WTF Is Really Going On Cog Man?

“…Prejudice is something we must transcend
Coming into season this world will flower
With the power of love, not the love of power…”

— “Bohemia,” actual song found on INCOG’s I-POD by talented, but probably pretty liberal, Canadian musician and artist, Mae Moore.

Cog Man, you seem to be on to something — can you lay it all out for me? Like why all us White people are constantly belittled and accused of being the evil ones all the time? I’m just a regular person and I really don’t want to become some kind of skinhead Nazi hater. I just want peace and love, dammit to hell!

Well, first off, I don’t know everything. Wish I did. But I can easily see where things are going these days. And I’m definitely not some ignorant “rayciss” making things up. Hell, I have liberal White folk music and even some black blues music like John Lee Hooker, Muddy Water and B. B. King on my I-POD playlists. On the outside, I probably look boring as hell — if you met me, you would think “here’s your typical White suburban guy, reeking of haughty White male privilege, of course, but harmless.” Little do they know about this “hateful” website I set up!

I’ve often wished to come up with an all-encompassing brief description of the “Jewish Question.” I’m probably being arrogant to assume I have the brain power to do it. I’m simply trying to awaken my fellow White brethren to the long-running “agenda” of racial destruction being done to us White people. Oh, it’s real, alright. I’ve quietly been studying and contemplating the matter from all angles for years. Along with that, carefully talking with certain insiders, high and low. It’s absolutely the truth: These bastards have been in a war with the White race. Even humanity itself is at risk because of them.

I once told my brother, the things I believe are basically what he and pretty much all other decent Whites think. Only difference, is that they just don’t get what the Jews have been up to in our lands. The media fully realizes that if us “regular” Whites get the deal about these creeps, then their whole rigged PC system of the last one hundred years is through. They certainly don’t want their cushy existence threatened by irate mobs. Especially since so many of us have guns.

First off, and this is very important, the Germans were not evil people. It amazes me how much they go on and on and on about evil Germans. Get this and get it good: The Germans killed people, but we killed people, too. When we killed people of other countries, they wanted payback and vice versa, forever and ever, amen.

Remember the old saying “the victor writes the history?” That’s what we got going on. But with a big twist to this very day. The Jews wanted to have their own homeland — atheists or not, they believed God himself gave them Israel and, by golly, they were going to have it once again. So they continuously ran “atrocity propaganda” created by the Soviets, Britain, USA and themselves to brainwash our people with something they called the “holocaust” to justify the “Zionists” stealing the area from the people (Jews, Arab Muslims and Christians) already living there, pretty much peaceably with each other.

Now these “Zionists” are a Jewish international political cabal richly funded by International Jewish money. Riches, BTW, garnered by creating the infrastructure of FIAT phony paper money and national debt in our own lands, plus taking a cut of the action every time we went grocery shopping, or even buying non-edible items (the KOSHER scam). Basically, they are getting rich off us, while hiding crap and telling us anything they deem in their best interests as a race/religion/criminal mob/whatever.

These Zionists were also big commies, who killed tons of people themselves. Hell, their political “manifestos” killed more people the last century than Nazis ever did. True dat!

Now they sure as hell don’t want us Whites to get that part of the equation. I used to wonder why that was so. Every time I turned around there was another movie or documentary about the German White Nazis killing everyone in sight, but ZILCH on commies when they killed tens of millions more across entire continents.

I remember once asking this old hipster guy I knew from this funky SoHo Jazz bar where I used to hang out a long time ago. I knew he was an ex pat from Russia. Do you know what he said? It was because of the Jews. The Jews, I asked? Yep, with a chuckle he said he should know, being a Jew himself!

Oh, he wasn’t the only Jew willing to speak about it. I’ve talked to others. Some of them are quite forthcoming if they don’t think you’re a big Nazi.

See, that’s the thing. Jews have been just as brainwashed as us White people when it comes to Nazis and gas chamber crap. They are all scared of us going Gestapo on their butts once again. On one hand, you really can’t blame the Jews for being such big creeps. On the other hand, they really are huge creeps. They practically insist people hate them. It’s some sort of weird racial masochism.

