America Needs To Get “The Stalin Question”

By Phillip Marlowe

I remember one time I was talking to my brother about some of this, when my sister-in-law came out unto the deck and asked him to go get a bag of friggin’ dog food out from the barn, completely interrupting our conversation. I sort of chuckled painfully to myself on how typical some inane stupidity would take precedence over such an important topic.

It’s really one of the biggest questions of the last century, IMHO. Mind you, it’s not just about a long-dead Russian Commie dictator, but the now absolute certainty of an on-going “Agenda” to create an authoritarian One World Government with America nothing more than a mere puppet cog. Bear with me — no Russia pun intended.

This thing has it’s roots way back in the Red Bolshevik revolution of 1917, or even before, actually. After Marxist Godfather Vladimir Lenin (at least partly Jew), took ill possibly due to syphilis, and suffered a series of strokes before dying in 1924, Stalin maneuvered himself in control of the mostly all Jewish Politboro through fear of getting a knock on the door in the middle of the night. Stalin had the murderous CHEKA/GPU police state apparatchiks at his fingertips. The other power base was Leon Trotsky (real Jew name: Lev Bronstein) that Stalin soon forced into exile.

Oh boy, did this piss off the crazy Jew Commies in the West! For the sake of the “dictatorship of the proletariat” and the “COMINTERN” (Communist International organization dedicated to overthrowing the Capitalist West), they were tearfully forced into declaring solidarity with either Stalin or Trotsky — who eventually made it to Mexico City — living high on the hog with a crew of fellow crap-stirring Commies, I might add.

Trotsky (right) himself was a murderous Jew commie bastard. His Red forces killed tens of thousands in mass executions and Coup de Grace shots in the back of the head in bloody police state dungeons. Millions more died horribly during years of warfare, exposure and forced starvation of entire regions as the Commies roved across the countryside, killing and burning down whole villages of poor rural folk.

If they suspected you of harboring any kind of loyalty to the Christian Monarchy, or enjoyed the fruits of Capitalism by simply owning a piddly little business, they might shoot you and your dog dead on the spot.

In 1940, Ramón Mercader, a NKVD agent of Stalin, buried an ice axe into Trotsky’s noggin as he was sitting at his Mexico City desk, undoubtedly churning out more Commie claptrap for distribution in the good old US of A. Twenty years later, when Mexico released the assassin from prison, Cuba’s new crypto-Jew dictator, Fidel Castro, took him in.

But was Stalin a Jew? This was the big question back during those times. He certainly looked Jewy. But alas, no concrete evidence has yet to be uncovered proving he was. Doesn’t really matter, once you get down to brass tacks. The power mad bastard rode the wave of Commie and Wall Street Jew-instigated revolution — making millions of poor innocent Russian Goyim suffer and die over the next few decades.

And most of Stalin’s police state henchmen carrying out his orders were indeed Jewish. In fact, Jew Commies of the last century were some of the most murderous bastards you could possibly imagine. They obviously don’t want us good Americans to know that.

Some say Stalin was Jewish on his daddy’s side. His dirt poor mother was reputed to be a hot looking number for the time (average girls of today would have looked damned good back then) and was said to have had affairs with rich Jews she worked for as a house maid. Some say she was employed at this one swanky hotel as a chambermaid when a big time Jew banker member of the Rothschild financial octopus knocked her up during visits to push more loan debt on the Czar. Her alcoholic hubby was said to call young Stalin “her little bastard” while beating them both up — implying he was not his own spawn.

I think it has been proven that Stalin as a young criminal thug did work for the Rothschild’s massive oil industry in Baku, Azerbaijan, as a strike organizer with competing oil companies, strike breaker of the Rothschild concerns, arsonist and general all-around crime boy on-call. Whether this relationship continued into the future is unknown.

Documents supposedly uncovered later on said Stalin pulled “a Bonaparte” on the International Jewish power nexus when he kicked out Trotsky, meaning the Jews secretly financed him like they once did for France’s Napoleon Bonaparte until he screwed them over. Stalin did “liquidate” (execute) the last of the “MENSHEVIKS” (Trotsky’s Commie Jew loyalists) during the “Great Patriotic War” with the evil Hitlerites.

With good reason, some say it was all really a big Jewish internal war — with us non-Jewish Gentiles dying in mass heaps as “collateral damage.” Jew or not, Stalin certainly co-opted the whole Commie Russia thing to get his power groove on.

