Rat-Faced Media Jews Calling Us “FAR-RIGHT”


Have you noticed? Anti-White media is now ramping up to new heights the calling any of us White real conservatives as “FAR-RIGHT.” That’s the clever little word trick they have to imply the targeted White might hold “Neo-Nazi” sympathies. They want the casual person out there to think of White conservatives as being big evil “extremists” who want to goose step around the place “oppressing” always-so-innocent peeps of color. The dirty Jews have been up to this labeling gimmick for decades.

Lefty anti-White media has already decided democrat Tim Kaine should represent Virginia in the senate. Just look at this ridiculous jerk wearing a “doo-rag” like he’s so cool.

This past Tuesday, Corey Stewart won the republican primary in Virginia and he’s going up against big SoyBoy democrat, Tim Kaine (right) for senator. Kaine was the VP running mate of her highness, Hillary Clinton — long since exposed as a huge rat willing to do anything to get herself in office as “the first woman prez.” Good thing her and her little Obama minions failed, too.

Just because Corey Stewart was simply opposed to taking down Confederate statues (as am I), the filthy subversive TV Jews are now calling Stewart a member of the “FAR RIGHT” — implying he’s a big Hitler lover and member of the KKK.

My own personal Southern ancestry is being destroyed by these rats and I’m not going to stand them getting away with it any longer. My White heritage matters, too, and I’ll be damned if I’ll let them trash it.


You got to understand what these media creeps are up to here. They now believe they can call us whatever they please. We already know they are on the lefty democrat’s side. But they control the airwaves, hence the narrative, hence putting in their own rats in power. Rats openly working to turn us Whites into a minority in our own lands — while also working to destroy the America of our Founding Fathers and keeping everyone at each other’s throats for their cheap whore political agenda.

These are the ones promoting our children to go gay and tranny. These are the ones behind killing the unborn with abortion. These are the ones wanting our lands to be filled up with the flotsam and jetsam of the planet — who live nicely on government benefits paid for by us taxpayers. These are the ones constantly jacking up the blacks every minute whenever a criminal homie gets plugged by the cops, justified or not.

These are the ones manipulating us with their Jewish Neocon Zionist geopolitics and trickery — getting our boys killed in stinking, lousy wars in overseas shithole countries that do SQUAT for America. Hell, we don’t even get cheap gas out of the deal!

Meanwhile, the media acts like it’s a such a newsworthy story when some dumb raccoon climbs up the side of a damn building. They actually did a story on the national news for several minutes on this nonsense.

These are the ones bilking this country dry, enjoying riches you simply cannot imagine. Multimillion dollar penthouses in the city, country estates, fine wines, food and clothing. All for simply working a few hours in air conditioned TV studios — brainwashing Americans with leftist and subversive Jewish BS.

Hell, Chelsea Clinton has never really worked a day in her life, but lives like some kind of Manhattan Queen Bee. The anti-White media Jew, fat-faced Barry Diller, gave her a seat on the board of Expedia with zero experience. The pampered little brat is married to a Goldman Sachs Jew (the wedding alone cost 6 million smackers). She’s also best buds with Ivanka Trump, herself married to a rich Jew boy. Both probably spend more on new shoes in a week than you make in a year.

But so do all those TV talking head anchors and reporters live richly in places like DC, Manhattan and LA. They know what side their bread is buttered on, believe me.


Emily Bazelon, Jewess writer for New York Times magazine and online Slate magazine (big time lefty Jew ops) writes about “Whites noticing their own Whiteness” — meaning we’re now becoming aware of our “oh-so-special White privileges” and all that we “get away with.” Her and other Jews freely go around lecturing Whites about all this crap!

Jews have been working for decades to turn our race into a spat-upon minority and mess us up in the head. Some are rich as hell, like George Soros, while plenty of others are enjoying nice incomes like Tim Wise here (yep, he’s a Jew).

Notice how we hear ZILCH whenever these creeps attack the White race — unlike us, who if we say the least little thing about practically anything these days, they go haywire on all the TV channels for days on end. YOU CAN’T WIN!