Then you have your lefty Jews, who think they know it all, working to bring in non-Whites into our lands from across the planet. They are also big into faggotry and tranny stuff, right along with jacking the homies left and right about us evil racist Whitey slavers. Plus, they feel free as a bird promoting us to breed our noble, creative race away. They used to avoid that (yet have tested the waters with movies like “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner). But they are now a rush to eliminate us as threat to their social engineering programs and NWO agenda. It’s everywhere on TV these last few years.

I can’t imagine a more self-centered, self-righteous bunch of devious creeps in all my life.

This is why you have Jews everywhere working to keep us Whites ensnared in PC. This is why you get Whites like Tommie Robinson, Monica Shaefer, and 89 year-old Ursula Haverbeck put in prison for saying things they don’t want said. Actually, there’s been tons of Whites who have been fired, had their lives ruined or even thrown into jail because of these creeps.

Jews have massively funded, globalist operations, like the ADL, Simon Weisenthal Center and SPLC expressly dedicated to keeping tabs on us evil Whiteys and raising Cain should any of us get out of line. The media is completely at their beck and call to slander us as “Neo-Nazis.” All sorts of newly created slander terms have been installed in our populations like “Xenaphobe, “Homophobe” and “Far-Right Extremists” designed to intimidate us into keeping it zipped.

Behind all these little Jews everywhere, you have mega rich Globalist Jews like George Soros (real name: Schwartz) and families like the Rothschilds and Warburgs. You never hear them talk about them, now do you? The reason for that is obvious. To do so invites getting fired. Only very occasionally do you hear anything about Soros — and never the fact he’s a Jew. They don’t want you to associate Jewry with lefty, globalist movements.

Yep, there’s tons of other rich Jews working to keep Whites brainwashed and apart of the NWO Globalist octopus. Many of your little Jews actually have made careers out of it. You can see them on TV all the time, telling America what to do and who to hate. Pay attention to last names (but they change those all the time), often their general Jewy look (but not always) and what pro-Israel/pro-PC/pro-immigration viewpoints they espouse.

You Whites reading this need to wake up now.



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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25 Responses to WTF Is Really Going On Cog Man?

  1. Sen10L says:

    At least the Krauthammer is on its way down to hell.

  2. Nationalist says:

    “With the power of love not the love of power” = if White people do not go along with the liberal agenda of hating their own race and wanting massing third world immigration then there is something wrong with us. Clever but not clever enough to mislead those who can actually think. We can share the world without having to agree to a foreign invasion that will ultimately end up hurting everyone even non-White races. Whites are entitled to a piece of land we can call our own and we do not have to go along with anti-White / non-Christian ideas just because of a catchy phrase someone dreamed up.

  3. Tony says:

    Its an illusion “they” create that they hope brings about “their” desired reality. If and when they finally make a fatal mistake it is game over and the entire house of cards will fall. Their “forever victim” mentality is their undoing. They will go down again as they have every other time.

    • J.R. says:

      “Its an illusion “they” create that they hope brings about “their” desired reality…”

      crazed and dangerous, all right…

  4. Wally d. says:

    The first order of business is to correctly identify the Jew. Once that is done, all that remains is to see through whatever agenda they are pushing by asking “how” is it good for the Jews. They have the racial intent and they have the means to deliver their anti gentile program. Wake-up and see.

  5. dick fuld says:

    why do you think they called it the “manhattan project”?

  6. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Whether Jew or non-jew liberal – I do believe they’ll meet lethal indignation, someday soon. They know it, too. That is why they’re getting so frantic.
    More than you may suppose, Incogman, white boys are awakening!

  7. DICARLO says:

    I don’t know why FOXjews printed this article that exposes the jews. It’s about jews taking over neighborhoods, mostly in Jersey, and sucking out all the money ……..

  8. Karen says:

    Off topic but so funny I’ve been laughing all day……

    • Morris Deeds says:

      He’s a closet homosexual you know, and what’s hilarious, earlier the year,
      in meeting where Ivanka Trump, was there, she was “eye fucking him”
      according Jew controlled, Comedian Bill Maher, on HBO, why
      wouldn’t she: that ugly disgusting Orthodox EXCUSE for a man
      she is married to, she didn’t know”Homie don’t roll that way!”

      Think Macron (French PM) is a closet Homo too?

    • ICU says:

      Trudeau’s a ridiculous poofter, that would likely be working as a man whore but for his surname…and Canuckistanian raging bone headed stupidity.

