Sweden Now Totally Hiding Race Descriptions

Little White schoolgirl gang-raped by muzzie men in a cemetery in broad daylight.

Police in Sweden seeking three men who ambushed and raped an underage girl on her way home from school do not want to release their descriptions.


The minor was assaulted in a cemetery at 3 o’clock in the afternoon in Östervåla, a locality with a population of just 1,600 in Heby Municipality, Uppsala, SVT reports.

The public broadcaster’s report indicates that “at least” one of the men raped her, and police investigator Daniel Nilsson confirmed the authorities “have a clear picture of what has happened and there is no doubt that the crime occurred inside the cemetery.”

Nilsson also confirmed police have a  “good description” of the attackers — but say they will not disclose this description to the media while they are pursuing “other threads” despite the fact the offence occurred some days ago and they have yet to secure any arrests.

The Swedish government was one of the most enthusiastic recipients of supposed refugees at the height of the migrant crisis, and anti-mass migration opposition parties such as the Sweden Democrats have blamed this move for an apparent surge in rapes and other sex crimes in the Scandinavian country.

It has been difficult to make any definitive statements about the link between sex attacks and mass migration, however, as the Swedish government has steadfastly refused to disclose any information of the ethnic breakdown of the criminal population.

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå), which deals with criminal statistics, has said that gathering data on migrant crime is not part of its mission.

The government has even suggested that it could restrict access to Lexbase, which archives legal documents, to legal professionals and government-approved journalists, in order to stop independent media and researchers from using it to try and build a picture of the impact mass migration has had on crime.

The stinking NWO Jews brought all this down on our White lands!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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30 Responses to Sweden Now Totally Hiding Race Descriptions

  1. werewolf says:

    “It has been difficult to make any definitive statements about the link between sex attacks and mass migration… ”

    No, not really. Sweden was the safest country in the world before they started celebrating diversity.

  2. I'm Hiding says:

    I thought that Sweden was planning on kicking all migrants who came in past 2000 out.

  3. Tony says:

    When it becomes the norm people go to sleep. ” it won’t happen to me.” That statement in itself creates a passive sheep mentality that invites a takeover. The fact that Swedish men aren’t out there for blood Revenge show you the level of distractionary brainwash. This is like the Frog in a pot of water who doesn’t jump out as it steadily reaches boiling point.

    There has to be a moment when this shit is going to go too far. Satellite as long as these people have food in their bellies it will be difficult to jump-start them to do anything.

    • Tony says:

      *Sadly as long as these people have food in their bellies it will be difficult to jump-start them to do anything

  4. Nationalist says:

    If you will recall the Steppenwolf song “The Pusher” John Kay sings and declares that he is going to wage total war on the Pusher Man. The reason for this is clear, drugs do a fantastic amount of damage to quality people and our society and we have every right in the world to be angry with those who sell drugs. The same should be true for liberal politics, it harms our people and needs to be exterminated anyway that we can.

  5. dick fuld says:

    add to the criminals’ list ex new york attorney general schneiderman-
    truly a kike among kikes.

  6. Matt says:

    This filth, that is only allowed to exist because the Jews have the control for the time being, this is why the world will eventually turn against these parasitical hyenas, and chase them down.

    I have 3 daughters. Proverbs 5:19 “As a loving hind and a graceful doe, Let her breasts satisfy you at all times; Be exhilarated always with her love”

    I think women are a blessing from God to men, that’s why we defend our women’s honor.

    This won’t last forever, when a man whose meant to be the gardener, defiles your daughter, and a filthy Jew is saying it’s good. Then the Jews will reap what they sow.

  7. cc says:

    Sweden needs to be added to the long and growing list of shithole countries. The blatant in your face FUCK YOU that the Swedish political machine is sending to its’ own people in this long drawn out interior genocide experiment is as/if not more horrific than 911, which the jews were behind too! Meanwhile Chicagos water tower mall just expelled over fifty degenerate nigger youth for fighting, violence and throwing a white older gentleman under a horsecart. So… the ceo apologizes to them and….. of course they are now demanding free college scholarships?! I truly think it was a jew who brought the first slaves to this continent, playing the long game. How much better this nation would be without one single nigger, kike, mudslime and spic. SO SICK OF THE BULLSHIT!!!!!!

  8. Who cares says:

    As a American I always thought it would be cool to visit Scandinavia, England and Germany (not France always thought is was gay) I guess I missed the boat ?

