Are Jews Actually Demonic Agents of Satan?

By Phillip Marlowe

This is something I’ve wondered about for a long time. I can’t answer the question, since I’m not some kind of philosophical theology guy. Satanic or not, it’s obvious these stinking Jews love causing trouble. You can tell because practically their whole livelihoods and persona revolve around social engineering, making a big stink over the latest “Whitey-be-bad” story or simply profiting off a wide variety of human immoralities.

The above photo is of a Jew I recently saw on FOX News talking to the cutesy blond anchor about the latest manufactured Trump brouhaha. The control room Jews must have been distracted for a second or two after the anchor finished her questions and thanked him. They failed to immediately switch cameras from the close-in to the studio set wide-angle. For a long awkward second, the Jew looked up at the live camera, giving me a distinct sense of evil emanating from the cold eyes behind his phony Ben Franklin spectacles. The look on his smug face so gave me the HEEBie-jeebies, I racked back the video and took a quick cellphone picture.

Smarty-pants Jew on FOX was one Paul Rosenzweig, senior fellow at “R Street Institute,” a big NEOCON think tank in Deep State DC. He’s also a senior advisor for The Chertoff Group — the now filthy rich Jew Globalist business owned by Michael Chertoff (right — HUGE deep stater Clintonite Zionist) that has really sucked down homoland security dineros after 9/11. Boy, the Jews sure did profit on all those people who died that day, didn’t they? I like the Mondrian colors bow tie — it says “I’m smart, I’m insightful — but still fun in an artsy-fartsy kind of way.”

I’ve done a quick poll on whether you think Jews are actually evil entities representing Beezlebub on our Earthly plane. Click “continue” to put in your two cents!


Now, I’m just a regular guy. I certainly don’t have any special insights into the paranormal world. But I do think there is something “beyond the pale.” I’m not sure exactly what it is. Heaven, hell or other dimensions wrapped up inside the same 3/D space time continuum we see in front of our carbon-based life form eyeballs? Flock, I don’t know!

I have seen a few things in my life that makes me believe there is other dimensions beyond the one we see. I also think when we die our “souls” go somewhere. People have been yapping over the possibility since, well, forever. It’s like we’re not supposed to know. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, like that creepy Jew in my cellphone shot above, but sometimes you see things in real time that makes you think.

And I’m not talking about some secret Alien lizards, either.

Notice how the Israeli flag* has a six pointed hexagram just like a demonic symbol. They call it the Star of David. I call it the Star of Satan. Any sort of TV documentary that talks about Satanism, occult symbols and the dollar bill always keeps quiet about this (I saw something just last night that said ZILCH). They already know they had better not say a word about anything to do with Jewry and Israel, or get fired. All non-Jews in media and DC goyim know this.

Whether or not Jews are spawn of the devil, one thing is for sure: They are definitely busy destroying our White race these days. No doubt whatsoever. From our race relations, sexual preferences, to the flooding of our lands with the scum of the planet. They are doing all this right in front of our noses. Say a word and they scream “HITLER, HITLER, HITLER!”

Hell, you can see the evil bastards have been ramping up the mass media brainwashing to promote us to even breed our own race away. We are most definitely under attack.

Things are getting worse by the day in the once formerly White countries of the West. I believe the Jews are going to do something very, very big in the near future to confuse and distract the now rapidly awakening masses. People are indeed talking about the Jew. Maybe the devil himself planned it like this all along. I don’t know for sure.

The only thing I can tell you is to keep your powder dry. Which is obviously why they want to disarm us ASAP. In fact, the brilliance of 18th century Christian White men, may just be what saves the White race in the end.

Think about it!

*BTW, the two blue lines next to the Star of Satan on the Israeli flag stand for the Egypt’s river Nile and Iraq’s Euphrates river — the Jew’s master plan for the eventual size of Israel (Eretz Israel) — with a lot of help of clueless Goyim in the West, of course.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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89 Responses to Are Jews Actually Demonic Agents of Satan?

  1. ICU says:

    Familiars are the mortal servants and agents of demons.
    I believe the Khazar Talmudic identity thief “jews” to be Familiars, rather than Hellspawn demons.
    If Hell is an other alternate dimension of suffering, punishment, loss of Grace and retribution for evil and predatory crime and real sin, then the jews, as they get older, start to physically transform into extreme ugliness…more ugly than they were when younger, so they’ll look more at home in the company of the higher ranking servants of Satan after they pass from this mortal existence and take their well deserved places in Hell.
    The horribly misshapen, ugly-in-every-way, vile personage of Michael “Cryptkeeper” Chertoff is a prime example. Many thousands of other Hellbound Train rider kikes, male/female/whatever, support my observation.

    So, come The Tipping Point and The Day of Justice, don’t hesitate to send the devil’s gargoyles home to Papa, where they belong…
    with their Earthly pets and front line assault monkeys, bean munchers and child raping Moon Crickets.
    You’ll be glad you did.
    The SJWs, DWLs, Libtards, Kriss-Chun Zionists, Shabbos Goyim and IKAGOs may be spared, although strictly managed…as sewage and trash dump attendants, fieldhands, stable muckers, dog/goose/cat/horse shit pickers up, bait cutters, slaughterhouse techs, dog walkers and various other grunt dumb labor…for which they are well deserving and eminently qualified
    Somebody has to do work like that; and they’re well suited for it.

  2. Ionwhite says:

    I have known since I was little kid that Jews are evil. Then, my parents told me they were and I knew that my original sense of them was the correct one.

    • Danielle says:

      Ionwhite, I loved reading your comment, as it is the same with me. After having been around only your average middle class white christian folk the first 10 years of my life, my family moved to a higher-end upper middle class neighborhood in surburban New Jersey, where I started the 6th grade and first encountered the Jew, as this particular small town was heavy with Jews, as is the case with many areas throughout the state of NJ. Though my 10 year old mind could see they appeared to be white like me (even this was not quite black and white for me, because it didn’t take long for me to stare them down long enough to see there were definitely some physical differences going on and about the only thing in common we had was the color of our skin, but similarities quickly drop off after that has been established) – their almost afro-like hair, the boys and girls alike, oddly shaped bodies definitely not built for physically exerting activity or sports or anything demanding physical endurance, smaller, beady eyes close together, hook or beaky-noses, several girls in my class, i was astonished to notice, literally had what i considered to be Halloween mask Witch type noses. these kids were all self centered little brats who thought nothing of hijacking the class and keeping the teacher all to themselves. the teachers knew these kids parents were the movers and shakers of the town and were very intimidated and i lost respect for many of my goy teachers as they caved and kissed ass of the Jew kids, especially by the time we were in high school. after puberty (and bar and bat mitsvahs), these JAP bitches and sex-obsessed, piggish Jew boys were holy terrors to have to be in class with.
      Yes, they are evil.
      Oh, and p.s. my sister went and married a Jew. after all of these years later, not a one of us in my family is STILL comfortable around this man. He’s a doctor and has the personality of napkin rack and is very materialistic. I have never once seen him be affectionate to my sister since they have been together since 1994. Jews and gentiles do not mix. I am sure there are exceptions and I have encountered a few of my own exceptions over the years, having known a few cool Jews, but it is not the norm.

  3. dick fuld says:

    the “devil” and “satan” are inventions of the jews, which obviously
    makes them satanists.

    their stupid plan to destroy the arians and the rest of the euros
    will fail because of world-wide factors they choose not to grasp.

    the masses as usual are just “along for the ride.”

  4. dick fuld says:

    the jew flag does indeed represent the six-sided hexagram of satan.

    911-conspirator and former jewland insecurity boss who gets rich
    x-raying your children name in russian, chertoff, translates “son
    of the devil.”

    r-rays were discovered by the arian roentgen to be put to a
    beneficial purpose. this of course bothered the kikes, who
    thru their monopoly of the mass media “changed” the name
    to “x”-ray, putting a good invention of an arian to an evil jew use.

    that’s what they always do, zio-cretins. too late to be ruptured now.

  5. sen says:

    A grateful thanks for the work you do waking up the deceived by Satan’s minions.
    You might want to contribute. Or not.

