INCOG’S Cheap and Easy Border Solution

IDEA © COPYRIGHT 2018 by Phillip Marlowe (INCOG MAN)

You know how we got all these problems with illegals and the “poor little kiddies” being held in detention? Most of them were working as cover for drug mules smuggling in drugs, or sent alone by parents from places like Guacamole and El Save-a-homo or whatever they call their stinking shithole countries; to take clever advantage of Obama’s asylum loopholes for Mestizo children — a direct assault on born and bred American citizens. And not just us evil Whites, either.*

Well, I got a simple solution for this ridiculous border business to begin with. OK, I know people are going to say, “that’ll never work, wacko boy.” Damn if it won’t work — I put my name on it up in the headline. Just follow along with me on the details.

Build NEGATIVE fence bubbles here and there. Say what? Yep, construct sections in the wall going INSIDE our territory. Put in a large door or powered gate on the far back-end. Herd the illegals through the gate and close it behind them. The illegals will have no other choice but to go back into jolly old MEHICO to deal with their own sad sack situation, or camp out right there. Maybe they’ll get some smarts and fix their own lands for a change. Capiche?

Sure, you’re going to have a few problems at first with those who refuse to leave the semi-enclosure. That will only last a little while until they get it that we’re being serious as hell. Of course to do this, we need to keep the area free of lefty media people, or as I call them: Traitors. The Illegal Aliens will have no choice but to beat a quick path back home, or simply starve to death IN SITU (“on the spot”). Make the area uncomfortable: Spread out sand mixed in with cow dung that gets hot and stinky during the day. Play extremely loud Gringo music from speakers on the side — Say Julie Andrews singing “Sound of Music” songs? That’ll drive those spics insane!

Crybaby liberals will hate the idea, of course, but what are you going to do?

Doesn’t have to be a lot. Build a 20′ foot high double chain link fence, going back about 100 yards into America territory, with the end of it about 50 yards wide and then going back to the border another 100 yards. A rectangular bubble if you will.

Chain link fencing is cheap and easy to erect — with plenty of designs to choose from for the exit gate. Electronic motors will make it easy to control from a central OP area. Plus, the whole thing will be relatively easy to disassemble and transportable to another location, if necessary to match illegal movement patterns — should they try to outwit Border agents and militia.

String razor wire along the top, run rolls of concertina down at the base and a few sandbagged 50 caliber machine gun nests around, too, if you want to look cool. Station a couple of quad Ma Deuces on mounted tracks to really keep Mexican drug cartels and idiot US liberals at bay!

The large interior area will technically still be US territory. It will open up on Mexico on one side so they will have only two choices: Camp out right there in their own filth or simply move on. As long as the wind is right, we could also install large fan units mounted on trailors to disperse thinned out noxious crowd control gases to make it uncomfortable to stay long.

To pay for it all, take a small percentage out of the illegal’s wire transfers to Mexico. This would be easy to zoom in on (banks know exactly how to do it). For every dollar they send south, take five cents — I promise it will pay for the whole thing and more.

Give them enough pesos to buy a third class train ticket on the other side. It will be better than riding on top of the cars, like how they got here. Sure, you’re going to have criminals on the other side ripping them off, but that’s not our problem. They made the choice to break our laws, so their fate is completely in God’s hands. Sorry to be the hard ass.

I just don’t want to see America turned into a seething cauldron of 600 million plus criminal Third Worlders cutting people’s heads off with chain saws and hanging tortured corpses from highway overpasses to send a message to the other cartels. Call me a big racist, I don’t give a flying carumba any longer.

You don’t even have to build concentration camps to hold them all that long. You can transport them directly from where they were apprehended (including all “sanctuary cities”) straight to the nearest “INCOG Deportation Bubble™” where they are given enough medical attention for desert dehydration issues and a cold shower. Pregnant women are also deported (birthright citizenships from the Clinton years on are retroactively revoked).

Drug mules are also sent back, sans backpack of dope. We can hot brand such criminals right on the forehead with some kind of Anglo symbol that enrages spics over there. Say the dollar sign, or maybe a graphic logo of a hand shooting the bird?

Give the illegals a bag of stale nacho chips and a plastic gallon milk jug of plain old tap water and the few pesos for a train ticket. Hang it around their necks as we herd them out through the gate.