The dirty creeps are working to get liberals to cut-off Trump supporters from their lives. For real. It’s like the Chinese “cultural revolution.” They’ve been after Trump since even before he took office. Every minute they put on White-haters on TV telling fools how to think. They even got on shows like “The View” in the middle of the day for brainwashing stay-at-home White mothers with lefty crap. You should see the BS they push. Just set your DVR and see for yourself.

They say Trump didn’t win the popular vote and any talk of illegals voting is “conspiracy theory.” My ass. The traitorous democrats are always pulling trickery in the voting to get their creeps in office. George Soros spreads his millions around to all kinds of left wing operations behind vote rigging and using illegals. His brother is married to the sister of democrat Trump hater, Adam Schiff.

Russia and Hungary kicked his lefty political operations out from their countries. Poland and Austria are not far behind. But Soros’ anti-White “color revolution” subversions are alive and well in the US. And he’s not the only mega rich Jew SOB doing this to America. Tons of Jews across the political landscape and TV are busy undermining us White people.

The dirty bastards in the media even acted like Canada’s Justin Trudeau was the big hero over Trump with that G7 BS. It’s like America is nothing to these traitors.

And just think, White guys: Every time you turn on the TV these days you get a giant ration of crap. Allstate insurance now has a commercial on where the wife loudly snickers when her White husband says he can fix a leak in a pipe, then giggles some more when he says he can finish the painting. Us White guys are freely the butt of TV jokes — when we’re the guys who built this great nation!

How many times has some stuck-up career broad called you up in the middle of the night to help fix a toilet or get her car started on a winter morning? They sure do forget fast, don’t they?

Just who do these rats think they are? I say it’s time once again for the Third Estate to put these selfish, corrupt rats in their places. They’re going to rue the day they awakened the Noble Saxon. We might be slow to anger, but when we do, watch the flock out jack!

I’m totally ready. Are you?


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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26 Responses to Rat-Faced Media Jews Calling Us “FAR-RIGHT”

  1. cole nidre says:

    if the furher was the leader, you could be goddamn sure none
    of these fucking problems would have ever gained a foothold
    in the last 80 years!

    what is needed is a 1000 year Reich to bring peace, prosperity,
    and sanity to the European race without the interference of
    the self-chosen children of the devil.

    “everything the chancellor said about the Jews is true.”
    Jew movie director Stanley kubrick

  2. Chuck U. Farley says:

    I used to have a Facebook (or better yet, a Jewbook page) a few years back. I spent a lot of time posting information from various websites such as yours in hopes all my white friends would waken to the Jew rat infested country we have become. Unfortunately the response I got was crickets in the background. Not one, and I mean not one person even posted a like in anything I posted. The only response I received was a from family memberwho told me to stop it because she had grandchildren who were of dark skin. Like it was my fault her daughter, my niece married a oily skin Matizo. My point is this: I don’t hide my dislike towards people of color: Jaybos (niggers), Matizos; sand niggers, and most of all hooked nose kikes. I am not afraid of them. But I think we are in trouble, because the average caucasion is either brainwashed through the mainstream media both liberal and conversative (in my opinion they’re wings of the same bird), the educational establishment, and the kike owned entertainment industry. The average caucasion has no balls because they have been conditioned that blacks are tough; bullshit! One on one they’re no more tough than any other racial group. But in order to deal with skin color issue; we must deal with parasite that infects our society: the hook nosed Khazaria. Until we do; the skin color issue can never effectively dealt with.

    • J.R. says:

      @ Chuck… “I think we are in trouble, because the average caucasion (sic) is either brainwashed through the mainstream media both liberal and conversative (sic) (in my opinion they’re wings of the same bird)”…

      …when the evil machinations of the apostate jew in both the liberal and conservative wings of the media are inevitably exposed by the “Trump Effect”, that’ll doubtless prompt most of both the democrat and republican wings in the house and senate in America to support the Christian tribal israelis in the land of israel, more than the evil antichristian state of israel, especially once they realize that the horrors of the apostate jew instigated apocalypse are upon them…

      ‘wise’ jews weigh in on “the Trump effect”…

      “the Trump effect is deprogramming the American mind…”

      “two wings of a GREAT eagle” (Rev. 12:14) …MAGA… God’s choice of Trump will likely do two terms to take America through the apocalypse…

      • Arch Stanton says:

        Yah sure, you betcha! Here is my take on the matter.