  6. Red Pill says:

    Saturn Set for Amazing Close Encounter with Earth

  7. The New Testament identifies Talmudic Judaism as the “Synagogue of Satan” (see Matthew 23:13-33; Rev. 2:9; 3:9). Apparently, they accepted the deal Satan offered Christ in Luke 4:5-7.

  8. J.R. says:

    the biblical account of the moral degradation of the jews, since they committed the crime of the Crucifixion, is the basis of everything you need to know about them… after all, you do swear on the Bible that records it all, when you promise to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, in court or when being sworn into public office… especially the presidency…

    so, just look at the narrative … it leaves you with no doubt at all as to who you’re dealing with, so you’ll only have yourself to blame if you’re taken down to hell with the Jews by their propaganda, lies and blasphemy at the end of the day…

    First up, the great jew archetype Judas Iscariot (actually ‘canonized’ by some religious jews as the archetypal “good guy”) betrayed the Lord for thirty pieces of silver, after almost daily, for around three and half years, hearing his gracious words and seeing his miracles…

    Next, the jews asked Pilate for a seditious murderer, named Barabbas, to be released to them instead of Jesus… Barabbas was actually an antitype of Lucifer who was the first to commit sedition and according to Christ himself, “a murderer from the beginning”…

    After that, the jews with one voice cried out to Pilate: “We have no king but Caesar.. his blood be on us, and on our children”, when Pilate wanted to let Christ go, because he could find no fault in him…

    Next up, the jews committed the ultimate satanic ritual abuse/blood sacrifice atrocity, by crucifying Christ, which has of course been re-enacted in the ritual abuse of children (aka the “Blood Libel”) by jews who actually imagine they’re stabbing and draining the blood from Christ again, when they torture the hapless children who fall prey to them…

    the jews then nationally rejected the light of the gospel that was being preached by the disciples of Christ and early Christians; and as reprobates, they started to stir up Gentiles against Christians, which has of course only been escalated by them to this day… even to the point of making ‘educated’ people think there’s not even a spirit world…

    the spirit world can of course be accessed, and via both good and evil protocol… the good protocol of the name of Jesus gives access to the good side of the spirit world; and evil protocol, like the hex of a hexagram and a pentagram and a circle of candles, and the name of Satan and his demons, understandably gives you access to the evil side…

  9. Nationalist says:

    James Robert Calvert is exactly 100% correct although it is too bad more Whites do not understand this including those high up in the Church. The Jews started to fall out of favor with God sometime just prior to the arrival of Christ and after that European Whites took up the banner of doing right by God. The bad news is Whites are now falling out of favor with God due mainly to liberalism and this trend is continuing to get worse all of the time. I do not believe it will be a long time till major turmoil breaks out and this will be the end of the Earth as we know it. Whites who are on the liberal side of the political equation need to wake up to the inevitable destruction they face because of their misdeeds including unlimited non-White immigration and worse race mixing. The Cuckservatives are being stupid as well, only National Socialism can save us from impending disaster.

    • ICU says:

      I totally agree.
      Many still lack education regarding the substantive differences between National Socialism and Marxist Socialism.
      In essence, N S focus and energy is directed inward for the betterment of the nation and the beneficial cohesion of its people. Dealings and Trade with other nation states are always mindful of ” _________ First ” in at worst a Win-Win context.
      Warfare, when required, pressed for Victory; another expression of….
      ” __________ First “.

      M S…ultimate expression being Soviet Communism… is outwardly focused, as a rapacious, never satisfied, ever hungry beast, on murderous conquest to justify a predatory, Locust like, Hive Mind ideology, albeit shot through with lies, contradictions and hypocrisy; parasitic, toxic, infectious and often cannibalistic. It must keep moving because it defiles, ruins and lays waste to where it has been.

      There are the core differences between the two.
      Most of The Unknowing are reflexively spooked by use of the word “Socialism” in the term “National Socialism”. This is understandable due to the craptastic nature of public education and the manipulations of Khazar Zionist jew media.
      Simply stated: WE’RE ALL IN A SOCIETY, dammit…and must act TOGETHER to tend it and make it flourish.
      The American tradition of rugged individualism was completely relevant when pioneers were in the new-to-them wilderness, alone, totally lacking a social context or environment…or Civilization of any sort.
      Those days are OVER !
      One of The Eternal Jew’s most potent weapons is to keep us separated and effectively alone. That keeps us easier to figuratively Pick Off, use and slaughter.
      The White POSTERITY of The Founders of this nation had better…
      and MAN UP…
      and GEAR UP…
      and start organizing the long overdue, co-ordinated, destined for VICTORY counter-attack against the invasive, nation wrecking Khazar Zionist jew conspiracy that is The New World Order.
      Make no mistake; the jew locusts mean to rule you or kill you.
      What else do you need to know ?

  10. Matt says:

    Are the Jews demonic agents of Satan? The answer is yes.

    The Jews have long history of fraud and deception, by deceit or deception they wage war. They make a practice of fooling the goys, and laughing at how stupid the goys are behind their backs.

    The problem for the Jews, is that they’re such liars and frauds that they even deceive themselves, being blind and never seeing the truth.

    If you were to ask a Jew if he was a child of hell or Satan, he would emphatically say no, and instead assert he’s a child of Abraham, the chosen people, above all other people and special before God.

    This can be seen in John 8:35-44, where the Jews assert that Abraham is their father, being blind to who they really are. Then Jesus tells the Jews in verse 35, that they do what their father tells them, and in verse 44 Jesus tells they the Jews that their father is the devil, and that they’re murderers and liars just like their father.

    In Verse 43 Jesus tells the Jews their deaf, unable to hear the truth of the word. The Jews are blind, living in their own world of deceit and fraud.

    John 16:2,

    “For you will be expelled from the synagogues, and the time is coming when those who kill you will think they are doing a holy service for God.”

    The kikes are too dumb to realize they serve Satan and are his children, they murder, lie, and do evil, thinking they do God a service. How will kikes escape the damnation of hell.

  11. J.R. says:

    the jews received seven devils worse than the one cast out of their nation by the ministry of Christ, when they left their house “swept and garnished” with the fake ‘law keeping’ of evil, antichristian, pharasaic/Talmudic judaism, as cover-up for the crime of the Crucifixion…

    envious jews were quick to solicit gullible Gentiles of the baser sort to help them undo the spread of the good news of the gospel in the first century… anyone who opposes or denies Christ or the gospel has been taken down morally by the evil jews to some extent…

  12. J.R. says:

    Like their archetype Judas Iscariot who was a thief and “had the bag” as the treasurer of the disciples of the Lord, the jews have been obsessed with ruling the world for Satan by their control of stolen money and cursed like the offspring of Judas to many generations…

    and shortly they’ll achieve their evil dream, when the jewish banksters make it mandatory for everyone to trade by the 666 (i.e., crypto-hexagonal) mark of the beast…

    the witchcraft hex or curse of the hexagram is of course on the state of israel’s flag at the geopolitical center of the jews’ ideal antichristian world, as a counterpart of the 666 mark of the beast that’ll have its center in Europe, as the monetary capital of that ideal world…

    the six-pointed star on israel’s flag has the evil “666” connotations of six principal lines, six sub-triangles, and a central hexagram; and an esoteric counterpart in the hexagram at the north pole of the evil planet Saturn, which is the sixth planet from the Sun…

    the jews have been worshiping Saturn as a pseudo-messianic star that ostensibly answers to the star that Moses had said would rise as a sign of Israel’s messiah, ever since they came out of Egypt with the idol of the biblical “star of Remphan”, which is said to be the planet Saturn and associated with child sacrifice, by scholars of biblical literature…

  13. Gene says:

    Negroes Still Using Vehicles To Murder People

    A Negro suspect allegedly ran down with his vehicle an entire family out for a bike ride. The news version says he was going in one direction but saw the family on their bikes and abruptly made a U-turn and accelerated off the road at high speed to hit the family on their bikes.

    This is similar to the one in Dallas – Ft. Worth, TX. area where the victim saw the driver turning around and fled, only to be fatally run over anyway. It appears that people are singled out and stalked for murder. The father was named Pedro, Hispanic name.

    Look around you when you’re out there and keep your pistol handy. Just look at this ugly ape!

