Uppity Nogs Now Think They Rule The Roost

It’s a Black, Black World Out There. You’d Best be Careful.


So, after Starbucks got the entire world up on its back for calling the cops on black loiterers, who then argued with the cops for ten minutes, forcing them to arrest them, the entire customer service world is on edge.

It’s tough out there.

ABC 30:

Two employees of a bakery in Portland, Oregon were fired earlier this month for denying a black woman service because the business had closed.

“Back To Eden Bakery” released several public apologies and statements following the incident, before letting the employees go. In one Facebook post, the bakery’s co-owner wrote, “We are doing business in a gentrified neighborhood in a racist city within a racist state of a racist country.”

That statement is so over the top, lol.

They’re just trying to save their own asses from getting Starbucked.

A small business that is targeted and accused of racism potentially has no ability whatsoever to fight back, and would just break.

In one statement, “Back To Eden Bakery” says that according to its own surveillance video, a black woman named “Lillian”, who is well known in the area as a “professional equity activist”, entered at 9:06 p.m., after the bakery’s closing time. Employees had also turned off the “Open” sign, but several customers (all white) who had already ordered were still inside. Two other white women who went to the bakery two minutes before “Lillian”, and were also informed that the business was closed for the night.

The bakery says “Lillian” left the store briefly and began recording video.

The bakery’s statement says that even though it does not consider the employees to be racist and that they were following the business’s protocol of closing at 9 p.m., they were fired because “sometimes impact outweighs intent.” The bakery also says in the statement that the way the employees went about denying the woman service, “lacked sensitivity and understanding of the racial implications at work.”

In the statement “Back To Eden” says the employees were fired because the woman and the “clamoring public” demanded they be fired.

In one statement, the bakery admitted that the employees did not necessarily do anything wrong, “this is more about how a black woman was made to feel” at the business.

That statements have since been deleted.

Yeah, you’d better delete that.

The last thing you want to say is “this is just a black crybaby scam, but we have no choice but to go along with it” while going along with a black crybaby scam. That’s worse than not going along with it.

The idea that anyone, anywhere in America, is purposefully refusing service to black people because they hate the color of their skin is so utterly nonsensical on the face of it that it simply cannot hold up to any scrutiny at all, and it has to just be accepted without thinking. If you say “this is fake but we don’t have a choice” it’s worse than simply coming out and saying “yes, we refused service because we virulently hate the level of pigmentation of the skin of the individual in question.”

Basically, post #StarbucksArrestGate, black people can just demand what they want from any business.

I’m not sure how long this is going to be sustainable.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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50 Responses to Uppity Nogs Now Think They Rule The Roost

  1. J.R. says:

    when blacks are brought into contact with White folk, they inevitably start to compare themselves with Whites and can only conclude that blacks are way inferior, in a body and with attributes like an ape, and which have obviously been passed to them as a righteous judgement from God, for some sort of horrible sexual sin with apes among their ancestors …

    understandably, this comparison also leads Blacks to become bitter about their case; and so they start blaming Whitey and can get very nasty and ultimately even uppity about it; and which is why blacks should always remain separate from Whites and vice versa…

    this is what God had in mind, when he set the boundaries for the living space of the races and nations, that were intended to provide for “separate” (i.e. apartheid) development…

    and yes, the racist jews in the apartheid state of Israel know about this from the Bible too, but don’t want Whites to uphold it, because mixing blacks with Whites can only further degrade the White race and thus facilitate the jews’ antichristian global takeover…

    • ICU says:

      Oogah Boogah Land was confined by water and desert and the Black critters within were trapped there because Mother Nature/The Great Spirit/Odin/God The Father…whatever the name, except “Allah” which is a fiction of a child raping Moon Cricket psycho, loves his Human children and doesn’t want them to be afflicted with rampaging, murderous Chimp relatives.
      However, Ashkenazim “jew” identity thief, lesser demons…being the godless depraved scum that they have always been…let the horrid beasts out of their nature preserve, with the help of allied Moon Cricket scum, and pretty much smeared the stinky, stupid, horrid buggers all over places where the vile things are not supposed to be.
      What to do ?
      I suggest the ongoing smashing of the Ashkenazim swine 24/7/365…and I do mean “SMASHING” unrelentingly, in every way possible.
      Once the BLAK Chimpoids are deprived of their Kike-A-Zoid swine managers and programmers, they will scurry around like headless BLAK chickens…eminently suitable for hog feed and bait.
      That will be A Good Thing.

