FAKE News CNN Calling Trump a “Conspiracy Theorist”

Hoaxologist Anderson Cooper is HIV Positive That Trump is the Real Conspiracy Theorist

From Daily Stormer

A couple days ago Anderson Cooper interviewed a Fox News analyst who quit the network claiming that the network promotes Trump conspiracy theories.

This is all so goofy.

The conspiracy theory that Trump is allegedly promoting is that the conspiracy that CNN is promoting is false. That is what all of this comes down to.

James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Hillary Clinton, Rod Rosenstein, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and the entire Jewish media came up with a kook conspiracy theory that Trump allied with Russia in some vague way to vaguely somehow “meddle” in the 2016 Presidential election. Originally, this was supposed to be that Russia did Wikileaks, and I guess that Trump… told them to do it.

Then it became some thing with a porn star and some other thing I forget. After a year of investigation, no such conspiracy has been uncovered, and instead it’s been found that the FBI and DOJ, under Obama, used a fake dossier created by Hillary Clinton to hoax the entire thing, using the fake document – which they knew at the time was faked by Hillary Clinton – to get FISA warrants to spy on the Trump team for the Obama administration.

You will remember, I’m sure, that Anderson Pooper and the rest of the gang were saying the spying was a conspiracy, then when it came out that it was real, they just didn’t talk about it.

Now they’re saying that Trump has a “conspiracy theory” that FBI informants were planted in his campaign. Well, it’s already been admitted that an FBI informant – who is actually a CIA asset – Stefan Halper was sent in to contact three different Trump campaign people.

So where is the conspiracy theory? That is already admitted. This whole fake news thing is just completely out of control.

It is cartoonish.

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10 Responses to FAKE News CNN Calling Trump a “Conspiracy Theorist”

  1. Daniel says:

    Trump is providing the ” BIBLICAL FALSE SECURITY ” No N Korea peace deal! This was no more than a written handshake to play cool for now. Trump is a fake reppublican….he is a life long democrat and remains one in disguise….FOR NOW! All this stormy, muller, Russia, impeachment, Hollywood hatred, etc.. is all scripted, play acting and total decievemant upon WHITE CHRISTIANS who will ultimately be the victims of an earthly uproar of a one world religion so you’ll have to give up your beliefs and your king james bible! TRUMP IS A FAKE…..YOU ALL WILL SEE.

  2. dick fuld says:

    dictator netanyahoo has a coconut for a brain
    & is really obviously totally insane
    him and his likudist terrorist groups
    must have been smokin some stinkin bad poop
    they must really think their ass-holes don’t smell
    can’t wait to see ’em blown out of the anus of hell.

  3. Karen says:

    Americans think that they have it bad? Help……https://youtu.be/eSxbWNWpDGg

  4. Tom says:

    See this?
    Absolutely gruesome: Planned Parenthood abortionists laugh about heads getting stuck and discuss dismembering fully formed babies.