Stalin did like his Jew babes, that’s for sure. According to long-time Georgian bud and police state honcho, the sadistic Lavrentiy Beria, he had many affairs with Jew women. His first wife was the daughter of a family who took him in while hiding out from the Czar’s secret police. The mother believed in “free love” (big lefty thing at the time) and Stalin tagged her, presumably when daddy-kins was out slaving in the salt mines. When criminal opportunist Stalin became a high ranking member in the Marxist party, he hired her 16 year-old daughter as his “personal secretary;” having to marry when she was “with child.” She died of Typhus a year later, supposedly breaking Stalin’s black little heart and somehow excusing his later murdering of millions.

CNN’s Fareed Zakria, is one of the biggest NWO Globalist brainwashers on TV. Here America took in his Paki Street Shitter family, and now he’s quite happy getting himself filthy rich by pushing to turn our lands in Turd World piss pots. Look at Hillary. Total traitors.

Anyway, the story is that a long-running Globalist organization called the “Council of Foreign Relations” (CFR) has been plotting all this since the days of Stalin or even before, actually. They did in fact come into the picture around the same time as Stalin and pushed the West into having good relations with him, even though everyone knew he was a murderous dictator. FDR’s frumpy lefty wife Eleanor (probably a lezbo) even went to Moscow to have tea and crumpets with Uncle Joe.

The Jew-owned New York Times lied their asses off about Stalin for decades, even before WWII — just like they do about so much today when it comes to lefty, commie BS.

Patriotic Congressional investigators in the 1950’s reported these Globalist forces were working to create a world government under something called “Oligarchial Collectivism” or what you probably would call Communism. But instead of jacking up the Worker class with lame old Marxist sloganeering, it now seems they decided to first politically castrate and demographically winnow down the dangerous (to their agenda) White race, by using division and immorality to gain power and keep us distracted.

The whole “PC” silencing of Whites appears to have been part of a diabolical master plan, installed in our populations as a taboo control mechanism in a multi-generational “PSYOPS” program against Whites, to set the stage for eventual Jewish control. Add to this the mass immigration of non-White Turd Worlders into our White countries, ever-increasing black worship and the promotion of race mixing we see everywhere these days.

I call it “just in time” racial engineering to turn us into a dumbed-down slave class — perfect for the stuck-up, sexually depraved Jew bosses of tomorrow land.

Most of your Deep State politicians, big government functionaries and big media honchos on both coasts are proud members of the CFR. They have an Immigration and Globalism-touting magazine you can even pick up at the homosexual Jew-owned Costco Warehouse called, “The Economist.” Germany’s Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton have had their portraits lovingly printed on the cover as big time heroes for helping destroy White countries.

Council of Foreign Relation’s president, Richard Haas (right), is trotted out a lot on mainstream FAKE NEWS to give a America “the spin.” He’s a Jew, too. Here he’s laughing with CNN Jew, Jake Tapper, about the evil Steve Bannon saying our country has a culture worth something. These are all devious backstabbing rats. Truly.

Russia’s current boss, Vladimir Putin, is said to have deep ties with Chabadist Jewry. The Chabad-Lubavitchers are a big international Jew organization who have been exposed many times as working towards the day Jewry controls the planet. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka, are members of a DC Chabadist “shul” or synagogue. Members of this Jew Supremacist outfit are all over the place — for example Ari Fleischer, the clean-shaven Bush media spokesman who you see on FOX news all the time is a Chabadist rabbi.

The Chabadists also erect a 70′ high menorah on the park in front of the White House every Christmas season. No one seems brave enough to say a word. They also have multi-million dollar headquarters in 70 countries — including Russia. The number 70 is big time Ju-Jew for these Cabalist creeps.

Now the question of Trump being in cahoots with all this must be asked. You already know me as a kind of Trump guy, but that’s strictly because I’m an evil Right Winger type — Mom, Guns and Apple Pie. I certainly can’t stomach Trump’s Israel/Jew-loving one bit. That’s where him and I part ways, as they say.

What scares me most is that I may be working for the Jew’s big Agenda and not even know it. Say what, Cog Man? Yep, me being for Trump might have been a bad thing. I get accused of being a big secret shill all the time from anti-Trumpers of the Alt-Right, especially the ones who know of all this Stalin business.

