Pakis, mostly dot Indian, I T techies that are working for 1/3 to 1/2 of what the White Americans were making before they were replaced. The dots are smeared all over the big banks, insurance companies, social media as H1(b) cheap labor imports by the scummy jew nation wreckers that own the companies. Later they get a Green Card and bring in their extended families…to further replace White Americans, as has happened in Seattle and the Northern suburbs of Columbus, OH, thanks to J.P. Morgan Chase. This also applies in lesser degree to Asians of various national origins.
        Preznit Arty McDeal propping up the illegitimate terror state of Israel in all that the Super Kikes perpetrate, especially in Syria and Gaza, and kissing jew ass every waking hour, also shows exactly whose interests are being served.
        What happened to the tough talk on immigration, legal AND illegal ?
        Got Wall ?
        If the reality of Trump being a Zionist stooge gets any more obvious, he’ll lose his voter base in the next Federal Preznit Dog & Pony Show; then, some Hard Left Proto-Commie lump of shit like the Obama The Second Mulatto, Corey Booker from Noo Joisey will get sElected by the jew managed ZOG Deep State.
        Some Big jews know that this will not go over well with The Awake, Aware & Angry, and will likely result in some violent reaction. Big jew doesn’t care about that because it will provide the rationale for the imposition of a TOTAL Police State, as opposed to the current Partial Police State…brought to you by the jews that managed the 9/11 atrocity.
        Big jew had better be afraid that he’ll get what he wishes for.
        Yamamoto warned Tojo and the rest of the Japanese War Party that they risked awakening a sleeping dragon if they attacked American interests. How did that work out ?
        Maybe when the American White sleeping dragon awakes and gets moving, the international jewish problem will be definitively solved. The Shabbos Goyim stooges will also be “solved”.
        Speed The Day.

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      William Pierce (aka Ian MacDonald) wrote a book entitled “Hunter” that you should peruse.

  30. Damn niggers and jews. Long time for ol Incogland for ol AOP. Good to see some familiar names after all this time.

    Incog, I DM’d you on Gab and I didn’t hear back just yet so I figured I would try to catch you on this channel. In DM, I asked if you could see my comment about forming a Gab test group in your home thread. I don’t get a lot of action on Gab despite being as sarcastic as I always have. It could be that I suck. Or, sneaking suspicion, it could be shadowbanning. Is there a way to know? Gab Test Group may enlighten. Pls let me know if you see a message from me on the topic in your thread.

    All the best, AOP

    • INCOG MAN says:

      I saw your “reply” in my notifications area. But there is a private “DM” part you know. Check “MESSAGES” for that. They only last 24 hours.

      • INCOG MAN says:

        You can do a “DIRECT” Message by using the ampersand like you did. But DM is different. You need to do a reply on a post I did and vice versa to “see” if each of us “sees” the other’s posts. Posts are like little articles like here.

  31. DM is the word cloud function at top, right? And @ is direct. I dont see anything from you so far, if you replied. By notifications, you mean Gab/home, right? Anyway, let me know if you see several posts I did tonight in your home feed. If it’s not the case then it means shadowbanning of course. I’ll consider it a favor. I’ve seen a couple of others complaining about inaction. I had way more interaction on twitter by approx same number of followers (By them) b4 I got banned for you know what.

  32. Home feed is Gab.ai/home. Saw your apersand but not mine back that I just sent back in reply, just yet. Thank you for these checks. FYI, when I got started on Gab I just started following everyone you were. Got rid of a few of them though. That’s how it goes. Let me know if you want to partake in test group activity. Very best.

  33. J.R. says:

    affable and honest Black preacher …

    Africans Have Never Built a Major Enduring City in 3,000 Years…

  34. protocolsRtrue says:

    Niggers are funny. I’m up and I have my news feeds on and reports from Zimbabwe I mean Atlanta an Atlanta jury just awarded a 1 BILLION dollars with a B verdict in a rape case where she said the security guard raped her back when she was 14. Niggers. Please tell me it wasn’t a white guy what decent responsible white man would have sex with a nigger bitch in the first place let alone rape the nigger. Talk about liking violent sex no thanks I’d rather jerk off with my stepdads playboy and hustler magazines.

  35. protocolsRtrue says:

    your daily reading and pass it around but keep it a secret. Don’t tell anybody I ever said this.


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