    Florida hit-and-run driver ‘purposely’ mowed down family, killing father, police say

  14. Gene says:

    I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If Maxine Waters Is Jew Inspired

    Maxine Waters is all but calling for open rebellion against the sitting president. I would not be surprised if she was inspired by the Deep State, The Jew Deep State. If half the people who call for the removal of Trump had called for Obama’s removal, we would be in great shape.
    Illegal, therefore unlawful Obama, just a scam artist who was ineligible serves two terms. Trump a lawful president, though a corporate one, they simply cannot stand – BECAUSE HE’S WHITE!

    People have gone PC nuts and it will take firearms to deal with the future. Sad but true. Why is the lawlessness and the threats of Maxine Waters, for example, not investigated as inciting to riot to endanger elected officials?

    • Gene says:

      Maxine Waters, Ugly Insane Negro Congresswoman, Issues Threats Against The President Of U.S. – In Support Of President Trump And His Administration Officials

      If a white person said they were going to “take Trump out”, not only would they be investigated by the F.B.I., but they would probably be arrested. Just because Maxine Waters is an UGLY AS HOMEMADE $HIT congress member should not excuse her from law standards. Not only would I not threaten the President of the U.S. but I would not threaten anyone. It’s bad karma.

      Don’t you think it’s about time for senile UGLY AS HOMEMADE $HIT Maxine Waters to be recalled and fired immediately after threatening President Trump and members of his administration. She has called for attacks on his administration officials in the form of bullying, creating crowds against them, pushing them back, etc., etc., which will most assuredly result in danger to the admin members. Why is Maxine Waters, like Louis Farrakhan, allowed to spew such violent rhetoric, speech directed against the sitting POTUS?

      It’s because of the double standard enforced by the F.B.I. for one thing. The professor who used to call for the killing of White people was not even arrested to my knowledge. If a White person got up and spewed such venom against Blacks he or she would be arrested immediately. So you can see, already, a capitulation to BRA, Black Run America, a capitulation which has blossomed and boomed and is in full swing now.

      Yes, it appears that BRA is now like a nation of saboteurs, destroying everything that makes America great. Like one old guy I knew said, “Like a bull in a china closet, what they don’t break they $hit on!”

      Call me racist – I don’t care anymore. Negroes have murdered too many people for me to care. Their race is like a murder machine.

      But this violent rhetoric goes hand in hand with the violent character of the Negroes, doesn’t it? See VIOLENT NEGROES


      McEnany: Dems Should ‘Condemn’ Maxine Waters’ ‘Insane’ Call for Harassment of Trump Staffers

    • Gene says:

      Maxine Waters, Ugly Insane Negro Congresswoman, Issues Threats Against The President Of U.S. – In Support Of President Trump And His Administration Officials
      If a white person said they were going to “take Trump out”, not only would they be investigated by the F.B.I., but they would probably be arrested. Just because Maxine Waters is an UGLY AS HOMEMADE $HIT congress member should not excuse her from law standards. Not only would I not threaten the President of the U.S. but I would not threaten anyone. It’s bad karma.
      Don’t you think it’s about time for senile UGLY AS HOMEMADE $HIT Maxine Waters to be recalled and fired immediately after threatening President Trump and members of his administration. She has called for attacks on his administration officials in the form of bullying, creating crowds against them, pushing them back, etc., etc., which will most assuredly result in danger to the admin members. Why is Maxine Waters, like Louis Farrakhan, allowed to spew such violent rhetoric, speech directed against the sitting POTUS?
      It’s because of the double standard enforced by the F.B.I. for one thing. The professor who used to call for the killing of White people was not even arrested to my knowledge. If a White person got up and spewed such venom against Blacks he or she would be arrested immediately. So you can see, already, a capitulation to BRA, Black Run America, a capitulation which has blossomed and boomed and is in full swing now.
      Yes, it appears that BRA is now like a nation of saboteurs, destroying everything that makes America great. Like one old guy I knew said, “Like a bull in a china closet, what they don’t break they $hit on!”
      Call me racist – I don’t care anymore. Negroes have murdered too many people for me to care. Their race is like a murder machine.
      But this violent rhetoric goes hand in hand with the violent character of the Negroes, doesn’t it? See VIOLENT NEGROES

      Found at:

  15. Dr. Doom says:

    The Messiah already told you. They say they are Jews but are not. They are of their Father the Devil, he was a liar and murderer from the beginning. They are the Synagogue of Satan. They do not worship God or follow Moses. Their book is named for Babylon, the Original Evil Empire.
    They serve a purpose these fakirs. They tempt mankind. They seduce the innocent. All those that take their Monopoly Money and their mind altering drugs are DAMNED WITH THEM.
    This is NOW The Book of Revelation. The First Horn has already sounded. It was HEARD AROUND THE WORLD. Its blown at the North Pole, BTW.

    • Bonnie says:

      Is there any evidence of the first horn being sounded?

      • Dr. Doom says:

        Do a search for strange horn sounds. What do these churches preach nowadays? Have people lost all sense? You do not even know what this is do you?

  16. Jews are the spawn of demons… I have said so for years now..

    When you look at a Jew’s eyes, you see that blackness of demonic possession in so many cases.. They are indeed a most evil vile bunch of mentally imbalanced scum…

    I recently saw news about Benyamin Miliekowsky’s (Netanyahu’s real name)… A Lithuanian Khazar failed used US New York City furniture salesman who went to the crooked state and used his evil demonic personna to be “selected” as the state’s Prime Minister and latest mass killing freak… And how this psycho’s wife has been charged with abuse of power….

    When you look at Benyamin the freak and his most evil wife and especially at their eyes, you see the same blackness of demonic possession… That shows that they are not even human and care not about human life… That makes these monsters most dangerous and shows how Benyamin himself is hell bent on world destruction and the death of millions..

    It is indeed a war for mankind, and we must win this war or these demons will win and put the entire planet into an unending dark age where billions will perish…. People need to see the truth and wake the fuck up, NOW!

    • ICU says:

      Bibi Nutbaryahoo and his older brother, the one that died on The Entebbe Raid, attended Cheltenham High School in a first ring suburb of Philadelphia just outside Mount Airy and Germantown; both now total nigger open air sewage lagoons.
      The jewsmedia filthy pervert Bob Saget also went to the same school.
      Cheltenham was the prime haven for Philly jews that moved up and out, in Blockbuster fashion, to make room for the imported cheap vote Southern niggers right after Jew War 2.
      Lately, their BLAK pets…breeding like the cockroaches that they are…have come to live close by their jew feeders and enablers. The Kikes that made it a little further out North into the High Rent areas of Montgomery County still have concerns about Hoopty Mobile nigger raiders, that pay unwanted visits for thievery, murder and surprise sex.
      All the first ring suburbs of Philthadelphia are now completely engulfed by hordes of American African Shitskins.
      They are an infestation, a threat and a menace….even unto the jews that dance them around and smear them onto Human Civilization, in a nation wrecking sort of way.
      The Good News is that Hot Lead and Napalm are effective insecticides.
      The vile critters also fear…and flap dey feets away from dogs, ghosts and registered mail.
      The primary fear of jews is that Whitey will start organizing for a counter-attack against filthy jew perfidy…AFTER WHITEY WAKES THE EFF UP…
      and gets moving.
      Nah meen ?

  17. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    “A satanic power had taken over the whole country, who had been able to grip key poisitions of our intellectual and spiritual life, but also of the political and economic life.

    From these key positions they were able to control and monitor the whole nation….

    Sounds familiar does it not? Say what you will about Der Führer, but he had tremendous insight into exactly what what happening to Europe at the time.

    If one can somehow garner the courage to undergo a real objective biographical study of the man, he/she will see that he could also be somewhat prophetic from time to time.

    He was an incredible man with seemingly supernatural willpower , but only a man born into sin and a sinful world just like the rest of us.

    Read the New Testament Book of John Incog.

    Christ is indeed real, and he warned us time and time again about these demonic, talmudic pharisees who call themselves jews.


  18. Joe Btfsplk says:

    (I saw something just last night that said ZILCH).

    Isn’t ZILCH the basis of jewish philosophy? [Nothingness/nihilism. . .]