There are some possible moves in the big Game Plan that I cannot even broach for fear of getting visited by the men in black, if you get my drift. Trump may be the magnet to corral the people in America the lousy Jews want to corral. If something were to happen to Trump and a Civil War breaks out over it, the forces will be demarcated enough for the Jews to go on another mass Goyim killing spree — this time using high tech gadgetry already created for the “War on Terror.” Jews have always so loved “two-fers.”

The pieces of the puzzle are fast coming into place. You can feel things snowballing by the minute. We may be on the highway to put another Stalin-like monster in power — only this time he’s the real anti-Christ or the Jew’s long-awaited “MOSSIACH” (Messiah) to take the place of Jesus Christ — who Satanic Jews still hate like crazy. Scary times, my friends.

The only thing I can say is pay close attention, pray and keep you powder dry!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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147 Responses to America Needs To Get “The Stalin Question”

  1. Karen says:

    What happens here in Canada may not concern you, but it should as we share a continent and a border. This is a MUST WATCH…….

    • ICU says:

      Looks like the Talmudic soft invasion of Turd World scum is getting much harder.
      The two wog brothers and their wog goat raper buddies are just a few of the many thousands of fit, military age males from The Sandbox…and Sub-Saharan Oogah Boogah Land…that have been shoveled into North America in the last 20 years or so.
      In espionage and covert ops terminology, they’re referred to as “Sleepers”.
      Woe betide us when their Zionist jew handlers awaken them.

  2. jayhackworth says:

    Jews- too bad that hindsight has revealed your ‘holocaust” lies. Whites incl. our Russian brothers are never tired.

  3. cole nidre says:

    get this shit: zuck book decries “coordinated unauthentic behaviour,”
    aka any site or post that TELLS THE TRUTH.

    and who are the ass-holes attempting to coordinate control of
    everything you see, hear or think, zuck?

  4. Tom says:


  5. Chuck U. Farley says:

    Another crazy SJW white bitch and their Jew brain washed hysteria.

  6. Red Pill says:

    Oregon Congressional Candidate Calls First Lady Melania a ‘Hoebag’
    he called her a ‘h**bag’ and implied that she was a prostitute.

    this ass wipe is jewish

    • Red Pill says:

      In the “FAQ” section of his website, Mr Roberts says he would spend his first day in Washington viewing Nazi artwork in the Centre for Military History.

      “Not to worry, I’m Jewish,” he adds.

  7. Joe Btfsplk says:

    a picture showing who is really running things:

    • Chuck U. Farley says:

      The Chabadniks! Don’t worry, they have Putin in their pocket as well. It is all a fucking charade!

      • Danielle says:

        Chuck U. Farley, a man who gets it. I don’t know what it is with some of my white homies. It’s bad enough with Russians, but when I hear this nonsense out of supposedly “woke” Americans it makes my stomach knot up. Some idiots believe Putin is this hero who is going to save the Christian world and world at large. I will always say, what do you not get? Russia is one of 9 countries with anti-semitism and HoloHoax denial laws, and of course Russia is not without a central bank. Just because they don’t give Putin a hard time and make him look as bad as Trump does NOT mean he is not in their pockets – which of course he is!!!
        Trump loves to get in his wise cracks about the physical appearance of men every chance he gets, and the fact he does not touch this subject with Putin speaks volumes. He is easily a foot taller but says nothing, and we saw with what happened at Helsinki in July he has respect for Putin. Putin and Trump are both in the Jew grip, I think it just happens to be worse for Trump. Trump laundered a lot of Russian (Jewish) organized crime cash via his casinos.

  8. Barney says:

    At last! My Incog withdrawal is at an end!

    I thought the site was down again. Every day I tried, and every time it timed out. I tried direct IP. Nothing. Eventually I tried TOR, and I’m here at last.

    It’s probably my ISP blocking sites again. 🙁

    Sorry to learn of your bereavement IncogMan. Just what you need (not!) on top of your recent injury.

    I hope you can soon get back on top of things again.


    Now TOR is giving me an “unable to connect” message.

    Try again.

  9. Barney says:

    While I’m here, I’d like to leave a message for Northern Truth Seeker.

    NTS – Just in the last couple of days I’ve been getting a message on your site saying is requesting your username and password. WARNING: Your password will not be sent to the web site you are currently visiting!“.