    • ICU says:

      Forget about Western Europe and The UK for tourism, mostly in the big cities; although The Mud Creatures are increasingly being smeared onto villages and towns in the countryside.
      I spent 6 months touring Western Europe back in the day BEFORE their governments took Crazy Pills and let the jew nation wreckers take over and crap all over everything…using the jew E U based in North Tel Aviv, also known as Brussels. If the aggrieved peoples of those jew and Mud afflicted nations don’t do something drastic and real soon, they’re doomed.
      If you want to see what Europe USED TO BE like, go to Eastern Europe; Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia etc. I wouldn’t go anywhere West of Austria today, except maybe Switzerland, maybe.
      jews are the tracked in dog crap all over Planet Earth.

  9. ICU says:

    When I was a kid in the Northern suburbs of , now, Boogadelphia, there was something set up that brought a lot of young Swedish girls into more affluent households as Au Pair nanny’s that got room and board and a small stipend in exchange for wrangling family children…while they honed their English language skills and got to experience American culture…which often included trips into the city so that they couls experience BLAK Dik, something exotic, REALLY foreign and borderline Bestiality compared to what was available back home in Sweden.
    German girls also had a rep for being Dark Sausage enthusiasts; in Germany with American GIs, and anywhere else on Earth they trotted their well worn thangs around.
    What goes around, comes around.
    Now the Swede and German sluts can get all the BLAK Dik they can handle, and yet more that they can’t handle…before the bearers of the BLAK Dik beat them to death or stab them.

  10. dick fuld says:

    welcome back cogman. I see the kikes were messing with you today.
    let’s keep the heat on those crazy, inbred bastards until they’re flushed
    out of this solar system permanently.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      yeah you were seriously knocked off line yesterday this page has been denied. Somebody must have said something that the jews didn’t like. Wear it like a badge of honor.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    I think it had to do with prez trump was going to announce that he is pulling America out of the iran nuclear deal. And he knew what our reaction would be is that jew nutandyahoo actually runs this country like we don’t already know. Did you pull out of the porn star stormy daniels or is this the first time in your history you ever pulled out of anything? He says we are going to pull out of Syria and go home next thing you know a pentagram says a chemeical attack I’m going to end this endless war in korea the military industrial banking pentagram complex says oh no no no. This president has a HARD time pulling out of anything and so do I when I am so deep in. But you have to do it man.

    • ICU says:

      Preznit Arty Dealguy couldn’t be more jewed.
      I could actually see the puppet strings that Potato Head Netanyahu was pulling to make Arty’s lips flap.

      Brief History Lesson:
      The jewed up USA, along with the jewed up UK (Chinese opium trade) and the jewed up France (Michelin rubber plantations in Indo-China) and the jewed up Holland (Royal Dutch Shell and Bush/Walker interest in oil under the Mekong Delta)…
      aggressively boxed in Imperial Japan, that wanted to dominate it’s back yard, with trade embargos, shipping restrictions and financial manipulations; which declared Western Mal Intent and convinced the Japs that they had better do something first to knock Western scumbaggery back on it’s ass.
      Hence, the managed spectacle of Pearl Harbor, taking of The Flip Islands and Hong Kong.
      The very same “Boxing In” is now happening to Iran.
      Only this time there are pieces on The Game Board that weren’t there in the 1930s; namely Russia and Nuclear Weapons…and the shitpile that is Israel, with it’s unbridled control of American Blood & Treasure.
      Sweaty jew desire to establish a Rothschild/Warburg Central Bank in Iran, just as they did in Libya and Iraq, drives the Geopolitical madness that now unfolds before our eyes.
      The YOOOGE puppet stooge, Trump, has a Starring Role in this jew produced production.
      It’s disgusting.
      I hope that Iran changes the channel with about 20 Megatons at about 1500 feet over Tel Aviv and Dimona in script changing Airbursts.
      Then, they AND Russia, tell the West…”Eff YOU if you don’t like it.”

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    Declare victory and bring our troops and treasure home. One and the same. Stop killing out the best goyim. I could go on. My son 7 weeks after calling me from Paris Island called me from afghan a weapons company Lie I knew he would be I drive the mrap but we are all the same here in the desert. Every time the phone rings I run to answer it no matter what I am doing just in case it is you or dread that it might be your mother calling me that you are dead or in the hospital somewhere. So I get mad at fucking jewcallers trying to sell me something don’t call me anymore.