  19. dick fuld says:

    netanyahu-miliekowsky is a pollack kike, as the name indicates,
    not a “lithuanian.”

    the ussa should be indicted under the RICO [racketeer influenced
    corrupt organization] act statutes, as should the gov’t of jew
    dictator and war criminal benny nutanyahoo: the racketeers
    being the publicans, demoncrats, likudists, mossad, cia, nsa,
    cbs, msnbc, etc., etc., etc.

    should the aforementioned fail to properly indict themselves,
    and bring themselves to justice, appropriate measures should
    be implimented, cf. 1776.

  20. J.R. says:

    the geopolitical center of the jews’ evil ideal antichristian world is the apartheid state of israel under the banner of a hexagram central to a six-pointed star (aka the magen David), and located in the “Mediterranean” or Middle Earth region of the planet Earth, which is itself ‘in the middle’ of heaven and hell in an esoteric way, as a sort of halfway house for time travelers like you and me, to one or other of those other two eternal domains…

    something that was evidently alluded to by J. R. R. Tolkien, in terms of the habitation of the Hobbits in his mythical domain of Middle-earth…

    For Middle-earth was the domain of Sauron who appears to be alluding to the angel Lucifer’s image Saturn as the god of the universe in pagan mythology and a god of the apostate jews in the Bible under the name of Remphan, which is understood by scholars to be a reference to the god or esoteric ‘Dark Lord’ of Saturn’s rings, in Jewish mythology…

    Sauron, as Tolkien’s lieutenant of the Dark Lord, more specifically appears to reference the end-time biblical jewish antichrist who’ll rise to prominence on behalf of Satan in the Mediterranean/Middle East region of the earth; and as an antitype of the jewish pseudo-messiah Sabbatai Zevi who ostensibly answered to Israel’s messiah whose sign was said by Balaam to be a “star star coming out of Jacob” in the heavens, and which of course really anticipated the star that would famously lead the wise astrologers from the east to where it stood over the the house of the young child Jesus Christ…

    In fact, the more you delve into it, the more the apostate jews’ ultimate god appears to be Saturn, the god of the universe and an image of Lucifer in pagan mythology, more than any other person, persona, or entity…and it’s certainly not Jehovah God, like the apostate jews would have you believe, because Jehovah is of course the only true and living Trinitarian God of everything, in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible…
    check out this link…

  21. Lori says:

    If an individual promotes disease, death and suffering and general degeneracy that prevents the foundation of life, are they evil?

  22. Mike says:

    Jews are the literal, physical, biological descendants of Shatan/Satan-el (Satan/Devil). This Creep is a being created by God, who led a rebellion against God, and was defeated and cast out of God’s presence, at which time, he (Satan) had sex with a woman that God created, in an attempt to corrupt the bloodline of God’s people (caucasians). The result of this union is the Jewish race. As crazy as it may sound, it is the absolute truth, and if you seriously research it, you will realize it is the truth. Today’s Jews are, in fact, human/demon hybrids, which explains their propensity towards evil. One day, the One who created us all, will destroy every last one of these cockroaches. In the meantime, God uses them to punish us whites, for our wicked ways. The truth is still the truth whether you choose to believe it or not.

  23. Gene says:

    Sorry for the double posting, INCOG at: Maxine Waters, Ugly Insane Negro Congresswoman, Issues Threats Against The President Of U.S. – In Support Of President Trump And His Administration Officials

    You could delete the one without the links, and delete this note, too. It didn’t look like it posted and I reloaded it. Thanks

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      arm up. When they get in your face start yelling back. low iq negro. low iq negro. low iq negro. reterded retard retarded. low iq negro. low iq negro. low iq negro. retarded retarded retarded. jewish jewish jewish. jewish jewish jewish. low iq negro. low iq negro. low iq negro. retarded retarded retarded. I’m going to get my bullhorn now.

  24. Anne Norvierre says:

  25. Anne Norvierre says:

    You all need to go to

  26. Anne Norvierre says:

    Bitches need to go to

  27. polly frazer says:

    The jew “religion is a natural home for inflicting evil on the rest of mankind. Americans dont have the free will to erase themselves from the Israeli parasites

  28. ICU says:

    Thinking about a concealed carry handgun for personal protection against the BLAK and Brown hordes, or the occasional White Trash scumbag ?
    Consider a revolver with a barrel 3″ or less, loaded up with appropriate self defense cartridges of common availability…plus at least one reload.
    They don’t leave shell casings on the scene like semi-auto pistols will.
    NO FINGERPRINTS on the bullets…or the cases, in case you have to dump cases and do a reload.
    If shooting rampaging beasts at close range gets you revved up, you may forget to pick up semi-auto cases, all of them.
    If you’re in a Shoot and Scoot situation, SCOOT !
    You don’t need the cops doing their cop thing…up your shorts, especially in Communist territory, or where there are a lot of Affirmative Action Hire BLAK and Brown cops.
    If fortunate, there will be no witnesses, survivors nor security video…SCOOT !
    Leave nothing, except the bullets (frags are difficult to match up to anything).
    Take nothing.
    Tell NOBODY; not wife, girlfriend, friend, co-worker, drinking buddy, confessor…
    NOBODY !
    Think about metallized window film that deceases solar heat gain as a protective cover for your automotive license plates.

    If you can’t scoot for whatever reason and the cops show up…still SHUT UP !
    Except for: “I was in fear for my life and I want the services of an attorney.”
    Do not have your gun in your hand when the cops show up.
    Keep both your hands open and in plain sight.
    Do not make any fast moves, or anything the cops would perceive as a threatening motion.
    Continue to SHUT UP !
    Follow the cops’ instructions as to what to do…except blabbing about what happened.
    Keep a good 2A attorney’s card with your carry permit. Call him or her ASAP.
    Assume the phone line is tapped by the cops and tell your attorney only that you have been detained for a self defense shooting and where you are.
    A specific insurance protection program for instances like this is also something you may want; USCCA has three levels to choose from. There’s also one in Texas, the full name of which eludes me right now.
    We’re at war.
    Be prepared, act accordingly.

    • Barney says:

      “SHUT THE EFF UP !”

      Excellent advice, ICU.

      For decades, even before my awakening, I was telling people, “If you’ve got a secret, and you tell just one person, you’ve told one too many”, and where life, death and zog’s enforcers are concerned, it’s more important than ever to KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!

      I believe this is an old Chinese saying (though it could be from anywhere).

      “The best way to keep a secret is to keep secret the fact that you have a secret.”

      Even the truth can get you in trouble nowadays, so TELL NO-ONE. Even your best friend can be turned against you, so KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT even if you’ve done nothing “wrong”.

      • ICU says:

        Barney, you have my complete sympathies for living in Englandistan, in it’s current NWO Zionist Commie jew perpetrated Mudslide disaster; sad.
        I spent a month in London back in the early Seventies, and stayed in a B&B in Arsenal; can’t recall ever seeing any niggers or wogs when I was out and around, except the staff at an Indian restaurant in Soho…where two acquaintances had a contest as to which of them could consume the most pine pitch flavored, vile, pickled veggies, which actually…in their projectile vomiting pain and agony the next morning…colored their faces a really ugly shade of green.
        Good Times.
        Since you guys are deprived firearm effective means of self defense and the stinking, ugly wog mayor of London is off on a toot about knives, rather than the marauding scum that misuse knives, I thought that I’d pass along an improvised weapon suggestion…
        a BIC stick pen.
        No joke.
        When they were first marketed here in our failed republic, TalmudVision ads showed them, in slow motion photography, being shot out of an air gun device into blocks of ice and concrete blocks. The clear plastic shattered into shards, but the ink tube and the hard point could still write.
        The hard point is the key part
        With the cap popped off, you have a superior stabbing weapon in hand.
        Ya think that Mayor Wog Boi and his uniformed, badged, bewigged and robed stooge minions would arrest and prosecute for possession of a simple writing instrument ?
        If you had to use it, your defender (attorney/barrister/counsel/lawyer/whateverthehell) could claim that it was used on the spur of the moment because you had nothing else to save life and limb.

        Ever think about emigrating to Eastern Europe ?
        The Czechs make excellent beer and firearms that the people can actually own and shoot; their women are also very attractive.

        Sorry to say, the Brexit vote is being stalled by your Ruling Swine and the future does not look like a happy story.
        The UK, along with most of Western Europe, looks to be screwed, blewed and tattood…
        and overdue for some really angry revolution; just as is the case here…in our failed republic, run by upright walking Ruling Swine…that are incestuously related to The Ruling Swine that you and your fellows suffer…
        a damned shame.