        I am beginning to suspect that Trump has been assigned the roll of the Jew’s “anti-Christ.”

        Antichrist: The World’s Greatest Peacemaker – He comes to power on a platform of Peace – He comes in peaceably and deceives the many….

        More here. Jews have a bizarre penchant for trying to bring the horror of their biblical myths and lies to life. Why not watch the TV special?

        Here’s another one. (The title’s “all seeing eye” inside a pyramid says a lot about the film’s background.) Although the theme is overwhelmingly that of the Jewish horror genre, there’s not a Jew in sight. See, it’s not the Jews, but Christians with all this anti-Christ folderol. Yep, these “goy” productions leave no Jew exposed in the making of these films.

        The “anti-Christ” is described as a minion of the “angel of light” Lucifer/devil/Satan*, who will bring peace to the world, just before he destroys it with the war of Armageddon.

        In 2 Thessalonians 2, Paul prophesied of a “man of sin,” a liar and deceiver whose natural abilities Satan enhances by supernatural power in order to confuse people in the end time.

        Leave it to Jews to cook up yet another reality show, this time featuring one of their biblical masturbation horror stories. By providing idiot Christians one of their most cherished myths writ large in the form of Trump, Jews will be able to explode with gleeful orgasm as stupid Christians either bow down to their “Satan” or recoil in horror thinking they have seen the anti-Christ.

        Trump is already fulfilling the prophecy “All kings and nations bow before the Antichrist.” I figure it’s just a matter of time before some “brilliant” TV Christian recognizes Trump’s true anti-Christ persona. But wait! It’s already in process! Here is a Jewish “conservative” front website that has already begun to suspect Trump’s true nature.

        Many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh; any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist! —?2 John 1:7 NRSV (1989)

        Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son. —?1 John 2:22 NRSV (1989)

        By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. And this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming; and now it is already in the world. —?1 John 4:2–3 NRSV (1989)

        Has anyone seen Trump going to church lately? Why bless my soul, look at this –

        Trump has said that he does not ask God for forgiveness. He directly stated he doesn’t do that, instead he just tries to make things better.

        Finally, note how the prophecy describes a great leader of the end time, “He had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon.” The description of two horns like a lamb but speaking like a dragon is supposed to signify his ecumenical religious role. However, this is merely a Christian interpretation that came late in the game. The full impact of the dragon concept is explained here.

        The word “dragon” has been used as a name for Satan; thus, the False Prophet is described in terms such that he will look like a lamb (Christ) but speak like a dragon (Satan).

        This can be interpreted that the Anti-Christ will be a man of peace like Jesus, but will in fact serve the murderous “dragon” by using their words. The “dragon” is an ancient metaphorical reference for the monstrous group organism Jews now fully control, riding on the back of their stupid goy beast like the “master” dwarf riding on the back of the mentally challenged “blaster” in the movie Beyond the Thunderdome.

        If the Jews’ sick, twisted, perverse Bible story is on schedule, these global reconciliations are merely the calm proceeding the storm of war that I originally predicted would be Trump’s presidential raison d’être. Note also the “anti-Christ” is controlled by Lucifer “the bringer of light” who works in the background behind the anti-Christ. Here is a secret photograph of Jared Kushner whispering in the Donald’s ear. Can you say “Jews” boys and girls?

        Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion to this Jew-induced Biblical horror story. Then again, if one wants to end the Jews’ insanely sick, twisted, biblical horror show, the answer is simple – get rid of the Jew!

        *Note these terms are not synonyms for one entity, but are in fact names for different entities. Here’s a good one: “Lucifer is a name that, according to dictionaries of the English language, refers either to the Devil or to the planet Venus when appearing as the morning star,” but how can one know for sure? Okay, it’s either the devil or a planet; which one is it? Inquiring minds want to know.

        Here is a quote about making that very mistake from the Jewish bestseller, This I saw vith mine own eyes! “My encounter with the devil would have undoubtedly been far more horrible had I not realized in the nick of time it was only Venus Rising. Such an easy mistake to make!”