    • Daniel says:

      The Holy Bible is full of scriptures separating the races apart from the ADAM race. In fact, God had his say with diversity twice that ended up wiping thousands, possibly millions away. Once in diversity Noah days were white women mated with the fallen wicked nigger satanic agents that resulted in millions of mulattos. EVIL IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE ( resembling modern-day diversity to a tee )Gen ch 6 EXPLAINS THIS AS DOES THE SHORT BOOK OF JUDE.

      Again God destroyed many cities that indulged and took the way of evil diversified SODOM & GOMORRAH.

      Quite frankly the song of Moses also refers to boundaries God set apart between his chosen White ADAM RACE.

      In NUMBERS ( KJV ), ETC..ETC.. That’s how the LORD ETERNAL FEELS ABOUT DIVERSITY. So much he begged us not to diversify and gave plenty of examples of destroying an evil, stiffnecked mulatto peoples.

  2. Nationalist says:

    If the two employees who got fired were liberals then perhaps they will learn a lesson. Nevertheless I hate to see all of the damage that is being done to the White race because of the idiotic ideas that have become thrust upon us like Negros always being right and Whites always being wrong. That’s what the liberals are talking about when they say social justice – the ability of Blacks to screw Whites at will and get away with it. Our White women need to wake up to the fact that they are killing off the White race (at least those who vote liberal) and eventually it will have a negative impact on them as well. Remember Nicole Brown Simpson former wife of football playing super Nigger O.J. Simpson? Killed and not a thing happened to O.J. despite a mountain of evidence against him. The Black jury had fun wasting everyone’s time and money knowing full well that he did it. Only National Socialism can save the White race.

  3. cole nidre says:

    because Simpson was “innocent” according to his kike shysters, he
    had to pay millions to the Jew Goldmans for something his shysters
    “proved” he didn’t do, and the all jig jury agreed. didn’t some creep
    sing a song about that, oh, that was some other shit.

    then they stole some of the coons stuff, and put him in jail for trying
    to get it back. justice rolls on. wait, he’s out again, along with
    Jonathan pollard.

  4. Gene says:

    Knife-Wielding Men Attacking London Motorists

    They’ve got the blade right there for you, you know, just like in the U.S., some really large, dangerous blades.

    I stand by my former statements that if you don’t have a real gun at least get a powerful CO2 gun to shoot attackers in face, eyes, and throat with. Mark him up for the cops to identify him.

    In the U.S. niggers are using vehicles to run people down like the poor guy in Dallas-Ft. Worth area who spotted his attacker and fled only to get run down and killed anyway.

    Shock Video: Knife-Wielding Man Attacks London Motorist in Broad Daylight

  5. NinjaJohn says:

    Important thing to know in the days ahead:

    Strong’s #4464: mamzer (pronounced mam-zare’)

    from an unused root meaning to alienate; a mongrel, i.e. born of a Jewish father and a heathen mother:–bastard.

    Replace the word “Jewish” with “Pure White Israelite.” Then the definition is correct.

    • Daniel says:




  6. Luna says:

    Niggers are the ugliest species on the planet. They are truly genetic dead ends with no purpose in life except to cause misery for Whitey.

    • Joe Btfsplk says:

      jews are the ugliest species on the planet. They are truly genetic dead ends with no purpose in life except to cause misery for Whitey.

      • J.R. says:

        Many of the ugly hooked-nose “kikes” and most of the jews with Caucasian/khazar rodent features are not true jews; and some of them are White jews, as White people who’ve had ancestors who’ve converted to judaism or who’ve converted themselves… the fake jews rarely convert to Christ and are of the biblical synagogue of Satan, who “say they are jews and are not, but do lie”…

        the true jews are obviously the olive skinned, middle Eastern tribal israelis, who’re generally of a somewhat diminutive stature, and who’re being regathered by God in the land of israel, as a lead up to their mass conversion to Christ there, just prior to and during the apocalypse, in fulfillment of biblical prophecies…


        the fake jews and the unrepentant tribal israelis left in Europe will be holocausted again; but God will not allow the true tribal israelis to be wiped out in the land of israel during the apocalypse… on the contrary, he will destroy the armies of the Gentiles that will come against them, at the return of Jesus Christ…


        the fake jews generally don’t seem to like the idea of living in the land of israel as much as the true jews, because they’re more obsessed with making money and know they can make more of it more easily elsewhere and understandably have no real empathy for what they know is the true tribal israelis’ ancient homeland…

        beautiful true tribal israeli jews in the land of israel today…

      • Matt says:


        Do you just make this up as you go along? What a load of (((dung))).