    No idea what that’s about, but it seems to be connected in some way to the “It’s Time To Drop The Jew Taboo!” post, unless you’ve added something different elsewhere on the site.

    I click on Cancel, and the box disappears, but I thought you ought to be made aware of it in case your site has been infected in some way.

  10. Jef says:

    A good country is slowly but surely is being turned into a Zoo. All because of the determination of Jews to darken America, supported by lobbying and funding.

    They invent and legitimize the laws forcing people to coexist with dangerous black africans, african americans, arabs / jews, and weird different mexicans. They force people in America to coexist with poisonous snakes and scorpions and other strange monkeys.

    Jews perverted minds of our females so to induce them to bring absurd false accusation of sexual harassment, resulting in the negative reproductive rates.
    But the jews and blacks reproduce like rodents.

  11. Karen says:

    Northern Truth Seeker is a jew.

    • Barney says:

      I wouldn’t have thought so Karen, but we can never really know who we’re dealing with on-line.

      NTS really seems to hate the devil’s vermin, but that doesn’t prove anything. I’m inclined to trust him though.

      For all we can know, IncogMan himself could be “of the tribe” ( OTT ), but again, I don’t think so.

      Both NTS and IncogMan have been too consistent over too many years.

      You may be right, but I hope you’re wrong.

      I don’t suppose it really matters too much as long as their information is good. It’s not as if I’m ever likely to meet them, being trapped here in the belly of the beast.

    • Chuck U. Farley says:

      Give us proof positive NTS is a “kike”. Hell, you could be one yourself. Those who accuse others of crimes and misdeeds could be guilty of the same accusations.

  12. Matt says:

    Jews are behind the destruction of white western civilization, their hatred is boundless.

    Therefore, it should be natural for every real European to recognize who wants them dead.

    To me, Jews stand out like a sore thumb, when I glance across a room I can see them all, mixed in, like wolves among sheep.

    If I didn’t know who Stalin was, and I met him, my Jewdar would say 100% kike.

    I hear people call Bill Gates a goy, and I think you haven’t got a clue. Gates, is 100% German Jew.

    I used to think, German Jews were Jews from Germany, but now I realize that they’re Jews who have German blood in them. And that German blood makes them the most dangerous and cunning of Jews. It’s like giving steroids to the criminally insane.

  13. Matt says:


    My condolences on your loss. I hope you feel better soon.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Thanks, man.

      Haven’t felt much like getting on the Internet lately. Posted 2 on GAB tonight, though. Will do something here soon.

  14. Arch Stanton says:

    this time using high tech gadgetry already created for the “War on Terror.”

    Like Directed Energy Weapons?

    • Arch Stanton says:

      By the way. it’s probably just a coincidence, but Santa Rosa is predominately white, upper-middle class neighborhoods. No doubt the destruction could have just as easily been Detoilet or Watts.

  15. Arch Stanton says:

    The Jews’ war against the white goyim has now begun in earnest. Jews have funded “death-ray” technology that supersedes nuclear weapons. This new weapon can target specific areas with the same effectiveness as a nuke without the thorny problems of radiation contamination and associated issues of building and maintaining nuclear weapons and their delivery system. Not to mention these new weapons do not require anywhere near the manpower staffing of the old nuclear weapons systems.

    Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) are the murderous finger of the Jews’ almighty god Rothschild who provides funding for these high tech weapons. Jews can point this new “finger of god” from afar and wipe out entire cities in an instant. When Jews control the money, media and military, this is what they do with their financial power.

    Jews have begun murdering the white American goyim with just a few technicians sitting in far away control centers, in the same manner as they once sponsored the murder of Russians and Germans, only this time with far more effectiveness than firebombing raids, death-camp gulags, starvation and bullets to the brain.

    Jews can now achieve the same devastating destructiveness as the firebombing raids of Germany and the nuclear attacks on Japan using far less manpower and resources. The atomic bomb allowed a single aircraft, staffed by a few men, to unleash the same murderous destruction as the manpower and resource intensive firebombing raids directed against Germany a few years prior. DEW now supersedes nuclear weapons in the same manner as the atomic bomb superseded the thousand plane raids over Germany.

    Take a look at the following photos of Santa Rosa California, a predominantly white, upscale area. Santa Rosa was a practice run to test how they are going to wipe out the white goyim “opposition.” Click on the “26” to see more.