  9. cole nidre says:

    crazy kikes want to make sure only Jew rat shit is allowed (by them).

    shit burns. uh huh

  10. Luke says:

    I wish I had the talent Incogman has with thinking up and creating cool graphics, because here is an idea I have that maybe Incogman might consider doing:

    RINOs are actually a bigger enemy of Whites than are liberals. We need to make a concerted effort to get that message out to the White population of America.

    We need a graphic that zeroes in on RINOs without mercy. One that would read something like this:

    RINOs for White Genocide! Or, this: Hey White Man! Want to become a hated and powerless minority inside your own nation? Vote for RINOs! We hate you just as much as do the Democrats!

    We could spread these graphics around all over the Web and in a very short time, being labeled as a “RINO” would turn a politician in the GOP into a radioactive loser.

  11. Morris Deeds says:

    Was Anthony Bourdain Murdered for Humanising Palestinians?
    By Ian Greenhalgh –
    June 10, 2018×348.png

    [Editor’s note: They say Bourdain had been suffering depression since the death of his wife 13 years ago. However, colour me suspicious whenever a critic of Israel and it’s genocidal policies towards the Palestinians dies unexpectedly. Yes, Israel would murder someone for sticking up for the Palestinians, they wouldn’t hesitate in fact. Ian]

  12. Karen says:

    Hope you like it Incogman…
    My husband swears that as a teenager when he used to exit the Hudson’s Dept. store (Detroit, since demolished) at the alley exit, John Lee Hooker played and sang with his guitar case open collecting tribute, this before he became somewhat famous.

    • 567 says:

      Oh, sure. Let’s all stop, now, and praise a nigger for strumming and singing.

      WHY NOT find and promote pro-White anti-jew music by WHITES?

      (And now all you f’n wimps are going to attack me, saying “it’s only entertainment,” “i’m not racist, but it’s ok to be White,” “lighten up,” “you’re being divisive”.)

      Meanwhile, soon there’ll be another public chimpout.
      What do you call a photo of EMPTY streets?
      Answer: Yet another White Wimpout.

      • Karen says:

        Who’s praising him? All I was saying is that he was a glorified panhandler before making it.

  13. Richard The Lion Hearted says:

    Incredibly the Jews see themselves as the true master race. Anyone whose ever dealt with them knows of their arrogance. All one need do is investigate who owns and controls all the media. They are in reality weak little sniveling coward back stabbing connivers who willingly allowed the mongrel Khazar mutts among them to be herded into boxcars and baked. Those who believe they know their lineage from the time of king David (you know the guy who sent a man to certain death so he could bang his wife) are the same Zionists who drain the U.S. of its treasure and troop blood for the endless wars of oh Israel. These cowards hide behind the U.S. and let the goyem do the dirty work. They control the message. It is always pro Israel. They are the biggest liars in the history of Man. They own all the TV, Radio stations, Movie studios, book, magazine and newspaper publishing. Every thing you see hear or read was scripted by a goddamned zionist. The idiot talking heads on all your local TV stations are no more than clueless readers of the jew lies. This is the price they pay for their little slice of “celebrity”.
    Historically jews have been kicked out of every nation on planet earth, but the US. All other cultures finally got fed up with the lying, cheating weasel hypocrite bastards and ran them out.
    You can’t watch any so called “news program” that has a panel unless it is populated by jews. They make up less than 2% of the US population but represent at least 50% of any so called political panel on any TV channel in the country, it doesn’t matter if it’s Fox New or MSNBC. They have as many spies for Israel in our government as China has total.
    They promote their own above more talented and so our so called entertainment is watered down by homely and talent less humps like Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler who they shove down our throats.
    They wanted the US to go to war against Israel’s biggest problem at the time, Iraq, so they promoted the lie that Iraq was involved in 9/11 and flooded THEIR media with the likes of Bill Kristol, Richard Perle, David Frum. The son of one of the terrorist jews who invented Israel, Douglas Feith, who, as a deputy secretary was in the unique position to invent the yellow cake uranium lie and the Secretary of Defense, sleazy Paul Wolfowitz were jews instrumental in lying us into a war that killed several thousand Americans and made enemies for the US of a billion arabs…all for fuckin Israel. They will willingly sacrifice the US and work towards that all the while looking down their noses at us. They now continue to try to push us into war with Iran while they pal up with Russia and Putin.
    It is they who promote the destruction of the White Western Man they so fear by the increasingly bizarre TV commercials promoting race mixing. They arrogant believe they will someday be the only “pure race.”
    I’ve lived among jews, had Israeli roommates and I’m telling you that when their guard is down they’ll admit they think Americans are stupid fools easily led, easily lied to, ripe for ripping off.
    One of the most woeful deceits is how they use and abuse the foolish Christians (they call xtians). Yes, the Christ killers have the dumb asses believing that Israel is the most important thing on earth. Fools like fat John Hagee help promote anti-Arab hatred from his pulpit. The so called International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a farce. They show the poor starving old jews in some slavic type setting who need your help and so the Christian giveth and the jew taketh away. Trust that this is fodder for behind the scenes hilarity at the synagogue.
    And it doesn’t matter who got “selected” in the last presidential erection both Hillary and dumb Don have jew sons in laws. Kushner is in the middle of the Russia traitor business.
    Even the so called liberal peaceniks like Dershowitz and playwright David Mamet start foaming at the mouth when Oh Israel is criticized. Foolish Americans hear Israel and see blue eyed Paul Newman struggling for independence while a pretty song in the background claims “this land is mine god gave this and to me.” Bullshit, it was born by the terrorist bombing of British ships, hotels and regular folks minding their own business by zionist jews.
    Do your homework, spread the word.