  29. S O G says:

    maxine waters is stupid alright …dumber than a box o rocks and she isjust what bolshevik communist neo con jews want in high positions of power …
    trump ought to get his bodycount thing on and take her out ….looking at all past presidents ,they all have massive assassinations body counts under their belt or are they just glad to see abribe coming ..
    loads of conniving jews protesting separating children from parents as far as spicanos go ….keep em all together south of the rio …
    jews protesting and using old testament quotes ….its called cherry picking out of contextt or to try to decieve ….
    first of all jews dont even acknowledge the old test ..let alone learn it to become rabbis ..
    one of the things old test mosaic levitical law says is that todays jews are not even remotely decsended from the ancient israelite baal worshippers ..
    take 100 jews and take their dna and they are all vastly different from each other ..ashkenazzis safardics middle eastern galishioners ,yekki potz ..etc ..
    its all bs anyway …
    did all the people god told the israelite scum to kill like amorites ,hittites etc edomites caananites live to spawn devils with the izzies…
    does anyone with a rational reasoning functiona
    mind give a god dam fuck …
    jews are evil thats solid info ..
    looking at the multi morass they have spawned in the world and the suffering of decent humans from jewish social engineering ,something must change now or never ..
    hitler had to put all the rats in cages and about 600,000 jews left germany when the perv party was over in 1933 …
    looking at what ww1 did to germany and russia a normal human grieves over this mayhem the jews orchestrated and the worls today with the threat of jew wars in syria on the go now and the war they want usa to fight against iran….sorry you fuckin kikes but i dint think usa is going to budge on that ….
    lets hope so
    see texxe marrs at power of prophecy about sll of our clandestine agencies together road nlocking the jews iran sgenda..
    usaneeds to cease Any further aid to this rogue illegalnation stolen from pakestins ..
    another evil stupid nigger bitch who needs a new face is orca winfree …
    she can get a jew lawyer and sue her asshole for a new face

    • ICU says:

      S O G,
      Ever see the South Park episode where Orca Winfreeze’s vagina (retttch) has a gun and is holding hostages ?
      A police sniper tries to hit the beast’s vage (retttch), but misses and hits the beast’s asshole (retttch).
      The script is a Laff Riot.
      The following in Brit Cockney accents; like a WW 1 battlefield narrative.
      Gary: I’m hit, Mingey.
      Mingey: Whut ?
      Gary: I can’t see, it’s getting dark, Mingey.
      I’ve always wanted to see Paris.
      and so on.
      It’s FUNNY…
      and Orca Winfreeze is an ambulatory pile of shyte.

  30. S O G says:

    get in the habit of wearing big hats ,big hoodies ..the weapon should be a bored out barrel …the cartridge should be as hollow a fuckin point as you can get on one side more than the other to implement tumbling sooner …
    all americans who want to survive should have 4-5 of these survival tools …
    and be considerate of noise ordinances ,hmmm, right ..
    every time its used bore it a little ,change the firing pin a little ..
    some o the 22lr can change out barrels as needed …
    stay alive ..the bolshevik govt of former america doesnt want you to live …
    who do these satanic devils think they are to deny us our most basic human rights while giving over to savages extended rights and superiority over caucasions …
    that article on the jews at the protest is at modernheretic3000….
    we all know jews study the kaballah and the multi book of talmud which is the oral traditions of the geezer kikes of babylon ..
    talk about oral traditions the rabbis have a worse record odpedophilia than catholics but cosidering catholic preists are mostly jews anyway today …
    rabbis get all oral with new born kikes and mohel the future ass penetrating dork by cutting off the foreskin and litterally sucking the kikefants dickand blood …
    gottenhimmel …what perversion …
    un says isray-el has the worst human rights abuse record …women from eastern bloc held captive to work in brothels in israyl…the biggest customers are rabbis and they get many std’s and give em to the babies whos dix they sukkat on …
    interesting tid bit …ariel sharon and che guevarra were cousins and obviously jewish ..
    i hate that fuckin che t shirt morons wear …cuba was the first to fall to communism under castro jew and then each and every country in south america went to jew communism socialism….each country has a jew for a president …
    venezuela was under machofascist chavez but the jews wanted it sonow they starve the nation and dont allow for people totry to leave ..
    jews are evil indeed
    author says be carefuland makes no gaurantee based on disclaimer etc …lol
    shotguns dont leave too much of a problem …cases are easier to find and pick up or if its a double barrel givemlead sammitches …90 ways to take control of your destiny there ..
    niggers will come up on you fast and in your nlind spots so always be looking around with a hat that keeps yer ugly mug off cctv …they will ban this apparel for whites id assume soon ..niggers will stillbe able to terrorize under jewish legal system ..
    you wont have time to theenk about it ..its you or them and its allways them inthat they are always in a pack …heador lower gut shot ..
    replay these scenarios out in your head till you know how to successfully escape death and capture ..
    a 9 millie is a .356 almost like a 40 is a shorty 10mm ..seen some revolvers that shoot both well as 38 …i dont remeber if you had tochange out a mag or not but it sounds good …taurus 692 does it but you have to change out the cylinder mag for 9mm..
    im wonderin tho as the 9 is a .356 ,one thousandth smaller than the .357..
    dont mean fuckkall to me anyway as you cant get this in fucing shithole california anyway and guns are likely to be a extinct specie here under jewish communism ..

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      Obviously, you don’t know much about guns, or you’d never suggest changing a “cylinder mag” from a 38spcl. to a 9mm. It would require a “full moon” or “half moon” CLIP (not “magazine”), and, anyhow, a 38 is much Superior to a 9mm (whose best quality is its availability as a NATO round, and its rimless feature of being adaptable to auto-fire, as well as hi-capacity magazines

      • ICU says:

        a revolver cylinder could be properly described as a magazine, similar to how a secure compartment on a naval vessel that stores ordnance is overtly and properly described as a magazine.
        Also, there are a few revolvers…Ruger makes a single action version…that can shoot 3 different caliber cartridges with a simple cylinder change; the Ruger .357 Mag/.38 Spec./9mm.

    • ICU says:

      Did you happen to catch that Sikh Tuff Kunt bitch, Haley, jabbering out her Tuff Kunt jibber jabber at The U N in, of course, defense of our very bestest, Holy and Extra Special democratic ally in The Middle East, Jewey Jewland…illegitimate terror state and dogwalker of it’s Amerikwanian pet bitch ?
      I wonder if Haley will be wearing a turban, a false beard and a kukri when the bitch hits the campaign trail to run for Preznit…due to Trump’s retirement, because he’s pushing 75, bored with being king; and wants more time to deal with the property settlement with Melania.

  31. Barney says:

    Good advice, S O G. Also, a shotgun aimed at the “muh dik” area should take out both femoral arteries, causing the animal to bleed out before the vet (meaning animal doctor, not military veteran) can even get there.

    I’d imagine this would be effective against zog’s enforcers “when the time comes”, but I don’t know how extensive their body armour might be.

    • ICU says:

      If the minions wear groin plate armor, go for thigh and head hits with buckshot.
      Solszhenitsyn, as he was “burning in the camps” with the other gulag prisoners, lamented that the he and the other targets of The Ruling Swine didn’t lay in wait for the just-doing-their-jobs stooges with hammers, fireplace pokers etc. to kill them and give their surviving associates pause for thought about what they were doing and who they were doing it for…and to.

  32. Gene says:

    Plenty of violent people on the streets – What would they do with better weapons?!

    This news story just goes to show what violent people on the streets might do if they had better, more efficient weapons like firearms. They would open fire on the public. All the mad Islamists and crazy violent Negroes should be picked up and shipped out. This guy was reportedly swinging a piece of plywood with a nail in it which did plenty of damage to at least one person.

    Video shows bystander taking out violent homeless man with impressive flying kick

  33. Gene says:

    All the crazy violent rhetoric spewing people like Maxine Waters should be picked up and shipped out too.