    “Firefighters reported it’s like we’ve been nuked, never seen anything like it. On the other hand, military intelligence agencies recently announced publicly that they’ve been testing directed energy weapons, DEW, mounted to aircraft.”

    Apparently Santa Rosa was one of the test sites. Maybe it looks like they have been nuked because they have been nuked, ya’ think?

    Perhaps you think this is all balderdash, the crazed imaginings of a raving white conspiracy theorist. If so, I suggest you read the book Behind the Fog

    GMO Frankenfoods, Chemtrails and now directed energy weapons that allow “clean,” literal Holocausting of the white goyim. It is far too late to take any meaningful action against such technology. Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye, you’re dead.

    • ICU says:

      JewTewb shut down the account and purged the video entitled “How and Why…DEW…”
      No surprise, since the rotten kikes that run JewTewb/Gewgele/Faceberg are fully invested in keeping the Goyim distracted and unknowing.
      Hitler SHOULD HAVE wiped out 6 Million of the lesser demons, instead of merely being accused of such by the 6 Million Holohoax “survivors” and the magically spawned offspring of the 6 Million that were…uh, gassed and burned, or something.

  16. Distro says:

    Niggers and Jews raus!

    It is not a Conspiracy Theory. It is a reality. It is has become a common knowledge that the Jews colluded to systematically darken, to pervert the economic systems to secure that non-Jews will be always in economic disadvantage.

    The Arabs are called Sand-Niggers, for their abilities to hate like niggers do. Well, it also a common knowledge that the Arabs and Jews is the same race: and that race of the sand-niggers hate people.

    Honest People from All Countries Unite Against the Sand-Niggers, Mountain-Niggers, and other Jewish Venomous Snakes!

    Niggers and Jews Raus!

  17. Jeff says:

    A realistic illustration of how sound ideology can be completely perverted by the choice of the implementation method:

    Link #1:

    Not much has changed since Stalin’s death in 1953, and institutional culture there remains in much the same, deeply affected by the methods of previous administration.

    However, you may have a good time in that part of the world as appears in the Link #2.

    Link #2:

  18. S O G says:

    give nts a few more days ..cincinnatiisadump . somnething or other was on line like that foe a couple weeks …it is some kind of crap that im not sure the sitemasters are aware of till after awhile ..
    NTS a jew ? …woulda couylda mightave cared ..dont give a fuck …cus the jew who is and isnt is immaterialk in lioght of the fact that there are no semite hebrew fucks left .
    even in jesusu time they were breeding into iniquity er antiquity and obsolecsence ..
    a jew is a someone who is raised in a family of other people who were raised as ignorant jews …there is taLK of inhereiting genes as such and so forth ..
    usually jews out themselves quite erasily and predictably ..
    the only thing that i dont like is he gives niggers too much of a pass …
    no internet for a wile here …back and forth ..
    the bolshevik neo con jew marxistsd are burnming cal down ..
    in okaland last 2 weeks many fires of arson origin ..
    the fake drought was first then the attempted failure of oroville dam ..
    then the directed energy weapons and statring many fires in noerth cal then south cal .
    that is lake county was now hit 2 3 times and again in shasta …homes goiung up in flames …cheap home prices disapperaring forever as a last resort to californians ..
    insurance companies jerking up prices …la la la la etc ..
    the jews hate california and make it impossible to live here at the same time ..
    nts a jew …surely an enlightened one then …or who has his birth cert to prove this gossip ..
    jim stone ois a jew to ..not well liked by other shithead tribe members as such ..
    there are many jews in israeli prisons because of their conscience …
    i would say they might not be jews ..
    dont get me started on the history of this blood thirstry club …

    • Barney says:

      Here’s my definition of a jew, S O G.

      There are black jews, nearly white jews, brown jews (including the jews known as moslems) and jews of every “race”, proving they’re not a race, and self-worship hardly qualifies as a religion, especially as the “g-d-like” jew doesn’t grant itself eternal life, denying the reality of an afterlife.

      No race. No religion. No concept of a life beyond this one.

      The “jews” are nothing but a worldwide criminal gang that collectively fulfills the function of “the devil” in opposing, defiling and destroying everything that’s Normal, Natural and Good (or “of God”).