  5. ICU says:

    Off Topic, but timely:
    The Inspector General’s report on FBI scumbaggery has a turd in the punchbowl that many are missing.
    In short; Comey, crooked political cop that he is, is being thrown under the bus to keep the focus off of the obese nigger bitch with the slippery lying mouth, Lynch, that was Faggot Obongo’s second Attorney general…after Oogah Boogah Afro Boi Holder.
    The I G describes Comey as “Insubordinate”, as if he went off on a toot contra to what Da Niggah Fatass Lynch was involved in.
    It’ll be a cold day in Hell if a BLAK edumacated Gubbamint nigger bitch EVER is held to account for criminal misbehavior; so, the Uniparty scums may actually succeed in keeping nooses off of the deserving necks of Lynch, as well as Obongo and Hillary.
    Vigilante Justice will have to pick up the slack.
    The other FBI asshole, Strzok, already is on record that Faggot Obongo wanted to know everything about what his craven, scummy minions were up to in their sweaty efforts to derail Trump. How could Lynch, a charter member of The Mulatto Mafia, not be involved in the communications between Preznit Cokehead Fairy and the Seventh Floor Effa-Bee-Yi hired hands…with The Evil Lesbian Pirate Queen , Hillary, also getting updated on the sweatiness…as Dikhead Bill was scheming with Lynch about job security if Fatass Niggah helped Hillary get sElected by sinking Trump.
    Also, how does a career FBI cop, McCabe, get to amass at least $11 Million, own at least 3 grand McMansions and bop around in a $100,000 + Porsche ?
    I thought only NYC and DEA Narcs made out like that.
    Is there enough rope to hang all the Ruling Swine scums ?
    I mean the good stuff, hemp and sisal, that doesn’t stretch like poly and nylon and gives a good SNAP at the end of the drop…when the time comes to start hanging the gubbamint swine wholesale.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Unfuckingbelievable. We found no evidence of bias at the fbi and justice department against Donald Trump and favoring Hilarious clintoris. WHAT?? Is this fucking jew horowits reading the same emails and texts that the rest of America is reading?? I thought he was supposed to be the IG? I told you all months ago that expecting the jews horowits and Rosenstein to do anything to hold the deep state to account for their treason to our country your wasting your time and money. Lot’s of both. jews ARE the deep state and they are everywhere in the federalmeansjews.gov. From the fucking pentagram through all the alphabet soups agencies to fc controlling your phones to intelligence and even the ones snipping your envelopes and stamps to enter your dna into your digital file. jews are lying bastard cock suckers and proud of it. They will just keep repeating their lies over and over again louder and louder until you prove they are lying they will change the subject and start lying about something else over and over again. And they are ALL spies for isreal and israil firsters working every day to destroy America from within making more money and benefits than YOU do paying your taxes to them paying for your own destruction and the destruction of this once great country. Comey used personal email for government business also just like Hilary did as SECRETARY OF FUCKING STATE handling classified and above!!! They are ALL scumbag coward traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agent tough boys and girls!!! And this strozk was considered a top counter-intelligence agent? Guess what strozk YOU SUCK AT THAT TOO using your twitters and emails to lovey dovey your fbi lawyer whore page. Are these scumbag coward traitors committing treason piece of shit tough boys and girls zog agents still on the taxpayers payroll too? Everybody else at the state department that emailed hildabitch to her private servers and IT security experts should be brought up on charges also for fucking treason, misconduct, stupidity and incompetence. Like I said. It’s nothing but a coverup just like the muellar investigation. What is that 18 million by now? What the fuck are they doing? Just covering their own asses for illegal activities and corruption. Did they sneak out Donald Trumps rolodex and just start throwing darts at it to find somebody to investigate going back to when their grandma was born? Look what their doing to this manafort over something from 15 years ago has nothing at all to do with Donald Trump colluding with Russians. Oh remember that mission muellar??? Mr. Trump or Sessions shut these deep state scumbags down and kick them out of American Government if you even think you have a chance to make America great again.

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        Once horowitz finishes up his lies you can bet he will retire back to israil on the us taxpayer dime and be rewarded as a hero of israil for his long career as an israil firster spying on and helping destroy America. …. And the redaction issues once they get the real words that were redacted from documents and emails because it’s classified for so-called national security reasons they find out that what was really redacted was the director spent $60,000 dollars on a conference table shit. … You never thought anything would touch the jews stupid-ass pet niggers Obama and lynch on the airpain tarmac with bill that was perfectly innocent talking about grandkids not talking about getting a pay raise once Hilary gets elected just poor judgement too…. All horowitz did was try to whitewash hogwash. Just goes to show you how stupid the jews consider us goyim to be. And if the bitch would have been elected? How much of what we know now about the deep state would have ever seen the light of day? None of it Hilary won fair and square. Except for guys like me that have witnessed the deep state first hand and had them try to destroy my life and livelihood over it because I dared speak out about the corruption. Just like 15 years ago when I told people the government is listening to your phone calls and reading your emails and monitoring your website activity everybody called me a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist no our American government would never do that I said this aint the us American government in and around the dc beltway it’s the federalmeansjewish israili government. Until assange and snowden and very few others dared speak out with proof and evidence. And then they lied about other minor things like .. oh say…weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and stuff. I’m glad more Americans are waking up especially to jew media lies repeated over and over again until us stupid goyim believe them to be true what noises spew from a jews mouth or one of their jewprompter reading puppets.

  6. cole nidre says:

    CNN is owned by a mossad “asset” kike who is a citizen of pisrael.

  7. dick fuld says:

    jew cheka mass murdering holohoax lies falling apart, except
    on the jew boob tube.

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