  7. Morris Deeds says:

    Wildwood police release body cam footage of woman’s violent arrest at beach (Full video)
    Note: girl has Jewish sounding last name, but I believe is Gentile German, as the
    area isn’t where thy go the beaches in NJ. Also, those cops would be
    GONE by now if that was a young JAP!

    Published on May 30, 2018
    Wildwood police released three pieces of footage from the body cam that shows a woman’s violent arrest on the beach on Memorial Day.

    Find the story on http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2018

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      Damn young brainwashed cops who look for trouble where there isn’t any!
      Yes, if that girl were a nigger, MSM would have this great wrong splattered all over the national “news” for what it was.

      • kin says:

        I can see losing control over a nasty cunt like this, she got what she deserved as far as I can see, you comply and nothing happens you fight and you get fucked law of the land.

      • Gene says:

        She tried to comply, blew in their stupid machine. They were determined to violate her rights. She wasn’t a stupid or nasty C***.
        When you are alone the police target you. She is pretty attractive and I think these cops merely saw her and picked on her. I hope she sued them for a million or two. Now you see why they shoot cops. Some of them deserve it, for sure. These troublemaker cops should be shot dead.

      • Gene says:

        Brown vs. Texas

        is a marvelous Supreme Court ruling which held that you don’t necessarily have to talk to cops or identify yourself, particularly when you are not committing a crime.
        The trouble with this liberal scum government is they fail to uphold the ruling and let the cops have their way with people.
        When a cop violates you he should be shot dead for it. Your rights are precious and all those vets that died for them are being spit upon by cops, scumbag, filthy, liar, traitor cops.

    • Daniel says:

      That woman needed a beating in which I never saw. Common sense, obey the law. She must love niggers.

    • ICU says:

      Wildwood seasonal hire beach cops have been dick bastards for decades. It’s a requirement to be hired. This is commonplace in all Jew Nersey beach towns.
      The Wildwood Tuff Guy dick bastard alcohol cop with the breathalyzer didn’t have probable cause to even demand that the girl submit to the test. She, in fact, wasn’t doing anything. Officer Dick Bastard likely got hostile because, as a closet job faggot, he saw a female he could never get, and homed in on her because he’s a dick bastard.
      When Wildwood was run by a branch of the Philly Sicilian mob, it was worse because the government and judges were low rotten scum, the employers of the dick bastard cops. One thing to their credit; like the mob in Philly, they kept the niggers in their place. Not now, the Dirty Harry Wannabees pick on White girls to get their unclean totalitarian stooge jollies.
      I hope that girl gets a really savage, Land Shark attorney and twangs Officer Dick Bastard, and associate, AND The City of Wildwood for a YOOOOGE cash settlement…one that really hurts.

  8. Morris Deeds says:

    Note : above video all we hear about is Black Urban “youths” and “teens”
    getting physically beat up, and harassed by the cops, she looks like she
    got it, pretty good there, for not telling them her last name????

    And to top it off: this was in front of her baby daughter, she passed
    their breathalyzer test! She wasn’t DRUNK, and is 20 years, big F-in deal,
    you can go DIE in American wars, for Israel, as young 18, but you can’t
    drink alcohol, right?

    • Goys R'Us says:

      You must never question or resist your ZOG overlords. Never forget that. you must give them all your money, to pay for Zionist wars, and to pay for breeding programs for inferiors. And you can send your Goy children to die for no god-damn good reason in some Turd World shithole, but if you drink a beer at age 19 or 20, you deserve a beatdown. All hail Chuckie Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine, and John McCain. Your money is belong to us Goys. Now hand over all your money and self protection.

    • Daniel says:

      But she acted pure nigger! She is most probably your typical coalburner looking for a fight with whites, police etc… ANTIFA DO THIS as they protest, riot, and act anarchist all on behalf of the nigger who would have no problem killing, raping plundering their very coodlers peoples as they act the fool for them.