      Any immoral, murderous, shit-loving, God-hating, Human-hating psychopath can become a jew by the simple act of swearing allegiance to the forces of evil. That may not be their definition of a “jew”, but it’s mine.

      If it acts like a jew, waddles like a jew, smells like a jew and is as ugly as sin, what is it?

      As far as I’m concerned, it is a jew.

  19. S O G says:

    here they call it breaking traction
    i seen thoise coopers in the past all flared and glassed with roll bars ..
    capabl;e of 140 mph ..
    seen em beat porsches on mountain roads cus of the front wheel drive ..
    i remember thoise catalogs for em man they had everything ,pistons heads cranks rods etc ,valves could put an austin america engine in there to ..
    recall the movie the italian job of the actual cars was for sale once here ..
    yes never forget chritian and newsome …and children the kidnap and torture ..these niggers are morlox becomomng more and more like they jooo daddieez ..
    ICU i like the plan …i heard of a dude once who thoit it would be cool to saw off a 300 win mag …say hello to my little frennd ..ha ha sounds like it would be a good back up piece …maybe
    haitians are the worst niggers ..look at haiti ..what a expendable dump ,they otta just pummel it with emp and hyberbaric bombs …rid the world of the stench of haiti and its worthless inhabitants …
    how is america going to go forward now into the brave new entitled nigger racists who interpret everything we do as racist …hey man can you not swear in here etc ..out wotrh the family and niggers are carrying on and then they chimp out against anysuggestion of toning it down ..
    if their ill mannered shitlings are fucking around in a store and the parents dont control the ape the storekeeper axxes them to please control the shitling or leave they get all crazyt and shoot the place up …never nigger bike week in the east coast …and the rediculous laws the city council passes making store owners stay open ..
    and suffer every kind of insult a raciust anti white nigger can dream up …
    howes it going prt ..something has changed for you ..? ..
    my condolences to incogman ..i just went thru that 2 months ago …
    the older you get ,well you know …it dont get easier …

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Doing good SOG keep up the good work. 4 days sober in a row but I bought some beer for today because I need to cut my grass. Something about cutting my own grass on a hot summer day makes me enjoy a cold beer even more. Fuck it I’m legal aint breaking no damn laws and paying for it with my own hard earned money. I go to the va clinic Monday for my annual checkup. I don’t bring up my ptsd and anger management stuff because so many others need those services more than I do. Which also makes me despise the scumbags scamming the system even more. Same way I despise welfare for life fuckers and people scamming the “disabwaty” system. I HAVE to share this maddening story as far and wide as possible. Share with libtards and “undocumented worker” lovers also.

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        What’s up with California what do you people do wake up every morning and play “spin the wheel of disaster”? What’s it going to be today a flood a mud slide a drought a wildfire an earthquake Maxine waters and shiela Jackson lee and adam schiff?

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        the bitch claims disabiwaty and pre menstrual stresss disorder because a captit patted her on the fatt butt for doing her job. Now she’s diabwled for life and needs a guard dog. Are you kidding me bitch I knew letting women and faggots into the service was a bad idea. ptsd for sexual harassment? Have you looked in the mirror lately bitch I rest my case judge. This is bill cosby shit and I don’t have and do drugs. Captain I’m pregnant I think. Put a new pad on lady cant you see I am busy at war here? The last thing we ned on this ship is pregnant women and newborn baby’s. I have a great idea drop them on mexico? Ensign I like your ideas.

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        fucking lady gets pat on the butt for doing a god job so now she is suing the navy for disabiwity for life post menstruation disturbance disorder. Lady I don’t know how to fight you people and the enemy too.

  20. Tom says:

    The nig-nogs at work per the jew.

  21. protocolsRtrue says:

    I know where I got inculcated with that idea that somehow cold beer tastes better if and after I can cut my own grass mow my own lawn. It came from stepdad Jim jew war 2 veteran had 2 aircraft carriers sunk out from under him by the slant eyed japs. The wasp and the hornet. You didn’t just walk on my grass boy did you? No not me you didn’t park in my parking space or drink a can of my genessee beer did you? No No not me play catch in my yard? Nope. Look at my playboy books or hustler magazines? Nope not me never. I think that’s who I learned that a cold beer after cutting my own grass would be good right now. Worked 7 days a week at the good Lord and Henry Ford Engine plant also. After he survived the war. Not the nicest west Virginian in the world but I know of no real sexual abuse with the stepsisters but he never hesitated to pull out a belt and beat us that it was his way or the highway since he pays the bills.