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    It was a pretty quick turnaround once he joined the Marines. You do know you will be in the combat zone quicker than you can get your girlfriend pregnant and have a baby? My girlfriend is pregnant and we ARE going to have a baby. And I leave for AFGHAN next week if you want to come say goodbeye. One last hug but I have faith you will be back. Shwartzenegger I’ll be back.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Notice when my son hits me with the double- whammy by the way I am in the marines now I leave for afghan next week have another beer and my girlfriend is pregnant too can you take care of her if I never come home? I drop down on my knees and thank GOD he is not a queer or transfaggot or gay a REAL fucking marine not one of those gender changers. At least he likes women which men are supposed to do. He smelled the flowers and tasted the wine, and it was good.

  14. Red Pill says:


  15. Karen says:

    Same thing happening here in Canada. Perpetrators race are never revealed unless of course, in the rare instance he is White and then his name and face are plastered all over the media.

    • Zuckerborg says:

      Came here to say just this. White people in demographic reports are also not referred to as white, only “not a visible minority”. What are we going to be referred to when we ARE a minority?

  16. J.R. says:

    Trump was right to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal and to get the US ready for a more intense confrontation with Iran and other scumbag moslem nations during the apocalypse…

    moslems are notorious for their hypocrisy and duplicity… they infiltrate, gang-rape and mutilate… they murder Christians wholesale in countries they’ve commandeered and are always ready to impose sharia in those they don’t yet control.
    Like the jews who’ve sold their souls to Satan because they don’t like God’s choice of his Son Jesus Christ as Israel’s promised messiah, moslems have sold their souls to Satan because they don’t like God’s choice of Isaac, the patriarch of Jesus and the Israelis, over Ishmael, the patriarch of the Arabs, etc, as the heir of the promises God gave to Abraham…

    Trump will likely be used by God to provide support for the increasing number of converts to Jesus Christ in the land of israel, in his second term and during the biblical apocalypse…

    the land of Israel is the true tribal israelis, by virtue of an ancient sacred covenant that God made with Abraham, which is why God has endorsed the re-settlement of israelis there and the destruction and eradication of HIS moslem enemies who’d defiled the land.

    On the other hand, the STATE of israel is an evil antichristian entity run by apostate jews and trending right-wing to receive a new ‘Davidic’ pseudo-messiah as its king, who’ll militantly oppose God’s Davidic Son Jesus Christ and the only true and living Trinitarian God Jehovah of Israel’s patriarchs and the Bible.

    The evil antichristian state of israel under the reign of the biblical end-time antichrist is to be rent asunder by a great earthquake and consigned to the dustbin of history, upon the return and reign of Jesus Christ at Jerusalem, at the consummation of the apocalypse.
    The apocalypse will be instigated by Israel’s antichrist after a covenant of peace, like the Iran deal, between israel and her moslem neighbors, et al, has been forsaken by those who’d agreed to it and who’d operated wickedly in collusion with him to break it..

  17. Barney says:

    Too much religion in the sense that a belief that “God will sort it” leads to people thinking they don’t have to get off their backsides and fight the devil jew.

    There’s no point waiting for the cavalry to arrive because we ARE the cavalry. We came here at this time to play a part in God’s plan to eliminate the jew, and to sit back and say “God will sort it” is little short of blasphemy.

    The jews are NOT “God’s chosen”. They never were. Neither did their ancestors ever set foot in Palestine (which is NOT a land called “Israel” because the word never referred to a piece of land).

  18. kin says:

    I feel like I am in a nightmare and it will be all better when I wake up, but the nightmare is real and only scumbag motherckers could even think of this shit that is going on and being condoned. I find it so hard to believe a people would sit by and allow any government or any police to get away with shit like this, is dispicable, I hate everyone involved so much.

  19. Billy Badass says:

    Yep F’n jews are at it again blocking Incogman site..
    I know they developed somewhere a virus specifically aimed at killing rabbits in Australia… Is there one out there being developed to kill sickle cell and jewboy cell carriers??? Sure would solve a lot of problems…
    Cannot believe those white pussy hunks of swedish garbage are tolerating the jew flood of niggeroos…the jews pet disease carriers… Cant say.. how can Sweden accept this when this sorry assed country is knuckling down to the same jew pressures here…
    Again and again… the mantra was/is AH had it right!

  20. kin says:

    I heard this kike kunt in the above picture talking on the subject of how wonderful it will be when Sweden is finally fully integrated and how happy she will be when it happens. I believe nothing is going to happen till the white man gets pissed enough to get off his ass and stop talking and start killing people. That is the only thing these scumbags are going to understand, until then you can talk and message all you want and the jew m.frs will just laugh and keep on bring scum to white land and destroying the people in it and the culture and bring them down to Kawanda Africa standards and they they will be happy and be in complete control, for God almighty lets not let it happen its getting late in the day. If violence is not started soon we can all forget the posterity of the future white race.

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