The Stinking Bastards Killed That Brit Baby

Nurse Gave Alfie Evans Four Unidentified Drugs. Two Hours Later He Died.

A new report in an Italian newspaper claims that a nurse gave Alfie Evans four unidentified drugs just two hours before his death. The newspaper indicates Alfie’s vital signs were strong in the hours before his death but that the nurse gave him four drugs while his father Tom was out of the room and his mother Kate was half asleep. Another family member was in the room at the time.

There is no indication as to what the drugs were but Alfie’s vital signs began to diminish just 30 minutes after the drugs were administered. As La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana reports (translated from Italian):

So, to silence the press, the hospital promised Thomas more oxygen and more vital support. Two hours before dying the oxygen saturation was about 98 and Alfie’s beats were about 160, so much so that Thomas was convinced that they would let him go home soon (as the hospital administration told him on Friday afternoon) . Before dying, while Thomas had gone out for a moment, leaving Kate half-awake and another family member in the room, a nurse entered and explained that he would give the baby four drugs (no one knows what) to treat him. After about 30 minutes the saturation dropped to 15. Two hours later Alfie was dead.

The report also interviews the head of the Italian hospital that had planned to take Alfie before British courts eviscerated the idea. The scientific director of the Bambin Gesù Hospital, Bruno Dalla Dallapiccola, is quoted as saying he thinks the lack of food and water during the first day after Alfie’s life support was removed contributed to his death as well as the lack of proper oxygen.

The report also indicates that Alfie immediately contracted “a lung infection” after life support was removed and that Alfie’s father requested but was denied antibiotics to combat that. It also alleges that the breathing tubes were yanked in a way that caused damage or stress to Alfie’s body:

This is why Alfie, as he had told Thomas an Italian doctor with whom he was in contact, would need immediate antibiotic therapy that was denied. Yet despite all this, the baby breathed anyway without any help for hours, since doctors had also denied him the mask necessary to help his breathing, however autonomous.

But, once again, the doctors tried to deprive the child of the mask too, with the excuse that it did not come from the Alder Hey. And twice they gave orders to disengage it, until Thomas pointed out that the death protocol approved by Judge Hayden spoke neither of oxygen deprivation nor of suspension of nutrition. For the same reason Thomas has obtained that the small one, deprived of nutrition for a good 36 hours, was fed. Yes, Alfie was left without food for 36 hours, a very long time for such a small child, whose heart had already sustained a huge effort after the violent removal of ventilation without weaning.

As the well-known geneticist and scientific director of the Bambin Gesù Hospital, Bruno Dalla Dallapiccola, had written , “little Alfie will not be able to last long without the supply of nutritional substances through a drip. Without the nutritional intake, in fact, survival can vary from a few hours to a few days “. Of course “the duration of survival is conditioned by the patient’s starting conditions”, although in the case of Alfie “we can not say with certainty”. In any case, Dallapiccola concluded, “regardless of whether the baby continues to breathe independently, now the lack of nutritional intake represents an emergency”.

Alfie, already fatigued and subjected to violent treatments, was deprived of all the antibiotic necessary to treat the infection and then of food and oxygen for too many hours.

In fact, officials at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital waited 28 hours before finally feeding the 23-month old boy. Alfie’s Father Tom Evans confirmed at the time that his son was finally being fed after over 24 hours but he condemned hospital officials for waiting so long to finally get him the nutrition he needs.

“They only started feeding him at one ‘o’clock yesterday. It’s disgusting how he’s being treated,” Evans said. “Not even an animal would be treated like this. He’s proving them wrong. It’s time to give him some grace and dignity and let him go home or to Italy.”

Alfie’s father Tom Evans spent the last 10 minutes of the 23-month-old little boys life desperately trying to revive him with mouth to mouth.

Since Alfie’s death, a leading Catholic cardinal is among those defending the courts and hospitals. Britain’s leading Catholic official has praised the staff of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital for how it treated Alfie Evans even though it fought to yank his life support over his parents’ consent and withheld food and water for over 24 hours after it won a court order to remove the life support. This is the same hospital that was once embroiled in a controversy surrounding the selling of children’s organs after surgery.

Meanwhile, as LifeNews reported, British prime minister Theresa May defended the hospital. She argued that medical experts ought to be the ones to make decisions in such cases as opposed to parents and family.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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10 Responses to The Stinking Bastards Killed That Brit Baby

  1. ICU says:

    The E U One World (((Nation Wreckers))) and their bought off, craven stooges that pose as a legitimate government and Do No Harm medical staff are DIRECTLY responsible for that child’s untimely death…AND the sorry state that The UK finds itself in today.
    Karl Marx predicted that The Revolution of The Proletariat would first occur in industrialized England. So much for Commie prediction skills, since his sweaty, murderous revolution happened in the least modern industrialized state, Russia.
    I mention this only to draw attention to the new ways that Commiejew suborns nations and cultures in it’s scummy attempts to smear Tikkun Olam upon all and sundry. Commiejew now uses not rifles, hammers and sickles to conquer; the collective hive mind demon uses fiat currency that it pulls out of it’s ass, the infliction of massive usurious debt to pay itself for it’s (((Merchant))) activity, and the ratlike infiltration, despoiling and corruption of ALL institutions of influence and power.
    This, so that The Self Chosen may ultimately “…sit and eat like Effendi”, words directly out of the bearded Matzoh hole of one of their stinking pervert Rabbi freaks.
    The Eternal Commiejew, through the Satanic device of The European Union…based in North Tel Aviv (Brussels, Belgium)…knows it’s weapons and it’s enemies—non jews—very well and has pretty much brought Western Europe to it’s knees; Sweden and The UK the most pathetic examples.
    The USA and Canada are under attack by Commiejew…
    and Commiejew is WINNING…so far.
    If our afflicted failed republic is to escape the ravages of The Eternal Commiejew, there will have to be DIRECT ACTION to stop it’s progress and to reverse the damage done.
    There is no other way…because debate, discussion, petition for redress, letters to alleged “Representatives” and editors amounts to something like a hill of shit.
    The time for The Saxon to begin to hate, and act accordingly, is RIGHT NOW.
    Failing that, all is lost