    • Bob says:

      Richard, so very true. Here is the real story of “israel” aka the Apartheid Regime:
      –It started with Theodor Herzl’s 19th century dream of founding a jewish state (zionism) — sovereignty the jew should have thought about 2000+ years ago like all the other nations in the region did.
      –Then came the Balfour Declaration in which Britain bequeathed to the jews; Palestine, a nation that they did not own in return for the jews’ assistance in dragging the US into WWI against Germany (a nation the jew hated because it would not acquiesce to their domination and control) thereby prolonging the war and resulting in millions of additional casualties.
      –And then, in 1948, the mass exodus of non-semitic(Ashkenazi) fake jews to Palestine whose ancestors had never lived there.
      –Rationalized and funded by an extortion scam known as The Holocaust™®© by which the jew promotes its perpetual victimhood and entitlement.
      –And then a genocide – killing the natives and driving them from their land.
      –And then creating their own country.
      –With a nation which was comprised of a bizarre mishmash of people from different countries, different races, different nationalities, different languages…
      –Which had no roots or historical ties in that area.
      –Which imposed itself upon the Middle East — confronted with regional resistance.
      –Who claimed they were God’s “chosen people”.
      –And that they were “returning” to their “promised land”.
      –A fake country with fake jews which didn’t belong in the Middle East.
      –A rogue, apartheid, racist nation which has had to resort to terror, torture, genocide, land theft, intimidation, oppression, treachery, deceit, violence, and assassination to secure its illegal existence.

  14. J.R. says:

    God’s choice of Trump continues to trump the leftist/liberal fake “synagogue of Satan” jews’ global takeover politics… and the support he has from center-right and right wing jews in israel will doubtless be turned into support for him from the tribal israelis who’ll convert en masse to Christ in the land of israel, during the jew instigated apocalypse…

    God is evidently using Trump to bring to light the blasphemy and evil deceit of the leftist/liberal jews’ agenda, so that the horrors of the apocalypse are more perfectly justified…

    CNN Viewership Collapses 30%, Extensive Layoffs, Missing Revenue Targets…

    Another Trump critic falls and 5 other things we learned from Tuesday’s primaries…

  15. J.R. says:

    since they were taken captive to Babylon, the jews have been either very good or very evil…

    leaving out the fake (i.e., Gentile) “synagogue of Satan” jews, who “say they are jews and are not, but do lie”, the very evil jews today are of course the unrepentant and often reprobate true tribal israelis, who militantly oppose the good news of the gospel and the only true and Trinitarian God Jehovah of israel’s patriarchs and the Bible. On the other hand, the very good jews today are of course the true tribal israelis, predominantly in the land of israel, who’ve converted to Jesus Christ as israel’s messiah…