      This woman had your typical nigger/muslim/somali attitude immediately without the slightest cooperation. If you are stopped for a seatbelt violation, are you going to offend the stopping officer by acting all antifaed up or like a typically spoiled nigger by calling the officer a punk racist before he can even run your ID or even charge you? THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A MOMENT

  9. Morris Deeds says:

    She cries for “Max” right as the Police State cops swarm her, that’s her young
    baby daughter. If this was a YOUNG Black Female it would be
    all over Zionist Controlled MSM, you’d be hearing and seeing it 24-7.

    All because it’s a young WHITE girl: the police chief, mayor of the town, and
    probably the governor, will too, later, sided with the police!

    Could you imagine the “Gran Mal Chimpout” that would of occurred if this
    young girl were Black??

  10. Morris Deeds says:

    “You’re not allowed to BEAT ME LIKE THAT” ohh yes they are, the
    Zionist Controlled Police State will soon make this an every day occurrence
    foe White People, whom they know, no longer have any civil rights!

  11. kin says:

    This happened many years ago but it was a highlight in this race baiting bullshit. I was in a Pathmark grocery store, and in front of me was a nigger woman without a warning or whatever this pos, thats hollering that the cashier called her what she was, she said the girl called her a nigger and she wants her fired. Well I got home and I called the manager and asked if he was aware of the incident he was, well I told him the truth that the nigger was just a black bitch looking to cause harm and trouble and the cashier did nt say one word to this black cunt. So my point is they don’t change they have been like this a long time and they are getting worse because they need stepping on, I prayer for a civil war so I can get rid of some of these sub species, sub human animals. PS Look at what is going on in South Africa now that is what happens when niggers get the upper hand they went to one farm and threw a little infant in a pot of boiling water, believe it they are cruel scumbags.

  12. J.R. says:

    good blacks in Africa…

  13. Tom says:

    Want to see what the insane jew is up to.

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    This is the reason I never made it in law enforcement beyond guarding nuclear missile silos. Because I didn’t speak nigger or ebonics or 100 other different languages. The sign says us government property keep out deadly air force is already authorized. So I watch all these cops shows and support the men and women in blue too. Of all colors. So I watch live tv and the cops were called to an international house of pancakes or ihops or another one of those places you never want to be after 2:30 in the morning if you don’t want to get shot or stabbed. Niggers never try to rob truck stops though. Not anymore because they all end up dead or in the cage. They call the cops to a waffle house after midnight there was a shootout gunfight the lady shot my dog. Do you mean like a four footed dog or like a snoop doggy dog? Man that was my best friend and the bitch shot him. Again, my best friends are dogs too buster and lucky can you be more specific when you said the bitch shot your dog? I got fired from that job too.

  15. Sen10L says:

    Wow! A Zionist is given a blank check to spew his BS on Incogman’s site.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      The following statement written by Nilus in 1905 gives a remarkable insight into his mental processes. It will be noted that he makes use of Scripture to emphasize his views. Facing a dark future, with storm clouds gathering overhead, he wrote, “In our day, all the governments of the entire world are consciously or unconsciously submissive to the commands of this great Super-government of Zion, because all the bonds and securities are in its hands; for all countries are indebted to the Jews for sums which they will never be able to pay. All affairs—industry, commerce, and diplomacy-are in the hands of Zion. It is by means of its capital loans that it has enslaved all nations. By keeping education on purely materialistic lines, the Jews have loaded the Gentiles with heavy chains with which they have harnessed them to their ‘Supergovernment’.”

      “The end of national liberty is near, therefore personal freedom is approaching its close; for true liberty cannot exist where Zion uses the lever of its gold to rule the masses and dominate the most respectable and enlightened class of society.”

      ” ‘He that hath ears to hear, let him hear’.”

      “It is nearly four years since the Protocols of the Elders of Zion came into my possession. Only God knows what efforts I have made to bring them to general notice—in vain — and even to warn those in power, by disclosing the causes of the storm about to break on apathetic Russia who seems, in her misfortune, to have lost all notion of what is going on around her.”

      “And it is only now when I fear it may be too late, that I have succeeded in publishing my work, hoping to put on their guard those who still have ears to hear and eyes to see.”

      “One can no longer doubt it, the triumphant reign of the King of Israel rises over our degenerate world as that of Satan, with his power and his terrors; the King born of the blood of Zion—the Antichrist is about to mount the throne of universal empire.”