Those who behave well, we’ll give them a free Taco Bell big box Chalupa meal, along with a large Pepsi and a straw (Taco Bell doesn’t sell Coke products since Pepsi owns them) — just as long as they can say “pretty please with sugar on top, guvnor” in Cockney accent English. Or just give it to them if they GTFO.

INCOG MAN is a man of action and ideas. Sure, I may have a warped sense of humor, but so what? I should hope Trump appreciates my out-of-the box thinking and makes a HUGE donation to my site. Or at least one of his secret Rooskie cohorts.

I promise not to spend it on Mexican beer and hot señoritas. OK, maybe a little.

*Mestizos think we’re all soft in the head gringos — who they can take full advantage of thanks to liberal idiots and democrats over here. Less than 2000 children were separated from those who claimed they were parents by Trump’s “ZERO TOLERANCE” enforcement of existing laws. Most of these “kiddies” actually came here on their own and the detention centers are a paradise compared to home. Plus, children are removed from parents everyday in the US simply by committing crimes that end them up in jail. The leftist media is purposefully jerking the emotions of Americans in furtherance of cheap whore democrat politics. This is a manufactured issue.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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22 Responses to INCOG’S Cheap and Easy Border Solution

  1. Bob says:

    My name is Pancho
    I live on rancho
    I earn five pesos a day
    I go to Lucy
    She give me poosy
    She take my five pesos away
    (sung to the tune of La Cucaracha)

    • cc says:

      I’m going to sing that to the spics that I work in landscaping with, OLE!

      • Lawrence Swanson says:

        Danger, Will Robinson! The beaners don’t appreciate being mocked by gringos. Here today, gone tamale.

  2. Gene says:

    It Might Work If You Put Concertina Thick Enough On Bottom

    Or else the bimbos would use wire-cutters like my #9’s to cut through the chain link.

    Or as mentioned at the POTUS could issue an immediate emergency deportation executive order that calls for the immediate pick up and deportation of all illegals. The laws are already there, but the government refuses to enforce them, I guess out of fear of political incorrectness.


  3. ICU says:

    In any discussions or arguments that you my have regarding immigration, legal or illegal, you may prevail by voicing this truth:
    The Democrats, and the cheap labor Uniparty Oligarchs, want open borders, sanctuary for illegals, unrestrained mass immigration from all over the world…including Indo/Paki H1 (b) Info Techs massively employed by jew financial and insurance companies for 2/3 to 1/2 of what White Americans were making before they were displaced…
    It really is not more complicated than that.
    The Racial dilution of national identity, the lowering of cultural standards, the base acceptance of perversity and institutional corruption and the buying of cheap votes; as well as the Perma War fought mostly by mercenary careerists, fed and supplied by insider crony materiel and weapons industry revved up by loaned debt generated money…replicates the very conditions that precipitated the fall of The Roman Empire and The British Empire…and illuminates the slow motion fall of The American Empire.
    Take a wild guess as to exactly what is the constant common denominator in the intentional bleeding out, suborning and destruction of those empires.
    HINT: It’s a “They”; and They are at home nowhere, and yet at home everywhere.

  4. dick fuld says:

    why not use lasers and drones-they’re cheaper than walls.

  5. Whitepride says:

    I just read the news on a conservative news site! The spics are using these kids as a ploy. They are not the patents! Slimy, lying good for nothing SPICS! Go eff yourselves wetbacks! Love my President Trump!

  6. Barney says:

    1- Redefine citizenship to exclude jews and other non-Human or sub-Human species from positions of power and influence. This includes (but is not limited to) politics, education and entertainment.

    2 – If they don’t speak decent English, they don’t belong in our countries.
    3 – Only native-born indigenous White People to have the vote.
    4 – Immigrants that commit crimes deported immediately and assets seized.
    5 – Coal burners and oil drillers considered of the same species and country of origin as their animal “partners”. Same for their hybrid offspring.

    … but … but … b-but … they were born here! Who fkn cares? Their ancestors should never have been brought here in the first place.

    Their countries of origin “won’t take them”? Tough! Once they’re there, they’re there. Dump them off the ship/aircraft/whatever and leave.

    Nationalise the Rothschild (wrath-child) central banks, seize their assets, cancel all electronic (=imaginary) “money” and declare all physically-existing money the absolute property of the PEOPLE forever. No need to collapse the economy by changing everything. Just continue using what already exists.

    No immediate need to deport devil-jews. Keep them as non-Human shields to discourage attacks by jew-controlled countries. Put high-profile vermin in key locations so they’ll be the first to die in any attack. We know the devil’s gargoyles aren’t averse to killing their own, but there’s a chance it will have a deterrent effect if it means targeting the really “big” jews.