    Very good jews were among the captives taken to Babylon, because some of them were anticipating by faith that the messiah promised in the Old Testament would come to redeem fallen humanity… and they were around in New Testament times, because Jesus Christ identified himself as a Jew, and all of Christ’s disciples were jews, and all of the thousands of first converts to Christianity in the biblical book of the Acts were jews…
    very good jews are now increasing in number in the land of israel, as more true tribal israelis become disillusioned with the lies and hypocrisy of their rabbis and the Babylonian talmud…

    • Tarrasik says:

      There’s a lot of confusion about Jesus, the Jews, and Jehovah (the 3 Js)

      1) Jesus was not a Jew. The Jewish priests called him a Samaritan in John 8. They had the royal genealogical records.
      2) The Jews are only one of the 12 tribes. They split from the others right after Solomon died, and called themselves the house of Judah. The other tribes are the house of Israel and are their deadly enemies. The Palestinians are the direct descendants of house of Israel. Jews stole the name Israel, they have absolutely no right to it. Their state should be called Judea, not Israel.
      3) Jehovah is not God. He is the demiurge, a malevolent and deeply sociopathic being. He is the Father of the Jews (see John 8:44) and hates gentiles. Jesus came to save us from Jehovah.

      Christians who pray to Jehovah are fools, they put the god of another people over themselves. They should pray to the Heavenly Father, not Jehovah.

  16. cole nidre says:

    MAGA or krav maga? you make the call. and probably the hats too.

  17. Barney says:

    Too many still insist it’s not all jews, it’s the zionists, it’s the illuminati, it’s the rabbis, it’s this BS group or that BS group, when the truth is that it IS all jews.

    The powerful jews commit the “big” crimes, but whenever one of these wealthy disciples of the devil is exposed as a criminal, the “little jews” ALL scream “anti-septic” (my preferred version) in unison, almost without exception.

    To elaborate on a quote from a jew, Henry Makow (who tells a lot of truth), when we speak of God (by any name), what we mean is the Natural Order, whether or not we believe in an ultimate authority figure. The names of “God” really refer to everything that’s Right, Natural and Good, Love by any other name. God, Nature, The Universe, all mean the same thing.

    There may well be a deity, a single being, or even multiple beings, with ultimate authority, but whatever we believe as individuals, when we refer to “God”, we are referring to what is right.

    Perhaps I’m not expressing myself very well.

    The powerful jews are behind the great crimes, but even the relatively powerless “little” jews share their insane hatred of God, Nature and Man. They hate the whole of Creation and they all want to play their part in it’s destruction in every way they can, even down to the level of individual interactions.

    In their feeble hive mind, they believe they will have “defeated” the Creator by destroying Creation. They lack the intelligence to understand that while it takes genius to create, any idiot (a good description of the jew) can knock something down.

    A good friend of mine seems to have a knack of picking the wrong small businesses to deal with, and as a result, is constantly being jewed.

    “Landscape gardeners” turning the garden into a death trap, “plumbers” sabotaging a complete bathroom renovation, pond “experts” that poison the fish and fill the pond with rubble, dangerous “electricians”, central heating “experts” that create leaks, sabotage the boiler and don’t even (appear to) know how to bleed the system, a “purpose built” shed that turns out to be a very cheap and nasty pre-fabricated thing full of gaps and holes, erected on a slope and incorporating a twist that makes the door difficult to open or close.

    My friend has had all of this and more, and putting things right is often more expensive than paying a good White Man (or men) to do the job correctly in the first place. How do you find a competent White tradesman though when jews pretend to be White?

    I’ve been jewed myself, the most recent case being last year, when I asked a formerly-trusted jew to fix a fault with my computer that I now know only he could have created, and also to increase the amount of RAM, which alone would have cost me £230 (GBP) had I done it myself.

    My “crime” was to create a user account that gave him no access to my personal files.

    He kept the computer for a week, then charged me £130 to bring it back, having done nothing to it.

    I had to let the bastard into my main account (which would have shown bookmarks to Incogland and other WN sites). He took it away again and finally fixed the original fault – which HE had created – and at the same time, as well as nosing round in my personal files (and leaving “footprints” showing where he’d been), he sabotaged the operating system in ways beyond my ability to correct.

    He never did upgrade the memory, and he never will now that I know what he is.

    That jew bastard had been trustworthy and reliable for more than twenty years.

    NEVER trust a jew. There are NO “good jews”. It’s NOT the zionists, the illuminati or any other BS term. It’s ALL jews, and nobody will ever again convince me otherwise.

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