    • ICU says:

      pRt, wutzup…
      my dad was a South Pacific Navy vet as well.
      Had vessels blown out of the water on both sides of him during Kamikaze Krazy Kapers & Killing Kookiness.
      Depression baby from some pissy little nowhereville in PA.
      In service in 1937; went to China, showed me some scars from adventures there.
      Covert night ops LST beach supply to Philippine guerillas vs. The Japs.
      Brought back Arisaka and 1903 Springfield rifles that went to some cousins, Dammit.
      A real Old School Hardass; quick with the belt as well, broke a lot of carpenter’s rules…unfolded like a Lightsaber…on the asses of me and my brothers.
      A Stand Up Guy that put up with a lot of shit, and still stayed faithful to my mother and provided well for his kids.
      I really miss him.
      Some time in Pearl Harbor; but, was out with Carrier groups when the Let It Happen On Purpose thing went down…so Roosevelt could get Churchill to shut his Cognac and Cigars hole about getting into Jew War 2 vs. The Axis Powers.
      You know, the war where The USA fought on the wrong side.

      Family Tradition: I was in The Navy during the USA farking around with The Viet Nam Civil War after Truman reneged on the deal that was supposed to keep the French jews from retaking their rubber tree plantations and future oil extraction from under The Mekong Delta…in exchange for fighting the Japs.
      Uncle Ho be PIST, yo.
      French Foreign Legion…
      EXIT stage right…at Dien Bien Phu
      Next performance, same outcome.
      Now, clothes from Viet Nam are in Wal-Mart

      If it’s true that The People get The Government they deserve, we are screwed, blewed and tattooed…
      until Civil War 2.0 gets under way.

  22. Red Pill says:

    Welcome to the Gulag

    The United States Is The Largest Prison Camp In The World

    The United States has the highest incarceration rates in the world. The US not only has a far higher percentage of its population in prison than allegedly “authoritarian” governments, but also has a larger total number of citizens imprisoned than China, a country with four times the US population. The US is by far the largest prison camp in the world.

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m going to lay into the most stupidest story ever told chapter 50. I’m working at the postal service night shift doing the hard labor just like this Spanish woman from Bolivia. The attraction was like magnets. She says I’m still married to my husband in Bolivia but I brought my 2 sons to America. What a coincidence I am still married to my wife Nina but we are separated too and now I live in a trailor in Alexandria. With my girlfriend. No No it’s ok I just see me once a week or once a month when your girlfriend cant. My wife sends me no my wife gets mad at me I see she took the kids mark and michelle to the dentist but I also see she had 6000 dollars worth of dental work. My wife gets mad at me because I know she had her tubes tied when I know I had my tubes cut 18 years ago after Michelle was born. How do you know that? Because they send me the bills I am the sponsor on all this dental and vaginal reconstruction work bitch! You really needed to get your tubes tided at your age.? Must be some boyfriend and I almost killed him one day also. Look lady which ever one of you I love three women know not counting my mothers and stepmothers, Do you even know how many stepmothers I have? becausde I don’t between my stepdad Jim and my real dad’s first name is james also can you believe that shit I am related in some way or another to everybody in the northeasten part of America. It must be a real coincidence to have 2 fathers named james. Yeah it is they ae both assholes in their own way one kkicks me in the front the other kicks me in the back. And you nhave numerous mothers also? No one real mother but a few stepmothers and stepsisters and stepdaughters can you just forgheddebouttit? This stepdad Jim and my real dad Stedpdad james david really tried to out do each other in wives and kids. I cant even fuck a woman in the northeast part of this country without knowing this could be my second cousin. So in comes Patricia into an already bad situation. I lay my head down next to Denise every morning. But you work with me every night and just a half hour she wont notice. Just like Nina wont notice. patricia from Bolivia I fell in love with you at hello but you are literally tearing my heart apart I got kids and other things to think about and I love Denise too. Eventually I had to just make a change and move away. She still tore half my heart so I had to move to Tennessee.


    Watch the YouTube video by Brendon O’Connell and then tell me why we are allied with Israel. Apparently, nobody in the so-called alternative media will touch this. What a bunch of sorry-ass s.o.b.s. America is being destroyed by default.

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