  34. Red Pill says:

    this here fella speaks the truth, our kind! (7.33)

    Opening Act of Civil War: YOU Must Disarm, But The Left Can Stalk and Bomb

    • ICU says:

      What he said; except for waiting to finish what the Commie scums start.
      Preemptive strikes are entirely appropriate YESTERDAY !
      If there’s a coyote prowling around your place looking for a meal, are you going to wait for it to strike ?
      Rats defiling everything they touch ?
      If there are rattlesnakes or copperheads in the wood pile or cottonmouths in the pond, are you going to wait until one of your kids or animals get bitten ?
      No ?
      HELL NO !
      You get up, get moving and TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS.
      The toxic vile pests declare themselves and are well known.
      Give them the recognition they deserve…TERMINALLY.

      ENOUGH of this screwing around and playing Pat-A-Cake with these Commie Zio scum pervert assclowns, their hired hands and their Turd Whirled pets.

  35. J.R. says:

    there won’t be another civil war, there’ll be a more autocratic US president, backed by both Republicans and Democrats (“two wings of the eagle”), as a lead up to the apocalypse… the left’s machinations have only ever worked positively for Trump overall, since he was elected… even the synagogue of Satan is bowing out on opposing him now… Maxine Waters is probably just exactly what she looks like…the die-hard left’s last ludicrous stand…

  36. S O G says:

    hey gilbert ,blow me bitch…
    theres always an asshole like you wherever one finds himself in the world ..tou dont know me you fucking asshole ,go fuck your mother ..
    did you see thedisclaimer seen people do this shit but i reserve my right to do what i wan wasnt an order son …you obviously no less than shit about anything and just came here to cause a stir …i wonder about half he mugs on here lately and the long religious dogma scrawlers …give it a break ,you dont know god and he doesnt know you ..gilbert fucking hunley …hav you evr even held a gun besides to scare your ife or dog ..
    contrary to stupid opinions of altruistic hites ,we are not all on h sam side evn tho it seems like it ..
    you dont know anyhong qbout drill prsses or ballistics …obfuscaing ballistic forensics was he point and its methodology i mentioned is pracixed among crtain individuqls …
    you never have qnything orth a fuck to say on here tou jus like to hear yourself blabber..
    what the fuck are you sven gurgling on about huntley ..the taurus i mentioned has to cylinder mags …you change the one that fires 38 and 357 to the on that fires the .356 aka 9 mm …look it up dipshit ..and dont come on here and piss people of with your ignorance …

  37. S O G says:

    oh gee i might be spamblinkad for that outburst in the classroom …
    im not sorry but i will use more decorum next time ..
    maxine waters acually encouraged terrorist acts against repubs and this is going on anyway but now this piece of rank shit nigger gorilla in a position of power no nigger belongs in is advocating the nigger pavement knuckle drqgging nigger minions in america go all ape shit on whites ..cus thats what it boils down to anyway ..when chucky taks in th ass schumer calls you out on the crap carpet or in maxine dumbwatier case changes the newspaper lining in hergorilla cage ,you got problems ….either th kike likes it too much and cant hav th blatant full on commie behaviourcome out before its time or …or what ..every thing waters said is what jews have been putinf niggers up to for decades here in the once great america…..
    im sure stank retch hole orca cunt winfree is down with th moron gorilla sister hood n sheeeyit ..all niggers hate whites ,some just hide it well but its hqrd to hide the colour of your skin …niggers are a a sub race ,not deeply tanned white people …niggers don belong in amricqn politicw qnd nwithr do jews …they have about as much decensy as muslim trash hich should all be exterminated asap anyway …
    cept the kike bolshvik decvils are using these miscreant sosiopaths to kill reql humans and christians around the jew controlled world …
    someone mentioned netanyahoos real name is milekowski and came from new jew york.
    him and his minions started or hijacked the likuud party ..the likud party was a splinter group od th morgenthau group who wanted to make israel a large nation by taking over all lands from the red sea to the euphrates river …
    cherry picking jews usingreligious old testqmnt dogma to wow christian morons to gain support for thier murdeous acivities ..christians who support isral are supporting fake israelites qns murder on a large scal and religious deception ..
    one of netanyayas miniions was ehud barak and another i cant remmber but thy assasinated shitsak rabin cus he was foing to slow …
    well fuck me cus morgenthau group splinterd off to form a faster action group calld bilderbergs to implement the ill of dmonic israel faster…
    netanyayas othr minion was ehud ohlmert ..these guys removed rabin to speed up the eretz israel agenda …
    all this just means russia needs to drop 1000’s of hyperbaric armamnet on israel and turn it into a parking lot …or china could invade the kikezoo….
    instead of the usa giving israel billions in aid and used oldr nukes and whatnot we need to make isral turn over all thir nukes …before thy do anotherfukashima ..
    would you buy a couch from a guy named milekowwcski….
    if me o anyone says any thing someone thinks is wrong then do your sue dilligence and souble check all things and info …dont just take it for truth auotomatically …right ?

  38. Barney says:

    A few points.

    A site like this will always attract a few trolls. Our host gives them time (perhaps too much time sometimes?) to show themselves for what they are.

    There’ll always be disagreements even among the genuine posters. We just have to accept that and unite against the common enemy.

    People have been criticising the way S O G writes for years, and I agree that it can sometimes be difficult to read a long post almost devoid of punctuation and formatting, but it we take the trouble to read what he has to say, he’s definitely “one of us” and he knows what he’s talking about.

    As for the devil jew, it seems to believe in the existence of both God and the devil, and consciously aligns itself with the forces of evil.

    Whatever we believe, the jew believes in a Loving God, and hates “Him”. That’s why it (the jew) deliberately corrupts, defiles and destroys everything that’s Right, Natural and Good (or “of God”).

    The devil as an evil spirit opposed to God and Man may or may not exist as portrayed, though I personally believe it does, but whether it does or not, the jews fulfil the function of “the devil”, so by working together as they do in their insane attempt to destroy the whole of Creation, effectively they ARE the devil.

    The devil’s minions are currently trying to eliminate the Noble White Race, the peak of creation, because we alone are the species capable of thwarting their evil plans, but if they were to succeed in exterminating us, they’d then turn their attention to their wild animal “pets”, the weaponised niggers and muds that would by then have served their purpose and become surplus to requirements.

    It’s not only Humans and the “human-like” apes though. The demonic jew hates all life (including it’s own). First the White Human Beings, then the sub-species and apes, cats, dogs, elephants, as in “leave nothing alive that breathes”.

    If the devil’s vermin ever reached the point of having eliminated all life from our world, they themselves would die, and they know it, but that’s what they want, to return to their father as identified by Jesus Christ and say “mission accomplished”.

    They actually believe that destroying Creation would somehow “prove” their master (the devil) “superior” to the Creator.

    In their insanity, their twisted hive mind can’t understand that while it takes genius to create, any idiot can knock something down.

    You’re absolutely right, IncogMan. The jews are “the devil”, both individually and as a group.

  39. Sean says:

    Good article Incogman!

    The good Bible tells us that Satan is still in control of this world until Christ returns to cast him into the abyss, and then later in to the Lake of Fire (Hell). Satan’s goal is to corrupt as many humans are possible, knowing that those who allow themselves to be deceived and defiled will deserve punishment in hell. Being deceived in life is a choice, not a “victim” status, especially when the truth of most matters of life is out there if one takes the time to seeks it and study it and use our mind.

    Satan uses human agents to help corrupt mankind, just look at the scumbag mindless politicians, and the Jew infested propaganda media machines and the vile degrading porn, drugs and self-centered hedonism pushed over and over. Humanity is lost, and it’s only going to get worse. Here’s a cool Moby video with a different more appropriate soundtrack showing where we are now.

    Even the real Jews of ancient times were easily led by Satan, just look at these scriptures to show what evil they got up to!

    “He burned sacrifices in the Valley of Ben Hinnom and sacrificed his children in the fire, engaging in the detestable practices of the nations the Lord had driven out before the Israelites”—2 Chronicles 28:3

    “They have built the high places of Baal to burn their children in the fire as offerings to Baal—something I did not command or mention, nor did it enter my mind.”—Jeremiah 19:5

    “The army of Judah also captured ten thousand men alive, took them to the top of a cliff and threw them down so that all were dashed to pieces on the rocks.”—2 Chronicles 25:12

    Now we have the fake Jew mongrel Yiddish babbling freaks from Khazaria, who deluded themselves they are “of Abraham”, when in reality almost no so called “Jew” has a single drop of Semitic blood, as they are from another country and different region altogether!