      “Events are precipitated in the world at a terrifying speed; quarrels, war, rumours, famines, epidemics, earthquakes — everything which even yesterday was impossible, today is an accomplished fact. One would think that the days pass so rapidly to advance the cause of the Chosen People. Space does not allow us to enter into the details of world history with regard to the disclosed ‘mystery of iniquity’, to prove from history the influence which the ‘Wise Men of Zion’ have exercised through universal misfortunes by foretelling the certain and already near future of humanity, or by raising the curtain for the last act of the world’s tragedy.”

      “Only the light of Christ and of his Holy Church Universal can fathom the abyss of Satan and disclose the extent of its wickedness.”

      “I feel in my heart that the hour has already struck when there should urgently be convoked an Eighth Oecumenical Council which would unite the pastors and representatives of all Christendom. Secular quarrels and schisms would all be forgotten in the imminent need of preparing against the coming of the Antichrist.”

      Futile attempts have been made to refute the Protocols. Propagandists have brought all manner of charges against them. Communists usually become hysterical when they are mentioned. But the stubborn fact remains that they are being constantly fulfilled by world changes which they have announced almost a half century in advance.

      • Matt says:

        Rev 17. The mystery Babylon, the great prostitute, who rides the nations, people, and languages. Yet the masses can’t see it.

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’ll explain this shit in my best possible way. I almost always fall on the side of law enforcement who put their lives on the line into the unknown every day. Another thing I watched on live pd the cop says there is no such thing as a routine traffic stop or call for suspicious vehicle. You never know what you are going to get. My state that rhymes with men at sea or genessee beer just lost one of our best goyim this week to a scumbag white guy with a rapsheet that would empty your printer cartridge trying to print it out. Back in the day when I was freezing my ass and balls off guarding missile silos and the officers in the capsule get an alarm on silo 9 from a rabbit that wont reset and the officers ask me to go check it out 40 degrees below zero wind chill in the middle of nowhere. When an officer asks you to do something that really means I am ordering you to do it in the nicest way possible. No I don’t really want to but ok I will do it. So I get there and it is a rabbit. But once in a while rarely because these silos are so remote that even if you were completely lost and your garmen was hacked by Russians you couldn’t find them. What the fuck are YOU doing here? Guess what college kid when the officer asked me to come find out why the alarm is going off that’s when he authorized me to shoot anybody or everybody inside the gate. Cant you read the signs college jew nigger Marxist commie bitch? My real point was that 99 percent of the time is that I am not here just for some random quirk in the universal time space warp. Somebody either called me for help or I was ordered to be here. I’m not out nigger hunting for the fun of it I would rather be warm and eating donuts. The feel good story of yesterday was that the jury awarded the family of a dead nigger 5 whole dollars for the cop shooting the goodboy didndunuffin. The one 4 times over the legal limit waving a gun around. 1 dollar for each niglet and one dollar for the baby momma. I think the other dollar was for the jew lawyer who plans to appeal to a higher jury of more niggers. Theymade a big deal about the cop shot a nigger in Cleveland park waving a gun around so the neighbors called the police. The nigger snorted some concontion of tide laundry powder and baking powder and sea salts and was waving a pellet gun around. So the neighbors called the police because they thought the nigger was a danger to the public and sure enough some random police officer answers the call and the nigger waves the pellet gun at the police officer and gets shot by a real gun. How was I supposed to know it was only a pellet gun? These things look like real guns you know? Let him shoot me with it first? To test my body armor? Just blame the cop for instant life or death decisions and call a jew lawyer and hit the get rich quick nigger lottery seems to be the way of jewmerica now and yes mainstream media is owned and controlled by jews to so they are all in collusion with each other for jew world order supremacy.

  17. Philadelphian says:

    Jews at work on destroying white people. They are so intent on destroying white humanity they have fforgotten the reason they infeste white nation s from the Garden of Eden until today, not Africa, or China. Once whites are gone no other race will cut jews any slack as ‘victims, instead the jews really will become the victims. All the races of the world hate whites for being what they are, beautiful and humane. The only race on earth that can be guilt tripped by jew lies. Groids will eat them as will the amerinds when the whites are gone. They are watching and learning about what the jews are doing to the whites because they allowed them to live in their countries out of mercy. Mercy is a white trait, no other race has it towards out of race ‘others’ as the jew will discover quickly when white can no longer be blamed for the evil vile deeds of the Jew.