    What we really need is to develop a “disintegrator curtain” effect, possibly based on resonant frequencies, to protect our coastlines from aerial attack. This would still leave us vulnerable to ICBMs, but at least it would make our skies “no-fly-zones”, preventing enemy aircraft entering our airspace.

  7. Fences make good neighbors. says:

    Incog, Victor Orban, the head of Hungary had a great idea. In the EU, the country of first refugee has to take in Asylum seekers, read slimy Muslims. You can’t deport them to another country. He built a fence 3 feet, Inside his country. He transported the untermenchen and put them on the other side of the fence. Soldiers and citizens on the Hungarian side. They had nowhere to go. Eventually, they turned their backs and walked off to Slovakia and Austria. Good riddance.

  8. Kianna says:

  9. Lori says:

    Maybe the whole crisis was created to get individuals for free work.

  10. Gene says:

    off topic but important


    Avoid services from companies known to cooperate with the NSA and FBI.

    In JB Bardot’s recent warning to computer users, it is noted to:

    “3. Avoid services from companies known to cooperate with the NSA and FBI. This includes Google Gmail, Hotmail, Twitter, AOL, Yahoo, Skype, Apple and other large American technology companies.”

    But I would definitely include facebook on that list of forbidden internet resources. Personally, I wouldn’t want anything to do with Google whatsoever! You can be sure that all these companies rat you out every time they can. The revelations about facebook are stunning! They are literally a spy network operating as a would be popular social media website.

    You might also use a TOR browser when you can. It will go far toward protecting your privacy. One of the things I donated to is TOR. You might consider giving them a donation.

    Banks are also called “that backstabbing weasel” in a particular publication I bought from Eden Press. They’ll rat you out every time. Use the methods described in Eden Press books and you might obtain a degree of privacy.

    Police departments and law enforcement in general have turned into a bunch of putrid crap. They seek to violate you at every turn constantly looking for that thing that “grants jurisdiction” (as in jurisdiction to prosecute you), the Social Security number. They are gestapos in every regard now and people should not cooperate with them until they have to.

    The brain dead tracking of human citizens is way beyond violating your rights – it is pure meanness! Who do you think does it? Right, so-called law enforcement, a bunch of putrid crap, beating up and picking on little girls. In some jurisdictions that’s the best cops can do, try to create a crime and pick on a girl. Trying to turn a right into a crime is a felony. It appears that these troublemaker cops committed a felony and violated Emily Weinman’s rights.

    The Supreme Court ruling of ‘Brown vs. Texas’ affirms that a person does is not obligated to talk to cops when they are not committing a crime. Of course cops nowadays are not versed on that and simply don’t care that they violate you. Cop policies are not necessarily Constitutional. This represents a LAW BREAKDOWN, A BREAKDOWN OF LAW AND LAW ENFORCEMENT. You should identify it and recognize it as such. The re-declaration of a state of emergency every fall of the year allows cops to get away with this. Presidents like Trump and Congress members who do this emergency re-declaration are simply crooks obtaining power over you through phony emergency tactics.

    This girl, Emily Weinman, did not appear to be causing trouble. She has the right to peacefully assemble and pursue her happiness and freedom. The cops basically came up to her and started in and then beat her in the head. The breathalyzer tests she took were NEGATIVE! A clear case of police brutality, yet it was she who is charged with a crime. Events like this cause people to see the cops for what they really are now, BULLIES WHO PICK ON LITTLE GIRLS. Cops just have to show the little girl who is boss. I am not impressed. Fuck the cops. Hang in there, Emily. If a cop were standing here right now I would say FUCK YOU, MOTHERFUCKER…JUST FUCK YOU!


    FULL VIDEO: Wildwood police release body cam of beach arrest
    Found at:

    • Barney says:

      Over here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again), cops are generally known as “the filth”, but having seen that video, our American brethren clearly have things a lot worse than we do.

      I’m tempted to say it’s long past time to get the guns out, but then I’d be kidnapped by zog’s hired thugs for “incitement”, so I’d better not say that :-(.

      Whatever the truth may be in the Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Lennon) case, over here we can get thrown in the gulag for words, but at least we don’t get brethalysed when we’re on the fkn beach!