      • Chuck U. Farley says:

        I am posting a link here from the website: Fitzpatrick Informer, Exposing the Judeo Masonic Conspiracy.
        A very awesome sight providing excellent details and insight as to to who the players are in destroying our country from within the political realm . The link I am posting is part IV of a four part series regarding Donald Trump and his close ties and dealings with the Israeli Mossad.
        You can also find the Trump dozier providing dozens of articles on the Donald, or better known as the Orange Man.

        I have always said from the very beginning when Trump threw his hat in the presidential election arena at the behest of his billion dollar Jew kike handlers he was nothing more than a trojan horse. Wake up white American! Wake up!

  3. Gene says:

    Ever Since Hitler Was Defeated It’s Been Nonstop White Hatred

    Yep, ever since The Fuhrer went down it’s been non-stop hatred of the White race and it’s still building. How amazing to see it has morphed into a full blown genocide against Whites. If it’s this bad and continues it will get to where Whites are killed at random for sport.

    That’s why I say to arm yourselves and don’t take any crap off the lefties. Stay where you can shoot! If you can’t afford a real gun get a CO2 gun like the Crosman 1077 little carbine which shoots alloy pellets to around 800 feet per second! One guy reportedly repelled a home invasion by opening fire with an airgun. They left quick after being shot or shot at!

  4. Whitepride says:

    I have no use for the lousy jokes! In Europe as told by an elderly Polish woman, the heevs shunned the Christians in Poland. As a white Christian, I have no problem with the Holoxaust! Love President Trump!

  5. cc says:

    Yes incog man I am ready! Those fucking “reporters” pulling down 15 mill a year for lying and hating on us who have million dollar homes in jakson wy are fuckifying anyplace they come in contact with. The bastards are itching for a pitchfork revolt, and no we are not all dumb as fuck like the spics.

  6. Gene says:

    Another Female Deputy Run Over By Negro

    Second Kansas sheriff’s deputy dies from injuries following shooting


    There’s no telling how many people this individual has murdered. One victim was apparently a 22 year old mom. Then the guy takes down two deputies who are transporting him to court, a real P.O.S.. They’re out there folks, just waiting to murder you or any white person. They should have used two weightlifters to handle him. Another female run over by another Negro costed the guy, Deputy Patrick Rohrer, his life too.

    Negroes everywhere on a roll. Don’t you know how many Negroes are cheering on these killings.

    • ICU says:

      FAUX JEW NOOZ doesn’t run a photo of the rampaging nigger beast.
      I guess that’s because “…it would reflect badly on…” the rest of the rampaging nigger beasts.

    • kin says:

      woman should not be cops, they are not strong enough to be able to handle a wild beast of a nigger or spic, so they should not be on the job. In the office, forensics, shit like that okay but if a 99lb woman comfronts a drug up man that is 180 lbs to 250lbs she will not stand a chance, and they can’t go around shotting everone that they can bring down, not that I would mind that, if you comply with police and not smart mouth punk usually you walk away without a problem. Its the niggers attitude that makes for confrontation, but I am getting away from my point, we need police with some standards back in the day they had to be at least 5ft 8in and no glasses, and a brain that worked. Now we have these twits these short guys with fat bellies and they are useless. But like everthing else we lower the bar and we get what we deserve. uselessness

  7. Arch Stanton says:

    Jews instilling guilt over “white privilege?” Once again incredibly chutzpahtic, hypocritical Jew wordsmiths have done a number on the goyim mind. Arrogant Jew’s have become far and away more privileged then whites ever were. Call it what it is – it’s not “white privilege,” it’z JEW PRIVILEGE!

  8. Arch Stanton says:

    Dear Incog,

    Despite the fact that you have THE BEST Jew graphics on the web, I have a request; would you please stop posting photos of George Soros? The mere sight of this obscenely rich, rat-faced, mamzer; this psychopathic, murderous, Jew scum, makes me violently sick! It is most annoying to have to quickly scroll down to avoid puking all over my keyboard. Thank you, I knew you would understand.

  9. Erik Snohdin says:

    But Incog, the question is WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ? Writing is nice, but what action do we take ? We KNOW what needs to be done ; shooting these assholes right where they stand, cutting their balls off and ramming them down their fucking Jew throats, yes, we know this is what is necessary, but how do we do it and, like THEM, get away with it ?