    They were then adopted by Satan as his children, even Jesus said this (John 8:44, Revelation 2:9 & 3:9). If you look into the demonic Babylonian Talmud, which they adore, it also shows who they follow—Satan.

    I recommend all read Elizabeth Dilling’s book “The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today” online or download the pdf:

    Many people wonder how such a slimy, pathetic and ugly people as these fake jews can gain so much power, money, fame, immunity and influence in this world. Well God shows that spiritual forces are also at work, not just what we see with our eyes. Satan even offered “all the kingdoms of the world” for one act of worship from Jesus, but Jesus booted him into touch.

    “The devil led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. And he said to him, “I will give you all their authority and splendor; it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. If you worship me, it will all be yours.”—Luke 4:5-7

    Jews worship Satan, and so Satan blesses them with power, money and fame—however—when their sad little lives end, they will face cosmic karma, and suffer in the Lake of Fire (Gehenna) hell, for all eternity if they don’t confess and repent of their evil now, so don’t follow their evil ways for a quick return, or the payback will last eternity; it ain’t worth it!

    This world is far deeper controlled by other dark evil forces than most people realize. If you just see the ugly pathetic physical Jew, we would be missing the bigger picture. So, in reply to your article title, yes, Jews are the agents of Satan, not just them, there are many others, but Jews are a primal part of that demonic evil that is being spread like gangrene the planet over as the Lord Jesus Christ pointed out. Just read Matthew chapter 23 to see his contempt of their evil mentality and ways.

    One last point:

    “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”—Ephesians 6:12

  40. Tom says:

    We should never overlook or underestimate the highly immoral influence of the jew-Book, commonly called Holy Writ, on persons who read it and take its tales as factual. The “Old Testament” is filled with laudatory descriptions of crimes committed by clever Sheenies (e.g., their great progenitor, Jacob, swindled his father and cheated his brother) or by the predatory tribe en masse (they ‘borrowed’ all sorts of valuables from the credulous Egyptians and ran away with the stolen goods), all with the beaming approval, active cooperation, and supernatural protection of their partner in crime, their tribal god, the big jew up in the clouds. The lesson, of course, is that any theft or swindle is pious work when done with old Yahweh as a confederate.

    The “New Testament” was used by the jew Farthers of the Church to convince suckers that if they had themselves laundered in the Blood of the Lamb and sipped jesus-juice regularly at communion services, they were the inheritors of the jews’ privileges and could count on Yahweh & Son, Inc., now promoted to the status of Supreme God, to help them despoil the wicked “pagans.” Any christian who reads his Holy Book while his mind is operating must come to the conclusion that it is righteous to despoil the “ungodly,” i.e., persons of whose theology he disapproves, and that the jews’ vicious god will be his accomplice, according to a new “b’rith” with his new pets.

    In the “Old Testament,” Yahweh, with rare exceptions, blesses and abets only crimes committed by his jews against other races. That morality is at least realistic and biologically sound. The terrible thing about the christian use of that story-book is that it incites crimes by Aryans against Aryans, and justifies them by appeal to a “correct” understanding of delusive myths. That is biologically suicidal, and is criminal immorality raised to the second power.

    • Barney says:

      A useful summary, Tom, and one any thinking person has to agree with (imho).

      The other problem I see is that, though I don’t believe Jesus Himself (assuming He was real) is ever quoted as saying the words “thou shalt not kill”, He is quoted as having advised His followers to “turn your swords into ploughshares” (UK spelling) and to “give all you own to the poor”, leaving them penniless and defenceless, when He knew they were surrounded by Mankind’s deadliest, greediest and completely conscienceless enemy, true servants of the devil.

      (Most) Christians have been brainwashed into believing it’s “wrong” to kill, even in self defence or the defence of our Loved ones. That’s absolute BS imho. If you’re not prepared to kill when your life and the lives of those you care about are in imminent danger, you may as well go and jump off the nearest cliff. Don’t wait for the enemy to arrive. Do it now and do the world a favour.

      Here’s a good one for those in the UK. It’s only a few miles from me.

      It’s wrong to kill those that are no threat to you or others, but it’s equally wrong not to kill when this one killing will save the lives of many, and it’s unforgivable to stand by and do nothing while your people are being exterminated.

      Christianity can be a strength, but it can also be our greatest weakness, a weakness which has already allowed the devil jew to claim “ownership” of the entire world.

      I don’t believe in death as the end of everything, but neither can I believe in “that book”, or any book of “rules” for living our lives.

      My “bible” really is the direct work of The Creator. It’s known as the Natural World, and is undeniably “written in God’s own handwriting”.

      • Matt says:


        There’s a lot of misconception on what the bible says, especially in Jew hijacked churches.

        One of the last commands of Jesus was to buy a sword if you don’t have one, and if need be, sell what you have to get one.

        Jesus also said don’t cast your pearls before swines.

        God doesn’t require us to be a victim and instead tells us that when Jesus returns we will fight for his kingdom.

        Every man has a right before God to defend his life.

      • Red Pill says:

        you can worship the creator or the creation, but not both

      • Barney says:

        Red Pill – I don’t quite get your meaning. I’m not “worshipping” Creation, just using it to understand it’s Creator.

        With unreliable man-made (and jew-corrupted) books as the alternative, what better guide can there be than something we can know to be incorruptible?

        Creation is the work of the Creator, so by studying Nature we can get an idea of how said Creator intended that we should live.

        It’s got to be better than worshipping some book.

      • Red Pill says:

        ”With unreliable man-made (and jew-corrupted) books as the alternative, what better guide can there be than something we can know to be incorruptible?”

        the secret of the book we call the bible can only be truly comprehended by help from the holy spirit, the holy spirit can not be corrupted, the spirit is the small quiet voice (non audible) that infuses you with inspiration and comprehension.

        this is the only way i can explain it
        it did not come to me easily
        as i had to acknowledge i didn’t know shit from shoe polish.
        and that i had actually failed in my thinking that i knew from my earthly knowledge.

        this is the point where i surrendered my earthly knowledge
        as highly inaccurate and replaced it with spiritual knowledge.
        it’s called being born again, once by water (natural birth)
        and the by the spirit.

        99% of practicing Christian don’t have a fucking clue
        Jesus told us he is our mediator, meaning you don’t go by or believe any one other than him, via the “holy spirit” .
        the man made lessons are worthless.
        yes the bible is corrupted, but the story can not be changed
        by subverting scripture.
        the holy spirit gave me a gift, it’s called discernment.
        i can rightly divide the scripture.

        if you want the truth, ask the Lord for it.
        if you can handle it, he will let you have it.
        your life will never be the same again.
        face it, we only think were smart and that’s the block that must be removed. (stumbling stones).

        if you don’t have the holy spirit, ya ain’t got Jesus.

  41. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Unfortunate Son: The Plight Of John Fogerty In The Jewish Dominated Music Industry

  42. Banjo_Billy says:

    The main reason that the Jews cause so much poverty, warfare, disease and starvation in the world today is because the Christians do not believe Jesus; they believe the lying Jews. Jesus taught that the Jews are the children of the Devil and the Jews claim to be the children of God. So, the Christians allow the main enemy of Christianity to run around without handcuffs and leg irons or nooses around their lying necks.

    My latest book, “Nathan Rothschild Authors the Protocols of Zion,” shows that the Protocols are not only true but that the worlds’ biggest kike banker authored them.
    Free download for both the .PDF and the .EPUB versions at

    Share this link with your friends and make a difference in the world.