      One minor point. The name Emily Weinman looks jewy to me. It’s doesn’t excuse the cop’s (mis)behaviour, but perhaps it explains why we’re allowed to know about this case when so many others are covered up.

      A few of zog UK’s enforcers are violent when they think they can get away with it, and they like to use abusive language when speaking to members of the public, but we still have a few (a diminishing number nowadays) decent cops who wouldn’t tolerate one of their colleagues beating innocent girls up.

      As for fakebook (intentional spelling), a lot of us avoided it from the start because it was well known among computer users that it was set up by the CIA specifically to “harvest” (their word) information about anyone gullible enough to use it.

      I refuse to sign up to a spyware programme, but my relatives are on it, so presumably the CIA has a lot of my data.

  11. done says:

    two more kneegros, killing whites

  12. Fox says:

    I have no sympathy for the children that were separated from their parent(s). The children are treated better in the detention buildings than they were probably treated in the hands of their parent(s). Hearing those children cry for their mother is the mothers blame for crossing the US border illegally in the first place. The liberal media showing the outrage by politicians and softhearted American citizens sickens me. Changing the immigration laws to accommodate the mass influx of illegals is a very poor alternate to upholding and exercising the present one that where not enforced by certain US Presidents.

  13. Gene says:

    Exactly – They Are Not Standing Up To The Illegals

    This is more capitulation and not standing up to the illegals.


    So why doesn’t Trump do it?

  14. Trump has already caved on this issue. Sooner or later, even the most obtuse of his supporters and apologists are going to realize that he is, and always has been, a part of the so-called deep state. As usual, we are being played.

  15. There is a far less difficult solution to the illegal immigration issue: simply pass legislation requiring full U.S. citizenship in order to receive aid of any kind whatsoever. Of course, I realize that this will never happen; we are way too deep into the communization process. Yet if all of the free shit could somehow be cut off, the illegal immigrants would stop coming. No wall is necessary.

    • ICU says:

      Elegantly simple plan you have there.
      I doubt if The Swiss or The Japanese hand out Da Gibs to economic “immigrants” , “refugees” or “asylum seekers”.
      They’re too collectively intelligent; and the jews don’t dance them around like flailing puppets, as is commonplace in the rest of Western Europe, The UK and North America.
      Without Zionist jewry, there would be NO rampaging nigger criminality and incentivized breeding, NO mass illegal soft invasion of various Mud Creatures, NO polluted national institutions, NO craven buyoff of Shabbos Goyim stooges and underlings, NO debt based fiat currency, NO Oxycontin handed out like M&Ms, NO H1 (b) flood of Sub-Continent street shitters displacing American White IT staff, NO Off-On-A-Toot financial market manipulation and piracy, NO Boom then Bust economic Yo-Yo rides, NO electoral Dog & Pony Shows…
      NO pretty much EVERYTHING that turns everyday life experiences into a shitstorm.

      JUDEN RAUS !
      Get those goddam things OUTTA HERE !
      I don’t care how it’s done.
      Solve the jew problem FIRST !
      ALL other problems after that will be easily solved

    • Barney says:

      That’s exactly what I’ve been saying, James.

      Over here, immigrants have mobile ‘phones, nice new cars, plenty of money. Take down the bird feeders and the birds will stop coming. Stop offering bribes far in excess of what the indigenous population could ever hope for and the parasitic invaders will go elsewhere.

      Imprison (better not say what I really mean) Rothschild, Soros and Rockefeller and most of our problems would never have existed in the first place.

      Send ALL jews back to their father as defined by Jesus Christ and we could be FREE at last.

  16. Christopher Buehner says:

    I do not like the idea of chain-link fencing; they could just cut it with wire cutters. I want a fifty foot wall with guard towers, armed with long range machine guns. Put a ‘neytral zone between Mexico and the U.S. border wall. If they get into that neutral zone, have signs in English and Spanish telling them “WARNING.. Armed border agents ahead, If you attempt to cross illegally, you will be shot dead!” No arrests, No processing, just shoot to kill with Border Agents like James Bond, a full license to kill, in the name of securing the U.S. Border! The ‘neutral zone’ will fill up with dead bodies but you know the drug cartels will still force people to try to break into the U.S. execute them on site, summary judgment. I am not joking. Once we have the Border wall on the south, we need to build on with Canada just for safety of invaders coming into the U.S. by illegally crossing in from Canada!

  17. Joe Btfsplk says:

    Government by Permanent
    Emergency: The Forgotten History of
    the New Deal Constitution

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