    When attacking defenceles Palestinians the Jew troops Rabbi told the Israeli troops ‘to show no mercy’ in Gaza 2 days ago … Yesh Din said it had written to both Defence Minister Ehud Barak and Chief of Staff … must not be enticed by the folly of the Gentiles who have mercy for the cruel”.[meaning themselves] …. and foolishness of allowing jewish autonomy, enclaves and other national weaknesses.

  18. Morris Deeds says:

    New post on The Occidental Observer
    Destroy the Goy: The Metaphysics of Anti-White Hatred, Part 1
    by Tobias Langdon

    Ideologies are like engines: what matters is that they reach their destination, not what they run on or what they’re made of. But one vital difference is that an ideology can reach its destination without being internally consistent or conforming to reality. That isn’t true of real engines. Take the Marine I space-probe in 1962.


  19. Morris Deeds says:

    Holocaust Museums Are Monkey Business

    When will the Holocaust establishment have some intellectual honesty to build some kind of museum for those who were raped after the brutal war? Or how about the peasants during the Soviet terror? Who will speak for those people?

    By Jonas E. Alexis –
    June 3, 2018


    The Hollowhoax Museum:

  20. protocolsRtrue says:

    Then I escaped south Dakota and they sent me to guam with 2 1/2 stripes. This Japanese guy mr yoda I think they gave him the job because he was the last Japanese army guy left on guam you are a tough bastard . So then I get there and after 2 weeks he puts me in charge of everything and this other pineapple head comes in and starts bitching about being faceplanted into the concrete for crossing the red line. Who the fuck are you you in the paint shop or machine shop or air conditioners shop? Qh the fuck are you yelling at me you been here 10 years you say so pineapple head have you never been told not to cross the red lines of nuclear bombers on alert? I’m going to call a jew lawyer and sue the us government. Go ahead asshole pineapple head . And what the fuck are you doing near the flightline of nuclear bombers in the first place pineapple head we don’t have no job orders to patch the holes in the b-52s? We have other people that do that. You must have seriously got lost and made a mistake now live with it. Your not even in the carpenter shop the people in this shop know better than that unless somebody put a sign over the door that every guamian file your complaints here because the power went out last night. there’s my complaint shredder over there.

  21. protocolsRtrue says:

    Mr paul was the last Japanese army soldier left in guam. I get there pleased to meet you stuff he says there’s your desk next to mine. Desk? I never had a desk before especially one of these battleship style steel desks. I aint no first sergeant. You are now I ask Mr. Paul if he knew the war was over . Yes thank you for your service to the emperor. Mr. Paul you guys lost ok forgetttabbouutitt. So they put the sign up over my office door guamainin complaint department and I invent the world first paper shredder.

  22. J.R. says:

    there are two aspects to the jews’ global takeover… on the one hand, there’s the leftist/liberal/globalist jews’ conspiracy, that’s controlled largely by the fake jews of the biblical synagogue of Satan; and which is focused on bringing in an ideal antichristian mercantile world, under a new confederation of European nations that’ll be headed up by a political beast who’ll provide the number of his name as the sole authority for trade…

    On the other hand, there’s the true tribal israeli jews’ conspiracy to set up a new Davidic king at Jerusalem (aka the biblical end-time antichrist or political beast “with two horns like a lamb and who speaks as a dragon”… i.e., diabolically mimicking Jesus Christ as the biblical lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world… and he’s being prepared to rule an ideal quasi messianic world, that’s to be centered on the apartheid state of israel, which is already trending right wing to that end-game.

    they’re compatible with each other and both are antichristian; and the latter political beast will cause the world to worship the commercial image of the political power of the first beast’s name, by causing the earth dwellers left behind after the rapture to receive a subcutaneous chip for trade, when he comes to power as a lead up to the apocalypse…

  23. Tom says:

    The more noisy Negro leaders, by depicting all whites as natural and implacable enemies to their race, have done it a great disservice. Large numbers of whites who were formerly very friendly to it, and willing to go to great lengths to help it, are now resentful and suspicious.
    H. L. Mencken