    • ICU says:

      Answer: Lone Wolves and small cadres of True Believers…
      the same way that ALL revolutions get started.

      • Red Pill says:

        a leaderless revolution, persons of the same mind will not be defeated, no one can “kill” the leader and kill the movement
        because it’s in their hearts and minds.

        would have no problem pulling the trigger first
        if they come to my door. (“they” being any persons inferring
        on my GOD given rights which are not revolvable by the state)

    • stimpy says:

      Lone Wolves like the gentleman said…and I believe that we have enough awakened people now and they are waiting for something or someone to inspire them. I believe that once a few (things) happen it will be a domino effect, but someone somewhere has to begin this.

      It’s now or never my friends.

  10. dick fuld says:

    yeah, as goebblels said “the jews really are stupid DEVILS.”
    treat them as you would any other devil.

    as far as the nitwits who worship the christ-killers, lol.

  11. cole nidre says:

    anything that aids the Jews is evil

    anything the Jews attack is good

    only morality litmus test you’ll ever need.

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    Oh Incoglanders I need your help but I think I just had my best epiphamy ever. That means a giant lightbulb just went off in my head. Dumbest story ever maybe but I was changing the air filters in my huskvarna riding lawn mower and thinking politics again about WHY do these people hate Mr Trump our president so much what did he do wrong besides say make AMERICA great again? What’s a matter wha’s the problem with that? Then it hit me. Is Donald Trump a Bilderberger? Is he a member of the council of foreign relations? Is he a Rhodes Scholar? Is he a skull and bones from Harvard? Is he even a freemason we know he aint a jew but his daughter married one. That’s my opiphany that’s why they hate him so much for being in the white house we know he was born rich great make us ALL rich but that is what I am going to look into next about if he is a member of the secret sociities deep state fuckers I bet he aint that’s why they are working so hard to destroy him and his make America great again offends the international jew world order fuckers so much.

  13. Bob says:

    The following is a public service announcement for the great Cogman and the patriots who patronize his site. My default browser is Firefox. For well over a year, accessing the Cogman site has been well nigh impossible. Time out errors, page unable to load, etc. Same thing with Internet Explorer. I know the jew is behind these denial of service attacks against the great Cog dude. I tried the Tor browser and it was marginally better, i.e., you could eventually access incogman.net if you hit the link a dozen times or so. Serendipitiously, recently, my print Barron’s subscription expired and I had decided not to renew for many reasons that I won’t get into here except to say it had a lot to do with the truth that the Cogman emanates on his site. The left wing NY rag has marginal utility for increasing Alpha. As a lark, I was doing some Googling to see if a free subscription was lurking somewhere and I was directed to a new browser called Brave. Barron’s is marginally worth reading but not worth paying for. This new browser offered a free two year online subscription to Barron’s if you downloaded and used the browser. I don’t know anything about the browser and its raison de étre but I downloaded it for the free Barron’s. Much to my amazement and delight, as a bonus, the cogman site is delivered to your screen faster than a jew picking up a dropped penny!! So if you are having problems accessing Incogman.net, download the Bravo browser AND get your free two year subscription to Barron’s — if you so desire. What a deal!!

  14. dick fuld says:

    national socialist workers party=economic miracle-elimination of jew
    demoncrats and publicans=jew junk mortgage fraud and bankrupt

    know the truth

  15. Anne says:


    • Red Pill says:


      take it and put it where the sun don’t shine.

  16. kin says:

    This kike jew scumbag Tim Wise who do you think saved you fucken jews who were in concentration camps, well it was white men you stinking rotton asshole jew, it was white men who freed you from the German prison camps but you have conveniently forgot that you little fag scummer. You say whites are not worth saving, I would say we made a big mistake not going on the German side in World War Two, we would have won and we would not be dealing with Marxist Zionist Jew Bastards who are trying to take us down and the pathetic part is their are white people so brain washed and stupid they have some brain washed guilt that is so fucken dumb it makes my head spin. Guilt for what being proud of your people, and not allowing blacks, browns and jews to get away with the shit they are getting away with in this douchbag age of stupidity and brain wash by jews, who have sent the vermin Blacks and Sand Niggers after us too make it real dangerous for whites but we must stand and fight, they will run if we stand and become as vicious as they are and more.

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