    • Banjo_Billy says:

      at www dot bamboo-delight dot com

      • J.R. says:

        the Protocols of Zion appear to be a satirical commentary on what was heard at clandestine meetings of jewish financiers and leading Zionists in France by Matvei Golovinski, an associate of Maurice Joly’s son Charles, who switched from his anti-Semitism (as per the satire of the Protocols) to Jewish Bolshevism, after the 1917 revolution in Russia… some of the lines of Maurice Joly’s ‘Machiavellian’ “Dialogue in Hell” are reproduced verbatim in Golovinski’s Protocols of Zion…

        as such, Golovinski’s Protocols are effectively ‘excerpts’ of what he knew the finance jews and leading Zionists had been doing to set up Europe as the center of their ideal antichristian monetized world and a new Davidic king in a new jewish state in Palestine as its geopolitical center…
        a conspiracy that was of course really paving the way for the rise of the biblical end-time political beast in Europe, who’ll provide the “666” number of his name for trade and have offside to him at Jerusalem the biblical end-time jewish antichrist reigning as the apostate jews’ new davidic king and as his chief endorser, under a “666” magen David on israel’s flag, during the apocalypse…

        the Rothschild banksters have had redheads among them and they appear to be predominantly of Edomite/Amalekite ethnic extraction, with some Caucasian/western European racial traits… they’re evidently of the ultimate high cabal in Jewry that has been playing both the true tribal israelis (the esoteric white pieces) and the synagogue of Satan fake jews (the esoteric black pieces), on a 3D chessboard that they can appear on as esoteric red pieces…
        chess-play was invented by jews in captivity to and trying to ‘checkmate’ the ‘king piece ‘of the king of Babylon; and the modern black and white kings on a chessboard are interpreted by high cabal jews as referencing the two end-time political beasts in the biblical book of the revelation…

        Edomites were originally characteristically redheaded and have always wanted to commandeer the land God gave to the tribal israelis, ever since Israel’s patriarch jacob tricked Esau, the father of the Edomites, out of his birthright as the elder twin brother of the two…the birthright was the firstborn’s in Hebrew tradition…
        the Rothschilds are today the underwriters of the historic land of israel, which lies between the Nile and the Euphrates or the two blue lines either side of a hexagonal pseudo-messianic star on israel’s flag…

  43. S O G says:

    jr fuck off …you presume to judge …the point is that each and every religious monologue is not only off topic ,no one reads it and each and every one who comes here never agrees on anything about the bible or with each other ..
    jr your just another kike agent stirring the shit here while trying to recruit to whst ever cult you lead or follow …all you do is take up preciuos bandwidth here ….
    you have the gall to call me a jew …yer a fuckin nut case …stfu …
    i been cominh here for what on 8years or so and your kind have come and gone as soon as you and your huge ego realize no one reads your shit or agrees with you ….no one from the religious corner is ever going to sgree on here anyway …
    you been to a seminary yuh mug …
    heh heh ..
    you egotistical types like to go on the attack against commentors as soon as they something you dont agree with …etc …
    i tolerated the religious dogma diatribes for years here but i aint gonna be silent any more ….
    go join your amigos in antifa or whatever it is you do during the day …
    i do believe in almighty god …it would be foolish for me not to …
    some of the shit out there i wont name but whoooooo gives a fuck ….
    none of you guys cab
    n sgree on any 1 thing ….
    and yes a cylinder that holds bullets er rounds er cartriges etc is referred to as a magazine often …
    and all the rest etc. on and on …here we fight and get no where …

  44. dick fuld says:

    the only good jew can be found at the end of a rope.

  45. cole nidre says:

    ” logic is the enemy, and truth is a menace” – twilight zone jew
    rod serling

  46. S O G says:

    yeah whatever …my response was out of the norm ..out of line ..
    my apologies ..wasnt myself for a minute in time …
    when i was involved with evangelic chrits church of many non heretical afiliations and dnominations not to be mistaken for demonicnations right ,i was an evangelical believer belief in the alfa creator is unchanged but i did eake up 40 years later and saw that jews were exactly what ive been saying on here and others were saying because this very site is where i saw the light of other very wise posters revelations about the jew and how what emanuel said about the fucking lunatics at the time ..the pharisees and scribes living a demonic godless existence within the secret society of early oral talmud believers of babylon ….the sanhedrin was fully compromised and under the influence of the satan..
    the money changers in the temple yard were selling temple tax shekels produced by the kikes in the temple …not a coin in gen citculation had to spend a few shekels to buy the special tax coin …suuuuuuch uhhh deeeeeeeeol…….oy vey ..
    one of the many ways the rabbis ripped off the general israelite tribe collection there fir a while …
    i was thru this site able to realize yhere were no such yhing as any descendants of israelite ancient tribes and thst they were extinct yhru antiquity and diminished dna integrity via miscegenation etc …whoooo cares …the shitkike bastard communists of today all need to be exterminated along with the niggers and especially the friggin muslims ..
    so in short i saw the error of my ways about supporting israel anymore …it had bugged me for a long tome seeing the way they were exterminating palestians …
    any christian or secular person who supports israel is deluded and misguided as israel has set her sites on more mass murder of innocents in palestine and jews have been primary implementers of most all genocides from esther forward into history ….117 ad 200 ad were very signifigant mass murders of cypriats ,cyrenes ,romans ,others in yhat in each of these mass murders 400,000 people were killed by organized jewry …
    not forgetting tharpt from the crucifixion of christ to 325 ad the romans and jews killed 7 million christians …
    keepin it short ..
    stay away from niggers jews muslims antifa and mexican thuggery …
    dont get caught . . . . up in anything that will see the anti white justice system come down on you ….peace
    anyway that was funny and calm as to your reply gilbert huntley …
    apologies ….
    been some tough issues lately but it all works out …
    by the way thanks barney for the cheers …ahhye …
    barney is a most articulate and intelligent commentor here …

  47. silvernickel says:

    All of this from a 19 year jewboy from Israel. Imagine what the adults are doing? Sons of Satan fo sho!!!

    “…….he made around 2,000 false terrorism threats from 2015 until his arrest in March 2017.

    Among his targets was the Israeli embassy in Washington, the Israeli consulate in Miami, Jewish institutions, schools, malls, police stations, hospitals and airlines.

    The hacker, a resident of the coastal Israeli city of Ashkelon, used advanced technology to disguise his voice and conceal the origin of his calls, including by achieving control over remote computers. Among other things he would pay for the calls using bitcoin, a virtual currency that requires no identification to use.

    The hacker also sold “intimidation” and extortion services to clients, charging $40 to make a call warning of a massacre in a private home; $80 to threaten a massacre at a school; and $500 to phone in a threat of a bomb on a plane. Sending a threat of a school massacre through email would set his clients back by $30, with an additional charge of $15 if they wanted to frame somebody else for the threat.

  48. cole nidre says:

    war criminal nukanyahoo–mene mene tekel parsin

  49. jayhackworth says:

    Fighting wars for backstabbing jews and their mother israel; why is it that Americans may be the most easily duped people on the planet….

    • Red Pill says:

      jayhackworth says:
      July 4, 2018 at 7:00 pm
      answer; Americans forgot their God, and their God forgot them, this must be reversed or we shall perish. sort of looks to be that way.

  50. jayhackworth says:

    “This Dance Troupe Performs with Lasers in Their Butts
    Young Boy Dancing Group’s co-founder on challenging gender and sexuality with a laser in your anal sphincter.”

    Hitler WAS right.

  51. jayhackworth says:

    Red Pill – which is why our churches promote gay marriage, illegal immigration et cetera jew agenda – yeah youre right. THEY forgot god.

  52. jayhackworth says:

    At least the moral cowards forget the “god” that isnt anti white.

  53. RedIrish says:

    I live in a Bible Belt town – had 2 great Christian neighbors til now. New neighbors were aloof and didn’t want to discuss church. After few weeks strange things were happening around my property – friend staying with was also seeing movement. Til one evening I noticed a man staring in my bathroom window! I screamed obviously – friend gave chase but he said the person disappeared! Few days later – a few people were moving stuff thru my yard to a truck in the alley – my friend & I confronted them. They laughed so I took pics as my new neighbors were also enjoying it. Nobody was in the pics! They belong to Jewish synagogue !
    I’m moving as fast as I can – I’m veteran widow & I’ve been playing evil cleansing prayers 6 hours a day!

  54. Bob says:

    Regarding the scientific evidence for the Afterlife, is a good site. He is a retired Australian lawyer who has put out a free weekly Afterlife Report for nearly twenty years. You can sign up for it on his website. You can also download his free pdf ebook which documents all of the empirical evidence that supports the existence of the Afterlife. He also has a book for sale on Amazon but his free book was the forerunner of his commercial book and they are very similar. Highly recommended if you are curious about this kind of thing.

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