  24. ICU says:

    Re: Negro/Mulatto/Quadroon/Octoroon chillrenz, those pre-pubescent and not yet “teens” or “youths”.
    The sub-human genetics are already in place, at work and stupidly, stinkingly, violently, dysfunctionally smeared on Human Civilization.
    Given the drug, junk food and jenkem soaked, horrible, ugly, stinking, disease ridden, misshapen, deficient-in-every-way bodies and genitalia from whence the things sprang; is it really any wonder.
    Examples abound.
    JouTube vids of Grade Skoo nigglets “daggering” in overt sexual moves at parties to the whooping, ooking, eeeking, hollering amused delight of their simian spawners.
    Crime reports of rampaging, roving packs of 8 to 12 year old, in Human years, off on a variety of felonious criminal toots.
    Freakish, stupid, malformed, genetically insane monkey packs in colors ranging from Double Espresso to Cafe au Lait, 4 to 10 years of age, in Human years, “playing” in and around dumpsters, burglarizing, running dope, thieving in or close to any nigger ‘hood you choose.
    Future Felons and Future Spawners of yet more of the same, on the taxpayers Dime, YT.

    When I was younger and could take or leave Blacks (the ultimate “leaving” happened during the Trayvon Martin travesty following the pretty-much-leaving during Naval service) I found it remarkable that during The Post-War Between The States era Indian Wars in the American West, soldiers and civilians would eagerly kill Indian children as well as their women.
    Now, I totally understand their motivation.
    As pertains to today with the niggers…
    get those goddam things OUTTA HERE …
    and I don’t care how it’s done.
    Then, go get their Kike managers and puppeteers, and do the same.

    Footnote: The Ashkenazim Hysteria Channel, AHC, formerly The Hitlery Channel on jew cable TalmudVision, is running an All Hitler, All The Time thing now.
    I watch it muted to see the old films from the period.
    The Khazar Kike whining, sniveling, lying, wet panties Bullshit that accompanies the films is appropriately disregarded.
    The Khazar identity thief, vampire pirates are terrified, rightfully, that another will rise among awakened Whites to cast off the yoke of International jewry…this time forever.
    Tick Tock, jews.
    He’s coming.
    Tick Tock, jews…be very afraid.
    He’s coming.
    Tick Tock, jews and your vile craven stooges.
    He’s coming…and you will not enjoy what he brings.
    Tick Tock
    I can hardly wait.

  25. Joe Btfsplk says:

    “. . .He’s coming…and you will not enjoy what he brings. . .”

    • ICU says:

      Hey, Joe…
      No Hellfire is needed here.
      What I had in mind was more something like an Archangel’s flaming sword; you know, to circumcise Kike heads and cauterize at the same time.
      Flaming Swords, Cannibalization by their BLAK pets, Vitamin Zyklon B2, Terminal Bowel Gas, Volcano Dipping, Airburst Neutron Devices…
      Machts Nichts…whatever works.

  26. Daniel says:

    These porch monkeys negros have already got their asses kicked in round one when they joined forces with Lucifer to battle Michael the Archangel and the Holy White Saints. Most got locked in chains until the final judgment, but unfortunately Lucifer gathered 1/3 of these niggers and settled here on earth. Now they fuck with earthly Whites. BUT ROUND TWO IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER ” SONS OF LIGHT VS sons of darkness ie …war scrolls……. GUESS WHAT, THEY LOSE AGAIN! CAN’T WAIT TO BE IN THAT BATTLE!

  27. Bob says:

    It’s almost impossible to have a small business that caters to the public if there are niggers around. I read recently that there was a Mexican restaurant in Memphis called Frida’s. A large group of niggers came in and sat down and ordered a shitload of expensive margaritas and steak and shrimp burritos etc and ran up a tab of over $400. Then one of the niggers began to smoke weed at the table. Service staff told them to stop it and then the niggers threw a big, fake, tantrum and began to scream and yell “racism” etc. Then they all walked out and stiffed the restaurant. It was all planned ahead of time. This is becoming more and more popular among groups of niggers at restaurants. The obvious solution would be to refuse service to all niggers or demand that niggers pay in advance but the ZOG would destroy you if you did that. The other solution is just to give niggers free food and drinks and eventually go out of business. What a wonderful world it could be without niggers and jews.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      That is a true story and one of the sheboons grandmothers saw it’s grandshebooon on tv most wanted niggers was shamed to pay the whole bill.

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