  2. Barney says:

    Liverpool’s Alder Hey hospital has long been known for stealing body parts for sale.

    It seems one of the drugs used to murder poor Alfie was Fentanyl, the same stuff that was used (if it actually happened) to poison the Skripals. I don’t have any specialised medical knowledge, but from what I read on the internet it seems Fentanyl is something like 10,000 times as strong as Heroin.

    Also, the murder “had to” be completed before the child reached his second birthday or the family would have been entitled to compensation (as if anything could compensate for the murder of a child).

    I suppose some jew wanted a “spare part” for a seriously ill kikelet.

    Most people wouldn’t believe an entire hospital ward could be complicit in something as evil as murder, but I saw it for myself a few years ago.

    Somewhere I’ve made a note of the drug that was probably used, but I can’t find it right now. The name doesn’t really matter though.

    The person was given an injection that directly attacks the pancreas, and then the jew scum that administered it pretended not to know what was wrong while the victim lost a lot of weight. Blood was taken, and the jew bastard often remarked that the victim’s blood sugar readings were “a bit high”, but nothing was done.

    Eventually the victim was hospitalised, and the nursing staff maintained the pretence of “not knowing” what was wrong until a visitor with no real medical training pointed out that the victim was showing “all the signs” of diabetes.

    There’s no possibility that hospital staff, or even the general practitioner who administered the drug that caused the “problem” could have failed to diagnose something like diabetes. I’ve had a few rides in ambulances, and that’s always the first thing they test for.

    With their cover blown, they had to make a show of pretending to treat the diabetes, but in ways I now know were hopelessly wrong. I personally saw blood-sugar readings that should have been fatal.

    The victim continued to lose weight, and was bullied mercilessly, usually during the night when there were few witnesses. I saw some horrific bruises, but complaining only made things worse.

    It was clear to both the “patient” and myself that this was intended to be a murder to be dismissed as the inevitable result of “natural causes”.

    There’s a lot more to this story, but one significant fact was that the murder was ordered by a high-ranking freemason (a jew organisation) and carried out by “doctors” and “nurses” who can’t fail to have known exactly what they were doing.

    Medical murder? It happens all the time. That’s why so many of the devil’s own are attracted to the medical profession, for the opportunities it gives them to murder Humans (=non-jews) and get away with it.

    On this occasion, (((they))) stole the victim’s brain for reasons best known to (((themselves))).

  3. Jim Stone has some amazing facts about this outright murder of this young child at his website:

    I do recommend that people take a gander at his findings.. They are most revealing as well!

  4. Matt says:

    When it should be all out riots in Cuck Island, over the killing of another white baby by the Jews, it’s not.

    The evidence and facts are so obvious a blind man could see, but the Jews and their lies will never cease.

  5. cc says:

    This is another prime example of the powers that be running their white genocide agenda! Just ask yourself if Alfie had been a muslim would these indignancies be foisted him? May will indeed burn in the fires of hell for her continued support of satans agenda!

  6. Joe Btfsplk says:

    Teresa didn’t get that round mouth by eating square meals!

    • ICU says:

      Before the witch went in to politics, she worked in Lappland as a Reindeer castration specialist…with those scary fangs.
      Any male that suffers Priaprism (Perma-Stiffy) should copy that image of May so that they can subject themselves to that spectacularly horrible face to make what’s too hard for too long become limp, quick.
      May as Prime Minister ?
      That creepy Muzzy as Mayor of London ?
      BBC even more jewed than USA TalmudVision ?
      Prince Harry actually marrying a Mulatto trashcan ?
      Toddlers murdered by an insane government ?
      England is lost, and joins Sweden in suicidal doom.

  7. Jason Phelan says:

    This is the elephant in the room in relation to universal free healthcare.

    Huxley and Orwell saw this coming. As did Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler.

    We all saw this happening but we were labeled as tin foil hat wearing nut jobs.

    And now the truth is plain to see. Now that it’s almost too late.


  8. carnac123 says:

    Nothing surprised me about England anymore. I am American but of English ancestry. I used to be a little proud of my English roots but not anymore. I say nothing about them unless I am asked. England has turned into a backwater nation due to its insistence to kill itself with Muslims and Negroes. Its government is so left wing it makes ones stomach turn. The English themselves do nothing to reverse this suicidal mission the country is on. Some see what is happening but they let the government take their guns about 30 years ago (or less) and they are helpless. I am going to tell you what George Washington (your one time nemesis) said to new American troops. “If you let the authorities pick up your arms then you are now in the butter-knife brigade. Get a butter-knife,…..sharpen it,….kill a British soldier. take his rifle,…..and then come back and see us.” English! Kill who you must to get a gun and then overthrow these liberal politicians running your country.

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